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tv   ABC 7 News at 630  ABC  December 1, 2013 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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>> live from the abc 7 broadcast center, this is abc seven news at 6:30 -- on your side. investigators with the national transportation safety board are in new york city right now, trying to figure out what led to a deadly train derailment. plus, the salvation army out of tens of thousands of dollars after burglars swipe donations. and the debate is over -- the national zoo's panda cub has a new name. but we are going to begin with a tragic end to the holiday weekend. four people killed and more than 60 injured on the metro-north train as it was rounded -- rounding the curve, close to landing in the harlem river. we've got more now on our top
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story. >> seven passenger train cards left scattered, the aftermath of a deadly train derailment in new york city. >> amazing pictures from this horrific scene. >> the train was headed from poughkeepsie new york to grand central terminal, rounding a curve at around 7:20 when some passengers were suddenly thrown from their seats. >> all of a sudden, the train felt a little more sideways than it should be grade by the time i looked up, it was completely going off it tracked and it was rubble flying at my face. >> the train cars getting and coming dangerously close to landing in the harlem river. the force was so great that at least three of the m's were ejected from the train. dozens of others were hurt. lex it started to make a loud shifting noise with the tracks and then the next thing i know, two people from across the train
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come flying at me and fell on top of me. i couldn't believe we were flipping over. >> first responders rush to the scene -- a delicate, difficult efforts to save those trapped in the wreckage. >> somebody was critically injured. we had to cut some of the people from within the train. >> ntsb investigators are looking to determine what caused the derailment. we want to understand not just what happened but wyatt happened but intended -- but prevent it from happening again. >> one person on the train said it seemed to be going much faster than usual. just one of the factors investigators are looking into. empire service between new york city and albany resume this afternoon with some delays. the northeast corridor or service between boston and washington has not been impacted
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and the new haven line was not affected. the obama administration says it is confident that is fixed. debuted two months ago and was plagued by technical problems. experts say the site should allow at least 50 thousand people at any given time to log on or 800,000 people a day. more thandays and 123,000 votes, we finally learned the name of the national zoo's and the cup -- it is bao bao. visitors waited for hours to witness the naming ceremony. >> a lot of people came from very far away to take part in the excitement today. tradition to a 100 days after the birth of baby to celebrate that baby's life. that is why zookeepers waited team -- waited so long to give the panda her name and today, the wait is finally over. after 100 days of waiting,
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guessing and hoping, today, the national zoo's panda cub finally gets her name. fax 3, 2, 1. >> the pride of the national zoo is named bao bao, meaning precious or treasure. more than 120,000 people voted online for one of five different names. most votesured the but it's not a named christine harper and her friends picked. she pulled in from maryland at 7:30 a.m., securing her spot for the highly anticipated naming ceremony. >> this is a very special, exciting momentum. >> excitement shared by howard lavelle. >> this is a once-in-a-lifetime thing. >> with just 300 pandas in human care around the world, bao bao
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is a meaningful addition to these severely endangered animals. the zoo director says over the last 41 years, just to baby and is have been born here and bao only female. >> these animals are very precious annals to us. >> and to the visitors -- they say they usually see 2 million visitors per year but he expects an extra 400,000 people will flock to these fences, lured in by the baby panda. there is a lot of excitement today, with people coming in just to be part of the excitement. but there is a sad caveat, we have an agreement with the chinese that we only get to keep bao bao for four years. after that, we have to send her back to the other side of the world. thank you. those attending the naming ceremony had to brave the cold weather.
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steve rudin is standing by to tell us what is ahead for the overnight. >> we have another cold night ahead, but not as cold as it has been for the past couple of nights. take a look at the temperatures outside -- 42 at ellis. 47 at winchester. head over to southern maryland and you're looking at 38 in lexington park. radar, talking about mostly cloudy skies as it moves through the evening and overnight hours. that will keep temperatures milder than we had early this morning. no problems at all this evening. temperatures range around 40 to 45 degrees. mid to upper 50s to around 60, we have some in our extended outlook. when and for how long in our extended outlook. >> the redskins are less than two hours away from kickoff at fedex field, hoping to snap a three-game losing streak with a win tonight against a giants. britt mchenry is live at fedex thed and we are all hoping
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guys are separate big victory. >> i don't have my panda hat, but it is very cold out here. it's been a trying season for robert griffin iii. 67 combined games with baylor and the redskins -- he's never gone without scoring offensive touchdown. last monday against the 49ers -- it has been rough, that was prime time. but the show must go on. rg iii arrived about half an hour ago. claims that there was discontent between him and his linemen and said this team needs to keep their head forward with eyes on the prize for this game against giants. who theow we are not record says we are. it wouldn't be this hard and no one would be criticizing if we didn't think we were a good team. we haven't played like a good
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team and we've got to get back to that. -- that isfocus area our focus. >> and you will need more receivers -- jordan reed is back active in the mix and brad davis is likely to see more play time. we will have a more in-depth look coming up and sports. >> thank you. thousands of dollars in , theions gone great head search for those behind a break- in at a local salvation army. from theatic video crash that took the life of actor paul walker. and spreading a life-saving message be on the pulpit -- how
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>> some new details in the fiery crash that killed actor paul walker and his friend. the l a county sheriff's department says speed was a factor in yesterday's accident.
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deputy say a portion crashed into a tree and numbers into a flood -- burst into flames. the area had a speed limit of 45 miles per hour. the actors friend was behind the wheel at the time. alker was in valencia for fundraiser benefiting victims of the recent typhoon in the philippines. ofurate home, thousands dollars in generous donations all gone. police say someone broke into the salvation army on martin luther king jr. avenue in southeast ec and took $10,000. richard reid has reaction to this bold step. >> it tears at your heart. >> at least two offices were ransacked, the candles jimmied open in the safe and eat out. >> is our. callous and insensitive. i'm really shocked. >> all of this, the remnants of an overnight robbery. , $10,000. >> it has to be a very desperate her some.
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-- a very desperate person. just bring the money back. >> what is gut wrenching is that the target of the break-in is a salvation army office. >> you are stealing from an organization that helps people who have needs. >> authorities believe between one to three masked men did this days after thanksgiving. police believe the burglars came through the alley, climbed up this wall here and went across the fence come over the concrete barrier and into the building. >> they went over the back door and broke the window and. >> the salvation army commander is a former baltimore police officer. >> why would someone even think to do it to a charity? wax he says once inside, that these jimmied open an office door and smashed windows. --to come over and do that they are trying to help other people. >> police hope fingerprints and surveillance video will help solve the case, a crime that has many shaking their heads.
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>> around the globe today, people marked world aids day. in our region, church leaders at first baptist talk to the congregation about the importance of getting tested. the center for disease control says a corner of a million americans have hiv aids but don't know it a café haven't been tested. when we return, a look at the forecast.
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>> this is a big day for people who follow meteorology because it is the official start of winter. >> meteorological winter. >> it is cold out there. >> the good news is we finally have warmer weather on the way and i know you are waiting to
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see the seven-day. you will love what is on the way , unfortunately you will not have a lot of time to love it. 42 degrees at reagan national. wind chill is at 38 because the winds are out of the south at six miles an hour. temperature today up to 48 at reagan national airport. normally, we see highs in the lower 50s. the record in 2006 -- look how .o cold it can get 14 degrees in 1936. 42 in springfield after a high of 46. up to 49 at george washington university. -- theirnot a problem high today cracked the 50 degree mark. 34 in hagerstown. further to the south, 48 in manassas. quantico at 40 degrees. the coldness of the air well to the north with mild temperatures to the south of us.
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we are looking for the mild air to bubble across our area over the coming days. a 24 hour temperature change compared to where i felt like this time -- we are four degrees warmer. that is a good indicator of what is on the way as we move through the coming days. satellite and radar, mostly cloudy skies, watching an area of low pressure just off the north carolina coast. this will slowly drift off toward the north and west and will barely scrape the southern delmar road for the day tomorrow. that means we will see increased clouds and a chance for a pop-up shower. for the district and points north and montgomery county, and no rain to speak of tomorrow or tomorrow night. our next best chance will come this upcoming week. here is our futurecast -- daytime highs tomorrow still on the chilly side with partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. on tuesday, temperatures will bump a little bit back to around
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50 degrees and then even milder on wednesday, thursday and half the day on friday. we have a stronger cold front that will drop our temperatures for the upcoming weekend. partly to mostly cloudy tonight. the wind out of the northeast at one to three miles an hour. north and west of d.c. and a chance for showers across southern maryland. here is the warm-up i was talking about. that's thanks to a warm front that will not last for long. the cold front will arrive on friday and that will increase our chances for showers. once the cold front clears the area, saturday and sunday, it will be much colder. probably the coldest temperatures we've seen this season for next week. total cold will have air across the rockies this week. >> that is after we get to the upper 50s. >> yes. >> temperatures are 39 degrees at fedex field which is why rick
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mchenry is bundled up area but things will get even more cold of these boys don't win tonight. >> our resident floridian here, i know that. this game could have serious implications for mike shanahan and the coaching staff as shanahan goes into the final year of his contract. a course, there will be bright light shining on returning players as well. stephen bowen will be out of the mix tonight. the key needs to be disciplined for all the redskins defense as they try to stop
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>> and now, the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> we have some breaking news
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live here at fedex -- jordan reed will now be an active for the redskins. before the headache game reportedly. espn reported that grade he's apparently suffering symptoms from the concussion he had that sidelined him in the 49ers game. meanwhile, this game will have serious implications for the coaching staff and returning players. they need to try to do something against a sub 500 team and divisional opponent, heating and the giants improved run game area they cannot give up another 49 yard touchdown like they did last year. present not about the or even the past, it's about the future and what this team can do. east, familiarity can breed content or something like it. have had the same head coach my whole time here. he offense coordinator has been the same. so we know their personalities. >> post -- both teams know what
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that stake -- the redskins lose and their playoff hopes are officially shattered. but from the sound of it, they already are. come. years to >> the future is not clear for everyone else. robert griffin iii continues to take big hits on the field and off of it from stories of discontent in the locker room. >> we are fine. just cut that right there. we are fine. >> to a spotlight that is now glaring on him. known asse favorite is rg iii and eight. even he has taken notice of the shift. >> when it comes to not looking at that outsides tough, it can be hard because somewhere or another, somehow things find their way to being right in front of your eyes. in moments like this, you say keep your head up, but we have to make sure we keep our eyes on the prize and keep our head down
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and away from everything else. >> airheads may be down but their ears are open. >> you've got this problem with fred and this problem with griff and so and so -- it just becomes annoying at times. >> leave it outside. we have one goal every week and that's to come here and get better together. all of that other stuff that's going on, we are about what we focus on. >> tonight, the focus is about the giants. the team that went from zero and six to actually being in the hunt for the division. of turnovers, lot that's the big thing early in the season. ofy have been playing a lot mistake free football and getting back to the running game and that has been helping them out a lot. eli is still the same guy. he is a hell of a quarterback. >> don't expect the redskins to where the hits without a fight. >> you will see a team coming out of here thinking they can jump on us because we are down, but we have to keep fighting.
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now with jordan reed sidelined, expect to see him in the place area we will be live here at fedex field. >>
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>> not a bad night. temperatures calling to the lower 30s in the district. tomorrow, around 50 degrees on tuesday. look at the warming trend -- i can't call it a trend. it's not going to last long. a better chance for showers and colder next weekend.
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some questions about sunday -- could we see some flakes? we will see. >> hope to see you at 11:00 tonight. people go to a mattress store and essentially they just get sold something.
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bergeron: here's a sneak peek at tonight's "afv." we dare you not to laugh. [ laughter ] [ groans ] welcome to "america's funniest home videos." and now, here he is, the host of "afv"... tom bergeron! aah! thank you very much! thank you.


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