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tv   FOX 6 News at 9  FOX  December 10, 2016 3:05am-4:00am CST

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tonight. angelica ben and stephanie— that call was placed around 1 this afternoon the person told police the man fell through and never resurfaced. police tell us this tragic situation is an example of how deceiving ice can be this time of year. it was all hands on deck--- as multiple agencies from wisconsin and against the clock following a report of a person falling through the ice of lake como. officials tell us after four hours of searching the body of a male in his 40s was pulled from the water. 'theres been a search and rescue operation now for some hours at about 5:30 today a body was located in the lake.' the unidentified male walked at least 700 yards before falling through the ice. officials used divers and sonar techs to locate him. multiple crews came for back up. ' because of the
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period of time so we needed extra man power to handle those.' many locals watching the situation develop from a local bar tell us their thoughts on the search. ' its very sad that something like this happens in our local community here i pray for him and his family.' 'i didnt believe it...the ice is real thin its only been a couple of days.' law enforcement says this tragic incident is a reminder of the how deceiving ice can be. 'w and early winter here in wisconsin ice is incredibly unstable when its thawing and when its forming.' more information on the victim pulled from the water is expected to be released in the coming days including his identity. were live here in lake como im angelica sanchez fox6 news. steph thanks angelica
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southeastern wisconsin preparing for the first major snowfall of the season. weather expert tom wachs is in the weather center with a look ahead. tom? winter storm watch for all of se wi from saturday night through sunday night increasing clouds tonight. it will be very cold with temperatures falling into the teens by sunrise. mostly cloudy and quiet during the day saturday with highs in the low 20s. sn saturday evening. the snow will continue through the day sunday and taper off sunday night. 6-9" of total accumulation is forecast, lower amounts toward fon du lac county. tonight: increasing clouds. cold. low: 13 wind: nw 5-10 mph saturday: snow moving in from the west during the evening. high: 22 wind: w 5-10 mph sunday: snow likely. tapering off sunday night. 6-9" total
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high: 30 wind: se 10-20 mph monday: mostly cloudy. am low: 23 high: 26 wind: w 5-15 mph even if you aren't ready with the first major snowfall of season on the way.... milwaukee officials say -- they are. fox6's myra sanchick has am low: 23 high: 26 wind: w 5-15 mph even if you aren't ready with the first major snowfall of season on the way.... milwaukee officials say -- they are. fox6's myra sanchick has more on what the city is doing. as sure as the the snow falls each year, the day before that
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salt, shovels, snowblowers and i'm sure tomorrow morning we'll see more of it bliffert's is one of many hardware stores now in the thick of it. people always procrastinate,put it off here we go the predictions are that soon the area will be in the thick of it. wednesday brine was put on streets, an anti icing operation that is intended to stop this weekend's snow from sticking. it's worked on the past on bridges, and now it is on major saturday we will be starting the operation by calling in 102 drivers and deploying 102 salt trucks to get into the districts, the residential streets and pre salt those areas plow blades are being mounted onto garbage trucks to get ready for snow accumulation. it is important in the winter that we follow parking regulations. there are posted parking regulations throughout the city. please when you park your car be mindful of the posted signs. from shovels and snowblowers to
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swing. our main goal in mind is that we have safe and passable streets so you can home, you can get to your destinations and visit our city and businesses can be open. it's very important to us the advice from the dpw is be patient, snow plows travel around 25 mph and regulations on your street. in milwaukee myra sanchick fox6 news in washington county, this weekends weather can mean more work, or plans to play. either way, people are preparing. 28 salt-spreading snow plows lined up for weekend duty this morning. the highway commissioner says last sundays snowfall gave operators the chance to familiarize themselves with routes, adding that the early warning on the pending snowfall makes it easier to adjust schedules, depending on how much
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to discuss when the first guys are gonna come in, how long theyre gonna be in the shop, so they can, kinda, coordinate that, because they only have so many hours that they can be on the road. at this cabelas location, the combination of holiday traffic, and the weather forecast, have staff stocking-up on hand, and feet-warmers, winter apparel, footwear, and ice fishing equipment. you can stay ahead of the weather anywhere -- just download the fox 6 storm center apple and android devices. we have an update to the child enticement investigation earlier this week. cudahy police tell fox-six that a man has been arrested. they say they were searching for the suspect after he drove past a 13- year-old girl walking home on tuesday. when he drove past her a second time-- he stopped and made a sexual comment towards her. as he drove past a third time-- he pulled
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police were able to identify him and took him into custody. milwaukee police release this video yesterday -- showing a strong-armed robbery suspect attacking a woman near 10th and oklahoma before violently taking her purse. and tonight -- we are hearing from that victim. she describes what happened to her that night--and how you can help catch the man behind the attack. ashley sears is live in the newsroom with this fox6 exclusive. the woman is still very shaken by what took place. she is h something, so the suspect gets caught. 35:59 its a lot of fear, it is a lot of fear. for the last month-- life has been unsettling for this victim. 33:25 i was taking out my son, unbuckling him from the car seat, when i felt someone pull on my purse. a terrifying attack-- near 10th and oklahoma-- has left her shaken. 33:51 he started to hit me and i let go of my purse and he took off running.
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armed robbery-- an unknown man spies on the victim-- then tries to take her purse-- eventually holding her in a headlock and hitting her repeatedly in the face. 34:43 i got scared because im pregnant and i also had my son, so i just let him have my purse. 39:24 i heard some scream outside of my office. attorney julius andriusis knows the victim and spoke with her shortly after the incident. hysterical and said somebody just robbed me, somebody just robbed me and got scared. the suspect got away with credit cards, cash--and her sense of safety. 38:13 i feel like hes still spying on me. andriusis and the victim are offering a $500 reward for information leading to an arrest. 42:34 we would like the area safe here. hopeful this man will be put behind bars behind bars--before someone else becomes a victim. 38:23 once hes captured, i
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the victim is 6 month pregnant. she says despite the attack she is healthy now. her toddler was not injured, but she says he remains very scared. live in the newsroom, ashley sears fox 6 news. ben thanks ashley still ahead -- nearly over! the wisconsin presidential election recount is in the final stretch. but will a judge stop it before it's finished? and -- did russia change the the new details the federal government is looking into. plus. a group of mothers is calling for "milwaukee county's top cop" to step down. why sheriff clarke calls this a politically motivated move. break
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milwaukee police are asking for help finding a critically missing woman. sabrina allen was reported missing from the area of third and nash. she is five foot six-- 230 pounds -- and suffers from health issues. she has a medium complexion and black hair that may be in a bob- cut with bangs. she was last seen wearing a navy blue, knee-length coat with green lining. if you know where sabrina is -- you're
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a sussex man accused of having sex with minors is facing child enticement charges. according to the waukesha county sheriff's office-- 19-year-old adam rosman had inappropriate contact with several minors between october of last year and this november. rosman is also facing multiple charges of sexual exploitation of a child and soliciting a child for prostitution. milwaukee police are investigating a shooting near 27th and galen was shot late last night -- and taken to a nearby hospital with serious injuries. it's still unclear what led up to the shooting -- and whether any suspects have been arrested. dead. on. arrival. a federal judge wasn't impressed with a lawsuit aimed at stopping wisconsin's recount. he says -- because it's almost done -- let's keep going. political reporter theo keith was at the hearing -- in madison. almost as soon as they went into federal court in madison, the
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state's top elections official -- was satisfied. were happy that there was not an additional complication thrown in at the end here the pro-trump "great america pac" and "stop hillary pac" -- filed the lawsuit eight days ago trying to stop wisconsin's recount. over a 20-minute hearing, judge james peterson said the counting is almost over and "there is virtually no chance" it changes the election's outcome. with 89 percent of ballots recounted, hillary clinton has cut into president- elect donald trump's 22-thousand vote party candidate jill stein requested the recount and is footing the multi- million dollar bill. ive told our observers again and again and again, its not about who won. its about the process election administrators say they expect to certify the recount results by tuesday's deadline. the lawyer representing the pro-trump groups wouldn't say if his clients planned to appeal the judge's decision not to halt the recount. we were pleased to see that the recount, as was discussed in
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been any problems, and thats a positive development for the voters of wisconsin wisconsins elections administrator said that dane county and outagamie county would probably be the last two to have the recount done, but hes confident they will finish in time. at federal court in madison, theo keith, fox6 news waukesha county joins the growing list of counties across the state wrapping up the recount. workers finished counting the last of the 240-thousand ballots late friday morning. the board of canvassers then spent the remainder o ill tell you last night at 10 when we were able to get all of the tabulators pretty much cleared and just asked for a small group to come in today, there was cheering, it was almost like a celebration. the waukesha county clerk estimates the recount in her county will end up costing nearly 400-thousand-dollars. the elections commission is posting daily updates as the
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website -- fox six now dot com, or your fox six news mobile app. house speaker paul ryan headed to trump tower to meet with the president- elect today. " very exciting meeting, really enjoyed meeting with the president-elect, we had a great meeting talking about our transition, we are very excited about hitting the ground running in 2017 to put this country back on track." the two leaders speak almost everyday by phone. ryan's office declined to offer any more details about today's former new york city mayor rudy giuliani is out of the running for secretary of state. president-elect donald trump said in a statement today that giuliani removed his name from consideration during a meeting late last month. according to the transition team... giuliani will stay on as a vice chairman of the presidential transition team. former trump critic mitt romney is reportedly still on the short list for the secretary of state job. president obama orders a last minute directive.
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governments -- interferred with or tried to interfere in the november election. fox's kevin corke picks up the story from the white house tonight. a full review... that's what president obama is ordering u.s. intelligence agencies to conduct.. into hacking activity aimed at meddling in the 2016 election. lisa monaco said intelligence officials will deliver a report to the president, which then will be sent on to members of congress before he a review, that white house officials say will enable them to take stock of cyber defensive capabilities and reduce future threats... schultz soyt we are committed to ensuring the integrity of our elections and this report will dig into this pattern of malicious cyber activity timed to our elections script: wikileaks' release of
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committee and the hillary clinton campaign... plagued the former secy of state throughout the election cycle... clinton and it could be us tomorrow."the obama administration has accused russia of conducting many of the hacks that surfaced during the run-up to the election, but denied there was any impact on the actual vote. asked about it at the apec summit in late november, the president said the topic didn't come up in conversation with russian president vladimir putin.. obama sot i had already made very clear to him our concerns around cyberattacks, generally, as well as specific concerns we had surrounding the dnc hack. script experts believe getting to the bottom of the cyber attacks has less to dowi or partisan politics...than it does preventing a similar attack down the line... hennessy sot what is unusual here is this cyber feature. um, this ability to hack email, dump large amounts of documents. um, what we are seeing is that is having an outsized influence. so we want to make sure that we are addressing that appropriately. because the review comes after the democratic loss in the election there have been some who say partisanship might be at foot on behalf of the obama administration. white house officials insist the person to
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wisconsin school districts are cashing in how a bad sale of investments a decade ago has one company shelling out millions to the districts. plus, a group of moms -- with kids in tow -- show up to the milwaukee county court house looking for the sheriff. the message their sending with a gift
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a former executive will pay 24-and-a- half-million dollars to five wisconsin school districts. the company sold the districts 200- million-dollars in investments in 2006 -- which resulted in a total loss. the executive and the company admitted overstating the safety -- and understating the risks -- of the investment. that's according to the securities and exchange commission. the case related to investments made by the whitefish bay, west allis, kenosh school districts duluth trading company is planning to open 10 new stores next year -- after opening seven in 2016. the company is also moving forward with plans to move its headquarters from belleville -- a village in dane county -- to mount horeb. . officials there approved a 108- thousand square foot, 20-million- dollar office building that's expected to bring 100 to 150 jobs to the area. for more information on this and other stories in the business journal, we have link to their site on
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winter storm watch for all of se wi from saturday night through sunday night increasing clouds tonight. it will be very cold with temperatures falling into the teens by sunrise. mostly cloudy and quiet during the day saturday with highs in the low 20s. snow moves in from the west on the snow will continue through the day sunday and taper off sunday night. 6-9" of total accumulation is forecast, lower amounts toward fon du lac county. tonight: increasing clouds. cold. low: 13 wind: nw 5-10 mph saturday: snow moving in from the west during the evening.
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mph sunday: snow likely. tapering off sunday night. 6-9" total accumulation. am low: 22 high: 30 wind: se 10-20 mph there have been four deaths this year in the milwaukee county wind: se 10-20 mph there have been four deaths this year in the milwaukee county there have been four deaths this year in the milwaukee county jail. now-- a group of mothers is taking a stand. what they're calling for-- and how the sheriff responded. he walked off camp randall stadium as a player for the final time last month. find out why this could hold his head up
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words tonight by a group of moms in milwaukee. the progressive moms of milwaukee say milwaukee county sheriff david clarke should explain what's going on at the county jail -- recent inmate deaths. julie collins with their message -- and the sheriff's response. hell hath no fury like a mother protecting her children - "we are not violent individuals but we want to show that we are caring mothers.' and this morning these mothers from the group 'progressive moms of milwaukee' marched into sheriff clarke's office with their children in tow. 'having the children here for us is mainly to be of the fact that we are serious about this, we are
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going to do something that is ok for our children to be at.' their message... 'a formal request...' a request for an investigation into the milwaukee county jail - their letter says they are appalled by the four deaths inside the milwaukee county jail in just six months - most notably a newborn delivered by an inmate. 'everybody knows that child birth is not a quiet thing; that women suffered. that man that dehydrated to death clearly suffered, its just not ok and we dont want milwaukee to be known for that.' the women left diapes sheriffs office in memory of the newborn that died. they also wrote notes for the sheriff's suggestion box -- calling for his resignation. 'we are here to say as milwaukee mothers we are not divided us are together and we are going to do what we need to do to make sure this doesnt happen again.' sheriff clark didn't answer any of our questions submitted to his office. we were directed to the county jail's facebook page where he responded to the progressive moms group saying quote "their name along tells me everything i
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motivated and politcally-orchastrated democrat party operative. this is what is meant by fake news. an astroturf movement that has no knowledge of what is even involved here..." he went on to critize the media's coverage of demonstrations like the one this morning and questioned where the progressive moms were during a recent violent 24- hours in milwaukee. reporting in milwaukee, julie collins fox 6 news. the wisconsin state patrol has selected its first group of chaplains. the patrol appointed 19 they are ordained or licensed clergy and currently police chaplains. they're from racine, la crosse, rhinelander sparta and other cities. they'll be tasked with counseling state troopers and their families. they'll also help with death notifications and crisis response as well as participate in official ceremonies. the badgers football team surprised most of the country with their success this season having been in the running for the four team playoff was remarkable. ...much like the path of one of their leaders. tom pipines goes
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every time i go on the field, i don't take that for granted. it''s been an amazing journey for badgers senior running back dare ogunbowale. the former standout at marquette university high school has had to work for every one of the tough yards he's gained for his home state school. perhaps that's why he appreciates every madison. 18:34:55 it's been awesome. you come in here not knowing really how i got on the field, being one of the last guys accepted in the fall camp. then kind of earning my way on the field and earning a scholarship and then the best part of my whole journey is to be voted by my teammates to be a captain. there's not a lot than means more to me than the guys on this team 18:35:18 dare started as a
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willingness to play any role for the good of the team isn't lost on 18:10:55 i love dare. and he means a ton to this team. certainly on the field. but off the field, he's a guy that everyone knows in the locker room they can go to. that dare's got their back the number of things that he does that aren't on a stat sheet, and what he brings to this team. it's huge. 18:11:29 gifted redshirt freshman bradrick shaw shows signs of being a feature back in the near future. he's one of several young players who've benefited from ogunbowale's guidance. 18:25:38 dares when i first came in here i was a little iffy about plays. he basically taught me some of the plays, and basically was my 2nd coach 18:25:47 18:34:15 it's something i've always wanted to do is make sure i impact people in the right way. 18:34:39 i try to make sure i'm a good leader for this team. and hopefully i've been doing a good job for these guys. 18:34:44 the respect that dare ogunbowale's has among his teammates extends to his opponents. last summer, he was selected to speak at the big ten conference
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resonated beyond the game. in our world, the things that makes us different, the unique things that each member of our team brings to the table aren't things that divide us. they're pieces that come together to make us complete. pieces that make us a team. but why not carry that mindset beyond the locker room, or beyond the stadium? and carry that mindset in our everyday lives? ogunbowale hopes to continue his on field journey in the nfl. economics major won't be thrown for a loss. he wants to work in wealth management and provide financial guidance to athletes. but it doesn't stop there for dare. 18:36:02 regardless of what happens with my career, i plan to just continue to be a role model for people and maybe inspire people whatever aspect i'm able to do it in. that's big for me. i just want to be a good person in the world.
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up. where a real "x-wing" fighter has landed! like a scene out of jurassic park -- a real piece of dinosaur encased in amber! how this 99-million year old relic almost ended up as a piece of jewelry. a winter storm watch takes effect tomorrow night as the snow moves in. we'll take a look at the timeline and forecast
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bump back shot you are watching fox 6 news at 9. actor kirk douglas is celebrating his 100th birthday... and spider-man returns to his roots in the latest marvel movie... that and more -- in tonight's buzz. "sup guys.... hulk gives it away." spider-man is set to make his first appearance in the marvel cinematic universe... in the first trailer for "spider-man: homecoi high school. robert downey junior also appears -- with "tony stark" serving as a mentor for the new super hero. the new film opens in theaters july 7th. actor judge reinhold arrested thursday in dallas.... according to t-m-z -- the "beverly hills cop" star got upset with t-s-a agents at an airport during an attempted pat down. he was arrested for misdemeanor disorderly conduct. as he was led into the police department
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hollywood legend kirk douglas is celebrating his 100th birthday today... douglas starred in classics like "spartacus" -- "20-thousand leages under the sea" -- and "paths of glory." he is celebrating his birthday by announcing a new book -- written with his wife of 62 years -- called "kirk and anne: letters of love, laughter and a lifetime in hollywood." his website says he will be spending time today with his family and friends michael douglas. the force made its presence felt in southern california this week -- with an x-wing starfighter replica on hollywood boulevard. it's part of the preparations for the big opening of the next star wars movie... "rogue one: a star wars story" -- premieres in hollywood on saturday. the film will be released
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expert tom wachs is coming up with when to expect it -- and how much we are going to see. and these aren't your normal carolers. why this outing -- was decades in the making. this man is on the run tonight. why law enforcement fears he won't come quietly if caught -- and what makes him tonight's wisconsin's
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a 99-million-year-old dinosaur tail almost became a piece of jewelry... fortunately scientists now have their hands on it and they say it's a once in a lifetime find.
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the first time part of a mummified dinosaur skeleton has been discovered. it gives an idea of what dinosaurs actually looked like... even though soft tissue and decayed blood from the tail were found in the amber -- no genetic material was preserved. nasa releasing pictures that come from a galaxy the space agency says is producing new stars at a remarkable rt this one is 12-point-7 billion light years from earth... the big picture is a representation of what they call a "starbust" or a "hyper-starbust" galaxy. this is especially interesting to astronomers -- because it helps them learn more about how galaxies are formed and how they grow. the national oceanic and atmospheric administration says the u-s hot streak is continuing. the u-s had its warmest autumn and second warmest november on record. the average fall
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point-one degrees above average. the contiguous states saw an average november temperature of 48- degrees. that's six-point-three degrees above average. adlib to weather weather winter storm watch for all of se wi from saturday night through sunday night will be very cold with temperatures falling into the teens by sunrise. mostly cloudy and quiet during the day saturday with highs in the low 20s. snow moves in from the west on saturday evening. the snow will continue through the day sunday and taper off sunday night. 6-9" of total
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fon du lac county. tonight: increasing clouds. cold. low: 13 wind: nw 5-10 mph saturday: snow moving in from the west during the evening. high: 22 wind: w 5-10 mph sunday: snow likely. tapering off sunday night. 6-9" total accumulation. am low: 22 high: 30 mostly cloudy. am low: 23 high: 26 wind: w 5-15 mph tuesday: mostly cloudy and cold with a chance for flurries. am low: 13 high: 19 wind: nw 5-10 mph wednesday:mostly cloudy and bitter cold. am low: 0 high: 10 wind: wnw 5-15
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bitter cold. am low: -3 high: 9 wind: sw 5-15 mph anchors thanks weather carolers this time of year... but as fox6s carl deffenbaugh shows us -- one group of students was on a singing tour of milwaukee -- two decades in the making. from deck the halls to white christmas, this choir of cadets is on a mission to spread holiday cheer. 'we just go around milwaukee and we sing.' 'it gets everybody in the
3:54 am
choir from st. johns northwestern military academy. and for five years in a row, theyve made the trek from delafield to downtown milwaukee for a day of caroling - eight stops in all. 'every year we get a little treat around this time of year, to come out and test our voices with them too.' the day away from school is a gift from choir director dennis brooks, a man who admits he is crazy about christmas. 'i start decorating november 1st. im ta im also that guy that starts listening to christmas music november 1st.' 'mr. brooks is always such a jolly guy. its definitely his season.' brooks has organized this trip for more than two decades, at different public school stops throughout southeastern wisconsin and now at st. johns. 'i want to show them off. i want the world to see what kind of young men we have, because
3:55 am
wonderful singers, at the most wonderful time of the year. carl deffenbaugh, fox6 news. if you like what you heard -- st. johns has two concerts this sunday on their delafield campus... a winter concert at 1 p-m and a festival of lessons and carols at 3. winter weather is to blame for a 40 car pileup in ohio yesterday. videos posted to facebook show crumpled vehicles -- some crashing down into steep ravines. big rigs truck trailers were suspended on guard rails. multiple people were injured -- with many vehicles coming to rest on top of each other. this tangled mess took hours to clean up -- and transporting people to the hospital was a real challenge. lauren bugansky/ caught in i-90 pileup: "i crashed right into another vehicle, it was pretty bad." tera soederstros/ stranded in i-90 pileup: "just chaos, you really didn't see a lot, you just heard a lot of noise and a lot of crashing." transit agency "laketran" helped bus injured away from the crash
3:56 am
a tense scene out in salt lake city this morning-- police were able to talk a roof-hopping suspect down from his perch after chasing him for several minutes downtown. authorities say officers from the gang unit stopped a car that didn't have a license plate. that's when the suspect jumped out of the car and ran. he hopped onto the roof of a home-- then jumped from roof to roof to try to get away. he lost a shoe-- and then apparently his will to run. "he kept jumping between one house and the other, obviously they're close together. so we pulled in him talked into coming down. he jumped between houses several times." the suspect had several outstanding warrants and was also on probation. a fleeing charge will likely be added to the list. the flag at the white house is at half- staff today in honor of former astronaut john glenn. he passed away yesterday at the age of 95. glenn was the first american to orbit the earth -- and considered an american hero
3:57 am
he also served 24 years as a u-s senator. president obama awarded him the presidential medal of freedom in 20-12. a federal court in south carolina has released three dramatic pieces of video used in dylann roof's trial. one shows parishioners arriving at a traditionally black church in charleston before a massacre last year. another clip shows roof parking his car and walking into the building. he is later seen lea the clips were played in court during roof's trial yesterday. officials said he confessed to killing nine people at the emanuel a-m-e church in june last year, hoping to provoke a race war. roof is facing 33-federal charges that can qualify him for the death penalty if he's convicted. u.s. marshals say this fugitive doesn't play nice. the milwaukee man has resisted arrest before and agents fear he won't go quietly if cornered.
3:58 am
take a look at the man who agents say is "on the run." "either this guy is desperate." or he just doesn't care." it's 28-year-old steve young, "he doesn't want to go to jail, that's obvious." not the player, "an extensive criminal history." the loser agents say the milwaukee man never plays a fair game, the stats to prove it. "and eleven to 12 adult arrests." he's wanted on several felonies including stealing a car "stopsticks were deployed, the vehicle ran over the stopsticks puncturing the tires but continued to flee at a high rate of speed." eluding an officer, endangering safety young is also wanted for possession of heroin with intent to deliver. "we believe he is a drug runner
3:59 am
now young has added bail jumping to his wrap sheet. "resisting and obstructing an officer, felon in possession of a firearm." another arrest warrant was issued on december fourth. u.s. marshals say young's crimes could put him away until he's an old man... and his days of playing the drug game are all but over.. "multiple warrants for his arrest for milwaukee police, milwaukee county and west allis police department." jonathon gregg fox6 news. weighs 180 lbs. he has dark hair and brown eyes. he's wanted on several felony counts including eluding an officer and 2nd degree recklessly endangering safety. "blessed team" is tattooed on his right hand and he has a prominent scar across his neck. if you've seen this man, call marshals at
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right now on beautiful homes and great estates, tour this french-inspired mansion that was newly rebuilt on a property once owned by the royal saudi family in the heart of beverly hills. this is an awe-inspiring architectural wonder. >> this gorgeous mansion is on just about two acres, about 36,000 square feet and priced >> epic in size and stature, the home has been superbly designed down to every meticulous detail. >> there are 120 chandeliers in this home and each one is magnificent. >> the hardware alone was over $1 million. it's all 24 karat gold.


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