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tv   FOX 6 News at 6  FOX  December 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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dip into the single digits below zero. these temps combined with brisk west winds will bring dangerously cold wind chill values of -15 to -25 to the area tonight into thursday morning. a wind chill advisory is in effect for that time. then we turn our attention to friday and saturday where we are forecasting 6 to 9 inches of snow. this will impact travel so keep up with the latest forecasts as we pin
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several wari protect the most vulnerable population during these dangerous weather conditions. angelica sanchez is live in west allis where a new location is hoping to take 20 people in. angelica? ted and stephanie several outreach groups are working to help those less fortunate find shelter. this morning city of milwaukee officials advised all viewers to limit skin exposure outdoors... call 2-1-1 to find places you can stay home
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some people are well aware of how to keep warm. 'ive had this jacket since 1970 its a goosedown but after an unseasonably warm november potentially dangerous cold weather patterns 'hypothermia is a life threatening situation and it occurs when body tempertures drop too low causing shivirning drowsiness and confusion.' milwaukee mayor tom barett is stressing the public follow crucial outdoor saftey tips in the coming days. 'cover those ears...gloves wear those mittens wear those hats again this is all basic stuff' the most vulnerable populations are children...the elderly and those
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working very closely with our local homeless shelters. our focus is making sure we have enough capacity with some of the warming rooms. ' on average milwaukee can have 200-250 people living in the streets. in an effort to provide shelter ..several warming rooms are opening up across the county. including a new one at feeding his flock in the city of west allis near 81st and lapham. 'make sure to check on family members and friends neighbors... the elderly the disabled and people that have nobody living with them.' this warming room at feed his flock will open up at 7pm tonight if you at home want to help those less fortunate the city asks you donate jackets, blankets and non perishable food items to any shelter or warming room. we have a full list of places at fox6 now dot com live in west allis i'm angelica sanchez fox6 news ted thanks myra we posted a collection of tips on staying safe and warm when the
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they are this week. visit fox6 now dot com or the fox6 news app -- and search "safety information." track the weather anywhere. just download the fox six storm center app. it's free for apple and android devices. a city of racine sanitation worker has died -- after he was hit by a speeding vehicle. the crash happened this morning on washington avenue near oregon street. police say the city worker -- recyclables when he was hit. he was taken to the hospital where he later died. late this afternoon -- coworkers and first responders gathered at the scene.... reminding drivers to slow down. "one of my coworkers got hit out here doing his job, and my reaction is it could have been any one of us." we're told gates was also a pastor. police are still investigating what led up to the crash. the search for a missing student in sheboygan county --- ends
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recovered the body of kaelin oneal from a pond on the lakeland university campus. the 18-year-old freshman had been missing since sunday morning-- after he went for a walk. he served as a backup quarterback on the schools football team this year. teammates say-- on a campus of about 750 students, this affects everyone... jack says: "we all stick up for each other. we all look out for each other. its rare you walk past a person you dont know their firt hello to them." the sheriffs office says there is no indication of anything suspicious surrounding the death. investigators are still looking into how oneal ended up in the water. oneal was from north carolina. they are businesses waukesha police say are not welcome in their community. three massage parlors are closed and four women arrested accused of operating a house of prostitution. the sweet thai massage, far east healing spa, and lilac massage were the focus of a police
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businesses offered sexual massages on a website called "back page". a search warrant outlines some of the details... the girls we arrested were all from china. men would go into the parlors and there were many people would go in for regular massages. some however would offer extra money, cash tips for sexual favors, sexual activity chinese interpreter to interview the women arrested. a milwaukee police officer learning his fate -- for firing off his gun while he was drunk. michael anderson was sentenced to 12 months of probation -- after pleading guilty to a charge of operating a firearm while intoxicated. prosecutors say he fired his police- issued weapon twice in his backyard. his blood alcohol was recorded at "point- two-one" -- more than twice the legal limit. anderson remains suspended from the
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with three games left on the schedule, the packers playoff hopes don't solely lie in their hands. they'll need some help along the way. but they're helping themselves lately by winning and getting healthier. tim van vooren has tonight's blitz. "things are brightening for the green bay packers. look at their running backs they acquired christine michael, they found receiver ty montgomery and put him back there. those 2 are doing well now. on defense at cornerback sam shields might quinten rollins and damarious randall are back. there's no coincidence that the team is playing better." "when you have injuries, we all have them, every team goes through it, but when it attacks your position group that's where it really gets really tough. if you look at our situation with the running back group getting hit so hard and then the corners have been hit harder than anybody. it's going to happen. it's just a matter of how many, when and hopefully
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"shields gone since the first week of the season. eddie lacy gone for the bulk of the season, but the replacements at those positions are helping the packers keep those playoff hopes alive. tim van vooren fox 6 sports." the packers play the bears sunday at noon and you can watch it right here on fox 6. a special blitz postgame will follow, with live reaction and analysis from soldier field, along with comments by defensive lineman mike daniels. then tune into the fox 6 sports blitz at 10-35 sunday night. ahead at six. the clock is ticking. the deadline to enroll in the federal health care exchange is this week. what you need to know in order to be insured on january first. plus. the next school year could look a bit different for m-p-s students. what school officials
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tomorrow is the deadline to enroll for healthcare insurance under the affordable care act. in order to get coverage on january first -- you must be signed up by midnight on thursday. according to "milwaukee's health care partnership" group -- 15-percent more people have enrolled in the insurance marketplace this year -- compared to last year. there is help available. an event will be held tomorrow from 9- to-4 at the independence first building --- near first and bruce. boost for some wisconsin business groups today... the wisconsin economic development corporation awarding 585-thousand dollars in grants to help minority-owned businesses. the announcement came at the "marketplace" conference at potawatomi hotel. w-e-d-c says it hopes the money will support things like business training workshops, financial awareness programs, and networking opportunities. walker says: "if we're looking at training for cluster centers you've talked about here and across the
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components... and if you do those things well, all the other priorities we have in education and higher education and health care and all those other things become a lot easier to tackle if we got a healthy economy. last year, the minority chambers -- who are getting this grant money -- provided services to more than 300 businesses and hosted 48 workshops statewide. it's not just the cold we have to worry about. more snow will be headed our way. stephanie barichello is coming up with her forecast.
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it's up to the mps school board to decide tomorrow whether to change the school calendar. the proposal-- which was first announced in november, calls for schools to start in august instead of september. beverly taylor has more. "i just am really jazzed about this proposal.wisconsin department of public instruction superintendent dr. tony evers says expanded learning makes a difference-- and that's the goal of an early start calendar plan that's now ready for a vote. "it might sound like it's small but it's a game changer for us."it calls for aligning all mps high schools with the year-round and i.b. schools on a common start date in mid-august and a common end date in mid or late may beginning in the 2017-18
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ability to go on record and change the starting date unilaterally for special schools and schools that are struggling. :08 in 2018- 2019, the proposal calls for all schools moving to an august to may calendar year, which would call for legislative action. "i'm going to do whatever i can going forward as is part of my budget to have schedule would make room for a 4- week "j-term" in june. "...we would be able to use for credit recovery for students who might have failed a course, students who even have a d or c and want to improve."the j-term is in addition to the traditional summer school programming in july. "we do have a large number of schools still that are not performing at the leaves where we would like to see them."in milwaukee, beverly taylor, fox 6 news.
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schools gives students a chance to obtain up to four credits, instead of just two. the school board will vote on
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weather arctic air settling into southern wisconsin is causing bitterly cold temperatures. temperatures will zero. these temps combined with brisk west winds will bring dangerously cold wind chill values of -15 to -25 to the area tonight into thursday morning. a wind chill
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turn our attention to friday and saturday where we are forecasting 6 to 9 inches of snow. this will impact travel so keep up with the latest forecasts as we pin down the timing and amounts.arctic air is causing bitterly cold temperatures. temperatures will dip into the single digits below zero. these temps combined with brisk west winds will bring dangerously cold wind
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tonight into thursday morning. a wind chill advisory is in effect for that time. then we turn our attention to friday and saturday where we are forecasting 6 to 9 inches of snow. this will impact latest forecasts as we pin down
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as the push to the playoffs progresses, the packers bring in a player to help bolster their defense. and another departure for the golden eagles. coming up, who has left the team. [ zaps ] barry. future barry? do not go to the big-box store this weekend. wha--? just get a free tv from u.s. cellular. free tv? a free 58-inch samsung tv when we buy two samsung smartphones. got it. u.s. cellular, then the big-box. no, no big-box! we get trampled, you doof! ouch! ouch! get a free 58-inch samsung smart hdtv when you buy two samsung smartphones.
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ion the penny tablet?
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will he or won't he, that is the question. will aaron rodgers be able to play through his calf injury on sunday against the bears or will he need to rest it? tim van vooren has the latest from lambeau field. "aaron rodgers is not on the practice field, not even in the hutson center while the media is in there on wednesday. he has a calf injury. he's rehabbing. he's recovering and he's talking about his status." "appreciate the time to rehab. with an injury like this it's really about maximizing the rehab at
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today, the packers signed linebacker jordan tripp after he reached an injury settlement with his former team, the seahawks. he played in 7 games this season with seattle before being placed in with jacksonville and miami. he could see time on sunday. that's when the packers play at chicago with a noon kick off and you can see the game here on fox 6. we'll follow that up with complete post game coverage live from soldier field where tim van vooren and i will be. tim will have a one on one interview with mike daniels after the game. and we'll wrap up the entire day on the fox 6 sports blitz at 10:35. there's still one game left for the badgers, the cotton bowl against western michigan on january 2nd. before that, paul chryst will
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the year. today he was named a finalist for the dodd trophy, along with 4 other coaches. the winner will be announced in the week leading up to new year's eve's peach bowl. maybe a return to the bradley center is what the bucks need as they've struggled badly of late. their latest outing ended in a lopsided loss at toronto. tomorrow, it's the bulls coming to milwaukee the first game of a home and home series between the two teams. marquette university is losing another player as guard traci carter has decided to leave effective immediately. after playing in 41 games for the golden eagles, carter will look to transfer to another school. he averaged just over 4 points and 3 1/2 assists per game this year. earlier this season, sandy cohen left the program for uw green bay. follow breaking news 24-7 by
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whoa. freaky fast. bam. ? mmmh. have mercy. can't stop loving -can't stop loving you! ? jimmy john's harvey: it is apparent to me justin bieber is about to snap. he hills, and it is not pretty. >> the way your face looks, there's something wrong it. it's just like the insecurities in the face. >> he's so annoying. he's trying to be a philosopher. harvey: you're not a philosopher when you're calling somebody butt ugly. >> lauren from fifth harmony was busted at the airport for possession of marijuana. >> how big was the bag of weed? >> i don't know how much weed a fifth of harmony smokes -- >> a fifth? [laughter]
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hodor from "game of thrones." the guy can only say hodor. that's all he says is hodor. a few days ago trevor noah said trump picked a cabinet, and he suggested perhaps hodor should be communications director. what does hodor have to say about that? >> we know what hodor would say about it. >> what? >> he would say hodor. >> taylor swift, she celebrated her 27th birthday and john mayer, who was an ex-boyfriend of hers, took to twitter and then deleted a tweet that said, been the lamest day of he year conceptually. harvey: ok, you love john mayer for that, right? >> it could have been for other stuff. harvey: people who put stuff like that up and delete it know before they put it up. >> and it's also funny kanye went and did the trump thing on her birthday and took the spotlight away again on her birthday. [laughter] announcer: and now it's time again to play -- what was john


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