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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  January 3, 2013 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. new this morning, hillary clinton out of the hospital. her smiling family by her side. her doctors say she's headed for a full recovery after that life-threatening blood clot. we have new details about her long-term prognosis. what are the risks this can happen again? happening right now, the comeback kids. the little elementary school students from sandy hook are on their way to school this morning. police calling their classrooms the safest in the nation. we talk to parents who say they won't leave their children's side. the girl charged with killing her boyfriend in a vicious rage after he broke up with her. the startling clue inside his washing machine. and the dramatic evidence that shocked the courtroom.
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and meet the world's smallest sportscaster. the 3-year-old play-by-play wizard, who is going viral this morning. >> the way he's touching that ball. but he's really not. >> watch out, john madden. we'll hear from her, only on "gma" this morning. and good morning, america. hello to robin, recovering at home. welcome back to elizabeth vargas. a whole lot to get to this morning, including the wrath of new jersey governor chris christie. he took off on house speaker john boehner on failing to act on aid for the victims of hurricane sandy. that's one of the many hot debates ahead for the new congress that gets sworn in today. >> look at the headlines today. "stabbed in the back." this is the accusation of
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governor christie to john boehner. terms like duplicity, selfishness and moral -- >> that was after talking to him on the phone. another big headline this morning. we could be at the start of the worst flu season in ten years. is your flu shot working? is it too late to get one at this point? dr. besser is here with answers for every family in america. it will help if you jumpstart your january, everybody. jessica simpson looking dynamite in those daisy dukes. now, harley pasternak is here. he did that for her. it's part of jumpstart january. let's start with headlines from josh. >> we're going to begin with our money. the average 401(k) in this country has gained $1,900 in the last 24 hours. that's because wall street had its best day in more than a year. the dow raising over 300 points, thanks to that fiscal cliff compromise in washington.
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but can this huge rally now continue? weekend "gma" anchor, bianna golodryga, watching the markets here to tell us what lies ahead. good morning, bianna. >> reporter: good morning, josh. despite this week's euphoria on wall street, we have plenty of hurdles to jump through before we can hope for any kind of extended rally. the major credit rating agency just warned congress needs to do more to be done to address the deficit. if that doesn't trouble the market, this will. over the next six to eight weeks, lawmakers will have to decide whether to raise the debt limit. and whether to allow huge spending cuts to take place in march. a lot of uncertainty remains. we expect to hear 160,000 jobs were created in december. but that's not going to put a dent in the unemployment rate. now, to some breaking news overseas. a senior taliban commander has been killed in a u.s. drone strike in pakistan. mullah nazir was known for plotting attacks against coalition troops. his death is considered a major
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blow to the taliban. but it could jeopardize u.s. relations with pakistan, as well because nazir, reportedly, had a truce with that country's military. and the family of a missing journalist from new hampshire now confirms that he has been kidnapped in syria. james foley and another journalist who has not been identified, haven't been heard from since november 22nd, underscoring the risk. the u.n. now estimates that more than 60,000 people have died in syria's civil war. back in this country, a medical helicopter has crashed in iowa overnight, killing a pilot and two nurses flying from a hospital in mason city, to pick up a patient. there's no word yet on what may have caused the crash. we'll have updates as news becomes available. in las vegas, two people were able to escape the fiery plane crash you see here. the twin-engine plane skidded off the runway and burst into flames. but both people onboard managed to crawl out before the fire
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engulfed the cabin. thieves in texas caught on camera, taking the smash and grab to a whole new level. backing their truck into the glass doors of the houston grocery store. the men jumped out, grabbed the atm and loaded it on the truck in just 90 seconds. in sports news, a huge upset of sorts. in college football last night. look at the first play of the sugar bowl. louisville was supposed to go down to the gators of florida. instead, the cardinals were off and running here. they pulled the upset 33-23. and people thought the s.e.c. may be unbeatable, up to the national title game. notre dame and alabama. the fighting irish fans may have hope, all looking ahead to monday night on espn. don't miss it. >> go, irish. >> and go, greek. and we're going to turn to hillary clinton's health. the secretary of state is back home this morning, after spending four days in the
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hospital, with a blood clot between her brain and her skull. sharyn alfonsi is here with the latest on her recovery. >> reporter: good morning. the secretary is back at home and reportedly on the mend. aides telling abc news, that she's been working and talking to her staff and the president. they say she's eager to get back to the office. the secretary of state tucked in this van moments after being discharged from the hospital, where she spent four days being treated for a blood clot in her head. overnight, clinton's security detail seen arriving at her home in chappaqua, new york. daughter chelsea tweeting, grateful my mom discharged from the hospital and is heading home. even more grateful, her medical team confident she'll make a full recovery. the secretary left the hospital briefly earlier in the day. hand-in-hand with her daughter and her husband, former president bill clinton, to have tests at another part of the sprawling hospital campus. a few hours later, she was released. >> the long-term prognosis who
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had a clot in this part of the brain is very good. neurosurgeons say three to six months of anti-coe wag land is norm. >> reporter: this is the first time she's been seen in public in more than three weeks. a spokesperson says clinton has been quite active. even from the hospital. in touch with state department aides, dealing with foreign policy issues, making calls and reviewing paperwork. aides say she's eager to get back to the office. but doctors say she may be limited to what she can do. >> i expect they're going to do an evaluation to see if she's a person who has a clotting disorder. this is her second one. and i would be very nervous about long flights until i sorted out whether onor t she was at risk for this happening again. >> reporter: and hillary clinton famously does not like to sit still. she's the most traveled secretary of state ever.
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reportedly just a few thousand miles of logging a million miles as secretary of state. she may not hit that million mile mark before the next secretary of state is sworn in. they will update her schedule in the coming days. >> i'm sure her family is happy to have her home. we're going to go to the capital where the new congress is sworn in today, as the old one is stirring up angry fights. speaker john boehner is taking brutal criticism from new jersey governor chris christie and others for failing to vote on aid for hurricane sandy. and jon karl joins us with more on that and the other debates looming in 2013. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, george. it may be a new year. and later today, a new congress. but politically, it is not a new day. for president obama and speaker of the house, john boehner, the challenges ahead threaten to be even messier than the battle we just witnessed over the fiscal cliff. john boehner is expected to be re-elected today by house republicans as the speaker of the house. but it will be a battered and
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weakened boehner leading the new congress. it was boehner as much as anybody who ensured the country did not go over the fiscal cliff. but he did it by putting his own job on the line. >> the motion is adopted. >> reporter: supporting a bill opposed by the overwhelming majority of house republicans. and as if that wasn't enough, immediately after the vote, boehner took heat for adjourning the house without passing a $60 billion bill to help victims of hurricane sandy. >> the rug has been pulled out from under us. absolutely inexcusable. >> republican leadership has turned their back on new yorkers. >> absurd. absolutely absurd. >> shame on you, mr. speaker. >> reporter: it was an attack echoed all the way from new jersey, where chris christie, perhaps the most popular republican governor in america, personally attacked boehner for not getting sandy relief passed. >> shame on you. shame on congress. it's absolutely disgraceful. >> reporter: the fight over sandy seems to have been
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resolved. the house will vote friday on hurricane relief. looming over the next several weeks, the possible default of the u.s. government, spending cuts that could imperil thousands of pentagon jobs and a possible government shutdown. the only way to prevent all of this is cooperation between republicans in congress and the white house. but john boehner will likely find it even harder to compromise with president obama again. there's only so many times you can defy the majority of your own party. for now, boehner's position as speaker is secure, in part because nobody has stepped forward to challenge him. it may be at this point that nobody else really wants that job. >> i'll bet. and, jon, you mentioned, getting at the end of february. the speaker under treasumendous pressure. but he said he's not going to negotiate with the speaker. he wants the debt limit extended. this is a huge clash. >> reporter: this is a collision course, george. i've never seen a situation where both sides are adamant they will not compromise.
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house republicans say there is no way they will raise that debt limit without getting cuts in exchange. and as you said, the president said they won't even have meetings about this. no negotiations, as congress' responsibility to do it. >> another countdown begins. jon karl, thanks very much. now, it's going to be a big day for students at sandy hook elementary school in connecticut. this morning will likely be an emotional return to class in a brand-new school three weeks after the horrific shooting rampage. amy robach is right down the street from their new school in monroe, connecticut. amy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, elizabeth. it is, indeed, a big day for this community. so much at stake for so many people. parents, students, teachers, police. all working hand in hand to try to find a way past this tragedy and move forward together. every family knows the feeling of heading back to school after the holidays.
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but the millgram family is facing something unthinkable. while first grader, lauren, is excited. along with her fourth grade brother, dalton. their parents remain uneasy. >> how could someone be so angry? i don't know. >> reporter: erin is planning to drive behind their bus tomorrow, and will stay with 7-year-old lauren for the entire school day. dropping them off and leaving school remains unimaginable. >> can't. no. haven't gotten that far yet about being without them. i just need to stay with them for a while. >> reporter: lauren was in caitlin roy's first grade class on december 15th. she has been hailed a hero for hiding her students in a bathroom. she talked to diane sawyer just hours after the rampage. >> we have to be absolutely quiet. and i said, there are bad guys out there now. we have to wait for the good
7:13 am
guys. >> reporter: erin and give thanks to roig for saving their lives. >> she will see her friends on the bus. there will be some missing on the bus. >> we don't want to avoid memories of a trauma. by getting back to school and engaging in your routine, we're helping kids to do that. we're helping them to have a natural, healthy recovery. >> reporter: but for many parents, the road to recovery remains a long one. >> rationally, something like this is a very improbable event. that doesn't change the emotional side of the way you feel. >> reporter: school begins just after 9:00 a.m. today. we've already seen buses start to roll just behind us. and school officials tell us they expect a lot of parents will be staying with their children in class today, tomorrow, and in the days to come. elizabeth? >> amy, thanks so much. i understand that they decorated the class with snowflakes all over the inside of the school. snowflakes that were made and
7:14 am
sent by people all over the world to help support those kids and those families. amy, thank you. it will be a difficult morning for them. we're going to turn, now, to what may be the worst flu season in years. it's hitting early and hard this year. and abc's dr. richard besser is talking about what all of us can do to keep from getting it. and here in the northeast, already see a lot of the flu. >> yeah. i mean, this is unusually early. take a look at this map. the east coast in particularly, the southeast, has been really slammed by the flu. what you should see is over the course of the next new months, it's going to continue to spread. it's not too late to get vaccinated against the flu. and there's choices. once again, adults can get the shot. but there's a choice of a nasal spray vaccine. no needle involved. >> if you take the vaccine, can you still get the flu? >> the flu vaccine is not one of our better vaccines in terms of protection. but it's the best protection we have. and we won't know until later in
7:15 am
the season how well it protects. but the vaccine strains are the same ones that are circulating. so, that is good news. >> the vaccine is one step. what are things people can do to prevent it? >> you want to wash your hands. and use alcohol sanitizer. you want to get the shot. and if you get the flu, be nice to your colleagues and friends and stay home. you can help them stay well. >> some thought that you can actually get the flu from the vaccine? >> i get this every year. people say, i got the shot and it gave me the flu. it can give you a sore arm. it can give you a little fever. it is not going to give you the flu. >> get it if you can. dr. richard besser, thanks very much. now, to an astonishing caught on camera moment. former congressional candidate is under arrest for slashing his rival's tires. the victim says she fears for her safety. and police revealed the politician may have been harassing her and others for months. abc's linsey davis is here with the latest on this very bizarre
7:16 am
story. >> reporter: good morning, elizabeth. this story is where politics can get downright dirty. police say they have the man who has been dubbed a republican serial tire slasher behind bars. some allege his latest action are fallout from a lawsuit by his former opponent that took all the air out of his campaign. now, take a look at how they say he's retaliating. >> are you slashing tires, gary? >> reporter: this morning, 56-year-old gary smith is behind bars for felony aggravated stalking charges. >> do you have anything to say about the charges? >> reporter: this surveillance video tells the story. smith is accused of stalking and slashing tires. and was arrested last week on vandalism charges. >> normally, he stabbed them multiple times. >> reporter: by day, he's a politician. a former 2012 republican candidate for congress in new mexico. >> a candidate for congress was vandalizing another candidate's vehicles. >> reporter: it all started in june, when smith was running for
7:17 am
a seat in the house of representatives, when he lost to rival janice arnold-jones in the primaries. but sour grapes may have turned into stabbing tires. >> when we saw his face, both john and i said, oh, my gosh. it's gary smith. >> reporter: growing suspicious of the tire slashings around the neighborhood, arnold-jones set up a sophisticated surveillance system in her home. >> on the morning of the 20th, at 3:30 in the morning, gary smith is very visible taking out all of our tires yet again. >> reporter: smith is also, allegedly, after his former campaign manager. >> i'm scared for my children. i'm scared for everyone else who is involved. >> reporter: he says his tires were slashed some 54 times. after smith's arrest last week, he was initially released on bail. >> my husband came in. wakes me up and says, he's here. he's out on bail. he has been warned that he is not to come near any of us. >> reporter: but this weekend, he was back in his opponent's
7:18 am
driveway, caught on tape, again. at least four other people all connected with the campaign say they've had their tires slashed. smith denies having anything to do with the tire slashing but could face additional charges of stalking, criminal trespass and harassment if implicated. >> it's unbelievable they can't stop this guy. >> he went to jail, and got back out, was at it again. allegedly. >> our legal department thanks you for that. now, let's check in for the weather with ginger zee, in for sam champion, who is away this week on his honeymoon. >> congrats to sam, of course. good morning, you guys. burlington, vermont, has had 38 inches of snow since november. that's 13 inches above average. and just outside of it, look what happened. yesterday, 2 1/2 inches. some wind flipped it. the wind ahead of this front that is actually containing the very cold air. you're waking up in philadelphia or new york city going, i think it's cold enough. look at saranac lake, 34 below.
7:19 am
1 below for cleveland, and 8 in pittsburgh. el paso, texas, gets 6.6 inches of snow. today, they could get 2.3. your local forecast is coming up in 30 seconds. good morning, washington. we have a very cold start, 19 degrees in gaithersburg and frederick --
7:20 am
fredericksburg. -- in frederick. be the coldest day of the week, partly cloudy skies h temperature in the and we will start to gradually warm things up as we toward the weekend. dry and whether -- >> freezing rain and wind possible, as we get into tonight into tomorrow. something we'll be looking for, as well. >> oh. >> it's cold. >> thank you, ginger. >> you're welcome. coming up here on "gma," a high-stakes trial. dramatic opening in the courtroom for the woman charged with killing her boyfriend in an angry rage. the unbelievable proof found inside his washing machine. and the home invasion all caught on tape. the robbers with no idea that cameras were rolling when they broke in. now, the video has gone viral. will it help catch the thieves? and justin bieber calling for new laws after the shocking death of a paparazzi photographer. what other celebrities,
7:21 am
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>> live, and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. good morning at 7:26 on this thursday, january 3. d.c. delegate eleanor holmes launching her fight
7:27 am
vote on the house floor. democrats were in charge, she could vote on the house was a committee of but republicans changed the rules when they took control in 2011. befored be awhile main breake water stretch ofusy wisconsin avenue in chevy chase. the eight-inch main broke last night and utility company says no customers are affected. an update on that situation and newschannel 8 will have a live in that report up in a few moments. let's go to the latest on traffic. by taking a look the approach to a water main break. i am not seeing much of a delay. wisconsin and bradley but once
7:28 am
is oneht changes, it right and we are along as well as on the beltway. volume as you leave college park. it is called out there. our temperatures have dropped in half hour. degrees in gaithersburg. 22 degrees at dulles. for today, it will become partly cloudy, our highs only in the r 30's and we will slowly up after today. we will have sunshine and quiet whether. at 7:56.l be back
7:29 am
7:30 am
he's really not touching that. it's really not. >> look a little layla foster calling out the ref. she's just 3 years old. she may be the world's tiniest sportscaster. >> and the toughest. >> and her videos are going viral, too. we're going to hear from her, only right here on "gma," "play of the day." >> that's so great. she's so cute. i'm looking forward to seeing that. also, we have a bizarre story coming up in this half hour. it was a home invasion caught on tape. the burglars had no idea the cameras were rolling on them when they broke in. now, that video has gone viral. police are hoping it helps them catch the robbers. >> caught on tape there. and also this morning, justin bieber is speaking out after the shocking death of a paparazzi photographer.
7:31 am
how the superstar hopes it will change laws to save lives. what other stars, including miley cyrus, are saying about it rit now. and a lot of "les mis" action on this show. anne hathaway getting so much oscar buzz. she's at the pinnacle of her career. she's speaking out in an interview in which she says she worries about her sex appeal and being all washed up at 30. both of which -- >> not a chance. not a chance. >> really? you're good. >> woe is her. first, let's get to the dramatic trial for an arizona woman charged with the brutal murder of her boyfriend. it opened yesterday. prosecutors are calling jodi arias a jealous woman who rewarded her victim's love with a knife in the heart. now, she could face the death penalty. and ryan owens has the latest on the case. >> reporter: jodi arias cried through most of the opening statements of her capital murder trial. >> this is not a case of
7:32 am
whodunit. the person whodunit sits in court today. >> reporter: prosecutors say she stabbed her former boyfriend, travis alexander, 27 times. shot him in the head as he showered in his mesa home. they argued that travis was a devout mormon, seduced and stalked by arias. and ultimately killed by her in a jealous rage when she found out he was dating other women. >> she rewarded that love, by sticking a knife in his throat. >> reporter: arias' attorney told the jury, her client was force to kill, in self-defense. ♪ o, holy night >> reporter: she says her client was abused and controlled by travis, who she claims was a sexual daeviant hiding behind hs religion. >> that shirt is a perfect
7:33 am
example of how travis treated jodi. >> reporter: the two only dated for months. but continued a sexual relationship, including the day of the crime. in the washing machine, pictures of their final sexual encounter. shots of travis in the shower, seconds before he was killed. and a couple of pictures that appear to have been taken accidentally, when the camera was dropped. one showing travis' bloody body. another, arias actually dragging it. >> i would never hurt travis. >> reporter: jodi first denied being at travis' house the night of the murder. two weeks later, she told the show "inside edition" she was there. but -- >> i witnessed travis being attacked by two individuals. >> who? >> reporter: now, she admits to killing him, but said she had to. he attacked her when she dropped his new camera. >> jodi arias killed travis alexander. the million-dollar question is what would have forced her to do it? and throughout this trial, you
7:34 am
will hear that jodi was, indeed, forced. >> reporter: for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, dallas. >> all right. and for more on this, let's bring in "gma's" legal analyst, dan abrams. first of all, you came out yesterday and said you thought that the prosecution would make a lot of jodi's changing stories. her changing version. we have three different versions of events. >> this is a very powerful case. you've got her initially saying i wasn't there. then, you have her saying, it was intruders. and you don't just have her saying it. you have her saying it on camera, in a television interview. saying there were these intruders there. i don't know who did it. and describing how it happened. and now, she's saying, well, no. actually, what really happened is, that it was self-defense. yes, it was me because they have an enormous amount of evidence linking her to the crime scene, including a photograph of her dragging the body. they had no choice but the change the defense. >> and both sides in opening arguments are making a lot of
7:35 am
the murder victim's faith, of the morgan religion. >> i think it's more important to the defense here. the defense is saying he was using it as a sword. he was trying to control her by referring to tenets of the religion, et cetera. trying to get her to do things that she wouldn't ordinarily do, et cetera. >> a double-life. >> that's all part of the defense here. is that he was controlling her. but in part, because of her -- of the religion they shared. >> okay. and finally, everybody who hears about this case is struck by the extraordinary violence in it, which usually means a deeply personal, vengeful motive when a killer kills. what do you read into this? she killed him three times. >> it's a domestic violence case. that's what you see in cases where people know each other very well. and that's why, probably, when the authorities came on the crime scene, and there was talk of intruders, et cetera, they probably looked at that crime scene and said, this doesn't make a lot of sense, considering how brutal and grisly that crime
7:36 am
scene was. >> did she think the camera was going to erase the pictures in the washing machine? >> who knows? it seems that the last picture was taken by accident. >> right. dan abrams. to be continued. thanks so much. >> camera plays a big role. here, too. a home robbery case in north carolina. a couple set up a camera to check on their pets. they caught three burglars breaking in. abc's steve osunsami has the details. >> reporter: in raleigh, the search is on for these thieves, caught on tape, who broke into this home and didn't come with christmas tidings. this morning, the homeowners who were away on christmas break are fighting mad and fighting back. >> we moved here about five years ago. i put in a two-camera system, just in the front and back door, just, you know, because i work from home. it sounds strange to some people. but it's not that expensive. >> reporter: what the bad guys couldn't see were these night
7:37 am
vision cameras that grabbed excellent pictures of their faces. matt and beth robinson had the cameras installed to keep track of their pets. they posted this video online. in the last few days it's gone viral, with nearly 400,000 views. here's one of them ringing the front doorbell, as two others sneak through the back, kick through the door and start searching the house for cash, music players and other electronics. at one point, this one looks through the window to make sure the coast was still clear. >> when they entered the home, they did not notice the cameras. but they did manage to find this one eventually and cut it. >> reporter: suddenly, they were camera-shy. and poured bleach all over the family's computers, hoping to disable the system. it was too late. >> we can check the cameras on our cell phones, computers, stuff like that. we noticed they weren't working. her dad called and said, someone broke into your house. >> reporter: they're hoping someone will identify the crooks and help send them to jail,
7:38 am
where the family says they belong. for "good morning america," steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta. >> a lot of people seeing it today. see what happens. let's get the weather from ginger zee, in for sam. >> i told you about the santa anas coming in southern california. these are the counties. los angeles county had a 70-mile-per-hour wind gust. riverside, 64 miles per hour. san diego, 63. plenty of wind to talk about. this is what it does when you have a high-profile vehicle. this is devore, california. that same high pressure system going to move into the center of the nation. on the backside, we'll see a moderating trend. everyone's going, thank goodness. it's been a little bit cold. chicago gets to 35 on sunday. above average for atlanta on sunday at 60. new york city, by sunday, will get to 41. we've been subfreezing. so, that's goi our temperatures are very with the coldest of the year, 19 degrees in
7:39 am
gaithersburg and 17 in martinsburg. we will >> plenty of cold staying up in minneapolis. it is 18 for a high today. could be worse. right? >> i love this. coming up here, justin bieber speaking out after the shocking death of a paparazzi photographer. bieber calling for new laws. and what other stars are saying right now. and the superstar trainer who helped halle berry get those stunning abs in shape. he's here to reveal how we all can look like the stars. get ready to jumpstart your janfor someonatch ideas. with a new project in mind, some how-to knowledge to give us an edge, and more savings down every aisle. it only takes a few twists and turns for those bright ideas to make the new year even brighter. more saving.
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we are back, now, at 7:42, with the latest from justin bieber. a paparazzo chasing him, as we all know, killed in a shocking accident. now, the superstar is calling for new laws to prevent similar accidents from happening. abc's cecilia vega has the story. >> reporter: it was a chase for a superstar's photo that ended the 29-year-old life of photographer chris guerra. police say when justin bieber's ferrari was stopped for speeding, guerra ran through los angeles traffic to snap pictures, ignoring an officer's order to return to his car. >> we had to order him twice. >> reporter: when guerra did walk back to his car, police say he was fatally hit by an suv. it turns out bieber wasn't even
7:44 am
in the car. it was his friend, rapper, li'l twist, in the driver's seat. bieber issued a statement saying, hopefully this tragedy will finally inspire meaningful legislation. and whatever other necessary steps to protect the lives and safety of celebrities, police officers, innocent public bystanders and the photographers themselves. the photographer's death has re-ignited the debate over stricter paparazzi laws. >> paparazzi are part of the press. and anytime you start to try to regulate the press, it's always going to be susceptible to a challenge on a constitutional basis. >> reporter: but some stars are fed up with the paparazzi. miley cyrus tweeted, hope this paparazzi j.b. accident brings on changes in '13. wasn't princess di enough of a wake-up call? >> slow down a little bit, don't you think? >> reporter: the 18-year-old singer has a contentious history
7:45 am
with the paparazzi. >> i make 'em proud, bro. >> yeah. i stalk people for a living. >> reporter: while bieber has managed to escape them in the past, for one paparazzo, there was no escaping a tragic outcome this time. for "good morning america," cecilia vega, abc news, los angeles. >> so hope something changes. >> what a break. >> yeah. coming up, anne hathaway getting so much acclaim for her turn in "les mis." she got the golden globe nomination. and now, she's speaking out in a revealing, new interview about how she doesn't identify with her good girl image. >> hmm. also, "play of the day" for you. we've seen her a little earlier in the morning. take a look. the youngest and cutest sportscaster in all the land. freeze it because -- whoa. >> it's good. [ lisa ] my name's lisa, and chantix helped me quit.
7:46 am
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7:48 am
7:49 am
right then, here's "the play of the day." >> and today is actually a play. we're going back to new year's day, with the outback bowl. south carolina and michigan. a big fourth and four play. and michigan gets a first down, even though everybody can see the ball was short of that first down marker there. >> oops. >> it has to past. lots of uproar, including from this one living room, where it was all parsed brilliantly, logan faster. >> and you can see it's supposed to be here. but you see his shoe.
7:50 am
and it's in the white and black sock. >> uh-huh. >> that football is really not touching that. it's really not because it's closer than that. that's the reset that is touching that ball. but it's really not. hi, mr. pole. the football's supposed to be touching you. it's not touching you. i was hoping that we were not asking for. >> all right. that was logan and ada faster. we got a chance to speak to the parents. we put the tv on hold. and ada and logan started talking about it. >> she likes to watch them and kind of analyze them. and kind of break them down. and the girls are always with
7:51 am
us. so, they always hear that. >> first of all, they're coming for your job. take a look. south carolina fans' hearts are broken. the very next play, that happened. clowney picking it up. this broke twitter. arguably, the greatest hit in college football history. apparently karma heard ada and logan. nuanced and subtle analysis. >> hey, mr. pole. you're supposed to touching the football. >> it's not touching the pole. that's great. terrific stuff out of you both. coming up, "deals and steals." not one but both. >> oh, yeah. resources they need.
7:52 am
bright students are getting lost in the shuffle. and administration's work gets more complex every year. when you look at these issues, do you see problems or opportunities? with an advanced degree in education from capella university, you'll have the knowledge to meet these challenges and make a difference in the lives of students. let's get started at
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7:56 am
u >> live, and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. at 7:56 and this thursday, january 3. d.c. leaders are set to announce milestone in the fight against crime. police say there were only 88 murders and the district in 2012 the lowest number since 1961. officials said the homicide rate faster than the national average. d.c. police want to know how the in an atom'sded up ventilation shaft. appears a man in his 20's
7:57 am
the roof of a build street building. happened near where a clarksburg man was last seen new year's eve. newschannel 8 will have a report at the top of the hour. happening out what is on the roadways. in bethesda it has been busy with the rushn hour. 395, no delays out city.e lighter than normal volume in at 355. they are still dealing with that break.ain not much of a delay here and no delay ed bradley. it is a chilly start today. this is the coldest day of the week, 19 in gaithersburg and 18 frederick.
7:58 am
barley cloudy today with our high in the upper 30's, we will p from here on out, pushing 50 next week. we will be back at 8:27.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ baby you're a firework and jumpstart january time. they're jumpstart by being outside today. right there is harley pasternak, trainer to the stars. he's trained katy perry. you hear her there singing "firework." talking about hiss new hollywood workout video game. and we're going to hear all about that this morning. jumpstart your january. robin is at home recovering. sam is off on his honeymoon. great to have elizabeth and ginger zee here. >> this is on your workout play list. >> that was mandated by ali.
8:01 am
>> we can envision you working out? >> we all have our workout playlists. moral inspiration ahead. all week we're going to introduce you to people who have lost more than 1,000 pounds collectively. two are here to show you their new looks and dropped all the weight. our three people yesterday were so inspiring. it was incredible to meet them. >> yeah, absolutely. as you were saying, the playlists. and we really thought long and hard about it. we wanted to inspire you in any way we can to get going. to jumpstart your january. you might notice that our very fit trainers are here. that can only mean one thing. >> fit tip of the day. >> come on in, chris powell. there he is. "extreme makeover: weight loss
8:02 am
edition." >> every time you walk into a room, do those two guys announce it? >> yeah. everywhere i go. you're welcome, ladies. >> i noticed you were doing shots this morning. >> our fit tip of the day is one of the most important components of nutrition and weight loss. it's hydration. 90% of americans are chronically dehydrated. and the thirst in the brain can be confused for hunger. when we reach for food, we're actually thirsty. if you want more energy and mental charity, hydrate in 2013. you should drink half your body weight in ounces of water. >> break it down for us. >> i aim for a gallon. it's on the high side. hydration is so important, especially when it comes to weight loss. >> mental clarity. it's good. maybe we should send anne hathaway a shot of water. anne, you have nothing to worry about. it's okay.
8:03 am
oscar buzz for her turn in "les m mis." she's worried about a lot of stuff. she talks about it. >> it's all very normal. stuff women talk about all the time. i quite related to the article. >> really? >> yeah, i did. more "deals & steals" coming up. first, we go to josh. >> as the world watches sandy hook elementary, its former students return to class for the first time since last month's shooting. welcoming families to the new location on wednesday, school officials are hoping for as normal a day as possible for kids that deserve it. and a school refurbished to appear like sandy hook in nearby monroe, connecticut. many parents plan to join their children today, even though local police call the new sandy hook the safest school in america. and, boy, again, don't those kids deserve it? secretary of state hillary
8:04 am
clinton back home this morning after spending four days in a new york hospital for a blood clot in her head. doctors expect her to make a full recovery. aides say she's eager to get back to work. and some breaking news overseas this morning. a senior taliban commander has been killed in a u.s. drone strike in pakistan. mullah nazir had orchestrated attacks on u.s. military. and a new congress will be sworn in today. first on the agenda, a vote on relief funding for hurricane sandy victims tomorrow. house speaker john boehner met a firestorm of criticism after scrapping the vote this week. the incoming class is making history. the new senate will include 20 female senators. they sat down with diane sawyer. and her interview airs tonight on "world news." your 401(k) may be getting a dose of reality this morning. stocks on wall street posted their biggest day in more than a year wednesday. but today, attention will turn
8:05 am
back to more uncertainty, including whether congress will raise the debt limit next month. and a school board member near atlanta has been arrested, accused of running down a student with her suv after fighting over a parking space. surveillance video, take a look. from a walmart parking lot, shows angie coronet exchanging words with the girl. she lurches into the spot, apparently hitting the teen in the leg. it left tire marks on her jeans. the teen in question was not seriously hurt. and finally, a touching image. it's gone viral this morning. we do want to warn you, some people may find this graphic. however, the response has been overwhelmingly positive. we want to show you. seconds before she was delivered by c-section at an arizona hospital, a baby girl apparently needed a helping hand. she grabbed the doctor's finger. father so amazed, grabbed his
8:06 am
camera and snapped this shot. dad posted it. now, in a bit of irony, the mom is the professional photographer in the family. however, that little baby's first little act. >> that's amazing. >> oh, my gosh. >> and nice to meet you, pop. >> here i am. mazal tov. >> that's great. i should just go home then. that was incredible. let's do some "pop news" everybody. we've been talking about "les mis." we're all really big fans of this movie. and russell crowe. i can't imagine anybody with the gravitas to stand up to hugh jackman in this film. but there are some critics. one singer, adam lambert tweeted, he felt, the quote, and i quote, the score suffered with great actors pretending to be singers. russell crowe, got to give it to him. he took the high road. he responded by saying, i don't
8:07 am
disagree with adam. sure, it could have been sweetened. but director tom cooper wanted it raw and real. and that's how it is. guess what, guys? it's working. the film has been nominated for four golden globes. one for hugh. one for anne. soundtrack debuting at number one. >> and all was recorded live. >> has that ever been done? >> as somebody who sings along to those songs, that is a difficult score to sing, too. >> i love russell crowe in the film. >> what's the choice? it echoed the musical. it was an experience to see it on stage and echoed the musical. >> and you feel that chase between them. we could go on and on. we'll move on to jon stewart, who we also adore. jon stewart, bruce springsteen. it's too good to be true. both incredible performers. the two will share a stage when stewart hosts a benefit concert in l.a., which will salute and
8:08 am
deservedly so, mr. springsteen with his person of the year award. also on the docket, elton john, neil young, kenny chesney. a dozen performers slated to honor springsteen for his charitable contributions. he's been out there working so hard for so many. the music cares benefit concert, february 8th. >> one of the women that makes our life possible here, angie, the biggest springsteen fan alive, just lost it. >> he's great. >> she's doing her own person of the year tribute right now. we love you, bruce. elizabeth, we owe this to you. we're talking "fifty shades of grey." you broke the story for all of us. >> i did. >> we talk about casting rumors. they are heating up again. the latest, could kristen stewart from the abc show "don't trust the b in apartment 23" or anne hathaway, be up for the role of anastasia. ritter talked about her possible
8:09 am
involvement. as for the men, some names being bandied about, ryan gosling -- tom's talking in my ear. the executive producer. we know you love "fifty shades of grey." but you can't star in it, tom. but channing tatum might be able to. >> i asked e.l. who she wanted in that role. >> look at you name-dropping. >> one of the two actresses, you mentioned, she specifically did not want. >> we need to find out which one. >> i swore -- i was sworn to secrecy. >> there's not any date for shooting of this film. >> we can all fantasize about it. >> indeed. that's an interesting choice of words. anyway, we move on to the pop quiz. today, we ask which superhot movie star just said, i'm not ready to own a place yet. i have the money. but i don't have the maturity. we'll have the answer for that after the weather.
8:10 am
>> justin bieber? >> we'll find out. let's get ginger zee. >> i have no idea. never know the answers to the pop quizzes. i know that people from dallas are cold out here. only staying warm because what happened on new year's eve? >> we got engaged. >> oh. congratulations. and a big happy birthday to who? >> georgia, julianne and myself. >> new orleans, windy and cold. and a dense fog advisory in south florida. one of my twitter follows sent me this from sanibel. >> we have a chilly start this morning. few spots are down in the teens. 19 in hagerstown and gave his only 21 at dulles.
8:11 am
we will be staying below day todayroughout the e onlyur high temperatur upper 30's. expects guys to be more sunny as we head into the afternoon after today, we >> lara, it's tatyana's sweet 16. >> happy sweet 16. e.v. and i are speculating about "fifty shades of grey." we must move on. so much oscar buzz for anne hathaway right now. why she's revealing in an interview she doesn't think she's cool. but we sure do. and teens are senting self-destructing photos to each other. but are they really disappearing? what parents need to know about snap chat right now. it's important. and huge "deals & steals." january jumpstart edition.
8:12 am
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because this is america. and we don't just make things you want, we make things you didn't even know you wanted. like a spoon fork. spray cheese. and jeans made out of sweatpants. so grab yourself some new prilosec otc wildberry. [ male announcer ] one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. welcome back to "gma." a lot of us guessing who the answer was to our pop quiz. which star said i'm not ready to own a place yet. i have the money but i don't have the maturity. and the answer is "hunger games" star jennifer lawrence. the 22-year-old actress tells "vanity fair," she's a, quote, nomad. and she can't figure out where she wants to live. she has a great sense of self. >> i love her. and so does my husband. >> yeah.
8:16 am
i don't blame him. i think anne hathaway is really great, as lara and i have been talking about all morning. we're moving on to her. she's getting so much oscar buzz for "les mis." she's opening up in a brand-new interview of why she didn't think of herself as sexy. abc's paula faris has the story. >> reporter: hollywood golden girl, anne hathaway is creating oscar buzz for her blowout performance in "les mis." >> if it's true that she is my daughter. >> reporter: it's her newest interview with "harper's bazaar" that's making the headlines. the head-turner is telling the fashion mag, i'm not rihanna. i'm not cool, states the 30-year-old actress. when people come up to me in the street, they want a hug, not a photo. however, she certainly looks like she has plenty of allure to go around in this new behind-the-scenes fashion shoot
8:17 am
with the british magazine. >> my expectation in life is to be invisible. and i'm good at it. >> reporter: but after playing lead roles in movies like "the princess diaries" and "the devil wears prada," the actress who has never had trouble making fun of herself, says she doesn't identify with her good girl image. >> you have no style or sense of fashion. >> well -- i think that depends on what you're -- >> oh, no. that wasn't a question. >> reporter: i was seen as a bizarre-world good-girl cartoon that i in no way identified with. very vanilla. very sweet. very accessible. and not interesting, she says. that changed last summer. who could forget the skin-tight body suit she wore for "the dark knight rises." or her performance in "love and other drugs." turning 30 this weekend, she
8:18 am
frets she may be aging out of hollywood. it doesn't help that the new crop of girls is so gorgeous and so 22 years old, she says. life isn't all bad. the star admits she's never been happier since her september nuptials to actor adam schulman. he walks into a room. and i light up. i can't help it, she gushed. i knew from the second i met him, he was the love of my life. for "good morning america," paula faris, abc news, new york. >> that photo shoot is pretty amazing. she is stunning. you can read the full interview with anne hathaway, on "harper's bazaar" digitally and on newsstands. snap chat, the appeal is you can share a snapshot with friends without risk of a viral moment. but is it encouraging kids to send inappropriate photos that won't disappear? abc's linsey davis has more on the controversy.
8:19 am
>> this message will self-destruct in 30 seconds. >> reporter: it's technology right out of an "inspector gadget" episode. teens are sending their own self-destructing messages online, with an app called snapchat. the photos you snap and share with your friends allegedly disappear in seconds. >> yeah. that's part of the appeal. the fun of it is to send embarrassing pictures. now, we can communicate with pictures. >> reporter: with that belief, there's no permanent record of the photo, the snapchat community has shared more than a billion snaps since the app was first introduced in july. >> 13,469. >> reporter: worldwide, more than 20 million different sometimes compromising, embarrassing and, yes, even explicit photos, are shared every day. you never received a picture? >> i've gotten one. but i just asked the person, what are you doing?
8:20 am
this is gross. >> yeah. >> it's unnecessary. >> reporter: was it a male? >> like, we wouldn't think to use it like that. >> reporter: a self-deleting picture app is something some celebrities might appreciate. like prince harry. what if his infamous tmz photos were stripped away as instantly as his clothes were. >> the picture was of me and i sent it. >> reporter: or if anthony weiner's boxers were on the screen briefly. in theory, in seconds, it's gone. it turns out, with snapchat and poke, a similar app through facebook, the videos don't actually vanish as advertised. >> people who are using this and thinking no one else will see the pictures or videos are kidding themselves. you can take screen shots. you can take a picture with another camera. there's ways to save those pictures. >> everyone has the fear that everything online is permanent. that's the point of it. having the ability to take a
8:21 am
screen shot defeats the purpose of snapchat. >> reporter: we reached out to snapchat for comment but did not hear back. the takeaway here, if you want something to be private, don't share it. get the picture? for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news, new york. we are now going to jumpstart our january, with some more incredible weight loss stories. "people" magazine has done it again with their special issue dedicated to men and women who have lost literally half their size. it came out yesterday. we met three amazing women. and today, we have two more stories that you have to see to believe. 33-year-old missy hendricks has spent a lifetime battling food. at war with her weight. >> they called me battleship. and that sunk in my head. >> reporter: at age 20, and nearly 300 pounds, hendricks thought she finally found love in an online relationship. she quickly married.
8:22 am
but within a year, her new husband began cheating. >> i would eat a whole box of honeycombs because i was mad. i was mad at him. i felt that i wasn't good enough. it made me feel like, if i'm not good enough for him, who am i good enough for? >> reporter: the pain of divorce, made her binge, nearly doubling her weight. by 23, a newly-single hendricks, 528 pounds. >> i felt unwanted. i didn't want to be unwanted for the rest of my life. so, i had to change. >> reporter: across the state, at 426 pounds, 20-year-old richard neil was desperate to change. >> i would binge eat. and binge eat. until i really wanted to throw up. and i couldn't stop, in my mind. >> reporter: the kitchen was an all-too familiar battleground. >> i grew up overweight my whole life. when i was a kid, i would sneak in the fridge.
8:23 am
eventually, i was eating my worry and pain away. >> reporter: those emotions quickly changed to shock and fear. >> there's two things that the doctor told me. that i would not live to see 30. and that i would never be able to have kids again, if i didn't choose to change my life. i didn't want to live anymore because i was tired of being in pain. >> reporter: then, a friend loaned neil a workout dvd. it was a tool for transformation. >> i was eating a box of cereal. i popped in the dvd. i thought, hey, i'll try it out. i put the dvd player on. popped the dvd in and pressed play. >> unbelievable. unbelievable stories. and what do missy and richard look like now? here to do the honors, chris powell, author of "choose to lose," chris, please. take it away. >> this is the moment we've been waiting for.
8:24 am
we need a drumroll, please. going from 526, all the way down to 131 pounds, from clarksville, tennessee, here's missy hendricks. [ applause ] >> and from portland, tennessee, going from 426 pounds, all the way down to 200 pounds, please welcome richard neil. >> unbelievable. come on down. we absolutely love your stories. congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> missy, i want to start by asking you, how did you do it? >> i fell back on a program strictly for the last 12 years. >> 12 years. not always easy. what did you do in those times when it seemed unbearable? >> i looked at my little boys.
8:25 am
>> you knew you wanted to be here for them. for you, it's really about the health? >> yes. >> i love it. congratulations. congratulations. >> that's great. for you, meanwhile, you lost over half of yourself. more than 200 pounds. and the big moment, i understand, came, you went to a scrap yard to weigh yourself. >> yes, sir. i had to go to a metal scrap yard to weigh myself. and asked the manager if i could use the scale to weigh myself, versus a scale. >> you're now a fitness coach. >> i am. i'm an independent beach buddy coach. you can find me on facebook at richard neal fitness. and this is what i do. i help people get their lives back because that's what matters. it's about finding that one. >> quickly, for both of you, again. one tip to keep it off. losing is one thing. keeping it off is another. >> yes. it's all about maintenance. going down to making that lifestyle change because diets
8:26 am
are temporary. lifestyle changes are forever. it's understanding that. >> congratulations. >> congratulations. and for more on these amazing stories, people who lost half their size, do not miss "20/20" tomorrow night at 10:00, 9:00 central here on abc. and, chris, has our move of the day. >> you better believe it. just like missy and richard took that very first step, now, it's your chance at home. get up off the couch. the move of the day is a back lunge, to a knee. reach those hands overhead. at home, if you can do one, do five, do ten. do as many as you can during the commercial break. after ten, i'm going to have you switch it up. switch up those knees. there we go. we'll see you after the break.
8:27 am
good morning @ 8:27. there are some signs that this could be a bad season in the area. officials sayless seaso they're seeing a rise in the flu. maryland health officials say the activity is moderate but officials in both states that most of the cases are with people under 24. weeks after the connecticut school shooting, back to are headed school today. sandy hook elementary school students will attend class is in in a nearby town. newschannel 8 will have an in- depth report in a couple of
8:28 am
minutes. good morning, we have had a pleasant morning on 66 with volume and 395 and 95, same story. all the commuters are not back a week yet. wisconsin avenue and bradley avenue, but they are still doing main repairs but there are no delays. it looks like connecticut avenue up bail out of traffic. chilly but shaping up pretty-looking day. our camera is showing you it is and skies are clearing out already. we will be mostly sunny into the afternoon today. wey teens up to the north so the upper 30's 4
8:29 am
today and 40's tomorrow. we will be back at 8:56.
8:30 am
[ cheers and applause ] everyone in times square. we're jumpstarting our january right here inside. check out harley pasternak, in our control room right there. they're getting ready. they're getting to jumpstart in january. love the head band on tom. look at harley and his gang right here. doing a workout video. they are jumping. chris powell on the other side of the studio, doing lunges, as well. harley's going to show how he helped megan fox get the abs of steel. it's really important to do the core work. that will help your legs look better if your tummy's nice and
8:31 am
flat, right? >> that's what they tell me. take a listen. i believe it's "chasing the sun." >> we all -- >> "chasing is sun." >> i put in the new york seller star. >> my song has everybody going. >> music is such a huge part of it. i love your playlist. george has a great one, as well. everyone can get them on on yahoo! and chris is doing our move of the day. it's our way of jumpstarting your january. moves like this can really change your life. simple moves. why is this one so important? >> just like yesterday's move, this one is going after the lower-body muscles. the butt and the thighs. they're the biggest muscles in the body. and by throwing the arms in there, big upper body movement, as well. you want that? >> everybody is attempting it. >> there we go.
8:32 am
>> your knee to touch down. >> there you go, guys, in the control room. >> there you go. everybody jumpstarting. and we have also, to inspire you further, the amazing stories of people who have lost half their size. don't miss "20/20" right here on abc. sure to get you going. >> thank you for that plug. >> of course. also, the workout this morning, becky worley. she went and tried the new food combinations. they may seem a little crazy. may seem a little weird. but they could make your favorite foods -- >> not sure about that. >> a lot of people tweeting that the salt in the coffee is working. >> i'm not so keen about that. >> salt in the coffee for vargas, please. first, it's time for our favorite segment, "deals & steals." in order to jumpstart our january edition, these are deals and steals why the supplies last. go to our website on
8:33 am on yahoo! for all of the promo codes you need for these bargains. this is about our january -- should i go over there? >> right here, baby. >> these are about working out. you look stunning. >> you're so sweet. this, too, could be yours. i'm joking about here. lift this up so you can see it. josh, you want to help us? this is our deal from ebay. all kinds of jockey clothing. my favorite is this jacket. for just $9. this can stick out farther than this. so huge, amazing savings here. normally, all these different pieces. there's a huge assortment on the website. range from $18 to $98. but the savings in this case, ranges from 50% all the way to almost 90%. $6.50 to 30 bucks. >> 90%, you can't afford not to. aren't they cute? very cute. >> lots to get to. >> okay. this company is called rume.
8:34 am
these reuse bags are tiny like this. it holds up to 50 pounds. you can stick your yoga gear in here. and you're ready to go. it's washable, yep. that's great. >> this small? >> it folds up that small. and they have these amazing cuffs. >> this is great. key. >> for a key, money, when you leave the house. these are $5 with our deal. the deal is unbelievable. these pieces arrange from -- you get your motivation. $10 to $15. $5 to $7.50. this is one of my favorite things. gretchen rubens, this brilliant writer who wrote "the happiness project." it's the one sentence journal. a lot of people when they're starting out the new year, you're gung ho on the journal. by the third or fifth day, i'm a
8:35 am
slave to the page. it's too much to write. this is one sentence. >> that's a great idea. >> isn't that brilliant? one senten. i promise you'll look back and reflect and say, look what i've done. >> and each page has a special saying. >> to guide you along. such a brilliant idea. regularly $17. slashed in half, $8.50. this is an amazing one. when you struggle with portion control or you don't know what to make for healthy eating, this is an amazing program. it's a seven-day program you get in the mail. if you're in the delivery area, it will come in a thing like this each morning to your door. and it comes from -- >> all three meals? >> all three meals plus two snacks. here are three of your meals. two snacks aren't here. >> how many calories is all this? >> ranges for women, from about 1,200 to 1,400. for men, 1,600 to 1,800. you can request eight things you dislike to be left out.
8:36 am
>> or red meat or something like that. you can have it left out. if you don't live in the delivery zone, it will come twice a week frozen. simple instructions. normally, seven days of all of your meals is $350. this is slashed by 66%. $119. this is an amazing january jumpstart. and last -- >> way to jumpstart your diet. >> last but not least from gyam, one of the leaders in fitness equipment. i'm happy i don't have to do this. i know. that's what you look like. you stand on it all day long. but it's an amazing workout. it got a big thumbs-up from our dan. normally $120, two dvds. slashed in half. $60. and it does everything you need to do for an amazing abs and torso workout. >> you get everything? that looks really hard. >> it is hard. this is what you get at the end. it's worth it.
8:37 am
everything we're talking about is hard. it's all hard. >> tory, this is great. all great for our january jumpstart. we want to thank you all of the companies for providing these deals. go to on yahoo! to get the codes and links to the bargains. these are great deals to start our new year's resolutions. time to check -- i'm so excited about the deals. >> exactly. time for our final check of the weather with ginger zee, in for sam champion. hey, ginger. >> good morning, elizabeth. i'm excited about the deals, too. i have a special guest you should be excited about. "shark tank" if you love that show on abc, this is lori, one of the newest sharks. this is your first full season. what's your favorite part? >> i love the entrepreneurs coming in. seeing the products and the ideas because that's what i do. and of course, i love a good shark fight. >> you and mark cuban make a huge offer this week on the show. $1 million to an entrepreneur. what can you tell us about the product? any preview? >> i will tell you, it's
8:38 am
revolutionary. i've never seen anything like it. it's patented. and i think it is really cool, as did mark. worth making a million-dollar offer. >> "shark tank" 9:00, 8:00 central. right before, lori has a special on qvc. let's give you the forecast. it begins with some of the cold air. look at the windchills. 8 below in boston. that front is north of new york city. can you imagine if it was a little farther south? we'll be getting the sub zero windchills. all that arctic air passes over the warm lakes. you know what happens? one of my favorite things. lake-effect snow. watertown, in lake-effect advisories. and parts of western michigan, as well. a fly across the nation. portland, oregon, rain will change to some freezie ining ra especially close to the mountains the gusty winds up to 50 miles per hour. and the rain in
8:39 am
>> we have a beautiful day to look forward to. somey of sunshine with hikes in clouds. it very chilly start. reg and international at 30 >> this weather report, brought to you by prilosec otc. we're going to head back inside. >> thanks, elizabeth -- elizabeth. we're running around up here. thanks so much, ginger. coming up, ever put salt in your coffee? we're going to tell you why you might want to try it. we're going to tell you why you might want to try it. becky worley is coming up.
8:40 am
turkey sausage. turkey what? amazing. right? yeah. next one's on you. yeah, okay. introducing dunkin's new turkey sausage breakfast sandwich. the surprisingly great taste of turkey sausage on a pepper-fried egg with under 400 calories. try it, you'll like it. hurry in for dunkin's new turkey sausage breakfast sandwich today!
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new tips for the new year. little tricks to make everyday foods taste better. chefs have their secrets. some of us come up with weird ones of our own. and becky worley has been trying some of them out to find out which ones work and which ones don't.
8:43 am
>> reporter: from blog to glossy magazine, to pinterest. i keep seeing wacky combinations for inexpensively enhancing the taste of our everyday foods. 7-up in bisquick? really? i embark on that culinary quest. that's just water to rinse my mouth out. this blog says a pinch of salt in coffee cuts the bitterness. the one with salt is a little less bitter. salt in the coffee works. what weird concoction would i like with my coffee? how about biscuits made with 7-up. >> yummy. that's good. next up, peanut butter in ramen. this is a college staple. here goes. yeah. that's disgusting. thumbs down. moving on.
8:44 am
how about weird fruit combos. strawberries, balsamic vinaigrette and basil. that's good. thumbs up. we're trying to eat more veggies. how about carrots in lime and chili pepper? i'm not a big chili powder person. i'm a little nervous about this one. that's good. now, i'm bringing in the discriminating pallets, my 4-year-old twins. this blog says you can use jell-o to make grapes taste just like sour patch candy. wash thoroughly. refrigerate for an hour. and then -- six thumbs up. and then, you need to lick them because they're messy. next, a carnival staple. corn dogs. use jiffy corn dog mix, one-third of the hot dog and put them in there. the kids like them.
8:45 am
for dessert, the ice cream dots. you can make your own. squeeze yogurt on a cookie sheet. and serve quickly. these things melt fast. unfortunately for mommy, it's a thumbs-down. it's a pain. it's a big mess. and my kids are wiping her messy hands on my shirt. thank you, love. for "good morning america," becky worley, abc news, oakland, california. >> a lot of thumbs-up there. >> i like the bisquick, with the hot dogs in them. >> those twins are cute. >> really cute. jessica simpson looked her best in the daisy dukes. you see her right there. now, harley pasternak is here to help all of us jumpstart our january.
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
that's amazing. >> yeah. >> "avatar." >> welcome back, everybody. we're here with celebrity trainer, harley pasternak. we're sharing secrets to training the stars. boy, you trained some of the most fit out there. we're talking rihanna, kim kardashian, katy perry. and now, you. you're going to teach us how to have an all-star body. >> you don't need my help. >> come on. we're jumpstarting our january. we're starting with the legs. katy perry has legs that are just so toned. >> she is. we can do it playing a video game. >> we have a video game. harley pasternak, hollywood workout. you can do it at home. and under 30 bucks, you get me.
8:49 am
you get me telling you how to do the exercises. the avatar of me, with the sarcasm. >> oh, good. >> and notice, i have no hair in the game. and i'm shorter than josh again. >> you could have taken liberties. but you didn't. and you say this is fun. but it's really work. >> it really does. and before, we were doing the jump squats. and all the fitness models were complaining. their butts and thighs were hurting from 30 seconds. >> we have demos. >> first thing, the sumo squat. it is a simple movement. it works the thighs and the butts. we have laundry detergent. grocery bags. you don't need equipment. you can do this. it's a great exercise for toning lower body. >> or if you want to use weight, how much do you recommend? >> try with a five-pound dumbbell and work your way up. >> her weight is between the arch and her heels.
8:50 am
she's keeping her body upright, looking forward the whole time. just like a sumo, squatting down before your heels. >> josh, go for it. >> let's look at the abs. and this is compromising. >> this sounds strange. but the key to an amazing midsection is a strong lower back. it opens your midsection and makes it appear -- >> the core. >> the core, exactly. this is called an alternating superman. now, we're alternating. and this not only works the body going up and down, but also cross-plain. >> and this is something that megan fox has done. >> absolutely. especially after becoming a mom and giving birth. you want to open that core up and strengthen the lower back. >> will this alleviate the lower back pain that some of us mom experience after childbirth? >> big-time. great exercise to do. >> i'm in. tell me about the next one. >> this is a stiff leg dead lift.
8:51 am
really important for toning the thighs where the butt and the thighs meet. you don't need equipment. pushing your head up. and notice she has a great arch in her lower back. the back never rounds. it stays upright. >> this is for the bootee? >> this is for the bootee. >> it doesn't look that hard. and clients like rihanna and kim do this with you. now, we can do it at home with the video game or use these demonstrations. >> that's right. >> a lot of different muscle groups. working the shoulders. we can't all throw the ironman suit on, like robert downey jr. we have something. >> this is an amazing tricep exercise. no equipment whatsoever. it's like a push-up, accept you're leaving your lower body on the ground. and driving up through the heels of the palm, right through the tricep through the back of the arm. she has incredibly strong arms. great movement to do. you can do this anywhere, watching "gma" in the morning. >> i want to get one viewer question superquick. this is stacia, from
8:52 am
pennsylvania. can you suggest something to get the most out of a walk with a 3-year-old in tow? >> yes. get a pedometer. a pedometer is a great tool. and make sure you're taking 10,000 steps a day. get a comfortable pair of shoes. >> tell us the name of the game. >> harley pasternak. >> thank you so much. harley has more tips online. go to on yahoo! and you'll see harley's answers to more of our fitness questions. we'll be right back, jumpstarting our january. come on. hey, lk! a shooting star!
8:53 am
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[ cheers and applause ] what are we doing out here freezing in times square? we're keeping this mechanical bull and phil company. 20th anniversary, professional bull riding competition at madison square garden. >> nicely done. >> first, let's get this right. you're the first woman professional bull train center. >> i'm not the first. i'm a contractor. we provide the bulls. we own them. i'm not the first woman. but i'm one of the few.
8:56 am
>> how did you get into this? >> i grew up ranching. it was always an interest. i love the pbr. we always watched it. and my interest developed into a hobby. >> how is this warm? >> it's really -- we're worried for him. >> it's as dole bull. >> the bull's frozen. >> thanks, everyone. >> thanks. >> "gma live!" moments away. everyone.rning
8:57 am
is it o'clock 56. i am scott thuman this is an update on a store we have been telling you all long, d.c. police have identified the man whose body found in a ventilation shaft. man last seen on new year's eve. it appeared he had been there for awhile. for the fifth straight year, list in the number people moving in. the annual migration study said that people moved to nevada, carolina, and south carolina. now we have a look at the morning commute. >> if every rush hour could be this everyone -- not everyone back to work here. we are doing well. we do have a slight delay.
8:58 am
we are good around the beltway. it is quiet on 395. now for the forecast. good morning. looking really good out there. a few clouds left over. it is chilly. 19 in gaithersburg. have 30 at ragged international. we will warm up to the mid-30s with mostly sunny skies. roads.r skies, clear thank you for watching. we will be let back at noon. "l
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