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tv   Good Morning Washington at 600  ABC  May 2, 2013 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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ower problems and alexandra this morning. crews are trying to figure out what caused the lights to go out and trying to get them back on. >> plus, martin o'malley put pen to paper to sign a number of significant bills into law by not take a look at the horizon center this morning. it is quiet at the moment but tonight, fans will be rocking the red. >> good to have you along. let's start with jacqui jeras. >> maybe you could have some dinner outside tonight. a great day for it. dutiful whether to look forward to and we are already seeing a beautiful star with a little bit of clout and is in the distance. a few spots are rather chilly, 37 in frederick and 41 in frederick and 39 in manassas. a jacket or light sweater this morning but you can't get rid of
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it by this afternoon. our temperatures will be near average, just above 70 degrees and quiet whether an expected through the weekend. what happens after that? we will let you know on the seven-day forecast. >> what's happening on the roads? >> we are monitoring a crash in southeast does southwest freeway that will slow you down near the third street tunnel. we're keeping an eye on that now. there is volume and delays at the usual hot spots heading into town. this is a live shot at the national harbour on the beltway. this is to and from the wilson bridge. there's an accident working along the southeast-southwest freeway in the third street tunnel area and there is a report that the left lane is
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still close. d. please keep that in mind, that is heading inbound. we've also got a look along 270 where things are moving smoothly but we are starting to build volume coming in from frederick to clarksburg. that is inbound 270 toward the beltway. >> knew this morning -- dominion virginia power is trying to figure out what caused a major power outage in alexandria overnight. some homes and businesses in parts of old town are still in the dark. 1900 customers were affected at the height of the outage but a few dozen were impacted at last check. >> maryland governor martin o'malley signed several bills into law. one bill repeals the death penalty while another authorizes a limited medical marijuana program. he will also sign a bill that will make a crime to use social
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networking sites to threaten or abuse a child and he will sign legislation creating a worker to investigate potential cancer clusters. >> pretrial hearing will be held today for a leesburg woman accused of murdering her husband who was a pastor. the husband was found dead in the couple's home in march and the white stabbed multiple times. shortly before that, she called her daughter and said he had confessed to an affair. >> we are following a developing story coming out of mclean, virginia. >> members expressed shock at hearing about human trafficking allegations in a home on by saudi arabia. authorities are looking into whether sex trafficking was going on at his home. immigration and customs enforcement and fairfax county police arrested two women from the philippines early this morning. investigators say so far, no charges have been filed. >> new developments involving
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the morning after pill -- the justice department appeal the judge's ruling to limit the age limit from 17-15. the fda announced the change on tuesday. attorneys think the judge went beyond his authority. they hope the decision will be suspended as they try to reverse it. >> vice president joe biden will meet with law enforcement officials at the white house today to discuss gun safety. joe manchin of west virginia is reintroducing a bill requiring background checks for gun buyers at gun shows and on line. he sponsored a previous version of the bill which failed in the senate last month. >> we are looking at 48 degrees and still ahead, we'll check in with adam caskey. he's got a check of the apple blossom festival and a sneak peek. >> plus, it is time to rock about red coming up, what you need to know about the plight of
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>> welcome back, this is a look at the capitol this morning. the national mall will be more beautiful soon. volkswagen is donating $10 million for a facelift project. you will want to get outside today and enjoy. >> with the sunshine, we have to take advantage while we can. >> the one thing i want to preface is that it is cold this morning. you want to have a jacket or something to get started. 39 -- 49 degrees at reagan national but that is the exception. we have some cold spots -- 10 degrees colder than that in
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spots like frederick maryland, washington va., 38 degrees in leesburg and middleburg virginia. you need to bundle up a little bit this morning. as we take a look at the nation, the real cold stuff has been filtering in behind the cold front in the upper midwest and parts of the plains where it is snowing. on interstate 35 south of minneapolis/st. paul, it is closed because of the snow. it has been bringing lot down power lines in that area. heavy, wet weather could hold up in parts of florida. around here, it does not get better than this. partly cloudy skies and 55 degrees at 9:00 and 71 degrees at 5:00 this evening. we've got some changes in the seven-day forecast. we will tell you about that in a couple of minutes. >> time to see how the roads are shaping up. >> let's check in with amanda.
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>> it looks better than the last couple of days on 95 northbound. all lanes were closed the last couple of days that is not the case this morning. there is just somebody and and we have an update on that accident along the south east/southwest freeway with all lanes open. that is clear as you go into the third street tunnel. 270 is starting to slow down. that will be in bound270 toward clarksburg. this is a live shot through that stretch of roadway where we can see we're starting to get a line of cars coming down from frederick. it looks like a little foggy in that shot. that will be near 109. give yourself some extra time there.
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we will have another update on the morning commute coming up in about 10 minutes. >> coming up, get ready to pay more on one airline. >> also, meet the
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>> welcome back. we are taking a look at our bus stop forecast at 6:14. good morning to brookfield, maryland where the temperature is only 39 degrees. bundle up this morning but this
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afternoon, you will not need to bundle up. dress in layers today, looking for 55 degrees at pick up and mostly sunny and 66 at recess and 70 degrees this afternoon when you get home. the seven-day forecast is minutes away. >> the weather will be perfect for a fun family event in winchester. >> it is perfect at the moment because that's where adam caskey is. he is covering the apple blossom festival. he is in winchester, virginia. what are you wearing? >> i have my bling on this morning. it does not get any better than this in winchester early this morning. temperature is 41 degrees but we are warming up. the apple blossom festival is going on through sunday and
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there are many events associated with this. the one that is meaningful in particular -- tell me about this salute to the troops back happy bllom to you. the salute to the troops is a special section of our parade. that parade is this coming saturday at 1:30 and winchester. we will do a special section which salutes our armed forces, our veterans, or pow's, cadets and other people, recruits and many other people will be selected as part of this special activity within the parade on saturday. >> a well-deserved salute. tell me more about the parade. who is coming out for it? >> i will give you a few names -- queen shenandoah 86 is the granddaughter of actor michael landon.
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scotty mccrery is our grand marshal. senator harry byrd is our honorary grand marshal. he has been here for every festival since the first one. he was a participant in the first one in 1924. >>bill elliott is our sports marshall a nascar races. victoria made in is miss apple blossom festival and johnny newman is in all of favre blast -- basketball. the redskin-ettes will be here and a lot of others. >> that is a long list. thank you so much. thanks for coming out early this morning to join us and thank you for your service. we will see you here for the parade on saturday. beautiful weather today and it will be great for the weekend. jacqui jeras will tell you all about that coming up. >> happy blooom, adam. >> what a great list of people
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that will be out there. >> if you want to know more about the apple blossom festival, go to our storm watch 7 facebook page. this festival has been on for the last 29 years, one person has gone for the last 29 years. the weather could not be better for the apple blossom festival, now through the weekend. 49 degrees right now but it is kind of chili in most spots. we are 10 degrees colder in manassas, only 39 degrees. 37 degrees in frederick. winchester is 41 degrees and 41 in culpeper. as we take a look at the almanac, yesterday, we made it to 71 degrees which is our average and our lows are on par. no rainfall after the dam started the week. we could use a little bit more.
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it will be awhile before we see the rain again. early in the week, the rain washed out the pollen but the countess up again and we are doing better than we were late last week. high pressure has inched its way into the corridor and that will dominate our weather over the next several days. it is blocking up the weather pattern so it is not allowing the cold front in the nation's midsection to get close to us until early next week. for today, partly cloudy skies and mild high-temperature 68-72 degrees. most a clear tonight and there is your seven-day forecast. we are flirting with seven degrees -- 70 degrees all the way through wednesday. >> those clear skies mean hopefully dry roadways. >> that usually means we've got
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a pretty good chance of having a smooth commute. the dry roadways will help conditions but that's no guarantee. we just picked up an accident on the beltway near university or 193 will be on the outer loop. you can expect delays and we're getting reports the left lane is closed. this is the live shot of 495. things are moving very slow. please consider that in your morning commute. this is brand new. it could get worse. 66 coming into town, moving a little slow ones to get into the belt way toward falls church. we will have another update coming up in about 10 minutes. >> 6:20 and there is a mayday call on wall street after the market suffered the worst start to a month in nearly one year. >> three carry-on bags and sodas
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are becoming a thing on the pass for one airline. >> good morning, stocks sold off yesterday. all the major markets slipped 1% yesterday. all that selling or signs of a slowing economy. there were fewer jobs for american workers, private employers added 119,000 jobs last month which is the fewest in seven months. the march numbers have been revised lower. one airline is adding a fee for -- frontier airline is adding a fee for carry-on bags. it applies to beds in the overhead bin. passengers that buy tickets on their website will not have to pay the new fees. the latest j.c. penney advertising apologizes for the changes the company made over the past few months. the ad acknowledges the missteps and asks that customers to come back to the stores. that is america's money.
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i'm the youngest of four boys, and when i was 14 i saw a chance to literally pave the way to my futurand i started a business paving drivewivs. that helped me pay for college. my wife dorothy and i have lived in virginia for over 20 years, and here we've raised 5 children of our own. i know nothing is more important to virginians than creating good jobs that can support a family. that will be my focus every day. i'm terry mcauliffe and that's why i'm running for governor.
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>> three college friends of the surviving boston marathon bombing suspect are behind bars this morning accused of helping to cover up the attack. the fbi says that azamat tazhayakov, dias kadyrbayev, and robel phillipos took a bag from dzhokhar tsarnaev's room after the bombing. it contained a laptop computer and hollow out fireworks. two of them threw away in a dumpster. they are facing conspiring to obstruct justice charges. the third man is accused of lying to investigators. >> the governor of rhode island
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plans to signed gay marriage legislation into law today. if it passes a final vote in the assembly, rhode island will join nine other states in of -- allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry. the operators and upstate new york ice-cream truck is facing harassing and stalking charges after their chilling relationship with another ice cream truck got out of hand >> the driver of a mr,. ding a ling truck said his competition followed his truck playing loud music and tried to lure customers away the driver says they control the frozen treats market in albany.
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it is cut through the ice cream action. >> very territorial and it comes to ice-cream. it is 6:27 and have another half hour of "good morning washington." >>rg iii will talk about pla [
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>> live, and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight at head, plans to overhaul the national mall get a major financial boost from an automaker. >> the capitals' fans will be rocking the red as the rival branches come to town in game one of the eastern conference playoffs. >> politically charged punches fly as lawmakers brawl. we will tell you where this happened. good morning washington, it is thursday, may 2. >> if you see a beautiful star
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to the day, let's check in with meteorologist jacqui jeras. >> it is a lot cooler in some areas. some 30's out there so dress in layers. two ended the day, it will be warm and comfortable. a couple of clouds and rolling in. there will be a few clouds this morning but this afternoon those will pull out and we will see more sunshine. the temperatures across our region are mostly in the 40's. we will be partly cloudy today at 9:00, 55 degrees, 66 and mostly sunny by noon, and sunny and mild, 71 degrees at 5:00. we have a nice stretch a beautiful days to look forward to but there are changes around the corner and we will have details coming up. >> time to check on the roadways.
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>> we've got an accident, unfortunately, along the beltway. this is a great shot from newschopper7 where we can see the backup and delays. i told you that the left lane was blocked but now we see that the right shoulder is blocked. they have moved the accident out of the way. that goes through the stretch of roadway with emergency vehicles. give them some space and remember give them at least one travel lane. we see the back of all the way on the other live past university. consider that in your morning commute. there are backups and brake lights past university on the outer loop because they have to stop traffic to get that moved out. you can see for '95 is moving slowly.
6:33 am
this is a hot spot anyway so it will make the morning commute worse for that stretch. we will have another update in about 10 minutes. >> 6:33 and pope benedict xvi is making his first public appearance in weeks today. >> let's go to jummy olabanji with more. >> for around 11:00 this morning, the former pope benedict xvi will officially come home. he will move back into the vatican living quarters side by side with reigning pope francis. this is that two of them from a few years ago. he will move into a retirement home which is a converted monastery behind st. peter's basilica. he has not been seen by the public since march 23 and workers have been working around the clock to finish the renovation on the retirement
6:34 am
home and we will have an update at noon. >> thank you. president obama is going to mexico city today to meet with the mexican president that he is expected to plug the mexican success as the second-largest u.s. market for exports. the president needs a growing mexican economy and the president to help and secure the border. today marks two years since raid that killed osama bin laden in northeastern pakistan. his death came after nearly a decade-long manhunt craig one former navy seal rode a book about the raid and another talked about it in a magazine and was the subject of the movie "zero dark 30." >> this was supposed to happen on monday but then the weather pushed it back.
6:35 am
once the pieces are installed at the world trade center the building will be a symbolic 1,776 feet tall spire that will serve as a broadcast antenna. >> 6:35 -- tonight is the night you can really rocked the red because it is playoff time. >> capitals team members say they are preparing to play the rangers in game 1 of the late eastern conference playoff. we go to john gonzales live outside the verizon center. >> here we are at the verizon center, the playoffs are here tonight and just in case you need extra inspiration for rocking the red and maybe a wake-up call, i've got my rock and a red cowbell. hopefully, we will have 20,000 of these inside the verizon cowbell. they have already put out the banners, the supply of banners for the division-winning
6:36 am
capitals. what a season this has been. it did not look like we were going to have a season with the lockout. demigod shorten the season, about 48 games, about half the season. during those games the washington capitals literally went from last to first. at times, they had major slumps and the did not look like they would go to the playoffs but here they are. they are in the playoffs but we have home ice advantage in the first series against the new york rangers. this will be the third year in a row we have faced the rangers. we have faired well in the past but last year, the rangers beat as in seven games. the players know it is revenge time. >> to be honest, i would not have any other way. you appreciate things more when you play at this level. there were not some great days in the minors and all that. this is an opportunity to play in the playoffs and that is
6:37 am
unbelievable. >> if you are coming to the game tonight, 7:30, game 1, where your red and bring your rally towels. it will be jammed packed and electric. metro knows it will be a long night. metro decided to stay open later if they need to just in case these games run late. that was an issue during the playoffs last year. if you come to the game that are looking for tickets online tech is go from $60-$600. we could all pitch in and get a suite inside the verizon center for about $1,000 tonight. what do you say? >> if it is on your credit card, ok. >> we will come join the fun. >> if your coming by this morning to the verizon center, give us three hnks. our truck operator is rocking the read this morning.
6:38 am
d.c. is ready. >> love the enthusiasm, thanks so much. >> 6:38 and 47 degrees. >> is still ahead meet a local trader practices what she teaches grade she helps with our clients into the best shape possible. >> night at 5:00, what makes a summer blockbuster? you will see a lot of super heroes this summer. we will see whether they are successful. arch campbell given some spe
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>> [indiscernible]
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we are here to say," good morning, washing ton." >> a chilly start this morning. you need to bundle up. look at some of the temperatures in frederick, maryland only 37 degrees, 38 in washington, va. 38 in leesburg and 39 degrees and middleburg. don't worry you can't ditch the jacket later as the temperatures were warm up. we're not too bad and the district, 49 degrees. the clouds have been moving in from the west. and spreading toward the west -- they have been coming in from the east and spreading toward the west so it will clear this afternoon. partly cloudy today, 68-72 degrees. >> thank you very much.
6:43 am
there are some issues on the outer loop this morning. >> let's look at your commute. >> yes, we have big problems on the outer loop of the beltway. unfortunately, one little problem can cause big delays. the left lane is closed and the outer loop near colesville and that has it closed for about 15- 20 minutes. if they had to stop traffic to get it cleared. they just moved the accident to the right shoulder about 10 minutes ago. the crash as working near colesville and is now on the right shoulder with all lanes open. this is the backup, bumper-to- bumper slow from 95 -- from 495 in maryland. we will have another update in your morning commute in about 10 minutes. >> thanks so much. also coming up, adam caskey is
6:44 am
talking to miss apple blossom. >> you don't want to miss that. plus, hear what rg iii says about playing through pan.
6:45 am
>> you are watching, a good morning washington with cynne simpson and scott thuman. this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> welcome back at 6:45. >> a local trainer wants to help people get in the best shape possible that i she practices what she teaches. jummy olabanji has more. she has no plans to slow down at the age of 60. >> keep your shoulders back and hold. >> she works with clients to get
6:46 am
the best shape possible. >> i like the way they look and smile and they feel good about themselves. >> this 60-year-old practice what she preaches, running several miles a day in addition to strength training. she has completed 52 marathons 32 triathlon's, for age group and she has no plans to slow down san. >> i think exercise keeps you in shape. it keeps you looking young. >> she has been a personal trainer for 25 years and helps the elderly stay in shape. this 75-year-old has been training with her for over a decade. >> ok, good job. >> she challenges me. she says to just try it and you can do it. you just the sort of keep going. >> working out has helped her body in countless ways. she is getting older but still gaining muscle and bone mass.
6:47 am
>> it is good to keep older people like me from falling. >> it is her passion. her clients range from 8 to 13- 83 and she hopes others will see her as inspiration and make it their goal to stay in check the matter their age. >> if you stay in shape and deep well, you will look good. >> we could all learn something from her. >> that is quite a workout. >> it seems that rg iii has learned from his mistakes. robert griffin iii says he will not push to plug the next time he suffers a serious injury. he first injured his right knee and redskins' game against the ravens and re-injured in a playoff game against seattle. in an article in espn magazine,
6:48 am
rg iii said he would take and self out of the game next time. he is ready for the redskins' season opener. >> some voters are wearing battle scars. check this out -- there is an all-out brawl that broke out in the national assembly between pro-government opposition legislators. tempers flared and tensions are still running high in venezuela. this is spelled out into the streets of caracas. >> very few people can be as happy about this weather as the good people of winchester. >> there is a celebration going on at the shenandoah apple blossom festival. let's check in with adam caskey. >> i am shaking my booty and out here.
6:49 am
we are at the apple blossom festival in winchester. this is the place to be. that has been going on since last friday and it goes on for sunday. a couple of big parades are coming up over the weekend. you can go to more information. what are you most excited about this year? >> i am excited about the wonderful weather. we invite all your viewers to come see us. >> we are having beautiful weather. mr. abel blossom is over here congratulations. >> thank you very much. >> what are you looking forward to? >> back in november, i am looking forward to seeing the miss virginia competition. i'm a host of the empire festival. i have enjoyed everything that i
6:50 am
have done so far with the celebration. i am able to go into schools in winchester to make sure people know that even the apple blossom as obstacles to overcome. the message is one kids can take advice from. >> thank you for coming out this morning. i love the folks of winchester. get over here. susie is responsible for blinging me out. in winchester, we will see you later. >> it looks like a party out there. >> did you see the guy with the symbols? >> good turns out there. -- good times out there. >> we are going over the edge
6:51 am
today. >> thank you for reminding me. we will be repelling for a good cause to the tune in tomorrow. we have great weather today. we have seen some clout in this move in. it is clear to the west but the clouds are pulling in from the east once again. 48 degrees is our temperature at this hour at reagan national but that is what the hot spots. we cut 40 at dulles, 45 a gaithersburg frederick at 36 degrees and 40 in martinsburg the satellite picture shows you there is an area of cloudiness from the peninsula across the bay and now across the district and will continue to go west. this will be temporary. high pressure will move in.
6:52 am
we should see some clearing skies this afternoon a cold front across the midwest is bringing snow conditions to minnesota and heavy wet weather in the lower mississippi river valley that will be blocked out by our high. it will take several days to get here so we have a great weekend to look forward to. partly cloudy and mild today 68-72 degrees, and their seven- state for cash as we will be flirting with 70 degrees all weekend. no rain until tuesday and wednesday. >> i am still dancing over here. >> let's say if it is good on the roadways. >> unfortunately, it's not great on the roadways. we have quite a few problems -- one of those on the outer loop of the beltway. we are monitoring conditions of a crash along the beltway on the outer loop and that will have the right shoulder) that is an
6:53 am
improvement from earlier but this is a great example of how small problem can cause big delays. i expect this to run for the morning commute. there are delays through this stretch and if we get a problem this early, it makes it worse. it is between 95 and colesville is where you will run into slow going traffic. it is starting to move a little bit but there will be brake lights after route 29 and it is running heavy eastbound into town inside the beltway. we will have another update coming up a few minutes. >> good thursday morning -- reese witherspoon joins us in times square this morning and a surprising moment that landed her in the headlines next on "good morning, america." >> 6:53 in time for the thursday express'. >> we are following some
6:54 am
breaking news from alexandria rickenbacker avenue is close to do to a water main break. we are trying to get more information and have a crew headed to the scene. >> a big announcement on the national mall later today -- the trust of the national mall is expected to get a $10 million donation from volkswagen. it is the largest donation to the trust and some of that money will be used at the constitution gardens. there is a luncheon set for a 11:30 this morning. >> we are writing their red outside the verizon center this morning. the playoffs are here, the capitals take on the rangers at 7:30 tonight. it is the third year in a row the caps will face the rangers agreed last year, these guys because in seven games so it is revenge time. what a crazy, shortened season and last to first place. there is the plight of banner.
6:55 am
-- there is the plight of banner. >> we have our fingers crossed. >> to day as the national day of prayer. it is held on the first thursday in may and there will be a national day of prayer event in the d.c. area and another event -- and other events around the country. >> fairfax county will learn more about cicadas during an on- line chat this afternoon because a new breed of the 17-year cicadas will emerge this month. officials think the county will be largely spare wristbands' will be handed out for a book signing with first lady michelle obama next week. >> for more information on these stories, visit our website >> we are looking forward to another gorgeous day today that we're warming up in the ground temperature for the cicadas have
6:56 am
to be 64 degrees to we're not there yet. that is when they are expected to emerge. be happy if it is a little on the cool side. 55 degrees right now but by noon, mostly sunny and 66 and 71 degrees at 5:00 this evening. what a great day and weekend and no rain until next week. >> no rain means dry roads and we hope that means better traffic,. >> on the outer loop between 95 and 270, you'll run into delays coming in from maryland from 95. we've got two problems now. we had a report that a car spun out near 270 and that will block the left shoulder. we had that earlier clash -- crash blocking the right shoulder we expect delays to continue through the morning on for 95, the elderly. -- the outer loop. >> delays coming in are you pump up for later
6:57 am
today? >> i am looking forward to it. >> we will just jump in there and do it. >> have you ever repel before? >> i have. >> you can help me. >> that will do it for us this morning. this is a live look at t [ male announcer ] fact: the 100% electric nissan leaf... is more fun than
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good morning, america.


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