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tv   FOX 6 News at 530  FOX  November 30, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm CST

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preparing to head out on a victory tour as his incoming cabinet continues to take shape. his team announcing three more nominees this week -- as all eyes continue to be on the battle over who will be picked as secretary of state. lauren blanchard has the latest. president-elect donald trump said he would bring manufacturing jobs back to america.. now he's planning to announce his first successful deal ... keeping jobs at a carrier facility in indianapolis from moving to mexico ... mr trump's former campaign manager says the move shows he is a man of his word ... "it's exactly what he ran on. bringing these jobs back. people say it can't be done. those jobs are now not going to mexico." the white house responding to news the
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successful in doing that 804 more times, then he will meet/match amount pres obama has set while in office." "if he does that 804 more times matches obama, at least manufacturing jobs." /i this, as the president-elect announces steven mnuchin i ma-noo'-chin /i as his pick for treasury secretary. mnuchin is a former wall street banker and was mr. trump's campaign finance chairman ... who, if confirmed, would be tasked with overseeing the i-r-s ... he says tackling tax-reform is one of his biggest priorities ... us tax rate, we're going to make u.s. corporations incredibly competitive and create enormous amounts of money that come back on shore and creates jobs." "we're going to have an integrated plan and work closely between commerce and treasury to make sure we drive growth in this country." but, all eyes remain on the battle over mister trump's pick for secretary of state ... after mitt romney met with the president-elect for a second time last night ... reince prebius -- who has been tapped as trump's chief of staff -- also attended the dinner ... "i think he sees a lot of talent in governor romney. nothing certain, and it's still up in the air."
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needs to take place. that's the piece that's being worked on right now. they had a great dinner last night, very encouraging. but not a done deal. but certainly positive." /i "all this as president-elect trump announcing to prevent any conflicts of interest, he will hand over control of his global business empire to his adult children before he takes over the oval office. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news." as the president- elect selects his cabinet and other high offices, you can find the information on fox6 now dot com or the fox6 news app. just click the "politics" tab. it's time for your news and weather together. stein's campaign has decided not to appeal a dane county judge's ruling... which gave counties the option to hand count or machine count ballots ... when they start the presidential election recount process tomorrow. it begins statewide tomorrow at nine a-m. stein must pay the cost of the recount -- estimated at three-point-nine million dollars. four people are in custody after the death of a 7-year-old boy in milwaukee. two women were arrested after the boy was brought to children's hospital --
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to prevent bodily harm." officials say the boy was brought to the hospital yesterday with numerous injuries. a fox six source tells us he was also malnourished. police in germantown responded to a report of a bomb at a local business. officers responded to the gehl foods warehouse after a worker reported someone may have entered the building with an explosive.all 60 employees evacuated while authorities investigated. milwaukee county's explosive ordinance disposal no bomb was found -- and employees were back in the building just after noon. weather a few light rain or snow showers are possible this evening and overnight. lows will drop into the low to middle 30s. cloudy and breezy thursday with chilly high temperatures in the low 40s. staying mainly cloudy friday into saturday with highs struggling
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returns by sunday but temperatures gradually warm back into the middle 40s next week. tonight: light rain and snow showers. low: 35 wind: sw 5-10 mph thursday: cloudy and breezy. high: 41 wind: w 10-20 mph she's one of the most talked about cabinet appointments in president-elect trump's administration. betsy devos is a billionaire businesswoman -- philanthropist and supporter of school vouchers. the latter fact is drawing scrutiny from some in wisconsin. our
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points on marquette's campus today. he joins us live. marquette's law school welcomed julie underwood, a long time dean of the uw-madison's school of education..and critic of voucher school programs. she was joined by scott jensen the former chief of staff of governor tommy thompson and more recently a colleague of the newly appointed betsy devos. the advertised voucher "discussion" "there are kids who are getting into like a debate "i wouldn't say it's as strong as you would point out." between the opposing views of underwood and jensen. "unfortunately what i see all too often happen in this town is adults defending failure." "i don't think the causation of school improvement, i don't think that you can lay that at the feet of each played a role during the inception of voucher schools in
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leadership on the way, jensen and "like minds" are apprehensive. "i think lots of educators believe that it's an indication of a triumph of ideology over evidence." betsy devos does not have a degree in education nor extended experience with public schools and was the chair of a group "promoting school choice and voucher programs." "well, like the rest of the trump administration she is not from the principal, she's not from the educational establishment, she is someone who has worked with schools to improve them but she is an outsider." admittedly, jensen says "the presidents proposal is pretty vague" other than pledging 20 billion to education, there's a lot more to hash out, and why again, advocates of public schools, worry. "and a decline for students who really need help like in special education and english language learning..." scott jensen is also a member of the american federation for children..and
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charter, choice, voucher schools, however you label them, are here to stay..certainly in wisconsin. back to you. the packers are happy that they'll be playing on lambeau field sunday against the houston texans. that includes aaron rodgers who will wear something special for a cause that's become his passion. pip
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says it won't let up for a while. the cadillac xt5... what should we do? ...tailored to you. wait it out. equipped with apple carplay compatibility. ?? now during season's best, get this low mileage lease on this cadillac xt5 from around $429 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing. hit that former packers lineman allen barbre put on him in philly. he's also sore-but hopeful of playing sunday when the texans come to titletown.
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strong foothold, for a great cause close to his heart. "i'm wearing some specifically designed macc fund cleats that adidas put together for me. they are multi- colored, which is awesome. the macc fund has been near and dear to my heart for a number of years now. as i've gotten to know john carey president there and many of the kids and families over the years. it's a special or work." if ya believe the penn state coach, badgers quarterback alex hornbrook'll play in the big ten title game saturday night. hornibrook's questionable. he's been in the concussion protocol-but nittany lions coach james franklin-a former packers assistant- says he has sources in our state! this much we know: co-captain vince biegel isn't surprised by his team's success. "when we made that trip in the spring to lambeau, i knew we had a special group of young
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and kind of go through the ups and downs of the season, the injuries we've had throughout the whole roster, it's been really encouraging; and i think it speaks to the young men we have on our football team". the 6th ranked badgers-- versus number 7 penn state-on fox--with the big ten championship at stake! coverage from indianapolis kicks off saturday evening a 6. brandon cruz'll be with the tomorrow night here on fox 6. there's michael, kobe, lebron. how soon will it be before the bucks number 34 is just known as giannis?! for many, people, antetokounmpo is too tough to pronounce anyway! he outplayed king hames last night- matching his jersey number with 34 points-which tyes a career-high--as the energized bucks dethroned the champs by 17. 0294 22:07:35 "he was incredible. we can't expect him
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but if he can bring something close, it's obviously going to help the team a lot. his potential is unlimited and he works at it every day. that's why he can have performances like tonight". 22:06:53 giannis...ted..mary..great
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y26zqy yvpy put into place on the northwestern mutual building in milwaukee... logo and name in 7-foot-tall letters on the 32nd floor of the new downtown officer tower. poblocki sign company of west allis was contracted for the job. workers began installing the sign last week -- but had to pause work for a couple days because of windy conditions. the entire width of the sign -- including the logo and company name -- spans about 140 feet. despite employees at o'hare international airport protesting yesterday -- airlines
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one of the country's busiest airports. united airlines -- which operates its largest hub out of o'hare -- says delays were minimal and american airlines says it saw no disruption. for more information on this and other stories in the business journal, we have link to their site on ours, it's time for your news and weather together. a pipeline explosion lighting up the night sky in kansas city, missouri... the 10-inch line carrying liquid propane was buried officials aren't sure what caused it to rupture. people living nearby say they could see the bright flames -- but did not feel the explosion itself. the pipeline was shut down and the fire was out in about two hours. no one was hurt and no property was lost. authorities now say the wildfire devastating eastern tennessee is, quote, "human caused" -- but didn't provide any other details. three people have died as a result -- and several families are still searching for missing
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have been forced to evacuate -- and the fires have consumed hundreds of buildings in the resort-heavy area. powerful storms hitting the south last night... if the fires in tennessee weren't enough -- officials say two people died and another nine are hurt after the severe weather... across the state line in alabama -- another three people were killed when a possible tornado hit a mobile home. the national weather service more possible tornadoes were spotted in tennessee, alabama and toss to weather weather light rain, snow and mix is possible and will likely
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thursday morning then staying mainly cloudy. sunny breaks expected friday into saturday but it'll be much cooler. highs will struggle to reach into the upper 30s. another storm system will bring the chance for rain and snow sunday into monday. stay tuned. showers. low: 35 wind: w 5-10 mph thursday: morning flurries then mostly cloudy. high: 42 wind: w 5-15 mph friday: decreasing clouds. am low: 30 high: 38 wind: nw 5-10 mph saturday: partly sunny. am low: 28 high: 37
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chance for rain/snow showers. am low: 27 high: 40 wind: sw 5-15 mph monday: mostly cloudy. am low: 30 high: 43 wind: sw-se 5-10 mph light rain, snow and mix is possible and will likely continue overnight. a few thursday morning then staying mainly cloudy. sunny breaks expected friday into saturday but it'll be much cooler. highs will struggle to reach into the upper 30s. another storm system will bring the chance for rain and snow sunday into monday. stay tuned.
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wind: w 5-10 mph thursday: morning flurries then mostly cloudy. high: 42 wind: w 5-15 mph friday: decreasing clouds. am low: 30 high: 38 wind: nw 5-10 mph saturday: partly sunny. am low: 28 high: 37 mostly cloudy with the chance for rain/snow showers. am low: 27 high: 40 wind: sw 5-15 mph monday: mostly cloudy. am low: 30 high: 43 wind: sw-se 5-10
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why did i sign up for this? the joys of beer." it might be one of the coldest competitions in the world... 50 athletes competing in the 12th annual "antarctic ice marathon." runners from 17 countries making the trip to the south pole to make two laps around h glacier exploration" camp -- of course wearing layers of clothing, goggles and gloves. "it was really tough. well, it shouldn't have been but i don't know why, it just was. i maybe over-heated a bit on the first lap." "it was tough but it was beautiful. it was really something else. it was gorgeous out there." ireland's gary thornton won the men's race with a race time of just
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the newest "star wars" movie is already breaking records and it's not even out yet... and ed sheeran has to get stitches in his face... the details in tonight's buzz. pope francis meeting with film director martin scorsese at the apostolic palace. the meeting comes a day before the film "silence" makes its world premiere at the vatican. the movie documents the persecution of jesuit missio japan. scorsese presented the pope with two paintings with the theme "hidden christians." "the empire's building a weapon, capable of destroying an entire planet. "rogue one: a star wars story" has broken a box office record and it isn't even in theaters yet. the hollywood reporter says the movie has the biggest number of ticket presales for 20-16 for both fandango "and" movie-tickets dot com. the film is tracking to
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hits theaters december 16th. princess beatrice is apologizing after hurting ed sheeran. the singer was partying at princess beatrice's house...when he had to be rushed to the hospital for stitches in his face... princess beatrice accidentally slashed him with a ceremonial sword while mock-knighting fellow pop-star, james blunt.
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more than thirty-thousand dollars for the milwaukee area domestic animal control commission...or madacc. they presented the dog-bone
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morning. the pabst theater group sold a limited number of original chairs from the riverside theater to raise the money. selling for 400-dollars a piece -- all 60 sets of the chairs sold in less than a week. open investigation is underway -- involving a child. right now -- milwaukee police are considering it a homicide. so far -- several people have been taken into custody in connection to the case-- which centers on the city's south side... ... and that's where we find myra sanchick live tonight.. myra? a source tells us the boy was injured lying on the couch. those inside did not call 911, instead took him to a nearby hospital . it seems he was later rushed to children's. inside the apartment the source says there was drug paraphernalia including
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i don't know i just seen a bunch of police over there milwaukee police are calling the death of a seven year old boy a homicide. neighbors say the boy lived in this apartment, now boarded up. that child was brought to children's hospital tuesday with serious injuries. a source tells fox6 he was also malnourished. he died as a result. it's terrible. i mean come on. this is all going on under our noses. and we o learned that a 44 year old woman arrested for the crime was convicted of child neglect for the death of another child in her home back in 2003. the woman's teenaged daughter and niece got lenghthy sentences for their role in killing one year old bryan alston in a home on north fiftieth. court records say that baby had bruises, swelling and gangrene. the 44 year old woman was sentenced to


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