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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  April 22, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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you'll save all over the store. [ female announcer ] plus we have great club card specials like oven joy bread is just 89 cents and safeway apple juice only $1.79. [ male announcer ] quality and low prices. so there's one stop for everything. [ female announcer ] at safeway, that's our promise. that's ingredients for life. >> live and in hd, this is abc7 news at noon, on your side. >> we begin with a developing story out of prince george's county where two sheriff's deputies and a security guard were involved in an overnight shooting at a nightclub early this morning. the club is in temple hills. police are now investigating. >> yellow crime scene tape now letters this parking lot -- now leaders this parking lot. two off-duty prince george's
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county deputies and a security guard tried to pick up a fight before one suspect charged through the deputies with his car. it >> after being hit by the vehicle, our deputies fired some shots. we do know that the suspect did sustain non-life threatening injuries. >> officials say he did not have any serious injuries and now three men are in custody. the nightclub owner says what happened this morning is out of the norm. >> it is normally a state like club. i have never seen this before. -- it is normally a safe night club. i have never seen this before. >> i was surprised. >> and many parents are on edge dropping of their children nearby. >> i'm glad it did not happen in the daytime because the kids are here.
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>> authorities say this is an ongoing investigation. prince george's county police will also be looking into the shooting while the sheriff's department conducts its own internal review. >> if you ride metro every day, get ready to pull more out of your wallet. metro is getting ready to unveil a new fare hike. >> a fiery board meeting just ended, not surprising considering the stress levels are very high. we are talking about a $189 million deficit and its teams from public opinion, most people would have higher fares rather than service cuts. they have raised the possibility of cutting weekend service from 3:00 a.m. until 2:00 a.m.
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that did get some people's attention. jim gramm says no way. he is servicing the area where people are coming into the city. they want to go out and go to the bars and go home late. other members say this is a great time for them to conduct drop work. you remember the 10 cent surcharge went into effect. that would disappear. they would raise the rate by 25 cents. riders would only really feel a 15 cent hike, and most of seem ok with that. -- most seem ok with that. >> you need to improve your services, we do not mind a fare increase. but at the same time, service has got to improve. >> under the possibility that
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metro were to raise the fare 25 cents, the minimal welfare would be $1.90, the minimum bus fare would be -- the minimum rail fare would be $1.90, the minimum bus fare would be $1.50. it is unclear when we will get a final decision on this. the fiscal year 2011 budget will go into effect on july 1. >> thank you for that. we have breaking news out of prince george's county where police have discovered a body. investigators say the body was discovered off country club road and hawthorne street. there is no word on the gender or identity of the body. an investigation is underway. meanwhile, in local federal air marshal has been fired after being charged with rape. he was arrested near seattle on saturday. charging documents say he
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answered an escort ad for a massage and a show for $150. police say he breaks the woman at gunpoint at a seattle hotel. he has been with the station for less than a year. investigators need your help to find a pair of armed robbers caught on camera holding of a d.c. bar in broad daylight. -- holding up a d.c. bar in broad daylight. the video you see here shows the manager and one of the suspects. the manager was not hurt. anyone with information should call d.c. police. and a private funeral is planned for 42-year-old brian dbetts. the school principal was murdered in his home last week. many considered him a hero. >> for the kids who were behind
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academically, he was a father figure. >> no matter the time you could call him, whenever. he would talk to us about our problems. >> police think betts may have known his killer and invited the person into his home. and it funeral service today will be private. -- the funeral service today will be private. a public service will be held in bethesda. and investigators are still -- and rescuers are looking for oil rig workers two days after the explosion. officials still do not know what caused the blast. >> survivors rescued by the coast guard from the burning louisiana oil rig where you reunited with their family members -- were reunited with their family members this morning. 17 workers were flown to hospitals to be treated for injuries. some of them were critically
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injured. but they may be the lucky ones. the coast guard has renewed the search for 11 people who were still missing after tuesday's powerful explosion. two aircraft and two coast guard cutters will be searching. >> we have very good conditions for search and rescue. >> the fire rages, nurse by 13,000 gallons of raw crude oil. -- nursed by 13,000 gallons of raw crude oil. >> it was like a mushroom cloud. >> a mobile officered drilling unit that -- offshore drilling unit that sits 5,000 feet off the gulf of mexico, the fire is so intense that firefighters cannot get close enough to it. >> so far, minimal oil spillage since it appears the crude is
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burning up. but as a precaution, recovery teams are on site. >> the erupting volcano in iceland is causing more problems for airlines today. volcanic ash was found in a military fighter jet engine. the airspace over most of europe is open even still. they expect 22,000 flights over europe just today. thousands of stranded travelers are finally starting to get home. many are reporting confusion over what passengers get priority and why. >> the families with children would be first come oshe, sure. yesterday, they had a meeting to decide the new rules, but did
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not tell us what they would be. >> every time i come and get a different answer. >> the eruption in iceland canceled more than 100,000 flights worldwide. airlines say it could be days, even weeks before they catch up on the backlog of flights. sunny skies today, but get ready for storms headed our way. >> it is pretty gorges out there this midday after a bit -- is pretty gorgeous out their midday after a pretty foggy start. -- it is pretty gorges out there at midday after a pretty foggy start. it is gorgeous out there with lots of sunshine. the upper 60 cozy in arlington. los 70's this afternoon. -- below 70's this afternoon.
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tomorrow looks like a gorgeous day. >> virginia lawmakers have approved a plan for gov. bob mcdonnell to cut abortion funding from the commonwealth. in a close vote, they voted to block state funding for abortion except in cases of rape or of the life of the mother is at risk. some people could cash in on a program to encourage people to buy energy-efficient appliances. $5.4 million has been committed to the program in maryland. the va has $7.4 million committed. the program kicks off next month.
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officials building the new silver line at dulles international say it is costing more than expected. the cost could mean higher fees for phyllis commuters. -- dulles commuters. and coming up on abc7 news at noon, the president heads to wall street with a message for bankers and brokers. get ready for more oversight. a preview, coming up. then powerful testing on a student who is accused of passing private e-mails. we will be right back. passing private e-mails. we will be right back.
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>> president obama is delivering a message to bankers and brokers in new york city, get ready for more oversight. >> some on wall street forgot that behind every dollar traded or leveraged, there is a family of looking to buy a house or pay for an education, open a business, pay for retirement. what happens on wall street has real consequences across the country. >> the white house hasays the proposed reforms will set limits on the banks and the risks they can take. they will also create a stronger financial protections for consumers. both parties agree more oversight is needed, but all 31 republicans are blocking the bill unless changes are made. some possible good news on the job front, unemployment dropped sharply last week to 456,000.
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overall, 4.65 million americans without jobs has also dropped from the week before. bobbi bison with the national park trust hosted students on the national mall with outdoor activities to celebrate national parks. the regains and exhibits and other interactive activities -- there were games, exhibits, and other interactive activities. >> a couple of sprinkles over west virginia, very isolated. but it is still nice, much better than this morning. >> i was about to say, it was covered in fog. >> off to the north and west you
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can't see that there are showers -- you can see that there showers up in parts of pennsylvania and down your kirby. -- near kirby. there is a weak system that is dropping across and that could trigger a shower storm. but we do know that it is dry behind. we will keep an eye on it as we head into the afternoon. a stray storm is possible. this is up in frederick and it was just socked in. a gorgeous day taking shape with beautiful sunshine out there and a few high clouds. 65 down in herndon right now. leesburg at 70. the wind blowing across the cool
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waters, look at the tip that is happening in the day. it is only around 50 degrees right now. 60's and 70's today, a little bit cooler. later in the week things will start to shift. tomorrow, sunshine and low 70's. by friday, clouds will be thinking -- thickening and a storm as possible on saturday. let's look at the afternoon, though 70's isolated storms -- low 70's, isolated storms. tomorrow, partly to mostly sunny, 70's a gorgeous friday. and a storm system moves in on
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saturday and it could be next tuesday before it moves out. >> sarah palin's oldest daughter took the stand yesterday telling the jury she was terrified after someone broke into her mother's e-mail and posted her cellphone number on line. she suddenly started receiving threatening calls and e-mails from a college student who is accused of breaking into sarah palin's private e-mail during the 2008 campaign. an investigation uncovered details about congressional travel and how much it costs taxpayers. one congressional staffer racked up $76,000 in travel on trips to europe. they get $200 per day and if they don't spend it, they get to
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keep it. >> they can spend it on guesgifr they can keep it. >> congressional investigators questioned house majority leader steny hoyer and nancy pelosi. they want to know if talk democrats covered up information about whether eric master sexual harassed male staffers. he resigned last month over possible corruption allegations. a military jury found that a navy seal not guilty, one of three facing court-martials accused of punching an iraqi prisoner. straight ahead on abc7 news at
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noon, -- >> he is not a violent man. he has never heard me. >> but now her husband is accused of assaulting his wife in her sleep. could it really happen? -- in his sleep. could it really happen? -- in his sleep. could it really happen? and who doesn't want value for their dollar? been true since the day i made my first dollar. where is that dollar? i got it out to show you... uhh... was it rather old and wrinkly? yeah, you saw it? umm fancy a crisp? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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>> a plan to combine two of the country's biggest airlines appears to be dead. this announcement comes after word that united and continental airlines have exchanged information. a newly discovered sleep
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disorder has landed one has been in jail. -- one husband in jail. he's accused of violently beating his wife while he appeared to beatbe asleep. the couple contends that he has r.e.m. sleep disorder and are seeking to have the charges dropped. >> we have had one or two nights of sleep a part in two years. this is too much. >> for now, the district attorney's office is not convinced. adam will be back in court on may 5. and still ahead, back
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>> its like it belongs in the circus more than on a baseball feat -- it looks like it belongs in the circus more than on a baseball field. take a look at this. that move helped earn his teammates a come-from-behind victory. it has already gone viral on youtube. that has got to be painful. >> i tell you, nothing compares
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to that, but we do have a couple of sprinkles. it that a bit of energy west of hagerstown. -- a little bit of energy west of hagerstown. an isolated shower or storm is possible, but otherwise mild and back in the 70's. this compared to yesterday when we were a we werechilly in the 50's -- when we were a little bit chilly in the 50's. >> my allergies have been killing me. thank you for being here with us this midday. we will see you back here for "good morning washington" and friday and have a great day, everybody.
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