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tv   FOX 6 News at 9  FOX  December 13, 2016 3:05am-4:00am CST

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grieving big sister, want to know who pulled the trigger. were hurting behind this, like, a lot. were hurting a lot behind this. this really is gonna be tough for us to go through. just pray for us. for neighbors this is, sadly, a familiar scene. less than two months ago, the owner of a bar at this corner was shot and killed in his business. live at 35th and silver spring, a.j. ted thanks aj and more breaking news - this from cudahy. several people displaced after a fire at this building on creekside and college around 7:00 tonight. . no word on how it started or if there are any injuries.. port washington police are trying to identify the three men suspected of a weekend beating a bartender who
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take a look at these photos. it happened at schooner pub early saturday morning. we're told the bartender was attacked when trying to stop the men from hastling a female customer. police say they are actively pursuing new leads-- but if you have any information that would help-- give officers a call. the milwaukee man accused of drowning his young son reaches a plea deal. 25-year-old sean flowers has now pleaded guilty to first-degree he got into an argument with the 3-month-old's mother back in august. that's when he waded into the pond-- with the baby-- near 76th and brown deer road. the baby drowned. flowers will be sentenced next month. two women charged in connection with the death of a 7-year-old boy - plead not guilty. 44-year-old etter hughes and 47-year- old mary martinez appeared in milwaukee county court today. trevion winnigham died last month after suffering from
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numerous charges related to child abuse. there's a grinch who stole a truck's worth of holiday mail... and another evil elf who took an amazon delivery truck! brazen thefts popping up across milwaukee. fox 6's brittany shannon is live with the rash of holiday thefts... it's a bold move. thieves have been targeting delivery vehicles. in one incident they even drove off in the truck. decks the halls outside his bay view home... "52:57 wishing everybody a merry christmas and a happy new year 53:00" in the holiday spirit, he often mails gifts... "49:15 stuff from your loved ones sent from afar, mittens, something homemade 20" but a holiday grinch has been lurking in guerrero's neighborhood. "49:36 its just terrible its just terrible 39" saturday, milwaukee police say a witness saw someone steal items
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euclid. the suspect took off-- and the mailman came back to an empty truck. "57:14 somebody had wiped out the whole back of his truck 16" patti madden's mother lives next to where it happened. "56:59 the postman came to her door and asked if she had seen anything because somebody had robbed his mail truck 57:06" the day before on north milwaukee street, milwaukee police say an amazon delivery driver was robbed of her keys. three suspects then hopped in her amazon delivery van and took off. "52:43 anybody whos so emboldened to go into a vehicle like that, i dont know what they would stop at 52:50" this cheerful bay view neighbor hoping the grinch gets caught. we are waiting to hear back from the us postal inspection service about the theft of mail. milwaukee police say the amazon delivery truck was recovered. they are still
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shannon fox 6 news. ted thanks brit also tonight - milwaukee police say the u.s. post office at 35th and capitol was robbed at gunpoint earlier today. it happened around 3 this afternoon. police say the man demanded money and took off. no suspect is in custody. the milwaukee county medical examiner's office is investigating a possible snow-related death. a 55-year-old man was shoveling near 23rd and keefe when he he was taken to the hospital-- but didn't make it. and the first major snow storm proved to be costly for some people on the city's east side. milwaukee surpassed the 4 inch rule with the weekend snow. and that's exactly what these parking tickets spell out. on just one block of cramer street we counted at least 10 cars with parking tickets. each one is worth 40 - dollars. 'its just extra money, right
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didn't need to spend, oh well." we don't know how many parking tickets were issued today. but remeber always check the signs before yuo park. a few light snow showers are possible around midnight. no accumulation expected. temperatures will fall through the teens, to around 10 by morning. mostly sunny, blustery and cold and wind chills around zero during the day. partly sunny, windy and very cold wednesday with a high around 14 and wind chills below zero all day. morning wind chills wednesday will be in the -10 to -15 range. partly sunny and bitter cold thursday. highs in the single digits. morning wind chills around -20, afternoon wind chills -5 to -15. another winter storm could impact
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tonight: light snow showers overnight. low: 10 wind: wsw 5-10 mph tuesday: mostly sunny. blustery and cold. high: 17 wind: w 10-20 mph from your phone. just download the fox 6 storm center app, it's available on android and apple. some very lucky packers fans today .. they got the opportunity to meet quarterback aaron rodgers - he was signing autographs inside the lambeau field atrium tonight
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salvation army. fans were encouraged to donate a minimum of $100 per autograph. rodgers pledging to match all the donations not only from "his" session tonight but from all the packers autograph sessions this season--a number that could top 50-grand out of a-rods pocket. many of the fans were lined up for hours waiting to see rodgers.. to say thanks - he bought them all pizza! signing autographs was no problem--fans aren't worried about writer's cramp---they're worried abouth how's that healing? that's the biggest question heading into bears week. tom pipines is here with the latest news. aaron rodgers says he's not missing any games. if he did, the packers would miss out on the playoffs "for sure" chances are, the great competitor will just have to "tough" his way through the hamstring and calf injuries! rodgers said he suffered the calf injury while throwing a 66 yard
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seahawks. the injury seemed to affect him more as the game went on--to the point where brett hundley took over for him in the fourth quarter.... mike mccarthy said today he didn't have a status update on aaron-- but if he can reset his feet, he should be able to function okay. question is, how far do you push it? 12:15:58 i tend to err on the side of conservative when it comes to him, and he obviously appreciates that, as you can tell. because he wants to push it; so you have to just kind of find that common ground there. and that's what you do during the series when defense is on the field. so that's how those conversations go". 12:16:22 thery'll be plenty of give and take between messers mccarthy and rodgers going forward. steph.
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watch it right here on fox 6. a special blitz postgame will follow, with live reaction and analysis from soldier field, along with comments by defensive lineman mike daniels. then get a full recap of the game on the fox 6 sports blitz at 10-35 sunday night. the counting has finished meaning wisconsin's presidential recount made the deadline president-e;ect donald trump won the state by 22-thousands votes. how did the tally shake out this time around? and why some lawmakers say a change in law plus, should they be tried separately or together? a judge making a major ruling today in the so-called slenderman stabbing case. and accused of threatening the wauwatosa police department. the punishment handed down. those stories are coming up in the
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break break wisconsin's recount is over -- and president-elect donald trump actually added slightly to his lead. but as political reporter theo keith explains from madison, concerns about election security are really just getting started. wisconsins recount is over, and the results barely changed. president-elect donald trump won by a 131 more votes than he did
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we found no evidence of any hack in terms of our computer infrastructure system. or the commissions job was to see if they hacked our system and they did not hack our system. that was one of green party candidate jill steins reasons for requesting the recount. now, the c-i-a says that russia may have tried to influence the election in favor of mr. trump, republicans like weighing in. one day before he and governor scott walker are set to appear with mr trump for a 'thank you' rally in west allis - ryan said he supported a congressional investigation into cyber attacks. fullscreen ryan said 'any intervention by russia is especially problematic because, under president putin, russia has been an aggressor that consistently undermines american
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walker said he saw no concrete evidence of a hack. and he compared the possibility of russia helping trump to the leader of scotland endorsing clinton during the campaign. i dont think leaders from other countries, one way or the other, whether its for donald trump or hillary clinton or any other candidate — i think its best left to americans to make those decisions :00 walker called the recount 'ridiculous.'speaking to conservative talk radio host charlie sykes, walker said he and fellow republicans would seek changes to the state law that allowed green party candidate jill si request one. youe curious about w ings chan check it out on fox6 now dot com or the fox6 news app. simply click the "links" tab -- or search "election recount" for a link t commission. president-elect donald trump will make a stop at state fair park tomorrow night. it's part of his "thank you" tour to celebrate his win over hillary clinton last month. tomorrow's event starts at seven. he's not even six months into his term - and a member of wisconsin's newly created ethics oversight commission has had enough. robert kinney says the partisan board is too secret, lacks transparency, and is
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picks for the board which also has three republican members. the new partisan commission replaced the nonpartisan government accountability board in july. governor scott walker speaking today about his recent trip to the middle east... the governor tweeted a series of photos during his trip. walker says he got a chance to meet a number of wisconsin soldiers and foreign service members. the governor was was joined by two other governors -- mary fallin of oklahoma and brian sandoval of nevada. he says even with u-s military presence -- seriou still exist. "its still a very dangerous place to be. not only for our men and women not only in the armed forces but in the foreign service in the embassy. just as a vivid reminder" the five-day journey included stops in kuwait -- the united arab emirates -- afghanistan and germany. no criminal charges will be filed against the person arrested for threatening the
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given a ticket. it stems from the jay anderson case. police say five threats of violence were made against the department last week. they came after it was announced that no charges will be filed against the officer who shot and killed anderson. anderson's family is now pushing for federal criminal civil rights charges against the officer. looking ahead - a closer look at in-custody deaths. on thursday - the milwaukee county board is expected to vote on establishing investigations of in- custody deaths at the milwaukee county jail and house of correction. it's in response to the 4 deaths at the county jail this year. an audit of the private medical services contract for the jail and house of correction is already underway. they've been together in allegedly committing a horrific crime -- together in fighting those charges. but from now on -- the two girls accused of trying to kill a classmate in the so-called slenderman case
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has the latest. morgan geyser is now fifteen years old. she is a young woman growing up in institutions, including the prison system. she is diagnosed with early onset schizophrenia. at age twelve prosecutors say geyser and a middle school friend --anissa weier, stabbed a classmate 19 times to please the fictional character, slenderman. the victim survived. monday geyser's attorneys asked her confe thrown out, that the trial be held in a county other than waukesha due to all the publicity, and that the two girls have separate trials. i think that the girls are so different so it needs to be separate may 14th 2014 paul renkis was a waukesha sheriff's lt. who responded to the crime scene, a little girl stabbed in a wooded area multiple times. the retired officer told how
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miranda rights to the girl and she waived them.. agreeing to talk more about what happened. i asked her where the blood came from. she told me she was forced to stab her best friend to death. .. telling renkis the girls committed the crime for slenderman. she told me she had a sleepover and she and another girl stabbed a girl and they were forced to stab her. a detective who interviewed geyser on videotape says he had spoken with geyser's parents and asked geyser if she understood her rights but did not re read her the miranda rights again. there is also a psychia and preparing a report about her mental health at this time. a judge will make a decision on the fate of the confession.. at a later date. in the newsroom myra sanchick fox6 news tonight - strong allegations. a woman claims she was attacked at a local ymca.. how she says her attacker was finally scared off.. plus -
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this child and i hope i dont break him,' ' he was in the right place at the right time - the unlikely hero and the little
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break break a few light snow showers are possible around midnight. no accumulation expected. temperatures will fall through the
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mostly sunny, blustery and cold on tuesday with a high around 17 and wind chills around zero during the day. partly sunny, windy and very cold wednesday with a high around 14 and wind chills below zero all day. morning wind chills wednesday will be in the -10 to -15 range. partly sunny and bitter cold thursday. highs in the single digits. morning wind chill afternoon wind chills -5 to -15. another winter storm could impact us friday into saturday. stay tuned. tonight: light snow showers overnight. low: 10 wind: wsw 5-10 mph tuesday: mostly sunny. blustery and
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sunny, windy and cold. am low: 6 high: 14 wind: wnw 15-25 mph tonight - trouble at the "y." a milwaukee woman says she was nearly assaulted in the shower at the ymca.. why she says the attacker finally ran off. again, as the packers drop the seahawks at lambeau field yesterday. in this week's blitz overtime, defensive tackle mike daniels talks about the win and trying to keep the winning streak going.
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a milwaukee woman says a man tried to sexually assault her in a locker room. the incident allegedly happened at the ymca on 14th and north. she tells our madeline anderson - says she's lucky she escaped unharmed. didnt know what to do, i was scared. what was supposed to be a relaxing time in the pool at the ymca on west north ave turned into a terrifying experience for this 27-year-old woman.. who wants to remain anonymous. when i got out of the shower, we
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like, i was very stunned. on october 15th... the woman says a man went into the women's locker room and tried to sexually assault her. he forced me back into the shower and he closed the curtain behind him and blocked himself where i couldnt get out. that's when the woman says a mom and her child walked in... and spooked the man... who ran off. the woman has since reported the incident to y-staff and to milwaukee police.. an mpd spokesman says officers are currently investigating. i really care about the children and young women who dont have a voice. but with the suspect still out there... the woman is sharing her story to help alert other ymca families. that is the ultimate reason why i wanted are a lot of children who attend this ymca. the woman says she's too terrified to return to this y.. and plans to cancel her membership. the ymca's operations executive tells me the y has fully cooperated with police... and turned over the names of people who checked in on october 15th... as well as any surveillance video from that day. reporting in milwaukee madeline anderson fox6 news. tonight, the interim ceo of the milwaukee ymca reached out to provide more detail
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jack takerian tells fox6, 'the video the ymca turned over to the milwaukee police department on the day of the alleged incident, we are not seeing any such incident occur or a male enter a female locker room.' new information about an overnight crash on 8-94 near 60th street. milwaukee county sheriffs deputies say a wrong way driver struck a county plow truck. the 51-year-old female driver from west allis taken to froedtert fo she told investigators she had been out with friends doing karaoke before the crash. the plow truck driver was not injured. charges are pending. west allis police need your help solving a hit and run crash. a 34-year-old woman was hit near 70th and national last tuesday and the vehicle sped off. she is seriously hurt. police are looking for a dark colored chevy suv and any witnesses. if you know something - give
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packers are looking to run the table in the last 6 games and get into the playoffs again. yesterday's win against the seahawks was very impressive. tim van vooren has tonight's blitz overtime with mike daniels on what he thought of the win and what's left to be played. "we prepared all week for this. we knew what type of game this was going to be. this is definitely. it's a heated rivalry, it is. we knew we were going to have to come in here and fight hard, bring the proper amoun o game, and let the results speak for themselves." "you talk about heated, you talk about energy, that is part of football and that's part of you guys and the seahawks. how do you channel what you really want to bring to the field
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always have to be smart. they definitely flirt with the line, they cross it every now and then and we weren't going to back down." "you guys win convincingly. do you think you made a statement people will notice in seattle and around the nfc? do you care? "i don't care, i just that's all to it. the next one, that's the most important one." "but 3 games to go in the regular season and then the second season, the next season. how important is that for this football team? "it's extremely important and we just have to make sure that we take care of our business and tonight we showed what happens when we take care of our business." "how tough is it though to not have complete control? detroit is a head of you. they could stay ahead of you. "that doesn't matter. it doesn't matter. we have to do our job. and our job is to make sure we come out here and prepare the right way perform to win." "so, what can this team do in the next 3
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that includes the defense that which you know mike hasn't always beeo front thisseason?""o work on improving and the results will speak for themselves." "what's the pride like on that defensive unit?" "i just think as general as a football player you going to have pride. i think anybody should have pride in what they do. i don't think it is any different than anybody else in any profession. take pride in what you do and you try to give your best effort." was talking with this week and i asked about whether the confidence has come back the last couple of games defensively and they said really it wasn't a loss of confidence it was just that we had to take some accountability and look in the mirror and say this is what our guys can do on this side of the football. would you agree with that part of what they are talking about?" "definitely, definitely we can always improve. definitely want to make sure that you point the finger at yourself and see what you can do to get better and and help your teammates out and i think
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"so next week at chicago josh sitton, cold weather. what's that game going to be like? you're better than them record wise, but they are the bears." "it's always a tough game. it's a rivalry and we are looking forward to it." and that next game against the bears sunday, can be seen right here on fox 6 at noon. a special blitzpostgam follow, where we will have live reaction and analysis from soldier field, and defensive lineman mike daniels will join us too. then get a full recap of the game on the fox 6 sports blitz at 10-35 sunday night. three suspects - three crimes - and all in just thirty minutes. more details on the milwaukee crime spree - and futur trump in the spotlight today.. why she was in a maryland courtroom.. bitter cold air is on the way before another round of snow. i'll have your fox6 forecast coming up.
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and golden globe award nominations are announced... details -- in the buzz. "la la land" -- a los angeles musical -- earning seven golden globe nominations... those include both leading actors -- emma stone and ryan gosling -- as well as best picture musical or comedy. "moonlight" comes in second with six nominations -- including best
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t-v side -- "the people v. o-j simpson" continues its success with five nominations. the golden globes are january 8th. one of h-g-t-v's most popular couples -- tarek and christina el moussa -- have reportedly split after seven years of marriage.the couple are the stars of "flip or flop." they have two kids: a six-year-old daughter and one-year-old son. the pair said they are currently evaluating their marriage and plan to continue working together buzz. melania trump - appearing in a rockland, maryland court today. the incoming first lady attended a hearing for the libel lawsuit she filed against the daily mail and a blog called tarpley. her attorney says mrs. trump attended the hearing to show she is serious about pursuing the case. mrs. trump says the outlets made false and defamatory claims about her supposed involvement in an escort service. both the daily mail and tarpley
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blogger published an apology. more light snow headed our way.. weather expert tom wachs is coming up with the forecast. and say "adios" to the cold weather! the "ultra-low-cost" carrier that will soon take you from milwaukee to mexico! it seemed like a good idea at the time - why a groom is now getting sued over the drone at
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mitchell airport lands a new airline... mexican-based carrier "volaris" will begin international flights from milwaukee to
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carrier based out of mexico city -- and mexico's second-largest airline. it'll be the first mexican carrier to offer year-round scheduled service from general mitchell airport. the flights will run two days a week starting march 3rd. "pizza man" -- the milwaukee-based restaurant -- plans to open a third location at the drexel town square development in oak creek. doors open at 11 a-m on sunday. the other locations are on downer avenue in milwaukee -- and the mayfair collection in wauwatosa. for more business news - go to fox 6 now dot com for a link to the adlib to wx weather a few light snow showers
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possible around midnight. no accumulation expected. temperatures will fall through the teens, to around 10 by morning. mostly sunny, blustery and cold on tuesday with a high around 17
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wind chills around zero during the day. partly sunny, windy and very cold wednesday with a high around 14 and wind chills below zero all day. morning wind chills wednesday will be in the -10 to -15 range. partly sunny and bitter cold thursday. highs in the single
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morning wind chills around -20, afternoon wind chills -5 to -15. another winter storm could impact us friday into saturday. stay showers overnight. low: 10 wind: wsw 5-10 mph tuesday: mostly sunny. blustery and cold. high: 17 wind: w 10-20 mph wednesday:partly sunny, windy and cold. am low: 6 high: 14 wind: wnw 15-25
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cold. am low: -4 high: 7 wind: nw 10-20 mph friday: cloudy with the chance for snow. am low: 5 high: 23 wind: se 5-10 mph saturday: cloudy with the chance for snow. am low: 20 high: 30 wind: nw 15-25 mph sunday: mostly cloudy. am low:
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anchors thanks weather check this out - firefighters in canada rescue a moose trapped in the ice in a partially frozen river... the three rescue workers showed up and hacked through the thick
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the moose was successfully freed and led to shore. thanks to new technology -- doctors in grafton are monitoring patients hearts in three counties! its all happening in real-time. fox6s deandra corinthios explains what this means for patient care -- and the hospitals. an irregularity in a patients heart beat sounds the alarm... center in grafton...see it in real time. "even when the patient doesnt have a nurse in front of them talking to them" the techs connect with nurses and doctors in a matter of seconds. "in cardiac patients it makes a huge difference if you can catch the patient when the problem starts to happen" but now ...a new" telemetry heart monitoring hub" transmits data from patients at three aurora healthcare locations. "from inside this room at the grafton location, two telemetry techs can monitor about 120
3:54 am
patients in hartford. on the top right hand side of that screen, soon, patients in sheboygan. the rest of the patients on the screen are here in grafton" the mequon company techteriors worked with g-e healthcare to customize the hospital's vision: "we are actually able to take all of the separate screens we combine them into one large display " telemetry techs are on hand 24 hours a day 7 days a week. this takes some pressure off the nurses who used to have to do the work. "this is their sole job and they're able to get really good at doing it." using technology to prv patients....and hopefully a better outcome. "if we intervene immediately we will be able to prevent a cardiac arrest" in grafton deandra corinthios fox6 news new tonight - a florida sheriff's deputy is being hailed a hero... after saving a little boy at the tax collector's office last month. watch this surveillance video.
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donaldson leaping into action when he sees the 15-month-old c-j nelson had stopped breathing. you see him laying the toddler on the ground and giving compressions. in those critical moments before the ambulance could arrive, the boy started to breathe again. and then i thought, oh my god, ive got to do cpr on this child and i hope i dont break him,' 'you know, i was afraid i was going to break him. infant cpr is obviously a more del deputy donaldson was working off duty at the tax collectors office for another deputy. it just so happens, donaldson had just been re-certified in infant cpr. little c-j is doing just fine.. today marks six months since the massacre at pulse nightclub in orlando. a large crowd gathered for a moment of silence at 2:02 am at
3:56 am
omar mateen started shooting inside on june 12. 49 people died and and 53 others were injured. mateen was shot and killed by police. the street where a deadly fire destroyed an artist-warehouse is now back open. 36 people died in the fire at the ghost ship building in oakland, california. people have been leaving notes and memorials at the site. officials still don't know what sparked the fire. the fire chief blames hiring freezes for poor fire prevention efforts. she says that could be why the building hasn't been inspected for decades. menmonee fals based kohl's department store - is being sued by the city of los angeles. the lawsuits claim the retailers inflated original prices - to make the sales look better than they are - therefore, misleading customers about how much they're saving. macy's -- sears and j-c penney
3:57 am
lawsuits. new at 9:00 - it gives a new meaning to the term 'wedding crasher.' a groom and his wedding venue are being sued by two guests injured by a drone.. the lawsuit claims a drone was flying over a group of guests during a wedding reception in new hampshire. one woman got fractured nose and a concussion. another woman also had a concussion and a laceration that required more than 20 stitches. the groom and the venue are both being sued for negligence. into the castle to tell me and i went running out to the tent telling him him he couldn't fly it in there and it was too late it already his the girl in the head. according to the lawsuit, the groom was controlling the drone when it crashed into two women. he denies that.. saying he was standing in the middle of the dance floor at the time. tis the season of stealing? a group of three suspects are being sought by milwaukee police... after they committed three crimes - in thirty minutes. police say one of them even punched a woman. fox six's justin williams
3:58 am
its just horrible, and this is christmas-time! which, apparently, marks the season of stealing, for three suspects, accused of committing three crimes--in just thirty minutes. eh -- how? how? you know, thats crazy! according to milwaukee police, on december 7th, a group of three, unidentified suspects started their spree, around 12-40 p-m, at this walgreens, near 91st a stole an item, and run out of the store. how would you have that much nerve, to do that, you know? within, roughly, 20 minutes, investigators say the same suspects crossed the street, and go into this family dollar, where they stole several items, before fleeing. im not surprised. im just glad didnt nobody die. then, just 10 minutes later, police say the suspects stole several items, from this dollar tree near 103rd and
3:59 am
stop the suspects, only to be punched by one of them--before they leave the store. oh, my goodness! its really gettin horrible, out here! crime doesnt surprise me, any longer, in milwaukee. milwaukee used to be a great city, but its, slowly, deteriorating. you know, its becoming the crime center of the world, seems like, you know? so much crime, you know? i'm told the dollar tree employee, who was punched, in her face, has recovered. meanwhile, milwaukee police continue their search for suspects. if you have any information on these crimes, which might assist their investigation, you're encouraged to contact them. this is the latest, in might assist their investigation, you're encouraged to contact them. this is the latest, in milwaukee. i'm justin williams, fox 6 news. get a closer look at the suspects police are trying to identify -- when you visit fox6 now dot com or the fox6 news app. the story is on
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lights, camera, access. >> congratulations, guys. >> stranger things. >> i'm like, did the show get nominated? >> i deserve this. >> look at my dad! >> this huge golden globe nominations day comes with a family dilemma for the "this is us" i'm natalie morales. should we call this the year of the comebacks? >> it could happen. she could actually win. >> which stars are they dying to meet? and not only is "la la land" the film to beat, it's a ryan versus ryan showdown. >> hello, jennifer. >> i'm going to cry. >> oh, we're just getting started. taking jennifer lawrence's "housewives" obsession to a whole new level. >> well, i love her so much. >> you guys, did you really ask them for me? >> we did.


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