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tv   FOX 6 News at 9  FOX  December 15, 2016 3:05am-4:00am CST

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weather -- as a wind chill advisory begins right now. temperatures are bitterly cold -- and we could see more snow this weekend. we have team coverage.. ashley sears is live in west allis with the efforts to stay safe. we start with weather expert stephanie barichello in the weather center with the forecast. weather script goes here.a wind chill advisory is in effect tonight with subzero lows and wind chills in the 20s below zero. mostly sunny and windy thursday with highs in the single digits and wind chills staying in the teens below. a quick burst of snow is possible late tomorrow night into friday morning, about an inch possible. steady, heavier snow arrives friday afternoon and evening. a winter storm watch goes into effect at
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saturday morning. tonight: blustery and very cold. low: -3 wind: nw 10-20 mph thursday: mostly sunny, blustery and bitter cold. high: 7 wind: nw 10-20 mph friday: morning snow then steady afternoon/evening snow. am low: 2 high: 23 wind: se 5-15 mph the frigid temperatures can be very dangerous. shelters across the area are making sure people have a warm place to go tonight. fox 6's ashley sears is live at an emergency warming shelter in west allis, with their efforts. this warming shelter opened up today and will stay open throughout the night. we are at "feeding his flock." it has been a very busy night here--and the group expects it to stay busy in the coming days.
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14:50 its been a very long day in the basement of the chapel at 81st and lapham in west allis-- 14:52 and its only just begun. the "feeding his flock" homeless outreach group gets ready for the night ahead. 13:10 nobody should be out there, so this is really important. they've opened up an emergency warming shelter for the night. welcoming those without a home--a place to escape the cold-- nats: rv volunteers even go out in it-- a local couple who is homeless. bringing people to them. 02:41 weve got a warming shelter by us tonight and tomorrow. its better than nothing. this group is one of several in southeast wisconsin-- nats: operator at 211 making sure people stay safe as the temperatures dip. 59:07 were available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. at the impact 2-1-1 call center-- nats: operator resource specialists connect callers with the help they're
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shelter. 58:41 any given day, we take about 600 calls. as it gets colder like this the call volume will go up. with more predicted cold--headed this way-- nats: from rv??? each group gets ready for what's ahead. so that this dangerous weather-- is safer for some of the area's most vulnerable. 10:43 i dont know how people can stay out in this all night. this warmer shelter is full .it will stay open until 7 in the morning. as long as temperatures are at 10 degrees or below. live in west allis, ashley sears fox 6 news. brad thanks ashley milwaukee city officials addressing the public today -- reminding residents how dangerous this cold can be. 'hypothermia is a life threatening situation and it occurs when body tempertures drop too low causing
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chills will cause frost bite in as little as 30 minutes to exposed skin.' city officials say the most vulnerable are children, the elderly and the homeless. on average there can be between 200 and 250 people living on the streets in milwaukee. stay ahead of the cold with the fox 6 storm center app -- and get a live look at the radar. it's free for apple and android devices. a well-loved pastor and racine he was hit by a car while collecting recyclables this morning. fox6's brittany shannon is live in racine... racine police are investigating the crash that claimed the life of mark gates. he was a sanitation worker and a pastor here in racine. but to those who knew him, they say he was so much more to this racine community... "this is where he would have been" instead of wednesday bible study...brenna freeman and her
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this is where he would have wanted us to be" the racine woman's pastor, mark gates, a fixture here at christ chapel... "he was a father figure to my kids" but wednesday evening, church members learning their pastor had passed away. gates worked as a racine sanitation employee. he was struck by a car while collecting recyclables wednesday morning. he was flown to froedtert where he died. "you expect your here and not to be taken away in some tragic accident" gates meaning so much to so many. racine mayor john dickert calling him a "highly respected and dedicated employee" "a deeply faithful and caring pastor" also reminding people to slow down. a similar message from fellow sanitation workers at a vigil on washington avenue. " we out here every day trying to do the job for the community just slow down" now...a void for the people of christ chapel.
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their pastor" but hope. "53:41 in a way this is gods ultimate healing. hes home" the cause of this crash remains under investigation. police are looking for any witnesses to come forward with information. if you know something call the racine police department. live, brittany shannon, fox 6 news. brad thanks brittany now to a fox6 exclusive-- don't try this at home! a man's truck is stolen after stepi up. the victim gives chase and streams the entire thing live on facebook! our ben handelman with this incredible video. you are on board for one very wild ride--- on a chase to catch car thieves. the radio--- and language- a hint law enforcement is not behind the wheel. like i said i was anger, i was
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daunte donte ealy shot the video.he says it all started when he stepped away from his vehicle tuesday morning. i was warming up the car and keep the car warm, and it was about 2 seconds. it started rolling away. i ran in the middle of the street trying to catch the car and then a lady almost hit me, and then i jumped in her car and said can you take me to my car, its right there please, im looking at it right down the street. the stranger agreed. ealy says they caught up to his truck a few blocks away, where teens er second stolen car. when they realized they were being followed, they bailed on the truck--- then he get in the car, and i jump in my car, then the chase started from there. ealy began streaming live on facebook. these little @#$% stole my car. @!#$ he chased the thieves down snow covered streets-- even on the wrong side of the road. ealy says he wasn't thinking clearly. i really didnt care at the time. i just wanted my stuff back. the crooks, he says still had stolen cash and credit
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had a vehicle stolen. i ain;t want to take no loss with this car, so i just went with it.. during the chase--- one person is seen bailing-- eventually, all the suspects get away. ealy says he shared the video to show how quickly things can go wrong. dont leave your lkeys in the car, stay outside with your car until it warm up. he promises this chase--- is his last. its a lesson learned for me to. not to do it again? never to do it again. ever. ealy is a dad, student, and he says he simply did not want to be without his car or belongings again. ealy admits he put his life in danger and others. milwaukee police discourage taking matters into your own hands. they say call police--- they'll handle it. there have been nearly 6-thousand car thefts in milwaukee so far this year. the good news--- that's down 14 percent from last year.
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on sunday, you can expect aaron rodgers to be on the field leading the packers as he said that his calf injury won't keep him away. there are a couple of reasons, a playoff push and the rivalry with the bears. it's been a bit lopsided as of late, as the packers have won the 11 of the last 13 meetings. tim van vooren has the blitz tonight from lambeau. "for the 194th time it will be packers and chicago bears sunday. this time at soldier field. get this, the all time series is 94 for chicago, 93 for green bay and six ties." "they're the fun ones to play in, especially, you know, we need wins. they know that so they're gonna try their best to knock us out of the and it's kind of cool, i heard we have a chance to tie the all-time record so that will be fun to be a part of." "i didn't know that so that would be awesome. i think that would be real cool that we can do that. that would be great." "the intensity burns so high from every angle, internally and externally. externally, obviously, we take a lot of pride in history
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understand the history we have with the chicago bears. it's been a long time since it's been tied up so we're aware of that and so with that not only the history and tradition of both organizations but the current history." "over all those years and all those games not only is the series tight in terms of wins and losses, get this, all time scoring, packers 3305 points, bears 3304. at lambeau field, tim van vooren, fox six sports." you can watch the packers and bears sunday at noon, right here on fox 6 -- followed by a fox 6 news post game special -- and the fox 6 sports blitz at 10- 35. still ahead -- a story that truly celebrates the season of giving. franklin police had a big surprise for a young boy after he reported his bicycle
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the real bike for a minute, but then i was like 'wait, that's a new bike.'" they bought him a new bike! but that's not the only surprise. why police recognized this boy when he showed up at the station. known as "taco tim" -- he was caught misleading elderly investors out of millions of dollars. how a fox6 investigation -- triggered a state investigation. a missing sheboygan county college student turns up dead. where his body was found that has his friends asking questions.
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students at a sheboygan county college get the news today they were praying they wouldnt hear. a freshman at lakeland university was found dead in a pond on campus. he had been missing since sunday. a.j. bayatpour with how his friends are
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29-35 i mean, he was a good dude. just a genuine guy. jack merrill is a junior on the lakeland university football team - one who took an immediate liking to a freshman from north carolina named kaelin oneal. merrill says the 18-year-old stood out, arriving on campus about three weeks earlier than the rest of the freshmen. kaelin was one guy you could always count on to work hard. a backup quarterback this season, went missing sunday morning after going for a walk. worry soon spread across a campus with an enrollment of about 750. everybody knows everybody but when something like this happens, its not a number; its a person and its a kid. the sheboygan county sheriffs dive team searched a pond just a few yards from the football field wednesday. shortly after noon, they recovered oneals body. we consider them our kids and we lost one of our kids today. the sheriffs office says oneals death does not appear suspicious. still, theyre investigating to find out how the student ended
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just asking why, you know, what happened? and i think were all wondering that. it is finals week here at lakeland university. given that and todays news... its a very stressful week for the students on this campus. in rural sheboygan county, a.j. bayatpour, fox 6 news. they call him taco tim. he's a wisconsin businessman who got elderly investors to bankroll his plan to sell taco-shaped fortune cookies. but polcyn finds he misled those investors and left some retirees in financial ruin. any good investor knows the keys to making money are principal... interest... and time. "i'm... workin' on 81 now."for jim frank and his wife, carol. time is precious. "we're too old to go back to work again."when the stock market
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retirement savings took a major hit. so they thought it was meant to be when a local businessman offered to pay them 12-percent interest for a one-year loan. "we put a lot of blind faith..." "we certainly did." " what he said." seven years later, they have nothing to show for it but crushing debt. "hey tim, bryan polcyn with fox 6 news, could i have a minute?"now, the state of wisconsin is taking action against a man they once considered a trusted friend. "they found that he definitely had committed fraud."jim and carol frank had paid off their modest farmstead northwest of milwaukee. until
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mortgage... and give him the money. 'he was able to get money from anyone.'mcquiston is president of "lucky taco," a now-defunct hustisford business that was supposed to produce taco- shaped fortune cookies. wrapped in plastic."they loaned him 30-thousand dollars to launch the business. then 100-thousand more... and 35-thousand more after that. 'he was wanting to buy a larger machine to fulfill a large order.'but mcquiston complained of equipment problems... and health problems... so the business never got off the ground. and he never paid them back. "why don't you stop and talk to me?"when we first approached mcquiston last year, he locked himself inside lucky taco. then, changed his mind and requested an interview. 'i have a great product."he insisted lucky taco was a good idea that just didn't pan out. 'that happens. businesses fail all the time.' 'thatsit. they do.' t that's not what him in trouble th the statefionsin.e sn
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ople up for money all over southeastern wisconsin."i was flabbergasted!e failed to mention he already had other investors. "we practically fell on the floor."by the time the fox 6 investigators got involved, mcquiston owed at least eighteen people more than 2-point-6 million dollars. "nobody knew about each other. everybody thought they were the only person doin' this." 'why didn't you tell the investors about each other?''well, um, it wasnt asked and i, that wasnt pertinent at the time. i just didnt think it to mention that the tens of thousands of dollars in delinquent taxes he owes to the state and federal government. plus, more than a million dollars in unpaid court judgments. "they didn't ask, you didn't tell." "right."all tolled, mcquiston now appears to be more than 4-million dollars in debt. "who knows
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went to pay for rent, utilities and trade shows. but the franks wonder if some of it may have ended up on the vintage car racing circuit. the same month the franks first loaned money to mcquiston, a lucky taco sponsored race car crashed in a road race in mexico. a week after the race, mcquiston hit them up for another loan. 'the more you learn, the deeper it seems to go.'neither hustisford police attorney found evidence that a crime had been committed. but after our investigation, the wisconsin department of financial institutions launched its own investigation. and in september, the state ordered mcquiston to cease and desist all offers or sales of securities. 'too many people have been defrauded by him.'that means he can't raise money anymore. and now, he's trying to avoid the debts he already owes. in october, he filed for chapter 13 bankruptcy. "we're gonna fight it."the franks can't afford their own lawyer, but
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debt should be excused in bankruptcy court. in other words, if saving their home means putting up a fight... they'll make time. the u-s trustee has already recommended the bankrputcy case be thrown out, because mcquiston owes too much money. under chapter 13, there are limits to how much debt you can wipe away... and he is over the limit by a lot. mcquiston told the court he is reviewing his options and will decide what to do next by the next hearing scheduled for january 10th. bryan polcyn, fox 6 investigators. the last time we talkd we tried to reach him for comment on this story. he did not call back. and neither did his lawyer. three waukesha businesses -- busted. complaints about them have been coming in for awhile. what customers allege was happening inside. and what police found when they went undercover. plus, a six year old boy's bike -- stolen. the heroes who came to his rescue.
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you are watching fox 6 news at 9. a wind chill advisory is in effect until 10am tomorrow. blustery and very cold tonight with subzero lows and wind chills in the 20s below zero. mostly sunny and windy thursday with highs in the single digits and wind chills staying in the teens below. a quick burst of snow is possible late tomorrow night into friday morning, about an inch possible. steady, heavier snow arrives friday afternoon and evening. a winter storm watch goes into effect at 2pm friday and continus saturday morning. tonight: blustery and very cold. low: -3 wind: nw 10-20 mph thursday: mostly sunny, blustery and bitter cold. high: 7 wind: nw 10-20 mph friday: morning snow then steady afternoon/evening snow. am low: 2 high: 23 wind: se 5-15
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customers at several waukesha massage parlors -- say they were offered something they did not want. it turned out to be a little more than a massage they went undercover. bucks guard malcolm brogdon doesn't play, look, sound, or act like a typical rookie.find out why when we go
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[female narrator] in today's tough economy, there's a lot of people out there promising easy solutions to your debt. solutions that claim to reduce payments and get you back on your feet in no time at all. but many of these schemes are predatory. they can destroy your credit rating, costing more than your original debt, and even drive you into bankruptcy. there are no quick or easy solutions to getting a handle on your finances. but knowing who to turn to can make all the difference. the national foundation for credit counseling?, a nonprofit organization with members in your community can help you create a personalized plan to get you on the road to recovery, and help you make sound financial decisions in the future. the n-f-c-c is a trusted and reputable organization
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unlike creditory consolidators, our counselors help you for little or no fee. knowing the difference can make all the difference. to connect with a certified counselor in your community, call us
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businesses opened in waukesha several months ago, some were looking forward to getting a massage. but some say what they were offered isn't what they thought --and it was illegal. fox6's myra sanchick explains. some in waukesha wondered why the curtains were always closed at sweet thai massage in waukesha. brian frederick found the answer from a friend. it turned out to be a little more than a massage frederick says the friend just wanted a regular sports ma he just said no thanks and got the heck out of there waukesha police say the waukesha massage parlors were actually places of prostitution, advertising services on a website called backpage. police started their investigation over the summer and ended up with an undercover detective inside. with a search warrant in hand police arrested four women monday , not only affiliated with sweet thai massage, but far east healing spa and lilac massage in waukesha. the girls we arrested were all from china. men would go into
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people would go in for regular massages. some however would offer extra money, cash tips for sexual favors, sexual activity those who work at a convenience store near one of the massage parlors did notice how the women there dressed. short shorts , tank tops, crop tops. the women, from china would bring in a phone translator to communicate in the store. monday one of the women came in as police were there. they're trying to call china. they wa call china .. the store declined . i didn't think anything like this would ever happen in waukesha, this close to our house. it's kind of crazy the police investigation was slowed down a bit because those arrested didn't speak english. police found a chinese interpreter. myra sanchick fox6 news a group of state lawmakers from milwaukee county join others in asking
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clarke to resign. senator chirs larson -- along with representatives jonathan brostoff and christine sinicki -- ?accuse the sheriff of not ?adequately supervising the jail after four deaths at the jail. in a ?statement, the group says: "with four families grieving over the unnecessary loss of loved ones in the past six months, it has become clear that our county's sheriff department has been grossly mismanaged." we reached out to sheriff clarke for a response to this latest call for spokeswoman, fran mclaughlin ?replied, saying... "the sheriff said he is bored with this democrat party fake news because he helped donald trump get elected potus. he said they must have heard him speak at last night's trump victory rally and it touched a nerve. hashtag m-a- g-a. tomorrow -- the milwaukee county board ?is expected to take up a resolution asking for an outside investigation into the four deaths at the jail, which have occurred
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rookie malcolm brogdon went with his family to ghana. he played soccer and noticed that most of his opponents didn't have shoes. children on the streets begged for lunches. so malcolm and his brothers gave theirs away. that experience was one of many that have shaped his life. tom pipines goes beyond the game. 22:01:39 you watch film; you learn what your deficiencies were; you take it out to the practice court, and you work on it brogdon doesn't sound or act like your typical nba rookie. three days removed from his 24th birthday, he carries himself as a veteran would. the 2nd round pick plays like one too. 21:48:51 that's just who he's been since he's been here. he's been a leader, his teammates, his coaches, we trust him 21:49:00 21:49:05 every time he takes the floor he finds a way to do the right thing. 21:49:08 malcolm brogdon's been doing the "right thing" from day one. 22:02:33 i think it really comes from my mom. the way she's
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business, whether that's basketball or that's been academics. and to give it all to god; to have faith that everything will work out. 22:02:54. growing up in atlanta, education was always emphasized in the brogdon household. malcolm's father, mitchell is a lawyer and a mediator. jann adams -malcolm's mother-is the former chair of morehouse college's psychology department. she's now the associate dean of the 2 divorced when their youngest son was 11. 22:03:28 i mean she is special. in my opinion the best mom in the world. but i have two older brothers and they really helped raise me as well honestly. we stuck together as a family and you know, the divorce was tough, especially at that age. but it was one of the early points of my life where i had to really go through adversity and overcome it 22:03:48 malcolm brogdon said no to both harvard, and the nba in favor of going to
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while graduating with a masters degrees in public policy and an undergrad in history. all that is great payback for a mother who gave her son her heart and soul. 22:04:08 i know i make my mom proud, not because of basketball, not because of academics, not because of any of my accolades; but because i'm a good person. she thinks she raised me right; she thinks i have good morals, good ethics. 22:04:20 brogdon says it's been important to him to give thanks and to be a 22:02:55 i'm a huge believer in karma. what you do, what you put into the world, it's going to come back around it you do good. 22:03:00 22:05:10 whenever i can touch and i can impact a younger life, i try to do it; because that's how i would have wanted to be treated. 22:05:17 as for life after basketball? malcolm brogdon has heard fact, at least one teammate calls him the president 22:04:12 i thought that was his nickname? no?
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maybe he'll become the president of the united states. 22:04:22 brodgon looks and at times even sounds like president obama president malcolm brogdon? who knows, the sky's the limit. regardless, he'll stay grounded; because of his upbringing and beliefs. 22:04:31 just realize everyday that it's not you; it's not all about you. even if you're talented, god's given you the talent. 22:04:37 22:04:44 so just remembering that and giving tp; fss several months ago -- a young boy in franklin wanted to do something nice for his local police department. he gave them gifts and treats. and then -- when his bike was stolen -- police worked together to get him a new one!
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actress emmy rossum wants to be paid more than her male coworkers. we're in for a very cold night. details on how low wind chills drop and when snow chances return, coming up. get your morning started with fox6 wakeup at 4:30-- count on us for breaking news, weather and traffic - plus developing stories from overnight. carl is previwing a new year's eve tradition in milwaukee. see if he's got game with the harlem globerotters. tomorrow on
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emmy rossum ros-um is asking for more than just equal pay... and mariah carey and lionel richie are teaming up... the details are in tonight's buzz. emmy rossum first asked to be paid the same as her male she the showtime series-- shameless -- with oscar-nominated actor william h-macy. she originally asked for equal pay and the show gave it to her....but now she feels she should be paid more money to make up for the years of being paid less than macy. showtime and warner brothers t-v have not commented on the latest pay dispute. ariana grande has one less
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ordered by a judge to stay away from the singer...after pleading guilty to harassing grande with text messages and unwanted gifts. according to court documents... the man sent grande a 42-pound-pumpkin... a rock... and candles. he even traveled to new york and connecticut to try to talk to her. lionel richie and mariah carey are teaming up... the two will be hitting the road and touring together next year. the multi-platinum selling artists will play 35 dates on their "all the hits tour." it kicks off march 15th a wind chill advisory is in effect right now -- and it will remain bitterly cold. weather expert stephanie barichello coming up with when we see snow! ? plus -- a happy ending for one boy in franklin after his bike is stolen. how police worked to make it right. and milwaukee public schools wants its students to start the school year earlier. why it's
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joy global has sold its closed surface mining facility in milwaukee. 4-point- 4-million dollars. selling the roughly 200-thousand square foot building near miller park way creates an opportunity to re- fill the building with another manufacturing company. joy global closed the facility amid lower demand for mining equipment. the new owner is reich brothers l-l-c -- a national company that buys vacant plants, sells off remaining equipment and leases them to new tenants. executives with both aurora and froedtert health say they saw an
3:48 am
quarter of 2016. but both say they saw a decrease in profits for that same period. aurora posted a revenue of 1-point- 25-billion in the three months ending september 30th -- while froedtert posted a revenue of 517-million-dollars. for more information on this and other stories in the business journal, we have link to their site on ours, a big donation from milwaukee's 128th air refueling wing to our "coats for kids" campaign. the salvation army -- on hand this afternoon to collect nearly 250 coats. taking part in the "coats for kids" campaign. the coats collected today will be cleaned and distributed to families in need right here in southeast wisconsin.
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weather a wind chill advisory is in effect until 10am tomorrow. blustery and very cold tonig and wind chills in the 20s below zero. mostly sunny and windy thursday with highs in the single digits
3:50 am
chills staying in the teens below. a quick burst of snow is possible late tomorrow night into fr steady, heavier snow arrives friday afternoon and evening. a
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storm watch goes into effect at 2pm friday and continues into saturday morning. tonight: blustera low: -3 wind: nw 10-20 mph thursday: mostly sunny, blustery and bitter cold. high: 7 wind: nw 10-20
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am low: 2 high: 23 wind: se 5-15 mph saturday: cloudy with the chance for snow. am low: 20 high: 25 wind: nw 10-20 mph sunday: partly sunny and very cold. am low: -6 high: -2 wind: nw 5-10 mph monday: mostly sunny and cold. am low: -8 high: 11 wind: sw 10-15 mph tuesday: mostly sunny. am low: 8 high: 24 wind: sw 5-10 mph a wind chill advisory is in effect until 10am tomorrow. blustery and very cold tonight with subzero lows and wind chills in the 20s below zero. mostly sunny and windy thursday with highs in the singld below. a quick burst of snow is possible late tomorrow night into friday morning, about an inch possible. steady, heavier snow arrives friday afternoon and evening. a winter storm watch goes into effect at 2pm friday and continues into saturday morning. tonight: blustery and very cold. low: -3 wind: nw 10-20 mph thursday: mostly sunny, blustery and bitter cold. high: 7 wind: nw 10-20 mph friday: morning snow then steady afternoon/evening snow. am low: 2 high: 23 wind: se 5-15 mph saturday:
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wind: nw 10-20 mph sunday: partly sunny and very cold. am low: -6 high: -2 wind: nw 5-10 mph monday: mostly sunny and cold. am low: -8 high: 11 wind: sw 10-15 mph tuesday: mostly sunny. am low: 8 high: 24 wind: sw 5-10 mph anchors thanks weather its the only restaurant of its kind in milwaukee. you pay what you can afford for your meal. tricklebee cafe is located at 44th and north. the cafe offers mostly vegan and vegetarian items... the "pay what you can" model
3:54 am
five or so dollars for the meal donate that amount or more. those who can't can choose to volunteer to make up the costs. "we want to create a space where people can come and have access to healthy food and warm food on a regular basis" tricklebee is a non profit caf and a ministry of the moravian church. it is part of a network called 'one world everybody eats' there are 60 similar cafes in the country...and 50 more in phase. they have been open about a month. today was their grand opening. new at nine. it was a roller coaster ride of emotions for one franklin family. what started as a pretty bummer of a day for one little boy -- turned into one he'll never forget.... all thanks to the efforts of local law enforcement. a perfect day for a ride... landon says: "i do like my bike" inside of course. landon says:
3:55 am
this particular bike... it's a special one for 6-year-old landon now-man naumann ...landon says: "i like the design. also riding around on it." you can imagine how he felt... . when his bike disappeared tuesday. hannah says: "i like called my mom and i'm like 'oh my god, his bike got stolen... " so they went to the franklin police station. oliva says: "the officer taking the report recognized the young bo found posted on the wall. oliva says: "they took it upon themselves to put together these treat bags and to bring them in to give to our officers." hannah says: "they had just said 'it meant a lot to us ." then -- hours later -- landon's luck changed.... landon says: "i thought it was the real bike for a minute, but then i was like 'wait, that's a new bike.'" ...thanks to eight police officers. oliva says: "they decided to
3:56 am
young man a new bicycle." officers doing whatever it takes -- to make sure the grinch didn't steal this christmas. hannah says: "they do so many things, but small stuff like that.... they're just a hero in my son's eyes." milwaukee police are asking for your help to find several robbery suspects. the first happened two sundays ago at the "cosmo beauty supply" near 56th and capitol. three people walked in -- grabbed merchandise and were confronted by a store employee. the suspects then pepper sprayed that employee in the face. eventually -- the employee got the stolen goods back and the sup threw a dust pan and broom at the employee. police are also searching for these two suspects -- for an armed robbery at "el jalapeno" near 21st and national. they walked into the restaurant yesterday with a gun - and demanded money. they took money from the register and a woman's purse and ran out. if you know anything about either of these robbery cases -- please give milwaukee police a call. port washington's mayor is
3:57 am
its longest-standing businesses -- edmond allen. yesterday, saint louis based footwear company calares announced the purchase of allen edmonds for more than 250 million dollars. the company employs more than one thousand people -- and nearly half of them work in port washington. mayor tom mlada says he expects those jobs to stay. i think thats gonna mean great things, in terms of employment, here, within our community. obviously, were talking about hundreds of jobs, already, and i think thats only, that commitments only gonna continue to grow. expansion of the allen edmonds brand -- which could also mean even more jobs. this is the second sale of the company in just 3 years. the last sale was to a private equity firm back in 20-13. the wisconsin economic development corporation awards more than 500-thousand dollars in grants today. governor scott walker announced five organizations that will be receiving them during the 35th annual "marketplace" conference at potawatomi hotel. the grant money will go towards helping minority-owned
3:58 am
the w-e-d-c hopes the money will support things like business training workshops and financial awareness programs. milwaukee public school students could be starting the school year early. it's now up to the school board to decide whether all high schools start in august instead of september. beverly taylor with this developing story. "it might sound like it's small but it's a game changer for us."milwaukee public schools superintendent darienne driver has a plan to help mps succeed-- but she says it will take more instructional time during an wisconsin department of public instruction superintendent dr. tony evers stands in agreement. "expanded learning makes a difference. the initial proposal was a phase in approach. it calls for aligning all mps high schools with the year-round and i.b. schools on a common start date in mid-august and a common end date in mid or late may beginning in the 2017-18 school year. "the district itself has the ability to go on record and
3:59 am
schools and schools that are struggling. :08 in 2018- 2019, the proposal calls for all schools moving to an august to may calendar year, which would call for legislative action. "i'm going to do whatever i can going forward as is part of my budget to have legislation change and, this schedule would make room for a 4- week "j-t to use for credit recovery for students who might have failed a course, students who even have a d or c and want to improve."the j-term is in addition to the traditional summer school programming in july. although mps has moved up a grade in the state report card, many students are still falling behind. the four-year high school graduation rate is 58.2.
4:00 am
lights, camera, access. >> see, this has been your problem all of this time. >> they lived and skated in fear of alan thicke getting near them. >> 911, we got a player down. >> collapsing as he played hockey with his son, what we've now learned about the tragic passing of alan thicke at the age of only 69. his final words to son carter and our in depth look at a legend who worked up till the very end. >> break a leg, kid. >> thank you, sir. >> if you get there within a few minutes, we can almost always save you. >> still conscious as he was taken to the hospital. why doctors were unable to save him. i'm scott evans with added insight straight from dr. oz. >> is he really a walk timebomb? >> i was a perfect father. >> have fun with that. >> such a devoted dad to his three sons.


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