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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  December 2, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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>> this is your declaration that you are seeking reelection? >> i have filled the petitions out. think we will get the required number of signatures to be on the ballot. >> supporters asked the mayor why it took so long. mayor gray said that he was hoping the investigation into his 2010 campaign by u.s. attorney ronald mei chi been concluded by this time. he will go ahead. he said he has not done anything wrong and will pick up his petitions we can possibly declare for mayor. he has not absolutely declared, but it may be -- it looks at this point that it may be happening. at least five people running for mayor. three members of city council and to others.
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i asked him if he will be joining them in the forms and he and he hasthe forums not decided whether that will happen. reporting live from northwest washington, sam ford, abc 7 news. >> thank you for that. millions of people across the metro area will likely have to pay more to get from point a to point b in the near future. this budget proposal that would charge more to ride the trains and buses, and even to part at the stations. proposal isto this hermetic. some people, especially low-wage earners who rely -- is dramatic. some people, especially low-wage earners who rely on public transport are upset. some say they are willing to pay more if it improves service. increase,e, it a fare
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even a small one, adds up. >> oh, my god. it's not ok. theetro wants to increase fare three percent, bringing the regular fare to three dollars. most bus passengers will or $.15 under this proposal. right now, a metro smart trip -- and it is going up to 165. -- is 100 -- $1.60 and is expected to go up to $1.65. >> by the time you add on the parking fees to the coming and going fees and the bus to have to take, it makes almost as much sense to drive. >> metro says it needs more cash to continue its upgrades for the system. it is in the midst of a $5 billion overhaul. make they need to improvements, then i guess i'm
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all for it. >> but some passengers side problems throughout the system despite their claims of progress. one man questions where the money is going. still break down. i think they need some kind of budgetary responsibility. budget proposal will be unveiled for the board on thursday. then will be a series of public hearings where metro will try to get support for this budget among passengers and area governors -- governments that are heavily funding them -- the transit system. forhe full budget proposal fiscal 2014 is 2.9 billion dollars and the fiscal year begins july 1, 2014. >> two boys aged 12 and 13 years old are now in a juvenile detention facility, accused of sexually assaulting an 11-year- old girl. police say they assault happened the day before things giving right across the street from a
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school on blackburn road in woodbridge. it -- kennethef is live at the police headquarters. the two juveniles are facing felony criminal charges. prince william county police are saying they are doing whatever they can to help that young victim move forward. in this section of low -- of woodbridge where the crime occurred, all anyone can think about is the 11-year-old victim. >> we feel sad for the little girl. >> heartbreak, oh, my god. oh, my goodness, i don't know. that is awful. >> last wednesday morning, the girl told police that earlier that morning she was held down and sexually assaulted by two males in the backyard of her house. prince william county police spoke with the girl at blackburn road near the middle school where she lives -- near where she lives. later that day, police arrested
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a 12-year-old and a 13-year-old boy, who were charged with forcible sodomy and intention of objection. for anyone,tic the fact that is a juvenile makes it more traumatic. >> it is unknown if any adults were home at the time of the assault. >> is a shocking to hear that. i have children that go to that school. it is a little alarming, but i'm glad that they were apprehended. >> this woman is a grandmother to a teenage girl, and says she likelying for the victim dealing with so much pain. >> that is something you keep for the rest of your life. >> we reached out to the prince william county school district for a comment on this incident, but did not hear back. the 12 and the 13-year-old suspects meanwhile will remain at the juvenile detention center without bond until their first court hearing on december 19.
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>> crews are still working to fix an eight inch water main break in montgomery county tonight. it was discovered about 4:00 this morning in the 100 block of gold kettle drive in gaithersburg. residents wade through the water as they walked out of their homes. now, the leak is affecting more than four dozen customers. and meanwhile tonight, crews are working to fix a broken water main on bladensburg road in northeast d.c.. officials discovered a broken 12 inch water main earlier this morning. it lead to closures along a busy stretch of road. businesses in the nearby plaza were the only customers left without water. >> after an unseasonably cold november, things are warming up a little bit for the first week of december. >> but don't get too excited. doug hill is in the weather center with the first check of -- of therecast
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forecast. >> the big question is when the cold air returns, possibly as early as the weekend. more coming up about that. right now, 47 at reagan national. dry air and the winds are fairly light. 46 engages bird. 42 in martinsburg and hagerstown. 46 on the beachfront in ocean city, maryland. we will slowly drop and the lower 40 path with a light northeasterly wind. temperatures remain above freezing tonight, 33-38. clear tomorrow. a lot of clouds off the coast and a little sunshine in our future. >> new details about the man shot and killed inside the forest grove gas station early this morning. it all went down at a bp on forest -- on walters lane.
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>> the man is identified as 25- year-old delante jackson of fort washington. neighbors tell us they have had shootings in the area, but the notion of a killing inside a well lighted gas station has a lot of folks concerned. >> a murder mystery inside the forest to build gas station. >> i heard somebody got shot appear last night, but i didn't see anything. >> please responded to a shooting call on the 3200 block lanelters rain -- walters around 3:00 in the morning. a man in his 20s was shot multiple times. >> we are trying to establish a motive and follow leads. >> the man died later at the hospital. somebody come in the morning and shoot the gun. >> y? >> i don't know. >> there was an atm just yards from where the victim was shot.
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the western union service counter is nearby. police say the motive for the killing appears to be a robbery. neighbors say there have been a quiche and all shootings in the area, but crime seemed to have dropped because of an increased police presence. >> it is scary, because it is so close to me and i ride the bus every morning. it could have been me. >> surveillance cameras are providing clues and neighbors say the station is a gathering place for young men at night, potentially bringing trouble. >> we got a lot of young guys around all the time. something's going to happen. >> this continues to be a very active investigation. a saturationeing of controls in the neighborhood. a $25,000 ward for information in this case. -- reward for information this case.
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>> new details in the crash that killed actor paul walker. what witnesses are now telling police about the moments before that fiery crash. >> plus a popular montgomery county teacher pleads guilty. still ahead, why he can still remain in a classroom. stoop --could a drone soon be delivering packages to your doorstep? >> this day is the single largest e-commerce day year- round. >>
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>> now to a developing story about the crash that killed actor paul walker, who was known movies about fast cars. drag racing may have been happening. speed was a factor. now they are looking into whether another car veered in front of the porsche that walker was riding in and caused the crash. >> federal officials just confirmed that a train and crashed in the bronx over the weekend was going too fast when he got to that sharp curve.
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a national transportation safety board spokeswoman just announced the train was going 82 miles per hour at an 80 -- at 830 mile per hour curve. dozens were injured when it jumped the rail. quick piecing together answers in yesterday's deadly train derailment near you new york city. per limoneira reports show the train was traveling approximately 82 miles per hour as it went into a 30 mile per hour curve. >> new details were being gathered from the train operator , william rockefeller junior, and from the two black box reporters -- recorders salvaged wreckage.ecor it is part of the ongoing work here at the scene of the bronx. it careened off the tracks as it rounded a curve yesterday morning. injuring more than 60 passengers.
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>> up that i was going to died, to be honest. >> and killing several others. one was a leading expert on his way to work on the rockefeller christmas tree. he was a wonderful father, friend, and neighbor as well as person. >> investigators are working to find out exactly why this happened in hopes that it will also be the last. >> as the investigation continues, investigators are looking at the train operator cell phone to see if he made any calls or send me text messages around the time of the derailment. any text messages around the time of the derailment. >> lowering your cholesterol could reduce your risk of breast cancer. that is the word from
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researchers at duke university. they found cholesterol has buy that helps some breast cancers grow and spread. anticholesterol drugs help reduce this byproduct effects. dieting to glower your cholesterol could also help. lower your cholesterol could also help. >> world aids day is being marked by a major health project. >> today, i am pleased to announce a new initiative at the national institutes of health to advantage hiv cure. we will launch $100 million into new project to launch a generation of therapy. because the united states should be at the forefront of putting hiv into long-term remission. >> according to a new study, if current progress continues, the world will reach the beginning of the end of aids as soon as 2015. this monday after a long
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holiday, let's talk about the weather. it is nice and mild. >> it will warm up to maybe 60 or above by the end of the week. but then the cold air will come right back. start with a time lapse. this is from the naval academy. a changethe clouds do of direction. a glimpse of blue sky for a moment across southern maryland and the western shore of the bay. and then nighttime, clouds are thick as ever and will stay cloudy tonight. temperatures are not terribly cold. 48 degrees at the moment. that is out at chevy chase right now where the winds are very light. the region, temperatures a little below average. late afternoon temperatures in the low to mid 40 foss -- low to mid 40 cost. mid 40s.
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temperatures will drop, but only into the 30's overnight. it will be chilly and cloudy when you wake up in the morning, do the wind direction could a couple of things for us. it may bring some slightly milder temperatures and also a little bit of sunshine. in charleston, west virginia, 52 degrees. 37 in detroit. air by have that mild wednesday. by thursday, maybe 60 degrees or so. in new orleans, 72. that the time of year warm air masses always lose out to the cold air coming out of canada, it is denser air and larger area. low pressure offshore. computer models suggested east coast storms for sunday and monday.
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front will start to move through tomorrow. some clouds at times, breaking in with some sunshine. as we get later in the week, a northeastem from the will be dragging eastward. that is likely to bring us a couple of showers on thursday and probably some rain in spots on friday. high pressure will try to build in, giving a break in the overcast at times. tomorrow, partly sunny. will be a slow process watching this system approach later in the week. tonight, mostly cloudy and chilly, about 42. 36 in the morning on average. 50 degrees with sunshine by midday. 60, and 61. those are your lucky number was -- numbers today.
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then we get into the weekend and it looks like it will turn colder. we may have something develop along the cold front. maybe a little rain or wintry mix. it feels like december. the countdown to christmas is already on. abc primetime is already in the holiday spirit. kicking off with charlie brown christmas 8:00 tonight, followed by cma country christmas. country music stars will share their favorite contributions from a memories, and songs -- country traditions, memories, and songs. >> you will have a chance to win the event that nantz park next summer. >> everyday this week, we will do a clue of the day. all you have to do is take a clue over to and enter their. capy's clue is "pop peer
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tomorrow come -- today's clue is "pop." and we will have another tomorrow. good luck, everybody. list now know who made the of the most fascinating people of 2013. >> les arch campbell, our own fascinating person, is here to tell us about the floor saturday -- the four star movie that you may not even know about. >> a teacher accused
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>> a decorated rockville teacher accused of groping for young students has pleaded guilty to lesser charges. to threee then and him years of supervised probation. he is barred from teaching children under the age of six. we are live at the school where the assaults took place. >> this goes back to february 1 411-year-old students -- when old students said he touched their buttocks. teacher maintains his innocence. >> protected by family and peak --rs, timothy crew
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fromhy krupicka emerged court, but without prison time. the court case landed him in the poor house and damaged his career. >> he said he currently lives with his parents. his intent is to get a job in a completely different environment than teaching. >> in court, the mothers of two victims spoke, one saying, he approached my child from you time and dropped his hands to her chest. may his punishment have a sting that will hurt him. the second added, my daughter could not sleep. she had nightmares and ultimately went to counseling. he was grooming kids to see what he'll get away with. this could have gone much further. statement ontrong the part of both of those mothers and your heart goes out to them. >> still from the get go, a group of supporters has -- have stood by his side. his mother was seen with him he
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year. >> i have never seen that kind of support for an accused of a crime. >> what does that say to you? >> it says he's a fine young man, a well-liked teacher. as the families of the victims spoke in court today, they definitely felt their children had been assaulted. willit stands, krupica be on probation through 2016. if he sends -- if you break the law in that time, a judge could send him away for the next 12 years. >> kevin, thank you. a traveling medical technician who infected dozens of patients with hepatitis c was sentenced to 39 years in prison today. david krukowski admitted stealing pain pills and replacing them -- stealing pain medicines and replacing them with syringes tainted with his blood. hisnse lawyers blamed
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problemsn mental coupled with drug and out all of addiction. before he was sentenced, he will apologize for his crimes. >> just weeks before earned -- before christmas, how suspects got in and through their -- to the police are looking for. >> and in a well-known neighborhood, dupont circle.
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>> this is abc on your side. >> the search is on for two men who attacked a woman in dupont circle. >> it happened on connecticut avenue in a busy section of the district. jennifer donelan has what police are saying. >> it is one of those 24 hour hotspots here in the city. this is connecticut avenue. during the day their shopping and restaurants. in the evening, well-known bars and subs. -- clubs. a woman on monday called police and said she had been attacked.
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fornt circle, well-known its shops, restaurants, and bars, is now at the center of a sex crime investigation, this after a 25-year-old woman reported to police she was grabbed and raped behind a building along connecticut avenue over the weekend. >> i don't care how safe anybody thinks an area is. there are criminals everywhere. >> according to believe, happened behind the building at 1300 connecticut avenue and the corner of m street. the woman said two men pushed her to the ground and one of the attackers raped her. the crime reportedly happened between 1:30 a.m. and 8:00 in the morning on sunday. >> i'm surprised. >> it is too dangerous to walk around at any late hour anywhere in the city. >> there are several popular bars in the immediate area. and there's a restaurant on the same block that stays open until 5:00 a.m.
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it has one of the city's most well-known neighborhoods on edge. >> i feel safe in this area, but i don't hang out at nighttime. just be cautious, you know, whoever is here at nighttime. >> police are asking for assistance in this case. are urging women to constantly be on alert. at the now for a look day's other top stories. the national transportation safety board wrapping up its first full day of investigation into the train derailment that killed four people and injured dozens of new york city. investigators learned the train was traveling 82 miles per hour yesterday when it jumped the tracks along a sharp curve. but whether the wreck was a result of human error or break trouble was still unclear. datatigators are analyzing recorders and interviewing the train crew members. seekc. mayor gray will
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reelection. he submitted his nomination additions -- petitions today. at least five other people are also running for d.c. mayor. >> metro transit officials want a rate hike for the next fiscal year. -- bushe proposal, a bus and train commuters would pay an average of three percent more in fair, that is about $.10 more for a typical train ride. and bus fare for commuters would dollar 75 up to one -- $1.75. >> would talk to diane sawyer about shocking differences found between two hospitals just a block apart. i understand you are continuing a huge investigation for abc news tonight. >> that is right, allyson. i hope you had a great holiday
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as well. investigating in .hese hospital bills >> it is also something that everyone seems to be talking about tonight, amazon and drums. is this how we will get our packages delivered? >> this whole question of delivering by drones, some high- end areas are already testing this out. >> we will see you soon. thank you. you can watch all those stories and more tonight on world news right after abc 7 news at 6:00 stop -- at 6:00. workers were injured in a hazmat incident. the science wing was evacuated.
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say two staffls members were taken to the hospital. they are expected to be ok. howard county firefighters are investigating what caused a two alarm townhouse fire. news chopper seven flew over that scene of the unoccupied home in clarksville. traffic in the area was blocked as the crews worked to get the fire under control. it spread to an adjoining townhouse and caused damage. one firefighter sustained minor injuries, but was not hospitalized. the red cross is now helping six displaced people. >> we are checking traffic on this monday. right now, we are looking at volume areas -- volume delays around the area. the heaviest traffic on the inner loop through bethesda- silver spring. our latest incident on route one, a crash there. that should be out of the
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roadway. otherwise, just volume delays along the freeways. i-95 southbound, slow in several stretches between newington and woodbridge and beyond. a crash reported along the right side of the roadway. plenty of volume today on 66 out in centerville. headed westbound, an incident on the shoulder is getting a lot of attention. on the else way near connecticut avenue, lots of volume on the way to college park. all lanes open at least in montgomery county. that is the way it looks. >> thank you very much. still to come, why businesses are relying on cyber monday to help boost holiday sales. >> judi dench joins the oscar race, while the hunger games
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breaks even more records. >> and new tonight at 6:00, a creature the size of a grain of rice cooked throw
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>> there is a new movie out this weekend that may not grab as much attention as hollywood blockbusters. bikes but arch campbell has why you should have it on your radar. this is one to hear about. the biggest movie of the season got even bigger, while a small "ritish movie named "philomena opened with talk of an oscar nomination for judi dench. >> philomena tells the true story of philomena lee, an unwed mother in the early 50s forced to give up her son. a half-century later, she enlists a journalist to help her find him. judi dench and steve coogan make a mismatched pair. she is simple and and sophisticated. i had my hip replaced last
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year. it's much better than the real one i had before. and it's titanium, so it won't rust. >> oh, that's a good job. we could oil you like the tin man. >> is that right yet complex -- is that right? >> it is a surprising mystery, a movie that never goes where you expect. worth four stars, pg-13. added it to your must-see list this season. catchingunger games fire made another $75 million, putting a close to $300 million since its opening, with the chance to finish as this year's biggest movie. >> they won't be hungry at the hunger games. 2013 was jennifer lawrence cost biggest year. she won the oscar and she has one barbara walters most fascinating people. it has been a very good year for
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movies, too. >> and adc movie --a d.c. movie. >> yes, a lot of it was shot in d.c. cyber monday, why retailers are counting on it.
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>> holiday shopping is the buzz in today's 7 on your side consumer alert. if you have gone anywhere near seene-mail inbox or notifications from your phone apps today, then you know today is cyber monday. but after brown thursday, black friday, small business saturday, are people suffering from sales fatigue? an estimated 131 million people are expected to go online today alone to shop. that is what the retail experts tell us. >> i'm actually trying not to participate in all of the consumerism. areut americans --
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americans really taking advantage of the deals out there? >> you kind of want to do a little more traditional shopping . get out and actually hold items that we want to purchase. >> it's not for lack of advertising. cyber monday is traditionally offer deepers discounts and free shipping. and in boxes are full of reminders of those specials. >> full of free shipping and discounts on everything. honestly, from stores of never even heard of. i don't know how they got my information. >> the national retail federation expects a lot of people will take advantage of today's deals. traffic willonline be up to million from last year. but perhaps, this weekend sales figures are a true indicator. billions spent $87.4 since last thursday. but that is down for more than $59 billion spent last year -- 57.4 billion dollars since last thursday. but that is down from more than
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$59 billion spent last year. >> they are not looking to break their season in one day. they are looking across the board. their strategies are across multiple places. >> the national retail trade group main said it still expects today's holiday sales through the end of the year to increase by 3.9%. sales, in a few years, a flying robot might deliver your cyber monday purchases right to you. this will be part of the service call for amazon prime air. these drones could actually drop your order on your doorstep. just a half-hour after you click to buy. right now, they are developing this technology, but the ceo says the service is only four or five years away. 25they can carry objects of pounds. it covers 86% of the items we deliver. be a 10 mile radius
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from fulfillment centers. >> the challenge is convincing the faa that the technology is safe. >> now to barbara walters 2013 10 most fascinating list. these year -- this year's nominee includes robin roberts, actress and from lawrence, as you heard earlier. and actress jennifer lawrence, as you heard earlier, and the stars of the duct honesty show. also, william and kate's son george made the list. be announced on december 18. guess you could be fascinating when you are four months old. there's is not a lot to say. a big announcement today. good morning america weathercaster sam champ in his leaving the network and heading over to the weather channel.
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he tweeted this morning that only aim an amazing opportunity like this one could take him away from his abc family. he will anchor the weather channel's new morning show and beating networks managing and work. -- managing editor. the price tagat is on amazing opportunity. >> you can only guess. >> maureen bunyan is here with a look ahead. >> happy monday. a new delay for the opening of the metro silver line, what is behind it and how long it would last. les, a new problem for those trying to buy insurance through the federal health insurance exchange. this time, it is a positive sign. >> thank you. >> if you thought november was really cold, you are right. it was. >> we are getting a bit of a break. >> a little bit. in the next couple of days, up
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to the 50 degree mark, maybe as high as 60. november ended up being 3.0 degrees below normal for the entire month. the last seven days were 10.5 degrees below average. 1 was yesterday and the temperatures will get warmer for the next several days. but take a look at these storm warnings out of the high plains and the upper midwest. developing storm complex is on the leading edge of much colder air spilling out of central and south-central canada. we have to deal with that colder air and that weather pattern, but not until the end of the week. front stretching along the right-hand side of the screen is what is heading to town. 47 degrees in the nation's capital. by tomorrow morning, in the 30's. by and large, on the low side. most everybody will say above
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freezing. about 53 as the high. by friday with rain likely. then we start to pick up moisture from the big system out west. we may see a bit of a wintry mix. back to you. >> thank you. it, or didrest lose the redskins? >> the redskins lost it. they continued their inconsistency last night, the players and the coaches, to be honest. out though the nfl came today that the officials blew it at the end with that first down, i don't think it mattered. they lack confidence, consistency, control, and now it is wait until next year. turn out the lights, this party is over.
5:52 pm
say,at do you want me to man? >> the redskins finally officially lose a chance of the playoffs after a heartbreaking loss to the giants. >> we miss the opportunity to reach our role. >> robert griffin iii was on fire. went 73 yards in 15 plays, culminating in this touchdown. >> we were putting points up and able to move the ball really well and the second half we shot ourselves in the foot. >> the redskins cost themselves huge chunks of field position through penalties. plus the offense sacked rg iii five times in the second half. >> we were not getting it done. >> there was still one chance to tie the score.
5:53 pm
but washington missed the playoffs in three of four mike shanahan seasons. is he the right coach to lead the team in the future? is rg iii the quarterback they thought they were getting? after 20 years of mediocrity, the redskins are still searching for answers. >> you don't like to play for pride. >> you've got to put this behind you. you've got to go out there and fight another week. >> i think that says it all. after 1992, ied like that sign.
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a subaru... ...are the hands that do good things for the whole community: the environment, seniors, kids, and animals.
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that's why we createthe share the lo event. by the end of this year, the total donated by subaru could reach 35 million dlars. you get a great deal on a new subaru. we'll donate 250 dollars to a choi of charities that benefit your community. it feels good to be a helping hand. >> tonight, police are looking for a couple of real-life scrooge is there broken to adc salvation army building,
5:57 pm
stealing $10,000 that was supposed to go to needy families this season. >> greta has more on how people are responding. angry, of course. this is money people were giving to needy people. workers are out here all over the metro area. reviewing surveillance video that i am told shows two very short, small figures fumbling and holding the keys inside that salvation army building. >> they were able to get into the building after they busted out this glass. they managed to unlock the door. >> ken forsythe showed us how master burglars broke into the army -- the salvation army building on sunday, jamin hoping -- jamin open padlock collection buckets. >> one of the two suspects pulled a knife on the security
5:58 pm
guard. we are thankful the security guard was not injured in the incident. people got away. >> and left the public outrage. >> that stings. >> it is very heartbreaking. apparentlyeves scaled to fences and shimmied over a roofline and over onto a third-floor terrace to break-in. >> do you think this was an inside job? >> i cannot be to that. outhe bellringers are now trying to recoup the money that was needed for helping needy local families. >> i don't know how they could do that to these families and these kids. >> i will be giving more in the future based on what happened. >> the salvation army capitals chapter hopes to raise $1.5 million by christmas. >> and salvation army is not the
5:59 pm
only one hit. space in that leases that building was also burglarized and lost a couple of $900 worth of metro passes and bus tokens. that is it for abc 7 news at 5:00. the news continues on abc seven news at 6:00. >> a new speedbump on the road to health care reform. just two days after the obama administration said it had fixed some 400 bugs on the website, users are running into a different delay. sign. that is a positive scott thuman is in the newsroom. you could call it cyber monday, though with some issues. the website did not crash
6:00 pm
necessarily, but it would not necessarily let you instantly enroll either. the white house says it is because it had 300 75,000 visitors today alone even before noon. today aloneisitors even before noon. encouraging news, but it is still not able to handle quite that much. this.y are seeing we need you to wait here so we can make sure there is room for you to have a good experience, it says. it even offers to notify you when it's ready. >> we are not done, but we have passed an important milestone. >> there are also other issues on the site's backend. it is sometimes failing to deliver your info to the insurance company, meaning they are yournow they provider. >> if


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