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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  January 21, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> straight ahead, a decisive victory newt gingrich is the winner of the south carolina primary. we have a live report coming up. plus developments in the health of college football coach joe paterno. and who got hit the hardest with the weather?
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abc 7 news is right now. captioned by the national captioning institute >> it was a decisive victory tonight for newt gingrich in south carolina. as soon as the polls were closed, he was declared the winner. here are the numbers -- south carolina has historic plea chosen the eventual republican nominee for president. will history repeat itself? kris van cleave it is in columbia, south carolina, with more. >> newt gingrich is a big student of history. santorum and mitt romney would disagree. what is clear, the scope of the big victory double digits, was unexpectedly large, and it is clear this gop primary season will continue on for awhile. >> thank you to everyone in
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south carolina who decided to be with us in changing washington. >> it was newt gingrich surging to a big victory in the palmetto state. a week ago he was running second. not anymore. >> with your help, we are moving to florida and beyond. >> for his supporters at the victory party, this is a great night. >> it was nice to know so early. very excited. to tell you the truth, i would have been thrilled if it came in second but i am ecstatic he has won south carolina. >> i feel like planting for him because i know there will be a better tomorrow. >> at the mitt romney camp, disappointment, but a message far from defeat. >> our party cannot be led it to victory by somebody who has not
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run they've the business or state. >> he is the best candidate, and i'm disappointed that i live in a state that does not recognize that. >> gingrich and met ronnie passed within moments of each other it this morning and they both stumped for last-minute votes. meanwhile, a fight for survival for rick santorum. it is predicted third-place finish is enough to keep going. >> it is a wide-open race. join the fight. thank you. >> the next up is florida. florida is much bigger, much more expensive to compete in because advertising time is more expensive. mitt romney is heavily favored in florida. it is considered a must win for him. gingrich said at the one in south carolina that he would win florida and he would win the nomination florida, at the end of the month.
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live in columbia, kris van cleave, abc 7 news. >> we will keep him close. he will join us again at about 30 minutes with more coverage on south carolina. now the breaking news on the condition of legendary former penn state football coach joe paterno. he is reportedly in serious condition. he has been hospitalized for complications stemming from lung cancer. tom has more from the satellite center. there have been conflicting reports about his status? >> yes we are told the family is upset at this hour after a different media outlets reported a long time and state coach died. family member say that is not true. his son said he is continuing to fight, but his condition has definitely taken a turn for the worst tonight. tonight, students gathered outside of joe paterno's statue of the penn state campus to pray for him as he took a turn for the worst.
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-- a turn for the worse. less than three months ago, it seemed that all was well with paternal. in late october, he came college football's all-time winningest coach. within the next two weeks, he was embroiled itn a scandal fired, and it found out that he has lung cancer. >> i don't think i deviated from what i'm all about. what i felt was important. >> a week ago, joe paterno gave an interview to the washington post about the scandal involving jerry sandusky, who is charged with sexually abusing boys. he said he thought there was something inappropriate between sandusky and a 10-year-old. he said in hindsight he wished he had done more, but passing the matter on to his superiors is what he thought was best at the time. >> i never had to deal with
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something like that. >> some question whether he was trying to cover-up the obligations, but many stood up for him. >> what you did to coach joe paterno is unconscionable. >> the firing march atred his legacy. he has been in the hospital for a little over a week, initially in admitted for observation, but his condition has turned more serious. >> we will continue to monitor this unfolding story. for instant updates, log onto you at 11:00, a major fire destroyed a home in oxon hill. the fire broke out around 8:00 p.m. as firefighters battled the flames, they heard a dog barking. the firefighters went to the back of the house and arrested the pet from the basement. two other dogs are still
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missing. the cause of the fire is under investigation. today, the first real snowfall of the winter season, except for the surprise one and october. folks to the north also got snow. we have complete store much coverage. first, let's begin with richard reeve and arlington with conditions right now. >> certainly the bitter cold is back. look at this area along the side of the highway. check out route 50, nearly dry pavement. still, it is a tricky driving here not in new york, and philadelphia. by night, bitter cold, chilly wind and challenging roads. at the sleet and freezing rain. >> by day even an apparent save interstate 270 was tricky.
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a shaken driver spoke to was moments after her car collided with this fan. >> the rep must have still been icy, and might car hit the patch and went into the other lane of traffic and got hit. >> across the region, people were chipping away at the ice a bigger problem than the snow. >> i have a 10 degree incline. >> it is different elsewhere. this january storm is sweeping across the midwest. >> it is tough to see cold, and wet. everything is sticking to me. >> nearly a foot in some places, clogging highways and causing airport delays. in chicago, more than 800 flights canceled. >> i've been here all day. >> in new jersey dennis peters is using his snow blower for the first time since october.
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>> my hands are glued to it. >> still, words of caution from a driver who knows. >> be careful out there. at>> another a live look at route 50 almost dry pavement, the cars whizzing by. most people agree that it could have been much worse but it is always better to be cautious this time of year. i live in arlington, richard reeve, abc 7 news. >> for more on what we can expect let's check in with steve rudin. >> another pole day ahead, from the belfort furniture weather center. -- another cold day ahead. saturday afternoon into the evening, the moisture and freezing rain, sleet the snow is gone. a little bit of clearing now. the temperatures is the key, 34 degrees at reagan national. below freezing from frederick, gaithersburg dulles, and
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manassas. a lot of slick road conditions early tomorrow morning especially on the side streets sidewalks, and steps. but coming up, we have a warming trend, the temperatures back into the 50's. i will tell you when, and another round of what three weather? details coming up. >> developing this from alexandria, where the city council approved the old town waterfront plan. this came after eight hours of debate. the approved plan calls for new developments that includes boutique hotels, commercial space, and parks. opponents say that it will ruin the old town's historic nature and create traffic congestion. they're challenging the vote. coming up, a girl kidnapped. how she was able to get away. a +, cruise ship disaster, the death toll climbs. -- plus, cruise ship disaster
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the death toll climbs.
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>> the search is on hold for victims of last week's cruise ship disaster in italy. the ship has shifted again. earlier, divers have recovered a woman's body inside the vessel. that brings the official death toll to 12, with 22 it -- with 20 people still missing. it is an amazing story of courage and survival, a 9-year- old girl kidnapped in colorado is back home after making a daring escape. the police say the girl went missing thursday. an amber alert was issued and the police launched a massive search. investigators say it was the girl who free herself. they walked into the store yesterday and she grabbed the phone and called 911. >> she looked at me, right in my eyes and said i'm not going
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here, i'm waiting right here for my mama. he spun around and hightailed it out of there. >> the police eventually caught the suspect who is suspected of attacking another young girl. bmetro is making major repairs on their tracks, affecting all five rail lines. it will affect service through tomorrow. for more information on which stations are impacted, go to potomac, md., couple never thought this day would come, reunited with their missing dogs that went missing more than a month ago. they're 3-year-old schnauzer disappeared three days before christmas. he went to work when his suv was stolen with the ball inside. last night, they got the call they had been waiting for, a woman had found their dog. >> the lady took very good care
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of him. we're just happy to have him back. >> he is back home safe, and were happy to have him back. >> the police are still investigating who stole the vehicle. they say that pet owners should never leave it. in the car by themselves because it could get stolen. steve, you have a doll, i cannot imagine. -- steve, you have a dog cannot even imagine. >> it was cloudy, but not as extreme as it could have been. right now, the skies are beginning to clear. the wind is diminishing. the cold, dry air will stick around overnight. a high, 34 degrees at reagan national airport. normally highs of about 43.
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at the record, wouldn't that be nice, 70, back in 1959. no complaints, very easy winter for most of us. 34 at the airport. the windchill makes it feel like 21 with the wind at 13. children's hospital, 28 degrees. the high today, 30 degrees. clifton, virginia, 29. 31 in bethesda, after a high of 34 degrees. colder off to the north and west. this is where they have the winter storm warning earlier in the day. at that cancel out early. 30 cumberland, 23 frederick. where temperatures are below freezing anything that melted today could refreeze overnight. it could pose problems early tomorrow morning. be careful on the side streets and sidewalks and steps the real cold air off to the north and west.
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burlington, 3 degrees. the wind chill factor, makes it feel colder. the wind will ease for the day tomorrow ahead of the neck storm system. that will bring rain and winter weather possibly. that will be later tomorrow night into early monday morning followed by rain. the system earlier today moved off to the north and east, the high pressure briefly builds across the mid-atlantic. all of the advisory's have come down. the grand total for today reagan national airport 0.7 inches of snow. so far this season, 1.8 inches. that is it. it has been a very, very dry winter in terms of snowfall. the future-cast the clouds hang around tomorrow, later tomorrow afternoon, a little bit of drizzle, freezing drizzle tomorrow night. monday, heavier rain expected as the system finally moves through
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with milder air. 22-27 overnight daytime high tomorrow in the 30's. highs remain well above average. the upcoming work and school week. but the 40's, low 50's. the nighttime lows will be in the 30's. >> we just have to get through sunday, but it is looking good. >> a little soggy, but mild. >> horace holmes, upsetting is from penn state. and we're keeping a close eye on the condition of former penn state had coach joe paterno. his family says he is still
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[ male announcer ] vicks nyquil cold and flu. the nighttime sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching vever, best sleep you ever got with a cold...medicine. ♪ ♪ >> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers -- moving you forward. >> joe paterno's health has taken a turn for the worst. he is listed in grave condition
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at pennsylvania hospital. they have called and close friends and family because he wanted an opportunity to say goodbye. tim brant over the years has had numerous interviews with joe turner. he sat down with him two years ago and he had this to say. >> you once told me that you would coach as long as you feel good. >> yeah. >> the fire is still burning isn't it? >> yeah, not to sound cornball, but i really enjoy it. it is hard to describe to people who have not been there but when you run out on the sideline when you have a big- time football game, there are things going around, the state the first down, -- u. syncyou sneak
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the first down, it is fun. i don't know if i would do it -- i don't know what i would do if i did not have it. i don't like the alternative. >> joe paterno is 85 years old. the georgetown hoyas had their hands full with a team on paper that they should have handled easily but they play the game on the court. georgetown on the break finishing strong. rutgers up by 2. carter that is good. he made the final six points of the game for georgetown, including three free throws. georgetown hangs on to win a tough one 52-50. maryland playing in philadelphia against temple. second-half, temple what the three? no, yes.
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temple's fernandez of fires the three-pointer, and the final 72-60. army taking on american at bender arena. brewer with the layout. brewer from way outside, the three is good. american wins, 57-55. george mason trying to hold on to their top stopped, the patriots turning defense and offense. the fast break corey edwards jams at home. mason got a head early, kept the lead 72-60 over towson. george washington welcoming charlotte, big night. 19 points, three boards. the colonials win. there now and a four way tie for the a-10.
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the high school game of the night, maybe the season, better arena, a-you campus, dematha against gonzaga. jenkins had 27 points. the eagles with a big lead but dematha made it disappear. the pass is tipped, ball game. and sat out over dematha 76-74. but-- gonzaga over dematha. tomorrow, the team up interstate 95 is playing the ravens arriving in new england. the winner tomorrow will go to the super bowl. baltimore has consistently won this season, but their plight has been up and down. the go to massachusetts very confident that could handle the patriots. finally, a big shake-up at top of the college basketball polls. no. 4 duke fell. florida state, last second shot.
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baylor loss to missouri. we will see what happens with the polls on monday.
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>> people are assuring the chinese new year. this was in sydney, australia,
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>> steve rudin has the final check of the forecast. >> tomorrow, it will be cold, the temperatures will be in the 30's. 35 degrees the daytime high. milder air monday, but we are looking for temperatures in the low 50's. mild tuesday cooler wednesday 50's thursday and friday. tomorrow night, we could have enough cold air and the atmosphere to get a little bit
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of winter weather, freezing rain but do not anticipate any problems monday morning. >> thank you for joining us.
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