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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  November 25, 2013 4:30am-5:01am EST

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a few other kids had been picking on him about that. his team dressed up to show they don't approve. >> we heard he was getting picked on. we decided to have a day to dress up like danny and come to school like danny and sponsor danny to -- um -- show danny that we love him. and -- that we of him very much. >> reporter: did you think this has made him very happy? >> yes. >> reporter: why? >> because everybody's cheering him on and when he's -- everybody loves him. >> reporter: danny suffered a brain hemorrhage after he was born. years of speech therapy are helping. and so did yesterday. when you came out of the hospital was the best day. but this was a really great day. >> yeah. >> we didn't want him to keep getting picked on. maybe if we all wore suits they would stop picking on him zbp tommy knew that was the right thing to do.
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45 other kids stood by his side. >> it was very emotional. before he went to bed, he was crying. i said, what's the matter. he said he felt very loved. that's my wish for him every night. >> reporter: their little big man on campus should sleep well thanks to his friends, the badgers. >> standing tall. >> standing tall with the guys behind him. making sure he's protected. what great kid. all of them great kids. stay with us for "good morning america." have a great monday. >> if you have not felt it yet, you probably know we're dealing
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with some of the coldest air of the season and this wintry blast is threatening to make a mess of one of the busiest travel days. and, the debate of the city raising the ibm minimum wage. good morning, i'm jummy olabanji. >> i'm autria godfrey. it is so cold out there. jacqui jeras is here talking about teens and 20s today. >> winds will be a little bit lighter so it might not feel quite so bad but it is a brutal start. we've got 25-degrees in d.c. the wind chill is 16. at dulles the temperature is 20, and the wind chill is only 11. the temperature in frederick is 23 with 11 deny for the wind chill. gaithersburg, you are in the teens at 19 with a wind wind chf
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9. we have two opportunities for some winter weather that will be early tuesday morning and late on wednesday but the large majority of wednesday for your holiday travel we think will be rain. with we will have specifics in the futurecast coming up in a few minutes from the belfort furniture weather center. let's see how things are on the road, amanda? >> we have construction on 295 to worry about. we've got a live shot to show you current conditions. 66 is moving right along eastbound near route 2 as you come in from manassas and centreville, you are good go this morning. we spoke about destruction on 295. it is completely stopped and the northern lanes are having
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temporary closures some expect lanes to be closed northbound, every once in a while, they stop traffic. and you may want to avoid 295 for construction. they're scheduled to run through 5:00 a.m. on that. looking great on both sides of the beltway. for problems on virginia or maryland. maryland along 95 is moving along quite nicely, is as 270. urbana, that usual hot pot where we see the brake lights. >> thank you, amanda. >> there are deadly storms across the country into new mexico got dumped with a foot
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and a half of snow. this storm in oklahoma city, an suv rollover was caught on dash cam video. >> hank on, i've got to let you about. >> no one was hurt in pennsylvania but a 77-year-old woman was killed in a multi vehicle pile up. >> guys with a huge, huge white truck pulling a van out of the median. people really did come together to help one another. >> also coming together, rescuing a hunter trapped in waist-deep water. >> >> in oklahoma, a flock of tiny ducks, their wings iced, literally falling from falling y into ice on the water. >> they had bad bruising on the beak so they must have nose dived. >> hundreds of flights were canceled as crews scrambled to
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de-ice the planes. but not everyone in nevada sees two feet of snow as a bad thing. you. >> you having fun? >> yes. >> he kept yelling at me, now, now, now. >> john mueller, abc news, new york. >> and, plans to release a report on last year's massacre at sandy hook school. there is a full accounting of the crime by connecticut state police. a gunman killed 20 children and six educators. there is criticism about the secrecy of the probe. >> today, they're considering a bill to increase the minimum wage it would raise from 8:25 to 11.50 an hour in the country. d.c. mayor gray says it is too high and would hurt job creation. he supported raising it to $10 an hour.
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>> there are more people headed to work on thanksgiving than you realize, and not just those working at wal-mart or macy's. >> we will be here. there is a big impact on the oil markets this morning. let's check this with ellen braitman in for ellen this morning. >> prices at the pump, gas prices are edging higher but we're seeing with energy in general, crude is moving sharply after word of opening sanctions against iran. some people say it would be a knee-jerk reaction so we will watch that. and, working on thanksgiving, some are encouraging low-wage workers to ban together and not work. 40% of organizations will require some workers to work that day, most health care,
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talking doctors, nurses, city workers, police officers, for example, around autria and jummy, many newsrooms, as well. and, influence on everything we buy to movies we see, gq is out with a list of celebrities that have the least influence on us so i will be back in an hour about those names. >> there are big names on that list that you would think have influence. >> some surprises. >> we're looking forward to that, thank you. they're known for tirelessly doing their jobs and now there are safety concerns for postal workers. >> this is after one man was killed on his route. now some are saying the postal service could have prev
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>> we are back at 4:39 on this frigid morning. >> we still haven't warped up from coming in to warp this morning, jacqui. it is cold. >> yes, i swore i wasn't going to go outside yesterday.
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it is going to feel better but it is a tough start for all of us. the wind chill factor is 16. winds are west northwesterly and 9 miles per hour, compared to the 40-mile per hour gusts we had yesterday. we have big changes ahead. today will be a calm one, but look at the wintry weather across the gulf coast states and the upper midwest. that cold front will be advancing along with moisture from the south to bring us a wintry mick, potentially, early tomorrow and late on wednesday. it is going to be a big change ahead. partly cloudy and 35 at noon. increasing clouds at 4:00 with temperatures around 37 degrees. we will talk more about that system headed our way coming up in a few minutes. now let's get a chick on traffic with amanda. >> 295 south and northbound, you will run into delays with
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construction. he is headed northbound but does report that northbound has been reopened and just got right-side activity there on 295 northbound near pennsylvania. southbound heading to the maps, you are going to have traffic completely blocked at pennsylvania so please consider that in your morning commute. they're detouring you on to eastern pennsylvania until 5:00 a.m. not huge delays but may confuse people and cause you a little bit of a problem this morning. moving along quite nightly on the beltway. you are good to go on the inner loop. things are moving along quite nicely on 66, as well. no problem on 95 in virginia, fredricksburg up to the beltway, you are looking good and those hov lanes are open at 95 and 395 at this time. back to you.
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>> amanda, thank you. there are new calls for increased safety after a postal worker was shot and killed. >> this happened while he was on his normal route. but, friends and cliques -- and colleagues tell us there was one
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>> in checking our top stories
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at 4:35 this morning in going to the redskins home game, take a blanket and parka. i would also pack a heater and electric planket. the cold weather blast is continuing to push across the northeast. the d.c. city council is considering raising the minimum wage to $11.25 an hour. mayor gray says it would hurt business and supports raising it to $10 an hour. >> and, the investigation into the sandy hook shooting where a gunman killed 20 children and six educators. the report is expected to be more than a thousand pages. >> and, showing support after that you are friend and
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colleague was killed friday night. tyson barnette. >> they will tell you what happened to tyson barnette could have happened to them. >> i was heart broke. >> stanley was his one time supervisor and friend. >> he was a wonderful person. the kind of person that would do anything for you. >> according to police, he was just 26 years old are from upper marlboro was shot on reed street while delivering the mail. >> i was in my bedroom, i heard one shot and then i heard six. >> it happened at around 7:15, longs past sunset. police no suspects or motives. >> 88 don't know him to bother anybody, so i wouldn't expect something like this to happen. >> some say there is no reason any letter carrier should be
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working in the dark. >> when it gets dark, i get scared. >> especially when it required carriers to do the job on foot. >> it is dark, no ice, no sidewalk. it is a safety issue. >> union representatives say stations are under staffed and starting times are too late, forcing them to cover too much time late in the day. they say they love their jobs and will forever remember tyson barnette, a man who also loved doing his. >> he will be truly missed. >> he will not be forgotten as a letter carrier, period. >> jeff goldberg, abc7 news. >> thank you, jeff. an undecided race in virginia is one step closer to being called. later today, the state election office will finalize the
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results. obenshane will decide whether to request a recount. virginia's jobless rate has been trending downward since peaking from december of 2009 to march of 2010. good news for metro riders planning to go to tonight's redskins game at fedex field. they will stay open one extra hour. the last train will leave at 12:25 a.m. the last blue line train to largo town center leaves at 1:23 a.m. the trains will close as usual but customers will be able to exit along all lines of service. >> 4:49 now. after more than one month on the road, the capital tree arised in the district today.
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it should arrive around 10:00 this morned. it is an 88-foot spruce from washington state. next friday, house speaker boehner and a student from washington state will light the tree. >> and, the tree is bringing cold weather. these are the coldest temperatures we've seen in months, but it didn't keep skaters away from the ice rink. they say the best way to stay warm is keep moving. >> as you continue to skate around, you can't feel it. >> you feel warm now in. >> i am, exeat for my toes. >> keep telling yourself that. sunday was almost 10 degrees colder than the average high of mid january, which is the dead of winter.
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>> we should know. >> we were out running the 5k yesterday and it is true, you have to keep moving. >> the big thing that you will notice is the winds will be a little bit calmer today. 25 degrees in d.c. west northwesterly wind at 9 miles per hour. feels like 11 at dulles, 14 in martinsburg. our skies are generally clear. you can see the cold air blowing over the lakes so the lake-effect snows, that is all slacking off now and we will continue to see clear and dry conditions. clouds are starting to push into the south and west. this will increase in our area in the afternoon hours so
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starting sunny but ending with a few more clouds. the next storm system we've been talking about here is bringing a wintry mess across the gulf coast saturdays. at the same time, we've got a cold front advancing from the north. they will come together and develop into a coastal storm for us and this is primarily in the d.c. area but we have a couple of hiccups. today, the call before it all. today much cooler than average. yesterday, today the coolest temperatures we've seen since february, believe it or not. the futurecast will show you clouds pushing in throughout the day today. by the time you wake up tomorrow morning, we could have a wintry mix, especially south and west of d.c. that could spread into the area through just the morning hours, but i think by the afternoon is going to change to all rain, despite this model showing a little bit of winter weather. all rain through the day on wednesday but it could end on wednesday afternoon evening with a little bit of snow, especially west of i-95. we will keep you up-to-date on the latest on your forecast.
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for now, it is time to go to am. >> we sent our traffic tracker out to 295 where we have construction going on at pennsylvania. we have an update for you. we can see on the live shot rolling right along. you can see a couple of construction crews there on the right shoulder as you head southbound past pennsylvania, but that is going to be clearing. we're seeing them pick up the cones and clear the travel lanes. that is great news because southbound had all lanes blocked overnight. that was due run in 5:00 a.m. so they're wrapping this up early. northbound has some shoulder activity be, as well. they were detouring you at pennsylvania avenue eastbound. that should no longer be an issue. we have things moving along quite nicely on all fronts. the beltway looks good in from oxen hill on the wilson bridge.
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route 5 from brandywine nice, no problems on the beltway. a live shot along 95 in virginia near dumfries rose and you can see smooth sailing as the hov lanes are now open northbound. back to you. >> thank you, amanda. >> it was one of the biggest nights in music. >> the american music awaca
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>> we're back at 4:56. 17 7 is on your side with a consumer alert. the national average price for a gallon of very 3.28, that is seven cents more than just a week ago. in d.c., it is 3:50. in virginia it is 3.21. >> the bug winners at the american music awards. >> both were tied for through wins each last night. ♪ >> oh, yeah. i think our executive producer sara picked that video. fans voted for artist of the year for the third time, tyler swift. favorite soul r&b artist went te
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pop album. and mack economy -- macklemore and ryan lewis with the favorite rap album. >> and, one of police officer is under investigation for stealing. one of the reasons he said he did it will break your heart. that story is s
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