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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  April 25, 2010 11:35pm-12:05am EDT

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and we begin on stormwatch tonight. some rain is still falling in some areas. meteorologist steve rudin joins us. >> we have been watching the doppler radar in the belfort furniture weather center. a thunderstorm watch earlier. we are watching some things that move off to the east and north, chevy chase, silver spring. also, a thunderstorm reported at dulles. the heaviest rain off to the north and east. some patchy fog will develop in
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the early-morning hours as temperatures fall in the 50's. coming up, we will look at the extended forecast, and there will be warmer temperatures by the end of the week. caroline? >> thank you, steve. log on to our website for more information at the president returns to a battle over reforming wall street. republican and democratic representatives will be trying to have a vote tomorrow. so far, republicans are not on board. tonight, democrats are tired of waiting. >> we have 17 months after somebody broke into our house, in effect, and rob us, and we still have not changed the locks on the door. >> republicans will try to block financial reform to coming to the senate floor tomorrow. >> will we get a bill by tomorrow? i doubt it.
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i will always hope so. >> the president has been demanding reform. >> we also need some rules of the road for wall street, so the reckless decisions of a few do not take our economy over the side. >> more taxpayer bailouts of too-big-to-fail banks. >> what regulators are trying to do is move some of this stuff into the open air coming into the light of day, on two exchanges, where we can see what happens. >> it would give more power is an information to regulators, but will all of this prevent another meltdown from starting on wall street? >> i am sure right now, they are devising the product that will get as into trouble next time, so this reform will not prevent the next crisis. >> president obama will travel
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to iowa, missouri, and illinois. mr. obama plans to meet with workers, farmers, and small- business owners. i will sit down with a political reporter to talk about wall street reform. thanks for joining us tonight. let's start with financial reform. last week, the president took his message to wall street. of course, a lot of americans are already fed up with these a bank bailouts, but what are we expecting here? >> the president of thinks this is a winning issue, and last week, he went in to sell the message and connect himself with financial regulatory reform. remember, this was such a critical issue during the 2008 campaign, and it started putting him over the top in this final months, so he was to show voters that he is following through and doing something about this issue. >> following on health care.
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>> exactly, one of the things that the polls show is that americans do not rank this among their highest priorities, so he wants to tell them why it is important that they care about regulatory reform just as they care about unemployment reform. >> when can we expect? >> it will probably not pass. a republicans are holding firm. mitch mcconnell, the leader of republicans, said today all of the republicans will vote against, so what we will see is a lot of rhetoric tomorrow. they say that democrats are trying to rush a bill to the floor before it is ready, and the test vote will fail, and then, democrats and republicans will have to come back to the table to get a compromise that will give least one republican vote in the senate. >> they were calling this as president obama's rushmore
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moment. do you see that as such a moment for him? >> i think it feeds into the scenario. mike and i co-wrote a story about the tale of two obamas. out in america, outside of washington, people do not see this. his approval rating continues to slip into the 40's. if he gets regulatory reform done, this will start to cement it into their minds that this presidency has been somewhat consequential. >> heating up incredibly over the past week. marco rubio got some pretty substantial endorsement. >> if the primary will help -- were held today, there is no question among anyone that marco
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rubio the conservative challenger, will win, and that is just stunning, because only months ago, it was inevitable that charlie crist, the governor, would win that primary, and right now, there is little chance that he could. he is trying to figure out right now whether or not he could win and whether or not it would cost him or the republicans that seat if he challenged. he wants to know if he runs as a third-party candidate he could get enough support to make it worthwhile. her otherwise, there is just a good chance that he would drop out of the primary and drop out of the race. >> all right, thanks again. goldman sachs executives will be testifying in washington. a civil fraud lawsuit is launched against them for deliberately misleading investors. their ceo will be discussing their role in the subprime mortgage crisis and is likely to be asked about other issues, as
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well. the lehman brothers bankruptcy trial is set to start tomorrow. their collapse in 2008 was the largest corporate bankruptcy in history, helping to trigger the global recession. investigators claimed their executives use gimmicks to manipulate balance sheets, an accusation lehman brothers denies. maryland governor martin o'malley wants to keep his job, so he is kicking off his reelection campaign this week. he will campaign in baltimore and also visit a community college and a park. for him, tuesday is just the start of a three-day, and 11- tour -- three-day tour. the d.c. principal found dead in his comics will be honored this week at a special memorial service. d.c. public schools will host a
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memorial for him. the private funeral was held last week for the beloved principal. >> no matter what times, we could call on him. he would talk to us about our problems. >> kids that were behind academically. he was a father figure. >> the middle school will host a school tribute to him on thursday for students, parents, and staff, and then the public memorial service will be at 11:00 in the morning. police believe that least two people are involved in the murder of betts. another woman has her body lay in repose, and on thursday, a funeral will be held at the national cathedral, and she will be buried at the fort lincoln cemetery in maryland. she was 98 years old. coming up on "washington
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weekly," no more being stuck on the tarmac for hours on end without water or food. a hope for the future. >> and a local medical students giving back to the community. >> and a local medical students giving back to the community.
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here is a look at what else is happening. a group of somalis accused of
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piracy will be back in the courtroom on wednesday. 11 are being held in norfolk. the men will be appointed defense attorneys. they are accused of attacking two naval ships. a big change, airlines will be able to keep passengers waiting on the tarmac for nor more than three hours. -- no more than three hours. airlines to break this role could be fined per passenger. -- kubrick this -- could break this -- who break this rule. an annual meeting this week. it would draw the attention to the importance of distracted driving. for more on our abc7 drive to stay alive program, go to jail -- go to, a
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keyword --, a keyword -- teen driving. taking a look at the week ahead in sports, the capitals face off against the canadiens for game 6 tomorrow night in montreal. if necessary, they will take on the canadians here at home. the nats are on the road this week. they will be at wrigley field to play the chicago cubs, and then the nationals will play the florida marlins friday through sunday. coming up on abc7's "washington weekly," president obama attend a memorial for the miners killed and the west virginia explosion.
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taking a look at tonight's top stories, president obama attended a memorial in west virginia for the 29: miners killed in the deadly explosion earlier this month. the president promised family members and friends that americans would honor those who died by improving safety in coal mines. people in the south are cleaning up the damage left by deadly tornadoes. twisters touched down in seven
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states, killing at least 10 people. mississippi was the hardest hit by the storm, which hamas blevins. the governor has declared a state of emergency in 12 counties. and tonight, heavy rains, lightning strikes, and they helped create dangerous driving conditions. there is some rain still falling. >> some rain still falling, and in southeast d.c. right now, some moderate rain, maybe some thunder. we look at our capitol building downtown. the wind will diminish over the next hour or two, and that will allow some patchy fog to develop. this shows a temperature of 53 degrees in rockville, over six tenths of an inch of rain falling. 1.5 inches of rain after a high of 62 degrees. in the district at lafayette
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elementary school, 54. thunderstorms will be beginning to blossom towards the national harbor and oxon hill. this line to the north of us is going to extended to the south for the next hour or two. fairfax county, everything will eventually in terms of thunderstorms go up by about 2:00 in the morning, scattered showers expected. 77 degrees at reagan national today after a morning low of 53. in hagerstown, 54 degrees. milder temperatures, head to the south. this will go to the south for tomorrow, and then a cold front will go across the area. this will bring a warmer temperatures actually by wednesday, into thursday and friday. outside at this hour, the clouds
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remain along with a few thunderstorms. and then, a fine stretch of day on wednesday. showers remain. temperatures fall in the 50's. winds out of the east. by tomorrow afternoon, and thunderstorms. some could be severe, upper 60's to low 70's. our outlook looks much better. temperatures will be warming to middle 70's. we could see warm temperatures for the upcoming weekend. so, , some thunder, but all of the watches and warnings have all been canceled. >> all right, thanks a lot, steve. coming up on abc7, how some
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a recent study shows an increase in health care, and needed, and that is being -- this means doctors are trying to meet the growing need. >> the 34-year-old came to the clinic for a tuberculosis test. it is required for her to stay in the homeless shelter at the former d.c. general hospital.
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after being seen by a couple of medical students and then a doctor, she learned she needed more than just a routine test. >> patches to stop smoking. i am trying to stop smoking. >> the medical students who manage the clinic say that what she needed was for something chronic. >> the clinic was started by medical students four years ago to help patients learn about their health and students to learn about medicine. >> they're able to go in and take blood pressure and temperature. >> and the students are on their way to becoming doctors next month. but lately, the staff here has noticed an increase in the number of patients to walk through the door. in 2008, the clinic treated more
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patients. they are adding another night to meet demand. >> there is a huge need for health services in our community, and this will fill some part of that gap. that is our goal. >> and she says now that she knows there is a place she can go, she said she plans to bring her children back for a checkup. >> there are two major grants, including a triathlon that they say raises more than $10,000. pamela brown, abc7 news. and steve rudin is back with a look at the 7-day forecast. and steve rudin is back with a look at the 7-day forecast.
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the worst is over. >> the worst is over. tomorrow, not such a bad day. morning clouds. there could be the development of thunderstorms tomorrow in the evening hours, and there could be a potential for some small hail and gusty winds. all of the showers will move on out of here, and by wednesday, thursday, and friday, just in time for the upcoming weekend, temperatures will warm into the upper 70's -- middle bam opera 70's, by saturday. >> middle 70's. >> mid to upper 70's.
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