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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  October 30, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> an absolutely incredible picture. take a look at this. it shows the strength of sandy. this is water gushing into a commuter train station in hoboken, new jersey. in the day ahead, we expect to get a better look at all the damage along the eastern seaboard.
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good morning, washington. it's tuesday, october 30. i am cynne simpson. >> i am steve chenevey. many closings in our area. we are scrolling those across your screen. now to jacqui jeras for the latest on sandy. >> good morning. it made landfall yesterday evening and is weakening as it makes its way on shore. plenty of impact from the storm including for us, especially this morning. let's look at the weather headlines for today. the worst is over, but the rainfall will continue at least through midday today. the wind is still gusting at 30 miles or 40 miles an hour. that will gradually diminish today. in addition to everything we got yesterday, flooding could be expected. that will last likely several days. here's the latest satellite and radar image showing the center of sandy now over central pennsylvania. our rain continues coming down. that will be heavy at times and
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may be picking up another half- inch. flood watches and warnings in effect for almost the entire area. off to our west, we are dealing with snowfall in the higher elevations at around 2,000 feet. there's a wind gust of 29 miles an hour at reagan national, 23 at dulles. the high wind warning has been dropped and replaced with a wind advisory through 2:00. cloudy and windy today with showers and 44 and 9:00, 46 by noon with cloudy skies. we will get rid of the rainfall by 5:00, but still present and 49 degrees -- still a little crazbreezy. let's a check on traffic and weather jamee whitten. >> marc trains and vre no
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service for the entire day. metrobus and metroaccess as well. reagan national airport, the airport is open, however they have suspended service. at bwi, they expect limited operations throughout the entire day. you can barely see in this camera. watch for ponding. route 1 is closed because of ponding. 29 colesville road) north of four corners. -- is closed. route 1 is closed at the fairfax county parkway because of flooding. a lot of closures with flooding. back to you. >> thank you. we have a number of cruise out there this morning providing live team coverage of the damage
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from sandy. >> we will start with adam caskey and in our storm chaser 7. he is in northwest. how are things looking? >> it is still raining in northwest at the 5300 block of nebraska avenue near military road. we have a downed tree. looks like it came from the side of the house, between the two houses for work towards the street. there are power lines running through the big tree, but power lines are generally intact. the neighbors of the house that got clipped by the tree still have power because of their outdoor lights are on. but there is damage to the house, hidden behind all the fullest and tree limbs. the upper part of the rules on the corner got clipped by it. the cutters are down and there's minor damage to the roof from the tree. this is canal road to foxhall
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road to nebraska and i sol 1 down tree canal road encounters foxhall road. one-and-a-half lanes are closed heading northbound into d.c. let's talk about the wind gust that took down some of these trees. in piney point maryland, the wind gust at 75 miles an hour. 74 miles an hour in point lookout. colesville 70, 69 in annapolis if a gust of 60 and in reston, virginia. impressive wins last night and yesterday evening. the wind is subsiding.let me just check. i am not measuring any wind gusts. we are sheltered by the trees around here. i would not be surprised if by about 8:00 a.m. we have a few wet snowflakes mixing with the that's all it would be, a few
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wet snowflakes. back to you. >> thank you. 4:35. business owners in ocean city likely will spend the week cleaning up all the damage along the boardwalk. >> brianne carter is there this morning as we survey the damage. >> quite a few changes in ocean city this morning. the rain has stopped, but the wind is still living. we understand delmarva power is reporting some people are in the dark. look behind me and see all the boardwalk lights are out. we do have power here at the hotel, but the power along the boardwalk seems to be out. delmarva power reporting that there are scattered outages of ocean city. there's a lot of damage here as well because of the flooding, but also because of the been andrea -- because of the wind and
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waves. several fences along the boardwalk are now either bent or broken. several homes and businesses are flooded. we are waiting for crews to be able to get out and start assessing the damage in coastal city. we understand we have several bridges in maryland that are closed. -- assessing the damage in ocean city. we expect to get high tides around 8:19 down at the pierre that is damaged from the storm yesterday -- at the pier. it will be about assessing the damage and cleaning up in ocean city today. we are expecting to get an update from governor martin o'malley around 10:30 this morning. reporting live in ocean city,
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brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> that is one of the areas that sustained the most damage in the storm, so i'm sure the governor will address the situation in ocean city. also getting a look at sandy's impact in the huntington area. >> john gonzalez is in that area, which floods often. >> a lot of nervous residents in the huntington section of alexandria, virginia. some are breathing a sigh of relief for now. fairfax county police and fire have set up an emergency command post in the shopping center off huntington ave. there's rescue equipment trucks, and even a city bus used to assist those evacuated last night. more than 100 homes along cameron run in alexandria were forced to evacuate. about 125 homes. this is a low-lying area, very
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prone to flooding. there have been a number of serious flooding problems in recent years. many of the residence and spent thousands and thousands of dollars to repair their damaged basements. the water level got as high as 6 feet, which is right entry- level. the fire department did shut off power to much of the neighborhood during the height of the storm as a precaution. fortunately, we are told in no major flooding at this time. the water level at this morning at cameron run is at four feet but we are still getting a good amount of rainfall and wind. we are told the emergency staff fear will stay on the scene throughout the morning. reporting live in huntington, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> jummy olabanji it is also out this morning, driving all across the region checking for storm damage. >> let's find out where she is and what she found. good morning.
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>> good morning. we are in silver spring. the drive down here, 495 was ok, but there was a lot of ponding and debris on the road. when we got to montgomery county, this was the scene that you will see in several intersections, a lot of them) this one at colesville road and university boulevard in silver spring. there are police and other officials in the county monitoring these areas where there's high water. they don't want drivers try to get around these areas because it is dark outside. you don't know how deep the water could be. if you get stranded, they will have to come rescue you. there are a couple of close intersections throughout montgomery county. we will be driving around checking on a conditions. -- checking on road conditions. don't come down here. you don't know how deep the water could be. we are keeping an eye on all the roadways in montgomery county
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and we will be back lives later in the newscast. -- back live. >> thank you so much. the reason emergency crews and the utilities are not able to get out yet is they have to be careful in making sure there's something they cannot see. as the sun comes up, we will get a better idea of the damage and we will see more of the effort to get things back to normal. >> still to come sandy brought more than wind and rain to parts of the united states. some places of snowfall, and not far from the d.c. region.
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>> looked at this. you cannot forget about the snow. this is a resort in west virginia at with a ski resort. this is a result of hurricane sandy. -- wisp ski resort. the national weather service predicts up to 3 feet of snow. the early snowfall at higher elevations could provide a boost to the ski resorts, who may be able to open early. >> a lot of local area children wanted to make sure they would get out to do some trick-or- treating for halloween. looks like that will be the case. >> it's going to be cold at for that.
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they will be wearing boots to trick-or-treat pit bull in west virginia. the storm should be out of here for everybody for trick-or- treating tomorrow night. -- they will be wearing boots for trick-or-treating in west virginia. something to watch in the next 12 hours or so. the center of circulation of sandy is in the central part of virginia. it's no longer a tropical system. it is post-tropical. the hurricane center is no longer at pressuri -- is no longer issuing advisories. one of the greatest problems for us will be flooding. we do have several flood watches and warnings in effect, pretty much all across the area. the smaller rivers and streams for the most part that have been affected. record rainfall from sandy. 5.5 inches at bwi 4.25 at dulles, a three-point 8 at
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reagan national yesterday. that blew away the old record that was set in 1985. that's a big-time record to break. -- 3.85 inches at reagan national. purcellville had about 7.89 inches. bowie had about 6 inches. so this is a look at google curren -- google earth. the red indicates moderate rainfall. the pink indicates a major flood stage. we are looking at the monocracy river. look at the red area, which is moderate. these little points show the forecast. it is expected to get into a major flood in the next 24 hours, so the river will continue to rise. look at how long it takes to
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taper off. all the way down to friday to get a local a stage. that will be an ongoing concern. today, we have a timeline. the highest winds and the heaviest rain will be this morning. by this afternoon, everything tapering off quite a bit. they think we will be done with the rainfall for the most part by this evening. maybe a few sprinkles and the wind dropping down to about 10 or 15 miles an hour. let's a check on traffic and weather jamee whitten. >> it is quiet now that a lot of schools are closed and the federal government. light volume will be in our favor. need to watch for flooding, the ponding, the uncertainty of whether there's high standing water. keep all that in mind if you consider heading out this morning. the bay bridge is still shut down. baltimore, the key bridge has reopened.
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interstate 905,5, fairfax police, route 1 in fairfax county remain closed. >> we mentioned earlier that d.c. and maryland had already qualified for federal assistance to help with identifying the damage and cleanup. governor mcdonnell of virginia is now getting that assistance as well. >> good news for virginia residents. coming up, we have a look at house and is impacting the presidential race and how it's forcing romney and obama to ch
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anncr: it's s said that character is what we do... when we think no one is looking. mitt romney: believe thatt they are victims. anncr: mitt romney thought no one was looking when... he attacked forty-seven percent of americans. his companies shipped jobs overseas. his plan cuts millionaires' taxes, but raises yours. he'll voucherize
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medicare... and make catastrophic cuts to education. so remember what romney said... and what his plan would do. president obama: i'm barack obama and... i approve this message. >> and is taking a toll on a lot of new york city buildings. >> the facade of this building in lower manhattan fell off and
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you can see right into the apartments. it looks like almost something from a bizarre art display. that's what has happened. no one injured. but you can imagine the belongings are destroyed. >> partial grain collapse led to a tense situation in midtown manhattan. high winds caused a crane on top of what will be the city's tallest residential building to snap. you can see it dangling precariously above the street. the wind at the top of the building might of been 95 miles an hour. >> a new york city hospital had to transfer 200 patients to other hospitals after the backup generator failed after sandy knocked out power. doctors and nurses started evacuation's with the sickest and the youngest, including 20 babies in intensive care. more on respirators and had to operate on battery power. one is ok so far. seven days before the election.
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sandy having an impact on the campaign. president obama and republican nominee mitt romney suspending campaign activities for the next couple days. romney campaign bus being used to deliver food and water. the obama campaign web site has links are preparing for the storm. >> the election will take care of itself next week. right now might number one priority is to make sure we are saving lives. >> thinking about making a contribution to the red cross or and other relief agencies -- >> d.c. and maryland canceled early voting today with several cities in virginia canceling absentee voting as well. it's 41 degrees outside on this tuesday morning. >> if you don't have a car, this will be a tough day to get around.
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>> we want to look at some more pictures of the remnants of the storm after the east coast hit. in the state of maine is in kennebunkport, the surf splashing ofup. >> in ocean city, maryland, there is a huge wave crashing towards the shore. >> in d.c., many people are dealing with this. that umbrella is not tearing so
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well with the wind yesterday. >> that was in the cleveland park neighborhood. we are looking at 42 degrees on this tuesday. >> still ahead, we will continue live team coverage of sandy. our team of reporters is scattered across the d.c. area all the way alright let's break it
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