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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  January 18, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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forced to suspend the search for victims after the ship moved slightly. but capt remains -- the capt. remains under house arrest. concerns being raised in the wake of this crucial disaster. plenty of people are getting second thoughts to their vacation plans. >> some cruise lines have already started bracing for last minute cancellations. natasha barrett joins us with more on these concerns. >> even veteran travelers they admit that watching what happened to that crude shipped in italy -- that a cruise ship in italy it really worries them. >> he has traveled to places like the middle east and greece. in just two weeks he will take a cruise down under to australia. >> any second thoughts? >> at first i thought, you know,
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i am a little on sure. >> viewers wrote again on our facebook page and said, i was excited about looking for my first cruise with a couple of friends, but i have to admit, i decided to put it on hold. what ultimately changed his mind was his experience after 9/11. >> there was a never a safer time to be on a cruise ship. nobody is not going to be following the procedures. >> god forbid a plane crashed.
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this was human error obviously. it is an isolated incident. >> deirdre bolton 7 not slowing down following the grounding of the cruise ship. -- reservations are not slowing down following the grounding of the cruise ship. >> a d.c. police sergeant faces domestic violence charges after a confrontation at a club overnight. it happened in southeast d.c.. sgt yurell washington grabbed a female bartender and slander to the ground. washington dated the woman about four years ago. he is free to night and do back in court february 8. >> more fallout and the criminal case that led to the resignation of parry thomas. james garvin pleaded guilty for failing to report the misappropriations. he was involved in the company
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where most of that money was funneled. >> we turn to the campaign trail tonight. more talk about taxes with the south carolina primary three days away. the focus remained on how much the front runner takes in and pays out in taxes. how big are the other candidates check books? we have been following the money trail. >> mitt romney has said he will release his income-tax records in april. that is not quickly enough for critics. also some believe to expose how much he has given to the mormon church. it might not sit well with some evangelical voters. mitt romney is not the only one with a full portfolio. politics and money has always gone hand in hand. politicians would like to keep what is in their wallets a
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secret. >> my income comes from investments made in the past. >> intense pressure has mitt romney admitting that he pays about 50% in taxes. >> mitt romney pays about a 15% rate. >> is a subject hardly limited to the front runner. >> who are the wealthiest people in america? people over the age of 65. >> how will be are they? the exact figures are hard to nail down. mitt romney's walt fans anywhere from $264 million. ron paul, a 2.5. meanwhile, that field could be pared down. newt gingrich says --
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>> if we come together, we will beat him by a big margin. >> the arrogance of speaker gingrich, everybody wants to be in this race should be in this race. >> rick santorum asked why he should drop out when he beat gingrich in iowa and new hampshire. newt gingrich is supposedly going to release his tax returns tomorrow. >> thank you. we will be in south carolina for live coverage of saturday's primary. you can join the political team for the primary return. that coverage begins saturday at 7:00. >> congress and the white house could be gearing up for another deck showdown. -- dec showdown.
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late today, the house and voted to block the increase being requested. two-thirds of the senate would have to pass that measure. the debt ceiling increase is expected to go forward. >> a new poll shows that a majority of americans believe that former president george w. bush is more to blame for our current economic problems than president obama. the poll shows 54% of people surveyed blame former president bush. 29% said president obama is more to blame. 9% say it both men are responsible. >> the occupy movement seems to be hitting some financial issues. the movement is bleeding cash. new projects are no longer being funded. they may be out of cash within a month. >> still ahead the financial
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issues affecting a planned national slavery museum. they are now heading to the court room. >> a new tax time option for people in our area. >> hundreds of veterans across our region are looking for new careers and opportunities. we're outside the d.c. convention center. >> gusty winds have brought winter temperatures back to the area.
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>> you are watching abc7 news at 6 on your side. >> a second chance for a career for hundreds of local veterans. >> the department of veterans affairs sponsored a huge job fair. the turnout there was huge. >> how hard is it to find work after serving your country? >> that is something i will find out. soon. that is the main reason i am here. >> here is the career fair at the d.c. convention center were hundreds of veterans came to get more information on where to go
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when active duty in its. -- ends. >> it is very important that you have this type of -- so we understand what it is like. >> employers interviewed for several thousands of potential positions. many of these job offers on the spot. the initiative sponsored by the department of veterans affairs and the white house. >> it makes you feel like part of something. >> that is exactly what this marine says is important. >> may be a job interview some leads to follow after that. >> this initiative was started
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last year on veterans day. this was the first major career fair that they held. officials say they plan to hold even more of these types of events later on this year. >> coming up next, see how the pacific northwest is dealing with that nasty snowstorm. >> plenty of cold. doug hill has whether we can expect any snow. >> everybody knows about ray lewis. tom brady is going to be watching number 31.
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>> a judge gave the museum until the end of february to file a bankruptcy reorganization plan. the judge is allowing the museum to take a look at the books and file tax returns. it goes more than $250,000 in
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back taxes. that museum was supposed to open in 2004, but it never did. >> the next ceo for fannie mae and freddie mac should expect to make less money than their predecessors did. no specific figures are being mentioned. both firms received billions of dollars in government bailout. >> it is hard to believe but tax season is here. virginia residents are being given a new option for filing online. the state is offering a free online form spent 2.7 million people in virginia filed their returns on line last year. it speeds up the processing of refunds. >> of the forecast may be scaled back but the weather is still rough out there in the pacific northwest. snow has been falling all day long. check out this scene in washington. more than a foot of snow is
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expected there making for near impossible travel conditions. this is the second event in an area that is pretty mild this year. >> it is pretty when you are here looking at it. >> it is not yours. >> rain is the primary form of precipitation in seattle. that is the story there. the cold air is coming down from the northern part of the u.s. it is 20 below zero in montana. we are 34. let's make a couple of stops. on the campus of the university of maryland in college park, 33. 31 degrees in fairfax. this is our ford's board.
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when the weather service did their daily almanac page, 40 degrees was below of the day. we will give you an update on the numbers later. 43 and 28 are the averages. 30's after some 40's earlier. as you get farther west of the eastern continental divide, the temperatures tank in a hurry. overnight hours light winds and clear skies. for the day tomorrow, we will warm up into the 40's. the farther west you go, the colder it gets. changes in temperatures are pretty profound. 22 degrees colder than it was this time yesterday. the other side of that equation temperatures are relatively warmer. a few degrees warmer in some areas like minneapolis.
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there is another system on the way. a cold front tomorrow afternoon. that will bring increasing clouds. we will start the day would sunshine and we will see the clouds in the afternoon. this is our futurecast, here comes the front during the afternoon and evening. we did a reenforcing shot of cold air for friday. then the attention slips to the south overnight friday night and saturday. and this storm system will approach. we are calling on rain for saturday. there could be some freezing rain to contend with. we will keep an eye on that. tomorrow sunshine early, some clouds maybe some later date flurries. a chilling day on friday. a 50-50 chance for rain on saturday. >> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers.
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moving you forward. >> a lot of excitement. >> tonight they call it the castle. it is home to the baltimore ravens. they are two wins away from the world championship. they know to get to that super bowl, the road goes right through tom brady. practice, the players were list, even playful but certainly disciplined. john harbaugh runs a very organized practice. very businesslike as they prepare for the new england patriots. >> we have the right chemistry right now. i truly believe experienced team
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always a talented team. we have total experience on what it feels like. our confidence is very high. >> one of the big keys for ravens -- >> we know what is at stake. when you get into the playoffs, if you lose, you go home. there is no second chance. we are excited and we are humbled. last trip was not pretty. -- last week was not pretty. >> you are facing tom brady. as a ballplayer, that is a challenge. that has to be fine. >> he has done a great job, he is the face of the nfl.
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we have to understand what we are going against. we cannot make the kind of mistakes we made last week. we have to play our best football. >> he still does things that everybody does. >> he has great targets are around him. look at the tight ends he has. he has one that is big as the house. >> what 8 motivator. one game away from the super bowl. >> this is where every team wants to be buried -- this is where every team wants to be. we have to stay humble. >> good luck. >> thank you. >> taking the time with us today. the new england patriots are favored by a touchdown. the caps began a three-game road trip in montreal. the wizards who played the
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thunder tonight. how about the washington nationals? espn sunday night baseball has announced that two of the games and mabel be the nationals against the phillies and the braves. it is cold out here tonight. >> have a good time.
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>> we have a new face the contest under way tonight. >> there is snow here, but the resorts are making snow. we will give a sense of these tickets away tomorrow. and another said on friday. but to our facebook page. >> i am not giving up on snow for the winter. let's see what happens in february. >> breezy and chilly on friday. a chance of rain that could be a wintry mix of freezing rain. we will keep an eye on back. milder temperatures next week. bob ryan has a fresh look at all this stuff at 11:00. >> we're back at 11. have a
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