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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  May 23, 2013 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> the boy scouts of america will decide whether to change the group's long standing ban on openly gay scouts. will construction continue to cause problems in downtown d.c.? >> and forbes comes out with its list of the most powerful women. we'll look at some of the names
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making the cut. >> it is thursday, may 23. >> let's get right to meteorologist jackie who has the latest on the weather this morning. >> good morning, speaking of powerful women. nice to see you both here today. we have some weather to talk about. you don't want to leave the home without the umbrella today. we are going to be seeing showers and thundershowers. showers at this hour into parts of west virginia and maryland and along i-95 at this time but most of this is light, nothing to be concerned about, but later on today, some of these thunderstorms could develop into severe thunderstorms. they could produce damaging wind and hail. there is a slight risk of that in washington, d.c. and much of maryland today. showers and storms today with cooler temperatures headed our
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way, but the sunshine will return for the holiday weekend. i'll have details coming up with your seven-day forecast in just a few minutes. get ready for the big holiday. how are things today, amanda? >> we definitely expect things to pick up for memorial day. tomorrow is going to be one of those peak travel days. right now we are experiencing delay-free conditions. you can see things moving smoothly. all of that bright green between frederick and girthersburg is a good tine. southbound. that's where -- gaithersburg. that's where we normally see the brake lights. they are doing road repairs still through the day today. weather may impact it as well and make it last a few extra days between new york and pennsylvania on 14th treat. -- street.
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things moving smoothly. no big problems on 495. we also have got more information for you on twitter. all you have to do is follow us at gridlock goddess. >> 5:03 is the time now. taking a look at the day ahead. officials with the boy scouts organization are going to vote today on whether to lift the ban on gay boy scouts. >> we have more on this important vote. >> considering big changes today. later this morning, there in texas, the boy scout s of america organization expected to vote on whether to allow openly gay scouts. wednesday the president called on the nearly 1,400 members who'll be voting to approve the resolution. this is just about the boy scouts, not about the adult leaders. the ban on adult leaders still expected to stay in place.
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some say scout traditions will be undermined by the presence of openly gay youth. the meeting in texas expected to get underway about 11:30 this morning. >> thank you very much. geerting a better idea of the extents of the damage from monday's deadly tornado in oklahoma. the twister tore through as many as 15,000 homes. >> in total darkness, this video gives us a look at the moment e tornado struck down on brierwood elementary school. students and teachers emerged from the bathroom where they rode out the storm. miraculously, everyone at this
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school survived. but just a few miles away at plaza towers, seven students were killed. neither school had a safe room. it is not required by oklahoma law. only alabama requires safe rooms. seven lives were lost at the school. yesterday the only rescues still going on were for pets. they lost their home but were able to salvage a few pictures and jewelry and mementos of their childhood. >> they say they will rebuild with one major edition. a safe room which is built either above or below ground. >> just sad. just we're happy because we're all live. >> many are focusing on the
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precious things still being found like a daughter's baby pictures. >> you really make sure that we have our memories too. >> today the first of the funerals begins. a 9-year-old girl will be laid to rest. >> still so heartbreaking to see all of that. >> 5:06. it is 69 degrees. much more i.e.a. head on "good morning washington." much more i.e.a. head on "good morni[ male announcer ] we gave the new e-class
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the 2014 e-class. the most intelligent, exhilarating mercedes-benz ever made. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. >> we're going to get a check to have weather out there. you might want to pack a rain jacket this morning. >> rain jacket. umbrella. you name it, you need it if it has to do with rain gear today. some of these storms later today could be strong or severe. think about where you're going to go if you have outdoor plans to get indoors to a safe place if that does happen. it includes washington, d.c. everything at this hour is really light. it is nothing much more than sprinkles. much s county, annapolis,
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of the action happening late morning through the afternoon and evening. 72 degrees. a muggy, wet start there. 6 degrees at dulles, manassas, it is 70 here. 72 in quantico. showers and thunderstorms midday and into the afternoon. we'll talk about the severe weather threat and have your holiday weekend forecast coming up on "good morning washington". right now it is time for traffic with amanda. >> thank you. we have the 14th street closed down again today. emergency repairs. 14th e talking about it street and northwest closed down between new york and pennsylvania avenue. se the 12th street tunnel.
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free flowing conditions on major interstates. delay rf free across the board. begins to bottleneck as you get into the city. we have a live shot for you showing current conditions. 495 and duke street. current -- 395 and duke street. currently beautiful. moderate to light conditions there at duke. back to you. >> not too bad. thanks, amanda. 5:11 now. 69 degrees. ♪
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releasing hurricane preparedness information today. hurricane season starts june 1 and goes through november. anything you need to be doing now, jackie? >> always prepare. next week, we have a big plan for you. hurricane preparedness week. we'll go through all of that stuff next week. we think they will come out saying it will be a busy season. we're coming out with three in a row named storms. clues as to what we can expect. now that is kind of neutral. water temperatures already very warm off the coast of africa and also the caribbean. comes to the coast of the u.s. the chilly april and may that we have had may be good news and delay the start for us. we need to worry about severe
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weather. that is a possibility this afternoon and into the evening hours. hail, damaging winds a possibility as a strong cold front approaches from the west. we had a little bit of that yesterday afternoon and evening. we had several reports of severe weather into northern maryland and northern virginia as well. wind damage and tree damage and hail reports of an inch or greater in allegany county. washington, d.c., the better part of northern and central maryland in a storm watch. a few thunderstorms that develop today could reach severe limits with winds at 60 miles per hour and hail. that threat is in parts of the northeast. the cold fronts will take its time. most of this happening by the noon hour today. the stronger line comes through right in time for your rush
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hour. keep that in mind. expect a little bit of drying up overnight. we start to clear things out and it will become breezy and cooler. thunderstorms and thundershowers. a few could be strong to severe. tonight a few showers and storms. 58-62 degrees. your seven-day forecast, we will show you, we're really going to cool it down the next couple of days. bye-bye to the 80's. we promise lots of sunshine for the weekend. that looks good. it is a holiday. what does everybody want to do? they want to hit the pool. maybe a little cool for the pool. how about it? >> yeah, a little cool for the pool. a cold front coming in dropping temperatures and humidity. we're live in gaithersburg at the water park here. it looks like a lot of fun. it is still dark so you can't
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see everything. you just did a renovation here. tell me what is new? >> we added two new slides. we also had a brand new splash pool put in. so youngsters who are not ready for the main pool have a place of their own to enjoy themselves. >> what about parents? >> they can look forward to a great day here at the water park. plenty of shady areas to rest and enjoy a picnic. >> the beach style entry is good for the younger kids too. and the shady features. the water slides are looking tempting this morning. let's talk about the forecast for this weekend. let's especially take you to the eastern shore. those of you going the beaches, of course it is memorial day weekend. it is going to feel much cooler than a typical memorial day holiday weekend. look at the high temperatures. in the lower 60's saturday and
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sunday and by memorial day itself, we'll make it into the mid, maybe upper swicts sunshine. that's the best we can do with the temperature behind this cold front. we'll have another update coming up later in the show. amanda, how are we looking out there? >> pretty good for the start of the morning commute. jackie was telling you it may be a little wet on the road way. we also got a look at 95. dale city, stafford area, lots of green there. good news. usually have construction wrapping up this time of the morning. they are still doing road repairs in the northwest. that is 14th street between new york avenue and pennsylvania. please consider using 12th street instead. but that is probably going to get a bit of overflow traffic.
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probably cause quite a tieup there. --have 66 at green bay road, glebe road. eautiful conditions. you can always get more information by following me at twitter at gridlock goddess. >> so far so good out there this morning,. in today's tech bites, twitter takes new measures to prevent hacking. >> also j-lo teaming up with verizon. >> twitter fights back against hackers. uselers have to go through a two-step verification process before they can ackstess site. flickr showed off their new look which is a step in the right
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direction. >> there is a new interface. it really is very sweet looking. it is aesthetically beautiful. >> flickr announced each user will get one terabyte of free storage, the equivalent of 5,000 photos. j-lo is expected to open a new store in new york city in march. those are your tech bytes. make it a great day. [ male ancouncer ] erica had a rough day.
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>> welcome back. it is 5:25 now. we want to check some headlines from around the nation. deliberation resuming in the jodi arias murder trial. >> the jurors were unable to reach a decision in the punishment phase. the judge told them to try again today. if they can't reach a decision, a new jury will be brought in. >> the f.b.i. is trying to figure out why agents shot and killed a man in connection with questions surrounding the marathon bombings. he is an associate of tack lan tsarnaev. - tamerlan tsarnaev.
5:26 am
we're hearing conflicting reports relating into the probe t a fertilizer plant in texas. they have asked for congressional help in obtaining evidence. the fire marshall's office said the panel has had access to the site and said no evidence was stride or compromised. >> ahead at 5:30. legal troubles for former
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>> and straight ahead, talk about bad timing.
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crews are working to repair a sinkhole in one of the busiest areas of the city. we have live team doverpling help you get around this mess. good morning to you, washington. >> let's get right to jackie. she has been tracking the weather. rain boots. umbrella. >> we're going to have a very wet and active day, but it is serious because some of the storms could be severe this afternoon. it is warm and muggy. 69 at dulles. we had showers and thunderstorms yesterday afternoon. few spotty light showers now. we don't expect much of the action to kick up until late morning into the evening hours. cooler temperatures coming behind this cold front. to hine turning up in parts
5:31 am
have holiday weekend. >> thank you. >> traffic, you know, bad enough for regular d.c. drivers. when you factor in the holiday weekend coming up. not so good. crews aring two repair that sinkhole downtown on 14th and f streets. >> good morning, ladies. talk about a daunting task this morning. the crew is working around the clock here at the 14th and f street. the work is now almost 40 hours old. telling us the job here much more difficult than they originally thought. it all started with the road suddenly buckling here creating a 15-foot sinkhole. you can just see the guys working at this hour. water erosion usual think cause for something like this. crews quickly started excavating
5:32 am
and realized there was major sewer damage below. a slab of concrete collapsed and a sewer line installed back in 1897. we are told at least 40 feet below to get to the sewer line and not only are they having to dig, but also having to remove utilities and tracks that were used for the old patrolly cars here on 14th -- trolly cars here on 14th street. 14th street still closed between g and pennsylvania avenue. how do you get around it? here is amanda to tell us. >> thank you. do expect substantial delays through that area. we are monitoring conditions there. as john said, 14th street is closed. northwest between new york and pennsylvania avenue. closures there on f street.
5:33 am
the detour is 12th street or 15th street which will let you access pennsylvania avenue or constitution avenue. i would avoid it. 495 looking great. inner and outer loop, no big problems or delays. there was an accident but it looks like it got moved to the shoulder very quickly. hat was on the outer loop. running pretty smoothly at this time. if you are approaching 29, on the right shoulder, you may see a few taps of the brake lights there. back over to you. >> thanks so much. 5:34 now. a longtime d.c. area swim coach who admitted he sexually abused
5:34 am
a teenager is going to be sentenced today. he pled guilty to child sex abuse. he abused her for several years in the 1980's and paid her and her family to keep quiet. he is now banned from coaching. his former students include olympic medalists. prosecutors will retry justin wolf in prince william county. a federal jum offered him to be freed because of prosecution misconduct. the court disagreed saying saying a new trail can be done fairly. a new scandal with the military. a soldier is charged with secretly video taping and photographing women in the bathroom. it happened at the u.s. military academy at west point. michael mcclendon was charged last week but some of the
5:35 am
allegations date back to 2009. he was removed from west point a year ago. many believe a daylight attack in london was an actor terror. two men with butcher knives hacked another man to death. one of the suspects talked about the crime on video. police later shot and wounded the suspects and took them into custody di. -- cust. president obama focusing on counterterrorism policy when he makes a speech in southwest d.c. today. the day after, administration officials revealed four americans were killed in strikes in pakistan and yemen. 5:36 is your time. we are looking at 69 degrees on this thursday. >> still ahead on "good morning
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washington". find out if the nats
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>> we want to say good morning, washington! >> good morning to you, ladies. it is 5:39 now.
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we would love everyone to send us their "good morning washington" greetings. atd us a video 10-15 seconds gmw at we would love to see you. >> it is 5:39. we want to get a check to have weather situation. >> good morning, guys. a couple of sprinkles out there that we're keeping our eye on after some heavy showers yesterday afternoon rumbled through. right now nothing to be concerned about. most of the rain is going to hold off until late this morning until the afternoon hours. that's when there is more of a concern. much of central maryland thunderstorms that could produce damaging winds as well as large hail. be aware of that later on today. be sure to get indoors if the storms become nasty.
5:40 am
72 degrees at 9:00. showers and thunderstorms expected for the drive home. it could be an ugly evening commute. how about the morning commute? >> the morning commute so far is pretty quiet. we're knocking on wood. we do have some issues on 14th street. we'll start off with a live shot so we can see current conditions. we had some activity on 395-495. this is the outer loop heading away from us. as you go up towards baltimore. be prepared for moderate to heavy conditions there coming around that curve. 270 starting to build in volume. no incidents to report. 14th street northwest still has those repairs going on thsm they are doing road repairs there and it is going to slow you down
5:41 am
between new york avenue and avenue, especially in the peak of the morning commute. >> thanks so much. time now 5:41. 69 degrees out there this morning. ♪ [ male announcer ] fight stains with the touch of a button
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>> coming up at 6:00 here on "good morning washington." want some fries with that? a mother potato on the menu with a shocking calorie count. i bet you can guess where that is from. >> a good day giveaway. >> i recognize those. plus we'll take you on a tour of the local office building where employees look forward to going to work. >> and in the aftermath of the
5:45 am
carnival nightmare, what the crew is doing to protect passengers. >> first, at 5: 45rks former baseball star jose canseco has been named in a sexual assault investigation. no charges have been filed against him. earlier he tweeted he was charged with rape and also named the woman accusing him. sergio garcia is apologizing for racially insensitive comments about tiger woods. >> obviously -- don't get me wrong. i understand my answer was totally stupid and out of place. >> he said he would serve fried chicken if he and woods had dinner at the u.s. open. >> woods tweeted the comment was wrong and clearly inappropriate and said it is time to move on and talk about golf. garcia and woods have been sparring since the players championship two weeks ago.
5:46 am
just a lay-up to lebron james. lebron's last-second bucket in overtime wins game one of the eastern conference finals. miami beats indiana 103 will 103-102 in quite -- quite the thriller. miami keeps home court advantage. game two tomorrow night. >> bryce harper in a face-first meeting with the scoreboard. that wasn't pretty. nd ryan braun. >> everybody is going to talk about how the nats won 4-10 games on the west coast. they won yesterday. it eliminates the pain like a soothing salve to make the trip home easier.
5:47 am
bryce harper says boo-yeah! game tied at 1-1 in the 10th. harper on second. desmond singles to right. everybody is running. -- zimmerman to third. chris davis with adam jones on first. hello. two-run home run. his 14th of the year. the orioles beat the new york yankees 6-3. there is a look at sports. have a great day, everybody. >> thanks so much, tim. it is 5:47 now. we're off to a wet start this morning. >> a little bit. most of the rain is gone for now coming. re could have strong, possibly severe storms later today.
5:48 am
72 degrees now in washington, d.c. we have 69 at dulles. most of us in the upper 60's to lower 70's at this hour. we're heating up again this afternoon as the winds come in from the south ahead of that cold front. the storms producing a little hail and wind damage into western maryland and west virginia and a couple of spots in northern virginia. nothing major happened here. most of the rain is going to come in later today. when that happens, it could reach severe limits. we could see hail an inch in diameter. wind in excess of 50 miles per hour. you can't rule out an isolated tornado in this situation. this is part of the same storm system that produced the tornado in oklahoma earlier this week. but nothing like that around here for today. but you can see much of the eastern coast getting in on the action as the cold front approaches us. by late morning into the
5:49 am
afternoon hours, spotty rain and thunderstorms expected. really starting to pick up on the drive time. looking at it being heavier there. it could be an ugly commute. clear out overnight. our forecast for today, cloudy with showers and thunderstorms. a few strong to severe. 69-84 degrees. tonight, mostly cloudy. a few lingering showers and storms. drying up by the afternoon. look at this huge drop in our temperatures. we're going to drop down into the lower 70's by the weekend. sunshine here for the holiday weekend. now more on the commute. amanda? >> it has been quiet throughout the morning commute so far. hopefully that will last but we expect things to pick up in the afternoon commute. unfortunately whenever it rains we definitely get quite a events on the road ways.
5:50 am
14th street and northwest closed down between new york and pennsylvania avenues. closed down for emergency road repairs through that stretch. you can access pennsylvania venue at constitution instead. eastbound through falls church starting to pick up. overall, though, we are looking at delay-free moderate conditions. a little heavy. stay on the outer loop through the belt way in montgomery county. for now, back over to you. >> thanks, amanda. speaking of gatersburg, as the holiday weekend approaches, people looking for fun stuff to get into. >> adam is at the water park
5:51 am
there in gaithersburg. we're hoping for a cannonball. >> where are you? on the diving board? the lifeguard chair. >> i'm in the lifeguard chair. don't you dare me for the cannonball. you don't know what i'm wearing underneath these jeans. in gaithersburg. we got some fields as well. this is the water park and of course memorial day weekend, the pools are opening and folks from going to the beach. adam geeledstein. tell me a little bit about what you have new here at the pool. >> absolutely. we opened in 1991 and in twoif we underwent a major renovation. we have two major water slides dropping down from a span of 250 feet of sliding excitement. also two smaller slides for the young youngsters who are not ready for that ride.
5:52 am
we have shade for customers to have a picnic. this is not just for gaithersburg residents. anybody can come out here. what is it like, $8 for nonresidents? >> that's right. it drops down to $6.75 monday through friday. >> tell me about the unique thing that happened on this island. >> one of the most exciting days we have had is when a gentleman hopped up on that island and proposed to his future fiancee here in gaithersburg. >> yeah. i love it! the forecast will be beautiful this weekend, but cool. on the eastern shore if, you're going to the beach, high temperatures in the low 60's. at least you'll have a good amount of sunshine to jouf set those cool numbers. a--offset those cool numbers. a little bit warmer. mid 60's along the shore. that's the latest from
5:53 am
gaithersburg. a cannonball? >> i dare you. > thank you so much, adam. nice to get a proposal at the pool. good news for brides on a budget. it turns out that target is now selling wedding dresses. >> women are better than handling debt. especially women in the district. linda bell joins us with more. this is an open secret. >> when it comes to credit, women are managing their money and debt better than men. of course we knew that. men not only hold more debt than women, they also tend to make more late mortgage payments. the biggest difference is that men are taking bigger individual loans than women and they also have more of them. there was one exception in d.c..
5:54 am
women take out 33% more home loans than men. so you're a bride to be. you're watching your wal wallet. target is the latest retailer jumping into the wedding business. now you can get your dresses there as well. yes, even the ring bearer and flower girl. they are priced between $70 and $130. it is a bargain considering that bloomberg researchers found that the average price for a wedding gown jumped 8% last year to more than $1,200. so a bargain there. i'm linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. >> $1,200 for one dress. >> one day. that's an investment. thank you, linda. 5:55 now. looking at 69 degrees. >> coming up, forbes out with the list of
5:55 am
5:56 am
5:57 am
robin robertsk, is writing a memoir that will feature her battle with a rare blood disorder and the life lessons she is large and her return to the anchor desk. it will be released next april
5:58 am
and it will be her second book. was published in 2007. it was a great book. once again, the chancellor of germany tops "forbes"less of the 100 most powerful women. she has been number one before. >> a few celebrities have made the list as well. hillary clinton is this year's winner of the helen keller humanitarian award. she praised ongoing efforts to battle malnutrition and around the world.
5:59 am
she left the state department earlier this year and she is mentioned as a possible 2016 presidential candidate but has not announced. if you feel stressed, you may live in one of the most stressful cities in the united states. a survey found d.c. is the fourth most stressed city in the west. the rankings are based on cost of living, traffic, and their quality. if you're looking to get away, you have to go to hawaii which is the most relaxed state. that is not too surprising. the >> that sounds like a good place to be. we have another hour of news that starts right now. >> live, and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. the boy scouts of america are policy change.or


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