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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  April 27, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> mumm away, the fight over financial reform. senate lawmakers try to reach a deal. a major investment firm stands accused of fraud. we will have a live report. >> your chance to say goodbye to a civil rights icon. today is a tribute to dorothy height. >> the rain is gone for now. that is good news. today will stay dry. good morning washington begins right now. >> live and in hd, this is good morning washington, on your side. >> good tuesday morning. i am doug mcelway. >> i am alison starling. we are glad you are joining us on this tuesday. let's get started with traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> we still have that light
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drizzle coming down. >> the rain is starting to move out. on the doppler radar you can see a few sprinkles, but the bulk of the rain is moving to the east. outside this morning it's in the '50s. we will get some sunshine throughout the morning. afternoon clouds will build. partly sunny. the best chance for added clouds will be south of town, where they could see an isolated shower. today will be in the mid-60s. not lisa baden. what's happening with traffic? >> i'm getting complaints of a big bundle of insulation that has fallen off of a truck on 270 southbound close to pay 85. nothing to move out of the leg on this camera. beltway travel, headlights are the outer loop. 95 around georgia ave. running smoothly.
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springfield, va., north and southbound. metrorail trains are out on time. in bow>> the gop's dole democraa major setback last night. republicans blocked efforts to begin debate on an overhaul in the financial regulations system. democrats need 60 votes, but they ended up three short. harry reid is expected to try to call a second vote today. all eyes on goldman sachs. the investment giant is facing accusations that it bet against the american people and turned a profit on the country's economic collapse. executives will go to the hill today where they're expected to deny investor fraud. rianne carter is live in the newsroom with more on this story. >> good morning. the hearing will get underway at 10:00 this morning on capitol hill. goldman sachs executives are expected to face tough questions.
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goldman sachs executives could face a grilling on the hill today. >> bemis led the country and were not fair to their customers. >> during the hearing this morning, email dating back to 2007 may be a topic of discussion. those e-mails that show that the bank allegedly positioned itself to make a fortune off the mortgage crisis. the e-mails, the bank says, were cherry pick. >> you can see what goes on beneath goldman sachs and they will have to address that. that is relatively rare. >> it faces charges that it is led declines by selling mortgage investment secretly designed to fail. the head of the senate committee says goldman contributed to the nation's economic collapse. the ceo of goldman loyd blankfein is expected to address the charges. when the hearing gets underway this morning, he expected to start by thanking taxpayers for
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the bailout, noting that the bank has paid it all back with interest. brianne prada reporting. >> the controversy surrounding arizona's to of immigration law shows no signs of simmering down. if dozens demonstrated last night at a tucson building where gov. jan brewer was speaking. mexico's president says it will hurt u.s.-mexico relations. police will question people about their immigration status if they suspect there in the country illegally. the controversy has sparked protests in prince george's county. protesters demanded to see the head of the county jail there. they are upset that a 26-rolled woman could be deported after she was arrested for selling phone cards from her apartment. a bar distracts her using a secure community partnership of federal immigration authorities and found she does not have the proper documents to stay in the united states. >> final tributes will begin
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today for a legendary civil rights activist dorothy height, who died last week. to oppose of the national council of negro women's headquarters on pennsylvania avenue from 6:00 to 10:00 p.m. funeral will be held thursday at the washington national cathedral. there will be about 700 tickets for the general public. president obama has ordered the flag still flies at half staff that day. >> gov. martin o'malley will kick off his reelection campaign today. he and blue zemin to governable starter before second german baltimore later this morning. he will make stops in prince george's, charles, and montgomery county. they will stop in frederik and talha counties martin o'malle. nodar grumman is moving its headquarters from los angeles to the d.c. area. yesterday they chose virginia
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over maryland and d.c.. the exact site remains unclear. up to 150 new jobs in our area is what it will mean. >> last month's mass shooting in southeast d.c., police arrested 21-rolled jeffrey best. the police chief says this is the final arrest in the case. best is also charged in the mouth 27 shooting death of jordan howe. -- march 27 shooting. we have exclusive video of the underwear bomber training in yemen. abdulmutallab deshawn firing weapons and should speaking in arabic about his impending attack. -- is shown firing weapons. more beginning at 7:00 this morning on that.
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>> who says you cannot fight city hall? the district dismissed 70,000 parking tickets in 2009. >> we will head back down south where the cleanup continues to day after the deadly twisters. >> first we will find out if any more severe weather is in the forecast.
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>> people are assessing damage after the deadly tornadoes that swept through the south. nearly 700 homes were damaged over the weekend in mississippi alone. 12 people were killed. 10 in mississippi. two in alabama. officials are tallying the costs so they can ask for federal emergency declaration. >> good morning. it is drizzly out there. we have missed coming down. today it's going to be a transition. we will see sunshine when the smoke out. the clouds will thicken out. the crowds move back this afternoon. afternoon showers especially south of town are possible. a good job of the week will be
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dry and pleasant and pushing near 80 by the end of the week. today's forecast, and drizzle, sunshine, then more clouds. >> it is a fantastic ride even on areas of west pavement. 95 in and out of baltimore is good. between virginia and springfield, looks good. if nothing near the pentagon on 395. 66 between marshall and vienna, i have nothing to report. everyone is behaving out of waldorf on route 5. on 228 and who 10, and-- aqndnd 210 looks fine. >> its 53 degrees. >> a controversial supreme court
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case. and if the fed taking on facebook. to the government taking aim at the technology world. >> i'm courtney robinson in northwest. we are going to look at an airport that's as it might be worth it to fight a parking
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you are watching abc 7's good morning washington. with doug mcelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, and lisa baden with traffic. this is good morning washington, on your side. >> in our top stories, the senate to vote again today on whether to begin debate on a financial reform bill. this comes as the head of goldman sachs appeared before a senate committee to discuss fraud charges filed against the banking giant. if a senate investigation found the firm used complex mortgage securities to make billions at
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the expense of its clients. final tributes begin today for legendary civil rights activist dorothy height. gyn oppose denied the national council of negro women from headquarters in northwest. the funeral held on thursday at the washington national cathedral. 700 tickets will be made available to the general public's. the largest sex discrimination case is a step closer to trial. a lawsuit accusing walmart of paying women less than men can be heard. a trial could begin within the next year. as many as a million women could be included in the class-action lawsuit that could cause walmart to billions of dollars. >> 5:15 of the time. from pricey parking meters to the tens of thousands of tickets issued every year, driving in the district can cause a lot of money. a new report shows the city is losing millions because a lot of drivers are fighting back. courtney robinson is live in
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northwest with surprising numbers. >> good morning. fighting back means the city is losing money, not just from the parking tickets but from moving violations. the city is still making money. ask anyone on the street. they made $115 million in fiscal year 2009. finding this slapped on your windshield could be worth fighting. and the report by the district shows in 2009 the city issued 2.4 million traffic tickets. 70,000 were dismissed. >> i would go ballistic. >> we found 70 percent of motorists were fighting parking violations because of parking meters not working and because of issues related to the
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blizzard. the mayor proposed raising the parking rates in certain areas to overcome a budget gap. it's no surprise people are challenging tickets and in some cases they are winning. >> parking is big business in the district of columbia and it's a shame. >> barking and moving violations means quite a bit of revenue for the city. some of these tickets that are challenged are dismissed for the right reasons. officers did not write them correctly or someone didn't deserve to actually get a ticket. still in other cases, according to the washington examiner, they said the office might be understaffed and that could be the reason some of these tickets are dismissed after being challenged. courtney robinson reporting. >> you can't fight city hall. traffic and weather every -- you can fight city hall. >> 704 is closed westbound near
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forest boulevard because of an accident. right now in virginia things are great on 66 eastbound. starting to build in volume in the centreville area. no problems in falls church and headed to the roosevelt bridge. 95, many of your neighbors are hitting the road. into springfield it looks like this. now to brian van de graaff. >> it's going to be a drizzly start to the morning. the clouds will get a little thinner and then more will come back. an interesting day. cool this morning, 54 degrees in bristol. it's a little chilly out there. i want to show you this storm scanned picture because we have this system still churning out to the west. what will happen is a little energy that was out last night, we will see thinning of the clouds and sunshine.
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the next system will come through and clouds will get thicker in the afternoon. a better chance for thicker clouds and limited sunshine to the south and may be an isolated shower especially south of town as the next system rolls through. all this will be out by tomorrow and mid-week. we should see improvement, which is good news. today's forecast, a little drizzle, then sunshine, then more clouds. back and forth. highs in the low 60's. cooler than average of 70 degrees. in the thirties tonight or low 40's. tomorrow, sunny and breezy. northwest winds at 15-20. breezy today and tomorrow. by wednesday or thursday the temperature is warm up again. by the weekend we are talking low 80s. not so shabby. >> thank you. it appears that college students are pretty much lost without social networking sites and
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other forms of media. according to a study. the washington post reports 200 students at the university of maryland's college park were asked to go 24 hours without any media. some students were unable to do that. the study found most college students struggled to function without their media connections to the world. >> facebook is probably what they missed the most. today is "tech bytes" takes on the government's role in the digital world and the u.s. senate probst facebook privacy and the supreme court looks at violence in video games. jeremy hubbard has those stories and more. >> a new call for similar privacy consoles on facebook. four democratic senators are sending facebook a letter today, concern about new features that what the social networking site to give members explicit consent for sharing personal information with other websites. the blog that published pictures and details of the next-
5:21 am
generation iphone is a love for a rapidly expanding criminal investigation. authorities seized four computers from the home of the editor. they say the equipment may have been used to commit a felony. the prototypes of all was lost in the california bar last month and sold to the baht for thousands of dollars. the supreme court will weigh in on violent video games. if the court will hear a case this fall to determine whether a california law banning the sale of video games to minors is constitutional or a violation of free speech. bilal did not take effect because of legal challenges. there's-- the law did not take effect. there's another game where you are able to use your fingers instead of the joystick. >> if you like the old fogger game from the 1980's, you'll love this. it's not only for nostalgic guys
5:22 am
like me. it's fun for your son or daughter. they're going to play it very quickly. a great game for the family. >> $4.99. the end of an era in computing. sony says it will stop selling the 3.5 inch floppy disks next year. 30 years after they were first introduced. if it used to be the best way to store and transfer files, but technology including cd's, u.s. bee drive, and the web have made them irrelevant. -- usb drives. >> i had no idea anybody still may doze. >> they survived 30 years. that's a long time for technology these days. 5:22 is the time on a tuesday. 53 degrees. >> coming up, the capitals gun blazing on the ice. but the montreals goalie was still standing at the end.
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we have highlights coming out. >> today on "the oprah show", a rhodes scholar and a convicted murderer with one thing in common, the same name. we will tell you how it led to the ultimate twist of fate at 4:00 on abc 7 today.
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>> the capital's odder 04 two. washinton out -- outshot
5:26 am
montreal but lost a game six four-one. if they got off to an aggressive start. he was in the zone last night. he made an astounding 53 saves and was almost untouchable. then mike scored twice in one and a half minutes. there's a power play goal. 97 seconds later. the capitals finally go on the board with just over four minutes left. ericka gets to go on. -- eric gets to go on. then it's back to washington tomorrow night in the best of one. tomorrow night its rock the red. woodlawn to play the flyers if they win. it's going to be filed tomorrow night. kevin gray day, everybody. >> if it's 53 degrees. the news continues at 5:30.
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>> still ahead in the next half- hour, a series of violent armed robbers caught on tape. we will tell you where the thieves are targeting. >> tough questions expected to be asked of the executives at a major investment firm. the ceo of goldman sachs kids to the hill today. >> the abc 7 weather center, a little drizzle and a little sunshine and a little cloudy, but it's going to be cool
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ready when you are. >> live and in hd, this is good morning washington, on your side. >> straight ahead, major developments for wall street. the senate fails its first
5:30 am
financial reform test and goldman sachs ancestor fraud accusations. good morning, washington. welcome back on this tuesday, april 27. i am alison starling. >> i am doug mcelway. let's start with traffic and weather every 10 minutes. a little light drizzle. >> it will give way to sunshine, but then more clouds will roll back in. if the sun comes out tomorrow. let's look outside this morning. let's look at what's going on this morning. the radar looks clear for the most part, but there is some drizzle out there. i will be outside in a few minutes to show you. we are in the low to mid 50's. if today's forecast, a little drizzle, and sunshine, then clouds. astray afternoon shower to the south. mainly it will be breezy and cooler in the low 60's. if it gets better at the end of the week.
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lisa baden, what's happening? >> we are not going any timber tantrums on the highway. moving very nicely a roundabout way it, interstate travel. if you're headed to the american legion bridge, there's a vehicle stalled out on the outer loop. traffic heading away from us on a right thumb on the bridge in the left lane, reported a vehicle that was stopped on the road. we are on the way to check that out. check back with us in less than 10 minutes. back to you. >> thank you. a major setback for senate democrats trying to put new regulations on wall street. republican lawmakers had enough votes to block debate on a financial overhaul legislation. nebraska democrat ben nelson was the only lawmaker who did not vote along party lines. majority leader harry reid is expected to propose the measure again today. the setback comes as the senate gives credit to will executives from goldman sachs. deguzman giant is accused of fraud, cashing in on investors
5:32 am
during the country's economic collapse -- the investment giant. a complex scheme that made investors billions of dollars. rianne carter has more. >> good morning. we are supposed to hear from them later today when the hearing gets underway. this will start at 10:00 this morning. goldman leaders could face tough questions. a senate investigation has reportedly found goldman sachs developed a strategy to profit from the housing meltdown and reap billions at the expense of clients. lloyd blankfein is expected to deny charges that the bank misled investors, and toxic mortgages. e-mails dating back to 2000 7 may be part of the discussion. investigators say the internal e-mails if so the bank allegedly positioned itself to make a fortune during the mortgage bank crisis. the bank reportedly said the e- mails were cherry pick by senators. -- 2007. >> goldman profited while the
5:33 am
market dropped, taking many goldman clients with it, not to mention the damage done to the u.s. economy. >> according to abc news, lloyd blankfein is expected to start this morning in the hearing thanking taxpayers for the bank bailout, noting goldman has paid it all back with interest. brianne carter reporting. thank you. financial reform is not the only issue taking center stage on capitol hill today. a senate committee will hold a hearing on mine safety in the wake of this month coal mine explosion in west virginia. that killed 29 people. the time mine safety official in the nation is expected to testify at the hearing. crews are racing to contain the oil spill from the giant oil rig that exploded and sank into the gulf of mexico last week. it threatens fish and many tourist attractions in four states from louisiana and florida.
5:34 am
32,000 gallons of oil are leaking every day. >> the cleanup is underway from tornadoes that swept through the south. the storms killed 12 people on the weekend. 10 in mississippi, two in alabama. if the storm system began in louisiana and cut a path 150 miles long to mississippi and continued to alabama. $700 or damaged in mississippi alone. >> reporting a large tornado on the ground. >> i lost my home. i mean, everything. we have nothing at all. >> the national weather service says 60 tornadoes were reported from saturday through yesterday. state officials are tallying the costs and assessing damage so they can ask for federal emergency declarations. >> final tributes began today for legendary civil rights activist dorothy height, who died last week. tonight she will lie in repose at the national coffee council of negro women's headquarters on pennsylvania avenue from 6:00 the 10:00 p.m. the funeral will be thursday at
5:35 am
the washington national cathedral. 700 tickets for the general public will be available. president obama ruf has ordered flags to fly at half staff on that day. >> northrop grumman is moving its corporate headquarters from los angeles to northern virginia. if today governor bob mcdonnell will provide details in. it has chosen northern virginia over maryland and d.c.. the exact site remains unclear. the move will create up to 150 new jobs in our area. the controversy surrounding arizona's tough new immigration law. these illegal immigrants are walking a trail of dreams from miami to washington. they want congress to stop deportation for two years and the removal of those with immediate families who are u.s. citizens. >> a businessman who pleaded
5:36 am
guilty in the bribery and kickback scheme that shook up d.c.'s technology office will be sentenced today. the 43-year-old pled guilty to bribery and money-laundering charges. prosecutors say that gave thousands of dollars in bribes to the former chief security officer in exchange for millions of dollars in contracts. prince william county police are investigating a series of armed robberies that were caught on tape. some gold thieves have been robbing fast-food restaurants while customers are just sitting there eating their lunch. one hotel clerk at a gunshot interface during another robbery. these crimes may be linked to a larger robbery rampage throughout northern virginia. >> still ahead, millions of dollars unclaimed in maryland. we will tell you how you can get your fair share. >> ♪ >> a little bit later, it's that time of the week again.
5:37 am
we will break down last nights of "dancing with the stars." >> another check on traffic and weather every 10 minutes. if there's an incident on the american legion bridge. lisa baden will
5:38 am
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>> , executive director of citar arts center in adams morgan, where we provide arts
5:40 am
education to children regardless of the family's ability to pay. find out more at our website. good morning, washington. >> its 5:40 on this tuesday morning, for traffic and weather every 10 minutes. brian van de graaff is outside our studio in roslyn, where it's been drizzling all morning. >> that is beginning to taper off, but the breeze out of the northwest will kick around today. if temperatures in the low 60's will feel cooler. it gets better later in the week. the moisture is moving to the east. a little systems will swing through later this afternoon. we will have sunshine for a good part of the day. more clouds later and possibly an isolated shower to the south of town. cool and breezy today. sunshine tomorrow with clouds, still bindi. near 80 degrees by the end of the week. should be a pretty nice weekend in the low 80's.
5:41 am
>> in virginia there's a crash and getting out of springfield towards tyson. the inner loop near the turnpike, they're moving in accident out of the way. out of maryland to virginia across the potomac ridge an, t'a broken-down vehicles. headlights are out of tysons moving nicely into bethesda. let's take you to virginia and a live camera to show you the traffic moving nicely. looks good towards the pentagon. back to you. >> thank you. 5:41 is the time. 53 degrees and drizzly. >> coming up, the leaders on "dancing with the stars." >> and analyzed for an old hollywood staple. that's coming up in about 10 minutes. >> trash is accumulating in our oceans in a big mass. it's floating. >> some d.c. residents could be paying more for another type
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>> you are watching abc 7's good morning washington. with doug mcelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, and lisa baden with traffic. this is good morning washington, on your side. >> welcome back, everybody. the senate could vote again today on whether to begin debate on a financial reform bill. this comes as the head of goldman sachs appears before a senate committee to discuss fraud charges filed against the banking giant. the senate's investigation found the firm used complex securities to make billions and at the expense of its clients. nodar brolin's new headquarters will be located -- northrop grumman revealed yesterday it will locate its new headquarters in northern
5:46 am
virginia. maryland and d.c. were also competing. finally, a tennessee jury will begin deliberating the fate of a tennessee college student accused of backing into a former republican vice presidential candidate sarah palin's email. his lawyer says it was all just a prank. if convicted, he could face up to 50 years in prison. >> first plastic bags, now plastic bottles. a d.c. lawmaker behind the bag tax wants to do another about -- what to do something about another enemy plaguing our environment. >> when benjamin goes to the grocery store, he brings his own bag . >> its owntoo to ask. >> it's a familiar sight across the district. -- it is not too much to ask. >> it's just a few cents
5:47 am
charged that gives somebody like me to bring their own back to the grocery store. >> may be a starbucks cupp. >> plastic bottles are accumulating in the oceans. >> environmental advocates say the d.c. backpack has cut down on litter. recycling bottles will do the same. some are not sure that more cycling programs would kick litter off the curb, but they believe cash is a motivator. >> people don't want to spend money when they don't have to. >> investigators are looking into the personal life of a murdered d.c. middle school principal as they tried to find aswho jim. detectives have focused on brian betts's personal life and quinces that e-mails made on certain websites. police say they are aware of concerns circulating in the gay community thehe may have been targeted. a baltimore county family is in mourning after young mother was struck and killed while crossing
5:48 am
a busy road. 17-rolled maldonado and her son were trying to cross the street to get a bus when the crash happened. -- 17-year-ol. >> the man stepped on his brakes too late. the lady had to the stroller and i guess she pushed it out of the way. she got hit and landed under the truck. >> her son was not injured. the truck driver is not been charged. he stopped to help the woman and her son. the cause remains under investigation. >> mysterious phone calls are irritating some people in our area. >> [phone ringing] >> that is what residents are hearing in the middle of the night. when they answer, nobody is there. arlington county police have received 150 complaints. it's a wyoming phone number
5:49 am
belonging to a communications company, but the companies as an unknown entity stole their phone number. the washinton blade is back in business. the long-running gay newspaper in d.c. shutdown in november after the parent company declared bankruptcy. since then, staffers have published weekly editions under the name "d.c. agenda." to the washington post is reporting the blade will begin publishing under its original name at the end of this week. >> if time for traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> we've had a stormy week so far. a little drizzle of their remaining. what is the latest? >> for the most part, it is starting to move out. let's look at the rain tallies since we got started in the last two days. we have hit the jackpot. we had tornado warnings down to the south. waterspout was spotted off the
5:50 am
island. there was strong letter to this out yesterday. once this was out, we will see improvement. over an inch fell through parts of ashburn. 52 this morning they had 1.3 inches this morning. let's look at the overall pattern as this energy is coming through. yesterday some of those storms moving out. behind that we will see a little clearing. they're still energy that will swing through later in the day. we will have sunshine after this goes out and there could be more clouds building in around 6:00. an isolated chance of showers for the south. low 60's this afternoon. wind out of the northwest at 15 miles an hour. low 60's after 7:30. tomorrow we will see temperatures really cooling-off period and gusty wind tomorrow, 20 or 25 miles an hour. that will be howling.
5:51 am
there will be a chilly afternoon tomorrow. low 80's by the weekend. >> not much happening. as far as travel times, still in our favor. 95 between fredericksburg and baltimore, looks good. the dulles toll road, 66, and 270 looking fine. 270 travel is normal out of frederik into montgomery county. i just heard from newschopper 7 and they are going to fly this morning. >> that is good. moving in the right direction. it's tuesday. we know what that means. time to talk about dancing. take a look. it was a big night for almost all of the remaining seven celebrities. almost every competitor really stepped it up. singer nicole scherzinger
5:52 am
foresthill leads the pack. some of them got the highest scores of the season. espn reporter erin andrews is a close second. skater evan lysacek fell back to fifth place. the judges said it was his worst of the season. now that kate gosselin is gone, the lowest scores went to the bachelor jake. one more danceable be eliminated tonight. i'll be watching. >> pamela anderson did not look bad as a brunette. >> that was pamela anderson? >> she looks really different. >> i did not notice. >> who was looking at her hair? good boy, brian. >> i would always recognize pamela anderson. >> hollywood's famous sign has
5:53 am
been saved from urban sprawl. >> thank-you hefner for that. he donated $900,000 to a fund- raiser to reach a $12 million goal. there's a land conservation pact that protect the land of the sciences upon. -- sign sits upon. >> 5:53 is the time. 54 degrees. >> 5:53 is the time. 54 degrees. >>
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>> maryland officials are trying to get rid of millions of dollars in unclaimed cash. >> some of that money could belong to you. if some of it is unclaimed government refunds and unclaimed money in old bank accounts, stocks, bonds, and safe deposit box is. if it lingers long enough, it ends up in maryland's office of unclaimed property. >> we have over $42 million this year. over 800 million in all accounts. >> $42 million. amazing. that is all the unclaimed money that has piled up over the years. over the next weeks, newspaper inserts will appear in papers across maryland and they will list of names of individuals recently identified as owners of unclaimed cash. if the office has unclaimed items other than cash as well.
5:57 am
if no one claims them in the year, they will be sold. there's no statute of limitations on the cash. >> people lead such busy lives that they forget where a lot of their money is coming from. >> they have to look into it. 5:57 is the time on this tuesday. there's a lot more in the next hour of good morning washington. >> a new report about the aids rate in the metro region. >> tough questions expected on the hill today. what we can expect to hear from goldman sachs as they face lawmakers. >> lisa baden will help you navigate your tuesday morning commute. traffic and weather
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> the fight over financial reform. senate lawmakers tried to reach a deal, and a major investment firm accused of fraud. >> a chance to say goodbye to a civil rights icon. if today is the first day of final tributes to dorothy height. >> first, another drizzly start to the morning. expecting sunshine later today. brian van de graaff will let us know if it will stay that way for awhile. good morning washington continues right now. >> live and in hd, this is good morning washington, on your side. >>


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