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tv   FOX 6 News at 6  FOX  November 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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rc to sound : "hadn't tested wisconsin machines" "i am not confident that a re-run through the machines will be accurate." butted with "you're not aware of any malware currently on a wisconsin tabulation machine?...i don't know of any malware presently on those machines but the evidence of the malware would come from inspecting the paper
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the state's major political parties differ in their response to the push for a recount. state republicans call the green party's effort "absurd" --- and a stalling tactic to cancel out wisconsin's electoral votes. the democratic party says it hasn't been contacted by any campaign but has sought volunteers to monitor the recount. some share the green party's hack... i think a lot of us want to make sure we can have confidence in our elections and this may give us a chance to do that. i dont have a problem with them doing a recount as long as the recount gets done on time and as long as the race is certified. election officials say there is no evidence of any breached voting machines-- adding the machines themselves are not connected to the internet. the election commissioner also
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widespread voter fraud -- saying it's insulting to poll workers and clerks. we are monitoring closely the developments related to this presidential recount. click the "politics" tab when you visit fox6 now dot com or the fox6 news app -- for the latest information. we are following breaking news in west milwaukee... where arrests have been made near the mcdonalds near miller ?park. demonstrators have been there since about five.. they are ?gathering in support of raising the minimum wage to 15-bucks an hour.. myra sanchick joins us live...
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a tension-filled afternoon at west allis' lincoln intermeidate school -- after the discovery of a bomb threat. according to a district spokesperson: a written bomb
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boy's bathroom. nothing came of it, but at the time it was credible enough that students and faculty were evacuated to a nearby church. parents were then allowed to pick the students up. all extra-curricular activities were cancelled today-- but they are set to resume tomorrow. two people are seriously hurt -- following a crash on milwaukee's north side this afternoon. police say the black saab blew through a stop sign near "richards and wright" -- crashing into the v-w beetle. two people in the beetle were taken to the hospital. speed is also believed t a los angeles judge sentences ex-packer star darren sharper to 20 years in prison. however-- he'll only spend about half that time in custody. this follows years of ongoing court hearings. prosecutors say the former all-pro safety drugged and raped more than a dozen women across seven states. with this plea deal -- sharper's attorneys called it a 'global resolution' to resolve all those cases at once. lines continue to grow outside the wic clinic on 16th street
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anxious to get a free water filter. ?you don't need a proof of residence... but you need to give a qualifying address. those who get a filter are also learning how to use it and learning more about the those who get a filter are also learning how to use it and learning more about the dangers of lead poisoning. one mother we talked to said she didn't care how long she waited in line... she wanted the filter to protect her baby: 'everything scares me about it anybody that has a baby or an infant should be scared about this the common council is slated to vote on the lead lateral issue coming up in december..... to see if you qualify for one of these free water filtration products --- visit fox6 now dot com or the fox6 news app -- and click "links." you can check a list based on your address in the city of milwaukee. packers 27, eagles 13. a must win for the pack..and they earned it monday night in philly.
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pip is here with what the coach just had to say at his news conference. thanks brad, steph. the packers win was a "positive" as the coach would say. but they can't seem to stay away from injuries. mike mccarthy says he's more concerned about clay matthews shoulder injury than about aaron rodgers tender hamstring. overall, mike..what's the mood after the must win in the city of
6:07 pm's the packers best defense. see ya at 6:25p steph, brad. after today's warm temps -- we're falling back to reality. weather expert tom wachs joins us now. weather tease. also. a first-of-its kind program -- expected to make it's debut in milwaukee county. why getting rid of unwanted prescription drugs could soon get a whole lot easier. plus -- they don't call him "chance the dog" for nothing. the horrific ordeal he went through-- and why wildlife officials say -- it's more
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new at six. a first-of-it's-kind program -- could be coming here to the milwaukee-area. the "drug mail back program" is billed as a free way to dispose of unused or unwanted medications. pre-paid, secure envelops would be available through milwaukee c-v-s pharmacy locations and several local groups and agencies. specifics on how the program will work are expected t tomorrow. the wisconsin humane society is honoring a very special and lucky puppy on this "giving tuesday". this is "chance the dog." about a month ago-- he was found injured and left for dead inside a milwaukee dumpster. a vet examination showed he was most likely dragged by a car. he has been getting treatment ever since-- getting nursed back to health. chance was also able to find a loving home.
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does exist in our community and chance is just one example of the hundreds of animals we see with injuries from abuse and neglect every year chance's story is just one of the many success stories. it's due in large part-- to donations made to the wisconsin humane society. if you'd like to join the cause -- all donations to the humane society will be matched today. our temperatures will be dipping back below freezing.... tom wachs is coming up with his fora plus. while you're out shopping this season -- they're encouraging you to give a little back. the effort to help brighten up the holidays for area kids.
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first it was black friday , then small business saturday and cyber monday. while holiday shopping is in full swing, today you are being encouraged to give back. derica williams shows you why one more person should be added to your list -- new at six. with big sales and the hottest items on shelves, tis the
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tuesday thoughts shift to kids in need. we give children the opportunities to have a christmas that otherwise wouldnt marines continue to serve the community.. their toys for tots foundation teamed up with toys'r'us to make sure the end of the year is bright for every child. a good way to get out in the community and do something good for the children the uniformed military members are stationed by these boxes at stores in milwaukee and waukesha counties spreading the word. as youre strolling through the looking for gifts for your loved ones youre encouraged to pick up one extra, new unwrapped toys are needed for kids of all ages. around the 15th of december we will go out to the salvation army with all of the toys that have been collected and the families come out and we will distribute the toys with two little ones of his own, tony poulos participates, knowing the importance of a small gesture. the magic for me is seeing the smile on my kids faces to be able to give that
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they're going to get out of it really means a lot every year have the kids select a present to so they can partake in that as well reenforcing the reason for the season. its not just about getting its about giving as well in milwaukee derica williams fox6 news. toy donations can be made now through wednesday, december 7 at toys'r'us and babies'r'us. cash donations will be collected through christmas eve at stores or online. for more information -- see the links section of fox6 now dot com or the fox6 news app. weather mostly clear tonight with temperatures falling through the 40s this evening. we'll drop into the
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it will be a cooler day with areas of drizzle/flurries as an area of low pressure moves through. highs in the mid-40s. mostly cloudy and cool to round out 30s to low 40s. cool over the weekend with some sun returning on sunday. highs will warm into the low 40s by sunday afternoon. tonight: mostly clear. low:
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wednesday:mostly cloudy with areas of drizzle/flurries. high: 44 wind: sw 5-15 mph thursday: mostly cloudy. am low: 37 high: 42 wind: wnw 5-10 mph 32 high: 38 wind: wnw 5-10 mph saturday: mostly cloudy. am low: 27 high: 39 wind: wnw 5-10
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26 high: 43 wind: sw 5-15 mph monday: mostly cloudy with a chance for rain showers at night. am low: 32 high: 45 wind: s 5-10 mph the packers defense was solid..but with aaron rodgers
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chance for rain showers at night. am low: 32 high: 45 wind: s 5-10 mph solid..but with aaron rodgers leading the way..the offense converted on 3rd downs to stay on the field.. tim van vooren in sports. the real inventor of the reuben sandwich may be debatable,
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break get your morning started with fox6 wakeup at 4:30-- count on us for breaking news... plus a big reveal from our chief meterologist rob haswell! then its the 12 days of badness. gift ideas from harley -davidson. and some of the best picks for the holiday season. top items for high tech folks on your list. that's tomorrow on wakeup! you are watching fox 6 news at 6. last night's packers win in philly..and keeping their playoffs hopes alive. sustained excellence from tim
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the badgers versus penn state-on fox--with the big ten championship at stake! coverage from indianapolis kicks off saturday evening a 6. brandon cruz'll be with the team; his reports start thursday night here
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the brewers will try to trade chris carter..the national league leader with 41 favor of free agent signee eric thames. after 3 seasons in korea-where he achieved legendary status-thames gets 3 years and 16 million dollars,. with a club option for 2020. eric played minor league ball in our state "i have host families from the lacrosse loggers that still talk to me, still contact me, wishing good luck. hey we're still keeping up with you. we see you doing well in korea and this morning, hey congr milwaukee. we're going to the games. i mean that's how it is." lebron james and the cleveland cavaliers are downtown to play the bucks! a reunion of sorts for them king and his court. brandon cruz joins us from the beemo harris bradley center. "just his tenacity. he just plays, plays the game the right way for one and then he's
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hard as he can. when you do that at this level, you're always going to give yourself an opportunity to be successful." follow breaking news 24-7 by
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>> i don't know why he did it but wiz khalifa really took a shot at kanye west saying that marijuana isoo ails you. >> kanye west is paranoid, he doesn't need to smoke weed because sometimes you can freak out. harvey: ok, we don't need an expert right now. [laughter] >> tyga is in some serious, serious trouble if you ask me. new hot rapper, 21 savage. he put on a blueprint a while ago that he wants kylie jenner. he put a picture up on instagram of kylie jenner. we got him last night leaving
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>> really? >> "i am bolt" premiere, a movie about usain bolt's life and justin bieber was there. harvey: who's the bigger star? i think justin bieber. >> i think bolt is more fun than justin bieber. >> usain bolt in a club. >> we see him daggering. >> that's why he probably picked justin bieber. >> the hottest women in the world are in paris right now for victoria's secret fashion show. if you ever wondered what it might be like to be with a victoria's secret model -- >> you know they know what they're doing. >> that didn't go through their mind at all. >> that's are your sophomoric, ridiculous -- >> if they go to their grandmother's 69th birthday, they know! [laughter] announcer: kanye west has been under constant observation at ucla medical center for over a week now but his doctors still have no cure for his medical condition, so it's time now to


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