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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  January 6, 2012 2:35am-4:00am EST

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happy 20th, "world news now." ♪ hands that feel soft and silky smooth! ooh...she's got the look. what's her secret? the gloves? dawn? i don't believe it. [ male announcer ] it's a dishwashing sensation... dawn hand renewal with olay beauty. it contains revitalizing proteins to help smooth skin on hands -- improving their look and feel in just five uses. [ sponge ] soft, smooth... fabulous! you're quite the trendsetter. [ male announcer ] dawn does more... [ sponge ] so it's not a chore.
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happy birthday, "world news now." you survived 20 years. >> we know it is not always easy. the competition is always gunning for you. get down. >> get down. >> is that a chop iperchopper. >> here in the weather office we are on top of every weather. nothing takes us by surprise. >> wow. >> oh, oh. >> we give them the 10. the 10. miami. wplv in miami.
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the best one of the night so far. man, i love that town. >> did they have a special effects or graphics department. >> our second only with special effects. mime my. proud you've guys. my favorite affiliate now. good stuff. the past 20 years the staff here at "world news now" has done its best to deliver you the news and of course have a lot of fun along the way. >> fry to do that. middle of the morning. little bit of fun. hope you have enjoyed watching the show as much as we have enjoyed putting it on the air. if you've don't believe that we have liked every minute. take a look at some of the clips we compiled of the best from "world news now." >> here is the debut performance of our new theme song performed by our composer, barry mitchell. >>. ♪ let's polka ♪ clintons on the campaign trail ♪ ♪ bush is golfing with dan quayle ♪ >> before i came to the show. they played some music going into weather. they played eclectic cuts.
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all kind of music. one night they played polka, the original anchor, lisa mcree said i hate polka music. they got nasty letters. she was forced to make a retraction. >> the mugs, prototype. dark blue mug. horrible idea. couldn't see the logo. couldn't tell if there was coffee in it. we ended up with the plain generic mug with the logo. >> never saw that? >> "world news now," salt andsh. ♪ there's not to be a morning anchor ♪ ♪ there's got to be a morning anchor ♪ >> if you would look lisa's job, please send a resume to us. send an anchor search. >> i didn't know elmo did that. >> okay. this is "world news now." >> you go on vacation you could
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end up having your mug ripped off. if you don't think that could happen. it does. it did. it happened to me. i am not happy about it. what can i do. complain about it on television? who would do such a cold, heartless thing as to steal a man's mug. >> i'm using the sharpee which won't come off after. it says jim. unless aaron is good he can earn a new mug. >> now this is really mine. >> really yours. >> you know i was here almost the whole time. ♪ >> if you think down here on the floor is the only place they have a little fun, you should see what they do up unthat control room. ♪ getting jiggy with it ♪ getting jiggy with it
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♪ can't touch this ♪ can't touch this ♪ >> so what's up, p? >> watching game. >> true, true. >> what's up? >> yo! pick up the phone. >> hello. >> what's up? >> what's up? >> yo, where's doogie? >> yo. >> what's up. >> what's up? >> so, what's up, p? >> watching the game having a bud. ♪ that's the world news polka everybody! >> oh, god. ♪ that's the word news polka >> oh, god, that is a heavy bag of kitty litter! >> ha-ha!
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♪ they call him willis willis ♪ ♪ >> good morning, i'm thalia assuras. >> kevin newman. >> thalia assuras is on assignment. >> move! >> what? >> barry! >> what's going on? >> thalia. >> i don't know. i can't talk to you.
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get off that table! >> we hope tonight to warm your cockels. it's cold out there in the country. >> now people are googling cockels, it's not dirty, i promise. ♪ >> oh. >> oh. >> ha-ha! >> oh, i hope my parents aren't up right now. >> yes. we have had some fun at this desk in the studio. 20 years gone by. that's what makes the show this show. >> you don't expect me to do that. >> once you warm up. i promise you will get there. >> coming up our foreign anchors relish the time they worked on "wnn." >> 20 years of memories from our anchor desk coming up next.
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>> happy 20th birthday to "world news now" -- our favorite overnight news. >> next year you are 21. drinks are on us. >> i will hold you to that, our friend in detroit. next year drinks on d-town. coming to find the drink. >> i googled cockel. making sure. going back to the take a look back. >> favorite story of the day. love from our friend in detroit. thank you very much. getting a lot of greetings from affiliates and fans at facebook. shout out to the fans. would not be here without you guys. >> thanks to detroit. how we do things in michigan. >> your home state. >> getting, getting, getting some familiar faces. >> getting. getting. >> taking a look at birthday wishes. >> check it out y'all. >> i'm dan harris, i watch the show all the time. my favorite show on television.
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as the anchor of "good morning america" weekend. "world news now" is the best. >> and i'm matt gutman, i'm too lazy to stay up and watch the show. i have no idea what you are talking about. >> happy birthday, "world news now." >> me too, yes, happy birthday. >> keep chugging. want to see you in another 20 years, same place. >> we're not going to be looking too good in 20 years. >> well, i will. >> i anchored for a couple months in 2002. i think 2002, and no joke it was the best time i have ever had at abc news. the most fun i had. seriously. i loved it. the best thing ever. >> 20 years old. almost legal. that's not bad. had a lot of big moments in those two decades. and i have been very lucky to have been a part of one in particular. and i'm sure you have got more moments in your future. because frankly any, any snow that has a polka in it, is destined for greatness. happy birthday, "world news now." >> happy birthday, "world news
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now." 20 years. well i have been at abc for 25 years. i got you beat by five years. congratulations. >> so on this amazing birthday, just wanted to take a moment to thank everybody at "world news now" for all the emmies we won on that incredible show. i mean we won, oh, that wasn't for "world news now." oh. we never won emmies on "world news now." but we should have. happy birthday. >> happy anniversary, "world news now." 20 years. so proud to have been a part of the show even as a substitute anchor every once in a while. the best thing about being on that show are the people and the hours. who can beat staying up at 2:00 in the morning. just kidding. love the fans. love the show. happy anniversary. congratulations. >> wow, 20 years, "world news now." what an accomplishment, that's like two decades. right? yeah, i think two decades. 1991. trying to thin tick, what was going on in the world in 1991?
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can't even remember it was that long ago. well, congratulations, here its to another 20 years. love watching you. you do great work. and have fun celebrating your 20 years, you deserve it. >> happy birthday, "world news now." i miss everyone so much. but not that much. i am getting some sleep which is really, really nice. but i did have a great time on the show. those three months that i spent with all of you. and the football pick ps, i know it was tough for some of the men on the overnights to handle. what can i say. some times we ladies have a way with things like that. best wishes. here is to another 20 years on the air. >> just wondering if there is any chance of getting "world news now" moved to say like 1. 30. in the afternoon. oh, sorry. hi, i'm t.j. winick just filled in on "world news now" and "america this morning" it's been a while, been at abc four years. i can truly say i didn't know what i was missing. i've been a big fan of the show,
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jeremy, ryan owens, anderson cooper, david muir going way back. so, it was an honor. and happy 20th birthday. of course that means just one more year and you will be legal. >> "world news now," happy, happy birthday. i am not that proud to say that all of my most embarrassing, live television moments have been in the wee hours filling in on that show when my brain was half dead. i will say that now, and 20 years from now, i am still not going to reveal my mysterious body piercing. >> so, million years ago, you can see i was a complete goof ball, anchoring wgn morning news in chicago. after the alarm would go off at 3:30 a.m. i would fumble through the darkness, get dressed and watch "world news now" with juju chang and anderson cooper. never dream that we would end up as "nightline" partners. >> he is still a goof ball.
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i don't know what happened to anderson cooper. >> probably doing local news in the midwest. >> too bad. any way, i still have "world news now" in my heart. i just still have barry mitchell's polka on my ring tone. ♪ foreign wars, all the weather all the scores ♪ >> something i have never shared with you bill or anyone else. >> ha-ha. >> it's close to my heart. >> happy birthday, "world news now." >> you don't look a day over 19. >> thank you, on many levels, juju. that was nice. >> first, peggy. all kinds of tattoos. >> thank you our colleagues at abc. all, most of them have been the one or two chairs one time during their career here at abc. thank you so much for the, abc love this morning. we appreciate it. >> i'm excited for the polka. my first. >> the party ain't over. a special polka. >> i'm polish, 25%. i can't polka dance. i will try.
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>> you will try a quarter of the next segment. >> i'll enjoy it all. >> big, big celebration continues right afgts tter the . stick around, folks. we'll be right back. we know a place where tossing and turning
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there's a land of restful sleep. we can help you go there on the wings of lunesta. >> we just want to take a few seconds to thank all of our many, many insomniac fans out there, but the family here at abc. our incredible staff behind us. everybody here. and to our new anchor, this is the world you walked into. >> i am so excited. are you guys ready for the polka? >> that special time. >> the polka. >> we have our cake. let's get to the polka. where is barry mitchell. >> hi! ♪ from chicago now she's here our new the paula polka it was easy to decide no one else even applied that's the paula polka
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is this news no one really cares i only know we've been doing this for 20 years you were just a high school teen when you first hit the screen that's the paula polka ♪ ♪ every everyone sing ♪ that's the paula polka ♪ that's the paula polka ♪ >> wrong dance. wrong dance. >> on the air since '92. today we burst with pride. a year that disney is honoring us with a ride this is a big deal come and riding the faris wheel ♪ ♪ i scrimped and saved for music lessons so i could learn i suffered for my art ate your turn stay awake and please don't snore stick with us for 20 more that's the world news polka ♪
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yeah! >> thank you. >> thank you, sir. >> thank you, guys so much. anda it has been fantastic. this its the crazy world that you have walked into, paula. >> oh! >> whoa! >> thank you, now on to new hampshire! now on to new hampshire! >> ha-ha! >> whoa! everybody all right? again, thanks to abc, thanks to our staff. thanks to everybody. >> give ourselves a round of applause. 20 years on the air. here is to 20 more. thank you, guys. and cake. balloons. happy friday, everybody! happy birthday ♪ yea! >> thanks to everybody in the control room who came down here.
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thanks to awful you ll of you i contro
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this morning on "world news now" -- happy birthday. we celebrate a major milestone as we look back at 20 years of keeping you up and putting you to sleep with all of the news in the milele of the night. >> join us as we turn back the clock bringing you the biggest headlines, the funniest moments, and two decades of the "the skinny" and morning papers. the party starts right now. ♪ celebrate ♪ celebrate good times come on >> from abc news, this is a special 20th birthday edition of "world news now." >> yes, it is. what a special friday morning it is. >> excited. >> on this very day, 1992, this show began. we are 20 years old exactly at this moment. incredible. >> i want to know what you
3:01 am
looked like back then. >> you want to see the braces and afro years. >> how big was the afro? >> you will see. a lot in store. talking about this for weeks. the day its here. our 20th birthday. a huge show planned. incredible trip down memory lane. you will love it long time fans of the show. >> pick aid pretty good first week to start. >> just a normal routine week here at "world news now." so much coming up. drink your coffee. stay awake. you will not want to miss all we have in store. but first. >> we begin with the headlines and the new direction for the united states military. president obama announced that major changes are coming. >> all this comes as violence in iraq is showing the limits there of american military influence. abc's scott goldberg has details. good morning to you, scott. >> reporter: rob, paula, president obama and military leaders who have been studying the budget for months presented a plan for a scaled down military that maintains superiority in the president's words, at the same time there is
3:02 am
new violence in the country. the u.s. military just left. in parts of iraq it looks like chaos is coming back. two apparently coordinated attacks in shiite neighborhoods around baghdad killed 68 people. on the same day president obama announced a major turning point in u.s. military policy. a new strategy after athe wars in iraq and afghanistan pushed defense spending to new highs. >> yes the tide of war is receding. but the question that this strategy answers is what kind of military will we need long after the wars of the last decade are over. >> reporter: a military that defense secretary leon panetta says will be stronger and leaner and because of budget constraints has to be more agile, flexible, innovative and creative. fewer troops, more focus on asia. >> let me be clear, the united states military will remain capable across the spectrum. >> reporter: defense cuts add up to $450 billion over the next
3:03 am
ten years. and there could be an additional $500 billion if congress follow throughs on cuts already planned. the pentagon insists the u.s. won't change its goal of being able to take on two enemies at once. but with violence flaring in iraq and still lingering in afghanistan, some will question whether that strategy was realist uk to begin with. the plan laid out yesterday was more of a vision than list of specific cuts. those come in a few weeks when the pentagon presents a budget to congress. rob, paula. >> thank you a lot, scott. the murder trial of joran van der sloot begins in peru, the prime suspect in the disappearance of natalee holloway. today he is on trial for the murder of a peruvian woman that took place five years to the day after natalee holloway went missing. authorities say joran van der sloot confessed to the peruvian murder his attorney disputes that. >> we could learn more about the body found on one of the estates of queen elizabeth. investigators have been testing
3:04 am
the remains and could identify the v the victim today. it is believed the murder could have taken place up to four months ago. >> a dramatic rescue after a fishing trip went horribly wrong. two dads each with their 11-year-old boys were left clinging to a cooler. their boat caught fire and sank off sydney, australia. one of the dads did manage to activate a distress beacon. they waited 45 minutes for a rescue helicopter. a private gator in south florida often chases down cheating spouses and missing cars. the newest chase is a first. he has been hired to find a diamond engagement ring worth $350,000. a 10 carat beauty with a rare diamond on either side. the owner doesn't know if the ring was lost or stolen. it was not insured why. would you not insure a $350,000 ring? >> not insured. are you kidding me. lady. a rock like that.
3:05 am
most ladies would hold on tie it for dear life. >> worth a house. >> your friday forecast -- record warmth along the east coast. that sound nice. meanwhile, though, snow showers in western new york and northern new england. rainy in south texas little white stuff in the cascades. >> 41, boise. 71, phoenix. 40s, minneapolis. chicago. new york hits 50. atlanta, 62. >> not much of the news. not worried about the news. we're turning 20 to dacht day. bigger fish to fry. we are all day and last few weeks celebrating the 20th anniversary to the day with a look back at mate your headlines of the last 20 years. you know that voice. bet you hear that voice in the background. yelling already. i see you. >> bringing back old faces near and dear to us. first warm wishes from former "world news now" anchor tamila edwards who works in philly. >> hello, good morning. >> i'm tamala edwards from the
3:06 am
action studios here in philadelphia. >> we hear you guys are celebrating a big birthday. since we're such big fans of "world news now" we had to offer our congratulations. >> i am an alum. we watch you every morning before we go on the air. you do a great job. >> for all of us here. happy 20th birthday. don't look a day older than 19. >> keep up the good work. maybe we ought to ship them cheese steaks one of these days. ♪ don't stop the party ♪ don't stop the party ♪ don't don't don't don't stop stop stop stop ♪ medicare card, got my i realized i needed an aarp... medicare supplement nsurance card, too. medicare is one of the great things about turning 65, but it doesn't cover everything. in fact, it only pays up to " 80% of your part b expenses. if you're already on or eligible for medicare, call now to find out how an aarp... insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company,
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♪ ♪ >> ha-ha. >> why wouldn't they let her go there? >> thought of course is our good friend, peggy bunker who works for abc affiliate komo in seattle. peggy and i were working
3:11 am
together the news broke and the deadly tsunami in japan. >> for news junkies our favorite part. in over 20 years, "world news now" has seen its fair share. >> hello from madison square garden in new york, the site of the democratic national convention. i'm aaron brown. >> i'm lisa mcree. >> forecasters say hurricane andrew is one of the most dangerous tropical storms to threaten the united states this century. >> one more night of hoopla and hand holding for bill clinton before he gets down to the serious business. >> the next stop for yasser arafat is new york he goes to the u.n. to talk to the secretary-general about how the u.n. can implement the new agreement for limited palestinian self-rule. >> at least 31 people are confirmed dead in yesterday's car bomb attack including a dozen children. some 200 people remain unaccounted for. >> we the jury in the above entitled action find the defend
3:12 am
orenthal simpson not guilty. >> for the first time in 16 months, o.j. simpson is spending a night at home in freedom. >> as you have heard she died in a car crash in paris yesterday. many in britain and around the world are overcome with grief. >> after his impeachment, president clinton vowed to continue doing his job. behind the scenes however, the administration is preparing for a possible senate trial. >> this was the scene this afternoon at the high school outside of denver. chaos, as two heavily armed young men, identified as students. entered the school and began a bloody rampage. >> the coast guard official in charge says he has placed two difficult phone calls one to the kennedys the other to the bissetts, after cope ended of finding john, carolyn, alive. >> elian gonzalez is in cuba,
3:13 am
and will spend time with his family in havana. >> after five weeks of often bruising political and legal wrangling. the historic presidential election ended last night. >> nascar superstar dale earnhardt is being remembered as one of the greats in auto racing history. the death overshadowed the finish of the daytona 500. >> for those of you just joining us, abc's continuing live coverage on the terrorist attack on the united states. i'm derek mcginty. emergency crews are sifting through the tons of rubble looking for victims of the world trade center attack. as the rescue efforts here and at the pentagon continue, so does the search for those who did this. >> we begin with breaking news, a continental express plane slams into ape house unupstate new york and bursts into flames. there are at least four dozen deaths. >> we begin this morning with the developing story from west virginia, a coal mine explosion has killed at least 25 workers. >> mine safety officials say it
3:14 am
appears that methane gas caused the explosion just as in the disaster four years ago. >> breaking news, a violent earthquake off japan's northeast coast has rocked the nation and the region. >> a tsunami has flooded coastal areas of japan with warnings in hawaii and as far away as chile and peru. >> the mission to kill bin laden was carried out by navy seals in a city not far from pakistan. >> president obama broke the news late last night to the world. t.j. wing has the details. >> it is amazing the awesome responsibility that comes with sitting at this dex. we have fun. we have the world to cover. triumphs, tragedies. a small taste tough it. what a ride. we will lighten the news and laughs on "world news now" when we come right back.
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3:16 am
south floridians can't get through the night without you. >> neither can we. we want to wish "world news now" a happy 20th. >> we start every day with your team and look forward to the latest in overnight news and the occasional laugh. >> thank you, "world news now" for keeping viewers hooked through the night so they can wake up and get their day started with wpbf 25 news mornings. >> we want to thank our friend at wpbf for the warm wishes a lot warmer down there. i have been on the job five days. made a whole lot of memories. >> picked a good week to start. ask any one who worked on the show what their favorite memory is you will not get the same answer. that's why it was chaleneninging to put together the best of "world news now." >> the thing that is most tasteless in the business are self congratulatory, self serving anniversary programs. you know where they run old clips of the broadcast, bob hope walks on, like a big surprise.
3:17 am
♪ happy birthday "world news now" ♪ ♪ happy birthday "world news now" ♪ ♪ happy birthday you irreverent overnight newscast ♪ ♪ happy birthday "world news now" ♪ >> uh-huh. that was five years ago today that "world news now" first saw the light of day, since then we have been lucky enough to engender interest and loyalty from our one viewer. >> welcome back, you are watching "world news now." >> a snappy theme sit in. >> we're never going to update that thing. >> it's not yani. >> yes it is. >> is it really? >> yani does the theme music. >> i love yani. >> i wanted to get the abc news president to send you a happy birthday e-mail. i called his office. it went like this. david, it's juju, chang.
3:18 am
"world news now" is seven years old. we're hoping maybe you could write a few words for the occasion. "world news now." you know, it's the overnight show. yes it's on abc. >> ladies and gentlemen, bob dydy dylan. >> ha-ha. >> i don't. i don't. >> i don't. i've don't. >> gma loves me. look at me. gma. gma. >> did you know it was going to be this quirky program? >> in our wildest dreams we want it to be exactly what it ended up to be. we knew we wanted it to have attitude, not be pretentious, not take itself so seriously. stole the frame of mind what overnight had been years and years before. wanted to create something different. >> wow, we're celebrating ten years of "world news now"! ♪ light the candles cut the cake ♪ ♪ holy cow we're still awake
3:19 am
it's our ten year polka we've had anchors come and go sponsors that say it's our ten year polka folks without you we're nothing stick with us for ten more years ♪ >> how much did that cost you, pal? >> that is terrible. good god, i can't believe it. >> that feels good. >> you're watching "world news now." >> ha-ha! ♪ get down tonight ♪ get down tonight ooh ♪ we need a wood panelled basement. >> this network fills the wee hours with "world news now," for those left uninformed by its "nightline." >> linda? >> what is abc? >> he is struggling with the hair thing. get a shot of anderson. >> what is that? what is that? see that? what is that? >> looks like an antenna there.
3:20 am
>> hi, everybody we're in new york. a couple days before christmas. had a little snow in new york. >> would you let me introduce myself. this is the part of the program i introduce myself. >> this is his big moment. >> i'm anderson cooper, mark mullen is off this morning. thank you. now go ahead. what were you saying? >> one, two, three. >> we love you anderson! oh yes we do! we love you anderson and we'll be true ♪ >> ha-ha. >> if you have any information on -- >> not the fat lady. not to be confused with the fat lady. if you have information about her contact us. >> that's the news for this half-hour. >> my name is anderson cooper, and i go to daltonal school. i'm in the fifth grade. >> i boxed with the navy back in '56. >> the boxing? >> after prison. golden gloves.
3:21 am
>> you're prefeatherweight. you're less than featherweight. you're teeny. >> i'm teeny. >> how long have you been here? can i just show you something. can we get a tight shot, what does this say? anderson cooper senior anchor. >> go, homey. ♪ i will survive >> the hats. >> there you go. >> oh, yeah. >> that's the news for this half-hour. merry christmas, everybody! >> hardest working man in overnight news is moving on to bigger and better things. >> come on over here. >> the new face of "world news now." >> rob nelson. welcome aboard. >> showers across, spokane, spoka spokane? >> spokane. >> our halloween show. >> love the haircut too. more of the crewcut. >> yeah, man we have fun on the show. one thing we do best. mix serious and fun. the world you are walking into.
3:22 am
>> crewcut, bad hair, wait till you see what we have coming up. >> we'll reflect on the year, 1992. what were you doing? what were we doing? our big party continue thousands. stay with us. where sleepless nights yield to restful sleep. and lunesta can help you get there, like it has for so many people before. when taking lunesta, don't drive or operate machinery until you feel fully awake. walking, eating, driving, or engaging in other activities while asleep, without remembering it the next day, have been reported. abnormal behaviors may include aggressiveness, agitation, hallucinations or confusion. in depressed patients, worsening of depression, including risk of suicide, may occur. alcohol may increase these risks. allergic reactions, such as tongue or throat swelling, occur rarely and may be fatal. side effects may include unpleasant taste, headache, dizziness and morning drowsiness. ask your doctor if lunesta is right for you. then get lunesta for $0 at
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there's a land of restful sleep. we can help you go there on the wings of lunesta.
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we've done a good job caring for our mouths. that's why there's a rinse like crest pro-health multi-protection. it helps you get a better dental check-up. so be ready for your next dental check-up. try any crest pro-health rinse. so be ready for your next dental check-up. wait a second... with olay challenge that. new regenerist wrinkle revolution... relaxes the look of wrinkles instantly,
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and the look of deep wrinkles in 14 days. ready, set, smooth... regenerist. from olay. from all of us, we want to wish "world news now" a happy 20th birthday. >> happy birthday. >> special shout out to rob nelson, a carolina grad. happy birthday. >> thank you, guys. north carolina love, tar heel country. love y'all. yes indeed. finally back on january 6, 1992, 20 years ago to the day "world news now" first said, good morning. >> a whole lot has changed in the past 20 years. technology has made things a lot easier. but the rising cost of just about everything has made life just a tad harder. little bit. >> just a little bit. what was life like on january 6, 1992? well of course, political year this year the got to go back to
3:26 am
the politics of '92, george h.w. bush was president, on the overseas trip. of course included this infamous moment where he threw up into the lap of the prime minister of japan. had a little bad snack there, georgie did. not too pretty. >> he is better now. >> then governor, bill clinton of arkansas was getting ready for his presidential run in the iowa caucus which took place in february. >> i'm feeling old. i remember all of this stuff like yesterday. >> feels like yesterday. of course, six years later, he would almost blow his presidency and everything. who knew the scandal then. when it comes to the cost of living. the average income. >> what is the laugh? >> willis. >> what you laughing about. >> per year, $30 t average cost of a new car, $17,000. >> you don't have your car anymore. can't empathize. >> cost of gallon $1.05 t milk,
3:27 am
$2.78. >> doesn't that sound nice. in the world of entertainment, king of pop, michael jackson was number one on the billboard with his big hit, black or white from the album, dangerous. >> in sports. super bowl 26 was a few weeks away where thehe redskins bea te bills, 37-24. jim kelly. four straight losses in the super bowl. >> one of 28 superbowls the bills lost. >> '92. want to see what you look like. i had big hair. junior/senior. my senior photo. >> that is a pretty photo. >> playing softball. >> look at you. >> baptist royals. see, i had a perm, like for 14 straight years. >> me, '92. in eighth grade back then. >> robbie nelson. >> that is a bugle boy cardigan. looking smooth in the picture. >> thought you had an afro. >> voted most argumentative. have fro and braces.
3:28 am
look at that. come a long way. >> glad y
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now" -- celebration time. today we mark 20 years of bringing you the news in the middle of the night. >> we invite all insomniacs to join us for a look back at the faces, places and moments that have kept you up or put you to sleep over the last two decades. wait until you see the surprises ahead. ♪ i got a feeling ♪ that tonight's going to be a good night ♪ ♪ that tonight's going to be a good night ♪ >> from abc news this is a special 20th birthday edition of "world news now." ♪ good night ♪ i got a feeling >> yes, indeed it will be a very good night on this shift. we have been talking about out for weeks. here it is, started january 6,
3:31 am
1992. 20 years later to the day. here we are. >> a big, monster, ginormous in the middle of the night. middle of the morning. >> first, cheers. we'll talk to ben sherwood about our crazy little show here. shocked that we were on the air. >> hard hitting questions for him. >> yes. good questions. >> find out where all the former anchors are, in the "the skinny" segment. lots coming up. >> drink your coffee. stick with us for sure. >> we do want to begin with the morning top stories. the aftermath of a drug raid in utah left one police officer dead and five more seriously injured. >> the incident has shaken police officers around the country who say they're outgunned. abc's pierre thomas has this report. >> reporter: a routine drug investigation in ogden, utah. police officers descended on a home and met with a hail of gunfire. >> we heard multiple gunshots going off. sounded like ak-47s.
3:32 am
>> six officers hit. seven-year police veteran frankem, married with two children was killed. >> the agent was one of the -- one of the more experienced agents in our unit. and he will be sorely missed. >> reporter: the dread words, "officer down" being heard all too often. the number of police officers being shot and killed in the line of duty is spiking. in fact, there have the been six fatal police shootings in just the last seven days. >> i can't think of anything that really shows more disrespect toward society in general than the killing of a uniformed police officer. >> reporter: while the police say they're losing the arms race, facing criminals with assault rifles that can be bought virtually at a gun store, online or through a fast black market. >> the officers aren't as well armed. in some cases as the criminals they're going up against. >> reporter: firing the weapons you can see the difference. this handgun is the type of weapon patrol men usually carry on the beat.
3:33 am
this ak-47 assault style rifle is showing up in the hands of criminals. the army veteran matthew stewart whose father says suffers from post-traumatic stress syndrome. the suspect has a criminal record. no one can say why the tragedy happened. why this man may have been shooting at police. pierre thomas, abc news, washington. >> and turning now to politics. a major endorsement for the gop presidential candidate in last place, jon huntsman. the "boston globe" calls him bold and best prepared. a major snub against mitt romney, the former massachusetts governor. the globe widely read in new hampshire as well. that state's big primary set for tuesday. romney is so far ahead in new hampshire polls he is jumping ahead to south carolina. two weeks before the primary there. south carolina's governor officially endorsed him. romney must overcome deep reservations of some christian conservatives in the state. conservative favorite these days, rick santorum earned $2
3:34 am
million in contributions since his near-win in iowa this week. but having a hard time appealing to new hampshire's moderates. he was actually booed off the stage last night after a pretty testy exchange about same-sex marriage. school administrators in houston are investigating a major cheating scandal. about 200 high school seniors may have cheated on an english exam last month. someone had the answers and sent them to students using of course text messages. >> i got it from friends i don't even talk to anymore. like, everybody had them. like, i'm pretty sure the whole senior class. >> this is not simply just about a final exam in english four. this is about academic integrity. >> no disciplinary action has been decided. students have been given the option to retake it or skip it, while averaging their grades over the rest of the year. financial markets likely to be driven by the december unemployment report. there are positive signs. the report out yesterday, said number of americans filing for unemployment last week dropped.
3:35 am
by about 15,000. another report showed private sector jobs climbed by 325,000. that's nearly twice the number that experts had predicted. speaking of jobs -- one position that has apparently been filled is that of penn state head football coach. we last saw bill o'brien the current offensive coordinator of the new england patriots, as he was arguing with quarterback tom brady on the sidelines. now espn reports o'brien will take over at penn state after the patriots season ends. he replaces joe pa fired due to the penn state sex abuse scandal. and another sports note -- there is bill clinton at last night's rangers game here in new york. a member of the home team, tossed a puck to the former president. mr. clinton, enjoying himself watching the rangers. defeat florida. 3-2. >> good catch, mr. president. wacky weather spreading across the country. maybe just the first week of january, but americans are enjoying warm air coast to coast, as we report, there have been nearly 600 record highs over just the past
3:36 am
five days. >> reporter: what should be the big chill looked more like the big spill. a temperature of 54 degrees, acted like the third degree in minnesota. sending this ice sculpture the way of frosty the snowman. winter is also on the rocks in denver, the mercury hit 66. and rollerblades replaced ice skates. >> this is just glorious. >> no complaints. i never will complain about nice weather like this. >> instead of snowshoeing, they're walking today. >> reporter: 2012 has come in like a lamb in the plains and midwest. the temperatures higher in rapid city, south dakota than miami, florida. in minnesota, instead of ice melt, melting ice. >> nice to be out here wearing a t-shirt. >> reporter: what's up with the temperatures? as you might guess, experts point to global warming. >> climate change is probably a good bet why the patterns have become disrupted. >> reporter: there is something called arctic oscillation that acts as a fence
3:37 am
to trap arctic air, keeping the midwest warm. not for too long. those tossing frisbees will be throwing snow balls once winter bounces back. here is a look at weather -- snow in the cascades. and northern rockies. showers in south texas. light snow from western new york up to maine. >> 44, boston. 60, baltimore. 70s, dallas. miami. 40s from seattle to colorado springs. >> coming up after the break, our big interview with the big boss of abc. he is going to reflect on 20 years of success here on abc's "world news now." he actually knew we were still on. that's good. >> that's good. ben sherwood. and anniversary greetings from grand rapids station, wzzm. we'll be right back. >> happy 20th anniversary, "world news now". >> we're lauren and derek from grand rapids, michigan. birth place. >> the hometown of gerry ford. we have the pleasure of getting up at 2:00 in the morning. to watch you guys. we said good by to derek mcginty. we cried. and vinita nair got married. during our time here. and david muir dedicated the
3:38 am
"world news now" polka to me. i was so excited. >> the chairs are revolving, you guys look great. >> you don't look a day over 18 for the record. happy birthday. ♪ party rocking in the house tonight ♪ ♪ everybody just have a good time ♪ ound like you used to? when you fear losing your independence? who do you call? call hoveround now, to see if you qualify for america's premier power chair. hi, i'm tom kruse, inventor and founder of hoveround. now you can do more, see more, enjoy life more. here's why hoveround makes it easier than any other power chair. hoveround is more maneuverable to get you through the tightest doors and hallways. more reliable. hoveround employees build your chair, deliver your chair, and will service your chair for as long as you own your chair. and most importantly, 9 out of 10 people got their hoveround for little or no cost. call now for your free dvd and information kit. and now every hoveround comes with this tote bag and cup holder for handy access to your favorite items. you don't really have to give up living because you
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>> hi, rob. >> we thought kim would help grab your attention. >> happy 20th birthday to "world news now," from abilene, texas. >> we would say hello to your interchangeable female anchor the we have no idea who may be sitting next to you. sorry. >> and here is to 20 more years of "world news now" and filled with many more insomniacs. >> including one i am cooking up now. happy birthday. >> welcome back, everybody. we are celebrating our 20th anniversary today. we figured
3:42 am
this is a perfect time to bring in the big boss, president of abc news, ben sherwood, help us mark the milestone, thank you so much for being here, we appreciate it. >> it is a pleasure to be here. >> i have always been curious about this, you are a busy guy, you run the news division here, how often do you really catch our crazy little overnight show? >> well i know you would like the answer to be that i don't catch it very often. >> job security for me. >> in fact, i know that many of your colleagues luke to think we can do anything we want because no one is a wake. here is a little secret. i have a 16-month-old son. and that 16-month-old son has me watching at all hours of the day and night. in fact i have two young boys. ever since my time at "good morning america," i have been a devoted watcher of the program, of its informality and happy to celebrate its 20th anniversary. there was some talk about, whether the show was even still on the air, but i can report emphatically that abc news is on the air in the middle of the night. >> yes, job security.
3:43 am
i like to hear that. good to know the boss is watching, kind of. it has been an amazing 20-year evolution for the show when you think about it. started out there wasn't a set. we had just a few number of commercials it has turned into quite an enterprise since 1992. >> you know, in solidarity with you, rob, and your colleagues on the air i chose not to wear a tie today. >> the casual look. >> i believe in the informality of the program. it has the not only been the night watchman for our organization on breaking news, stories around the world, but it is also launched the careers of a bunch of special people at abc news, david muir began here, juju chang, liz cho, and anchor of primetime on cnn, anderson cooper. >> never heard of him, the new guy, huh? >> this is a great place for the once and future stars of abc news to do their thing. to connect with the audience and tell stories in, unusual and -- irreverent ways.
3:44 am
>> absolutely. i like that phrase. night watchman. how we see ourselves here. funny in the last 20 years, how drastically the news climate has changed. people get their news from so many places here. couldn't have imagined in '92, how important for us to have the overnight, live presence here at abc? >> it is critical to have the overnight presence. now remember the origins of this esteemed show must be remembered properly. remember that the first big story covered was president bush vomiting at a state dinner in japan. big news. and from that important breaking news comes all kinds of breaking news from the capture, occupy wall street, tsunami, joplin tornados, if news is breaking in the middle of the night. abc news is the place to get it. i am very proved what allison gervin and the team here have been doing and your hard work.
3:45 am
it really shows. we count on it. we count on it giving that flow into "good morning america" in the morning and all through the day. kind of get a jump-start on the day. >> very important to everyone here. like you referenced a second ago -- a this is sort of a zany show. get wacky. things you would not normally see on a network tv show here. we like that irreverence. how important is it for us to be a little different and out there especially at 2:00, 3:00 in the morning? >> i think the audience that you are reaching at 2:00, 3:00 in the morning. >> like new dads. >> like new dads. that audience is looking for something a little different. i think that informality really works. now remember, in the economics of this business it's changed a lot too. your first three sponsors only had three sponsors were ovaltene, subway and gold bond. told that everybody around here had all three commercials committed to memory. now this is an important part of our enterprise at abc news. and i am, really happy to celebrate 20 years.
3:46 am
and i think there is a very bright future for the program. >> what would you like to say to our loyal fans, a cult following, you can tell on twitter, facebook, e-mails. people have been watching the show for years for one reason o another. what would you like for those folks to know or understand directly from the big bossman on this birthday of ours. >> i have no message except for grateful. extremely grateful. and tune in at 7:00 a.m. for "good morning america." it's 6:30 for world news. at 11:35 for "nightline." >> a lot of great programs. the part of your platform when you took over, when the show turns 20 years old, everybody on staff gets a 20% raise. wanted to thank you publicly on the air. thank you so much mr. sherwood, i will be look forward to next friday's check. >> well done. well done. well played. well played, rob. well played. >> thank you for being here. appreciate the good wishes and for the support we get from the network to do our crazy little show. here's to another 20.
3:47 am
>> here's to another 20. >> thank you a lot. >> thanks, rob. >> we're back with more "world news now" right after this. ♪ don't stop the party ♪ don't don't don't stop stop stop ♪ don't stop the party ♪
3:48 am
3:49 am
♪ skinny ♪ so skinny >> skinny time! >> you hear that voice? >> legendary person sitting on left here. get to him in a second. special edition of the "the skinny," 20th anniversary. why figured we'd update you on where all the 8,000 people who have sat at this desk are. these days. a gauchl where are they now if you will. we start with the first ever anchors, aaron brown, lisa mcree. tell you what they're up to. there they are. way back. january 6, '92 when they started. only anchored the show together from january of 1992 to january 1993. aaron hosts "wide angle" on pbs, weekly documentary. lisa is a proud mama. and she actually hoets hosts a
3:50 am
website ironically called "the skinny," which helps others live healthy. hopes to turn it into a book or television show. what they're doing, we work them luck. >> allison stewart anchored on the desk for two years from february 2000 to february 2002. and allison is currently working for "60 minutes." you go, girl. last report cheating on the s.a.t. don't think that ever happens, does it? >> congratulations, allison. one of the favorites on the show. >> i didn't cheat on mine. >> no, not at all. abc crew, few folks in the house. juju chang, correspondent for "nightline" and platforms. on the right. in the middle there, the beautiful, liz cho. local anchor in new york. beautiful girl, woman i should say. here for local new york, wabc. david muir, weekend anchor and globetrotting reporter, now on the presidential trail. >> anderson cooper, we all loved anderson cooper, he was here for, ac. >> never heard of him? >> alternating.
3:51 am
here january 1999 to august 2000. almost two years. of course we know where he is now. >> superstar, talk show. cnn mega star. anderson, you are a model for all of us. jeremy hubbard one of the favorites of all time on the show. in denver working for a local affiliate. my predecessor. and vinita nair, happy to tell you, is taking a little time off because she is 8 1/2 months pregnant expecting a little boy next month. congratulations, vinita. and we got a lot of facebook messages about this man right here. and this man right here, willis is back in the house! the laughing legend of "world news now." you left here in april. how many years at abc? >> 31. >> 31. >> never a sick day. >> never. >> what have you been doing beside chasing ladies. >> can't say. >> ha-ha. >> very good. >> ha-ha. >> not dining except for chasing ladies. >> all he need to do. >> just having a great time.
3:52 am
enjoying myself. rolling over every now and then say what time is it? >> back to sleep. we miss you here. we miss your laugh. viewers asked a lot about you. happy to see you. see you at the staff party tonight. >> oh, yeah. >> oh, yeah. >> willis.
3:53 am
3:54 am
is to dig right in. but his dentist knows that to do that he needs to use the brush more dentists use. oral-b. trust the brush more dentists and hygienists use. oral-b. life opens up when you do. how about both? with covergirl lashblast fusion. our biggest brush meets our fiberstretch formula
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for a blast of volume and length. lashblast fusion. from easy, breezy, beautiful covergirl. >> happy birthday. >> "world news now." >> tulsa's channel 8. >> happy birthday, everybody. >> eat some cake. >> not a wordy bunch out there in tulsa. thank you. those were our friends at abc affiliate ktlu in tulsa. thank you, guys. finally this half-hour, abc's irrepressible, diana alvear from l.a., former co-host of mine. has put together a birthday greeting distinctly her own. >> wrote a diddy, song that goes perfectly with our staff greetings. here's what the staff said in your three words. >> so we heard you are having a birthday, 20 years of world news now. it was so shocking to me and producer chris spitzer here, we
3:56 am
decided we needed to do something about that. we came up with a song and of course, on the fabulous ukulele, here goes nothing. ♪ i remember when news was young me and rob nelson had so much fun ♪ ♪ reading news and kicking back ♪ ♪ had a glorious time it was so divine ♪ ♪ but the biggest kick i ever got was doing the thing called the overnight rock ♪ ♪ while the other kids are rocking to the "world news now" polka, we were hopping and bopping to the overnight rock ♪ ♪ yeah ♪ ♪ our rocking our sound was shocking when your feet just can't sit still ♪ ♪ i never knew me a better time and i guess i never will ♪ ♪ oh lordy ♪ ♪ those overnights when robbie wore his shirts so tight ♪ ♪ and the overnight rocking was so out of sight ♪
3:57 am
♪ la ♪ la-la-la-la ♪ la-la-la-la ♪ la-la-la-la ♪ la >> yes. some greetings here from the staff at "world news now" here on the 20th anniversary. we are saying good-bye to one of our favorite people, brandon chase who runs our editing operation. for eight years on the shift. now headed to seattle to be a producer. mr. neal karlinsky. >> i have you to thank. we did a job, sleepy hollow. we go. >> well you have worked hard on the shift. you earned it. best of luck. don't forget your roots. here on the overnights. >> three word for you. we'll miss you. >> very cool. much love to brandon chase. you are a funny guy. anything funny, crazy to do. as we go to commercial. >> have some fun. happy birthday. >> yeah. >> seattle. knock them dead in seattle. >> yes, indeed. yes, indeed.
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