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tv   FOX 6 News at 9  FOX  November 29, 2016 9:00pm-9:30pm CST

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the clerks. a hearing just wrapped up on whether wisconsin county clerks will be forced to do a hand recount of ballots from the november presidential election. the simple answer is no. bret lemoine is live in madison with the judge's decision. began at 4-30 with a warning from the judge that it could be a late night. attorneys representing former
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a representative for former democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton, called three witnesses to make their case for a hand-recount of all votes. because of the short notice, only one testified in person - the others by telephone. the through line in their testimony was a hand recount is the only way to ensure voting machines were not tampered with. an elections security expert from m-i-t testified that optical scanners used in wisconsin elections are vulnerable to hacks... but presented no evidence that votes were tampered with. he speculated malware could have been added to scanners without anyone knowing. a statistic were some anomalies with state voting results - particularly when looking at results taken from municipalities that process votes with optical scanners. experts argue wisconsin could be susceptible to a hack because the results were expected to be close here. a tight race... they argue... would make it easy for a manipulation to go undetected "i just do not find clear and convincing evidence and that is my decision. i'm going to allow the 19 counties to do the recall the way that they
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encourage them to do the hand recount. and that is legislative function is to make the statute and this situation, i don't have any authority to decide what is the best for those counties. so that's my decision."
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the state's major political parties differ in their response to the push for a recount. state republicans call the green party's effort "absurd" --- and a stalling tactic to cancel out wisconsin's electoral votes. the democratic party says it hasn't been contacted by any campaign but volunteers to monitor the recount. some share the green party's concerns over a possible foreign hack... i think a lot of us want to make sure we can have confidence in our elections and this may give us a chance to do that. i dont have a problem with them doing a recount as long as the recount gets done on time and as long as the race is certified. election officials say there is no evidence of any breached voting machines-- adding the machines themselves are not connected to
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disputes the notion of widespread voter fraud -- saying it's insulting to poll workers and clerks. so what's next if the recount process. this thursday the recount is set to begin in all 72 counties. then on monday the 12th - the commission wants county clerks to submit recount results by 8:00 p.m. and on tuesday, december 13th - the commission will meet to certify deadline. we're keeping a close eye on developments related to this presidential recount... click the "politics" tab when you visit fox6 now dot com or the fox6 news app -- for the latest information. milwaukee police investigating a shooting on the north side. ashley sears is live at vincent high school where the case ended up. police tells the 19-year-old shooting victim drove to this
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the arm. that shooting happened just off campus here near granville and everts. police say it might have been the result of a minor car accident that happened between this location and 39th and villard. police say the suspect fired one round at the victim. five others were in the vehicle. no one else was injured. the victim is not a student. he is being treated for non have been made. live outside of vincent high school, ashley sears fox 6 news. new berlin police have identified the married couple found shot and killed last week... authorities say 76-year-old william krueger and 71-year-old karen krueger both suffered gunshot wounds at their home on hickory trail... investigators say it appears this incident is related to health issues --
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violence -- adding they're not looking for any suspects and have not questioned any. officials also say they will not provide any details on the health issues -- and will not identify the shooter. a heartbreaking story. a mother of brain dead...after being struck by a hit and run driver in her new neighborhood. fox 6's brittany shannon is live from the west milwaukee police department... her friends tell me peggy cetnarowski was a beautiful person. loving, caring and giving. now they want to find justice for her- will come forward. this neighborhood...was newly 'home' to peggy cetnarowski. that's according to family members who say a late night walk in her new neighborhood here at beloit and mitchell, would be the last. she was struck by a hit and run driver last wednesday around 11 pm. police say she was in the crosswalk. "there was another
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around to check on her and then we got the 911 calls" according to a caring bridge web post, cetnarowski suffered a broken arm, cracked and broken ribs, a fractured skull and bleeding on the brain. tuesday, the family updating the website, with hearbreaking news saying-quote- "we sadly announce that our sister, daughter, mother, and friend, peggy is brain dead and has passed away. her body is still supported as we explore organ donation. " "anytime you have a hit and run where someone has left the scene it becomes heart wrenching" and frustrating to "we have somebody out there that knows something about it that has fled the scene" her family and friends now looking forward saying they hope to quote "allow her to give one last time and turn this tragedy into a possibility to save a life" police tell me the family has offered up a 25-hundred dollar reward for any information leading to the arrest of the suspect. police say they do not have a solid description to put out, but they
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with information should call the west milwaukee police department. brittany
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slim. but thanks to last night's win in philly, they're still taking in oxygen. maybe mike mccarthy's men have found the formula for success. comments from the head coach. brad, steph.. aaron rodgers was uncanny..but he had plenty of help in last night's 2 touchdown "must" win..which stop the bleeding after 4 straight losses. davante adams has emerged as one of the best receivers in the nfl since week 7, he has 43 catches, for 553 yards and 5 touchdowns. mike mccarthy says the 3rd year receiver's playing his best football. he'll have to continue that if the pack are going to string
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over the eagles may have been the best overall performance in all 3 phases. "field position-wise, our coverage units were outstanding. so we won the field position battle. we were able to get the lead there in the 2nd half, which gave our defense a chance to pin their ears back, particularly in passing situations. and especially during the 4th quarter. we get the sacks. the long drives by the offense obviously kept our defense fresh.. at the end of the day, we executed better on defense". concern about clay matthews shoulder injury than aaron rodgers tender hamstring. by the way, badgers coach paul chryst has been named big ten coach of the year. you'll love mickie leach's, 5th quarter hilites at 9:34 brad, steph. they're making demands and making their voices heard. they're also getting arrested "fight for 15" rallies held across milwaukee today as protesters call for a higher minimum wage. but it's what happened at one
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involved. isis connection. the terror group now claiming responsibility for the ohio state attack. why authorities are taking a closer look at facebook. worth the wait. hundreds of people lined up in milwaukee today. the freebie to keep your family safe. those stories are coming up in the next 9
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officials in colombia - have found the two flight recorders
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brazilian soccer team aboard. the agency says both of the recorders have been recovered in perfect condition.'' that could help determine what caused the british aerospace 146 to crash. only six of the 81 people aboard survived. authorities say the crew had declared an emergency and the plane had lost radar contact because of an electrical failure. across the country - demonstrators walk off the job today. it's all part of the "fight for fifteen" movement locally -- we had three gatherings in the milwaukee area - one of which ended ted perry live in the newsroom with more. demonstrators were calling it a "day of disruption" as they demanded the minimum wage be raised to 15 dollars an hour. earlier in the afternoon-- they said they were ready to move forward with civil disobedience and risk arrest if need be. on miller park way-- that's exactly what happened as at least ten people were arrested. we caught up with one woman who was arrested for blocking traffic. she says demonstrators are out on the streets fighting to
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barely making ends meet. people are poor and we need a change and if we stand up, parents always taught me no one is gonna hand you anything, you have to go out and get it. closed mouths don't get fed. my mouth will never be closed. those demonstrators marched down to city hall earlier today-- asking for the common council and the mayor to hear what they had to say. back to you. stepht in addition to fast food workers... employees at chicago's o'hare airport joining in the demonstrations today calling it quote: a "day of disruption." the department of aviation operations however - says things have been running smoothly today. huge lines outside the wic clinic on 16th street on milwaukee's south side... everyone waiting to get a free water filter. ?you don't need a proof of residence... but you need to give a qualifying
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and learning more about the dangers of lead poisoning. one mother we talked to said she didn't care how long she waited in line... she wanted the filter to protect her baby: 'everything scares me about it anybody that has a baby or an infant should be scared about this situation. the common council is slated to vote on the lead lateral issue coming up next month. to see if you qualify for a free water filtration product - go to fox6 now dot com or the fox6 you can check a list based on your address in the city of milwaukee. an update now on the attack at ohio state university. today isis is claiming responsibility for inspiring it. abdul razak ali artan - was an osu student born in somalia. police say he carried out the car-and-knife rampage that left 11 people hurt yesterday morning. he was then shot and killed by a campus police officer. three victims remain hospitalized and
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recoveries. "it took a while to realize that he had a knife and it wasn't just a regular car accident. once everyone realized that, everyone scattered. i personally ran through the building to the other street across the block. i lost sight of him at that point." authorities are investigating whether the attack was an act of terror. they say artan had railed on his facebook account against u.s. interference in countries with the driver in the chattanooga, tennessee school bus crash that killed six children last week in court today... johnthony walker faces five counts of vehicular homicide as well as charges of reckless endangerment and reckless driving. records people were worried about his speeding before.. the crash was the second time in two months that walker was involved in an
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damaged or destroyed. more than 14 thousand people - forced to evacuate. 14 fires raging on the southern appalachians mountains. fox's jonathan serrie is watching the situation from the volunteer state. firefighters had been hoping for rain. but the storms were preceded by heavy winds, that spread wildfires burning through the drought-stricken region. miller says" this is a fire for the history books because it is unlike fires which had been largedly contained to the wilderness are i /i now threatening populated areas in eastern tennessee -- including the popular tourist town of gatlinburg, where flames damaged resorts and forced the evacuation of an estimated 14-thousand residents and visitors.cooper says: "we were in our cabin preparing supper and we heard a knock at the door and it was a policeman and said that he would recommend we leave because the fire was getting close to where the cabin
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that we could gather up and put in the truck and came down here." the fires are also affecting the neighboring town of pigeon forge -- home to dolly parton's popular theme park. dollywood's official twitter account announced that it's suspending park operations on wednesday due the the fires. nats "hold off on burning leaves. tie up chains on trailers to avoid sparks. don't park vehicles on dry grass. even a cozy campfire could spark a wildfire." one day before her was evacuated b i /i /b the country star appeared with smoky bear in a public service announcement to urge caution in the dry conditions. an entire community is pulling together to look out for residents and visitors while firefighters work round the clock to push back the flames.werner says: if you didn't have the support, it would be unimaginable. but we're all lifting each other up. and we're gonna
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rebuild our town. serrie on cam: emergency management officials are urging residents and visitors to limit their non-emergency use of cell phones. they want to free up the airwaves for firefighters and other emergency workers. in atlanta, jonathan serrie, fox news a bizarre chain of events.... a mile of damage... and a waukesha county woman dead. what happened behind the wheel? why did she drive out of control for so long? the mystery in mukwonago. and -- chance... has a second chance. the horrible things this dog endured-- and how his survival story could
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mostly clear tonight with temperatures falling through the 40s this evening. we'll drop into the mid-30s by morning. increasing clouds on wednesday. it will be drizzle/flurries as an area of low pressure moves through. highs in the mid-40s. mostly cloudy and cool to round out the week with highs in the upper 30s to low 40s. cool over the weekend with some sun returning on sunday. highs will warm into the low 40s by sunday
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low: 36 wind: sw 5-10 mph wednesday:mostly cloudy with areas of drizzle/flurries. high: 44 wind: sw 5-15 mph thursday: mostly cloudy. am low: 37 high: 42 wind: wnw 5-10 mph crash and a lot of destruction over the weekend. the long trail of damage caused and the woman that neighbors are remembering. the badgers run to the big ten championship game has been magnificent. just like mickie leach's 5th quarter highlights. re-live the win over minnesota..ahead on fox 6. get your morning started with fox6 wakeup at 4:30--
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contributed to a woman's erratic driving prior to her death this weekend. 48-year-old cheryl krebsbach was killed after police say she struck a vehicle, streets signs... and a mailbox before eventually hitting a truck head-on. fox6s madeline anderson reports from the scene of the crash. despite the destruction outside her house on sandy beach road... michaelle noble considers herself lucky. normally my boyfriend would be coming home from work going somewhere. so we were just glad that nobody was coming or going from here when she came through. mukwonago police say 48-year-old cheryl krebsbach... drove into noble's mailbox... these two street signs... and this pine tree just after 5 'o clock saturday evening. she kept going because the crash actually happened down there. krebsbach then hit a truck head on with her hyndai elantra. she was pronounced dead at the scene. upon interviewing witnesses... officers soon learned the trail of damage extended over a


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