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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  May 1, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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to investigators. charged with knowingly destroying and concealing and covering up object and this was a backpack containing fireworks and the computer. they said they were unaware of tsarnaev's involvement. soon after they allegedly change their own facebook pages deleting pictures of him. investigators retrieved the backpack. the complaint saying the young men disposed of it in a dumpster near their apartment. one of the men did allegedly lied to investigators. the young men were being held in a county jail since last week on visa violation charges and could face deportation. rebecca cooper, abc 7 news. >> the body of the dead suspect
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is not claarnaev imed. we will have details on the latest arrest and any new developments right here. >> breaking news out of d.c. superior court where a jury found a man on trial for the severe beating of t.c. maslin guilty on all counts. we are live from the courthouse with wreaking details. >> the jury deliberated six hours on this case. the attack on t.c. maslin was brutal. it stunned and shocked people across the city. it left him with severe brain damage. just a short while ago his wife issued a response to this guilty verdict. she said that even though the verdict is what we hoped for, we remain extremely saddened by the devastation that was caused
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and the lives that were shattered as a result of this senseless act. the prosecution put on an array of witnesses including victims from the night of the assault which left t.c. maslin severely brain damaged. also the mother of tommy branch who said her son admitted knocking t.c. maslin during the assault last august 18. she said she found and disposed of a aluminum baseball bat. pleaded guilty and agreed to testify against branch. moore said the night of muggings started at branch's suggestion. the wife of t.c. maslin talked about how her husband struggles to walk and speak.
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when the verdict was read, tommy branch remained stoic and he remained throughout this trial. had he been convicted on all 12 counts, and the two counts he was acquitted on pertain to a fourth robbery and assault them a he was convicted on all counts. facing 120ve been years in prison if he was convicted on all counts. dcn montgomery county police are looking for masked men robbing women watching alone at night. there have been five of these crimes so far. jennifer donelan has the details that you will see only here. >> law-enforcement sources tell abc seven news on background that detectives are looking at the possibility of two cases there and detectives are looking at a minimum of three cases here.
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the possibility that we have the same masked man attacking women who are by themselves. silver spring, a public parking garage at spring and cameron streets. police confirmed a woman by herself was approached by three men in ski masks, armed with a gun and robbed her. sources said the possibility is the woman is one of several victims targeted by the same group of men in the district of columbia and montgomery county. >> we should have security out at hours like that. >> i think it is horrible. that is a weakness on their behalf. >> sources say hours before the silver spring robbery another woman by herself was attacked on 8th street northeast. a mask gunman pushed her against a fence and ran just a silver handgun and said,, "give me everything."
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[inaudible] another woman walking by herself was attacked on somerset place in northwest. the men pulled up in a car and pointed guns at her and stole her ipad, purse, and credit cards. >> it is disturbing. nobody expects that or deserves that. i would hope they would increase the patrols around here and tell everybody to keep their eyes open. it makes me nervous. i am not a woman alone. 60-year-old woman who was walking along somerset place in northwest was robbed by the masked gunmen. she said she was too shook up to speak on camera. police are warning women to be aware of their surroundings and
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be on alert. >> thank you. metro services back to normal after a major delay at this morning's commute. wererains on the red line forced to singletrack because of a cracked third rail. the real was fixed shortly before 8:00 a.m. finally seen some great sunshine create >> temperatures near 70 in most areas. of the a first check forecast. >> we were expressing -- expecting an impressive turnaround. blue skies and sunshine. let's give you a time lapse toward the western shore. that cleared out quickly. beautiful sunshine and light winds and temperatures in the upper 60's. we are looking at comfortable
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temperatures. 70 in fairfax. a breeze out of the east. 69 in silver springs at kennedy high school. 72 in frederick. 71 and fredericksburg. 69 in the nation's capital. 's andl drop to the 50 overnight temperatures into the 40's. there could be some brief loop clouds because of the easterly winds. if you like sunshine you will love this forecast. >> looking forward to it. caught on tape. a localger assaulted cabdriver. sparkeda look at what to the passenger's anger. >> since the boston bombing, attacks on local cabdrivers are up. he started carrying a cell phone recorder and says he captured a hate waste assault. we caution you, there is
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language in this video and the story that is quite graphic. cannot holdeem back the tears. tearful and speechless after cell phone recording this early saturday morning. am au're telling me i terrorist and jihadist. intosaid -- that flew jets the world trade center. were you with them? >> in the backseat is edward da hlberg. he was agitated he could not bring in an open beer. he started asking the somali- born cabbie if he was a muslim. ?> are you prejudiced >> yes. only fueled the tirade about the 9/11 attacks ] musli you are a [beep
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m. he tun punching me. >> he has a job fracture and concussion. >> that is when he hit on my job and my head. islamicouncil on relations is representing sal eem. was notahlberg arrested but should be and charged with a hate crime. where asking the pursuit of [indiscernible] to thene who listens conversation and views the entire tape will hear that most of the conversation had a friendly town. dahlberg did not
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assault mr. salim." >> an arrest warrant has been issued. dahlberg is not in custody. a maryland father is struck and killed on interstate 70 in front of his two children. the father was trying to push his disabled car around a tractor- trailer on the side of i-70 when another car hit him. >> this was a terribly tragic accident. this man was killed as his children looked on and now state police are trying to figure out why this happened at all. according to state police, 37- year-old adam german driven up
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south mountain when his white chrysler broke down. he stopped along i-70 eastbound behind a broken down tractor- trailer and the mechanic and the pickup came to help the trucker. he made a fateful decision. >> the father instructed the daughter to steer the vehicle as he and his son pushed the vehicle around from the right shoulder into the traffic portion of lane number three. >> with the 12-year-old girl behind the wheel and the father and 11-year-old boy at the rear bumper, they were hit almost immediately by this lack forward traveling at highway speed. >> had no opportunity to stop and possibly avoid the collision. >> he was killed instantly and his son was injured and so was the little girl behind the wheel. the man tending to the broken down truck and the driver of the taurus which hit him were also heard. next we'll make mistakes.
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we have bad decisions, but this is one of them that we cannot change. >> i think it is awful. i have seen him here before and my heart goes out to the family. >> state police would not tell us much about medical conditions of those who were injured but we do understand that the children are still hospitalized. a spokesperson tells us that at this point it does not look like anyone will be charged with anything. brad, abc 7 news. >> a terrible story. >> unbelievable. >> thank you. also coming up tonight. what led to the death of a man in a local best i parking lot? not everyone is thrilled with this change. that it is offered. >> a big change in the morning
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>> starting next monday girls as able to findbe
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plan b pill over-the- counter. >> not everyone is happy about this move. the fda said changing the age limit is being done because the warning after pill is safe for children 15 years old and older. the final decision might not be over. no restriction, parental permission, or doctors note needed. to the plan bies one step pill. at the moment it is available to those aged 17 and older and kept behind the pharmacy counter. customers will need to show id in order to buy it. >> i think it is a great idea because if we are going to engage in intercourse anyway, we might as well have that option to make sure because having a 15-year-old pregnant can be a huge devastation. >> some criticized the move as
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being unsafe and taking away rental rights. sparking outrage. >> it shows an alarming lack of concern for the safety of young girls and the rights of parents. >> this move comes in the middle of a fight over morning- after pills. agedecision to lower the limit fall short of the court order set to take effect on monday. brands ofthat all contraception be available over the counter to all ages. >> 15-year-olds are having sex, it is a fact. there is nothing anyone can do about it but try to give information to say safe and healthy. would never use it but i am glad it is offered. >> when a u.s. district judge ordered the fda to make the pill available to all women. if there is no court order
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filed, there will be no restriction on who can buy the drug. >> it may not feel like spring but people out west are confused by their calendar. check out this video. colorado.hnstown, snow falling steadily. when it is done, the mountains could get up to 20 inches of snow on may 1. are you serious gecko >> we are -- are you serious? show you the temperature, pay attention. to chicago and minneapolis. you will see something amazing. this is one of the weatherbug sites southeast of denver.
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we push this into effect this morning. you can see the snow and .emperatures the snowfall did not amount to much. at higher elevations there is a lot more snowfall. .e had clear skies this is the army navy country club in fairfax. in mclean, 67. 8:00 ohsets tonight at 8:01 p.m. will start to
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increase to radically. a slight chance we may see cloudiness developing along the bay. once the wind changes direction. is 83 degrees at o'hare right now. 38 in indianapolis. 22 in -- 28 in denver. several inches in the minneapolis-st. paul area. we will be locked into position because of expanding area of high pressure off the coast line. what will happen is the moisture we west will converge and will have a lot of store minas and cloudiness. with high-pressure and control, this will sit and expand. we will have another four more
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days of beautiful weather. temperatures are just about average. the highs will flatten out or go away. we will get moisture in clouds from the south. let's look forward to thursday and friday and saturday and sunday. 48 in the morning. mostly sunny skies. there could be some low cloudiness early morning. upper 60's and lower 70's saturday and sunday. increasing cloudiness and mild weather monday through wednesday. i like the looks of that. >> thank you. >> the blame game is on as the transit center is behind
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schedule. and we will tell you about the disorder that requires putting a child's food under lock and key. changing what d.c. cabs look like. they will not >> we are getting a look at what
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all d.c. cabs could soon look like. >> seeing a lot of red driving around the district. some say the color change is bad for business. we have a look at the new design. >> you won't see the changes right away. it will be phased in over a five year period. when they change will not be able to miss them. getting used to this look them a this may be the paint scheme of all d.c. taxis in the last -- next five years. that has larry seeing red. >> we could be talking a $5,000 paint job which is quite expensive for cabdriver to maintain. >> larry spent $300 for his last paint job which did not include astray. this is supposed to make it
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easier to spot the instead of through a sea of sea of colors.-- >> it is not inviting at all. new york designer does not like it. --warble for business horrible for business at yellow cab. if it is no longer yellow, it is just a regular read, you do not have that company brand and service he hide it, they do not come to us. as a company you disappear. >> the city will accept public comment which our designer says needs more of a better touch. why not something that
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represents the cab or the united states gecko >> if everything goes well with no delays, we with thatthe first design sometime in july. >> still ahead on abc seven news at 5 p.m. >> a man dies after an assault in this parking lot in fairfax county. after the incident, he walked away on his own.
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>> a road rage incident may have led to the death of a fairfax man. >> the big jim was -- victim was assaulted in a best buy working a lot but he died days later. the 63 ---year- old victim did have a pre- existing health condition but yesterday the medical exam or ruling that he did die as a result of the assault. atpoke briefly with someone the home of the victim and all he would say is, "this is a tragedy." on a day this magnificent, bill probably expected seeing william
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o'brien doing what he always did. now he is not only shocked at a brain is gone. he can't believe this can be the result of road rage. >> on april 16 after 11 a.m., police believe some kind of traffic incident happened near the intersection of picket and .ain area librado cnfronted by in the head.obrien he did not feel ok when he got home and was taken to the hospital. 10 days later, o'brien died. the direct result, the medical examiner said, of the result.
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tracked down later. butwent to cena's home got no comment. >> can we ask you a question, ?lease geck ongoingase is an investigation but the charges have not changed. jail and he out of is awaiting a court hearing set for july. >> three friends and fellow boston bomber accused of destroying evidence. the other man was accused of
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lying to investigators. none of the men are accused of direct involvement with the bombings. >> police in the district and montgomery county are on the lookout for two masked men targeting women. five women have been robbed while they were walking by themselves. the most recent attack took lace over the weekend and silver springs. a fairfax cabdriver said he is the victim of a hate crime. dahlberg andedward berer a friendly start, dahl g called him a terrorist and assaulted him. attorney said his client regrets the comments but did not assault the cabdriver. pedestrian was crossing at ular was morning and angula
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hoit. over the scene. this was near exit 148 in stafford county. a man was thrown off his motorcycle when he hit the back of a car that had rear-ended someone else. the man was airlifted off with life-threatening injuries. police have not released his name. as youave seen delays head toward duke street. also the outer loop of the beltway. oneport of a cyclist struck 16th street. that is close between euclid and it's take a look at the inner loop of the beltway. those delays will take you to were the 270 spur.
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over toward 95 and picking up again. .70 northbound near georgetown additional delays heading into germantown. and 121 and two frederick county. that is the. back to you. >> controversy continues to swirl around the silver spring transit center. it is behind schedule. they set out to get information from the county executive but he was a no-show. >> the county executive was the man the council wanted to hear from. they had a lot of questions about the status of this project but he did not show up and the council was not happy. it has major structural problems and millions of dollars over budget. -- center iscity
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sitting empty. they are not being made to come through. >> three montgomery county council held a hearing to get exam -- answers. he did not show up in that did not sit well. >> who should have been taking responsibility? left askingil was the tee fades in transportation officials about the of the project. a realistic schedule for when it will be open? >> i do not know. >> because of the structural and , metroring problems would pull out of its deal to operate. the council found out about the letter in the media.
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many residents we talked with are fed up. >> this is something we really do need here. >> the council says it has a written agreement with metro to take over operation of this transit center and they will not let metro back out of that agreement. the big question right now is, when is the center going to ?pen gecko for astudents pulled out meeting has their parents outraged. a what you see there is remarkable man. he's 80 years old and spent half a century century helping local students. he is about to do something that no one at his school is very happy about. you will meet him later. >> new information on what made be to blame for this lame crash. it was caught on tape and killed
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seven americans
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>> we have tonight's harris'
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hero. monte80 years old, joseph connecting with students. he gently guides them on the path to college. he helps them anyway he can, even spearheading a fundraising effort for a student with medical needs. >> this child needs an eye operation. nobody says we should help her but she needs $20,000. schoolre he cam team a counselor, he was studying to be a catholic priest. >> this was the beginning of 10 years with the jesuits. >> he took a job in 1969 to
5:42 pm
work with teenagers. >> i have found that my health is good. >> i have very high aspirations as to what i want to do after high school. he is perfect for it. is now retiring. >> he will be mystery much. -- missed very much. there is nothing he will miss more than the students he loves so very much. you can imagine how many lives he has touched. the principal said he was instrumental in securing $17 million in scholarships for last year's graduating class. he said the reason he is retiring is because his wife told him the only prison they wanted -- this was the only
5:43 pm
president she wanted for their fdf wedding anniversary. camcoming up next, a phone s is too common. a man was held victim to this scary call. how one
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>> imagine having to lock up your kitchen cupboards to make sure your child is not eat himself sick and mrs. every single day of their life. >> this is a rare genetic disorder that causes them to feel hungry all the time. >> at age nine, he weighed more than 200 pounds and eight constantly and never felt full. that is when he was diagnosed prader-willi syndrome. he is always hungry. >> at times i feel full but five minutes later, i will be hungry. , higheats a low-calorie
5:47 pm
protein snack or meal every two hours. >> it is is a cool because it does not matter. he will for yield the same way it whether he eats or not. >> the kitchen is locked so they cannot sink any full. >> a continue to want to eat more and they wake up in the null of the 19. drive to eat develops when the children are in elementary school. >> they should not be punished for trying to grab extra food because they cannot stop themselves. > butt is not a matter of if when. >> his parents have focused on treating his scoliosis and vision problems and giving him the best childhood they can. >> definitely have learned to take it one day at a time because if you look too far down the road it can be kind of scary.
5:48 pm
>> these families along with other yokel families are joining forces to help combat the issue of childhood obesity. >> if we can control it in our kids, anyone can control it anywhere. >> you have the choice to either or overweight. a group of these families recently met with members of congress to increase awareness of this ovary syndrome and to share input on the lessons they have learned battling obesity. some parents in south carolina are upset because there children were singled out because of their size. at risk of who were becoming obese were identified. the students were called into the cafeteria over the intercom. >> they worked -- pulled in as a
5:49 pm
group so everyone knew who else was there and by the time they were done and got to the next school period, it was labeled the fat meeting. >> one parent is considering taking legal action against the district. >> phil is excited to talk to luke's class for career day. chance toht it was a face on my body. tonight at nine and abc7 news at 11:00 p.m. >> 68 degrees and crystal-clear
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skies. it is clear skies and sunshine with high pressure in control. 72 in frederick. 71 in fredericksburg. 71 in winchester. to 50 clear and 42 degrees for the overnight low. a big storm in progress in the rockies in the high plains 28 degrees in denver. snow in the air and writing to the northeast. it will be 83 in chicago. a very dynamic weather pattern. .igh pressure will be strong nothing more than a few patches of low clouds at night with those easterly winds with sunny and mild days. not only tonight but tomorrow
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night and friday. right into and through this coming weekend. lots of sunshine tomorrow. a similar pattern through -sunday. things changing with some showers moving in. blog.n go to our the shenandoah apple blossom festival is on the way. read all about it. back to you. >> a good weekend for that. get outside a little bit. >> that is monstrous. they are bringing celebrities and there is a big hurry. >> celebrities like tim brant? search to the playoffs becomes the number one focus. this town is some kind of pumped up for the start of the series.
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this is rocking the red with a lot of hot air. ap sk capsky.ubbed i had him custom-made by a place in florida. he is greeting the tens of thousands. only a huge and, he is one of the teams minority owners. debuted last season. >> i busted him out for the beginning of the season. to welcome the caps back from the lockout. things did not get up to a great start. i said i had better put him away and hope for the playoffs. it was a lower body injury. there seem to be a bit of
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dripping this that was noted by a number of people. >> the big fellow will be ready for game one tomorrow night. >> he is staying up through the .tanley cup >> if you're not pumped up yet for the series, when you cross that bridge, look for the big fellow on that roof. and starting the western conference series. , danica patrick came out to show off her skills with the stick. shot.edible she puts it through and they are --d as this year's winners danica patrick and mr. t. [ male announcer ] fact: the 100% electric nissan leaf...
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george's county man. >> monday, the phone rings in this man is told members of his family had been kidnapped. >> the timing was perfect. will call him is still scared about what happened. panicked and i ran and got my stuff. i you hang up or tell anyone will kill your family members. this lasted for an hour. a money gram500 to and puerto rico. there has been other victims. call his someone else
5:58 pm
wife who said everything was ok. that is when he told the men he was going to call police but by then, the money was gone. >> it was already cashed. >> on the internet, people were complaining about the exact same scam. mark says he wants these criminals to get caught. .> it was terrifying i am still shaken up. >> the money gram store gave mark the name of the man who picked up the cash. he is working with the police to track them down. >> that is it for abc seven news at 5 p.m. 7 news at 6 p.m. starts now. trafficking investigation is underway at her home -- at a home that is part
5:59 pm
diplomaticarabia an compound. police work releasing few details. 11 p.m. the story at >> we are following breaking news from boston where we are learning more about the relationships between the bombing suspect and his three college friends accused of helping him after the attack. in custody tonight. rebecca cooper is in the newsroom with what these teenagers are accused of doing. >> none of the three are charged with helping to plan or execute the actual marathon bombings but all three are accused of lying to investigators in the days that followed the boston marathon. they were accused of trying to cover up and destroy key evidence


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