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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  May 2, 2013 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> a rough morning for hundreds of customers in alexandria. dominion power looking into what has caused a big outage. >> verizon center will be rocking tonight. in game 1 of the playoff between the capitals and the new york rangers. >> remember him? performing, but someone was not excited about the performance. "good morning washington" at 5:00 begins now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. good morning to you, washington. it's thursday, may 2. i am cynne simpson. >> i am scott thuman. something everyone can agree on is that jacqui jeras has the best job these days. >> we love the whether lady this morning. >> it's nice to bring good news. when they love you, they love you.
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we're loving the sunshine. but it's kind of chili this morning. -- chilly. 37 degrees in frederick. 41 in winchester, 43 in culpeper and manassas and d.c. is the exception at 52. quantico is up there as well. we are loving the sunshine today. near average temperatures can be expected over the next several days and it will stay quiet through the weekend. what happens next week, we will let you know coming up. changes are ahead. >> well, we don't accept that. let's get to amanda meadows to talk about the thursday morning commute. hopefully it better than yesterday >> . yes, we definitely have better conditions than yesterday morning. there was an earlier crash on 95 northbound. right now we're monitoring a few
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construction spots causing delays. if you are heading towards frederick kempe on 270, you may run into construction zones. 70at's the clarksburg and 2 northbound at middlebrook road, expect minor lane closures. moderate to minor delays. inbound towards the beltway looking great. that's the way most people are headed. new york avenue outbound is closed at florida avenue with construction. inbound lanes and towards the city looking great. they are detouring at florida avenue around the construction. keep that in mind. earlier activity along the suitland parkway has cleared. the beautiful conditions to south capitol street. back to you. >> thank you. 5:02. following breaking news from alexandria. a lot of people waking up in the dark. >> dominion power has an outage. they are trying to figure out
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what happened. brianne carter is in alexandria. you told us earlier that one of the issues will be the street lights. >> the good news is we have some power restored. a half hour since the crew started working. virginia dominion has been working through the night to try to get everybody back on. they had restored power to all but about 85 customers after an outage overnight. about 1900 people were in the dark. what caused the outage still remains part of the investigation. they think they had a problem with an underground cable that may have led to all disks. dominion power is still looking into that, to find a source of problem. king andutes ago on north patrick street, we saw a bunch of lights popping on. thele travelling into the lights have come back on at the intersections. so drivers will not have to use
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those as a four-way stop. crews are trying to get the lights back on to everyone. they are very close. back to you. >> thank you. maryland governor martin o'malley today will sign a number of important bills into law. they include a bill to repeal the death penalty in maryland. legislation authorizing, limited medical marijuana programs. a bill making it a crime to use social networking sites to emotionally abuse a child and. legislation creating a work group to investigate potential cancer clusters in maryland. >> a wealthy mclean neighborhood is epicenter of a human trafficking investigation. two women from the philippines were rescued tuesday and from a home on orris street. they told police they were held against their will. the home is owned by saudi arabia. neighbors say military attaches
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live there. investigators have not filed any charges so far. >> president obama will go to mexico later this morning for a three day trip that also includes a stop in costa rica. the white house says the president will highlight immigration reform moving through congress and will try to strengthen economic relations between the u.s. and mexico. today marks the second anniversary of osama bin laden's death. >> the hawk-eye leader was killed in his compound by a u.s. special forces unit. the death of the man behind the 9/11 attacks caused a decade- long manhunt. it's a major milestone for one world trade center which replaces the twin towers. the last piece of spire will be put in place today, weather permitting. it was postponed because of strong wind. when the last piece is installed, it will be the highest in the western hemisphere. the 104-story skyscraper set to
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open next year. security checkpoint now open at includingwashington nine lanes and a secure what way at concourse c. the upgrades will continue throughout the summer. >> hockey fans are hockeyred tonight -- hockey fans are seeing red tonight and that's a good thing. they will be hosting the new york rangers at the verizon center. >> john gonzalez has more. >> good morning. it's all about rocking the red at the verizon center today. in case someone needs a wake-up call, i've got you covered. i have my cowbell. hopefully, we will have 20,000 of these today at the verizon center. what a crazy season this has been. it did not even seem like we were going to have a season, because of the lockdown.
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and we got a shortened season. is opposed38 games -- as opposed to over 80 games we normally have, the capitals went from last place to first place in their division. at times it did not look like this team was going anywhere. if they had major slumps during the short season. they got it together. not only are they in the playoffs, but they won their division and they have home advantage in the first series starting tonight against the new york rangers. this will be the third time these two teams played to other the third year in a row in the playoffs. last year the rangers took it in seven games. even players like the new ones know it's time for revenge. >> i would not have it any other way. you're really appreciate everything a lot more when you have not so glorious days in the
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minor leagues. be in thenity to playoffs is unbelievable. these games last year when the late, so metro this week decided to stay open later than usual just in case these games start going into overtime. the capitals seemed to like to play longer minutes during the playoffs. if you are coming to the verizon center tonight, game 1 at 7:30, there are still tickets available. the highest ticket going for $956. that is in the nosebleed ere alex ovechkin will probably look a size -- as big as this cowbell. >> thank you. it's 49 degrees. >> still ahead, new details on efforts to make the morning- after pill available to more
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>> 5:11 on this thursday morning. we are in the midst of this wonderful weather. n. just soaking it i
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>> 52 degrees at reagan national right now. 49 in olney. i love when you have automated stuff on live television. most of us are in the 40's. one exception is frederick, maryland, at 37 degrees. it's a little crowded to our south. for the most part, it will be a sunny day. expect partly cloudy conditions to start at 55 degrees at 9:00. 66 and mostly sunny at noon. 71 and mostly sunny at 5:00. still flirting with 70 degrees. that will last into the weekend. but changes are down the line. >> we don't need to know. >> just wanted to know. >> all right. appreciate that, but it will take some mental preparation. we want to check in with amanda meadows to see how things are
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looking on the roads. >> things are looking beautiful on the roads so far this morning. a few construction spots with moderate volume. no big problems or delays yet. , a fewrent conditions small patches of yellow, but no bumper-to-bumper conditions or big delays. no problems eastbound to the beltway. that's from fairfax and falls church, you may run into a moderate to light volume delays, but no big problems headed towards the city. along new york avenue. you can see it the outbound lanes are blocked, which is something i warned you about. this is not affecting inbound lanes on new york avenue, but the outbound lanes near florida will be completely closed. use caution. 495orthbound -- excuse me,
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coming into the american legion bridge, you can see traffic is starting to pick up a little, which usually means we will start to see a few brake lights. we will have another update coming up in about 10 minutes from the wtop traffic center. back to you. >> thank you. , 49 degrees. oogle have a review of gl glasses.
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington" with cynne simpson and scott thuman. this is "good morning washington," on your side. is worths weather waking up for. >> it is. get up early on a day like this. a little cold though. let's look at current conditions. it's a chilly start, 49 degrees. i see a hint of brightness on the horizon already. sunrise is almost an hour away. 49 degrees at reagan national airport. we have low 40's on the map. 41 in frederick and gaithersburg and dulles and manassas it and winchester and
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culpeper. in fredericksburg. a little cloudy to go along with that. we have clouds over the delmarva, moving over southern maryland, and to the south and west of the district. this will be in the morning. clearing for the afternoon. high pressure to our north is controlling our weather today. two big weather systems we are watching. an area of low pressure try to develop in the gulf. that is something we will have to watch. it has been bringing torrential downpours in florida. a cold front across the midwest. snow in early may. for us, high pressure will block all that out. by the time the front gets here, that will be next week with light rain. today, partly cloudy and mild, 68 to 72. mostly clear tonight, 42 to 50.
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we will see near 70 degrees pretty much all week long. just a touch warmer next week. that will also start to bring some moisture with a southerly flow. the rain will finally arrive tuesday and wednesday. the midweste people in are suffering, we are reaping the benefits. >> we will enjoy it while it lasts. >> we have had some suffering on the roadways. we're hoping for much better. let's get to amanda meadows to see how it looks. >> i am knocking on wood. hoping we don't have problems like the passed two mornings on 95 northbound. right now they're smooth sailing from stafford. the beltway looks good on the virginia side and maryland. that's great news for anyone who uses the two main routes in and out of been sitting. we do have some delays on north avenue. coming from the maryland side towards the beltway, from 95, 29, 295 all looking beautiful.
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acrosso moderate delays 32 on 95 and through laurel. of new have a live shot york ave. there was construction. that will affect only outbound lanes. most people are headed in town this time of morning, so it should not slow things down much. you can see the yellow lights in the distance. that will affect the outbound lanes near florida avenue. that will divert traffic outbound, but not bad overall. back to you. >> thank you. 5:20. we have a review of the google glasses. >> and netflix is losing a thousands of films. diana perez has details. >> a firsthand look at the highly anticipated google glass. the hits that offers a hands-on
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way to check your messages, take pictures, and check the internet. >> it is definitely not something i want to wear out and about. it's fun to test right now, but not something that really blends in. people definitely look at you weird. >> google glass is not yet available, but it's will be $1,500 for this new high-tech item. debut on the new york stock exchange. and netflix has just lost the rights to nearly 2000 movies including the entire james bond collection. have a great day.
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>> thursday morning.
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firefighters are making progress battling huge wildfire in southern california. >> the fire has burned 4 0.5 square miles of land, 90 miles east of los angeles. 35% contained, but the wins around 30 miles an hour are fanning the flames. the fire has destroyed one home. other homes in the area have been evacuated. >> 7 is on your side with new developments involving a controversial morning-after pill. >> the justice department appeal the judge's ruling to lower the age limit to purchase the bill over the counter from 17 to 15. authorities think the judge went beyond his authority and they hope the judgment will be suspended as they try to reverse it. we're looking at 48 degrees greg. ahead at 5:30, brianne carter will join us for an update on the breaking news in alexandria. a power outage that left hundreds in the dark. >> and john gonzalez has a preview of tonight's playof
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> thursday morning. the morning routine could take a bit longer than usual for people in alexandria from a power outage that left them in the dark. it's thursday, may 2. good morning, i am scott thuman. >> i am cynne simpson. some areas are a little chilly this morning, jacqui >> . you want to start the morning with long sleeves. by this afternoon, shortly is once again. there are a few clouds out there. this is from atop the belfort furniture weather center. you can see the clouds in the distance. we will have sunshine especially this afternoon. it's 41 degrees in frederick and gaithersburg. 41 at washington dulles airport.
5:30 am, 39 9:00 this morning, partly cloudy and 55, 66 at noon, 71 and mostly sunny at 5:00. it will be another great day. >> back to the breaking news out of alexandria. >> people waking up in the dark this morning. we want to find out the cause of this outage in alexandria. brianne carter joins us now live. some lights are coming back on, right? >> batted the good news, especially along north patrick street. you can imagine it's not great for the morning rush hour. the good news is we have seen almost all of these lights come back on at this time. if an outage overnight. dominion power has almost everyone back on line. at the height, it was 1900 people in the dark. a lot of street lights were part
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of that. a number of major intersections in old town alexandria affected. all this is part of an investigation. they are looking into what might have caused this major outage. they are looking at an underground cable to see if that might have been the cause. there are reports that a transformer may have blown over night. the good news is almost everyone is back with power. virginia dominion still trying to tighten up the loose ends. reporting live in alexandria, brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> good to see progress. three friends of the surviving boston marathon bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev, have been charged in connection with the attack. the fbi says azamat tazhayakov, robel phillipos, and dias took a bag from his dorm room in three days after the attack. investigators say that it contained fireworks.
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tsarnaev told two of those friends that he learned how to make a bomb. >> d.c. mayor vincent gray expected to introduce the district of columbia's eighth amendment act year that will -- w the seat residents allow d.c. residents who are here illegally to get a driver's license or id card. >> speaking of the district, it will be very loud tonight. >> we expect to see a lot of red as the capital host game 1 of their playoff series against the new york rangers. >> one of the people perhaps making noise will be john gonzalez. it's a big night. >> it is a big night. look what i've got. my rally talaowl.
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owel. if you are driving through this area, give me 3 honks. do that all day long at the verizon center. we hope to hear a lot of that from inside tonight. doug about a whirlwind. first it seemed we would not even have a season, with the lockout. then we got 48 games as opposed to 82. the capitals essentially went from last place in the division to now first place, winning the division. this theme hit a major slump and at times it did not seem they were going to go to the playoffs. well, here they are. tonight, game 1 against the new york rangers. and we have home ice advantage. this will be the third year in a row we have faced for the rangers in the playoffs. we have steered well in the past, but last season new york
5:34 am
took the series in seven games. many of the players know it is revenged time. 7:00 tonight. if you are still looking for tickets, at last check, about $956 for the nosebleed section where you will be able to waive these towels and they will look very small. but there's not a bad seed in the house at the verizon center. the point is you just want to be inside. it does not matter where you are. just be inside for this electric atmosphere. metro knows how it can run late. it has decided to stay open late just in case the games go along. at the verizon center, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. caps. >> thanks so much. 5:35. we have a lot more to come. fore have some mixed news
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>> hello. please join us for alexandria's community service day on may 4. for more information, visit
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>> good morning, washington. that.ill be there for it is exciting, because everyone pitches in to spruce up the community. the question is what kind of weather will we have? >> volunteering for outdoor projects? [all talking at once] >> we have great weather for that and today as well. the sun rising already. we're gaining two minutes of sunlight today. partly cloudy and 49 degrees right now. i was checking to see where the coolest spots were. middleburg, 39 degrees, as well as delaplane. 4-d in rockville and adamstown. you definitely want to wear a little something this morning. the clouds we have now will give way to lots of sunshine this afternoon. --h-temperature but in
5:39 am
high temperature between 68 and 72. >> now we check in with amanda meadows. >> the roads look pretty good. starting to build in the usual hot spots. we're monitoring conditions of construction on new york ave. we have a live shot of that where we can see the bright yellow lights blocking all outbound lanes. if you use new york avenue to head into washington, your good to go. but in the distance you can see the yellow letting you know about the traffic being diverted at florida avenue. please consider that. again, only affecting outbound traffic, but it does have all lanes closed at florida on new york ave. along the beltway, 66, beautiful conditions. but we can see the yellow. traffic starting to build coming in along some of the roads and bridges.
5:40 am
we will look at the woodrow wilson bridge in 10 minutes from the wtop traffic center. back to you. >> thank you. , 5:40.ees >> coming up, we will hear from former wizards player jason collins
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>> coming up tonight, what makes a summer blockbuster? you will see a lot of iron man and superman and wolverine. what is the formula to whether those will be successful? tonight, arch campbell gives us a special insight into the making of a blockbuster and he predicts which super hero will come out on top. join us at 5:00. >> coming up x 6:00, why there does not seem to be enough space for more than one ice-cream truck in one town.
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>> r.g. iii talks about lessons he learned and about playing through the pain. >> we will introduce you to a local trainer who practices what she and teaches as she helps with per client into the best shape possible. that's ahead o'clock. >> it's 5:44. plans to overhaul neglected areas of the national mall getting a big boost from a car maker. in the works.ver let's check in with jummy olabanji. >> we learned that volkswagen of america today will announce a 10 million-dollar gift to the trust for the national mall. this is the largest private gift it will have. the money will go to jump-start the fund-raising to revamp the national mall. ceo tolden of america's the associated press that he was shocked to see the poor conditions around the jefferson memorial. it will have new gardens, an
5:45 am
amphitheater, and plenty of new restaurants when it's done. that announcement later this morning. back to you. >> thank you. former wizards player jason collins, his twin brother, and other family members will sit down with oprah winfrey on sunday. >> this will be their first interview since he publicly announced that he's gay, making him the first active player in major american sports to do so. is expected to discuss the reaction to his announcement. caps interview sunday night at 8:00 on oprah's next chapter on own network. >> driven to the center. watching it go. a home run for ian desmond. party provided all the offense the nationals would need to end their nine-game losing streak against atlanta. that's because zimmerman was dealing. the no. 3 starter has been pitching great. he picked up his fifth win of
5:46 am
the season, taking season2-0. >> nationals have game 4 tonight. they may have to go without bryce harper. he was pulled from yesterday's game with an injury. >> that's never a good sign when he's not on the field. >> south korea rapper psy joined l.a. dodgers fans against the rockies in tuesday night's game. >> he sang his new single "gentleman" during the fourth inning. take a look. on.e danced along to his m of coast on the botto your screen is dodgers legend tom lasorda. he did not look very impressed at the other fans cheered on this thing. but this is the locker room.
5:47 am
>> a big fan. like you when i grow up. >> that was a dodgers starting pitcher who's also from south korea. and they gave the singer a replica jersey. ext. how can you not be entertained you nothim? him?nnot be entertained by >> may be a generational thing. >> the shenandoah apple blossom festival getting under way in winchester. >> adam caskey is live in winchester. thing goingwn psy on. >> ♪ ,> i am shaking my booty celebrating the apple blossom festival. as has been running for over 80 years.
5:48 am
the shenandoah university marching band. we also have this beautiful fire truck with us. one of the big events with this fire trucks the huge parade. ?abitha, mind if i hopped up this parade is every kid's dream. what sets it apart from other farm and parades' it? >> it is a huge parade. it will last three and a half hours. we have over 200 and it's in the parade, 150 pieces of fire apparatus, new and old. it's not just a kid's dream. >> i am enjoying this, myself. volunteer fire department puts a lot of time and worked into it and we look forward to having them here.
5:49 am
the lights aren't all something to see for the kids as it starts getting dark. something to seeing. it's a highlight for me and others. >> when and where? rex parade is friday night and 5:30, the same route as the parade through downtown winchester. it will probably be ending about 8:30 or 9:00. that's where the sirens will be, at the end. >> your dad is part of this truck. >> these are fire chief. he brought me here this morning. >> i love the apple blossom festival. it is a family affair. it's fantastic. it runs through sunday. site?what is the web .com.ebloom >> washington, it's time to wake
5:50 am
up. by the way, the weather will be perfect today all the way through sunday with sunshine and highs near 70. back to you. >> thank you. all right, sounding good this morning. >> oh, my. >> our radio meteorologist at wtop posted a blob on the web site about her experiences growing up in winchester, with some great photographs. and brian van de graaff at news channel 8 marched in that parade. if you want to see photographs of him back in the day in uniform, you have to go to the our facebook page to check out the pictures. >> i am going to that right now. >> what a beautiful day it's going to be not just today but into the weekend. this will be one of the best stretches we have had. we have been waiting. 49 degrees at reagan national this morning with a light breeze
5:51 am
out of the northeast at 6 miles an hour. there are a couple cool spots. if i advise dressing in layers today. you do what long sleeved to start. 37 degrees in frederick. 41 at dulles and gaithersburg. 39 in manassas. 46 degrees in quantico. this afternoon, we will be warming up. short sleeves will be needed. yesterday, 71 degrees with a low of 50. exactly average. we had no rainfall for change. 2 inches.wn over the rain earlier this week helped to wipe out some of the pollen, but we are back in a thatcategory at 282, but is down from before the rainfall. a little progress. high pressure to our northeast is wedging into place. that will keep us very pleasant the next couple days and it will block out the weather maker in the nation's midsection through the weekend and it will not arrive until early next week. partly cloudy and mile today, 68
5:52 am
to 72. mostly clear tonight, 42 to 50. we will stay near 70 degrees right through the weekend. we will warm up a little next week. then we will start to see moister. 74 degrees with a chance of rain on wednesday. this will be a great stretch for the apple blossom festival. you can do anything outdoors. all right. 5:52. let's check in with amanda to see what she can teach us about the roads. >> things are looking beautiful lawn new york ave. there was earlier construction outbound. and live shot shows we are starting to move in both directions now. inbound is where those people are headed. you can seen things are beautiful. lanes are open. not seeing any cars earlier, but now we're seeing people
5:53 am
travelling. moderate to heavy due to the fact that it was just. just so people had to stop for the deep for. now they're moving once again. it should not be a big problem. southeast southwest freeway westbound after the third street tunnel, there's a crash blocking the left lane. you may want to avoid that or be prepared to stay to the right. 95 is moving smoothly on the virginia side of the beltway coming towards dumphries and quantico starting to see a little volume building. nothing compared to what we have seen the last couple days through that stretch of roadway. another update on your commute in 10 minutes from the wtop traffic center. back to you. >> thank you. 3 right now. even with his dapper suit and tie, justin timberlake cannot help yourselves for anheuser- busch. >> a pleasant surprise for some facebook investors. linda bell joins us from
5:54 am
bloomberg headquarters in new york to explain. good to see you. >> good to see you. let's begin with facebook, which could be a big stock to watch today. it has a corporate office in d.c. and is making headway in its efforts to make more money from local advertising. that drove first quarter sales up nearly $1.5 billion. there were many skeptics wondering whether facebook could really make a profit and make money when its ipo debuted a year ago. now its products are picking up in popularity. the number of instagram users justd to 100 million from 22 million a year earlier when facebook agreed to purchase it. singer justin timberlake is the creative director for anheuser- busch posted but like platinum brand. but sales are flat. platinum comes in a sleep bottle and has more alcohol than some other brands. sales growth is dropping
5:55 am
compared to when it was launched last year. one saving grace is the bud sales are on the rise. back to you. >> thank you. >> i think a lot of those will be consumed this week. thank you. 5:55 right now, 49 degrees. >> capital bikeshare is rolling in and new membership option. learn what it in
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5:58 am
>> a member of the 1990's duo kriss kross has died. the 34-year-old rapper was pronounced dead wednesday evening in atlanta. the official cause of death is pending an autopsy. they wore their clothes backward as a gimmick. a public funeral will be held today at the grand ole opry for country music legend george jones. he died nearly a week ago after he was admitted to the hospital for a fever and a regular blood pressure. othersady laura bush and will attend.
5:59 am
launched achair has new membership option. isthe daily key membership designed for people use the bikes on an irregular basis and can be purchased for $10 on line. you can get a one day membership to use your key to get a bike at an east asian and after that you pay $7 each day. >> the d.c. government is one step closer to opening its new streetcar line in ne. the second of three news reports arrived this week. ddot will test the cars in anacostia before testing them on the tracks in northeast. this regard should begin running later this year. >> we've got another hour of news and it all starts right now. abc 7 necaptioned by the national captioning institute >>


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