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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  November 25, 2013 7:00am-9:01am EST

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good morning, america. and breaking now -- triple threat. snow. ice. and bone-chilling cold walloping much of the country.
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highways frozen over. this rescue in waist-deep icy water overnight. how this killer storm is set to snarl holiday travel. top secret deal. tough questions from congress and our allies after the back channel ne foesh united nationss no one knew about. get ready for batkid. he's a little kid with a big heart. he's travelled to times square to save us all on this very special morning. our exclusive with america's hero. ♪ ladies' night at the amas. j. lo's salsa sizzles. and bit bull brings down the house. and he's flown all night to get to "gma." >> just wrapped up the amas.
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going to "gma." so get ready. and good morning erks america. boy, you had to hold on to your seat this is monday morning. pitbull here live. bat kid roaming the halls. and look who is back from his honey moon. sam champion. >> speaking of roaming the halls. >> i was going to bring pictures of my vacation. but i think you already had them. >> oh, boy. >> we have life-sized posters of sam on the beach. different than brazil, the weather out here. that storm has rewreaked havoc over much of the country. >> got started in the southwest. it's going all week long.
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no way you won't be affected by this storm. virtually half of the country say fekted by this storm. whether you're getting there or leaving, it's a problem. we start with the first pictures out of parts of western oklahoma. 13, 14 inches of snow out of a system like that. now, the ice and the rain in southern sections. this storm competely starts to dif to the south and swing to the east. just about everybody getting hit. areas like seven states with winter storm watches and advisories. the difference between rain and ice or rain with an icy snow mixture is one degree. dallas is where we look for some of the bigger problems. right at dfw. that's what the bag tags say. dallas ft. worth is where we find our ryan owens. what's going on with the icing? good morning, ryan. >> reporter: sam, good morning.
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those millions of americans you talked about, a whole lot of them are off to late start. look at the flight boards. you see a whole lot of one word. canceled. more than 300 flights at this one airport alone. for millions of americans, the trip to grandma's house this year is off to a slow, slick start. this driver in oklahoma walked away unhurt. watch again. he's lucky. this slow-moving system carrying a triple threat of snow, sleet, and freezing rain, has already claimed more than a dozen lives. almost all killed in traffic accidents. not just drivers in harm's way. in western new york, first responders from four counties came together to save a hunter trapped waist deep in freezing waters. the rescue team getting stuck themselves. a helicopter and hovercraft
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saved everybody. drivers could barely s front of them in texas and oklahoma. the real danger remains ice. road crews have been out salting all night. here at dfw international, they're deicing planes. texas is home to american and southwest airlines. once the storm moves east, there's sure to be a domino effect that could stretch into wednesday, the busiest travel day of the year. the ticket counters may look quiet now. they're sure to get busier today. the good news, outside of the roads, it has hovered above freezing. no major icing for the morning commute here. >> you hit on one of the big es problems. if your flight gets canceceled delayed, it's so difficult to get another one. watch this low. as it steps out of the texas area with the ice.
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texas, oklahoma, arkansas, heavy rain for tuesday into wednesday. by thanksgiving day, the storm sauf t is off the coast. the travel day before, we'll have serious issues. some areas more than five inches of rain. it's a soaking, windy storm with a cold northern edge. really tough travel on tuesday, on into wednesday as well. we'll get to the rest of the weather when we come back. let's get the latest on the historic agreement to freeze iran's nuclear program. greeted by cheers in iran, jeers in israel. terry moran has more. good morning, terry. >> reporter: good morning, george. european officials are saying that sanctions against iran could be lifted as early as december. iranians are ready to begin new talks now.
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among u.s. allies, skepticism.h of the night to welcome home their negotiators from geneva like conquering heroes. in congress, not so much. >> we're dealing with iran. they're one of the top supporters of terrorism around the world. >> reporter: the debate over the deal is roiling all over the world. iran agreed to freeze its nuclear program and allow daily monitoring of key facilities by international inspectors. in exchange, the u.s. and allies agree to ease some economic sanctions, about $7 million worth. the whole deal is temporary. they try to hammer out a final agreement. israel hate this is deal. and prime minister benjamin netanyahu issued a clear warning.
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>> we'll not allow iran to have a nuclear weapons capability. >> reporter: new sanctions are being prepared. in the middle of the uproar, president obama seems ready to take a gamble for peace. >> we have the opportunity for a peaceful settlement. i believe we must test it. >> reporter: there have been months of top-secret direct talks between the u.s. and iranian officials. five meetings in all. proof of just what an incredible gamble and a high-stakes this one has been for president obama and his team. >> and for both sides. the iranian president was under great pressure to reach this deal as well. what are the thoughts on whether this can really lead to a new relationship between the united states and iran? >> reporter: you know, sthat the talk in the middle east. and around the world in diplomatic circles. the israeli media is worried
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about just that. is this a new middle east? if iran is no longer a pariah state, could bit be a u.s. partner? >> thanks, terry. we begin with a developing story from south carolina. more than 200 amtrak passengers there have been stranded after a train heading from new york to new orleans derailed. seven cars came off the tracks, though they did stay upright. some minor injuries are being reported. buss are now in the process of picking up the stranded. and some tense moments in the sky over new york. two large birds struck a plane loaded with passengers. they struck an engine on a virgin atlantic flight from san francisco, leaving visible damage. the pilot able to land safely at jfk. a rescue at sea caught on camera.
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two north carolina teens headed home bytrouble. john muller with what happened next. >> we're stuck in the middle of the sound with a jon boat. >> reporter: two 15-year-old boys, hunter and jake, calling for help. >> i think we got hypotherm ya going on right here. we can't last much longer like this. the boat is about to sink. there's so much water in here right now. >> there's water in the boat? okay. >> yeah, there's so much. >> i was trying to talk to jake telling him, we got it. we can make it through this. jake, come on, you got it, man. >> reporter: then they spotted a large tower. a navigation marker in the water. their motor working, they made the way to the tower and climbed the ladder. >> we're going get them out of the cold temperatures. >> reporter: a coast guard helicopter spotted the pair around 9:00 a.m. >> swimmers in the water. >> friend is climbing t basket.
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he's very cold. >> once i got if the basket, it pulled me up. it was a bunch of joy going through me that i was saved. >> reporter: for "good morning america," john muller, abc news, new york. another example here of everyday heroism. an offduty police officer hailed as a hero for rescuing three children from the burning car you see there. right after it crashed, the children were stuck in car seats. they were pulled out just before that car burst into flames. and overseas, the highest alert has been issued as a volcano erupts in northern indonesia. ash shot some 6,000 feet into the air. lava streamed down the mountain for a mile. we'll have updates as news becomes available. satellite imagery showing an iceberg roughly the size of
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singapore that's broken off antarctica. experts are not sure yet which way it will float. it certainly will have the right of way. finally, call it the game of the year. ooh. peyton manning and the broncos up 24-0 at halftime. and if you work in morning television and have the broncos defense, you go to bed thinking what could go wrong. well, tom brady went wrong. brings the patriots all the way back. they're tied at 31-31. they go into overtime and this happens. >> no, no, no, no. >> a punt strikes a bronco. the patriots win it in overtime with a field goal. the coldest game ever in gillette stadium's history. i know, you and i had a day of football before the honeymoon. it moves you as much as it moves me. >> how is your fantasy team
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going? >> good to have you back. thanks, josh. now to a new potential danger in the air. boeing issuing an alert about a possible engine icing problem with new planes. pilots being warned to keep them away from storm that may contain ice chris also the. abc's david kerley has the story. >> reporter: 17 different operators are under awarning this morning. that their g.e. engines could be affected by ice crystals. the engine's power could be reduced. the airlines being told to fly at least 50 miles from thunderstorms that might contain ice crystals. >> this is a big nuisance but not the end of the world for boeing. airlines are just going to have to fly further out of their way. >> reporter: japan airlines is replacing 787s on two of its routes to avoid delays. deliveries were delayed multiple time. battery fires that
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led to the ground tofg entire fleet. when 787 returned to the sky, we boarded and spoke to boeing's ceo during the flight. is this plane safe? >> this plane is absolutely safe. i mean, the battery incidents we had, the airplane was never threatened. >> reporter: on the latest problem, they say only a small number of g.e. engines have experiend the ice issue. g.e. says we have a fix and it will be implemented soon. >> this is not a major safety issue. i would have no hesitation getting on the plane myself. >> reporter: 160 aircraft overall. the fix is a piece of software. could be installed soon. passengers probably won't notice much difference because of this problem. >> thank you, david. turn now to the american man held again his will in north korea. an 85-year-old grandfather has been detained for more than a
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month. now his family is speaking out for the first time. a desperate plea to bring him home for the holidays. bob woodruff brings us this story. >> reporter: the face of a veteran, now held captive. merrill newman's son describes the moment his dad was taken. >> they checked out of the hotel rg went to the airport, boarded the plane, and we understand were five minutes from taking off when a korean official came aboard, asked to see his passport. he's been there ever since. >> reporter: for 85-year-old newman, a retired executive. a grandfather. this was his hope. to return to the land where he fought as an infantry officer all those years ago. but why was he take often the plane? and where is he being held? his wife certain it's a huge misunderstanding. >> we hope it will be resoed. very quickly. and that he can return and be at
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our table for the holidays. >> reporter: i've been to north korea five times. but never allowed to walk freely down the street. always trailed by someone from the government. merrill newman's son wonders if he, perhaps, was confuse ed wit someone else. >> he had been there before. about three years ago in south korea. but never to north korea. he always wanted to go back. he had a great respect for the korean people. and a keen interest in the korean culture. >> reporter: the family's biggest concern is that mr. newman's health is in trouble. he's got a heart condition and ran out of pills. more pills were given to the swedish ambassador through beijing. they don't know if he got them. hopefully, they'll find out later today. >> always great to see you, bob.
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thanks. now to the hered hot night music. big names. performances that brought down the house. cecilia vega was there. ♪ ♪ carry me >> reporter: it was ladies night at the amas. from katy perry's over the top show opener. to miley's closing number, complete with a lip-synching cat. ♪ i came in like a wrecking ball ♪ >> reporter: lady gaga came in on a human-powered horse. and then performs a presidential duet with r. kelly. the big winners, taylor swift, taking home four trophies, including artist of the year. you got the big one. >> i dent think about this yet. >> reporter: justin timberlake celebrated a big fight with three amas, including best pop
7:19 am
rock male artist. >> this means so much to me. >> reporter: on the red carpet, katy showed off the bling. i have to see this ring here. lets show some bling. ♪ every rose has its thorn >> reporter: this year, they celebrated latino artists. with pit bull as host. and j. lo's tribute to celia cruz. >> there was a real presence that felt american but global. >> reporter: best rap hip hop winner mclemore accepted live from miami. it's the fans who choose the winners in this show. >> one direction! ♪ >> reporter: and the woman of the night, rihanna, taking ohm the first ever icon award, presented by her mom.
7:20 am
for "good morning america," cecilia vega, abc news, los angeles. >> oh, and if you misted him last night, pit bull, he's here. he flew all night. we're going to have much more with him later on. can't wait for that. good to have you back. i can't say that enough to you, sam. >> i love it, i love it, i love it. a lot of folks waking up this morning, and everybody has plans for the week. most of you, it includes travel. let's get to the boards. today, the icy mess in about seven states. as we warm things up today, the low continues to travel east. with it will be a line of inland snow. not snow for the main cities. good news for travel. likely delays, but maybe not as many cancellations as if the wintry edge was closer to big cities. it's mostly a rain event here. some of the rain is heavy. two to three inches of rain. check with your local carriers.
7:21 am
roads are likely to be bad. give yourself extra time. things will get better and better for the country after thanksgiving. jeras. it is 25 degrees and the wind chill is 16. most windchill factors are in the teens. it is 19 at dulles airport. we will have some sunshine this morning and clouds wilse his afternoon.
7:22 am
highs will be in the upper 30's. we could wake up to a man treat -- wintry >> that list of this morning's wintry cities brought to your by burlington. getting better in the west. that will slide east. for now, and up until wednesday, a rough week. coming up on "gma," serious murder. the husband charged with killing their wife in their tennessee mansion headed to court. and dr. conrad murray speak out for the first time since getting out of jail. bode miller on the side of a custody fight. this could be bitter. and batkid here live. ♪ it's the night before christma ♪
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♪ our plan is in place. ♪ we've rigged up a trap to catch sight of his face. ♪ ♪ if only we could, just stay awake... ♪ ♪
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center, this is an abc seven news update. >> good morning. there was an overnight fire that left nearly two dozen residents homeless. no one was hurt in the red cross is helping residents find temporary housing. investigators say it is too early to know how the fire started. elections a board of is set to certify the result of the election for attorney general. has a leadrk herring over mark obenshain. commute ise how your
7:29 am
shaping up this morning. amanda meadows is with us. >> it is very busy out there on the outer loop. that is germantown road and we can see only the left lane gets by there. 270 twoheaded past great meadows parkway. maryland is busy. it is improving. 24 missing after that stretch. a few high thin clouds have moved into the area from the south and west. that will pick up this afternoon. it is just going to be cold. it is 25 degrees in d.c. dealing with the teens on the thermometer. our high will been the upper 30's. rain and even some wintry mix will be here early tomorrow.
7:30 am
>> thank you for watching. we will see you back at
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♪ this is is something to simulcast. the amas. ma mackl erk more. ryan crowd-surfing during their blockbuster ama performance. and pitbull, high marks for his
7:32 am
hosting role. he flew all night. he's with us today. >> for pitbull, he's up all day, all night. event, event, event. >> he can wear a tux. also coming up, exclusive interview with conrad murray. he's speaking out for the first time since his release from jail. and the latest on a custody battle for olympic skier bode miller. why it's so important, what's happening here. speaking of matters of great importance. there he is. all manners of bat. >> thank god he's here. >> there he is, batkid. >> oh, he is -- >> batman. he has come to vanquish foes. and we need the help. >> there are so many. >> i do believe i saw the penguin lurking. joker on the loose as well.
7:33 am
there's only one man who can save pitbull and the rest of us from their evil clutches. >> and if case you don't know the back story. this leukemia. he's in remission. they did this? n san francisco. it's a big hit. >> i met him backstage. he never breaks character. he's always batkid. >> of course not. the tennessee man accused of murdering his wife, leaving their 2-year-old daughter alone in their mansion with the body. he's pleaded not guilty. his motive is a mystery. and linsey davis has the story. >> reporter: the man accused of murdering his wife this their tennessee mansion will be back in court today. the misserious murder in the mansion left 34-year-old rachel mavens dead. 42-year-old randolph maidens shot his wife ten time and took
7:34 am
off on food, allegedly. >> he fled the scene. took the weapons. that showed premeditation. >> reporter: by all accounts, they were a successful couple. she was an orthodontist. he was a pharmaceutical sales rep. they married. she wrote on facebook, happily married to my husband, randy. and back home in nashville. they lived in brentwood, tennessee, with their 2-year-old daughter. a daughter who was left all along in the home that spring night this past april after her mother was shot to death. after a 1-hour manhunt, the father surrendered after hiding in the woods. one neighbor described on hln seeing maidens in the roads behind their homes three weeks before the murder. >> he was wearing all black, including a ski mask, and a cylinder-shaped backpack. i said, what are you doing?
7:35 am
he said, my wives a a doctor. i promised her i would take the dogs for a walk and i got lost. >> reporter: rachel maidens' mother has kutsdy of their granddaughter. maidens has pleaded not guilty to all charges, including homicide and police have not revealed a motive. >> they're going to be checking his phone records to see if he had an affair or was planning something else. >> reporter: investigators say a note was left on the kitchen counter expressing regret for what happened. they said he had more than $87,000 in the trunk of his car. he's currently out of bond and must wear a tracking denice. we could find out today when his trial is. >> all that money in his trunk? >> $87,000 this cash. the surprising comments from conrad murray, speaking out for the first time since being released from prison for his role in the death of pikele
7:36 am
jackson. >> i did not agree with michael. in using such a powerful sedative for sleep. >> reporter: for the first time since being released from prison, conrad murray is speaking out about michael jackson's last days. murray, who was convicted in 2011, of ill volunteer manslaughter for giving jackson an overdose of propofol tells australia's "60 minutes" program that he tried to stop the pop superstar from taking the drugs. >> so i told michael, we have to get you off of that substance. however, i mean drks ca, call i or not ideal, michael jackson is not just a guy you can say stop it. >> reporter: he says jackson was a drug addict and administered the deadly dose to himself. murray told australia's channel 9 at the he was jackson's
7:37 am
closest present. he loved jackson. and that the pop icon spoke to him on the day he was found guilty. >> michael touched me. he touched me and he spoke to me. he speaks to me. he does. >> reporter: murray claims jackson was $40 million in debt and that he had unusual habits. he slept with doll, yes. sthat normal? no, it's not normal. but if you understood the history michael had as a child and you're willing to listen, you wouldn't judge him. he claims jackson trusted no one. he didn't let maids in to clean the bedroom. abc news reached out to the jackson lawyers. they have not commented. murray served two years of a sentence for jackson's death. he's appealing the conviction.
7:38 am
>> okay. big weather week ahead. let's get to sam. >> cold new york city. did you feel cold yesterday during the day, folks? >> we did. >> i got off the plane yesterday and said, what is this? >> waa. waa. >> yesterday, 30 degrees. the coldest november high temperature since 1989. the pocket of cold air. look at the wind chills. phil philly, you feel like 12. washington, like 16. asheville, about 22. definitely cold air. this system, as it moves is not just rain on the coast. but inland snow. mount the snow totals up. upstate new york, >> a calm and dry start our work week. it is very much on the chilly side, 25 degrees. the windchill is 16. a few clouds are out there now
7:39 am
but generally it is sunny skies. clouds will >> all that weather brought to you by the university of phoenix. as the east coast gets better by thanksgiving day, the west coast starts now. it's a good time. >> i got off the plane after being away for two weeks -- you're getting no sympathy. >> i realize that. i reaze that. >> i'll save you, sam. coming up, bitter battle for bode miller. legal experts keeping a close eye on his custody fight.
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7:42. we're back now. bode miller with a bitter
7:44 am
custody battle with his exgirlfriend. >> reporter: this morning, bode miller in an ice cold custody battle with his ex over their 9-month-old son. sara told cnn she moved to new york city while seventh months pregnant to attend columbia university. only after, she claims, miller denied being the father. she said, go take your paternity 'tis already. i'm over the way you have been treating us. you can't hide dna. >> he never wanted much to do with hi son. he energily asked if he could sign over his rights. >> reporter: she says attempts to keel miller in their some's life were denied. releasing this text message she sclams from him. i'm not sure. i'm not going to do this with you sar are. you maid this choice against my
7:45 am
wish and gave me no say. you're going to do this on your own. >> my only option was to quit working 72 hours a week at a dapg rouse job where i had almost lost my life a few months prior, to make the best life for my child. >> reporter: miller had an apparent change of heart, accusing her of fleeing with their unborn child. a new york judge agreed. a california family court granted miller custody. this morning, miller could not be reached for comment. he said he wanted to do his duty but miss mckenna wanted to humiliate him. miller is currently training for the winter olympics. they have both said they hope for coparenting. so far, robin and george, they can't agree on a name. she calls the baby sam, he calls him nate. >> wow. >> i hope they can work it out. coming up here, batkid racing into times square this morning. we need him. come, batman, come.
7:46 am
the joker, the penguin are all here. we need you. ka-pow. >> wow. play of the day. band of brothers. fifth graders inspiring all today. so good. so good. ♪ [ woman 1 ] why do i cook?
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right then, here's "the play of the day." >> had to do this up with. saw it, had to do it. >> mm-hmm. >> it's a story of team. of brotherhood. of decency, kindness. a group of fifth grade football players in bridge wather, massachusetts, rallied arn one of their own who was being bullied and showed what they and we all could be made of. >> well put. >> reporter: his spirit is infectio infectious. his voice, giant. >> who are we? >> reporter: and he's the most dapper kind ergartener you have
7:51 am
ever seen. he rights up every room he's in. and the sidelines. he is the manager for the football team. he was born with a speech disorder. recently at school, kidding were teasing him. his teammates heard. they reacted. >> we didn't want him to get picked on. maybe if we all wore suits they would stop picking on him. >> reporter: 45 boys, all dressed in suits and ties. all rallying around danny. brothers to the last. >> we heard that danny was getting picked on. we thought we would all have a day to dress up like danny. and we thought we would sponsor danny. to um -- show danny that we love him. and -- that we love him very much. >> everybody's cheering him on. and when he's -- everybody loves him. >> reporter: and danny was asked
7:52 am
if it was a great day for him. >> yeah. >> reporter: and his parents are grateful for the support of a tigh tight-knit community. >> good for my family, but good for daniel who needs just a little bit extra. as you can see, it's just -- it's just a very, very -- >> you see other kids looking out for him and making sure he's okay, they always have his back. it leaves me speechless. >> way to go. >> thank you. to our station, wpvb there this boston. danny received an award from the house of representatives. rightfully so. end bullying. it is a scourge. pitbull is next. go nowhere. maybe you've noticed.
7:53 am
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simply put, it's naturally delicious. >> live from the abc 7 broadcast -- newsthis is an update. willday a d.c. council consider raising the minimum wage to $11.50 an hour. such a large increase may hurt job growth.
7:58 am
news channel eight will have more coming up at the top of the hour. there's a lot going on on the roadways. amanda meadows has a look at the commute. on 18have some activity and maryland. his is coming down past 270. 270 is moving slow. pastis on germantown road 270. that is where you're only going to get the left lane. there were earlier problems in the outerwas about an hour and a half ago and revelations are open. you might want to use the itc instead. 295, the left lane is closed before south bening. 295 northbound is blocked.
7:59 am
>> it is definitely on the chilly side. you need to bundle up. let us take a look at our current conditions. ece with a windchill factor of 16. it is still in the teens. the forecast is in the upper 30's this afternoon. there may be a wintry mix early tomorrow morning. >> thank you. thank you for watching. we will see you back at
8:00 am
8:01 am
good morning, america. 8:00 a.m. cow can't stop this party after pitbull's big night hosting the blockbuster amas, he's here live. taking over times square. and j. lo's show-stopping salsa. the feeling couldn't hold macklemore. all the hot moments from the amas. and the 5-year-old who stole our hearts in san francisco.
8:02 am
saving the city with thousands cheering him on. now batkid swooping in to save us -- >> we need you urgen'tlyurgentl report to "gma." back in times square. batkid. >> batkid answering the call. we put up the signal earlier because we needed him. it there is. we need his help. we need batkid's help. look who is on the loose this morning in the penguin. we need batkid and batman, finally here in our studio this morning. >> they're going to keep us all safe and sound. >> oh, there he is! >> you ready to keep us safe? >> batkid, thanks goodness
8:03 am
you're here. >> he's here to save the day. >> are you ready? >> thumbs up if you're ready to save the world? >> he's the strong silent type. >> he is. now in remission. the city of san francisco, they came together to make his wife of being batman. capturing hearts across the country. something tell us me he'll keep us all safe this morning. >> lord knows we need it. they are lurking. not just sam being back. also ahead. that's it. that's it, sam. hands off the champion man. we're also down to the final four on "dancing with the stars." a fascinating two weeks. we have a two-night finale tonight. we have been there throughout. exclusive access to all the rehearsals. >> we have been there for every step of the way.
8:04 am
very exciting. also, everybody. just days away from your best thanksgiving ever, we hope. and our health and wellness contributor here with smart ways to enjoy our favorites without extra calis. is that bake snn i knew i loved you. >> 30 strips. look at this. >> everything is better with bacon, as was always say. you would expect thanksgiving day to be a big show. monday to be a big show. tomorrow may be bigger. i gotta tell you. look at them. >> wow, so handsome. >> one direction. right here. live, if you're anywhere near times square, i can't imagine you wouldn't be here. >> they won two big awards last night. >> and they owned the stage. a lot coming up. news from josh first. >> we begin with the storm tearing across the country. more than a dozen people now have died on treacherous roads
8:05 am
in the southwest and the plains states. hundreds of flights canceled. the storm moves east. a holiday travel nightmare for millions along the eastern seaboard. s sam's complete forecast if a moment. the price of gas going up for the first time in months. they've risen some seven cents a gallon in the last week. the most expensive average is $3.61 a gallon if connecticut. new york and california not that far behind. cheapest in oklahoma, kansas, and new mexico. new fallout from the nuclear deal reached with iran over the weekend. this morning, saudi arabia claimed it was deceived by the u.s. and left in the dark. israel saying it will act alone
8:06 am
in necessary. the deal gives iran some $7 million in sanction relief. the head investigator is summarizing the newtown shooting case this morning. the report is stirring controversy. the summary report is not enough, say critics. they're angry that the bulk of the evidence is being withheld. families of the victims have voiced concerns about prove i have. at the box office this weekend, the new "hunger games" movie caught fire and them some. the second movie in in the "hunger games" series made $161 million. a record for a november movie opening. it is taking the globe by fiery storm. zbrncht and talk abo and talk about stunning. we have seen the ohio state marching band do great stuff this year. this is a tribute to the 150th
8:07 am
anniversary of the gettysburg address. you saw the soldiers on the field. the soldiers on horseback. they ultimately form the lincoln memorial. all with the help of modern technology. i'll say this. i can't confirm it. i was reading this weekend, they use an app to get those things done. an app created by somebody from the university of michigan. >> oh, that's awesome. >> actually terrific. >> i thing that is great. >> if true. i'm just a news man. i try to -- >> it would be good to check. first, let's get the weather from sam. >> ladies and gentlemen, that newsman, josh elliott, just telling the news. out of georgia, hey, sam, where are you from? >> dallas. >> they're getting rain and ice there today. let's get to the boards. we have one or two things happening. we'll talk about things
8:08 am
improving. sam, when do you do home? >> tomorrow. >> then you're getting improving weather. look from denver to phoenix, to oklahoma city. to dallas. we're going to slightly warm things up in a lot of locations. today, you'll step into warmer temperatures later on. the heavy rain, houston, new orleans, jackson, mobile. that's today. and then the storm continues east. it's dry in the west coast. l.a. is gorgeous. all the way up the west coast for the next couple of days into thanksgiving. it will be beautiful weather. we're a >> come conditions today and for the end of the week. it in between the may have some trouble. the windchil degrees. there are a lot of teens across the area. it is 19 degrees in gaithersburg. there will be an increase in cloud cover this afternoon the high temperature will be in the upper 30's.
8:09 am
tuesday morning the will be rain for the afternoon and [ cheers and applause ] >> i'm a little chilly right now. we're live in times square, by the way. i'm a little confused. i haven't been here for awhile. where do we go? we go back to -- >> all: lara. here's a look at what is coming up on our "gma morning men menu". it's pitbull live. he'll talk about his favorite moments of the amas. and the vishl video about girls as engineers that has so many people talking. why it could land the company in court. and then eat it to beat it. tips to cut the calories from your thanksgiving feast. plus, batkid. and pitbull performing.
8:10 am
in moments, live, here on "gma." [ male announcer ] introducing new fast acting advil. with an ultra-thin coating and fast absorbing advil ion core™ technology, it stops pain before it gets worse. nothing works faster. new fast acting advil. look for it in the white box. new fast acting advil. with a smartphone from straight talk wireless. we replaced sue's smartphone she'll get the same great nationwide coverage for half the cost. let's see if she notices. you bet she did. francois!! deux!
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8:13 am
8:14 am
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8:15 am
(ringing) ♪ the samsung galaxy s4. at carriers and select retailers nationwide. ♪ i came in like a wrecking ball i never hit so hard ♪ so this is the moment. i understand. miley cyrus closing the amas last night. with wrecking ball. perhaps you would expect that. a littletwitter. perhaps you would expect that. but not a lip-synching kitten. i have to ask. put bul is here with us. >> hello. >> always great to see you. >> what was that like?
8:16 am
>> hey. i could say a couple of thing about that. i don't know about national television. sflit was different. >> it was. it has everybody talking. on the marketing side, genius. >> we'll try to convince him to share that with us. fresh off his stint as the host of the amas. pitbull, he flew all night. >> it's a miracle, america, that i'm on "good morning america" right now. >> from amas to "gma," and he's going to do "pop news" with me. appreciate it. [ speaking spanish ] >> exactly. exactly. si. >> look at the subtitles. >> your third favorite. >> i want to say a big thank you to the stage crew in the amas. we were back there and we were
8:17 am
performing timber, kesha was great. thank you to her. when i was back there, we had all these beautiful women and dancershey wrote pitbull for president 2016. >> number two? >> number two would have to be the monologue. >> you killed it. >> we were so nervous going in, sofia vergara and picturing her naked when i'm nervous. >> that's what we all do. >> when you're nervous, thing of her. thank you, sofia. >> and finally, pitbull's favorite moment. >> jennifer lopez and her tribute. [ speaking spanish ] >> i mean, did she just nail it?
8:18 am
>> did you see when they flipped her. she had the little dress and the -- she knows what she's doing. >> she does. >> we need her here, man. she would heat things up in new york. it's cold out there. >> also want to talk about another great moment from the night. katy perry, she didn't bring john mayer. her date was megan squier. she's the high school cheer leader that inspired contest. the video didn't win the contest. but katy so touched by the spirit, she invited megan and her whole family to music's biggest night. she got to do interviews and hung out backstage. she got to meet the stars of the music industry. and then finally in pop
8:19 am
news. you're proof positive that monday blues exist. >> no day's blues exist. every day above ground is great. >> who doesn't remember this line from the classic movie office space? >> uh-oh, sounds like somebody's gt a case of the mondays. >> the mondays? the monday morning blues are not so blue afterall. a new study found people are moets alert and productive at 10:01 a.m. on mondays. you should hit your to-do list. >> i'm alert on hump day. >> what day is it? >> hump day! >> you like that, too. >> i love that. every day is hump day. >> can we keep him? can we keep him? >> this is important, though, because we all have our days. if you don't get your to-do list
8:20 am
done by monday afternoon, forget it. chances are it will not happen the rest of the week. and the worst time of the week is reportedly tuesdays at 4:00 p.m. and tuesday, robin's called as her day. >> you were right, robin. >> that, everybody, is "pop news" with pitbull. so good to have you back. >> you're going to sing for us, right? [ singing in spanish ] >> we're going to work on it. okay. >> thank you, pitbull. thank you so much. we move on to a brewing legal battle over a viral video. we showed it to you last week. it was viewed by more than 8 million people. now the company behind the popular video headed to court. looking to proe tegt the use of the song made famous by the beastie boys.
8:21 am
rebecca jarvis has the story. >> reporter: it's the commercial that struck a chord with viewers everywhere. raking in over 8 million clicks on youtube. now, in a surprise move, goldi l goldieblox are saying that the bea beastie boys are taking them on. here's the 'hit. ♪ girls should do the dishes do the laundry ♪ >> reporter: goldieblox wants to see the girls doing this. the company says by changing the lyrics, the song becomes a parody. >> they state in the complaint that the lyrics are making fun of, in essence criticizing the
8:22 am
lyrics of the beastie boys song. they say the basis of the lawsuit is completely false. there was though complaint. no demand letter. no demand for that matter when goldirgs eblox sued the beastie boys. is this a case of sue or be sued? nlt they want it resolved quickly. they don't want to wait for the beastie boys to sue them. >> it's the same preemptive tactic that robin thicke had this summer. and though that legal strategy has worked so far for thicken e- thicke is working we'll wade to sigh. he reportedly hand-wrote in his
8:23 am
will that in no event could anything kree atted by me be used for advertising purpose. you can see, sticky situation. obviously, a great message from the girls. but then, you want to respect his wishes as well. >> he was very explicit. >> i want this one to get worked out so badly. >> and you might see them at the super bowl if they do. "dancing with the stars" time. one more couple sent home tonight. the finale tomorrow. they spent all day sunday reversing. melissa rycroft has the latest as they go to the wire. >> reporter: it's deja vu for "dancing with the stars" viewers, who might remember corbin's quick step. ♪ i'm going to the country don't you want to go ♪ >> reporter: jack's jive. ♪ but she never believed >> reporter: bill's vienese
8:24 am
walt. >> are you nervous? >> scared. sad, excited. >> reporter: and dizzy. finalists will also free style. >> we're excited about it. nervous, nervous. one wrong step can send us both to the hospital. >> reporter: and the relay as tlc sings their song, no criscr. >> i hope we can contain ourselves. >> reporter: it's more than dancing that counts. viewers' votes helped bill engvall survive. from day one, i said i'm team bill. i did not expect to see you here. >> we didn't either. this is the most amazing wonderful journey. i've had the best time of my life. whatever the outcome is, we've won. >> reporter: four-time winner derek hough has a half-baked idea >> i've been doing the bake sale. they open the blueberries, it's
8:25 am
like, vote for amber and derek. ♪ >> reporter: your dad posted a video on youtube. >> i saw that. >> reporter: were you behind that? will the idea work? the world fines out hours from now. >> in is it. this is it. >> reporter: for "good morning america," melissa rycroft, abc news, los angeles. >> watch it all tonight. wednesday all four couples right here in times square. "dancing with the stars" afterparty. now over to lara and sam. thank you, george. all week long, how to make this your best thanksgiving ever. nutrition and wellness editor dave zincenko is here. how to enjoy without all the calories. we begin. >> the dark meat turkey with
8:26 am
cranberry sauce. the darker the turkey, the more calories. if you don't want to jiggle, no canned cranberry sauce. >> this is how much sugar is in there. >> eight chocolate eclairs. >> one of them doesn't have a filling. >> you can french kiss your diet good-bye. instead, you want to go with -- >> i'm sorry. >> go with turk ey breast and a homemade cranberry sauce. when you make it yourself, you end up saving -- 80 grams of sugar. >> that's good. pecan pie. how bad is it? >> this is death of pie. right here, 550 calories with the ice cream. the equivalent of 30 strips of bacon. >> 28 straps of bacon. so you cutting?
8:27 am
>> have the pumpkin, bumpkin. >> don't you want to see what we save? >> yeah. >> you saved 307 calories. finally. 30 seconds. this is -- >> candied sweet potato. marshmallows. they're not on the food peer miz. it's the equivalent of 29 turke. as much as you want. oh, so good, so few calories. >> really? you're my new breaest friend. dave rules. >> live from the abc seven
8:28 am
broadcast center, this is a news update. >> good morning. we are following breaking news. police say they made an arrest in connection with the child abuse at daycare sites in virginia. they plan to release more details later. teachers are being fired after accusations of mistreatment circled. 53 elementary schools use their services for afterschool programs. amanda meadows has the latest from the traffic center. 295 and under on
8:29 am
out 50 coming inbound and southbound. this is a shot at 410. this is after the merge near bening. that long red line stretches all the way to the beltway. things are still come in heavy at 95. the leas are easing. the estimated drive time is 52 minutes. >> is a quiet start to our work week, but go on the cold side. few highs then clouds have moved in. the windchill is a 22 degrees. other temperatures across the area, they are still in the teens. .t is 18 in manassas and 19 in we could see more of a wintry mix tomorrow morning. there will be rain late in the day. >> thank you and thank you for
8:30 am
watching. we will have another news updated
8:31 am
♪ y'all having a good time ♪ don't stop the party ♪ yeah yeah yeah ♪ don't stop the party so good. >> now, i'm never complaining ever again about a monday morning. because he worked last night. he worked all night last night. >> all night long he flew. >> great to have him here after hosting the amas last night. >> someone nonstop to be here. that's his smash hit, don't stop the party. we're going to hear so much more. there are issues to deal
8:32 am
with. we have some problems to solve, people. one person can do it. thrilled to have miles scott here for an exclusive morning television adventure. we all came to know miles as the batk batkid. earlier this month, thousands of people in san francisco came together as one and made hwish e completely true. now, we mentioned that joker an penguin are here on the loose in times square. hopefully, the batkid can get it worked out for us. first, here's his story. ♪ he is the dark knight. lighting up so many lives. 5-year-old miles scott captured the heart of the nation earlier this month after transforming into batkid and helping save the city of san francisco, or, i guess we could say, gotham.
8:33 am
>> help, help! >> reporter: his dream come true, made possible by the make-a-wish foundation and 13,000 volunteers. after three years, he's defeated his worst nemesis yet, leukemia to you, the key to gotham city by the bay. >> way to go, miles. way to save gotham. >> reporter: and the actual men behind the mask. michael keaton. christian bale, and ben affleck. batkid, best batman ever. back in his real bat cave of tulelake, california, he lets his brother play robin. >> when we put superleast on, he would get the extra puff in his chest. he felt like he was invincible.
8:34 am
it's been a way for him to fight through all that he's been through. >> reporter: now, miles, about to embark on yet another epic adventure. >> do you like the airplane? >> reporter: like the superhero he is, they flew all the way to new york city where he waits in the wings for his latest mission. and look at who we have here. the batkid, miles scott. his fella and friend, batman, and his parents, nick and gnatty. miles, you're here in the bat cave. how did we do this morning. >> okay. >> does it look good? >> yeah. >> do you feel ready to save pitbull and all of us? >> yeah. >> what do you like about batman? what is your favor thing about batman? >> when he scratches with these. >> and he beats the bad guys. >> uh huh. >> i heard you took your first plane ride to get here.
8:35 am
>> that's my second ride. >> second ride? >> was it great? >> what was the best pat of being on the plane? did you get good treats? >> yeah. >> oh , good. i'm so glad. mom and dad, want to ask you. you have seen the outpouring. president obama's message to miles. it's got to be fantastic. one more from our mayor, mayor bloomberg. >> hey, batkid. great to welcome another brave crime fighter to the real gotham. new york city. >> thank you so much, mayor michael bloomberg. i have to ask you. what has this response been like to your son, to your family? >> it's been amazing. i mean -- we never expected anything like this on a level like this. >> oh, wow. looks like batkid is warming up and really feeling ready. >> the make-a-wish foundation
8:36 am
helped make this thing happen. they come in and help kids who have been battling. how has it helped miles. >> the good thing about miles is that he finished his chemotherapy. he's in remission. this has been like the afterparty for him. chemo is all he was diagnosed at 18 months. >> it's a new life. we want to tell you how you can help. help make a wish. you can help them grant for wishes to kids like miles. it's the believe campaign. for every stamp letter you bring, again, to macy's, head for santa and the north pole, macy's will donate one dar to make a wish. miles scott, hang on, hang on, batkid. hang on. what? >> uh-oh. >> breaking news. we have a star in trouble.
8:37 am
>> oh. >> batkid we have a star in trouble. pit bull has been taken by the joker and the penguin. wait, what's happening. take a look. >> we need you. we feed you, batkid, go! >> all right. batkid, batkid, can you help him? can you save the day? go, let's go, let's go! good luck, batkid! >> sam, we have serious issues here. serious issues. >> and so grateful that batkid is here to save the day. same bat time. same bat channel. we'll have the results of the batkid saving pitbull series in just a moment. first, let's get to the boards. a sneak peek coming your way. from the trarl of son of god,
8:38 am
the brannew movie of the wildly popular miniseries. the bible tells the story of jesus, beginning with his birth. "son of god" in theaters late february. see the whole trailer at watch this low pick up from the new orleans area. swing all the way up the eastern seaboard. it is not thanksgiving day. but this may be just as bad if it's wednesday. the main travel day for the holiday on the eastern seaboard. most of the nation looks fantast fantastic. if you have east coast plans, follow the storm. it should get out of the area, the new york city, washington, d.c., boston area, by afternoon into the evening on wednesday. wednesday, wednesday night, this thing pulls out. you don't have to be silen >> good morning. it is a chilly
8:39 am
monday but a quiet day. it is 27 degrees. the windchill is 22 degrees. we will have sun >> i love that you guys are just so polite and respectful. no need. oh, josh? >> it was . after all, has batkid saved the day? we have to find out. moments ago. let's take a look. there he was, batkid. yeah. taking down the joker. breaking through that chain. freeing pitbull just in time. will he get to the stage in time? that's coming. can i get a ka-pow! >> ka-pow. >> oh, no. >> ka-pow.and when you get up -- can i play?
8:40 am
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8:42 am
[ cheers and applause ] thanks to batkid we're happy to have pitbull safe and sound. it was close for awhile. we didn't know if you were going to make it in time. >> he broke me out. he was cool about it. i had to mablg sure the joker was down. >> you did make sure that joker was down. we want to hear you sing "timber." a brand-new track. off the new edition of dploebl warming. >> it's going to go down in a moment. >> it is.
8:43 am
this is the second time we're going to see it live. we're missing kesha. she's still in l.a. she partied all night. ltdown -- global warming came out and your fans were like, more, more, more. >> a great opportunity to be able to do timber with kesha. we worked with kelly rowland. and ina. she'll start breaking in the states. >> you want to hear tim per right now? just the second time live on national tv, mr. worldwide. let's go. ♪ >> good morning, america. it's about to go down. ♪ it's going down i'm yelling timber ♪ ♪ you better move you better dance ♪ ♪ let's make a night you won't remember ♪
8:44 am
♪ i'll be the one you won't forget ♪ ♪ ooh ♪ ooh ♪ it's going down ♪ the bigger they are the harder they fall ♪ ♪ these bigiddy boys are diggidy dogs ♪ ♪ i have 'em like miley cyrus clothes off, twerkin in their bras and thongs ♪ ♪ timber ♪ face down booty up timber ♪ ♪ that's the way we like to what, timber ♪ ♪ i'm slicker than an oil spill she say she won't ♪ ♪ but i bet she will timber ♪ ♪ swing your partner round and round ♪ ♪ end of the night it's goin' down ♪ ♪ one more shot another round ♪ ♪ end of the night
8:45 am
it's goin' d ♪ swing your partner roind and round, end of the night it's going down ♪ ♪ one more shot it's another round ♪ ♪ it's going down i'm yelling timber ♪ ♪ you better you better move ♪ ♪ you better dance you better dance ♪ be t's makemo c3 ♪ it's going down i'm yelling timber you better move ♪ ♪ you bet eer dance let's make a night you won't remember i'll be the one you won't forget ♪ ♪ ooh >> timber! ♪ ooh >> it's going down. ♪ look up in the sky it's a bird, it's a plane ♪ ♪ nah, it's just me ain't a damn thing changed ♪ ♪ live in hotels swing on planes ♪ ♪ blessed to say money ain't a thing ♪ ♪ club jumpin' like lebron now ♪ ♪ order me another round, homey ♪ ♪ we about to clown why? ♪ ♪ cause it's about
8:46 am
to go down ♪ ♪ swing your partner round and round ♪ ♪ end of the night it's goin' down ♪ ♪ one more shot another round ♪ ♪ end of the night it's goin' down ♪ ♪ swing your partner round and round ♪ ♪ end of the night it's goin' down i'm yelling timber ♪ ♪ you better move you better move ♪ ♪ you better dance you better dance ♪ mou better dance ♪ ♪ you won't remember ♪ i'll be the one you won't forget ♪ it's going down i'll be the one you won't forget ♪ ♪ let's go ♪ whoa >> timber! ♪ whoa >> it's going down! timber! ♪ whoa >> it's going down. ♪ whoa >> it's going down! ♪ whoa
8:47 am
>> it's going down! timber! it's going down! whoo! [ cheers and applause ]
8:48 am
8:49 am
[ cheers and applause ] time for more pitbull. another megahit off global warming meltdown. >> i can't believe it. it's don't stop the party. from pitbull. ♪ you don't get them girls loose loose you don't get the world loose loose ♪ ♪ you don't get money move move but i do i do ♪ ♪ yeah don't stop the party ♪ yeah yeah yeah don't stop the
8:50 am
party ♪ ♪ i'm running through the world like i'm running back scarface, world's mine running back ♪ ♪ 30,000 people went here on me 80,000 in london wembley 90,000 morocco, and i'm just getting warmed up, papo ♪ ♪ catch me with redone in stockholm, beirut cafe getting my drink on mole ♪ ♪ a lot of pretty women in the hooka all of them sweet ♪ ♪ adukar, azucar dale disfruta ♪ ♪ they can't, they won't they never will, stop the party they can't, they won't they never will, stop the party ♪ ♪ i said, y'all having a good time out there ♪ ♪ yeah, yeah que no pare la fiesta don't stop the party ♪ ♪ yeah, yeah
8:51 am
que no pare la fiesta don't stop the party ♪ ♪ i'm from the city where they strike and they sleep real bad ♪ ♪ and now i'm doing shows in helsinki finland ♪ ♪ i know what ya'll thinking you're thinking that you can out the king ♪ ♪ but you can't frankly i'm out for the benchies ♪ just cause you ain't me don't hate me as a matter fact you should thank me ♪ ♪ even if you don't joel come yankees zig-a zig-a zig-a zig-a ♪ ♪ who got the key of the world now, yours truly ♪ ♪ they can't, they won't they never will, stop the party they can't, they won't they never will, stop the party ♪ ♪ stop the party stop the party ♪ ♪ i said, y'all having a good time out there ♪ ♪ yeah, yeah que no pare la fiesta don't stop the party ♪ ♪ yeah, yeah que no pare la fiesta don't stop the party ♪
8:52 am
♪ imma give it to ya ah ah now give it to me ah ah ♪ ♪ imma give it to ya ah ah now give it to me ah a m♪e ah ah ♪ ♪ get funky, get funky now stop i said y'all having a good time out there ♪ ♪ yeah, yeah que no pare la fiesta don't stop the party ♪ ♪ yeah, yeah que no pare la fiesta don't stop the party ♪ ♪ yeah yeah yeah que no pare la fiesta don't stop the party ♪ ♪ yeah yeah yeah que no pare la fiesta don't stop the party ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
[ cheers and applause ] and a big thanks to miles and his parents for being here this morning. and the fiberglass freaks, they created the bat mobile. and our friends at warner brothers wanted to give you this. it's a gotham city police badge. >> this is the real deal. >> they were used in the production of "batman begins." >> and d.c. entertainment, home of the iconic d.c. superheroes
8:56 am
thrilled to be a hero like batkid. officially, the work of the comics, josh has that for you. their rendering of a sketch, batkid in a comic with batman. that is so absolutely wonderful. >> one direction tomorrow. but ladies and gentlemen, first, extra, extra read all about it. batkid saves times square. >> yes. thank you pitbull. thank you pitbull! >> saving times square as well. one more song? >> let's do it. >> it's only monday, people. it's only monday. ♪ [ singing in spanish ]
8:57 am
♪ put your hands up in the air >> live from the abc 7 seven broadcast center, this is a news update. >> good morning. if you are driving during the thanks giving holiday you will notice gas prices are higher. at national average is now $3.28. that is seven cents more than a week ago. abouterage price is now $3.50 in d.c. there are a lot of people on the roads this morning. there is quite a mess out there. amanda meadows is with us. >> it is quite a mess, especially on route 301.
8:58 am
there is a crash southbound. traffic is just literally stopped. it does look like they're living that left lane get by. this is coming through brandywine at branch avenue. to 95 is running really slow from the beltway. this is past route 50. 66 has the typical delays as you come in from manassas. well belowers are the average again today. it is chilly thomas but not as cold as yesterday. the winds have lightened up a little bit. it is 27 degrees in d.c. the windchill is still in the teens in some areas. it is 24 in fredericksburg. the clouds will increase throughout the day. the high will be in the upper
8:59 am
30's. you may week up -- wake up to a wintry mix with the high and the low 40's. >> thank you and thank you for watching. we will see you back at noon. have a


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