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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  December 2, 2013 5:00am-6:01am EST

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>> right now, a water main break along one of our busiest roads is threatening to make a mess to the morning commute. we're live on the scene. >> plus, a move that could impact your lunch plans. >> and, remember this man faking a fall and suing the metro? we have an update on that story. >> good monday morning to you. good morning, washington. i'm autria godfrey. >> and we go right to jacqui jeras. it looks like a little bit of a
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warm day? >> better than late last week, one of the coldest thanksgivings we've had in more than a decade, for sure. clouds are here and that is giving as you good start in terms of temperatures. 38 at dulles. 36 in frederick. weather headlines for today, more cloud cover than surgeon, although we will -- than sunshine, although we will get peeks here and there. overall, warmer conditions expected the rest of the week. we could hit 60 before the week is out. i will have all the details on that coming up from the belfort furniture weather center in your seven-day forecast. back to you. >> we are following not one but two water main breaks causing huge messes this morning. >> one is in gaithersburg.
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>> the other impact is on benning road in the district. our john gonzalez is live in northeast with the very latest. john, how are things right now in. >> a lot of work behind us and jackhammering also, and this is going to be the case here on benning road and bladensburg road for the next several hours. i will step out of the way so you can take a look. this is phase one of a very long job throughout the day at a very busy intersection. i spoke to a supervisor. skied him how many gallons of watt we're gushing out of here. he said tens of thousands and described it as a small river. we understand a 12-inch main that runs under benning road has what is called a blow-off mechanism, a value that helps drain the record from this very old pipe. how the super here described it.
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that valve ruptures and this is definitely cold weather related. again, this is benning and bladensburg. if you're familiar with this area in northwest d.c., you know how busy this area is and how much work is going on here. this is phase one, literally just starting to deg, basically break open the road so they can get underneath and figure out exactly how bad of a break they're dealing with here. but, the supervisor says, at best, the learns here at the intersection heading into the city will not reopen until some time this evening. reporting live, john gonzalez, abc7 news. >> well, thank you very much, john. looking at not only benning road but in addition to our problems there, we have a crash out of bounds new york avenue. luckily for folks heading into work today, this crash is on the out of bounds side of new york avenue and not affecting the
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inbound lanes. the best bet to avoid the situation and benning road, go inbound new york avenue and i will get into town much more easily there. moving to 270, you will tape delays open and running very well there. no reported problems on 270. however, the water main break on gold kettle drive is going to affect diamond back drive and that runs between muddy gray branch road and great seneca highway. use that to sam ig and then south to 270. autria, brad, back to you. >> food trucks in d.c. will have to start parking in assigned spots. >> this is all part of a lottery. we understand some food truck owners not happy about this. >> yeah, this is a big issue that came up a couple months
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ago. the direct was trying to get a hand he will on exactly what the food trucks were doing. they were popular but unregulated, until today. the downtown plaza, this is one of the eight popular locations where people like to.come and congregate in this dining experience. there are about 95 spaces throughout the district that were part of this lottery system. there are approximately 250 drugs in the district. what this lottery means is that those trucks will be in certain spots on certain days, and if they don't participate in the program, they have to stay at least 200 feet away from the designated locations. some of the more popular locations include union station and franklin swear. they're working very hard to try to get a listing of exactly where the trucks will be on which days online so people can go online to the website and check that out. a lot of these trucks take to twitter and facebook and let their customers know in that way.
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the trucks will have about six feet of on you be instructed sidewalk to do their business. reserved parking spaces are going to be put out temporarily until people get used to this system. they say anything that is unauthorized will either be ticketed or towed. those new regulations about into effect today, and truck spaces are reserved from 10:30 in the morning until 2:30 in the afternoon. reporting live in northwest washington, suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. >> too bad there is no breakfast truck out there for her. >> no kidding. >> we saw cold snap over the weekend, but we got off lucky compared to those up north. >> icy roads caused a major mess. >> icy [ female announcer ] you get sick, you can't breathe through your nose...
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>> icy roads are being blamed for massive pile up in massachusetts. investigators say 65 cars and three tractor trailers were tied up in the crash. about 35 to 40 people had to be
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taken to local hospitals. two of the people in that crash were actually seriously injured. >> some drivers were describing it as a thin sheet of ice, like they were driving on pond. remarkable not more people are were seriously injured. are we like that any time in the near future, jacqui jeras? >> we're good overall. we have that water main break, but our temperatures are above freezing so we're not concerned about ice why you roads. in fact, our temperatures will swing on the upside the next couple days. if you haven't put up the holiday lights, this would be a great week to do that. we have the walk out the door weather in storm chaser 7. eileen whelan has a special guest in gaithersburg. >> a special show, look behind me at how fantastically lit it
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is. they have all the lights and they have it sinked up to the -- synced up to the radio. you tune in to 89.9 and listen to the christmas music and they have it in sync with all the lights flowing in the dark. it is absolutely fantastic. even better is how excited the family is. joining me is the family. good morning. you are so energetic, i wish i could steal some of it. how long have you been doing this? >> this is my second year doing the christmas light show. last year was 6,000 lights this year a little over 10,000 lights and, hopefully, next year i can do some more. >> how exactly you do sync up the lights to the music. what is the process? >> the process is me sitting down in front of the computer and telling the program what lights to turn on and off. typically, a song takes three hours to four hours. >> a lot of dedication and hard
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work. i do help your dad with this? >> yes. >> and are you excited for your friends to see this? >> yes, very excited. last night we had our first night and a whole group was out there with cookies and donuts. the donuts were really good. >> wonderful. we are having a lot of fun and we would love to see your photos. so send them in to us. we will continue to enjoy the festiveness here. i know things are moving and grooving as people are getting back to work and school this morning. let's head to jim lavin at wtop. >> thank you very much, eileen. better dealing with problems this morning. benning road shut counsel between 17th street, due a water main break. and in addition to our problems there, we have a crash new york avenue with the anicostia crossing. the crash is on the out of bounds side of new york avenue. keep in mind on 270, everything is running well. but, gold kettle drive, the water main break, problems for folks on diamond back drive.
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running between muddy branch and great seneca highway that will get to you 270. autria and brad, back to you. >> thank you very much, jim. we're hoping to learn more about the deadly train wreck in new york. investigators are on the keep in mind, we will tell you what they're looking at today. >> it started with a fall and [ male announcer ] give yourself the ultimate holiday gift!
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>> in our top stories at 5:16, crews are working on fixing a water main break in d.c., at bladensburg road and benning road this could impact the rush hour traffic. and, check out this water main break in gaithersburg. right now, crews are trying to find the actual location of the break and a little lake has formed on goldket he will -- gold kettle drive. and, food trucks will have assigned spaces. those who don't will have to pay 200 feet from assigned spaces and pay parking meter fees.
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>> and, the boys in burgundy fall. the marker was moved by the referee to the wrong position. many wonder if it cost the skins the game. >> the ntsb is still on the scene of the deadly train derailment in new york. four people were hurt and more than 60 hurt when the train left the track on a sharp curve. many described the train as speeding and the experience a nightmare. investigators have found the train's black boxes. >> our mission is to understand not just what happened but why it happened. >> investigators will be looking into track conditions, the train's equipment and the train's signal system, as well as the train's operators.
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>> in the day ahead, the house oversight committee will hold a hearing on building heights in washington, d.c. earlier, they rejected higher structures in outlying parts of the city. congress will now take up the issue. and, a maryland man is due in d.c. superior court, accuseof the making a fall on a banana peel in a metro station and suing the metro. he was charged with fraud after security video showed hip dropping the peel on the ground. owens sues the metro for $15,000, claiming he injured his leg and hip in the fall . that case was thrown out, just like the banana peel. >> he must have been watching too much wiley coyote. >> 5:15 now. definitely not as bad as last week, weather wise. >> finally.
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feels good. this is a week we want to get outside with the temperature on the upswing. it won't last for every. the seven-day has ups and downs. 43 degrees the starting point this morning. winds are calm so no wind chill factor, either. winds will be relatively light today and tomorrow. sometimes that's the real killer when it is coal outside, that wind as adding insult to injury. no issues with that today. with the water main break that will stay of the liquid variety. 38 ats dulles airport. 40 at bwi and 37 at lexington park. we are going to be mild today across the mid atlantic and the southeast. look at this bubble across the plain states. that is much warmer air that is pushing eastward so watch for a warming trend. we have a fair amount of cloud core to start our day, and let's stick with that through the
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better part of the day. notice it is low overcast. a cold asment developing here, that is close enough to bring a few clouds, especially in southern maryland but nothing major and no rainfall associated with it. the big story across the country today, the northern rockies. this is going to be a huge storm and a big maker across the country for the next week or so. a big blast of arctic air starts moving in . they will see heavy snow in the rockies. denver to the middle of the week. heading our way eventually by the end of the week. in the meantime, traps between systems so quite a bit of cloudiness. 45 to 50 degrees this afternoon. for tonight, mostly cloudy. still pretty good. 32 to 39 degrees. into the 50s now and on your wednesday, around 60 degrees by thursday and then the changes begin with some wet weather moving in. friday looks pretty wet, just in the morning on saturday. sunday could get interesting. we will keep a close eye on that system in the rockies now.
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roads are all dry as we head back to work and reality today. >> for the most part, rides are clear and dry but not in gaithersburg as we can see great seneca and sam ige is moving well. just up the street, we have brig problems year gold kettle and dry monday back. use great seneca highway, the best bet to make your way down to the city. on new york avenue, a crash on the outbound side of new york, just before bw parkway so use caution there. i'm jim lavin. we're back to you. >> thank you, jim. call it unmanned airmail. this is spooky. amazon wants to build your next order by drone.
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>> imagine looking out your window and don't see the mailman but a drone. we've got everything you need to know before you log on. here is john mule we are -- john mule we
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>> police are investing a suspicious death at the arrow head stadium. a man was found in a car belonging to another person. that led to some kind of altercation. the man then was found on the ground, not breathing. that's the intruder in the car. he died in the hospital. police have three people in custody but they're not calling them suspects. the man's cause of death, at
5:25 am
this point, is not clear. here is your chance to own a car once owned by a famous movie star. >> let the bidding begin. a 1999 lexus originally owned by leonardo dicaprio, one of hollywood's leading men is on sale. it has 148,000 miles on it. >> first found the car on auto trader. when i had it inspected and checked out, i learned that the owner was broken productions, which turned it in off lease and the original driver was leonardo decaprio. >> they say his home is still programmed in the navigation system. i wonder how leo feels about that. bidding is 10,000hundred answer ending tomorrow night. if you want to buy a christmas gift for me. >> it is a weird blue. sorry.
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>> nod bidding? i would take it. >> the national zoo's panda cub finally has a name. >> sorry, it is not mylan for all you disney fans -- not mulan for all you disney fans out there, it is bao bao. during a ceremony on monday, sum and chinese dignitaries announced the name. zoo officials say they could venture outside with the her mother as soon as mid december. >> it is going to be panda-monuem out there. [laughter] sorry, last time. police believe three men broke into the building on martin luther king, jr. avenue
5:27 am
just after thanksgiving and managed to open several padlocked collectionket it wills and even -- kettles and even emptied out a safe. >> why someone would even think to do that to a charity. it breaks your heart. >> if you have any information, call the d.c. police. and, of course, they're working to replace all those donations stolen. >> they work so hard to collect all that money. and, this all happens this time of year with the rising and falling temperatures two water main breaks to tell by creating falling temperatures two water ma[ male announcer ] some things are simply better at home.
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>> welcome back. we continue to follow breaking news. check this out. two big water main breaks. the water is flowing. one in montgomery county is making a mess in gaithersburg in a neighborhood there, and the other one is in d.c., and it could impact the morning commute. ugly, ugly, ugly. >> absolutely. it looks like a lake in both situations. >> good morning, i'm brad bell. >> i'm autria godfrey. jummy has the day off. we have a live report from the scene with one of those water main breaks, with everything you need to know this morning. jacqui jeras, the good news, since it isn't cold we hopefully won't deal with any ice, making that commute much worse. >> if that froze up, it would be a skating rink and such a nightmare for so many people. temperatures are comfortable and we can thank the cloud cover across the region for keeping the temperatures up in the overnight hours. 43 degrees at reagan mat.
5:32 am
38 at dulles. gaithersburg at 39. 36 in fret rick. mostly cloudy, 40 degrees by 7:00. temperatures are warming up. we've got quite a change in the air this week. i will have the details from the belfort furniture weather center in just another few minutes. >> jacqui, up this. >> we're going to move along. let's go to john gonzalez standing out there knee deep. >> it is going to be a long operation. we're told six to eight hours. i asked a supervisor here, as we get a better look, how many people are affected, how many people are without water at this
5:33 am
hour? he says, they're so early into the work trying to get to this break, they're not exactly sure. they have to shut off some valves here and they're not sure how many folks at this time are affected. we can tell you, there are a number of homes, apartments in this area. this is bladensburg and benning road. if you're familiar with the area, this is right next to the old mall. we can tell you, this was a river just a short time ago here. we understand that a 12-inch main that runs under benning road here has what is called a blow-off, which is a valve that helped drain the water from what the supervisor here describes as a very old pipe. well, that ruptured and the supervisor here telling us this is definitely cold-weather related. again, this is a very busy intersection and the northbound lanes on bladensburg road and the lanes headed into the city
5:34 am
on benning road are shut down and that will be the case for some time. you can see the work going on. the road being ripped up right now. they've got to get under there. the infrastructure underneath has collapsed and they have to get in there to, basically, figure out how big of a problem they have. but, again, this will be closed for the remainder of the day. reporting live in northeast washington, john gonzalez, abc7 new as soon as john, thank you. unfortunately, we've got the same screen playing out in montgomery county. pictures of the water main break going on in gaithersburg. had is a live look along gold kettle drive. we just learned it is an eight-inch water main that broke. crews say it will take several hours to repair. it truly looks like a lake alone gold kettle drive. we have a cree on the way to the scene and we hope to have a live report in a few minutes. to see how this is going to impact your commute, let's get to jim lavin at wtop.
5:35 am
>> right now, great seneca and sam ige is the best bet to get around this problem. this water main break at gold kettle drive, runs between muddy branch and sam ide highway is shut down. use great seneca that will get to you 170 to move on. getting to the maps, 66, seg running well there -- everything is ringing well there. new york avenue, you shouldn't have any problem using new york avenue to get around the are problems on benning road. that is a look at traffic. back to you. >> thank you. jim is busy this morning. this is something else that will have an impact on traffic today, especially around lunchtime. today, food trucks in d.c. will have to start parking in assigned spots. >> suzannekle dean will have
5:36 am
more from lantan plaza. >> these spaces will be reserved from 10:30 to 2:30, very poplar dining destinations. if they don't participate in the program, they have to stay at least 200 feet away from the designated lotions. some of the more popular locations are
5:37 am
union station and franklin square. they're working very hard to try to get a listing of exactly where the trucks will be on which days online so people can go online to the website and check that out. a lot of these trucks take to twitter and facebook and let their customers know in that way. their customers know in that way. the trucks will have about six abreva can heal a cold sore in as few as 2 1/2 days when used at the first sign. without it, the virus spreads from cell to cell. unlike other treatments, abreva penetrates deep to block the virus, to protect healthy cells so cold sores heal fast. as fast as 2 1/2 days when used at the first sign. ♪ learn more at don't tough it out. knock it out! fast. [ female announcer ] only with abreva.
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>> i just want to say good morning, washington. >> what better way to wake up than with a hello from the reigning miss america. only she could look that way at 5:40 in the morning. [laughter] she is bright and beautiful because she sen joying -- is enjoying this weather. >> you now is a time to put you will your holiday lights if you haven't already. the walk out the door weather, we promised you a few weeks ago that eileen whelan would be checking out places across town, and you're in gaithersburg this morning. >> we're at probably one of the most decked out houses that i have seen. this family, they've got quite
5:41 am
the light show. behind me, over 10,000 lights that are sunk -- that are synced up to holiday tunes. hello to you. how exactly you do sync up the lights. >> it takes a lot of debt death indication and time. -- a lot of dedication and time. there are two commuters, they tell what to turn on and off. it is a labor of love. >> i'm sure your neighbors appreciate it, as well. show your awesome shirt. what does it say? >> oh, snap. >> with a beginninger bread man. they are all synced up to the lights and music. you turn on your radio and jam out to the music.
5:42 am
now send it to weather and? >> toss to jim. >> your house is just beautiful. santa won't have any problems finding it. the water manu break has everything a mess -- main break has everything a mess in gaithersburg. best bet is sam eig to 270 and the beltway. he have is -- 66 is running well now. all the way um to dumfries, spiting are only 45 to 50 miles per hour. but that is okay. earlier crash activity, bw parkway, all cleared and out of the way. >> this starts as a run of the mel road wreck. >> and quickly turned explosive,
5:43 am
what caused this dangerous display on the street. it
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5:46 am
>> 5:36 now. investigators where the national transportation safety board are on the scene of as deadly train derailment this new york. four people were killed and more than 60 hurt. passenger described train as speeding and the experience a nightmare. >> there was people flying everywhere. >> investigators did find the train's black box in good condition overnight. they will look track conditions, the train's equipment, the signal system and, of course, the train's operator. >> in the day ahead, mrs. building height restrictions will be the focus of a hearing with the oversight
5:47 am
committee. congress will now take up the issue. >> and, unveiling is set for 5:00 at the library of virginia in richmond. an emotional bearing at the scene of the crash that killed actor paul walker. friend and fellow active tyrese gibson cried. police say speed was a factor in saturday's crash in valencia in southern california. investigators say walker was a passenger in a car driven by his friend. it slammed into a light pole and burst into flames, killing both of them. >> 5:47 now. we have even more video similar to that. this is new video in our newsroom of a truck accident that kept firefighters busy for hours. a truck carrying eight tons of fireworks killed after a crash in china. firefighters evacuate people
5:48 am
after he it took crews five and a half hours to put out the flames. witness say the truck may have hit electric capable cables. >> christmas is coming early for some children today. volunteers are coming together to celebrate the holiday with children need at the royal inn motel. police from fire departments will be on hand to decorate the christmas tree. at 6:00, santa himself will be riding in on a fire truck. >> now that the national zoo's panda cub is old enough to have a name, 100 days by the way, she finally has one. >> looking good. it is bao bao. keeping with chinese tradition, the name was announced on sunday just as she was turning 100 days old . this is video interest that ceremony. u.s. and chinese dignitaries held that ceremony at the national zoo. the name in mandarin means precious or treasure.
5:49 am
>> i like the name bao bao. kind of sounds cute and cuddly. >> pandas are may favorite animal. i would love to meet her. >> just cute. >> you can like and pandas and tigers. we've only got tone see hervey i can't the panda cam. she could venture outside with her mother as early as mid december. you can bet it will be very exciting. coming up new, he soars away with the prize but also filming his escape into plus, talling up the cost of buying all 12 items in the 12 days of christmas song what will exactly costs more this year. >> and, you that i regular rue bics cube is tough, try working with one that is the size of a building. we've got more on this puzzle facade, all new to come here at 6:00. >> you think it is 1st down and that's all i know. >> a break down between officials may have cost the skin
5:50 am
as chance at a win. driving down the field late, rg-3 and company believed they had converted on 2nd and 5. they were under that impression because the chain gang moved the states but the officials negative actually made it 3rd down. all that confusion eventually resulted in the game ending in a turnover. >> and hearts broke all across the dmv. >> what i said before, they could have scored more points, can you blame the officials all you want. >> don't wait until the last minute. what are they going to learn that in. >> it means the skins are out of the play-off. even with a win, the post season was only a slight mathematics possibility. >> but some fan were still holding up. brett mchenry reveals how the news gets even worse. >> the washington mans, the
5:51 am
actually game is this thought the skins are projected to have the second overall nick next year's draft way go to st. louis from the rg-3 trade. redskins, first drive, down the field. punch it is in from a yard out, 7-0 skins. second quarter, rg-3 goes over the middle to paulsen for the such. griffin was 16 and 17 passing in the first half, rushed more than 50-yards. it looks like they're doing great but there we go. giants take the lead 21-17. less than two minutes to go. redskins go for it on 4th and 1 and the giants are able to strip the ball right out of his hands. then, they run out the clock. redskins 24-17, they fall to 3hand 9 on the season. that is a look at your sports.
5:52 am
have a great day. >> some set backs this morning for a new stadium for d.c. united. the administrator missed a dead line tell the city how to they would get the site. and deal announced why july, the district and the team would split the $300,000 price tag. the deadline would give the council time to approve the plan before the end of the year. now the administrator says he plans to make, quote, substantial progress this month. councilmembers don't want to rush such a pricey decision. it is pricey. >> and so many fans already looking forward to that stadium what will are you going to do. jacqui jeras is here with a look at the forecast. and jim at wtop traffic is busy, and you're getting a little bit of a reprieve after how busy you were last week. >> a quiet forecast the next couple days. but, if you're tired of the
5:53 am
cold, we have a nice warm up in store. things could get more interesting late this week. meantime, thankfully, we're above the freezing mark. we have beautiful pictures to show you this weekend. take a look at this lovely shot. hope you all had a chance to go out and do walking or hiking with the familiarly or play family football after this meal. we need to work off some of that. great weather to do that the next few days or put up your holiday decorations, as well. winds are calm now, so no wind chill took deal with it feels comfortable in most spots. you still need a coat. the temperature in culpepper is 39. fredricksburg at 37. 39 in quantico and 41 degrees this morning in annapolis. high temperatures today should get up around average, which is 51 for this time of the year. upper 40s for the most part. we will be a little bit warmer in d.c. notice the big bubble of warm
5:54 am
air across the plain states. that is going to be pushing our way the next couple days so a nice, gradual up, up, up on the thermometer throughout much of the week. low-pressure off the coast of north carolina. a warm front to the north so we will see a fair amount of cloud cover throughout the day today. the big story across the country is this weather maker in the rockies. it will take a dive down to the south, move to the east and make its way to us potentially by late in next weekend. meantime, we will see a mix of sunshine and clouds as we're in between the two weather systems. we will call it partly sunny this afternoon, highs in the upper 40s to around 50 degrees. tonight, mostly cloudy. 32 to 39 degrees. tomorrow we will make it into the lower 50s across the region. mid 50s by your wednesday. around 60 degrees thursday. and showers thursday and friday, should end thursday and friday. most of saturday looking pretty good so far. look at this big drop in the
5:55 am
temperatures. upper 30s by the end of the weekend. that's your forecast. get the latest on the roads this morning. we have jim lavin in this morning. >> at my house, which put away the big gray vie boat after the big weekend but now we me need a riverboat. as you get into our maps, you will see gold kettle drive, the water main break is causing problems. we suggest you take great seneca highway, over to sam eig where you can proceed down to the belt way. 95, some building volumes there and new york avenue, crash cleared becauseaway on the outbound side of the roadway. find benning road shut down, bladensburg roads because of the water main break. back to you. >> thank you, jim. it is not just lasagna and bread sticks any more. olive garden will start serving
5:56 am
5:57 am
5:58 am
>> olive garden, known for their casual eye and it yale -- casual italian food, the "tour of
5:59 am
italy", and bread sticks and salad. >> sales of foot traffic have been on the decline and now it wants to beef up the men menu literally. they would have mushrooms, tome spread, garlic apartment spread on the side. they're trying to compete with applebee's, red robin. one person says he is skeptical, like mcdonald's offering a pasta meal. the burger is expected to be rolled out. that's the latest from new york. back to you. >> ellen, would you give it a try? >> vegetarian? >> so no. >> i'll stick with the fast. >> good to know. thank you, ellen. have had a great day. >> would you give it a try? >> sure. >> you peel are so healthy. >> don't want to be. >> we've got another hour of
6:00 am
news that starts right now. >> water trouble for two communities that could cause problems for hours. where the break is impacting the morning commute. >> and another water main break in gaithersburg, this is the pond over the road there. we will talk about that, as well. >> at least we're shaking off the really cold weather. >> 41 degrees in the median d.c. area, a nice change from last weak. good morning, i'm autria godfrey. >> i'll brad bell. jummy has the day off. let's get to jacqui jeras with weather. >> we have the cloud cover that helps keep the temperatures warmer, thankfully. with those water main breaks can you recollectna


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