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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  December 2, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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>> caught me act. would this >> live from the abc seven broadcast center. this is abc seven news at 11:00 >> happening now in prince william county, sexual assault old the victim is an 11-year-
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girl who was attacked in her backyard on black skin road in woodbridge. ackston road in woodbridge. >> everybody is very disturbed by what happened. this happened. they say it was along blackburn road and in a neighborhood close to a middle school behind me there. >> residents live near the area where police say the sexual assault happened and they are horrified by the ages of the victim and suspect. >> it is shocking. it is shocking that a small boy would do that to an 11-year-old girl. >> joshua is a parent of a girl who was a few years older than the victim. willhope that the police
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make sure that this does not happen again. sexualce say that the assault happened in the backyard near the middle school and will not say if the victim or suspect is a student there. around nine: 30 a.m. on wednesday, detectives arrived and said that 12 and 13-year-old suspects had held her down and said she assaulted her. >> we will prosecute, no matter what age. if this is going to scar them for the rest of their lives. are being held in a juvenile detention center in manassas. i am tom roussey. -- new at 11:00,
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d.c. police release videos of a and is early sunday morning. fences andd two broke into a third-floor terrace. in addition to stealing $10,000, the criminals caused damage. you are asked to contact the d.c. police. now, developing news on the next mayor. for a second term. a cloud hangs over his last campaign and has the competition speaking out tonight. we are live. we caught up with the mayor at a public meeting and he said there's not much to talk about. he may not want to talk about the present campaign and he may not want to talk about the federal investigation. they loom over his initial
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campaign. a lot of other people are talking about it. >> i love the city. >> the d.c. board of election victim a petition that was signed him and he qualified to run. it will include four council members. he was asked repeatedly why he waited so long to announce his intentions. he is referring to the federal investigation that alleges that a campaign helped elect him in 2010. for people associated with the campaign like guilty to felonies. they wasted no time reacting. he said, he was elected under alse pretenses and deserves second chance because he ran a co-opted campaign. before leaving, mayor gray
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said that a strong record of three years of progress should count for a lot on election day. andhere is fiscal stability economic development. look at the education and the way people are getting back to work. >> i think it is interesting for him to say that considering the fact that he has been in battled on the first day that he -- em battled from the first day that he took office. he will appear on the april 1 democratic reimer a ballot. this is the first public campaign event that is expected in january. >> thank you very much. lower temperatures today and it could get better this week. abc 7 has good news. >> tomorrow will be more noticeable.
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i am outside of the belfort furniture weather center right now. morning, thew skies are cloudy and temperatures are expected to remain above freezing. it will be 36 degrees in dunkirk. temperatures will slowly develop and by the end of the work week, it looks like rain will be likely. a powerful cold front will be working across the country and we will talk about that more and a couple of minutes. >> we will see you then. we have news from southeast washington. there are two shootings that were blocks apart. the first was on the 1500 block. minutes ago.ppened
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will have new information when it is available. new information as a train and jumped a rail in new york city. miles going more than 50 an hour over the speed limit. many questions that investigators are trying to answer tonight. we are live in the satellite center with more. >> that question went into the evening and we learned that investigators confiscated cell phones to see if there were tax or phone calls around the time of the crash. they're trying to piece together why this deadly accident happened. >> ntsb spent the day going over and -- going over every detail and they examined data from the black box recorders. they went too fast. train was traveling at 82
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miles an hour. it went into a 30 mile an hour curve. they were training to go around that curve. train derailed in the bronx near the grand central station. several cars jumped tracks and dozens of others were injured. >> this is a train crash and this is happening. >> this is the first deadly crash in the line of possis three. human error but, investigators do not know. i want answers. >> if we ask the people on the train and the families, they say it could be a lot better. >> the engineer told the investigators that he hit the
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brakes but the train did not stop. that investigation continues. center,the satellite abc seven >> a rockville teacher has the second degree assault. he pled guilty and faces three years probation. he improperly touched 11-year- old girls at the elementary school. prosecutors's spoke after the sentencing. >> it is encouraging. it is a different environment. and yourstrong victim heart goes out to them. but the judge ruled that he cannot teach students younger than the age of 16. they are on track to set another record. willts say that the sales be more than $2 billion and if that happens, it will be an increase in sales.
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americans shopped online today. it is a different kind of cyber monday that created speed bumps for that website had 375,000 visitors before noon. this is after the obama administration said they fixed bugs on the website. they have been issues and sometimes fail to deliver information to being current company. least four more oversight hearings on obamacare later this week. let's talk about sports news. the nationals are hard at work in the off-season. how much will the deal cost them? >> it is big news. it is a good deal for the nationals. i can tell you that the manager, matt williams, the new manager is very excited tonight. -- gio gonzalez and jordan
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zimmerman. they made a trade to get doug pfister. city and to the motor pfister is 29 years old. he finished 14-9 with 159 strikeouts. in 2012, he set an american league record in kansas city. the staff page detroit into the world series. doug pfister is a battle tested playoff picture. it will be fun to watch. they get pfister from the detroit tigers. >> fun to watch right now. >> see you in a bit. the silver line. we will tell you why they will not make a february launch date.
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watching abc seven news at 11:00. ispolice say that that area known to attract stray. there is no reason to think a second car was there. there is usehome, of the metro. budget willlion create a rate hike of $.10 per ride. we are joined now to explain this. >> you may have to dig a little deeper into your packet -- pocket if you ride the rails. face possible price hikes. >> for those who ride the rails daily, talks of a fare increase
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strikes a nerve. >> is that going to a salary or the service improvement? >> it is an extensive rate increase. >> they are a business and if they want people to use it, they need to stand by their product. >> she and other passengers are this of the way -- of tripping up their commute. >> they need to initiate discounts when they have delays over 30 minutes to coincide with the fare increase. >> the transit authority is considering raising fare by $.10 on a ride. to $1.75.could go the parking garage fee could go up one quarter. >> if you are fixing the elevators and escalators, that is a well spent use of the money. >> they hope that the bigger budget makes for a smoother ride.
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>> i would not say that i have seen any direct appreciation yet. i am looking for a quick turnaround. >> they have done and a lot of improvements and the proposed budget be discussed at a board meeting. after that, a series of public hearings. >> thank you. we have one more note here. you will have to wait on the silver line i little bit longer. need to do more tests on the first phase of that line. those tests will take several weeks. they need 90 days to begin the service. the new timeline makes that february opening pretty unlikely. let us talk about the weather. it is pretty mild. considering. >> it was chilly. now, it is going the other way. with haven't put together at
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the base of the reagan national airport. the have the month of november and what is really significant is 10.5 degrees bel average. tonight, 50 is the high. it will not be as cold as recent nights with the cloud cover. it is freezing all my. it is 44 degrees downtown. the late-night mild temperatures and directions for where the air comes from in the next few days. the bright colors indicate much
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colder temperatures. the southwestern and northern part of the country. it is moving south. in the meantime, watch the coast. we will have some cool tomorrow. watch for the morning. is going to bring warmer temperatures in here and there are little pieces of energy. this piece of energy is going to slide in and it is possible. a it was partly sunny through the day. it was in the 50s in the afternoon. he brings his warmer temperatures. they will ramp up in the next few days. going into friday, is 70%.
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the cold air comes in. questions develop for the weekend. their questions about how far are how fast the cold front sweeps around the area. and it might be a little bit of wintry stuff here. see the weekend get back on track and it developer the month of november. --j jacqui jeras will have that in the morning. >> watching the redskins do. the wizards work their magic against orlando. john wall get set. that is coming up next in sports.
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>> now, the toyota sports desk. it is brought to you by toyota dealers. .> i will get to the trade how about the wizards. they won. they close out the month of november winning a 6-8 and now they start out .500. john wall has never been that's as a wizard. singleton had 11 points and john wall had a double double. he had 13 assists and trevor reason had -- trevor r reza had a hot hand. a hot hand. the bottom three ball. john wall, for the first time in his career, the washington are 500. let's go to baseball. the washington wizards made a significant trade with the
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detroit tigers. they have a 29-year-old which are named doug pfister. her named doug pfister. in the month of december -- september he won 5-0. he said american league record with nine straight strikeouts against kansas city. he had healthy starts and a record of 14-9. he is now a washington national. team is talked about the redskins and there seem to be more questions than answers. and a lot of fans are invested in mike shanahan's future. if they willknow play the young guys. mike shanahan dealt with those questions. >> the players know when you are
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playing for the future. they know your job is to play and get the best chance to win. turnu want to see a team on you, start playing for the future. >> let's go to canada. when the home team scores the come and goal, 25,000 fans out of the stands. this is incredible video and all se were giving to charity. a great idea. the teddy bear toss in calgary. 25,000 of those things. aeir head coach had disappointing record. maryland will play in the ball on december 27. >> so many differences. how many teddy bears they could get. >> this isderful!
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incredible. there's something on amazon. you can get it that day.
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thehe president announced $100 million initiative to find a cure for aids.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, orlando bloom, ufc champion ronda rousey, and music from the wild feathers, with cleto and the cletones! and now, here's jimmy kimmel! [ applause ] >> welcome welcome. thank you for watching.


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