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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  January 29, 2012 8:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. this morning -- the sunshine showdown. 48 hours to go before the big republican primary in florida, the ads are nasty. the rhetoric is venomous. and there's a surprise last-minute endorsement this morning. the big question, can newt gingrich pull off an upset? mercedes murder. an excuive found strangled in her luxury suv. her husband now a person of interest. but this wealthy community refuses to believe that he could be involved. the puzzling details of the murder mystery in one of the wealthiest suburbs in america. dramatic rescue. caught on camera, a dash cam captures the life or death decision by a deputy. diving into dangerous waters to
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save two women trapped in their car and neither could swim. and super bowl ads. from talking babies to singing puppies to ferris bueller 25 years later, this year's super bowl ads are pulling out all of the stops, we have a sneak peek of the ads that you'll be talking about next week today. >> send me three, hot wild girls. >> sending three rottweilers. >> no, no, no! and good morning, everybody. i already have my money on the rottweler ad. i hear from ron claiborne that he's an early fan. >> already sending in some hot rottweilers. right? >> pretty funny. good morning, everybody, at home. it's going to be a huge week on wall street this week.
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facebook may actually file papers this week to go public and it's going to make a lot of people very rich. lot of very young people and now you might be able to buy a piece of the social networking giant, but should you? we'll take a look inside facebook's big ipo. >> amazing to me that this company may be valued the same as mcdonald's. also this morning -- a big new development in the disappearance of baby ayla, police have found a new clue in the home of where the toddler vanished. this may change everything. then, my not so fair wedding. have you heard about this? wedding planner to the stars. he's being sued by a couple who say he left them stranded at the altar. he's accused of providing the deejay the flowers, did even he forget to order a cake? this sounds like a wedding fiasco. but first, we want to get the headlines and ron claiborne is back with that.
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>> good morning to you, dan and bianna. your hand is on my coffee. >> he's very sensitive. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with a day of violent clashes between occupy oakland protesters and police in that california city. police fired tear gas and about 300 people were arrested and three police officers were injured. a massive lawsuit has been filed in miami, against the costa concordia ship. they're suing costa cruises and its parents carnival for $460 million many damages. the company has offered to pay uninsured customers for $15,000 for lost luggage and psychology trauma. and a team of u.n. nuclear inspectors arrive in iran this this morning. the group was greeted at the airport by protesters. they'll visit nuclear
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facilities. and the escalation of the violence in syria has forced the arab league to suspend its monitoring mission there. at least 20 people were killed in clashes between government security forces and protesters on sunday. this morning there are reports that heavy shelling and fighting in the suburbs outside the capital damascus. new studies claim that class size doesn't matter in student achievement. two harvard researchers said factors including frequent teacher feedback and high expectations are far more important in determining success in the classroom. a dramatic rescue caught on dash cam. a deputy in texas spotted a car in a lake, dove into save two women trapped in the backseat of that vehicle. they were pounding on the window, yelling for help. >> they're screaming help me, help me. and they're also telling me at the same time, i can't swim. that's the whole reason i do this job is to help people. >> the driver said that she was talking on her cell phone, didn't realize that she was
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driving a boat ramp. another reason not to talk on your cell phone and drive. >> that guy is hero. >> while you two fight out here we're going to turn to politics, and your voice, your vote. we're just 48 hours from floridians heading to the polls and the race is fiercest than ever. mitt romney with a solid 11-point lead. but gingrich said that this race is far from over. he has a brand-new supporter. abc's jon karl is in the orlando with the latest. mr. herman cain is back in the picture? >> reporter: that's right. the herman cain train has arriveved here in florida and hs here for newt gingrich. in florida a big vote of confidence for newt gingrich. >> i hereby officially and enthusiastically endorse newt gingrich for president of the united states. >> what's up, buddy?
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>> reporter: just last week herman cain was in south carolina with stephen colbert with an entire different endorsement. >> i endorse the people. >> reporter: now he's all-in for newt gingrich. >> i'm here for the people we're going to elect speaker newt gingrich as the next president of the united states. >> reporter: even before the cain endorsement, gingrich said his campaign will continue no matter what happened in south carolina. >> reporter: the painting in panama city, mitt romney escalated his attacks on newt gingrich. >> he was fined for ethics violations. he had to resign in disgrace. >> reporter: in an one of a kind ad, the romney campaign attacked gingrich using nothing but an nbc news report. >> they found him guilty of ethic violations. >> reporter: nbc has asked romney to stop using the ad.
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but one romney adviser told abc news they plan to keep running it until tuesday's primary in florida. gingrich campaign said that the ad is misleading. because he was ultimately cleared of wrongdoing two years later. gingrich still has a solid eight-point lead in the latest gallup poll, that's another reason the gingrich campaign will continue no matter what happens in the primary here on tuesday. >> jon karl reporting. let's break this down with abc's senior white house correspondent jake tapper. who's filling in for george stephanopoulos on "this week." jake, good morning to you. so, herman cain, a few days ago, he endorsed the american people on stage with colbert. now it's newt gingrich. does this endorsement count for much. >> as one of the american people, i'm very upset that unendorsed by herman cain.
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i was relying on that endorsement going forward. but that said, i think what this is hoped to do by the gingrich campaign is to provide a second wind for newt gingrich. you might remember, coming out of south carolina, the poll numbers for newt gingrich in florida shot up. he was neck and neck with mitt romney. and since then, romney has widen the gap, in the latest poll overnight, a 11-point lead. he's hoping that herman cain, very popular with the tea party can provide some oomph for his campaign in the last 48 hours. >> gingrich said that he's going to take this all of the way to the convention. does he have enough money and enough organization to really make that happen? >> no, he hasn't really had that this the entire time. he has been relying on the super pac ads. from a group completely separated from him even though it's run by his former spokesman. they have really helped him stay in the race. pro-gingrich super pac.
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he has been relying on free media. he gives a press conference on the campaign trail. he doesn't have the organization that mitt romney does, but he's relying upon what's gotten him this far to keep going, dan. >> jake tapper thank you. a huge show this morning, newt gingrich this morning and speaker of the house john boehner. it's one of the highly anticipated ipos of the decade. after years of speculation, the word on wall street is that facebook is preparing to file paperwork for an offering as early this week. so, in addition to hours spent on the site all day, you could own a piece of it as well. but should you? ened and just how much money are those 20-something founders going to make? for facebook the numbers are always staggering. 800 million users. 250 million photos uploaded per day. 780 billion minutes per month
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spent on the site. how much is facebook actually worth? >> $1 billion valuation. >> reporter: nope, try $100 billion, that's how much sources familiar with the company estimated it could be worth. putting it among the likes of, bank of america and mcdonald's. >> it will certainly be far the biggest internet or technology ipo we have ever seen. >> reporter: an ipo would make its founder 27-year-old mark zuckerberg the 23rd richest person. one of the world's youngest billionaire. worth $20 billion. and the 1,000 facebook employees that could become newly-minted millionaires overnight. many in their 20s. along the way, it has become the engine behind reunions and revolutions. >> there is this incredible
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movement on the internet for people to share what they want and to stay connected with people. >> reporter: should you like facebook stock and invest when it's available? many had their doubts on google when it went public. when it was first offered it was $84. today it's selling for $580 a share. facebook has made these baby billionaires. could it help you make rich, too. >> the best advice, stay on the sidelines. enjoy the headlines. look at it as a historic event and nothing more. >> i remember covering that google ipo, lot of people thought it was overvalued at $84 a share. the big question for facebook, can it monetize or make money? last year it brought anywhere $3 billion in revenue. a big week for the company. let's switch gears now, talk about this murder mystery. in one of america's wealthiest communities. the case everyone is talking about in gross pointe, michigan. the wife, mother, and a successful executive. found strangled in her mercedes.
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the husband who gave a series of emotional interviews and now, a big twist. muhammad lila is here with the details. >> reporter: authorities have named the husband a person of interest. that's not the same as being named a suspect. to the couple's friends and neighbors, something they thought could never happen in their community. the murder mystery that's shocking this wealthy detroit suburb. this past tuesday, jane bashara, a senior executive, was found dead, strangled in the backseat of her mercedes in a detroit alley. just hours before her husband bob had reported murdered. this weekend, a startling new twist, her husband now being looked at. >> he has continued to cooperate with our investigation. he's a person of interest. >> reporter: police sources tell our abc affiliate that mr. bashara failed a polygraph test. on friday night. he said that he last spoke to
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his wife on tuesday afternoon and planned to see her tuesday night. when he returned home, she wasn't there. but the tv was on and her company id still inside. >> i'm doing what i need to do to cooperate with the authorities. to find who did this to my wife. >> reporter: police have searched the home, removing multiple hard drives. those who knew the couple are in shock. a good friend is dead. >> they were just a great couple. >> reporter: now they're investigating whether their own husband is involved. >> there's no doubt in my mind that it wasn't him. >> bless you all. thank you very much. >> a funeral for barbara bashara is planned for tuesday. bianna. for more on this case, we're joined by jean casarez. a correspondent for in session" on tru tv. good to have you. >> thank you. >> the police are calling the victim's husband a person of
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interest, what does that say to you? >> there's no legal significance, it means he's at the center of their investigation right now. the time line is going to be critical in this case, because he says that tuesday night at 5 after 8:00 he got home and his wife wasn't there. she left a business meeting at 4:00 in the afternoon. it's believed that she went after 4:00. his cell phone pings, that's what investigators are looking at right now. where was he. at 5:00 p.m., 6:00 p.m., 8:00 p.m. he spoke with police at police station for four hours friday night. something must have happened. local reports are saying that an attorney arrived for him. did an interview suddenly become a custodial interrogation. that's where miranda rights are read. you have the right to have an attorney present, did that happen and his attorney came?
8:15 am
local reports said that he did not pass a polygraph test. >> how significant is it when someone doesn't pass? we don't know exactly what part of the test he failed. >> it can't be entered into a trail. it's an investigative tool. it's definitely something that they're going to look at. consistencies and inconsistencies, police are investigating. what he's saying is inconsistent with what they are learning, then that's not good for him. >> police entered the home and took two computers. what would they be looking for? >> motive. planning. searching for planning, searching for anything like that. they're saying they're a lovely couple. >> the neighborhood is shocked. >> and hopefully, law enforcement hasn't jumped on this -- remember richard in atlanta, the olympic bombings, they called him a person of interest and he had nothing to do with it. >> how crucial is it to have a motive? >> it's not important for trial. you don't have to use it to prove your case.
8:16 am
it's important to understand why this happened. why would someone want to strangle her. she fight for her life. she knew that she was being murder. >> they were such a loving couple. so the mystery continues. all right, jean, thank you so much for coming in. >> you're welcome. time now for weather and meteorologist ginger zee who also got the purple memo this morning. >> purple all the way. except for ron. is ron wearing it? no, tie, got it. >> muhammad is, too. >> we're all in sync here. one thing that i have to start out with, some news out of utah, little unfortunate here this morning, they have had avalanche warnings throughout the week. yesterday, one avalanche took one snowboarder's life. the rescue, tried to get there, and two others did survive. unfortunate turn of events. avalanche conditions continue as we go through the end of the weekend here. if you're doing any skiing take care.
8:17 am
a low pressure system in the northwest there. up in canada, they should get mostly snow. for seattle down to portland it's going to be rain. up to 3 inches of rain in some spots. the big story in the midwest, we're getting back to normal. cold, it should be like this, fargo this morning 1. 0 would be an average low. minneapolis feels right at home at 13. if you put cold air over some warmer waters you're going to get some lake-effect snows. upstate new york, some of the areas are going to get more in the way of lake-effect s in thetiful morning nation's capital. the second of two cold fronts. some morning sunshine. maybe a few sprinkles, maybe
8:18 am
today.few snow flurries temperatures to m >> want to start you off with a twitter picture that i received from jackson hole, wyoming. jackson hole, wyoming, over 2 1/2 feet of snow at this location. and then here's a facebook picture for you from hawaii. >> you always try to make you jealous. >> iri know. i have to go from one extreme to another. you can find me on facebook at let's talk about bruce springsteen. why do tickets to an upcoming show $800. in turns out scalpers are leaving loyal fans on the darkness. they were at their computers ready to buy tickets.
8:19 am
to the new springsteen concert tour. as soon as those tickets went on sale, they were shut out only to find the tickets they couldn't find just minutes later on ticket broker websites at sky-high prices. at 10:00 friday morning, tickets to the five springsteen shows in new york and new jersey went on sale. except some didn't. thousands of fans of the boss discovered that when they went online to buy tickets. ♪ they were frozen out. >> users experienced everything from delays to error messages and it just turned into a big mess. >> reporter: but within few hours, tickets were being offered on the secondary market at incredibly inflated prices. legion of springsteen fans were outraged. >> i feel like we're at ticket master's mercy. >> reporter: a problem that ticket buyers offer encounter,
8:20 am
whether it's cold play, madonna. or taylor swift. die-hard fans go online hoping to get tickets only to find the shows sold out and then see the tickets on broker sites for exorbitant prices. we found $114 seats going for more than $8700. >> i'm a huge fan. there are people out there who aren't fans. >> reporter: in this case, ticketmaster is blaming those brokers for the problem with those tickets. in a statement -- it said early indications that suggest scalpers were using sophisticated computer programs to assault our system. a new jersey congressman has imposed the so-called boss act law. >> i would keep the secondary broker out of it for at least 24
8:21 am
hours. >> reporter: until the law has changed, what may just have happened is perfectly legal in the u.s. the flip side to this the ticket broker say, when a concert or a sporting event is sold out and you really want to go, they're the only outlet, where you can get tickets. for $114 for $8700, that's ridiculous. >> it's tough. at this point, there's nothing -- >> no, they get into those systems. gobble up all of those tickets. the only way you can go is to go to the brokers. >> that's cold. >> yes. there was an incredible gathering at the funeral for r&b singer etta james. friends and family of the four-time grammy winning soul singer were joined by famous names, like stevie wonder who led mourners in song. then this incredible moment when
8:22 am
christin aguilera brought the audience to their feet with her rendition of the singer's song "at last." ♪ ♪ >> unbelievable voice. that song is such so incredible. >> she had an incredible life. ron covered her when she passed. >> number of comebacks, too. >> a number of comeback and and
8:23 am
a great singer. >> she'll be missed. >> and coming up on "good morning america" -- the new evidence in the case of baby ayla, what police found in her home that could blow open the investigation in her disappearance. plus, he's a wedding planner to is the stars, but one couple is suing him saying he ruined their wedding. no flowers, no deejay, even no cake. the super bowl is a week ago, we got a sneak peek at some of the funniest ads. ferris bueeler making a comeback. coming up later -- the man who turned his apartment into something out of this world. he transformed a bedroom into a starship and then the nasty
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live and in hp, this is an abc 7 news update. >> good morning. police are investigating a deadly crash involving a cop car. officers say to people hybrid of speed
8:28 am
a police cruiser. -- at a high rate of speed a police cruiser. no word yet on their condition. stay here for the forecast. >> good morning. it is sunny out there. 26 out there in frostburg. a cold front will be coming through later today. morning.this a little cooler than yesterday. 45 to about 50. temperatures again in the 40's tomorrow. 60's again, groundhog day, 65.
8:29 am
8:30 am
what's up with gary? every time he craves a dorito he turns into a bird of prey. >> oh, really? >> watch this. and that's one of finalist for this year's doritos super bowl ad contest. one week from tonight, america gets a taste of the winning ad. i'm dan harris, this is sunday january 29th. here's another upcoming super bowl ads. it features dogs and star wars. we'll give you a sneak peek at the best of the bunch. including the rottweiler one that he talked about at the
8:31 am
beginning of the show. also coming up, this delicious piece of absurdity. the man who directs traffic with the michael jackson sound track. it is real. it's part of our fixation segment. >> he has got some moves. first, the fairy tale wedding that allegedly turned into a nightmare. david tutera is one of the most famous wedding planners in the country. even has his own reality show. but one couple said totally botched theirs and at a hefty price to boot. abc's meg oliver has details on this. this sounds like a nightmare. >> reporter: it really was. the santanas said it was a crushing blow. they eagerly waited at the airport for their celebrity planner to arrive. shockingly, he never got off the plane. leaving them in a panic to pull something off on the biggest days of their lives. he's known on his reality show on my fair wedding for turning wedding dreams into reality.
8:32 am
david tutera's touch is usually over the top. with extravagant cakes, dresses and decor. he's even planned the wedding of big hollywood stars like jennifer lopez and elton john. >> listen very carefully. from that point forward, i'm in complete control. >> reporter: but they say what they saw wasn't remotely close to what they wanted. the couple photographed with tutera at a resort they toured together, tutera who they hired for $15,000 never showed. in lawsuit filed in new york, they accused the designer of leaving them high and dry in the dominican republic. no flowers. no deejay. not even a cake. the lawsuit charges tutera we motional stress.
8:33 am
>> i'm just speechless. >> emotions are very raw. and wedding planners need to know that. >> reporter: tutera's spokesperson said that he always strives to execute his clients' vision and to make their wedding day a special day they'll never forget. the couple says that he turned what was supposed to be $15,000 budget celebration into $30,000 extravaganza when he failed to show up telling them he had a family emergency. the couple alleges that he found time to make it to l.a. to film his show just 48 hours later. for clients featured on his show a totally different experience. a wedding dream coming true. >> this is just perfect. >> according to the lawsuit, the santanas had a different experience.
8:34 am
tutera apparently settled another with a bride earlier this year over her $300,000 wedding. >> there's a financial s a pekts. as a woman and a man, the memories. >> absolutely. >> thank you. i'm sorry. i'm emotional about the wedding story. let's check the headlines now. another situation that's getting tricky and emotional. florida politics. >> that is right. there's major news out of florida. newt gingrich has picked up a major endorsement. even polls in that state show him trailing mitt romney. ahead of florida's primary which is on tuesday. former presidential candidate herman cain has thrown his support behind gingrich. gingrich said even if he loses the florida primary, he'll stay in until the end. more than a month after the last combat troops of iraq, they got their first big welcome home and it happened in st. louis where tens of thousands of people lined the streets to cheer. about 600 vets marched in the parade.
8:35 am
the idea for the parade came from two friends who wanted to honor those troops. and new questions in the search of missing toddler ayla reynolds. she disappeared from her father's home six weeks ago. abc's dan kloeffler has more. >> reporter: a startling announce from maine police. blood discovered in the home where ayla was last seen in december. the potential new evidence is coming to light now. police made the discovery just days after the toddler's father justin dipietro told police that ayla had been snatched from her bedroom. application are waiting for test results and he's not talking. >> i'm not here to answer any questions. i'm just here to show my support for ayla. >> reporter: he appeared at vigil saturday with the baby's mother, trista reynolds, it was the first time they have seen each other since their daughter's disappearance. police are suspicious of
8:36 am
justin's story, but haven't named him a suspect or a person of interest. >> we need answers to those questions right now. i'm not the person for that. >> reporter: despite extensive searches that turned up nothing, this small community clings to hope that ayla will be found. for "good morning america," dan kloeffler, abc news, new york. and finally quite a fashion statement from protesters in davos, switzerland, three topless women were arrested after trying to bust into a meeting -- >> busted into -- >> from the ukraine. these women were trying to call attention to the needs of the poor. >> i have been to davos and it's cold. those women -- >> the security guards looked a little surprised. >> let's move to the weather. ginger, weather. please, help. let's talk more cold. only for the end of this week.
8:37 am
because milder air is going to be moving in. atlanta, 65 by tuesday. new york city, back up, well above average. by the middle of the work week. then we go to southern california, which has been above average. has had the santa ana winds. want to fly across from east to west here. providence, 44 today. atlanta, as i mentioned 55. much warmer as we go to the midweek. another stormy day sunny but chilly out there. maybe some sprinkles and a flurries tomorrow. look for temperatures in >> this weather report has been brought to you by ensure. dan 57bd and bianna. coming up here on "good morning america" -- if you watch the super bowl for
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we're a week out from super bowl sunday. this morning, a deep dive into what people view as the most interesting part of the game, the ads. david kerley has a preview. >> reporter: for many of us, they play some football between the commercials. this is some of what we'll see. >> you want me to go to new york with those guys? somebody ordered 65 -- >> reporter: it will be a record year of spending. >> any time he craves a doritos he turns into a bird of prey. >> reporter: a quarter billion dollars. >> watch this. >> reporter: ferris bueller is back, we're not sure how -- >> how can i handle work on a day like today? >> reporter: and there will be something different this year, many commercials will be longer. take volkswagen, they stole the show last year with that miniature darth vader. well, the star wars theme
8:43 am
continues with the bark side. dogs barking, the stars wars theme for a minute. there's even, forgive the pun, a chew-baca. >> ads struggling for attention, the longer ads tend to give you more of an opportunity to sort of ratchet up the engagement with the audience. it's expensive but worth it for a lot of advertisers. >> reporter: new this year, the interactive ads. >> the ad is actually going to reflect of what's happening live in the game. it's a pretty unique approach to super bowl advertising. >> reporter: and many ads will offer ways to surf the net or use your phone to get more info. >> this guy's phone will give anything you want. >> send me more doritos. >> send me three hot wild girls.
8:44 am
>> hot rottweilers. >> no. >> reporter: david kerley, abc news, washington. >> so, why are we here again? >> i don't know what this is. i laughed out loud at the chew baca. all right coming up on "good morning america" -- what may be a real-life yogi bear, we'll show you in -- >> a little segment we call fixation. >> a little segment we call fixation. plaque psoriasis. i decided enough is enough. ♪ [ spa lady ] i started enbrel. it's clinically proven to provide clearer skin. [ rv guy ] enbrel may not work for everyone -- and may not clear you completely, but for many, it gets skin clearer fast, within 2 months, and keeps it clearer up to 9 months. [ male announcer ] because enbrel suppresses your immune system, it may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal, events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers,
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comes together for a single purpose -- to make the world a safer place. that's the value of peranrmance. northrop grumman. ♪ all right, time for fixation where we show you the strangest things that we could find during the course of the week. quick note about the set.
8:49 am
it may look slightly different to you. tomorrow is national bubble wrap day. the whole place got bubble wrapped. don't let that distract you. as ginger starts us off. >> it's a viewer fixation of the week. super exciting. who doesn't want to be like their dad? even when you're a very young baby. twins. dad sneezes. oh. that was skyler jones from utah. thank you. >> thank you. quick note if you're a sci-fi fan, we found this guy who's a huge sci-fi guy. he's a big "star trek" fan. he got divorced a few years ago, decided to turn his entire apartment into this, replica of the ship from the enterprise. anyway, he has a computerized
8:50 am
desk. he has flashing lights. the doorbell plays a sample of patrick stewart voice. here's the twist. he's divorced. his wife still owns the apartment. she's selling it. ron, over to you. >> remember how yogi bear in the old cartoons used to walk around like a human being upright like that. well, michelle martinez took a video in seoul, south korea. this is a bear upright walking around. >> wow. >> kind of weird, isn't it? >> wow. >> we're watching evolution happening live before us. >> breaking news. over to bianna. >> speaking of walking there's a traffic cop who did a little more than just walking and
8:51 am
give directions in the philippines, he did a little dance. apparently he's a big michael jackson fan. look at this. he has some good moves. >> he's actually directing. >> yes. he does it to keep the area happy, the folks happy. he's clearly happy. big smile on his face. >> by the way, i don't have real faith in this statistic, the people who sent us in the bubble wrap, one minute popping the bubble equals a 30-minute massage in terms of stress relief. >> i'll take the massage. >> you'll take the massage? interesting. it is cheaper. >> if there's a story send us or tweet us at gma. we'll be back. ron, keep on popping. ♪ for me, it was a calling to be there for the veterans who protect our freedoms working with today's va i can use my license anywhere in the u.s. in the city or the wide open spaces
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and we want to thank you for watching abc news. as always we're online at "good morning america" on yahoo!. much more on the primary on fwooek "this week." the chicago bulls take on the heat. 3:30 eastern. don't miss it. >> bye, guys. hd, this is an abc 7 news update. good morning. police are investigating a deadly crash involving a cop car. say two people traveling at a high rate of speed died at the scene.
8:57 am
one officer went to the hospital. no word yet on their conditions. police have recovered eight from the bottom of a well. officers said they may identify today.tim as early as thursday, they found an that led to the well in fort washington. a well-known activist from alexandria to disappeared back in september. now look at our forecast. sunday -- it is sunny and serene. our camera on top of the tower in roslyn. you can see, just enjoying this. 39, downtown. high temperature of 55 -- i do we will match that. we have a cold front coming evening.ast with another one later this afternoon. morning,unshine this as a go tooudiness the afternoon hours.
8:58 am
we could see some sprinkles, some of flurries. to 50g sunshine, up 47 today. look at the winds of tonight. 35 miles per hour. cool and a sunny day. >> thank you. thank you for watching and have a great day.
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