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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  January 5, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> busted for booze at the school.ttle are cut.nts not believe how that happened. speech.grich gold first, breaking news.
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washington, d.c.'s greatest corruption scandal. a councilman is accused and now harry thomas, jr. is out. >>live and in hd, this is abc7 >> tonight. thomas, jr. has resigned. thomas confirmed his resignation. issues an apology and says he plead guilty to two accounts tomorrow. >> we have a copy of the sent toion statement he .is fellow council members it, he apologizes to his family, colleagues in the constituents and it takes full responsibility for what he calls poured decisions. just hours before harry
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thomas jr. plans to plead guilty to $350,000 in city funds and filing false tax returns. the embattled councilmen rights writes -- >> it has been a rough day. it was a very disappointing day. disappointed to learn that are charges councilman thomas. betweenole $353,000 using the funds private use. >> i think it sets a bad of highfor people positions like that. >> i think -- i met him
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the campaign trail. like him at the time. seems to bear out my initial impressions. that is exactly the distrust his colleagues think this is perpetuating. we need to move forward as a start the healing process. i will see how we move forward. >> the money that thomas has with embezzling was to be used for court. he spoke directly to the young the i tried to theh you the importance of integrity and character. my conduct set a bad example. abc 7 news has just received vincent gray'se office. facebook page,
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writes -- donna shares this with us -- stay with abc 7 news for complete coverage of this scandal. will be there during appearance in court tomorrow. during theates online at turning now to politics on a scale, there are several key developments in the to the primary. the candidates split their time the next two states to hold primaries. mitt romney spent the day in charleston were he was joined by former opponent in the now supporter john mccain. mccain pointed to mitt romney
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economic background for the primary reason to make a change. new gingrich raises a new controversy tonight. naacp invited him to the annual convention this year, he would go and talk about "why the african-american should demand paychecks and not be satisfied with food stamps." he also, president obama the stamp president and history. he would pick a new social helping african males who he said get smallest return on social security. as for rick santorum, he was also in new hampshire and faced a different controversy. as you can hear clearly, rick santorum was booed as he left event targeting republicans.
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criticism exchanged between exchange and -- centered between an exchange between rick santorum and students. socialntorum, a conservative, is an outspoken opponent of gay marriage. rebecca cooper and cordoned will be in new tuesday'sfor next primary. 11:00, a combination vanilla rum and middle school students lead to trouble. were bused to drinking before class this morning at j. michael middle school. >> some students witnessed other students drinking on a bus, and toldturned it around and
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other students. five boys and a girl drink of of vanilla rum on the school bus and in the cafeteria private -- prior to the morning bell. at around 10:00 a.m., one of them showed up at the school of beingmplaining sick. i am shocked because i know has a great group of friends. i am disappointed. >> school spokesperson wade said none of these kids two ofgally drunk but the six bracket have to register on the breathalyzer. >> we can help them and if they will. problem, we help them overcome the problem and get on the right we want tois what do. classmates who witness to the drinking alerted adults who then the alcohol. it is not snitching, it is narcing, it is being
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concerned with your fellow students. a physics teacher resigned after authorities accused him of at school, a charge he denied it. as far as the case involving students, authorities have not charges at this point. to know were the students got the alcohol. we are live, jay korff, abc 7news. out inre broke brandywine. a person living in the homes as thelectrical short caused house to catch fire. there were no other injuries reported. >> we turn now to our forecast conditions are cooling down. they are far more reasonable to the last two nights. ryan joins us with a look.
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>> a lot of folks are saying, been a winter when we only had two days with really cold stuff. at what is happening in now.d us a little band of snow. when we see these things move to that means we are in spot and that is where we will continue. temperatures after starting in be in the 50's. do you see that sunset? we cannot finish it, i will show later on. beautiful sunset. little bit milder as we get into the weekend. any chance for us now? -- for snow? a woman as her when she is struck by a car. the vehicle did stay there at the scene. to a nearbyas taken
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hospital and the circumstances surrounding will lead to the accident remains under investigation. police are searching for a man is shot and killed in prince george's county. the victim was found in a lot of an apartment brtooks drive. police are looking for a small car that was involved in the shooting. kevin udge sentenced today. coming up, a well-known wille from our region for capitol hill. typing a police officer to star wars? the bizarre circumstances.
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abc 7 news watching newsleon harris, alison starling, bob ryan, and tim sports. >> another rush hour or mess of metroor thousands riders. commuters on blue and orange ofes were stopped because another track problem. >> this is the latest in a series of real problems this week. tom roussey is live. here at eastern market. down is the stadium the bluesome go on way.this there is a switch that sense the or another.y that's which was broken so they had to replace it. that led to a lot of frustrated commuters for the second day in a row.
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two nights rush hour commute on the blue and orange line left packed in toe to toe. >> i cannot deal with this every day. francine get yourself an hour make what is normally a 45 minute trip but that was still not enough time. by the time i walk down there be 30 minutes late. i hope my job understands. imagine what they did too little kid to. the baby went crazy. >> this is the second weather issue metro has had in two days. yesterday parts of the real cracked on the red and yellow lines. some commuters say between the rising fares, and other issues it is all driving them nuts. >> i can buy me some skates or a toteboard and i will skate
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work every day. of it.tting tired the switch issue that caused today's trouble has been fixed. metro says tomorrows rush hour .hould be perfectly fine starting said, night metro had scheduled and track work they will be doing on every single line except for the yellow line. be single tracking again until this weekend. can expect delays as well. thank you. aw at 11:00, state senator nthony muse is running for u.s. senate. we can't hear it with your help will be the next states senator. he made the announcement tonight in upper marlboro. he is currently serving his as a maryland state
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senator. a florida state trooper had a wild night when he was attacked by a man dressed up as garth evader. michael cole after he resisted arrest. he was drunk and walking in the street in a dark bitter mask. vader >> lawyers for casey anthony released media was on authorized. a first look at this young mother sensed she was acquitted from murder in july. talks about her life. there is no mention of her murdered daughter. the video is for counseling and releasing it was inappropriate. we are in a wild weather across the nation. it looks like many places are to thaw out. here is a scene in a mild but
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denver, colorado. ice was flying from colorado to the plans. parts of the midwest were able it might look temperatures and normal. >> some places all time january records. because they no the northern groundof means that the all of the warm sunshine. farmers do not like it because they needed snow cover for the winter wheat. there is a positive and negative this.e of only the positive -- i wanted to beautiful sunset. you said you missed it? that is what we are here for. here is the camera looking up to the west. wonderful high thin clouds. frame every four
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seconds. at that beautiful sunset. there is a lot of traffic. are temperature is high today, made it into the 40's. 36 degrees right now. only 10nter started, nights have actually been below colder than average. where is the snow you ask? here is where the snow cover is. really isolated or the skiers need it in colorado and wyoming. with that westerly wind, that means all of the warm weather come and. why there have been some of the record out there. that continues the warm pattern is right back there in on us. in the mid part of the country means no snow to absorb any of that sunshine.
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the ground of sorts it. rapid city today 73 degrees. jacksonville was only 68 degrees. set in the mid part of the country. look at how much the were 30 to almost degrees above average. more than double the average ofh temperatures in parts the dakotas. now it is back into the 40's. is the cold air? alaska is having one of their time.t winters of all fairbanks is 10 degrees below zero. (with warmer air again with westerly winds coming our way. more sunshine a head. as they go through tomorrow it will be chilly but not unusually cold. temperatures for the most part freezing. that will be the story as we head into the weekend. the next chance for any storm
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not coming until late tuesday and wednesday. once again, snow lovers, rain. no sign of winter weather returning. >> that will come eventually. >> you have some good maryland attorneys for us? >> they get a commitment from the best running backs in the country. penn state has a new football coach tonight. ♪
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with a pnc performance select checking account and get up to 1.75% cash back for just about every purchase. learn more and apply today at pnc bank. for the achiever in you. >> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers -- moving you forward. george mason beat old dominion tonight. they held the monarchs to 29% shooting from the floor. let me take you down to virginia. this was a battle. couple ofon hit a
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threes and led all scorers with 17 points. some allen came up with key buckets. 54.son beat odu 63- ] the san jose sharks oppose a big-time problem. the winless streak goes back to the better part of two decades. the capital struggle there. was evaluated for a says he is ok.he >> you have to push yourself. of my greentory before, too. what ever it tell is. >> i told yesterday that former
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tampa bay had coach met with the a defense ofout coaching job at. sources close to the situation willt is unlikely morris come to washington because he more a job with responsibility. it does not like -- look like it will get him. one of the best running backs in country committed to play in maryland next year. is 6 ft. 200 pounds and ran 1,300 yards and 22 touchdowns. way to college park. are play of the night comes man who is committed for the florida gators. to gainesville to play at the university of florida. how about this? is being reported that new england patriots' offensive hasbrien or bill
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the next head coach at penn state. do not be surprised
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it looks like we have a to spring. two days of winter i am sorry lovers, temperatures will be in the mid 50's. you can keep posted and we have onlock about what is going the country.rt of records that were set today, some spots in the seven depots. was warmer in the dakotas and it was in florida. >> i am planning on spending the weekend shoveling snow. >> to can go to bismarck. >> thank you for joining us
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