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tv   FOX 6 Wake Up News at 4  FOX  December 12, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm CST

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vitac -- there's nothing like starting a new week -- digging out. the first big snowfall of the season hit south east wisconsin over he winter weather are here and it looks like they are here to stay. when it was all said and done -- more than half a foot of snow fell in many neighborhoods and it can be dangerous. in milwaukee, one man died when he collapsed after shoveling. the medical examiner's office says the 55-year-old was found near 23rd and keefe. we have team coverage of the snowfall, and what more we can expect from mother nature this week. fox 6's jonathon gregg is live on milwaukee's east side with how
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navigating the winter parking rules. but we start with weather expert tom wachs. he joins us from the weather deck with a look at the forecast. a few light snow showers are possible around midnight. no accumulation expected. temperatures will fall through the teens, to around 10 by morning. mostly sunny, blustery and cold and wind chills around zero during the day. partly sunny, windy and very cold wednesday with a high around 14 and wind chills below zero all day. morning wind chills wednesday will be in the -10 to -15 range. partly sunny and bitter cold thursday. highs in the single digits. morning wind chills around -20, afternoon wind chills -5 to -15.
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impact us friday into saturday. stay tuned. tonight: light snow showers overnight. low: 10 wind: wsw 5-10 mph tuesday: mostly sunny. blustery and cold. high: 17 20-thousand tons of salt arrived at the port of milwaukee this morning. some of the salt will be used by road crews in the area to de-ice streets and highways. the port of milwaukee handles about one-million tons of salt every year. deliveries like this will
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months as long as the amount of ice on the great lakes allows boats to make their way to the port. this reminder comes with a price. drivers are finding out this morning if where they parked will make them pay. fox6's jonathon gregg spent the day on the east side and he considers himself lucky. i do..because i avoided a ticket while others around me weren't as lucky. if you haven't paid attention to the signs on o now. milwaukee far surpassed the 4 inch rule with the weekend snow. and that's exactly what these parking tickets spell out. on just one block of cramer street we counted at least 10 cars with parking tickets. each one is worth 40 - dollars, that's easy math. 'its just extra money, right before the holidays. that i didn't need to spend, oh well."
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but again, just one block,we counted 400 dollars worth... then you factor in the jump starts and tows...and the cost of the storm really start to add up, but admittedly, the fines are avoidable. reporting from the east side, jonathon gregg fox6 news. ted thanks jonathon. now's a great time to download the fox6 storm center app to your mobile device. devices -- and even offers a temperature layer on the interactive radar. a 27-year-old man is dead after a shooting this morning in milwaukee. before 11 a-m, police say the man was found near 5th and walnut suffering from a gunshot wound. he was taken to the hospital where he later died. police are trying to determine what led up to the shooting, and searching for anything involved in the crime. police in port washington need help identifying three men
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bartender over the weekend. according to police, these three men were at schooner pub early saturday morning. if you have any information on who these guys are, or about the assault, you're asked to call port washington police. the two women charged in the death of a seven-year-old boy pleaded not guilty in court today. 44-year-old etter hughes is charged with neglecting a child and child abuse. seven year old trevion winnigham was taken to the hospital late numerous injuries and malnutrition. he died a few hours later. and 47-year-old mary martinez was also in court this morning. she also faces charges of neglecting a child and physical abuse of a child. investigators say winningham and his nine year old brother were being watched by hughes and martinez at the time of the alleged abuse. two girls accused of committing a horrible crime together, will now move forward with separate trials. morgan geyser is now fifteen years old. she is accused of
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and another friend told officials they did it to please the fictional character slenderman. while a judge agreed the two girls can have separate trials, he has not yet ruled on two other requests from geyser's attorneys. one: to move the trial outside of waukesha county. and two-- throw out geyser's confession that day. i asked her where the blood came from. she told me she was forced to stab her best friend to death. fate of the confession at a later date. the girl who allegedly committed the crime with geyser, will have a separate hearing on her motions, which are similar to geyser's. 11 days after the presidential recount started here in the badger state, we have a winner. in the end, there wasn't much of a change. fox 6's mary stoker smith joins us from the newsroom with the wrap up. that's right steph, out of
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donald trump ended up adding 131 more votes over hillary clinton than he had on election night. the recount added a total of one- thousand-seven-hundred sixty nine votes across all candidates. green party presidential nominee jill stein led the effort for the recount, putting nearly four million dollars into making it happen. jill stein has also tried to get statewide recounts in michigan and pennsylvania, but courts have stopped them. reporting from the newsroom, mary stoker smith, fox 6 news. governor scott walker speaking with reporters today and making comments about the recount. he commended county clerks for how well the election was run. "for a lot of the clerks in particular, municipal clerks, are going through the process of going through property tax bills, doing year end work, so i thought it was an added burden, unfortunately for them, this is allowed by the law, but they obviously up for the challenge."
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across the state did a good job at making sure the election in the badger state was executed as planned. if you're curious how the vote recount affected the tally in your county, you can check it out on fox6 now dot com or the fox6 news app. simply click the "links" tab -- or search "election recount" looking ahead to tomorrow. president-elect donald trump will make a stop at state fair park. it's part of the president-elect's "thank you" tour to celebrate his win governor walker and house speaker paul ryan will both be at tomorrow's event in west allis. speaker ryan never campaigned with mister trump during the primary or leading up to the general election, but now reportedly speaks to him by phone every day. the state fair park event starts at seven tomorrow night. tickets are on a first come first serve basis. a big win by the packers has them right in the mix for a playoff spot... but a big question going forward
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tim van vooren joins us in studio with the latest.... stephanie and ted, after dismantling seattle yesterday, green bay has three games remaining in the regular season.... they still have a shot at a divisional title or a wildcard spot in the playoffs, although they are on the outside looking in at the postseason grouping as of today.... still, they are trending upward after a real swoon in november... 122030 :25 max, please quarterback aaron rodgers suffers a calf injury while throwing a 66 yard touchdown pass very early in yesterday's game... the injury seems to affect him more as the game goes on to the point where brett
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fourth quarter.... mccarthy says today he doesn't have a status update on rodgers but if he can reset his feet, he should be able to function okay next week... he'll probably be moving pretty slowly, but rodgers is scheduled to sign autographs for the salvation army tonight at 6 in the lambeau field atrium.... here are some of the fans already waiting earlier today... the mood for that signing will be a little brighter than it would have been a few weeks ago... the packers play the bears sunday at noon and you can watch it right here on fox 6. a special blitz postgame will follow, with live reaction and analysis from soldier field, along with comments by defensive lineman mike daniels. then get a full recap of the game on the fox 6 sports blitz at 10-35 sunday night.
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coming up on fox 6 news at 4... three retail stores hit by a group of suspects. and all within a half hour's time. the damage they left in their wake and who police are looking for. plus -- having a hard time getting to sleep at night? a few settings on your smartphone could change that. we'll show you how in our tech report.
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ikea is giving a whole new meaning to the term retail therapy. the swedish company is naming some of its products after frequently googled relationship problems! ikea paired the questions with a furniture item that could help fix the problem. for example, if you googled what should i do if my partner snores ... ikea will suggest a single daybed. or what to do when children leave home? ... ikea will
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traditionally scandinavian, which can often make them quite tricky to pronounce. today is december 12th meaning we are just 13 daysw christmas. as we continue the count down until the big day, we're going to be bringing you fun christmas facts every day. so here's your fun-filled fact for today -- "the poinsettia gets its name from joel roberts poinsett, the first united states ambassador to mexico, who introduced the plant to the u-s
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a dog is now famous on the internet. he ran away and was found by police. the strange thing, is that he was found wearing a sweater and blue pants. officers in bel posted this picture on twitter trying to find the owner. apparently, the dog wasn't in a great mood, as the post says he was "very angry." people on twitter understood why he was upset. a kansas sheriff wrote... "of course he's angry. that sweater doesn't match those pants at all" looking at your smartphone all day ... might be keeping you up at night. rich demuro explains the settings you can change to help
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thing... but that bright screen and all those non-stop notifications could be keeping you up at night. thankfully there are a few settings you can tweak for more sleep. nats... notifications!!! were glued to these screens all day long... then at night, its one more check before bed. dr alon avidan... director of the ucla sleep disorder center... says that a recipe for disaster. 11;08;13/that interrupts the the right smartphone settings might just help you get a better nights sleep. first up... control those notifications at night... 11;07;59/thats cause of environmental insomnia at night turn on ... do not disturb, available on both android and ios. set your quiet hours... and it only allows important notifications and calls to come through. if youre worried about someone being able to reach you in an emergency, activate the setting that allow someone to call twice in a row
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setting... the one that filters blue light after sunset. 11;12;22/the blue light inhibits it essentially blocks the secretion of melatonin, melatonin is the one signal that allows us to fall asleep on ios, look for night shift in your display settings... on android, its called night light... have this feature turn on automatically from sunset to sunrise each day. dont have the option built in? try the twilight app. finally, check out the bedtime option inside the clock on ios. much sleep you want to get, and your phone will tell you when its time to get to bed! 11;15;08/remember things better... your cognitive skills are better...their mood is better 11;14;46/all functions we take for granted... but theyre actually fairly achievable if we maintain a good sleep wake cycle if youre reading before bed on a tablet... you should activate the blue light filter there... on amazons kindle fire tablets the feature is called blue shade. see these tips one more time on the on tech dot
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four... corporate workers throw a massive holiday party to impress a potential client... and as you can imagine, things spiral out of control. when we come back, gino chats with a few stars in the new movie "office
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[ tower pinging ] [ whistling ] we've got a problem, friend. half off any smartphone for anyone who switches? what's the problem? the naughty list shouldn't get deals! yeah, but anyone who switches gets half off of any smartphone. even these? yeah, any smartphone. call the big guy! [ bell dings ] santa? no, jingles. [ knuckles crack ] [ spits ] ooo. ouch.
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d get half off any smartphone.
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a few light snow showers are possible around midnight. no accumulation expected. temperatures will fall through the teens, to around 10 by morning. mostly sunny, blustery and cold on tuesday with a high around 17 and wind chills around zero during the day. partly sunny, windy and very cold wednesday wit around 14 and wind chills below zero all day. morning wind chills wednesday will be in the -10 to -15 range. partly sunny and bitter cold thursday. highs in the single digits. morning wind chills around -20, afternoon wind chills -5 to -15. another winter storm could impact us friday into saturday. stay tuned. tonight: light snow showers
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cold. high: 17 wind: w 10-20 mph stressed out corporate workers throw a holiday party that gets a little out of hand. gino sat down with "tj miller" and "courtney b vanc new film -- "office christmas party." ad lib to bite "i want you to talk about this man because i know he is a humble man. how great is
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about it. do i toot my own horn? never! that's the sound of his horn. he's amazing. no i had a wonderful time. i really wanted to be able to come and laugh with these guys and be silly with these genius comedic people....the beginning of the movie is so much about him playing a character that you would be used to him playing this kind of disgruntled corporate guy tighte spending and all this stuff because the movie is a lot about people over profit and how we've been becoming profit over people as a corporate culture. so he plays this disgruntled very straight laced it buyer. and then he gets to the party and he is
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around the holidays. it's good to have something that will make you laugh. ad lib to bite "as you saw in the movie it's not a laugh a minute movie. but we think it's a laugh every minute and a half. every minute and a half you get a laugh. because you need time to breathe. you need time to relax, and that's what we're going to do this holiday season. we're going to relax and go to a movie so you don't have to talk to your family for afterward you can talk about how dynamic courtney b vance is so that's right there two and a half hours and if you go to the theater maybe three hours of stress free holiday. and on the way back you're talking about it. you could get four hours of stress free holiday out of this film. and maybe five with traffic. and we need it. and five with traffic. go see the movie during
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coming up on fox 6 news at 4... indiana jones famously used a whip to remove himself from danger. now japan plans to use one to remove debris from outer space. the plan, just ahead. plus -- three crimes, committed within thirty minutes. police
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suspects.. what they did and how you can
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this may be the season of giving, but it''s what is being taken from some stores, on milwaukee's northwest side -- which is getting the attention, today. justin williams joins us in the studio with more. justin? in the middle of their holiday shopping -- several people tell me the crimes, themselves, are disappointing- enough. but, they add, to have them committed--in such rapid succession, is downright discouraging. thirty minutes. eh -- how? how? you know, thats crazy! according to milwaukee police, on december 7th, this group of three, unidentified suspects started their spree, around 12-40 p-m, at this walgreens, near 91st and appleton, where police say they stole an item, and run out of the store. its just horrible, and this is christmas-time!
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investigators say the same suspects crossed the street, and go into this family dollar, where they stole several items, before fleeing. im not surprised. im just glad didnt nobody die. then, just 10 minutes later, police say the suspects stole several items, from this dollar tree near 103rd and silver spring. here, police say an employee tried to stop the suspects, only to be punched by one of them--before they leave the store. oh, my goodness! its really it could have been worse, but, i'm told, that employee has recovered, and is back on the job. meanwhile, milwaukee police are searching for the suspects responsible for committing three crimes, in such a short time. three in 30 minutes surprises me, but crime doesnt surprise me, any longer, in milwaukee. milwaukee used to be a great city, but its, slowly, deteriorating. you know, its becoming the crime center of the world, seems like, you know? so much crime, you know?
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the different crime scenes, tell me the thieves got away with beef sticks, and candy. nevertheless, milwaukee police would appreciate some help locating those suspects. if you have any information which may contribute to this investigation, you're encouraged to contact milwaukee police. anchors? get a closer look at the suspects police are trying to identify -- when you visit fox6 now dot com or the fox6 news app. the story is on our home page. the man accused of drowning his son in a lake reaches a p 25-year-old sean flowers plead guilty to a charge of first degree reckless homicide. he had initially be charged with first degree intentional homicide. investigators say back in august, he waded into the pond-- with the baby-- near 76th and brown deer road. when a witness tried and save the baby-- flowers allegedly only swam out into deeper water. he's due back in court for sentencing january
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identify the man whose body was pulled from lake como friday night. according to police, 44-year-old michael montemayor, from burlington was pulled from the lake in walworth county. it all started when a witness saw someone walking on the frozen lake. montemayor walked at least 700 yards out on the ice before falling in. rescue crews from both from wisconsin and illinois were called to the scene. a west allis woman faces two charges after crashing into a snow plow on "eye" near 60th street around 2 a-m. officials say the 51-year-old was driving the wrong way when she hit the plow -- ripping the entire front end off her car. she was taken to the hospital and treated before being brought to the milwaukee county jail. the woman now faces charges of d- u-i and second degree reckless endangering safety. a member of wisconsin's newly created ethics oversight commission has resigned less
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today, saying the partisan board is too secret, lacks transparency, and is purposely set up to fail. kinney is a reserve judge who spent more than 30 years as an oneida county circuit judge. he was one of three democratic picks for the board which also has three republican members. the new partisan commission replaced the nonpartisan government accountability board in july. mary stoker smith joins us now from the news room with some stories you'll see on fox six news at five. room. a woman is making some disturbing claims about what happed to her at a local y-m-c-a. at five, what she says went down and what the y is now doing about it. also at five, a local hospital getting a better look at patient health. coming up, the new technology allowing it to give faster and more efficient care. we'll have those stories and more in about 20 minutes on fox six news at five. ted thanks mary. a big oil executive could be president- elect trump's next
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but some, including influential congressional republicans, are worried about his ties to russia. fox's, joel waldman, has more from washington. :33 - :39 sen. john mccain / r-az senate armed services committee chairman :59 - 1:01 sen. mitch mcconnell / r-ky senate majority leader1:16 - 1:27 carly fiorina / former presidential candidate / former ceo, hewlett- packard 1:28 - 1:38 joel waldman / fox news correspondent / washington, d.c. on-cam "fox news" tag ================== = ================================ === ======================= after weeks of intrigue, fox news has learned rex tillerson, exxon mobil's ceo, is president-elect donald trump's likely pick for secretary of state ... commending tie business acumen, including sealing a deal that involved drilling more fossil fuels out of russian soil, while also making the case the executive could help mend strained u-s, russian relations ... but, a number of lawmakers are not so convinced, arguing russia and president vladimir putin are no friends of the u-s ... mccain says: "it's an issue that needs to be examined. again that does not mean we should prejudge mister tillerson. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell also expressing concern over russia ... acknowledging a
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kremlin tried to influence the u-s presidential election ... president obama already ordering a full review into the alleged hacking -- a move backed by mcconnell and others ... mconnell says: "the russians are not our friends." mr. trump's cabinet still evolving.... with a few big job openings still available, including energy secretary and head of the v-a. at trump tower today, democratic senator joe manchin ... and one-time gop rival carly fiorina . fiorina says: "we talked about hacking or purported russian hacking. we talked about the opportunity that the president-elect has to literally reset things." waldman on-cam tag says: "house speaker paul ryan also releasing a statement regarding russia ... saying the u-s must push back against any state-sponsored cyber- attacks. in washington, joel waldman, fox news." firefighters in canada rescuing a stranded animal over the weekend... it was trapped, surrounded by the ice in a partially frozen
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a young moose fell into a frozen river on saturday. the three emergency workers showed up and hacked through the thick ice with axes. thanks to their efforts - the moose was successfully freed and led to shore. the royal canadian mounted police and department of natural resources also helped with the rescue. coming up on fox 6 news at 4... why one of chicago's most dangerous neighborhoods filled up with
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when you recycle-- it's clear you're trying to do some good. but that doesn't mean you can throw just anything in the bin. jenna sachs explains in her contact 6 report. here's a live look outside right now from our city center camera in downtown milwaukee. ad lib what you see weather expert tom wachs is in next with a your forecast. "...because you matter."
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every year the city of milwaukee recycles 50 million pounds of materials. people mean well when they choose to recycle-- but mistakes are made-- and some of them aren't so obvious. contact six's jenna sachs can be downright dangerous. this is where your recycling ends up ... when you leave your cart at the curb in milwaukee. the mount rainier of recyclables ... a pile so high ... it only makes sense that some stowaways ... are hiding inside. some of them harmful. propane tanks, those are never ever recyclable in your recycling cart, they can cause
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equipment. milwaukee's materials recovery facility .... or "mrf" ... has even been damaged by lawnmower blades. though the mrf's most common offenders ... are what staff call "tanglers' anything that can get wrapped around the equipment, that includes things like garden hoses and extension cords and bungee cords. from this massive pile of paper and plastics ... materials are passing first ... through the pre- sort room ... they'll pulling off large bulky rigid plastics like laundry baskets, things that can be recycled. laundry baskets, five gallon buckets. staff here are the first line of defense ... against non- recyclables ... like plastic bags ... small and large ... or shoes, clothing, rubber ... even roadkill. another common mistake we sometimes see are
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carry recycling ... past more rounds of sorters ... who pull off items by type. machines do more sorting ... some of it by laser. nat pop of laser puff sound it's a lot of work ... to protect the integrity of the recycling process. and while some recycling mistakes seems obvious ... others ... no so much. paper can be recycled, so newspaper, cardboard. analiese smith says most people have the basics of recycling down ... a lot of your milk jugs, a lot of your detergent bottles, shampoo bottles. magazines are a yes ... styrofoam cartons no. prescription pill bottles and juice boxes ... yes. ziplock bags and plastic soda rings, no. plastic cutlery, straws those are garbage as well. when it comes to recycling ... a lot of us mean well ... but make mistakes. insiders call that 'wish-cycling' ... and i'm guilty. jenna: when i send out my recycling i have it tied up tight, in a bag. but you're
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items be lose in the cart. some other examples of wish-cycling ... greasy pizza boxes. if the grease stain is smaller than your hand ... you can recycle it. you cannot recycle your mcdonalds soda cup ... or your coffee paper cup ... because they're made of that waxy paper material. all this said ... a lot of communities have different rules about recycling .. which makes things confusing. for broad statewide r to i'm jenna sachs. contact 6. after a weekend of heavy snowfall -- the largest of the season for most -- some are already offering their help in one of chicago's most dangerous neighborhoods. volunteers in the englewood neighborhood dedicated part of their morning to shoveling snow for strangers..many of them
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non-profit "my block, my hood, my city" put out the call for volunteers. about a dozen showed up... some from all the way across town. they shoveled snow from six different blocks "it was the best things. i could not believe it actually because i was looking out there and trying to figure out if it was some of my neighbors. very appreciative of the whole thing because we have a lot of seniors on the block." organizer jahmal cole says it's the small gestures like shoveling snow that can lead to connections with communities across th c tom wachs is out on the weather deck. a few light snow showers are possible around midnight. no
4:47 pm
the teens, to around 10 by morning. mostly sunny, blustery and cold on tuesday with a high around 17 and wind chills around zero during the day. partly sunny, windy and very cold wednesday with a high around 14 and wind chills below zero all day. morning wind chills wednesday will be in the -10 to -15 range. partly sunny and bitter cold thursday. highs in the single digits. morning wind chills around -20, another winter storm could impact us friday into saturday. stay tuned. tonight: light snow showers overnight. low: 10 wind: wsw 5-10 mph tuesday: mostly sunny. blustery and cold. high: 17 wind: w 10-20 mph wednesday:partly sunny, windy and cold. am low: 6 high: 14 wind: wnw 15-25 mph
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am low: -4 high: 7 wind: nw 10-20 mph friday: cloudy with the chance for snow. am low: 5 high: 23 wind: se 5-10 mph saturday: cloudy with the chance for snow. am low: 20 high: 30 wind: nw 15-25 mph sunday: mostly cloudy. am low: 5
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helping people with mental illness. that's what a new study on more than 50 adults with long-term mental conditions is suggesting. sixty percent placed their pets as the most important role in their life -- above family, friends and hobbies. another twenty percent placed many said the constant presence and close proximity of their pets provided an immediate source of calm.. others said it distracted them from their symptoms and even suicidal thoughts.. and not only the secondhand smoke of tobacco, but marijuana as well could be affecting your child... a new study found babies exposed to secondhand marijuana smoke take in the primary psychoactive chemical. traces of t-h-c were found in the urine samples from babies and toddlers in colorado whose parents smoked
4:52 pm
to marijuana smoke were also more likely to be exposed to tobacco smoke . a little bit of rain, not able to stop people from having fun at an annual celebration in san francisco over the weekend... it was all red and white at "santa con"... hundreds of people dressed up as santa and hit the bars... the event started saturday afternoon and lasted well into the early morning hours sunday. mos says: "you see the people out here, they are clearly enjoying themselves, i feel the lift this country from where it currently is at." santa con began in san francisco in 19- 94 and is now celebrated across the united states and around the world. a cable ... as long as six football fields... has been launched into orbit by japan's space agency. it was sent into space along with supplies for the international space
4:53 pm
looks like clothesline... was created to clean up nearly 20-thousand pieces of potentially hazardous space debris. how? the tether will smack the space junk out of orbit and away from the space station and satellites orbiting the earth. the debris ranges from the size of an apple to that of a school bus. if all goes well, a six-mile whip could follow for the first time in years... but getting the help she needed was no easy task... coming up -- how she got her hearing aids.. and why they're changing her
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5. sister elizabeth reyes has been coping with her deteriorating hearing loss for some time now. but she'll now be able to hear her students better with new hearing aids. fox 6's kim murphy has the story. "omg. it's a lot to take in. " this connecticut nun... can hear clearly for the first time in years... "doctor: a little bit
4:57 pm
received new hearing aids... after her friends recommended she get her ears checked out. "i didn't think i needed hearing aids... but, i can see the difference. " "when i would talk with her and she would get mad because she doesn't understand. then, i'd get mad because she doesn't talk loud enough. " "sometimes i just smile at her because i don't know elizabeth does understand... however, getting here wasn't easy. she sent a letter to the bell-tone hearing foundation... pleading for a free pair of hearing aids because they were too costly for the 71-year old. "she couldn't get something like this on her own. " so, jamie havens with bell-tone made sure sister elizabeth got the help she needed through their charitable foundation. havens says... most of their recipients are like sister elizabeth... they don't anticipate the need for hearing aids ... because they don't recognize the stages of hearing loss.
4:58 pm
certain things you can't. certain letters or words drop out of a sentence." for sister elizabeth... every word is crucial because of where she spends most of her time... here... teaching children, 3-5 years old. "i'm looking forward to the school day, when i can see them and hear them" kim murphy fox 6 news. arrived -- and many people are left with an extra bill to pay... now that the snow is here -- when the bitter cold is expected to arrive as well. plus... "there are virtually no changes that had to do with tabulators." the election recount is complete... and the numbers have changed.. which candidate gained votes. and... two girls accused of the same crime -- will face trial separately. i think that the girls are so different
4:59 pm
that's our big story this evening: they've been together in allegedly committing a horrific crime -- together in fighting those charges. but from now on -- the two girls accused of trying to kill a classmate in the so-called slenderman case will be tried separately from each other. fox6's myra sanchick is in the newsroom with the latest. a judge ruled that the girls be tried separately and he heard arguments urging that one girl's morgan geyser is now fifteen years old. she is a young woman growing up in institutions, including the prison system. she is diagnosed with early onset schizophrenia. at age twelve prosecutors say geyser and a middle school friend --anissa weier, stabbed a classmate 19 times to please the fictional character, slenderman. the victim survived. monday geyser's
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the trial be held in a county other than waukesha due to all the publicity, and that the two girls have separate trials. i think that the girls are so different so it needs to be separate may 14th 2014 paul renkis was a waukesha sheriff's lt. who responded to the crime scene, a little girl stabbed in a wooded area multiple times. the retired officer told how geyser confessed. he says he read miranda rights to the girl and them.. agreeing to talk more about what happened. i asked her where the blood came from. she told me she was forced to stab her best friend to death. .. telling renkis the girls committed the crime for slenderman. she told me she had a sleepover and she and another girl stabbed a girl and they were forced to stab her. a detective who interviewed geyser on videotape says he had spoken with geyser's parents and asked geyser if she


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