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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  April 21, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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america this morning. >> moments away, new questions about the beating in prince george's county after missing security tape shows up with a gabon it. >> also, airplanes are taking off overburden for the first time in nearly a week. >> a cloudy and cool start to this wednesday. some rain before the day is over. good morning washington begins right now. >> live and in hd, this is abc 7's good morning washington, on your side. >> good wednesday morning. i am doug mcelway. >> i am natasha barrett. we begin with traffic and weather every 10 minutes. brian van de graaff has more on the rain. >> its entering right now.
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a little light rain this morning. that will pick up in the midday. it will be gentle. a 10th of an inch or quarter inch. maybe a half inch in some spots. western loudoun county to parts of fauquier county and up and down the shenandoah valley. temperatures this morning in the 40's and 50's. low 70's this afternoon. sunshine returning tomorrow. we will have more on that in a moment. first to lisa baden. happy holidump day. >> there was overnight construction on the beltway, but that has been cleared. i-95 traffic in springfield on the camera. headlights are northbound in the camera. no problems to report on 270. there was overnight construction that's gone.
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metrorail reporting the first trains out on normal service. >> thank you. and overnight house fire heavily damaged a house that happened in the 8300 block of rammell drive. firefighters from prince george's and montgomery county if took a half-hour or battling the fire. one person was taken to a hospital with burns. two adults and four children displaced. the cause is under investigation. >> our top story this morning, more questions about the police beating in college park and if missing moments from a newly discovered surveillance day. the case has attracted national attention. there are fresh accusations of a cover-up. now to college park with the latest on the story. >> good morning. the campus surveillance video has reappeared, but not all of it. a new investigation has been launched. >> it seems too much of a
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coincidence. >> campus police were presented with a subpoena on march 9, for a subpoena requesting all video when jack mckenna was beaten by police. but video from knox road was mysteriously left out. >> is very suspicious. >> i'm skeptical. >> when we started asking questions, 90 additional minutes of video mysteriously turned up. maryland state police are investigating and working to determine whether it's coincidental that the campus police lieutenant in charge of the video center is married to a park police mounted officer allegedly involved in the scene on march 4. students say it looks suspicious. >> if they are trying to conceal anything, i don't agree with it. >> i hope that's not happening. if it turns out that way, that would be pretty terrible. >> of a campus spokesperson explained it this way. >> the server if automatically
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overwrites at a certain point. it just over wrote. >> there are two minutes still missing from the video. we don't know what that covers. the investigators definitely want to find out. reporting from college park, abc 7 news. thank you. a prince george's county teachers a is accused of attacking a 14-rolled mentally handicapped students. a spokesperson for the family said the incident occurred at a basketball game at a middle school on april 6. an investigation is underway and the school principal is on leave. the student's family will have a news conference to talk about the case. >> if now to the fallout from the volcano eruptions. flights are starting to resume, but things are still far from normal. british airports opens late yesterday after being closed several days.
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some restrictions are still in place in britain and other european countries. most airlines say they are resuming flights to europe, but it will be weeks before all the stranded travelers get home. >> a local priest accused of sexual abuse overseas has been removed from his ministry. the archdiocese of washington says father michael schapfel worked as the jand german pastoral minister after several women released accusations. no one in the u.s. has made accusations against him. a public viewing will be held tonight for the local principal found shot to death at his home last week. brian betts was the principal of shaw middle school. zagat to 9:00 tonight at the pearcy funeral home on center street in manassas. a private funeral and burial hill tomorrow. >> big banks during of this
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money for battle of damour de remi de regulation. if president obama and congressional lawmakers appeared close to agreement on a bill that would regulate the financial industry. t.j. winnick as the latest. >> when it comes to pushing financial reforms for wall street, the president sounds ready for a showdown. >> if these folks want a fight, i'm ready. >> the white house is focused on derivatives, but between power players on wall street and around the world on whether certain businesses will succeed or fail. the banks say the derivatives have turned enormous profits in the past 20 years, helping fuel the economy and they are against heavy regulation. >> the system would grind to alt. >> senate leaders need at least one republican vote on wall street reform legislation to avoid a filibuster. and there's a proposal that banks pay fees in case of a
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bailout. after speaking near wall street tomorrow, president obama will take his message to main street. he traveled to iowa, missouri, and illinois. -- travels. >> mourning the loss of a civil rights icon. local leaders are paying tribute to the life of dorothy height. >> the traffic alert for anyone up early. we will tell you an area to watch out for starting tonight. >> keep the umbrella handy. some rain is moving this way.
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>> wednesday morning, welcome back to good morning washington. gray skies. we are in chevy chase. not a bad start. you don't need a jacket, just a light coat at the bus stop or raincoat. showers are beginning. i've been tracking the doppler. 53 degrees. that's a pretty good start. we will climb into the low 60's.
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it will only climb another 10 degrees. let's look at the current conditions. green filling in, especially the shenandoah valley, 81 corridor down towards harrisonburg and stretching east into culpeper and fauquier county. the rain will continue to push to the northeast. gentle rain off and on throughout the dead. between a quarter and a half- inch. is in the low 70's. -- high temperatures in the low 60's. >> 95 between richmond and baltimore. no problems on 66 inside and outside the beltway. if things are open at the wilson bridge. heading onto route 4, going east. on your way towards done park they were doing some paving overnight, should be cleared by the time you get there.
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to upper marlboro everything is open. no disruptions through loudoun county where we are looking in a green light and the airport. >> thank you. we have a traffic alert for anyone on the roads between midnight and 2:00, the road crews will close all lanes of the dulles toll road, part of the metrorail project. closures will last for up to 15 minutes at a time. keep that in mind. >> it's 53 degrees in roslyn on this wednesday. >> more amazing numbers about teenagers and texting. wait until you hear how many messages they send on a daily basis. >> members of congress pay tribute to the life of dorothy
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>> you are watching abc7's good morning washington.
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with doug mcelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, and lisa baden with traffic. this is good morning washington, on your side. >> in our top story is at 5:15, new video has surfaced from the night university of maryland student was beaten in college park. if the video shows a clear view of the area where jack mckenna was beaten. officials are investigating a two-minute long gap in the video. several prince george's county police officers have been suspended thus far. if a senior administration official says the president has begun talking with potential supreme court nominees. that nominee would replace retiring justice john paul stevens. this morning the president will talk about nominees with republican and democratic leaders in the senate. the colorado couple behind the last years balloon boy hoax has agreed to pay $36,000
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in restitution. richard and mayumi heene told authorities there 6-year-old son floated away in a homemade balloons. the couple was using it to get publicity for reality television show. >> funeral arrangements are pending for dorothy heights. she died yesterday at howard university hospital after a long illness. she was 98. if she was the national council of negro women leader for 30 years. she is being remembered for her dedication to quality. >> she stood for dignity and life. she stood for bringing out the best in people. she stood as a leader among leaders. >> she was also a trained social worker and a longtime d.c. resident. virginia senator jim webb has co-sponsored a resolution honoring her. he said "as a civil rights activist and confidante to many african american leaders, she
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was unwavering in her commitment to equality and fairness. her leadership "we've an undeniable mark." time for weather and traffic every 10 minutes with lisa baden now. >> moving nicely coming out of southern maryland. i'm going to look at a couple of maps. pretty good run on route 4, route 5, 28, s210210. baltimore national park lake running in your favor. normal volume on 270. southbound on the friedrichs into montgomery county looks good so far. 66 and 95, volume increasing in manassas and 95 heading into dale city. it's okay through springfield. let's go to brian van de graaff. >> thank you.
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temperatures are much milder than the last couple days because of the cloud cover and light rain that's pushing into the metro area. it's 52 and alexandra, 47 in frederick, 51 in centreville, 48 in hagerstown. light showers coming up 95. manassas and fauquier county, a few sprinkles. leesburg and western frederick county as well. we will see light rain today, maybe a quarter inch up to a half-inch. this load is sliding across our southern area. -- this low. we go back to little sunshine tomorrow with maybe a stray shower. near 70 on thursday, and the seven depots on friday. the weekend could be a smoker. gray skies today, a gentle rain. low 70's with a southerly wind. if possible fog tonight.
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42 degrees up to 50 degrees tonight. partly cloudy to mar with a possible stray shower. near 70 degrees. near 70 on thursday and friday. light rain saturday. more of a steady rain sunday and monday before the next system of out. the rain is good. >> teenagers and texting in incredible numbers. also, the flames lost iphone finds its way back chome. jeremy hubbard has those stories and more. >> apples as a version of the device that could run on cellular networks if could be in stores on april 30. the 3g ipad costs $130 more. the new model is able to connect to at&t mobile data network and you can pay by month. apple has its missing prototype
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iphone back. the letter seems to be confirmation that the prototype is the real thing. the security breaches rare for the highly secretive company, but apple was already widely expected to release the new version of the device the summer. the web is constantly changing. an article you find one day could be gone the next. a new program called i site aims to solve that problem with book marking. it guarantees you will be able to see what you say when you go back to a page. >> i liked using this because i find myself browsing the web a lot and a lot of things i don't get to finish reading and i forget where those addresses were and i don't necessarily get time to go back to them. >> you can read that a full review all street journal website. finally, this story may not come as a surprise if you know teenager. teen-agers love texting more than talking on the phone or any
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other form of communication. a new study finds it is by far the most common way kids communicate these days. one-third of teenagers spend more than 130 messages a day -- send more. 3000 a month. log on to the technology page of i am jeremy hubbard. >> how many do you send every day? >> most days -- i just learned -- it takes me half a day to write one of them. >> it's 5:21. 53 degrees outside. >> the orioles' offense continues to flounder. they lost another one last night. you won't believe who was the hitting star for colorado. >> and today on oprah, some of the world's most glamorous dream jobs, for log on abc 7.
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-- 4:00.
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>> welcome back. 5:24. we don't look forward to sunshine today because it's going to be cloudy and with a gentle rain. let's have the sports reporter with tim brant. >> good morning, washington. the capitals play a game four in
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montreal. the capitals have the best road record in the league. the head coach bruce boudreau like the atmosphere. >> sometimes we forget how much fun it is to the opposing team. the building is so alive that it makes you want to be a hockey fan. but the redskins continued to load their roster in an effort to get competition everywhere. yesterday they acquired adam, the 13th pick overall in 2007. you with the rams ricky mvp, out last year recovering some shoulder surgery. rockies pitcher came up with the bases loaded. jorge. the rockies beat the nets. 10-4 was the score. have a great day, everybody. >> it's 53 degrees. if the news continues with good morning washington at 5:30. >> it was dead before it
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arrived, the latest roadblock to representation. >> live in college park, video has resurfaced of the beating of the college student. but not all of it has resurfaced. details are coming up. >> we are live at the weather center. a gentle rain begins to move into the metro area. how long will it last and what's in store for the weekend
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>> live and in hd, this is abc 7's good morning washington, on your side. >> still ahead, a beating caught on camera might have links to a
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cover-up. good morning, washington. it's wednesday, april 21. i am natasha barrett in for alison starling. >> i am doug mcelway. we are looking forward to a little rain. but that would be nice. it would wash away the tree pollen. maybe a quarter inch of rain, not much. we will show you where it's currently falling. leesburg, towards friedrichs. warrenton. manassas. quantico. culpeper, front royal, and the shenandoah valley. temperatures were milder yesterday, close to 790, -- close to 70 degrees yesterday. lil 60's today. another chance of rain on the weekend. now to lisa baden. >> new mexico ave is closed with
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a pulldown in northwest, two blocks frosouth of nebraska ave. connecticut avenue, a beautiful ride. a beautiful trip around the beltway. i will show you traffic headed to the beltway. that's 270 out of frederick county into montgomery, so far, so good. >> this morning, new allegations of a cover-up inside a prince george's county police department. it stems from the video where a student was beaten after basketball game. mike is in college park to show us why the missing moments are raising questions. >> good morning. the found video captured by a surveillance camera, a clear view of the spot where student jack mckenna was beaten by
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police officers. it is the same vantage point where another student captured the now well-known image of the police encounter with mckenna. it covers 12:00 pm midnight until 1:30 a.m. on march 1. jack mckennthe university divids -- provided 60 hours of images except for this one. it automatically overrides in their system -- overwrites. we don't know what that two minutes covers, but investigators want answers. they also want to know about the police lieutenant in charge of the video center also married to one of the officers allegedly involved in the beating. abc 7 news reporting. >> the prince george's county
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teachers a is accused of attacking a 14--year-old mentally handicapped students. a spokeswoman for the students' families is the incident occurred during a basketball game at a middle school on april 6. a school spokeswoman tells the washington post and investigation is underway and that the school's principal is on leave. the student's family will talk about the case later on today. >> a local priest accused of sexual abuse overseas has been removed from his ministry. the archdiocese of washington says father michael schapfel worked at a german pastoral mission from 2004 through last month. he was removed after several women in germany accused him of sexual abuse. if the archdiocese recently learned of the allegations and says that nobody in the u.s. is made in the allegations against him. >> a delphi families looking for new place to live after an overnight house fire. it broke out about 1:00 a.m. and 8300 block of rambler.
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it took firefighters a half-hour or. one person was taken to hospital with burns. two adults and four children lived in the house. the cause is under investigation. >> airplanes have started landing and taking off from heathrow airport in london. if 95,000 flights worldwide have been canceled since last week because of the icelandic volcano. but the headaches will continue long time. our correspondent is in london with more. >> touchdown at heathrow airport. this was the first plane to arrive last night from vancouver. there were smiles and tears. the announcement of opening up the airways came tuesday night. the decision was made last night after meeting with the british government and the aviation authority. >> the airlines are free to schedule their flights accordingly. >> the test flight through the volcano zone and analyzed the data.
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they concluded the engines could fly through low density volcanic ash. but this volcano is dynamic and could spew more ash. >> if we feel we should suspend flights, we will do so. >> declined to continue moving west over the atlantic region the clouds are continuing to move over the atlantic. 7 million passengers stranded. it could take weeks to get rid of the backlog. abc news, london. >> of public viewing will be held tonight for the d.c. principal found shot to death at his home last week. if police are still searching for his killing. brian betts was the principal of shaw middle school in northwest. if the viewing will be held from 6:00 to 9:00 tonight, pierce funeral home in manassas.
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in memory of brandon carroll, there was a vigil last night. the basketball student was from waldorf. >> he had the most positive outlook on life. >> we are grieving together and morning together as a family. >> another frostburg student, tyrone hall, charged with murdering brandon carroll and another student. he said that he fired in self- defense and is being held without bond. >> the residents will have to wait longer to get a vote in the house. steny hoyer says lawmakers will not pick up the vote this year. the problem was a senate amendment that would have eliminated the tough gun-control laws in the city. it would have given d.c. a house vote and added an extra seat for a republican in utah. still ahead, a new plan would push drivers to help pay for
5:36 am
metro, but is another tax the way to go? >> kate and tony. >> the reality television mother is hanging up her dancing shoes. clark's first, there's a little rain on the way. we will be right back to check rain on the way. we will be right back to check
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>> time with the national zoo
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with our fourth oldest elephant. come down to see her. good morning, washington. >> 5:39 on this wednesday morning. >> first were going to chevy chase, where adam caskey is. >> good morning. it's 58 degrees. 54 degrees right here. nothing very active right now in this metro area. there are heavier showers in orange and red on the screen. let's look at super doppler 7 radar. hagerstown through martinsburg and peter burke, west virginia, front will, placer county, culpeper is where we have showers.
5:40 am
leesburg is where we have light rain further north. we will have off and on showers for the morning, midday, and after known throughout the day. it's 53 and alexandria, 50 and centreville and hagerstown is 49. rain off and on throughout the day. a quarter inch of to have lived for most of us, highs in the low 60's. near 70 tomorrow. maybe that will help your strawberries. >> the little leagues are coming. i am very excited. i will bring some of my bumper crop to you. -- guleaves are coming. no major disruption on the highway. let's take you on a journey. 395 north is moving well. in good shape but the pentagon
5:41 am
across the 14th street bridge. headlights in the cama heading south out of the district. one more camera takes you to the beltway travel in montgomery county. that's fine. headlights or outer loop. moving nicely on 270. >> the time is 5:41 this morning. it is about 50 degrees outside. >> kate does not make the cut. scary moments for a hollywood actor. we will tell you all about that. >> a d.c. council member wants to propose the 10 cent gas tax to help metro. not many people on board with the idea. not many people on board with the idea.
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>> you are watching abc7's good morning washington. with doug mcelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, and lisa baden with traffic. this is good morning washington, on your side.
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>> checking our top stories, new video has surfaced from the night the university of maryland student was beaten at college park. the video from the university of maryland offers a clear view of the area where jack mckenna was beaten. officials are investigating a two-minute gap in the video. several police officers have been suspended over the incident. general motors has repaid $8 billion in loans it received from the u.s. and canadian governments. its chief executive says it happened five years ahead of schedule and is a sign that the company is recovering. the company says it is investing millions of dollars in two automobile plants. >> they are cowards and gliders. >> former illinois gov. rod blagojevich if is lashing out at a level prosecutors. he says they will not play all the secret recordings used to build their case against him because they're trying to cover- up something.
5:46 am
he is accused of trying to sell barack obama's former senate seat. >> a controversial proposal in d.c. council member jim graham wants to boost the gas tax by a dime and use the money to pay for metro. what do drivers have to say? get the sarcasm reaction from northwest. >> many people are sounding off because they are paying so much for gas already. we are at the corner across from the bridge. the price is already well over $3. the gas tax and the district is 23.5 cents per gallon. under the proposal, he wanted to goal up 33.5 cents. this would bring the district to ninth place among a highest gas taxes nationwide. what is the reason? a permanent funding source for metro. he wants to dedicate a revenue
5:47 am
stream solely for the transit agency. plus the $1.5 million from congress and the local jurisdictions set aside for the transit agency will last 10 years. the biggest reason behind all this is metro is facing a $189 million budget shortfall for the fiscal year that begins july 1. we spoke with a limousine driver this morning. this is what he had to say. >> any hike right now would hurt most drivers. it's not the right time during this recession. >> this tax would take effect only if other jurisdictions, including maryland and virginia, also enact a 10 cent tax hike as well. maryland right now is on par with d.c. at 23.5 cents a gallon. virginia is 17.5 cents. similar bills have been proposed in the commonwealth, but have
5:48 am
died in the house. many lawmakers believe this proposal will certainly be a long shot. many drivers still the same. >> thank you. the governors of virginia, maryland, and d.c. are speaking out about metro's safety. yesterday they said they wanted greater oversight of the agency that operates medal. virginia governor bob mcdonnell says poor management is a key reason for recent safety issues. >> d.c. is a step closer to legalizing medical marijuana. yesterday the d.c. council gave unanimous approval to a medical marijuana bill. the measure would allow patients to purchase it from places sanctions by the city. this one vote left in the council. >> time for traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> let's go to adam caskey hanging out in a chilly place.
5:49 am
>> it's pretty quiet locally, but we have action across other parts of the reason. let's look at current conditions in chevy chase. we are not far from wisconsin avenue, 54 degrees. not much wind. the dewpoint is a little higher. that will increase. there's a warm front moving through. let's go to our storms can. -- storm scan. there's a system pushing through north carolina right now. that will work its way through the metro area off and on throughout midday. it's not going to be a steady all day rain for us, you just want to have your umbrella within reach this morning and especially by lunchtime. we have light showers in leesburg and approaching the
5:50 am
barnesville. otherwise, mr. grannis from martinsburg down towards winchester and portions of the interstate 81 corridor close to harrisonburg. a quarter inch to 1/2 inch is expected. a gray day, but we could use it. i think it's going to be a good day. we could use the natural rainshowers for the gardens across the region. >> yesterday i was putting together a grill on the deck and i was covered with pollen. i was like a mop. a quarter inch to 1/2 inch of rain expected today. you'll get a reprieve tomorrow. we cleared out on thursday. isolated late-night showers are
5:51 am
possible. friday things are fairly calm. on the weekends in a system approaches. that could pack a punch. a better chance of rain and maybe an inch and a half or more through saturday, late sunday, and into the first half of next week. now to lisa baden. >> normal travel times. between fredericksburg and baltimore along 95. 270, 66, the greenway, a toll road, and moving nicely along route 7. 95 traffic in virginia. more headlights out of newington headed toward the pentagon. everything moving smoothly. metrorail on normal service. >> now the story. i woke up to this. kate gosselin on dancing with the stars, she's gone. the television mother and her partner tony got the ax last
5:52 am
night. she faced constant criticism from the judges of, giving her the lowest scores. she clashed with her dancing partner, both threatened to quit this season. the viewer is kept bringing them back. in the end she says she learned a lot. >> if you have fears, you can face them. >> she was not very good, but she took some pretty harsh criticism on the chin and got back in there. her attitude was very good. >> now she will concentrate on the custody fight with her former husband. seven couples are still in the running for the trophy. >> going back to a custody fight after taking it on the chin at dancing with the the stars. [laughter] >> she can go to our next
5:53 am
reality show. >> it is still in the making. are you going to watch? >> i am not. scary moments. this actor is a white house aide. he was robbed at gunpoint early tuesday morning in d.c. purity started alavi "harold and humar." -- kumar" an armed robber made him give up his belongings. welcome to the nation's capital. >> exactly. >> its like a scene out of the movies. unfortunately, this was real life. >> exactly. it's about 5:53, 58 degr
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two women were denied jobs at six flags because of their hair. >> janet recently applied for part-time job. she was told her locks disqualified her for employment. the supervisor told her of management is nearing -- is an hearing to a corporate grooming policy. >> i think it's outrageous. i think it is sad.
5:57 am
they can go to hell. >> another woman last summer said she would not be welcomed back this year unless she changed her appearance. a spokesperson tells us it believes defining locked hair as unprofessional is discriminatory. >> dreadlocks are mainstream these days. >> i would agree. a lot more still to come in the second hour. >> coming up, a food fight over assaults, the latest efforts on the government efforts to cut back on sodium. >> in college park, surveillance video of the police shooting disappeared, but now it has resurfaced, but not all of it. de
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> moments away, new questions about the police beating in prince george's county after missing security tape shows up with a gap on it. we will have a live report. >> back in business, airplanes taking off of britain for the first time in nearly a week. >> a cloudy and cool start to this wednesday. some rain before the day is over. good morning washington continues right now. >> live and in hd, this is abc 7's good morning washington, on


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