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tv   FOX 6 News at 5  FOX  December 14, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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prompted the city of milwaukee to put out a call to exercise common sense: take care of yourself in the cold... and keep an eye on the most vulnerable population during this time. . fox six's angelica sanchez joins us live from one of many warming shelters opening tonight.. this one in west allis. ted-- this is one of several
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doors to those less fortunate tonight and tomorrow. the milwaukee mayor's office wants viewers to use basic safety precautions to be healthy and protected all season long. some people are well aware of how to keep warm. 'ive had this jacket since 1970 november potentially dangerous cold weather patterns could take some by surprise. 'the cold wind chills will cause frost bite in as little as 30 minutes to exposed skin and thats where i want to begin.' milwaukee mayor tom barett is stressing the public follow crucial outdoor saftey tips in the coming days. 'cover those ears...gloves wear those mittens wear those hats again this is all basic stuff' the most vulnerable populations are
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working very closely with our local homeless shelters. our focus is making sure we have enough capacity with some of the warming rooms. ' on average milwaukee can have 200-250 people living in the streets. in an effort to provide shelter ..several warming rooms are opening up across the county. including a new one at feeding his flock in the city of west allis near 81st and lapham. also important this winter season is keeping a car survival kit with well as securing your vehicle at all times. 'do not keep your car running unless you are in it...this is the time of year we see an increase in auto thefts.' but above all he is encouraging everyone to look out for one another. 'make sure to check on family members and friends neighbors... the elderly the disabled and people that have nobody living with them.' if you at home want to help those less fortunate the city asks you donate jackets, blankets and non
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a full list of places at fox6 now dot com live in west allis i'm angelica sanchez fox6 news ted thanks angelica track the weather any time -- anywhere. just download the fox six storm center app. it's free for apple and android devices. students at a sheboygan county college get the news today they were praying they wouldnt hear. a freshman at lakeland university was found since sunday. a.j. bayatpour is live at the school with the latest... here at the athletics center, there wouldve been a basketball game tonight but thats been canceled. earlier here, the football teammates of kaelin oneal gathered and cried together over the loss of their brother. i mean, he was a good dude. just a genuine guy. jack merrill is a junior on the
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liking to a freshman from north carolina named kaelin oneal. merrill says the 18-year-old stood out, arriving on campus about three weeks earlier than the rest of the freshmen. kaelin was one guy you could always count on to work hard. oneal, who served as a backup quarterback this season, went missing sunday morning after going for a walk. worry soon spread across a campus with an enrollment of about 750. everybody knows everybody but when something like this happens, its not a number; the sheboygan county sheriffs dive team searched a pond just a few yards from the football field wednesday. shortly after noon, they recovered oneals body. we consider them our kids and we lost one of our kids today. the sheriffs office says oneals death does not appear suspicious. still, theyre investigating to find out how the student ended up in the water. ive heard a lot of kids just asking why, you know, what happened? and i think were all wondering that.
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and todays news... its a very stressful week for the students on this campus. live in rural sheboygan county, a.j. bayatpour, fox 6 news. steph thanks aj one person is hurt -- after a car crashes into the back of a garbage truck this morning. it happened in racine -- on washington avenue near oregon street. police tell us a city worker was flown to froedtert hospital -- but their condition right now is unknown. author investigating what led up to the crash... if you witnessed anything -- you're asked to give them a call. when three new massage businesses opened in waukesha several months ago, some were looking forward to getting a massage. but some say what they were offered isn't what they thought. and it was illegal. fox6's myra sanchick joins us from the newsroom. waukesha police arrested four women earlier this week and they face charges of keeping a house of prostitution.
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the curtains were always closed at sweet thai massage in waukesha. brian frederick found the answer from a friend. it turned out to be a little more than a massage frederick says the friend just wanted a regular sports massage, not sex. he just said no thanks and got the heck out of there waukesha police say the waukesha massage parlors were actually places of prostitution, advertising services on a website called backpage. police started their investigation over the summer and ended up with an undercover detective inside. with a search warrant in hand poli only affiliated with sweet thai massage, but far east healing spa and lilac massage in waukesha. the girls we arrested were all from china. men would go into the parlors and there were many people would go in for regular massages. some however would offer extra money, cash tips for sexual favors, sexual activity those who work at a convenience store near one of the massage parlors did notice how the women there
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china would bring in a phone translator to communicate in the store. monday one of the women came in as police were there. they're trying to call china. they wanted to use our phone to call china .. the store declined . i didn't think anything like this would ever happen in waukesha, this close to our house. it's kind of crazy the police investigation was slowed down a bit because those arrested didn't speak n interpreter. live in the newsroom myra sanchick fox6 news a group of state lawmakers from milwaukee county join others in asking milwaukee county sheriff david clarke to resign. senator chirs larson -- along with representatives jonathan brostoff and christine sinicki -- ?accuse the sheriff of not ?adequately supervising the jail after four deaths at the jail. in a ?statement, the group says: "with four families grieving
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past six months, it has become clear that our county's sheriff department has been grossly mismanaged." we reached out to sheriff clarke for a response to this latest call for his resignation. his spokesperson, fran mclaughlin ?replied, saying... "the sheriff said he is bored with this democrat party fake news because he helped donald trump get elected potus. he said they must have heard him speak at last night's trump victory rally and it touched a nerve. hashtag m-a- tomorrow -- the milwaukee county board ?is expected to take up a resolution asking for an outside investigation into the four deaths at the jail, which have occurred since april. we've seen it, we've felt it and now we're understanding that it's going to be here. the cold. that arctic blast will be felt by the packers as well when they play at chicago at noon sunday. tim van vooren with more tonight from lambeau field.
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figures to be even worse at chicago on sunday. that's where the packers will be. they say though that they'll be ready for that game because they'll be practicing out in these elements this week, just not wednesday." "we are going to stay indoors today, but tomorrow we will go outside and just they way we are structured with the facility we can only really do the team periods outside so we will do everything else inside and get outside and do the team periods. handle the football as much as we can. do the field goal and field goal protection forth." "the packers played in wicked conditions at the tail of the 2007 season at chicago. the coach, aaron rodgers. mason crosby the 3 guys still on the team from that day." "wind is what you are watching for and especially being down there next to the lake, that's really where the challenge was, that was the challenge that day in 07. and when you get those gusts that are up 20, 25 above and north of that so. that's where the football moving, the snap from
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"the packers are aware of the weather forecast, they also know the football forecast they have to win to keep their playoff hopes legitimately alive. outside lambeau field tim van vooren, fox 6 sports. you can see the packers and bears right here on fox 6 followed by complete post game coverage as tim and brandon cruz will be live from soldier up on the fox 6 sports blitz sunday night at 10:35. an upscale shoe company based in our area has new owners... up next... what the sale of "allen edmonds" means for workers in port washington. plus... m-p-s officials are hoping to change the school schedule in milwaukee to start classes earlier in the year... the adjustments being made to
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no more games, jerry.
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a wisconsin original is now in the hands of a much bigger company -- following the sale of the allen edmonds shoe corporation. justin williams shares the port washington mayors response to the announcement.
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wednesday, port washington mayor, tom mlada, reacts to an announcement that the saint louis footwear company, calares, incorporated, has purchased port washington-based, allen edmonds shoe corportation. theyre growing, and thats a good thing. allen edmonds employs just over a thousand people - nearly 500 of whom work in port washington, where the mayor expects them to stay. i think thats gonna mean great things, in terms of employment, here, within our community. obviously, were talking about hundreds of jobs, already, and i think thats only, that commitments only gonna continue to grow. in a statement, allen edmonds president quotewere excited about this new chapter in our history. as part of caleres, we will be able to expand our brand tradition, while benefitting from their materials sourcing, brand development and product design capabilities. endquote the sale price is tagged at 255- million dollars, but, beyond the money, the mayor describes the broader impact this transaction will have on this city. im really hopeful for the future; that this is going to mean extraordinary things, for, really, the expansion of that allen edmonds brand, and what that means to all of us, as it continues to grow, again, not only around the country, but globally. this marks the second sale of
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three years. the other sale involved a private equity firm, purchasing allen edmonds, back in 2013. the mayor hopes this sale sends a message of stability to the people who live and work in the port washington area. this is the latest, in port washington. im justin williams, fox 6 news. allen edmonds has quite the following. read about what sets the company fox6 now dot com or the fox6 news app. search "allen edmonds." it's time for your news and weather together. cudahy police are looking for a suspect after two burglaries. take a look at these surveillance pictures... the first happened sunday morning at "j-c's blue collar pub" on packard avenue... he was able to steal money from gaming machines. then monday night -- police say the same guy broke into "layton gyro." in that case he also
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television. if you recognize him -- call cudahy police. a suspended milwaukee police officer sentenced to 12 months of probation today -- after firing his service weapon while drunk. michael anderson was arrested in september... prosecutors say he fired the weapon twice in his backyard. his blood alcohol level was recorded at more than twice the legal limit for driving a vehicle. a big doa 128th air refueling wing to our "coats for kids" campaign. the salvation army -- on hand this afternoon to collect nearly 250 coats. this is the 128th's eighth year taking part in the "coats for kids" campaign. the coats collected today will be cleaned and distributed to families in need right here in southeast wisconsin.
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weather arctic air settling into southern wisconsin is causing bitterly cold temperatures. temperatures will dip into the single digits below zero. these temps combined with brisk west winds will bring dangerously cold wind chill values of -15 to -25 to the area tonight int morning. a wind chill advisory is in effect for that time. then we turn our attention to friday and saturday where we are forecasting 6 to 9 inches of snow. this will impact travel so keep up with the latest forecasts as we pin down the timing and amounts.arctic air settling into southern wisconsin
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dip into the single digits below zero. these temps combined with brisk west winds will bring dangerously cold wind chill values of -15 to -25 to the area tonight into thursday morning. a wind chill advisory is in effect for that time. then we turn our attention to friday and saturday where we are forecasting 6 impact travel so keep up with the latest forecasts as we pin down the timing and amounts.arctic air settling into southern wisconsin is causing bitterly cold temperatures. temperatures will dip into the single digits below zero. these temps combined with brisk
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values of -15 to -25 to the area tonight into thursday morning. a wind chill advisory is in effect for that time. then we turn our attention to friday and saturday where we are forecasting 6 to 9 inches of snow. this will impact travel so keep up with the latest forecasts as we
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thank tom pay what you can... it's a unique business model for a
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just that... why it's adopted that philosophy -- and where you can find the restaurant -- next. get your morning started with fox6 wakeup at 4:30-- count on us for breaking news, weather and traffic - plus developing stories from overnight. carl is previwing a new year's eve tradition in milwaukee. see if he's got game with the harlem globerotters. tomorrow on wakeup! it's time to celebrate the seasons. all of 'em...
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kind in milwaukee... you pay what you can afford for your meal.
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changing a north side neighborhood. intoxicating aromas of black bean chili and chocolate chip oat cookiesboth vegan-- fill the air at tricklebee caf. "we go with whatever comes in from the farms" inside the storefront at 44th and north, fresh and local ingredients determine the menu of the day for anyone to enjoy. "people can eat here even if they dont have the means to pay for their meal" the pay what you can model at this mst cafe ...means those who can afford the five or so dollars for the meal donate that amount or more... while others can make up the cost a different way. "they could come maybe volunteer in exchange for their meal" tricklebee is a ministry of the moravian church. its part of the 'one world everybody eats' network there are close to 60 similar cafes in the country...and 50 more in the start up phase. all with the same goal: help those in need. "dilapidated storefronts like this one is part of what drew tricklebee caf to this particular area. they want to help revitalize the neighborhood. plus they say this area is a 'food desert.' which means no access to healthy, fresh
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mile from here." the chef is from the neighborhood. her food is about more than flavor: "its a really great way for folks from different economic backgrounds to meet in community" it's about feeding the soul. "i just believe everyone deserves good healthy food and a safe place to gather" in milwaukee deandra corinthios fox6 news. about a month -- but today was its grand opening! to find out more about the place -- visit fox6 now dot com or the fox6 news app -- and search "cafe." starting school in the middle of august... that's what m-p-s officials hope to do. but administrators are making changes to that proposal... those changes -- just ahead. plus... more trouble in syria when a ceasefire agreement falls apart. the crisis that's building in aleppo --
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jerusalem. war-ravaged aleppo, now firmly under control of forces loyal to bashar al- assad. but, there are still a small number of rebels -- along with thousands of civilians -- trapped in a tiny pocket of the city. yesterday, a cease-fire agreement was reached between russia and turkey to stop the fighting. but today, the government offensive resuming with airstrikes and artillery fire, drawing a strong rebuke from turkey's president. "permission must be granted for innocent people to leave east aleppo safely. assad's regime is clearly committing war crimes and crimes against humanity." an estimated fifteen thousand civilians -- many women and children -- were supposed to be evacuated, but, the busses taking them to safety never arrived. most of the finger-pointing directed at russia and iran, but, moscow says the u-s is to blame, rejecting any further cease- fire talks, calling the sessions a "pointless hangout" with
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translated "..we continue to be in contact, but every time we come to some sort of agreement americans roll back from agreements that had been already reached." meanwhile, the obama administration is ramping up pressure on the syrian government to halt their offensive, accusing assad forces of indiscriminately killing civilians who try to escape. power says " should shame you, instead, by all appearances, it is emboldening you, you are plotting your next assault. are you truly incapable of shame?" on cam tag turkey says it will continue negotiating save at least some of the people still trapped in aleppo. in jerusalem, john huddy, fox news it's time for your news and weather together. the body of a lakeland university student was found this afternoon in a pond on the sheboygan county campus. 18-year-old kaelin kay-lin oneal had been missing since he left his apartment sunday morning.he was freshman and back-up quarterback on the schools


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