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tv   Nightline  ABC  May 7, 2010 11:35pm-12:05am EDT

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tonight on "nightline," the new craigslist killers? a young father shot dead as his family looks on, after a crew posing as craigslist customers allegedly invade his home. it's not the first time it's happened. tonight, how do you avoid becoming a target? plus, baby love. all those magical moments. the first word -- >> momma. >> the first steps. four babies, four cultures. and each small wonder caught on camera. so, what's the best way to get to 1? and, home cooking with mom. her kitchen was like comfort food for the soul. now, it's time to celebrate her, in a mother's day edition of the "nightline" plate list.
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>> announcer: from the global resources of abc news, with terry moran, martin bashir and z cynthia mcfadden in new york city, this is "nightline," may 7th, 2010. >> good evening. we begin tonight with crime and a popular website that police say helped turn a man and his family into targets. last month, james sanders put an ad on craigslist for a family heirloom, a diamond ring. but it turned out the pros speckive buyers had no intention of buying anything. what followed was a nightmare home invasion that would end with him dead and four suspects facing murder and robbery charges. neal carlin skkar lilinsky has tale. >> reporter: this morning, the sanders family home was so tranquil, it was hard to imagine the violence that happened here. >> the loving husband, good father, devoted christian, was
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murdered in his edgewood home. >> reporter: this is where it happened. >> this is where it happened. >> reporter: derek sanders was wearing his big brother's work jacket for strength and carrying his hard hat as he took us through the night that began was something so ordinary. a craigslist deal. >> i think about the last night that i was here. it was 10:26 on that wednesday evening and my cell phone rang and i saw it was my dad's cell phone and it was a little late for him to be calling me. and i answered and next worlds out of his mouth is, your mother has been murdered. and i could just hear the words in his chest, how he was aching. i could hear my mother waking in the background. >> reporter: it was the unraveling of what james sanders should would be an every day craigslist transaction. he was selling a family heirloom, this diamond ring. this is the woman police say showed up to buy it. amanda knight.
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relatives say she made jim feel like it was safe to have her come over. after all, she sounded nice and said she wanted the ring as a mother's day gift. >> she was here with, she came with another guy standing at the door. the guy pulled out the money, said, we have the money, you know, and my brother invited them into the home, and they stood in the kitchen, the guy pulled out the cash, my brother said that's fine. he pulled out the gun, put it in his chest and said, this is good? >> reporter: charlene sanders was standing inside, said the couple was corralled and tied up. >> that night was horrific. and when they ripped my ring off my finger, we were saying the whole time, please, just take what you want. take what you want, just don't kill us. don't kill us. and i had a gun in the back of my head with a countdown. three, two -- and we were
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screaming and my kids are standing there and i'm like, oh, please, god, don't let them kill me in front of my kids. >> reporter: one of those kids tried to break free and save the family. >> i was face down on the floor and when i saw my 14-year-old attacking the one, i just thought, he's going to get shot. he's just like his dad. he went into protect mode. >> reporter: the teenager was pistol whipped, hard. his father broke free of his own restraints to help his son. >> he was then shot, from what i understand, several times. and he hit the ground. they drug him in, past his family, past his kids in front of his wife and then they executed him in his own home. and then they fled like the cow worlds they were. >> i kept saying, honey, don't go, and he was just barely gasping for air and he was all white, he was starting to get white and i saw that half his ear was shot off. i thought, okay, maybe he's just
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in shock, maybe he's just in shock, that's why he's white. and he died. my husband was a hero. he always said he would protect his family. he always told the boys that he would protect his family and he died protecting his family. >> reporter: within a week, police had all four suspects. they say these surveillance pictures show amanda knight selling jewelry taken from the home at a pawnshop in san francisco. the four have been linked to a home invasion robbery in late april in which the victims were selling a flat screen tv. once again, advertised on craigslist. >> craigslist is like a candy store for criminals. the amount of criminal activity and criminal behavior that goes on because of craigslist is probably off the charts. everything from prostitution to child prostitution, defacing property, home invasions, robbery.
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it goes on and on. you name it, and some criminal has jumped into craigslist to do it or try it. >> reporter: crimes linked in one way or another to the online classified service have become routine coast to coast. from the now infamous case of a boston medical student accused of murdering a masseuse he met on krakslist, to a recent subpoena out seeking information whether the company is fulfilling its promise to crack down on ads for prostitution. craigslist ceo jim buckmaster spoke with "nightline" about the issue last year. >> we're shocked and horrified any time we hear of a violent crime or any crime being linked to our site in any way and it causes us to redouble our efforts to get the word out about being safe online. >> reporter: security analysts say meeting at home for a transaction with a stranger is a roll of the dice at best. >> it's completely crazy to have somebody come to your house unless you vetted them. but i would say, unless its absolutely impossible to carry
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on the transaction other than at your house, you need to go some place else. you need to meet them on common ground, like in a mall parking lot or in front of the police department or some place in the public where there's a lot of traffic around you. >> this isn't a man that was caught in the crossfire. this isn't a man that was in a drug deal that went bad. this was a man who was at home with his family, who was duped into letting somebody into his home. my brother looked at his wife and she could see it in his face that he was so sorry that he had allowed this to happen to his fami family. >> reporter: jim sanders held bible study groups in the very room where he died. his wife says her faith is as strong as ever, and more important to her now than at anymore time in her life. >> my husband is in heaven. i'm going to miss him terribly, terribly. i can't even believe this has happened. but i do know that god says, he will not give you anything more than you can handle. so, that's what i have to rest
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on. >> reporter: tonight, four suspects face murder charges, while a new widow and her kids face an uncertain future. and on craigslist, more deems made person to person, strangers invited into peaceful homes, just like this one. i'm neal karlinsky for "nightline" in edgewood, washington. >> so far, three of the four suspects have pled not guilty to various charges. the fourth has not yet been arrai arraigned. craigslist reminds users to follow their safety tips, including meeting byers in public places, if you meet them at all. when we come back, we turn to babies. most achieve the same milestones, but they get there in different ways. is one way better than the rest? [ woman ] i'm taking an antidepressant,
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we turn now to babies, and a cultural question. how does the first year of life look in various cultures around the world? do all babies tend to hit the same milestones at the same times despite local customs? while child rearing has grown into a billion dollar business in the united states, other cultures have kept it simple. so, does one way work best? a new documentary gives us a peek at the answer, as juju chang reports. >> reporter: babies in their natural habitat.
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from birth through the first year of life. from the outer reaches of mongolia to tokyo's wealthy urban jungle. from the scenic hyper parented neighborhoods of california, to a seemingly neuro sis-free hut in africa. >> the idea was really like to be there, all over the world in four different places at the different stages where these four babies would be encountering first experiences with the five senses. like the first time you see something, the first time you touch something. >> reporter: the film follows four relatively well to do babies. mari, who lives in a tiny apartment in japan. patty, a child of professors in sfris. ponio, from that anybody ya, and biar, from mongolia.
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>> they don't have anything, and are very happy and very wealthy, according to the culture. they have a big kettle and many goats and cows. but they don't have any plastic, anything, no cars, no tv, knock at all. to the total science fiction blade runner atmosphere from tokyo. >> reporter: what did he learn? the big take away was the virtue of similplicity and the value o doing nothing. less is more when it comes to parenting. >> i love the sentence. it a big sentence in the way i'm thinking of filming and educating the kids. the need to be by themselves and just like, be able to touch the grass, to feel the wind, to look at the sky. and to be more connected with the real surrounding. >> reporter: in africa and mongolia, the babies are left for up to eight hours a day, so pimply be. did you learn anything about parenting because of this? >> all the time doing 20 things
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at the same time, overstimulating my kids, you know, we can relax. and see them by themselves, get bored sometimes. it's god to get bored for a baby. >> reporter: the revelation was that all the products, classes and advice books churned out by the baby rearing industry may act dhully be no more necessary than a rock or a stick. crushing a stone, what are they doing? just for fun? >> they don't have any toys. have absolutely nothing, and a big game is just like breaking one small enough to another. >> reporter: it's a game. >> and they can do it for days and days. >> reporter: no more video games for my kids. they're breaking rocks from now on. what is it about educating in a circle versus just educating in the open spaces? well, they're like educating themselves by themselves, no one is looking so much after them. they're educated by the goat, by
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the cat, by everything, by the animals and the nature. >> reporter: balmas says this baby seemed the most content, though her father can be off herding cattle for weeks at a time. the little african girl drinking water from the river was fascinating to me. most westernized parents would say no, no, no, don't do that. >> she would play around the fire with, like, a stick of wood, and the mother would trust on her. and she would never touch the fire. you know, it's just like different kind of environment, which is totally different, tote kind of trust. >> reporter: tell me about capturing the small magical moment. i read one time that you shot for two weeks and got one shot. >> you had to trust to deliver you something. and not trying to set up anything, because soon you are trying to set up something with a baby, it's boring and fake. >> reporter: the movie premieres tonight but life plays out faster than film making. the stars are all 4 now.
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balmas has had three years to reflect on what he's captured. >> i think people are more like for what this baby, not need that many games. you can really see that these four kids, even being educated in such a different way, as long as they receive love from their parents, they're doing well. >> reporter: human bay bips are among the most vulnerable of all species. these things are universal. >> momma! momma! >> reporter: so, those first words -- those monument am first steps. are breathtaking. it's a comedy? >> comedy to me. >> reporter: life is a comedy. >> life is a comedy. and especially with kids. there are so many moments like that. so many moments which are so funny. >> reporter: gym juju chang for "nightline" in new york. >> some pretty adorable moments. the documentary premieres tonight, just in time for mother's day. and speaking of mother's day,
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from pot roast to tv dinners, you can always count on mom. tonight, we celebrate them with a mother's day edition of the "nightline" plate list. surprising people by swapping their rides with a ford. and we got a little help from their friends and family. >> we swapped your car for the week. >> what? >> it's a ford escape. >> really? >> there's the bluetooth, the syncing to the phone. i really like the parallel parking. oh my goodness! it's doing it. i feel like i'm cheating on my crv. >> look at you talkin' me into a ford. >> yeah, i know. you should really try it! >> swap your ride for an escape and grab 0% financing and $1000 bucks while you're at it. >> you keep talkin'. i'll wait in the car. >> go to your local ford dealer and swap your ride today.
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don't wait. call 1.866.569.fios. that's 1.866.569.fios. this is beyond cable. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities this is fios. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. >> announcer: "nightline" continues from new york city with cynthia mcfadden. >> well, if you haven't already made your mother's day restaurant reservations, good luck. it's a tough day to get a table. but help is on the way. if you can't get into her favorite spot, here's a little something you can whip up yourself with the help of acclaimed chef david burke, and
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his mother, in tonight's plate list. >> i got a couple. stories about mom cooking. she didn't use a timer. she would put the food in the on, or, you know, in the pot, and when you got there, when everyone was there, it came out. she's going to kill me for this. i came home, as an adult, and she made me a sandwich and i bit into the sandwich and the wrapper was on the cheese, still. basic pancake batter. now, we make our own. stir that up. this is not sweet pancakes. we're going to make a pancake turkey club. one of the misconceptions of pancakes that is it's only for maple syrup and berries and for
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breakfast. we're going to make it with -- >> this is how i like. >> with herbs and bacon and turkey. >> well, that's how most people like them. >> that's kind of big. >> add the chives to each. >> should i put all the -- >> going to put half in one, half the other. make like a one, two, three. the lynn go is one piece of 12, one piece of -- >> we look at everything like a clock. >> yeah, right. >> i was a wrestler. i went back as a sophomore and told the coach i was quitting because i wanted to be a chef. he laughed pretty loud. you know, because back then, this is 1975, being a chef was, you know, it wasn't like, great choice. it was like, you know, basically, they kind of made fun of me. i kept my mouth shut and, you know, continued on my dream. now this, we're going to just flip.
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>> just a plain pancake. come on. >> this one goes here. >> okay. >> you're going to put a little salad dressing. you put the bacon on. don't be cheap. don't be cheap. >> too much bacon is no good for you. >> that's right. >> there you go. you build it. looks like a sandwich, huh? >> it is a sandwich. and -- you need to grab the lut does. going on the menu for mother's day. >> who wants to try this? >> you are. and then we're going to put a nice fried egg there. >> isn't that beautiful? >> that's a nice sandwich. >> very nice. and i made it. >> the chef, you have to wear many hats, especially now. you've got to be business savvy as a chef,ou've got to be creative. you gt to be a shrink to your cooks. if you are the creator of the
12:00 am
dishes, it's kind of cool. it's one of those things that you get hooked on. i mean, it's -- and then you come out and you see people appreciate what you've built -- it's kind of -- it's a good feeling. all right, lobster scrambled eggs. we're melting butter. that's a lot for one, but i'm going to let you slide. instead of adding milk, we add lobster bisque. >> i do that, too. >> onions. all the lobster, and then half of the tomatoes. asparagus, about half. >> oh, i love this. i'll tell you. >> and i go back to the stove, right here. shake it. there you go. now, i think you can probably pour most of that. that's a lot. okay. just scramble away. now you're going to -- the presentation is the way you used to serve them to me. ostrich egg. >> who is going to eat this? >> that's good.
12:01 am
you're going to eat it. mother's day present. okay, that's enough. okay. we're going to give you a little sour cream and a little caviar. happy mother's day. >> isn't that nice? thank you, sweetie. >> my mother's a beautiful woman. very -- i had a very good relationship with her growing up. i was the oldest boy. and we were pretty tight. we still are. i -- you know, when you're 16, your dad is not a cool guy, but my mom was always cool. and she knows things before they happen. she knows me better than me. which is, you know, i still haven't figured that out. that is nice. >> thank you very much. >> the best mother. >> i love you. >> personally, i'm hoping for breakfast in bed. when we come back, the
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