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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  July 25, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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want to order up this waffle to go. >> you got it right. i'm impressed. >> i earned my check this week. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. straight ahead this morning, night forusy crews in prince george's county. with by drowning and apartment fire that left dozens homeless. good morning, washington. wednesday, july 25. i am steve chenevey. >> i am pamela brown. let's check the forecast with meteorologist adam caskey. getting our relief today. it was 93 degrees yesterday. the highest today will be 88 or maybe 89 degrees in the afternoon. much lower humidity. it will feel much better behind yesterday's cold front. seven
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the five now in washington, 70 a now in -- 75 washington, 79 in annapolis. , cometoday from 85 to 90 from 0. near 100 tomorrow. >> overnight construction on the on 66y through tysons, beltway, and on the prince george's ounty i have a camera at theyworth avenue where some road work on the inner loop side. as you can see, it's causing a delay. worktermp, a still there university, lanes are splits around that. decent shape aside that. >> in prince george's county,
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investigators are trying to figure out how teenager drowned pond. newschopper 7 was over the scene as rescuers searched the pond off an apartment complex stagecoach road. went into the ponds around 9:00 last night and never resurfaced. they found him after 10:15. he died at a hospital. his name has not been released. 30 people are displaced after through their apartment building. out around 8:00 night in district heights. all three levels of the building were engulfed in flames. one woman who escaped is heartbroken because she did not get out her two dogs. >> i watched my dogs byrne, both them -- burn. >> no residents were injured. investigators say the fire started in el lower-level units.
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they are trying to find a cause. >> now to the latest following friday's movie theater shooting colorado, a dozen families funeral amendment. brightare seeing moments. rises" star ght bale visiting the survivors. >> the actor who plays batman visited victims of last friday's parachuting. he showed up without a camera crew. the cell phone photographs taken by survivors are the only clear pictures. >> he specifically asked for no publicity. >> christine met him. >> i am a fan. >> and the actor stopped by the memorial. the denver broncos also made the rounds, to comfort survivors. >> we have to come together as a community. was born yesterday.
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his parents were at the movie chaos broke out. his mom was not injured, but his eye and is an for his life. and we are hearing extraordinary stories from survivors. amanda's bore friend alex her.ficed himself to save he pulled me down and covered head. >> disturbing details about the who carried out the .assacre abc news has learned that inside aurora police headquarters in after the shooting, was staring at the wall, if his eyebrows twitching. he even used evidence bags handd on his hands as puppets. charged on >> turning to the gambling
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showdown in maryland. house leaders will meet today on gambling inxpand the state. governor o'malley is untrue announce a special legislative session on the issue. lawmakers are trying to reach a table games and a casino. >> the president wraps up his to the west coast and heads to new orleans. attend a campaign event then willte home and at a second event at the house of blues. he will deliver remarks tonight the national urban league then will fly back to the white house. mitt romney headed overseas but not before launching another political attack. during a stop in reno for an independent thestigation into claims leaks national security information for obama's political gain. stops in the u.k., rael, and poland.
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the president opposes campaign fundraising and opportunities. >> netflix is blaming the olympics for cyber troubles. linda bell in bloomberg york.arters in new >> apple shares expected to take. the company sold 26,000,005 the third quarter. that is shy of the 28.4 million wall street was looking for. sales are on the decline as wait for the new iphone to come out. many parts suppliers in asia are taking a hit, including toshiba. nasdaq futures indicating a drop at the opening bell. netflix stock could have trouble. raising doubts on whether its subscriber year. this more people are tuning in for the summer olympics.
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high-profile shootings maybe gun sales.ost to background checks for gun purchases by 41% in colorado in the of 41 days after the july 20 shooting. of lawrida department enforcement saw a 10% increase background checks. lady gaga is being sued. and prices are going up again at buffalo wild swings. live at bloomberg headquarters, bell reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. 73 degrees outside on this wednesday. >> some big changes are coming to amtrak at union station.
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good wednesday morning to you. 4:40, and its more profitable outside. week.he best day all high-pressure overhead giving us sunshine for the midday and afternoon. not expecting a cloud in the sky. 70 in reston and bethesda. 72 in northwest d.c., 73 in oxon hill. 66 in winchester, 68 in leesburg. lower humidity levels today.
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dew points in the 50's in some spots this midday and afternoon with high temperatures around 88 90, which is on par time of tomorrow,nd sticky highs near 100. it will feel like 105 on thursday afternoon. there is a cooling trend into the weekend. now to lisa baden with traffic. >> it's quiet in virginia. overnight construction is being put to bed. of clear in both directions vienna.en marshall and looks good on 95 between fredericksburg and springfield. no worries on 395? church. normal travel times on the american legion 270 has a 17-minute ride between father hurley and the beltway. live picture of a germantown, you that is pretty accurate. amtrak officials this
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afternoon will unveil a plan to overhaul union station. for doubling the number trains the station can accommodate and improving the passenger experience. it wants to add new platforms, stores.and it would cost $7 billion. it's not clear how that would be financed. >> we will learn more today about the new program that will people who plan to use the new hot lanes on the capital beltway in virginia. they will hold a news conference about the e-z pass on sharing program means for drivers, carpal folks and mass transit users. ride on bus service in montgomery county -- operations should return to by monday. they have been operating on a theday schedule since nearly 30 buses off
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fire in silvera spring last week. 7 is on your side with. at the international aids conference in downtown washington there will be speakers and activities geared toward young people. thousands of protesters yesterday marched through the called for more funding to fight aids. collected prescription bottles condoms which spent tied to the white house fence. 13 people were arrested for blocking the sidewalk. part of the aids quilt has been on display at the national mall. the closing ceremony will be held today featuring the panel dedicated to the hope that aids will come to an end. part of it will be at dupont circle through friday. 73 degrees on a busy wednesday. >> in chinatown, a wild scene during
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>> george phillips is charged in of our present and an inuction and carjacking fauquier county and prince william. also allegedly strangled a petersburgital in there were both patients. shooting acused of fauquier county police officer. loudoun county police
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what appears to be murder-suicide. relatives discovered the bodies of a man and woman yesterday afternoon inside an apartment on 31st street. the victims were eaten 30 years old. >> trying to figure out motive, were where they weren't escalated it what this. >> police have not released the victims' names. neighbor tells us a couple had children. it's the first homicide in 2010.ton since march of >> a cabdriver faces charges at the verizon center. he was stuck behind a bus on street and the driver control of the camera and went on the sidewalk, forcing jump out of the way. it stopped after running a red light and hitting another car. witnesses say it's a miracle no one was killed. >> people were just getting out the way. knew but someone. would
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someone. one-- i just knew someone would hit. >> the driver has been charged leaving the scene of a collision. >> today the red cross will at 11:00blood drive until 5:00 p.m. at 8407 pennell street in fairfax. bring your donor card and two othericense or of id and the names of any medications. two key the cubs made their at the smithsonian cheetah cubs. >> they will be named after the american male and female athletes in the 100 meter dash in the olympics. you can see a lot more of them,
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and we have created a photo them.y of >> we want to help you put some your pockets with our latest giveaway. >> we are giving away $200. the winter, go to facebook. winner onnounce the july 30. 73 degrees on this wednesday. >> it should be nice today. hollywood is mourning the loss two actors. one will always be connected to a classic theme song. ♪ >> how sherman helmsley found ♪ >> how sherman helmsley found
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>> time for look at the weather. >> let's check and with adam caskey. beautiful day today. refreshening air moving into relativelytoday speaking for late july. talk about temperatures. seven deprived and the district, 70 a dulles airport. along the waterways. . 78 in lexington 66 in winchester, cumberland, 70 in hagerstown. 86 degrees in omaha. kansas city, 87 degrees.
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hot in the midsection of the country. that's headed our way for the next couple days. upper 80she mid to with lower humidity and sunshine. a beautiful day. go to the swimming pool and enjoy the afternoon. tomorrow you will need the because it will be near 100 degrees with a slight chance of late-day and thunderstorms. like we will cooldown about 90 on the weekend. very comfortable today, but uncomfortable tomorrow. >> pretty comfortable right now on the highway. that's a good idea. don't procrastinate. how things can change. , 70, and good70 on 95,out of baltimore and the b-w parkway. on 50 between annapolis and cheverly. travel times in our favor in virginia between fredericksburg springfield. headlights are northbound on 95
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newington towards the beltway. heading away from us is southbound, looking good as well. back to you. >> thank you. chad effort, a hollywood actor died. it was after a battle with lung cancer. the star of the 1970's series, "medical center." he was married to his wife 45 years until she died last year. still waiting to know what caused the death of actor helmsley. >> the 74-year-old was found yesterday at his home in el paso, texas. his career spanned 40 years, and been best known for his since.""projects well we're movin' on up to the east side to a delux apartment ♪ the sky >> from the first time the song in 1975, two things were
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true, but he would asays be known to the world georgia% and that on the day he an african- be known.ould he started on "all in the family." a middle- spinoff, familyfrican-american american family enjoyed over 11 seasons. not bad for a child raised by a mother who worked in a factory delivered mail while he was studying to be an actor. in his 74 years he moved up and us with him. i had a chance to meet him guy, very great personable, kills good to be around someone like that. 72 degrees right now.
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>> still ahead, behind-the- of "modern family," how the cast could be threatening future of the comedy. the cast could be threatening future of the comedy. excuse us, while we change into something morcomfortable. cool. introducing, the square sunnyd bottle.
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naupa 5:00 hour investigators looking into the leading to a teenager's drowning in prince george's county. -- coming up at 5:00.
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>> i watched both of my dogs burn. i just don't know. they were my kids. >> this woman was forced to leave for dogs behind so she could escape burning apartment. the fire left dozens of people stay.t a place to >> the presidential candidates in the attack mode again. obama's latest aimed at mitt romney. washington at 5:00 now.begins > >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. morning is often a good start. wednesday, july 25. i am steve chenevey. >> time to rise and shine. on the next "anderson," i am pamela brown. i am pamela brown. now to adam caskey. >> you can enjoy the heat and humidity tomorrow.


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