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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  June 15, 2012 3:05am-4:00am EDT

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entourage. new photos posteall over the web. wte on twitter -- bottles like girls, you."on deleted it soon after. the alleged fight believed to be ovover a girl. they both dated rihaa and have been spotted with her in the .ast month that is love in a hopeless place. >> another bar fight. ththis one involving bristol palin. >> believe it. we have the video that launched a $75,000 lawsuit. is evil. steven hanks, the man who heckled bristol in foul, saying he give permission to be for her reality show, trip."s a claiming the incident caused him emotional distress to the tune of $75,000. >> demi moore's daughter planning an intervention? online reporting that tallulah are that demi is headed for relapse. she looked healthy last week.
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at tallulah's graduation. president obama has another star packed fundraiser tonight in new york. a.j.? >> it is happening here at sarah jessica parker'slace. caught up with another president's biggest rock star jon bon jovi. is a crusader for a campanerds and obama, but is this ditch the mic run for office? secretary for entertainment, a position inr cabinet in the second term. think that's it. secretary of entertainment, in. >> it could happen. did couns tom cruise for ages."f did you t tell him? >> breathe in and breathe out. it is that easy. >> "extra" one-on-one with bon jovi in new york. home the beacon of hope coveted house's of broadway gala. >> the mission is pure. they are doing good work. >> bon jovi hard at work on obama's re-election.
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>> it is a hot one. >> even hitched a ride on air force one in this political video. >> how cool is that? one?r fororce >> it's ok. >> it is just ok? it's ok. my plane is pretty nice. >> bon jovi in the big apple. life a littlee homeless youth like and madison at covenant house. >> if it wasn'people like you mr. bon jovi, i don't know what i would do. >> bon jovi, mr. jovi or plain jon. call him, we know changing lives. >> a.j., i love hohow she is vey polite and calls him mr. jovi. yeah, she was excited to meet mr. jovi. >> let's talk about john mccain's daughter, megan. interviewed her, right? >> she has a new book out and her father is not a fan of the title. party'se grand old child. a lot of old-school like acans treat me
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freak. i like being a freak. >> megan mccain detailing her trip in "amica, you sexy b." withicling her advantage complete opposite, michael n black. >> i hated him. why did i get myself into this? >> while they were finding out what was behind america's red state and blue state divide, they interviewed everyone, even strippers. they give me great advice on men.ulating have to say. what surprised you? >> very few people would say i am a republican. i am a democrat.t. >> she didn't watch the film about her father'r's withesident sarah palin. >> i am not your puppet. >> i watched literally 10 minutes of it. it was too creepy. >> what did his dad think of his book?er's >> he hates the title. thinks it's disrerespectful to america. >> did you tell him about the racy stuff in there? he doesn't want to hear it, like, please, don't get
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arrerested. being the dad of a wild child.d. up next, lance armstrong is a ctim of a vendetta. against claims drug cheat. and now trending, dancing pro cheryl burke's reunion with her dad. told jon hamm hd never be tv star. confidential, akerman's wild sex scene with tom cruise. the tonguiest tongue kiss of times. >> and the most star struck papparazzo ever. that's coming up. now, a j.lo fashio frenzy, how much? feathers, 25 yards of chiffon. peeking her zuhair costumes for her new tour at
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>> wait until you see who is singing that song. aybe" now. and my dce party here at the grove. that is all coming up.
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>> we are up here overlooking the grove at mixology. and everyone is talking about the "post" today. lance armstrong facing new doping charges. >> he could lose his seven tour de france titles. has the new details in trending."now >> lance armstrong, drug ped peddler. that is the headline on the "new york post." being a druged of the u.s. anti-doping agagency. lance firing back saying he has taken more than 500 drug tests and never failed one and that there e is a vendetta to get hi. board the carly "call me maybe" p train. after this performance this trend has officially jumped the shark. maybybe. maybe ♪ jon hamm told he'd never be a
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head of a tv network. >> getting together with keifer sutherland and kelsey grammer for the emmy roundtablee series. >> i have never been out of work. >> cheryl burke's daddy is on bethenny." >> you have not spoken to your father in a decade? >> right. cheryl telling frankel she him overwith christmas. got in a really bad so it was important for to reachh out to my dad to if anything were to happen. >> tomorrow bethany talking bras and what is in them. >> the big movie trending right now has to be "rock of ages." an's across the grove with a marathon makeout cruise. bad. >> malin ackerman up against the wall and loving every minute of it, turning up the heat with tom cruise in "rock of ages." you're making out with "top n this movie. >> i don't know if you can call it a m makeout or kiss. it was a lip suck.
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script it said, " "the of allst tongue kiss .ime" malin, the cub reporter, tom, rock star who has seen days. >> some people have said you have become quite difficult. have these people even met themselves? >> i have never hooked up with one ofof my interview subjects. >> you want to start now. >> are y joking? cruise's face. oh, best interview ever! malin says she still has to work too hard kp up with tom's vocals. it was crazy. a lot of vocal training finally some technique and i like, this is how you sing. if only i knew that when i had a band. it up for my buddy, survivingrman, interview here at grove. thank you malin. i appreciate it. >> coming up, all new video of jennifer aniston and her man justin, all over paris.
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and robin thicke channeling sitcom star dad, alan. mario, good to be here, mario. and my grove dance-off with of kids.en and a bunch >>e are at planet hollywood resort a casino. tomorrow we will have a backstage tour of celine dion's concert concert wardrobe. that is coming up tomorrow.. >> "extra" is like no other show on television. schwarzenegger! sophia vergara. on up here, girl. it's headline making, it's making. day, new stars, every day -- jenrr lopez! -- a live event. day, "extra" gives you a entertainment.
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>> next "extra," two presidents. new megastar events. andyork, mariah >> all new video of jen and justin, another date night in paris goining out to dinner. >> how do we know they are going out to dinner? the paparazzi told us so. going out to dinner, yeah, on.t >> which apparently is the single most exciting thing that she has ever seen.
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>> the super couple arriving at the eiffel tower. alert.y on high this guy getting out an to keep jen -- wait, to dry.himself the photogs are super excited. tower,e to the eiffel wow. >> a quick trip to the front of the line for a romantic dinner for two. have a wonderful dinner. did you have a lovely time? you're not from these parts. thanks very much. >> somebody get her attention. now freeze it. is that a ring on her finger? i am just saying. night, guys. >> as they say in france -- >> the smooth soul singer with a hit tv show. to the grove, thicke! robin in the middle of the talent shohow wars. abc's "duet." >> i wanted to sing in front of millions of people every week.
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and once you actually pick the lovely young people you realize the whole show is about them and getting a chance to o make their dreams come true. robin living the dream life show, beautiful ande, paula patton, baby.beautiful fuego! >> yeah. young fire. >> this dad will be spending his father's day doing what he does best. i will be playing at the festival.jazz it is an honor. >> bill cosby. one of my favorite tv dads. another is your dad. thicke. hello, mario, good to be mario. >> that is a good impression. f fan wanda doesn't want an impression. >> i will die and go to aven. you'll go to heaven anyway. should i sing? got me don't worry
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heart ♪tty little nice to meet you, wanda. >> robin thicke everyone. duets" is back wednesday on abc. >> my next guest will put a little bounce in your step this summer. plplease welcome debbie allen! always love to see you. >> i love seeing you, darling. how have you been? thad a little car accident t it's all good. 2 25 years after "fame" and debby canng, move. partnering with the gap fofor te cabana cha-cha campaign. did you get involved? >> they said they wanted to honor people who are doing things in the community. we put on the clothes and do what we always do. dance. little ofhow me a cabana with one arm? >> yeah. yeah. out, two, one,wo, twice. that now you bounce. bounce and turn around.
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amm i ready for the campaign? are ready. >> thank you for the invite. some of the kids to do cabana cha-cha. that sounds great. >> kick it out. cabana cha-cha. the dance-off versus these at >> nice moves by the way. >> thank you. those kids were wearing me out. >> father's day is coming up. what are your plans with the family? >> that should be a day that i shouldn't have to plan anything. i am hoping my girls take care of me. think they will. the go,ou're always on you figure out a way to keep with gia's every move. like taking pictures and tuff.s and it is really easy on the new windows phone. >> great father's day gift. way to personalize and organized. sports scores, work emails and keep them connected by sharing things to facecebook. more on the windows phone at and coming up, your chance to win one.
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this morning on "world news now" -- relentless, colorado's massive wildfire still out of control. >> thousands of acres, hundreds of fire fighters and a very long battle ahead. it's friday, june 15th. >> you are very welcome. >> i would have hunted you down. >> good friday morning. i'm paula faris. >> i'm rob nelson. ginger zee on the front lines in colorado all week. we'll get the latest from her in a second. >> also this morning the manhunt for an upstate new york doctor suspected of shooting his
3:31 am
ex-girlfriend, that manhunt has grown nationwide. >> amazing the step he's took to keep track of her life, driving by her house. gps in the car. he went to extremes to stay part of her life. the way it ended. tragic. also from here in new york an all-out brawl between entourages of two white-hot artists now, chris brown and drake. people beaten, bruised up in all of this. a nightclub fight. the latest on that. >> epitome of class, class, class. >> later in "the skinny," you won't believe what the material girl demands backstage on her new world tour. only imagine. >> speak of class. >> really. we begin with enormous wildfire blazing across northern colorado, now stretching across 80 square miles. >> 1,200 fire fighters risk their lives the governor of colorado signed an executive order, banning open burning and private fire works. more than 30 homes destroyed. fire officials say the number is expected to grow.
3:32 am
abc's ginger zee is there. >> reporter: deep within the fever of the flames this is the closest we have gotten to the high park fire. going on day six of fighting the inferno more than 49,000 acres in all. >> walls of fire coming down through some of the subdivisions, it was so smoky and dark we are having a hard time figuring out even we were at times. >> reporter: now the eerie, blackened earth, a sharp contrast to the chaos still chewing away at the mountainside. evacuees lined up at the gates of blackened communities waiting to get back into their homes. >> we are just exhausted. we have seven horses that we have been taking care of. we have been staying in a little hotel room with all four of us. >> reporter: stress and emotion culminating minutes before returning to their pre-fire lives. >> we have got to keep going. life keeps going even if you are not in your house. >> reporter: this couple had planned their wedding for this weekend inside the fire lines. >> i think it is going to give
3:33 am
us a lot of table conversation at the wedding, saying, we are surprised we are here. >> reporter: burned but not broken, a tight community that knows how far a simple thank you can go. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: while life returns to normal for some, the war continues just over the mountain. ginger zee, abc news, colorado. >> our thoughts and prayers go out to all of you dealing with the situation. and it is changing by the hour. ginger will be on the air in a few hours on "good morning america." in other news, the manhunt for a new york trauma surgeon wanted for killing his ex-girlfriend has now spread across the country. police in buffalo say dr. timothy jordan may be armed and should be considered dangerous. they say he killed the victim with four close range shots and then vanished without a trace. stunned neighbors say they could not believe the doctor who saved so many lives is now accused of taking one. the victims of last week's
3:34 am
shootings near auburn university campus were remembered last night. several hundred people gathered there for a candle light vigil. three people were killed in a shooting allegedly stemmed from a fight over a woman. two were former auburn football players. the suspect is now being held without bond. they want the drug results as well as the names of those who claimed that they witnessed armstrong using drugs. with more on this story, here is a abc's neal karlinsky. >> reporter: the allegations against lance armstrong paint a picture of a sophisticated cheating scheme that ran for years. the u.s. anti-doping agency claims in this letter send to armstrong that he used blood transfusions and performance boosters. but allegedly keeping it secret was no small tax. a former teammate says they once did blood doping from the team bus on the side of a mountain road during the tour de france. >> it was just a matter of
3:35 am
disguise what was going on. the team had become, somebody was watching in the hotel room, we decided to do it in the bus. >> reporter: illegal doping is a sophisticated, expensive process, designed to boost red blood cells, getting more oxygen to the muscles turning a tired athlete into a fresh one while also boosting performance. the anti-doping agency also claims armstrong used fear, intimidation and coercion in an attempt to enforce a code of silence tucht th silence. to that point investigators seized on this phone conversation in 2004. >> so many people are protecting him it is sickening. >> made by greg lemond, talking to stephanie mcilwain, armstrong friend and supporter. armstrong denies all of it and claims a witch-hunt, driven by disgrunted rivals. he has until next woke to answer the charges and do what
3:36 am
he has always done so well. fight back. neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle. >> what he and his camp are saying is that 10 witness whose allegedly saw the drug use from '98 to 2011. he says what they're trying to do, basically agreed to a version uh the story to be granted immunity for some form of their own transgression. they're trying to cover their own backside. witnesses. >> makes sense. he swears, he says lock i have taken 500 drug tests over my career, i never failed. one of them, he thinks this thing is nothing more than a witch-hunt here. so i'm still trying. i node to read more. what's difference between the 500 he passed and evidence of blood manipulation they found out how do they reconcile what i node to find out. >> you really have to dig deep. you have to wonder too, i think, a key narrative in this, if your performance, if there is a spike. tipp how you are able to detect
3:37 am
steroid. his performance has been level for 2 1/2 decades performing in the sport. >> let's get the investigation done once and for all. so many headlines over the years. get a final answer let everybody move on one way or another. >> yes, detective nelson. i like it. an update now on the little boy behind the darth vader mask. we told you yesterday that 7-year-old actor max page will be undergoing open-heart surgery. >> his surgery happened yesterday. we are happy to report that the operation was a big success. max was born with a congenital heart defect. doctors had to replace his pulmonary valve and he is expected to be released from the hospital in about four days. so god to hear. glad that story had a happy ending. certainly has a very bright future and sweet little kid. >> the resiliency of children, incomprehensible. amazing. >> here is your friday forecast. an amazing weekend in the northeast. sunny, gorgeous for new england. down to the carolinas.
3:38 am
pop-up showers and thunderstorms along the gulf coast. little bit of wet from minneapolis, kansas city. stormy in eastern montana. rapid city and denver. >> phoenix, 102. 70s in the northwest and northeast. 80s from the rockies to the great lakes. well, jackass star, bam margera, may be a little shaken after a stunt that he will probably never, ever forget. >> bam teamed up with a professional kayaker and look at this, plunged head-first down a 100-foot water fall. bam closed his eyes the entire time. didn't see a thing. he certainly felt it though. he was ejected from the kayak on impact. >> i can imagine. he was injured in the fall and had to have hernia surgery in fact. but he called the stunt, the gnarliest thing he has ever done. some folks in this word just have the adrenaline junkie need. that whole thing. i am so not in that camp. but, hats off.
3:39 am
he survived it. what else can you ask for? >> of i have hernia surgery i am going to be calling it gnarly, not. >> oh, man. you know what, hey. >> just people have the live on the edge gene. >> they do, you know what i mean? >> we have the -- >> coming up next in "the skinny," a 70s star gets surprising news that brings him to tears. >> and the bar brawl involving two hip-hop stars, bottles flying. when the dust settled several people were bloodied. you're watching "world news now." ♪ turn up the music
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and help you find the aarp medicare supplement plan that's right for you. ♪ [ female announcer ] life is full of little tests, but bounty basic can handle them. in this lab demo, bounty basic is stronger than the leading bargain brand. everyday life. bring it with affordably priced bounty basic. ♪ turn up the music ♪ turn up the music ♪ just turn it up loud ♪ turn up the music >> all right, yeah, that's chris brown you are hearing right there. well he is back in the headlines for another not so good reason.
3:43 am
he was involved in a scuffle early yesterday morning right here in new york. >> he was turning up something, it wasn't the music. brown and his entourage got into it with drake and his entourage. the big question -- were they fight over rihanna who they both dated. tim fleisher at our new york affiliate has all of the bottle-flying details. >> reporter: if the nasty gash on chris brown's chin is any indication the fight he was unlast night got seriously violent. he tweeted this picture and comment some time after he left the wip club on van damme street. reports are that his entourage began fighting with the entourage of rapper drake. >> it was chaotic. by the end of the night, by the time we left, we were one of the last people to leave, you just saw alcohol all over the floor, ice all over the floor, glass all over the floor. >> reporter: this picture obtained by eyewitness news shows some damage inside the club where bottles were thrown. seen here there was clearly broken glass. five people were reportedly
3:44 am
injured including this man a. led allegedly chris brown's bodyguard who suffered a severe head injury. this picture shows an innocent by stander also injured, suffering a cut on her head. when chris brown tweeted the picture of his scarred twin, he also wrote in part, "lol, throwing bottles like girls shame on y'all. a spokesperson for drake says the star was on his way out of the club when the fight began and added in a written statement he did not engage in any activity which resulted in injury to person or damage to property. police detectives came to the club spending several hours inside. no official word from police on what sparked the fight? some wonder if there was bad blood between brown and drake. drake reportedly had briefly dated rihanna, brown's ex-girlfriend with whom he had a violent relationship. >> number one, hate to see innocent bystanders got hurt. and what may have sparked this, according to some witnesses, thursday, brown sent a bottle of champagne over to drake and then drake sent the bottle back with
3:45 am
a note that says, quote, i'm still blanking the love of your life. deal with it. saying that could have sparked things the reference to rihanna in those crude terms. >> maybe another fight just spawned by a woman. >> man. >> over a woman. >> messy, messy. messy. >> brown's rep is saying chris and his friend were victims of a brutal attack last night. and they did sustain several injuries. so, of course. >> both sides deny as they always do. it's embarrassing for both no matter what. come on, you are, successful guys making money. don't create a pr disaster for yourselves. why would you do that. walk away. too much to lose. don't get it. don't get it. >> when we come back, a plastic surgery makeover for one hip-hop diva. >> extreme requests by the material girl. don't miss "the skinny" coming up next.
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♪skinny so skinny >> welcome back, everybody. we all hear the craze eye things
3:48 am
celebrities demand. their special temenreatment. they want this. they want that. details about what madonna wants on her latest tour. interesting. she is traveling with a 200-person entourage including 30 bodyguards, personal chefs, yoga instructor, acupuncturist, even an on-site dry cleaner, and wants her dressing room with 20 international phone lines, she wants the whole things draped in a special fabric and the room filled with lilies and white and light pink roses, whose stems are cut to exactly 6 inches. even her hotel room. she wants to feel, her hotel room is her home away from home. she gets all the furniture out of the hotel room and has her own personal pieces of furniture shipped in to the room. that is how the material girl travels like that. >> you are not as high maintenance as that? >> what real person is high maintenance like that? come on. come on. >> nobody. nobody. >> lives of the famous, folks. >> such a thing as good plastic surgery. and really, really bad plastic
3:49 am
surgery. we have an example of really bad plastic surgery. lil kim, picture of her in '02. this picture on the right is her at the l.a. pride, 2012, west hollywood last weekend. now an expert, a plastic surgery expert says that it is plastic surgery gone bad. looks like she had a brow lift top to bottom. lip reduction, possible chin implant and looks like she has a muscle or neuroweakness deficiency, maybe on the lower lip on the left side doesn't look like it is working well. >> nostril reduction as well. nose is different as well. >> skin looks lighter. everything is different. >> lil kim. she was big in her day. now. like. oh. >> looks like a totally different kim. >> i enjoyed your work on the thriller video. lord. she looks -- lil kim, relax, come back, baby. r. kelly in the news not for a good reason. apparently, the r & b crooner has not paid his taxes in a long, long time, since 2005.
3:50 am
in fact, he owes the irs $4.8 million. according to tmz. this going back to 2005 here. where he owes $1.5. 2008, $1.1 million. the list goes on and on. this is his video, "trapped in the closet" may be trapped in a jail cell. if you don't pay that bill, soon enough. according to a rep in the process of work everything out with the government and confident all obligations will be met. i will never understand how rich people get behind on their taxes. i don't get it. mr. kelly. ♪ i believe i can lie >> believes he can fly from the irs. >> he cannot. >> you can sing too. ♪ i believe you can sing >> you didn't see the cats running in the studio. >> in honor of father's day, donnie osmond, his son, made an appearance on "the talk" it will air today. donnie osmond jr. had a surprise for his dad. take a listen. >> i am grateful and feel
3:51 am
blessed that i had the opportunity to break you into fatherhood. but, i wasn't the first to make you a grandfather. but -- jessica and i have your fifth grandson, grandbaby. [ applause ] >> that is just -- >> magic. >> oh, lord. excuse me. >> are you okay? are you going to be okay? >> whew. i'm over it. >> happy father's day. >> yes, indeed. little father's day nod. >> they say grandkids are better than kids themselves. you can only escape, reroute the whole process. i don't think it is physically or anatomically possible. >> i doubt it. the work of the parent, get to visit. have fun. go home. grandparent gig is a nice job the you earned it at that point. another osmond. just what the world needs. >> happy father's day to ed faris.
3:52 am
>> and bob nelson. i'll be seeing him in the few hours. >> bob and rob. you guys. >> bob and rob, baby. >> more news coming up. follow the wings.
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♪ ♪ ♪ weekends are for the warriors all the late nights walking through the front door at day break ♪ >> i don't know. >> this song -- >> i don't know. we're getting old. we are getting old we don't know. time for our friday tradition now, a look at the week that was from the 14-year-old golf sensation who made his debut in the u.s. open. >> to our amazing colleague, "good morning america" host robin roberts announcing she has a rare blood disorder. here is our "friday rewind. >> you have heard me say i am abundantly blessed, i think in "good housekeeping" i said "freaking blessed. " the reason i say i am blessed,
3:56 am
my big sister is a virtually perfect match for me. >> every expert i have talked to says they can expect a cure. that's what we all expect for robin. >> we are obviously concerned about the incident. >> one can have what is called partial complex seizures but can have ability to carry on a conversation, can have the ability to operate a motor vehicle. >> thank you. >> thank you, gaby, for everything, everything, you have done for us. and will still do for us. >> we are all literally watching praying it is not our house we see go up in smoke. >> they brought boats, trying to get people out of the back of the complex. >> he told the jury i am sure about it and there is no mistake that this was extremely sexual in nature and it was something that was horrible. >> he didn't want to be here. he didn't want to testify. but he knew he had a duty to do so so sandusky wasn't going to harm any other children. >> we have three deceased. nine injured.
3:57 am
we've had an explosion on board. >> this person who perpetrated this hoax, put the public at risk and put your first responders at risk. >> it broke my back and gave me a brain injury so that's the reason why i stutter a little bit. >> if you tell that lie long enough and you continue to build upon that lie you have created this new reality. and you believe it. >> yeah, this morning, i said, wow, i just shook tiger's hand. i came here, can i go on to the range and ask them for the autograph. he said, no you are giving out autographs. >> love that kid. hope he does well. >> uh-huh. >> couple things this weekend. nascar sprint cup series, the 400, series 400 at michigan international speedway, mis in brooklyn right around the corner from my hometown, j-town, jackson, michigan. i worked at the mis. >> you know the crew. nicely done. more from abc next!
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