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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  May 1, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> of first, a shocking case in the neighborhood filled with million-dollar homes. federal investigators are looking at someone in this house you see here. police sources tell abc seven news that the women are from the philippines and they were rescued from that home in the last 48 hours. huxley home at the center of the -- >> the home at the center of the case is owned by the king of saudi arabia. i just got off the phone with a spokesperson with federal immigration and he says this is a very active investigation at this point. as you mentioned, this top rewrite here is owned by the king of saudi arabia. you can see the diplomatic license plate on that video right there. what authorities are looking into is whether or not sex trafficking was going on on this property. >> i am amazed.
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it seemed so unlikely. >> neighbors are stunned by what allegedly went on at this compound. >> things like this just don't happen on mclean. police removed two women from the property. now authorities are investigating whether sex trafficking was going on here. >> i am surprised. i feel bad for those women. >> a police source tells us that the women were rescued around noon yesterday. they are both from the philippines. for ay just come here job. >> he says that he and his catering crew are also originally from the philippines, but didn't know the two women. >> i did not know any of them. >> he was told that he can't -- he said that he came here to cater a party but no one was here when he arrived. the current resident hasn't been this out going as others. .> we met all of the others
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>> man on the compound wouldn't respond to any questions other than a security guard who said to back off. >> you would never imagine something like as. awful. i hope that those women are ok. spokesperson i talked to a few minutes ago stressed that nobody with this compound has been charged at this point. this is just an investigation for now. but he said they are very actively looking into it. it is unclear right now if there will be any kind of diplomatic immunity issues as this investigation goes forward. let's turn to some breaking news on the most recent controversy surrounding the morning-after pill. the justice department says that it will appeal a judge's ruling to lift the age limits on plan b and the generic version of that drug. ,he judge who issued the ruling
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he says, had exceeded his authority and that is decision should be suspended while the appeal is underway. i comes a day after the agenda food administration says it will allow anyone 15 years of age or older to buy the pill over-the-counter. thehe other big star of night, three new arrests in the terror attack at the boston marathon. areworks, a laptop and backpack are in the investigation. >> allison, these three friends told federal agents that they hima conversation with before the bombing and he told them that i know how to make a bomb. after the marathon bombing come authorities say that they went to his dorm room, found some and did out -- some emptied out
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things. images they saw the fbi of their friend plastered on the news, they've launched into action. but instead of turning to police, they turned to protecting the suspected terrorist. because a broad charge it has to do with aiding in destroying the evidence. >> it's a black backpack containing fireworks. they were taken days after the marathon massacre. the two students are from kazakhstan who have been charged with obstruction of justice. they did not know that those items were used in the bombing. >> but one of the teenagers texted him. beenrd suspect has charged with repeatedly lying
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to federal agents. tonight, we are hearing firsthand what it was like the night all three were taken into federal custody. >> they made him strip down to the skivvies. and walk backwards to the car and get on their knees. once they saw they had nothing on them, they took them in an suv that was waiting. they took them all in different cars. >> catherine russell, the widow of tamerlan maintains -- is maintained under surveillance. we don't know what was said and her attorney denies that she had any knowledge of the bomb plot. >> now the situation in boston top in the mind across the nation. >> we can simply say that the president is regularly up aided on the developments in the investigation into the boston marathon bombing.
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>> also from the white house, president obama says that the counterterrorism officials did what they were supposed to be doing before the bombing at the boston marathon. top intelligence officials began a review into sensitive information was adequately shared and whether the federal government could have disrupted the attack. victims, proceeds from the sale of his song will help people pay for prosthetics, fittings, ongoing care and physical therapy. rex a nice gesture. -- >> a nice gesture. we are hearing from those who know and supported it local man who was savagely beaten after a nationals game. has been convicted of the attack. maslin wille -- tc
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take years to recover if he will at all. >> the community and the family are sharing this overwhelming relief all stop keep in mind, this is almost the exact point where the attack occurred. but our story starts about half a mile from here. ends of calm has finally returned. susan mathers has been working here for more than 20 years. >> i was relieved. i think justice should be done. >> wednesday afternoon, a jury found tommy branch guilty in the robbery and assault of tc mas lin. is the lastot place he was seen before he started walking home last august. only seven blocks from his wife and son. he was attacked by a band of three young men. they say branch took his cell phone and credit card and then hit him in the head with a baseball bat.
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after emerging from a,, maslin coma, fter emerging from a maslin has been in massive rehab. and jeanette shelvin were there that night and will continue to be there for tc. >> we tried to help them move on in their life financially and physically. but now they can move on emotionally. maslins said in a joint that "we this evening remain focused on the challenging work ahead and are humbled by the generosity we have received by so many." i should also say that two other suspects were in this case.
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one already pled guilty and the other is awaiting trial. >> breaking news now from atlanta where, within the hour, we have learned that chris mack daddy kelly was found dead in his home. he was part of the duo crisscross. at this point, it is not known how kelly died. he was 34 years old. >> late developments from southern california where a brush fire has spread to 1500 acres about 80 miles east of los angeles. the flames are moving closer to homes now and about 500 residents have been evacuated. more than 500 firefighters from several jurisdictions are trying to contain this fire. but the wind is making their job harder. >> for people were arrested tonight after a mayday protest near the white house turned violent. the demonstrators said that the protest was meant to mark an
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expression of international solidarity. police arrested protesters after one of them attacked an officer and at least one other through a bag of human waste. an annapolis man pled guilty to involuntary manslaughter charges followed by an alcohol- fueled hit-and-run death in the district. this plea bargain stems from a death back in march. it killed ruby whitfield. to 30roadwell faces up years in prison. he is scheduled to be sentenced in august. >> also, d.c. mayor vincent gray plans to allow illegal immigrants who live in the district the chance to obtain drivers licenses. the bill will be introduced tomorrow. it will allow district residents to get drivers license or a --y identification guard identification card.
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>> a scare at newark international airport after two jets weekly clip each other's wings. this happened between a united airlines plane and a jet owned by scandinavian he airlines. -- scandinavian airlines. no one was injured and it led only two minor delays. >> jcpenney is apologizing to its customers. this comes after a net loss of some $985 million in just one year. 25% after former ceo ron johnson took over and implemented a makeover.
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executives reviewed customer discounts on popular brands were a big mistake. "true blood" is popular for many. ideaomen are using a new to stay younger. >> a first look at what is known as the vampire facelift. it is getting interest for -- interest from women in our area. >> you may have seen kim kardashian on her show getting what is called a vampire facelift. to some, it looked a gruesome, but many others, but many -- and many others were intrigued. >> my friends call me mortician now. >> it is a cosmetic procedure in which the doctor draws blood from the patient's arm. the doctor then in jack's the
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plasma ash injects of the plasma the patient's face. some say that they prefer this to anything synthetic. this doctor is one of the few local cosmetic doctors performing the vampire facelift. while there is no concrete signs behind it, she says that some studies show that injecting a person's own growth factors back into this game simulates the production of more collagen. orso you are regenerating creating the newer skin that we used to have. >> she is quick to explain that the procedure seen in the episode of the cardassians is not the way it is performed. there is no bloody face and she uses a topical -- episode of the car -- ian -- of the karda
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shians is not the way it is performed. there is no bloody face and she uses a topical numbing agent. the whole thing takes less than an hour and it lasts about a year. doctors don't recommend it for anyone under the age of 40 i'm about to find more information on this, go to our website, >> ok. >> you know where the lowest prices are? transylvania. [laughter] if your doctor is named the count -- [laughter] >> let's talk about this regular weather. it is so nice. >> it really has been delightful. make sure you also use the sunblock.
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the temperatures outside today, this was almost one of those extremely, extremely unusual days where the actual high temperature, 71, matched and the average high. but the low temperature also .otched the average low, two remember the clouds yesterday? they were pushed to the south. the northeasterly wind has some lingering clouds down toward the southwest and parts of virginia. 71 degrees right on the button for early may. by the end of may, we are closing in on 80 degrees for the average high. at this is a wonderful time of the year with dryer -- with dry air, cool nights and nice warm daytime temperatures. for friends in rapid city in denver, that is the temperature in denver, 27 degrees.
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they have had 5-7 inches of snow in denver. those are the clouds to our self that we had yesterday. but during nearly morning hours, temperatures tomorrow morning, in and around the area with all that sunshine, it will be into the 40s. so a cool morning. , again,fternoon temperatures approaching 70 degrees. i think that pattern continues right into the weekend. a lot of things going on this weekend. the apple blossom festival out in winchester and the virginia gold cup on saturday. tomorrow morning, heading out to work and school, temperatures in the low-40s and around 50 degrees. tomorrow afternoon, near 70 degrees. really delightful. a few of those puffy fairweather clouds. nothing will take our grins away. we head into the weekend, but any chance
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of precipitation won't come until monday. in the meantime, just enjoy. >> we are happy to say that the moment has arrived that we told you would happen on wednesday. we want to show you the winner of the two vip tickets to one direction at the verizon center. the winner is kimberly white of inwood, west virginia. congratulations. we hope you have a really good time. rex we are hoping it is a positive direction. gear up for the rangers. the 10 wins romp across the aisle. -- the penguins
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>> the nationals outhit the braves tonight 3-2. only five hits combined between the two ball clubs. the story was jordan zimmerman. he has thrown 18 straight scoreless innings. eight innings and eight strikeouts. the nationals beat the braves 2- 0. this is ian desmond with harper on first. he gets a hanging curveball. andback, going, going,
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gone. ian desmond with a two-run home run. it is all zimmerman needed. he was in a group with great moment -- he was in a groove with great momento. the only downside was this. bryce harper wincing in pain in the sixth inning when he checked his swing. that was it. he was gone. gave him on medication and treatment then we will see how he does tomorrow. he didn't want to come out of the ballgame. and i concerned about him playing. we couldn't take a chance on pulling a lad or something that could take them out for a long time. >> for hockey fans, it's about to be nailbiting time. the cats face the new york rangers. they will face one of the top goalies in all of hockey. inhas had great success recent years against washington. this guy is an octopus.
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he is capable of stealing a series. but when you talk to the caps, they say, come on, man, you can't think that way. too much on take what they do. we are going to focus on our team. and, you know, stick together. >> that is tomorrow night. let's go to pittsburgh. even though sidney crosby wasn't able to, they scored twice. twice it saves. game two is friday in pittsburgh. let's go to the nba, madison square garden. boston had five guys in double figures led by georgetown -- former georgetown star green. they are still alive. 2-86 is theng 90 final tonight.
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-- 92-86 is the final. -- heitino, who coached is an owner of golden cents and it is going off at 5-1. >> he has had a golden year so far. >> that is why i said you need to bet on him. >> that is why i said you need to bet on him. >> we did we get it? got it. yes! ♪ how do i make it stronger? [ male announcer ] when you've got fios quantum, you get ameca's fastest, most reliable internet. hey, so where's the big project? ...huh. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. [ male announcer ] technology that makes you feel superhuman... where do i sign in? [ male announcer ] that's powerful. switch to fiosnd we'll triple your speeds s for free with an upgrade to fios quantum. marvel's iron man 3, in theaters may 3rd.
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>> ready for more the same? >> love it. >> the weekend, a lot of sunshine, really delightful. we have all sorts of things to keep you posted on our website, too. >> that's it for tonight.
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