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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  May 28, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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flooding into the southeast u.s. coast. >> and a preview of how president obama and many others will pay tribute to our veterans on this memorial day. >> ♪ >> oklahoma city thunder fans have an interesting way to salute the team as it competes in the nba playoffs. why they me want to double check something first. good morning washington at 5:00 begins now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. happy memorial day. it's monday, may 28. i am steve chenevey. >> i'm autria godfrey. traffic and weather every ten minutes. steve hershorn in a moment. but first meteorologist adam caskey. >> i think we will be just fine today. later in the afternoon and early evening there could be a few thundershowers. also, take precautions for heat and humidity.
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it will be hot out there, highs near 90 with high humidity making it feel like the mid 90's this afternoon. currently 69 in leesburg, 65 in bowie, 70 in arlington and chevy chase. woodstock, 66. on our way to 90 degrees this afternoon by 4:00 p.m., but it will feel like 95 with the humidity. better chance of showers and storms tomorrow afternoon and evening. still warm, near 90. i cannot call it a commute this morning, so how was the traffic? >> moving smoothly. we will start with a look at springfield, the springfield interchange, looking very good, no problems northbound or southbound on 95. that is a smooth ride. at the 14th street bridge, no problems on 395 northbound up to the 14th street bridge, down to the split. no accidents reported. we will head over to maryland where we find things moving
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pretty smoothly. we are on the other side of the american legion bridge with no delays. the earlier incident in montgomery county on river road near goldsboro that is open. everything is moving smoothly. back to you. >> thank you. tens of thousands of people already without power as tropical storm beryl made landfall in florida. it is just shy of hurricane. it is expected to dump rain on parts of georgia and florida throughout the day. meteorologists say it will likely be pushed back out to see him tomorrow night. stay with abc 7 for the latest. find updates anytime by going to our website at new this morning, one man in critical condition after he was hit by a car in seat pleasant, maryland for. >> this happened on central
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avenue near addison road around 10:00 last night. the man was hit after darting out from the sidewalk into the street. driver remained on the scene and the driver was not speeding and it appears alcohol and drugs were not factors in accident. prince george's county police are getting hit and run accident in chillum that left a man critically injured. an off-duty officer found a man lying on ager road near east- west highway late saturday night. early yesterday morning a 60- year-old man showed up the scene and called police to turn himself in. charges are pending. >> several events are taking place today to pay tribute to our heroes. >> president obama will take part in a couple ceremonies in our area. brianne carter is likely to the iwo jima memorial with more. >> good morning. there are plenty of events to mark this day and to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice fighting for freedom. one of the busiest places today will be down the street from where we are at arlington
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national cemetery. later this morning president obama and first lady michelle obama will be there to a wreath at the tomb of the unknown. the ceremony will follow that at the memorial amphitheater. this afternoon to mark the 50th anniversary of the start of the vietnam war and to honor vietnam veterans, defense secretary leon panetta will host a ceremony at the vietnam veterans memorial. president obama, first lady michelle obama, as well as the vice-president will all be there at the national mall. there will be a number of road closures as all this takes place. metro headed in both of those directions is expected to be crowded. take precautions with all of that. a lot going on for this special day. -- there will be and a number of road closures as all this takes place. for people headed in that direction it's expected to be
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crowded on metro. >> there is the parade today. constitution avenue will be closed from 5:00 a.m. through 7:00 p.m. and constitutionfrom seventh street to 17th street. thousands of people are revved up their engines. many who participated had lost friends or loved ones of their own. their admiration goes out to the younger generation of veterans returning from iraq and afghanistan. >> freedom is not free. i'm glad we still have the ability to do that today. >> for more events, log on to our web site >> looking at 69 degrees outside. >> still ahead things hit a sour note to during the national
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memorial day concert last night. the event was canceled. >> if you plan on taking metro to get to events around town today. prepare for slightly different schedule. >> we will hello! honey? who's
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>> the story weather put a damper on some memorial day events last night. if forced organizers to cancel the national memorial day concert at the mall. >> ladies and gentlemen, we do have a severe weather warning and we ask that everybody leave in an orderly fashion if. >> that was all. halfway through the show, the host actor gary sinise, told the audience if to leave and seek shelter. country singer trace adkins and rock group daughtry had already performed before the plug was pulled last night. that was a bummer for everybody. >> that concert is such a big deal. let's get a check on traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> we start with adam caskey. what's going on today? >> today will be hot, humid, temperatures around 90 degrees when you. it will feel like the mid 90's this afternoon when you factor in the humidity.
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be mindful that from noon until 9:00 p.m. we have heat advisory up and down the 95 corridor. 70 right now in washington, 71 at dulles airport, 65 in hagerstown. in lower southern maryland, 70 degrees in lexington park. we don't have any showers or storms left over. hazy, hot and humid. a few thunderstorms this afternoon and evening, 30% chance. keep an eye to the sky later on today. better chance of showers and storms tomorrow, especially in afternoon and evening. berdi widespread, lingering into early wednesday. less humid wednesday through the rest of the work week. temperatures dropping into the upper 70's by friday. it's your forecast. now to steve >> . starting with 66 of the roosevelt bridge, moving smoothly through arlington county and into the district, everything is open and looking good on independence avenue
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constitution avenue, things are open and moving. moving. 270 near 121, clarksburg, heading down from frederick county into montgomery county all the way down 270 to the lane divide, lanes are open with no accidents or incidents reported. we are getting a report on the right side east of town of an accident westbound 50 henning back from the beach westbound 50 just before the bay bridge, report of an accident. that's our looks so far this morning. back to you. >> thank you. metro is running on a slightly different schedule this memorial day. its opening at 7:00 this morning and will be closing at midnight with the track work on the green line and red line. the tears in effect all day. parking is free at all metro facilities. -- off-peak fares are in effect. anyone who uses subscription
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rides needs to make separate reservations today. >> the busy summer travel season kicks off this week. a congressman is asking airlines to make things easier for families taking trips. >> the mayor of san antonio is defending his city against controversial comments made by nba all-star charles b sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering so, i'm walking down the street, x: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering just you know walking, sfx: sounds of marching ba d crowd cheering and i found myself in the middle of this parade honoring america's troops. which is actually ite fitting because geico has been serving e military for over 75 years. aawh no, look, i know this is about the troops and not about me. right, but i don't look like that. who can i write a letter to about this? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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>> this is good morning washington on your side. >> tropical storm beryl has knocked out power tens of thousands of people in florida made landfall as night with winds of about 1665 miles an hour. it will dump rain on florida and georgia today and will be pushed out to sea by tomorrow night. a man is in critical condition after being hit by a car in seat
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pleasant, maryland, if at 10:00 last night in 100 block of addison road south. it appears he was hit after darting into the street. the driver did stay on the scene and is cooperating with officers. president obama joining folks across the nation in observing memorial day. will deliver remarks and place agreed that the tomb of the unknowns at arlington cemetery. later this afternoon the president will join vice- president joe biden at the vietnam veterans memorial. new york's senator pushing for a family friendly travel season. madrid chuck schumer asking airlines to allow families to sit together if without having to pay extra fees for. an aisle or a for. -- new york senator chuck schumer. is asking the airlines to do this and for the department of transportation to regulate this crime. it only makes sense. you don't want to be separated from your children. >> charles barkley and, you know him as a commentator and for
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making controversial statements from time to time. the mayor of san antonio is not going to lead hit him get away with it. >> charles barkley said that san antonio was filled with fat women and has a dirty creek. >> you cannot always been very kind in describing the women of san antonio. maybe that's because we have a different idea of what a beautiful woman looks like. as a famous sports star, roll the tape. actually, that has nothing to do with san antonio, we just thought it was funny. >> and he held up on his left hand the 4 rings from championships. barkley has not done so well
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when it comes to championships. there was a funny back and forth. charles barkley has to be the most famous bad golfer. >> you >hatecannot hate on the san antonio river walk. >> baby doc oklahoma city last night, game 1 of the nba western finals. -- they beat the oklahoma u thunder last night. >> ♪ >> the video pays tribute to a player who is very hairy. >> there's something off.
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on the jersey he is wearing russell was proposing a jersey and not hardin's. the director should have paid closer attention. >> but it's getting a lot of viral play. congratulations to the thunder from making the finals and congratulations to san antonio. new developments at facebook >> . it is developing its own telephone and the social network is morning you of scams in your e-mail. >> facebook reportedly hopes to release its own smartphone by next year. the new york times reports it has hired a former apple iphone engineer for this. you should be skeptical of e- mails that say that your facebook account is being canceled. it's often downloads malicious
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by where instead. log into your facebook account separate link. there is a popular building game using materials you gather. there's an xbox 360 version that gives you a lot of latitude. maybe too much. >> for someone not intimately familiar with the game terminology, you don't know exactly what our resources gathering game means or you never really played games, you are almost intimidated. >> on paula faris. have a great day. >> let's check traffic and weather on this holiday morning. >> adam caskey is here. >> it will be hot like the past couple days, heat and humidity. a couple degrees warmer than yesterday. we made it to 87 yesterday. >> it is the unofficial start of summer so it should be getting warmer. >> the water temperature was about 58 degrees when i was at the shore a couple days.
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>> hazy hot, and humid today, slight chance of late-day and thundershowers. there's a better chance of widespread action tomorrow. let's look and some of the rainfall totals from the ones that moved through yesterday evening. over an inch in cumberland, 1.1 in hagerstown, just about three- quarters of an inch in meyersville. 0.6 inches in martinsburg. no rain showers right now, just partly cloudy. we will start with sunshine with patchy clouds developing later this morning and midday. 70 in bristow and fredericksburg and arlington. 64 degrees in olney huntingtown, 67 degrees. around the beltway, around 70. mid 60's northwest of washington. 90 degrees by 4:00 p.m. hazy, hot, humid. from noon until 9:00 p.m. we
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have a heat advisory for the metro area. that's basically up and down the 95 corridor, as the humidity and temperature will combine to make it feel like 95 or 96. it will feel like the mid 90's this afternoon. we have not felt much of that this year. take a break into some air- conditioning and drink plenty of fluids. 30% chance of a few late-day thundershowers. here are the remnants of a few showers from last night, just a few lingering clouds now. tropical storm beryl is in parts of northern florida right now. it will take a little bit of a turn and go back into the opposite direction. it will move off the carolina coast line. most likely it will stay away from us and not affect our weather over the next couple days. partly cloudy today, dropping down to near 70 again. increasing clouds tomorrow with showers and thunderstorms likely through the afternoon and evening.
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it will be fairly widespread tomorrow, highs near 90 degrees and muggy. a few showers could linger into wednesday morning. you need the umbrella tomorrow and wednesday morning. a pretty nice day otherwise for the majority of wednesday and less humid by wednesday afternoon through the rest of the workweek. rights sunshine by thursday, low humidity and pleasant. let's look at traffic with steve. >> not much to look at. this is the beltway near colesville road with very little volume right now. after coming toward us is the outer loop heading through silver spring, on your way towards connecticut avenue and american legion bridge, moving smoothly. no problems. it looks like this all around -- pretty much. this is what we have so far goodness. heading over to the maps, reports of an accident east of town on westbound route 50 heading towards the bay bridge. you will see police looking for
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an accident just before you get to the bay bridge. not reported to be blocking anything. that's headed toward the bay bridge, you will see the activity headed back from the beach on the side of the road. up and down 50 is good into town. let's look at springfield. moving smoothly. hov restrictions lifted on 95, 395, 66, 270, the toll road. they remain in effect on route 50 in maryland on holidays such as today. back to you. >> thank you. 69 degrees out there. >> the nationals off to a roaring start this season. you might be surprised to hear one thing they have not been able to do -- until last night. >> sharon osborn -- >> my son had a drug problem. >> do you regret doing that show?
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>> up and under. >> a big night last night, game 1 for the spurs, who keep on winning. the restaurafinal score was 101-98. kevin durant had 27 points. san antonio has won 19 straight games. at is what you call rolling in the playoffs. the celtics-heat eastern conference finals tonight in miami. >> the first day of the french open. andy lost to the french player. better news from the women's side. venus williams advanced past the 19-year-old. i think that's right. >> the brickyard broiling for
5:28 am
the indianapolis 500 and there were a few problems. speeding there, avoiding a crash on the final lap. gabriel is the husband of ashley judd. he was the winner. he wore a white glasses in honor of a previous winner named dan wheldon who is killed. -- was killed. >> the nationals are 11 games above 500 for the first time in awhile. >> one thing they have not yet done until yesterday -- three- game series sweep. gio gonzalez pitched another gem. he allowed only one hit to the braves struck out 10. bryce harper hit his fourth home run of the season. it took care of atlanta 7-2.
5:29 am
p.a. degrees outside. more coming up at 5:30. >> a disturbing story coming out of herndon. the search for those who attacked several farm animals with as sharp object. >> marking memorial day in the nation's capital. brianne carter looking at the events scheduled for today, in a live report. >> its not memorial day without heat and humidity in washington. will be back with details to let
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead at 5:30, ams a memorial day for parts of the southeastern united states. tropical storm beryl made
5:32 am
landfall overnight, lashing the coast with heavy winds and rain. good morning, washington. it's monday, memorial day, may 28. i am steve chenevey. >> i'm autria godfrey. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. adam caskey has the forecast. >> good morning. it is a warm start. temperatures around 70 degrees around the beltway. it will be hot and humid this afternoon with heat index values around the mid 90's. sunny right now in washington, 72 in fredericksburg. hagerstown, 65. cumberland, 63 degrees. near 90 for the high temperature. anywhere from 88-92 around 4:00 p.m. this afternoon. hot and humid. a few thundershowers possible. 30% chance of storms later on today. for tomorrow, similar temperatures, and 90. a better chance of widespread showers and storms by tuesday afternoon in the evening.
5:33 am
-- and tuesday evening. >> tropical storm beryl lasting the southeastern coast line this morning, washing away holiday plans. >> it made landfall in northern florida overnight. tahman bradley has the latest from northwest d.c. as we continue tracking the storm. good morning. >> good morning. the unofficial start of summer is when and windy for many living across the southeastern part of the u.s. it is a huge storm with near hurricane force winds and it's causing big problems for holiday plans. for residents along the southeast coast, tropical storm beryl crashed the memorial day party. the storm made landfall overnight in northeastern florida packing 70 mile per hour winds, just s shy of a category one hurricane. meteorologists expect a weather system will keep dumping rain in florida and georgia throughout the day.
5:34 am
tens of thousands are without power already from savannah to daytona beach. jacksonville, a state of emergency. memorial day plans scrapped. >> due to concerns for public safety, we have cancelled our memorial ceremonies at the veterans memorial wall. this storm as the ability to produce localized flooding downed trees, and downed power lines that can pose a threat to public safety. >> residents along the path from south of charleston to daytona beach were expecting to see a storm surge up to 3 feet with up to 6 inches of rain and wind gusts up to 65 miles an hour. >> the waves and the wind or picking up. >> there's also the issue of currency that low perpendicular to the shore forcing swimmers to swim outsider powerful force causing a mess forcing 100 rescues if along the coast and emptying out beaches over the busy holiday weekend.
5:35 am
>> i am encouraging everyone to stay out of the water. that is very important. >> meteorologist think upper level west winds will push it back out to sea by tomorrow night. that maybe too late to say about your plans for so many this holiday. >> it is weakening. the wins decreased overnight to 65 miles an hour, but tropical storm warnings remained in effect. reporting live from northwest washington, tahman bradley, abc 7 news. >> let's check on the roads this morning. >> steve hershorn has a look at traffic. your job is pretty easy today. >> i'm trying to find things to show you. that's more difficult than usual because there's nothing going on right now. in good shape on 395 at shirlington if. moving smoothly all the way from springfield to the 14th street bridge. problems. looking good. we usually have delays on 270 at 109 but now we're waiting for a
5:36 am
car to go by. everything is moving well all the way down to the lane divide and on to the beltway. no problems. hov restrictions are lifted today on 95, 395 headed northbound right now. that's also the case on 66 and the toll road. they will stay in effect on route 50 in maryland. back to you. >> thank you. a number of events taking place today paying tribute to our heroes on this memorial day. president obama will take part in a couple ceremonies in our area. brianne carter is at the marine corps war memorial. >> good morning. there are expected to be a number of events today. in the nation's capital expect to see in the area filled with flags, families, and a lot of emotion for. one of the busiest places is expected to be arlington national cemetery. next door to where we are currently standing if. and around 11:00, president
5:37 am
obama and the first lady are expected to be there for wreath laying ceremony at the tomb of the unknown, followed by a speech that he is expected to give shortly after that. this afternoon in the nation's capital at a veteran of world war ii -- i mean that the vietnam veterans memorial, there is an event later this afternoon. the defense secretary leon panetta will host the president first lady, and vice-president joe biden, marking the 50th anniversary of the start of that. there are expectinged to be a lot of events and people in town. metro will be busy, so plan accordingly if you are participating in these. there's a lot on tap as we mark this special day. back to you. >> thank you. korean war fighter pilots and u.s. astronaut buzz aldrin will be honorary marshal at the national memorial day parade in downtown washington. >> it starts at 2:00 this
5:38 am
afternoon and runs from seventh street and madison drive down to 17th street and constitution. 5:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. that stretch of constitution will be closed along with seventh street from constitution to independence. the westbound memorial bridge will also be closed. disability claims are at an all-time high. 45% of veterans from iraq and afghanistan are asking for injuries that are service related. that's more than double after the gulf war in the early 1990's. many factors are driving the claims such as the economy more troops surviving the wounds, and heighten awareness of ptsd. >> several farm animals were slashed with a sharp object in herndon. the animals were found at frying pans farm park. jummy olabanji has more. >> this crime has really shocked
5:39 am
this community, not only because these are animals but your see new babies. the calf and the goat were two of the victim's. fairfax county police remained on the hunt for the person or persons responsible for stabbing several barnyard animals. >> for someone to do that to the animals is senseless. >> the animals were cut sometime between late saturday night and early sunday morning in herndon. the victims, a baby calf a mother goat and her babies, and a chicken if. >> it is disgusting and disturbing. >> families visiting this weekend were stunned. >> they are innocent animals. >> this recent attack on animals comes one month after a three horses were stamped on a farm next door to this park. the horses hwo survived are part
5:40 am
of our program that provides therapeutic rights to children with special needs -- who survive and. now there's a camera and a security guard patrolling the area. fairfax county police are investigating both of these crimes. >> it is a concern. we don't know whether the incidents are related but this is something we will look at. >> there's no suspect information that police are working with. they're asking anyone who may no details as far as both of these crimes are concerned to give them a call. reporting live in herndon, jummy olabanji. >> thanks so much. 68 degrees outside. >> still ahead, remembering the lives of -- a life of the "godfather of go-go" chuck brown. >> and an issue the judge in the john edwards trial is doing with this week.
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>> i'm specialist andres ryan with the u.s. army national drill team. good morning, washington. >> it is a good morning on this memorial day 5:43, adam caskey
5:44 am
in the belfort furniture weather center. starting with the rooftop camera picture of the nation's capital a few minutes before sunrise. clouds setting the stage for a beautiful sunrise over d.c. temperatures in the '60s in outlying areas. some seven in leesburg. 64 in winchester. in maryland, 66 in la plata. 66 in germantown. calvert county, 69 in lusby. a mixture of sun and clouds today, hot and humid, near 90 degrees by 4:00 or 5:00 p.m., but it will feel like the mid 90's. 30% chance of a late-day and the storm. now to steve with traffic. >> a very good morning on the roads. here we are in arlington county on 66 at glebe road, no problems eastbound and westbound, moving smoothly as you make your way past the dulles toll road all the way to the roosevelt bridge. outbound also looks good. the beltway at university boulevard.
5:45 am
from college park to silver spring. on the outer loop, traffic headed toward us is very light just a few vehicles on the road. because of the holiday, everything is moving very well on the beltway all the way around. we will head over to the dulles toll road near route 28, a little east of dulles airport moving smoothly. no problems reported around town on the tollway or the airport lane. back to you. >> thank you. it's 70 degrees this monday morning. >> something you would expect to see in a horror movie, but it was real in florida. we'll hear from witnesses who saw a naked man chewing on another human being. >> a few super heroes were beaten at the box office. learn which i should be arrested for crimes against potted plant-kind. [ clang ] my house is where plants came to die. ♪ ♪ but, it turns out
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6:00, a growing scandal at the vatican. the pope's butler spill secrets about the holy city. and news for allergy sufferers. how your medication could be ruining your health. >> and " why a frederick woman did not want to rush into marriage. she waited until she was 70. those stories and more coming up at 6:00. >> more plans are set for d.c. music legend chuck brown. public viewing tomorrow for the man known as the "godfather of go-go." he died may 16 at the age of 75. moreau's viewing will be at the howard theatre in northwest d.c. from 11:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. a public memorial service will be at the washington convention center thursday from noon until 3:00 p.m.. >> deliberations will continue today in the john edwards trial? . it's on hold as a judge deals with a jury issue.
5:50 am
she close the courtroom to reporters friday afternoon 35 minutes to talk to attorneys about the jury matter and warned the panel not to discuss the case outside the jury room or in any small groups. no other information was given on friday. edwards is charged with using campaign donations to hide his pregnant mistress during a run for the white house staff in 2008. >> it sounds like a scene from a horror movie. saturday afternoon, a miami police officer fatally shot a naked man who was chewing on the face of another naked man. happened on the downtown causeway off-ramp in miami. witness is say a woman saw the two men fighting and flag down an officer. the officer found one of the naked men and mauling another. >> he was staring into pieces and the guy just kept dropping his skin. >> the officer ordered the attacker to back away.
5:51 am
when he ignored the officer, the officer shot him. the injured man was taken to a trauma center with critical injuries. >> a young boy killed 33 years ago, well-wishers' left flowers and candles outside the building where the 6-year-old etan patz was strangled in 1969. last friday and new jersey man confessed to the prime. pedro hernandez's lawyers say the father of three schizophrenic and suffers from has ahallucinations. he has been arraigned on murder charges. >> traffic and weather. >> there's a heat advisory in effect for the 95 corridor, around the metro area, and some locations east of the blue ridge, because it will feel like the mid 90's later on today. probably a pop-up thunderstorm here and there. we cannot rule it out. we will have plenty of stability in our atmosphere today that could lead to an thundershowers. the headline will be the heat
5:52 am
and humidity. many folks will be outside for barbecues and parades and ceremonies. take the necessary precautions. drink plenty of fluids, stay in the shade, and take a break in the air conditioning, it's possible. let's look at the sunrise over washington on this memorial day. happy memorial day. of a gorgeous sunrise over washington. kennedy center in the center of your screen. the sun rising on the left. 70 degrees right now downtown at reagan national, 71 at dulles airport? . a little cooler north west of washington. 63 in cumberland and winchester. six for in martinsburg. 68 in manassas. -- 64 in martinsburg. 86 degrees by noon. will be in the upper 80s through the early afternoon. by 5:00 p.m., 90 degrees for the high temperature. when you factor in the humidity it will feel like the mid 90's.
5:53 am
that's why we have a heat advisory around the metro area and the 95 corridor today. 30% chance of a few thundershowers later on today. we did have a nice all line that moved through yesterday evening and there was over an inch of rainfall in western and northern maryland. now just a few lingering clouds and that's all. just a few clouds. tropical storm beryl is along the florida and georgia coast lines. it will move into the atlantic and will stay out of our region and not affect our weather. for tomorrow, increasing clouds on tuesday, showers and thunderstorms likely if. today just a slight chance. tomorrow, widespread. battling your into wednesday. less humid wednesday afternoon through friday and cooler near 80 by the end of the week. >> let's start with the the beltway at the legion bridge, moving smoothly.
5:54 am
everything is moving very well right now. that's on the inner loop and outer loop, getting there from maryland or virginia. no accidents or anything to complicate the light volume of traffic around the beltway. to 270 lanes are open around frederick county and all the way down to the beltway. over to springfield, light volume of traffic. traffic headed toward us is northbound. hov lanes headed north as well. restrictions are lifted except for route 50 in maryland, hov lanes restrictions. >> 69 degrees out there this morning. >>
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>> will smith is back handling the box office once again. >> the third installment of his men in black series debuted at number one on the weekend bringing in $55 million, which should be great news. some experts say that is troubling because it cost $230 million to make the moving. they only got a portion of that back. after weeks of the top of the box office, the avengers dropped to second place with $37 million. battleship came in third, followed by the dictator and chernobyl diaries, rounding out the top five. >> men and black has some time to make up the money.
5:58 am
>> we still have another day for the memorial day weekend. >> there's more to come in the next hour. >> we will pay tribute on this memorial day. we will explain how the president will mark this day. >> and adam caskey has an update on the forecast. steve hershorn will
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