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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  November 30, 2013 11:30pm-12:01am EST

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> breaking news from southern andfornia, where "fast furious" actor paul walker was killed in a fiery crash. deputies from santa claus responded to the location this evening and found a vehicle engulfed in flames. after firefighters put out the flames, they found walker in a second victim dead inside. apperson has not been identified. the cause of the crash is under investigation -- that person has not been identified. the cause of the crash is under investigation. enforcement had a robotic vehicle at a suspicious scene on e street. we are still gathering details
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and we are not sure what if anything was found at the location and if the police have made arrests. stay with abc 7 news and for updates. dozens of people in prince st their homesy loft after a fire in beltsville. >> since this is the holiday weekend, many homeowners were home when the fire broke out. they say they do not hear fire alarms or smell smoke. why? because this fire hit from everybody's detection. >> it was pretty much done. day ofas been a full loss for michael chambers, his condo got it. the law started early in the afternoon when he was burying a loved one. emotionally exhausted, he returned home, unaware that a fire had been smoldering in a
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storage closet that he shared with his neighbor. >> saw the flames. i got my extinction are. i got it out, but it was already engulfed. >> firefighters were on the scene in minutes, but they were unaware the flames had retreated into the walls until they walked into the three-story building. >> as they came inside, the fire came down on top of them from above. firefighters from emory and prince george's county dissented on the maryland farm condos on cherry hill road, but fire had already spread to six units. >> this displaced about 30 people, maybe more. >> including gilda, her husband, and four children. the family was preparing their christmas tree completely unaware ceiling upstairs was earning. frightened for a mother who watched the condos go up in thanksgivings ago.
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beltsville volunteer firefighters were so emotionally moved by what they saw, they are giving from their own pockets. >> it is hard for the families and it is hard for us to know we are going back home to our food and holidays. >> investigators determined late tonight the fire was caused by a lamp that tipped over. the red cross is on standby for those without housing tonight. if there is any fortunate news, it is there were no injuries. robert liles, back to you. >> it was a cold day to be outside, but warmer temperatures are on the way. let's check in with steve rudin for the details. more have to wait a few days, but he temperatures today well below average once again. did not make it past 40 degrees at reagan national. at dullesow, 20 five airport, 27 winchester. the temperatures are colder just off to the west.
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that is where the clouds are beginning to break apart. the high clouds moved in during the morning hours at mid-level. that is why we had mostly cloudy skies a good part of the afternoon. we will see clearing tomorrow morning. definitely more sunshine as we move through the late morning and into the afternoon hours. it will be cold, waking up in the morning at 26, 34 degrees. how do temperatures in the upper 50 sound? i will tell you when in a few minutes. has beener trial postponed for a man charged with killing his wife in their georgetown home. the 49-year-old was scheduled to stand trial on monday in the death of his wife. she had been beaten and strangled. online court records show the trial has been postponed until january 6. investigators returned to landover, where a postal carrier ago,urdered one week
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passing out flyers asking for information in the shooting death of tyson barnett, killed while delivering mail on reid street. >> it has been exactly a week, and still no major clues in the murder of the postal worker tice on -- tyson barnett. this neighbor was in her kitchen when she heard multiple shots. still afraid to show her face, she remembers it was dark. >> just awful. why would you want to hurt a mailman? >> detectives this morning were talking to neighbors, leaving flyers behind, hoping someone may have seen or heard something. >> we are hoping to find any information. no piece of information is too small. >> the mailman was covering a vacant postal route saturday night when he was shot multiple times by both a shotgun and handgun. he died on the scene. >> it is devastating, really. >> this is one of the neighbors who spoke with investigators. >> i saw the film, and it sticks
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with me. >> the 70-year-old has lived in the same home since he was a boy. >> nothing like that happened in this area that i can remember. are afraidving here this will give the neighborhood a bad rap. who are hopeful the killer is still out there is called. 120,000 dollars is the reward being offered. if you know anything, call prince george's county police. carolina,, south burdette poss family is holding services for the slain postal worker. >> she is been missing nearly four months. tomorrow, searchers will gather in virginia, hoping to find clues to the disappearance of alexis murphy. she was last seen august 3 at a gas station in wilmington. her car was found several days later in a nearby county. the man currently in jail on investment -- investments are charges denies he has anything
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to do with her disappearance. the white house says it will meet today's deadline to fix its troubled health care website. has experienced glitches since launching in october. the website is one of several symbols for the president's affordable care act, and it is costing him. according to a cnn poll, his approval rating is now 41%. >> there will be moments where things are not going as smoothly as we would like. very rarely are the good things that happen getting the same attention as the things that are not working as well. thehe first big test of repaired website probably will not come for another couple weeks, when an enrollment surges expected as consumers rush to meech the december deadline so coverage can kick in at the start of the year. onhave seen a lot of focus brown and black friday sales. today it was all about small businesses. today, known as small business saturday, and president obama showed his support.
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stopped by a bookstore northwest. the president purchased about 20 books. shows us hows other customers are driving business to mom-and-pop stores. street the busy 14th court or. >> it is the anti-black friday experience. of indoor merchant fares. small business saturday is getting a big push in d.c. >> it is bringing back local flavor. >> this coffee entrepreneur was among those making sales at the d.c. brewery. the nonpreferred -- the nonprofit group is trying to connect small businesses with new customers. >> small businesses are fighting for your attention. they usually started because they are passionate about these things. >> passion that is transforming the retail landscape. fourteenth street is one of the hottest areas of the city. in the past eight months, 25 new
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businesses have opened doors this year. retailers hope that small business fever continues through the holidays. he dealt experts say nationwide, holiday shoppers spend about $5.5 billion at local stores during small business saturday last year. >> you find more unique items than you would at the mall. the big pitch at union market? >> i think it is the desire to reconnect with making things. >> for shoppers, a different approach. avoidingg things here, the crowds, being a little more selective, may be higher quality. >> during the busy holiday season. in northwest washington, richard reeve, abc 7 news. >> according to numbers released by the retail research firm shoppertrak founder shoppers spent more than $9.7 billion in the u.s. on black friday, down
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13% from a year ago. however, combined spending over thanksgiving and black friday rose more than two percent. one mind sales on thanksgiving climbed nearly 20% compared with a year ago. -- or mine sales on thanksgiving climbed nearly 20% compared with a year ago. a 12 inch water main burst on south lawn drive near east glebe. workers finished repairs overnight. crew still have to fix the roadway. that should be completed in the next couple days. a united airlines flight attendant was injured during incident at dulles international airport today. the plane was preparing to take off or orlando when an airport service worker crossed in front of the plane, causing the pilot to brake suddenly. a flight attendant was in the isle at the time, thrown off her feet, causing her minor injuries. of the service vehicle was ticketed. a national holiday turns into a day of mourning after a
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helicopter crashed into a pub in scotland. the latest on the rescue and recovery efforts. plus, revving up for a special event in northern virginia. and a big weekend for the national zoo.
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>> continuing rescue efforts in scotland as workers search the puble of a glasgow destroyed after a police helicopter crashed into it. at least eight people are dead, three from the aircraft, five from the pub. more than a dozen people were injured. people described a chaotic scene after the chopper hit the building. >> the whole place was shaking and in golf. you could not see. i put my dress over my mouth and nose. people were panicking. i said hold on and follow me out the door. >> more than 100 people were inside the pump at the time of the crash. the authorities fear that more
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people may be buried in the rubble. a pilot in three passengers were killed in a plane crash in alaska. 10 people were on board the small commuter plane when it crashed yesterday near a remote village 500 miles west of anchorage. six survivors are being treated right now. it is called the roughneck motorcycle club, but they have a soft spot for good causes, today delivering toys to the toys for tots warehouse in fredericksburg. "good morning washington" anchor autria godfrey took part in the ride. as is the third year the motorcycle club delivered toys. members plan to do the same thing next year. >> some years is better than others because of the economy. when it comes to toys, people still give because some people were in those same shoes and did not have a chance to have a good christmas, so we want to make
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sure everybody has a good christmas. >> toys for tots says more toys are needed, especially for infants and children between the ages of 11 and 14. to learn how to donate, go to our website, the national zoo's panda cub turns 100 days old tomorrow. it is part of tradition when she is going to be named. people from across the country went on mine and chose a name for the cub. there were five choices. the name will be revealed tomorrow. how can you not like the panda video? now is a chance to check out a spectacular display at the national zoo, zoo lights featuring more than half a million lights until new year's day. it will be closed christmas eve and christmas day. apparently, there are some nights later this week where you may want to check it out because it will be slightly warmer. >> plenty warm in a better chance of showers as we warm up. kind of a balance.
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it looks pretty otherwise. bundle up, it is the season. february and march and it is still this cold, then we can start to complain. the temperatures outside, not so bad. the skies mostly cloudy at reagan national airport, 37 degrees, no wind chill factor. the wind, nonexistent at this point. the high today, hardly 39.essive, only the average this time of year is 52, and the record high is 75. that was back in 1933. three stops on the weatherbug network on the saturday evening. anyone degrees rockville after a high of only 37. it feels like everyone one because there is no wind chill. , down oneperature degree, now 30 and fairfax. the final stop that wtop radio in upper northwest, 36. earlier this evening it was 27. the temperatures a lot colder off to the west.
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27 cumberland, clear skies, martinsburg 23, 20 gaithersburg, 25 dulles international airport. the core of cold air is off to the north and east. that moves to the east. a change in the wind direction for the day tomorrow. more from the south and west, allowing the highs to warm into the middle 40s. we should see the cloud cover break apart as we move through the mid day late afternoon hours. f na li a brighter day ahead. the 24-hour temperature change, -- definitely a brighter day ahead, the 24-hour temperature change, looking off to the west, a bit of a warming trend. the upcomingrough week, the warmer air will not arrive until the end of the week. spurs to end friday, temperatures in the upper 50s. would not be surprised if some areas even see close to 50 degrees. the satellite radar, clouds lifting off to the north and east. we are looking for a thin layer of clouds to keep the temperatures in town a little bit milder than yesterday at
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this time. 48,futurecast the next tomorrow the highs in the middle 40s. a good deal of sunshine by the afternoon. on monday, clouds will increase and we could be looking at a area of low pressure off the coast, likely to bring showers across southern maryland, the delmarva. do not expect a lot, limited to less than 30% chance. 26-34 degrees, daytime highs tomorrow 42-47. the extended outlook will show -- look at this -- the highs back into the 50s thursday and friday. it will feel like -- well, it will feel like early october by the end of the week. i have my days and nights all mixed up. >> we are all excited about that. see if there is any reason for excitement tonight when it comes to the wizards? >> the wizards are holding
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strong, the best record in the area right now. soon to be december. >> tomorrow. the wizards had home court tonight, hosting the hawks. and this has left the nation's done. the spectacular finish in the iron bowl.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> fresh off a shootout win, the capital saved their best for last against long island. after paying the hero -- playing the hero yesterday, another great figure today. less than a minute to go, 2-1 islanders, the past to braxton -- backstrom, who lights the lamp. in overtime, the caps have the numbers.
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leaves it for alex ovechkin, who scores the 21st goal of the year. the capitals win-3-2. the wizards hosting the hawks. the jumper,r, nothing but net. up by 18. now the lead cut down to two. john wall, nobody is better than haman driving the lane. 26 points. the wizards win, 108-101. after the dreaded ice the kicker gone wrong move, maryland had to bounce back from bc. the not seem like a hard thing to do in north carolina. tim brant called the game. first quarter, 7-3 wolfpack. brown, look at the bomb, nigel came with the great catch. 53 yard touchdown. first, brown, why
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not, keeping it for himself, the option. find the scene, all the way for the 49 yard touchdown. 17-7 terps. they win 41-21. week, uva, tempers flared a bit. morgan moses and james gale both going at it. they received personal foul penalties. mike london tried to pull the players off the field. the only touchdown came in the second quarter, over the middle, trey edmonds, 26 yards after britain the tackle, touchdown. hoakies win. this may be the craziest finished of the year. bowl, missing the 57 yard field goal attempt. alabama, all but over for them. chris davis almost goes out of bounds, keeps going. 109 yards in on the return.
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auburn stuns alabama. that is throwing the bcs totally out of whack. today, the hoyas took the court against lipscomb. they head coach said that greg the head coach said that one of the players would be benched for the game. the game must go on. the hoyas led by one at the half, but then they go on a 13-0 run to start the second. 40-20 six hoyas. later in the second, the hoyas on cruise control. the pass, the circle around, finds the big man, josh smith, who slams it home. georgetown win 70-49. george mason, three minutes to go, mason down by one. wright, look at this. above the reverse layup.
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he finished with 16 points. george mason wins, 61-54. aty tuned for abc seven news 6:30 tomorrow with live coverage at fedex field of the redskins and giants. kickoff is set for 8:30. i may be in a parker.
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>> michael jordan is about to become a dad again. jordan and his new wife are expecting their first child. jordan is 50. he has three children from a previous marriage.


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