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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  January 19, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EST

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time. >> so encouraging. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> have a >> live and in hd, this is "good morning, washington" on your side. captioned by the national captioning institute >> a big night for the republican presidential candidates. they will hold their final debate before saturday's crucial primary in south carolina. it is thursday, january 19. i am cynne simpson. >> i am pamela brown we will begin with your traffic and weather. we start with meteorologist adam caskey. >> a very cold start to our third day morning. latest temperatures. you will notice one trend. it 15 in martinsburg. 18 in winchester. 19 in gaithersburg. a little warmer closer to the
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waterways. 27 at reagan national. we will have a lot of sunshine to the first half of the day, then increasing clouds. we may have a brief dusting of snow. we have been talking about that. it is possible. it will not be very widespread. high temperatures right around 40 degrees. tomorrow a little cooler. upper 30's 4 highs. saturday at its like a cold rain. that said, depending on the amount of cold air available, we could be running into some sleet and or freezing rain saturday morning. it is a possibility. we will have to find to the forecast as we go through tomorrow. let's go to lisa. >> not much to say. overnight construction barrels have been put to bed. the belt way looked good. nothing through springfield virginia.
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a wide angle with assurance that i 70 is in good shape. no complications coming out of southern maryland this morning. route 5, route 4 228. more to come on the traffic side. the latest from metro rail at 5:00. >> for caught 32 right now. a developing story front but does the. a mother faces charges after allegedly leaving her daughter palm alone. 86-year old was left by herself at an apartment while her mother went to a kick boxing class. the child put something in the toaster. the toaster started smoking in the smoke detector went off. a neighbor saw the girl and called 911. >> it is unusual. it does something we clearly discourage all parents from leaving their children at home.
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quite the child was taken to the police station. she was not hurt. the mother is charged with leaving a child unattended. she could face even more charges. >> a devastating time for a montgomery county family whose home was destroyed. a blaze broke out. the fire was so intense that it was too dangerous for firefighters to go inside to fight it. neighbors say it is frightening how fast the house burned. >> it is pretty scary. there are lots of trees around. it could happen to any of us. it is really sad. >> my mom came onto all of this. my grandmother was here. >> no family members were hurt. fire officials say the blaze started in either the basement or the garage. we have the developing story this morning. police stepping up their search for the driver involved in a deadly hit and run accident.
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it happened along oxon hill road on january 6. it is believed 55-year-old michael thomas and mildred freeman were standing in the center turn lane when a car hit and killed them. police are looking for a dark chevrolet cavalier. a history buff says he will donate the final $7.50 million needed to repair the washington monument. >> philanthropist, david christine, say he was inspired after learning about the damage. he donated $4.50 million to the national panda program and $13.50 million, to the national archives. another debate will be held tonight. just two days before the south carolina primary. >> net romney is facing new questions about his finances. this campaign confirms he has
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money invested in the cayman islands, but is not getting any tax breaks. 33% of likely south carolina primary voters back romney. gingrich is second at 23%. abc news is planning to air an interview with gingrich's second wife. that entire interview will interview tonight on "nightline." newt gingrich's and two daughters wrote a letter to abc news saying the network -- their father will talk to the people of south carolina about the future. we will have complete coverage of the south carolina primary. chris van cleve will be in south carolina bringing you the very latest developments. news channel 8 will have coverage with our partners from
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politico. facebook wants you to share even more details about your personal lives. >> ebay had a happy holiday season. with more on that and what investors are watching, but turned it over to linda bell. >> a big day in terms of corporate earnings. this morning we hear from bank of america. we will get a slew of tech earnings from a tech companies. of the economic front, we get the latest numbers on jobless claims as well as consumer prices and housing starts. as you mentioned ebay shared could get a boost today. the company posted sales and profits that posted -- posted sales and profits from the fourth quarter that beat estimates. it's paypal division is also performing well. facebook is teaming up with 60
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partners to allow you to share even more about your lives. they include trip adviser and ticketmaster so you can let your friends know what concert tickets you just bought or the flight you just booked. "american idol meets retail. i will have the details coming up in the next hour. linda dell. >> thank you. 4:37 and 27 degrees. >> coming up, an update on the cruise ship disaster in italy. >> we will have more on a huge snowstorm. it walloped parts of the pacific northwest. >> another check local t
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>> big problems for the pacific northwest. the national weather service warned that flooding is possible tomorrow. yet today's storm caused hundreds of accidents and closed at many schools. let's take a look at traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> we made it through the weather yesterday. what do we have in store for today? >> very cold this morning.
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you will need a few more later as compared to yesterday. we could be looking at a brief snow shower. not a big deal. maybe a dusting or a light coating. 18 in winchester. 24 in chevy chase. predicted in remington virginia. it is cold in most of virginia. we are in the teens. increasing clouds later this afternoon. high temperature of about 41 degrees. 7:00 -- that is when we could see some of flurries for a brief snow shower. mostly cloudy tonight. not quite as cold. near 30 tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon, opera 30's. a little cooler than today. saturday a cold rain. it could start as a little bit of sleet and freezing rain. that is your forecast. let's go to lisa.
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>> in maryland no worries. 95, 66, 81. let's take a peek. check out what is not happening. that is 395 at king street. very quiet. across the potomac river. roosevelt bridge. memorial bridge. good across the beltway. 270 looking southbound. very light in volume out of frederick all the way to the beltway. cameloand >> the current temperature is 47 degrees. >> it is chilly out there. coming up, an alert for parents in fairfax county. what police are saying about a series of suspicious events at an elementary school.
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>> it is 4:45. a bethesda mother and left a six-year old home alone while she went to a kick boxing class. the child try to make something in the toaster and the smoke detector went off. the child was not hurt.
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david rubin's been is -- david rubenstein is donating the money to finish at the washington monument. the republican with a dental candidates are facing off one last time. -- presidential candidates are facing off one last time. polls show mitt romney in the league. >> we are following the latest in the cruise ship disaster off the coast of italy. satellite pictures are giving us a better idea of the problems rescue crews are facing. the view shows the ship on its side half submerged in deep water. the ship is the lake of three football fields. efforts to find the 21 missing people after the disaster including four americans are on hold because of rough seas.
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11 people are confirmed dead. the captain of the ship said he never intended to abandon passengers. he ended up i get a laugh -- life raft after he fell into the water. he is currently under house arrest. >> the parents of a virginia curl -- virginia girl murdered in baltimore are looking at new leads. they recently had a promising meeting with police. their daughter ran away from their home in 2008. her body was found near a trash bin in baltimore. her death appeared to be a suicide, but her parents believe she was murdered. >> we have to an alert for parents at an elementary school. >> it is located in the alexandria section of fairfax county. a man in a red pickup truck has been staring, waving or calling out to students. the truck has scratches dense
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and rust. if you have any information you are asked to contact police. >> police are investigating a suspicious death at the phoenix apartments. firefighters were called to the building yesterday morning. they found a bird body in a sixth floor apartment. there was no fire damage to the apartment, however. no word on that become's identity. >> investigators say they have caught the people suspected of carrying out several burglaries. the man and his alleged anna accomplice of were caught in action. they knocked on doors and if no one was home, they would break in. >> i saw it on tv where cameras have caught people before. that is what gave me the idea.
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banks have cameras that will catch criminals. maybe it will happen for me. >> they are also suspected in other break-ins. police arrested a third man, but have not released is named. >> d.c. police sgt is jarred with assault after allegedly beating up a female bartender. yurell washington was a regular customer. on tuesday night, he began verbally abusing -- abusing the bartender. then a physical attack began. >> he grabbed her by the neck. he hit her in the back. she has scars all the way around. it was terrible. >> washington had a romantic relationship with the woman four years ago. he was arrested after the incident. he was released from custody in order to stay away from her. police are investigating this
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crash involving a police cruiser and a van. these two vehicles collided last night near new york and montana ave. the crash led to a major traffic problem. no one suffered life-threatening injuries. time for a break. >> is 27 degrees. a first in seven years. this year's grammys will have a host. >> another attack on traffic and weather.
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>> good morning. the week is flying by. clear skies overhead. winds and dry air. a lot colder than the last couple of moments. look at the satellite. clear skies overhead. a little cloud cover over western maryland and parts of western -- west virginia. noticed that snow there? that is going to continue to push our way. we cannot rule out a quick little dusting of snow are agreed coding this evening. especially northwest of town. not a big deal. should not cause any problems. for the most part, this is looking like a fairly minimal if that.
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18 now in manassas. 19 in winchester. 27 in the district. warmer along the waterways. on our way to the low 40's today. >> we have been talking to dvac. there is some activity car traffic coming into town near west virginia, montana ave. pack your patience. no patience and needed on the green way. good 66 between centerville and the beltway. we are good on interstate 95, virginia and maryland >> thanks so much for that. a mysterious baltimore tradition could come to an end today. every jenrry 90, a close visitor mark edgar allan blow's birthday by living tree roses and a bottle of cognac.
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fans are holding one left a vigil. at the visitor does not show, the curator will declare an end to this tradition. >> it turns out the grammys and the ladies love lj. ll cool j will host the ceremony. he is hosting the grammy nominations concert. this will be the first time in seven years that the grammy show has an official post. i sure hope he is fantastic. >> a professional dancer is hoping it will be the case. the activity could improve on her help. deen would be an inspiration to other people living with type ii diabetes. she has been under fire for keeping her diabetes a secret
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while picking up the rich food that could have led to our disease. >> she is always full of personality. she would be a great character on "dancing with the stars." >> we have 27 degrees on this third day. >> del ipad, a huge win for the washington wizards [ snoring ] [ thunder crashes ] [ snoring ] [ thunder crashes ] [ snoring ] [ mala announcer ] vicks nyquil cold and flu. the nighttime, sniffling sneezing, coughing aching, fever, best sleep you ever got with a cold... medicine. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] vicks dayquil. defeats 5 cold & flu symptoms. ♪ ♪
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>> an alert for students at an elementary school in fairfax county. suspicious activity taking place outside the school. >> efforts to repair damage to the washington monument. group donated thousands of dollars to restore the landmark. >> big problems for newt gingrich ahead of tonight's's debate in south carolina. "good morning washington" begins now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning, washington" on your side. captioned by the national captioning institute quite a rise and shine. we are getting the day started. i am cynne simpson. >> i am pamela brown. great to have you with us. we begin with traffic and weather every 10 minutes adam caskey joins us to pick us off. >> a cold start to our day today. a lot colder than yesterday at
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