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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  December 3, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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wife hold back the tears. maying yee tak sharon kui ing on otherey children. court documents state twice last month she drove to the house and the silver spring neighborhood. on one occasion she kissed and fondled the boy. the next day they allegedly had sex in his bedroom. both times his parents were at church. texas is the kind of situation that kills the faith -- this is the kind of situation that kills the faith of individuals. sundayold his parents on 11, sheriday november was fired. on november 13 she boarded a flight to hong kong. alertministrators were on but declined to talk on camera. >> he began to rip pieces of the
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panel off the car. does not display his emotions but feels them deeper than most of us. neighbors were shocked by the news. >> [inaudible] what she did. >> to take advantage of someone like that, that is gross. >> investigators are working with the state department and chinese governmental officials to locate kui. convicted the former teacher could face 55 years in state prison. abc 7 news.ois, >> the frost school released a statement saying in part that "we fully believe that this is a serious and egregious allegations and a represents an isolated event.
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we will take immediate steps of our staff to reinforce the policies regarding away from school to medication with students and staff-student boundaries." the chargest says are breaking to the frost school family. >> a heated exchange with reporters one day after he announced plans to run for a secondurn. the mayor spoke less than 24 hours after he picked up additions yesterday at the d.c. board of elections. ray was agitated with reporters while speaking at a by wesley -- biweekly press meeting. investigationhe into the campaign. >> you are standing on the shoulders of the past. you know that is wrong and not accurate. a provocative question to which he got a provocative answer. >> gray has one months to collect 2000 signatures to get his name on the valid. sam ford was at the briefing and
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we will have more on the heated exchange new at 6:00 p.m. >> to more water main breaks overnight signal a potential problem this winter. they happened in arlington. old infrastructure and changing temperatures have led to drivers on alert. more with what we have found out. >> the cleanup of this water main break has been going on all day and will go on into the night eating too little to no water pressure for people living in the area. are having to make that u-turn and they are having a tree lighting ceremony tonight. another inconvenience. situations like this throughout the region is something we can get used to year after year. there was a 16 inch water main that rope. up the hill in south monroe, it was six inches.
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>> there is [inaudible] and i am concerned. to road closures and to an unpleasant morning for anthony lee who lives by south wellington mill. >> first of all there is no water and then i turned it on and it was sputtering and brown. just nastiness. and the other in gaithersburg, maryland. >> in arlington they said the cold weather causes the pipes to contract and crack. the pipes are old according to the county and many could crack at any time. >> when it gets cold, that is what happens. saidofessor frank shafra funding police and fire is one thing but old underground pipes is another.
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>> we pay for things that taxpayers see and it is hard to get the vote to increase taxes to pay for things they do not see. >> we need to fix it so this does not keep happening. >> that is certainly the idea but sometimes that funding is easier said than done. speaking with arlington, they say they're doing all they can to edify -- identify problem i types and fix them before potential burst. the professor we spoke with said despite these problems that we see now and again, local governments in the d.c. region are doing a lot better with infrastructure that in many parts of the country. jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. >> the weather certainly has an effect on many of these water main breaks around here. >> we have experienced extreme cold and we will see what is ahead for this week. doug hill in the weather center with a look at the forecast. >> this kind of weather you do not want to hear about with regard to that. it will be very warm for a couple of days and get very cold
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again. right now we are at 52. let's take a look at our live the rivermera across at reagan national. 54 in college park in arlington. 52 in frederick. 51 in bowie. 52 in gaithersburg. 48 in lexington park. nd 55 in fredericksburg and 56 in manassas. partly cloudy through the evening and light winds out of the southeast. temperatures dropping into the 40 plus and overnight, cloudy skies and above raising temperatures, 30's and 40 plus. more on unseasonably whether unseasonably -- and see andher that is cold unseasonably warm weather. >> police -- a police officer accused of taking pictures of a
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15-year-old. >> this could go beyond the 15- year-old girl. they got the officers digital camera and found several unidentified pictures and naked photos. at least two of them of minors. officer isolice accused of taking pornographic images of a 15-year-old girl while he was in uniform and on duty. >> this is alarming for me. i am speechless. calledegan when a mother police to report her 15-year-old daughter was missing. officer washington, a seven-year veteran, responded to take the report. when the girl showed up at the home, prosecutors alleged washington went to the apartment without being called and asked mother if he could speak with the girl in private. according to court documents, once inside her bedroom, he asked her to take off her top he neededd explained
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to take any photos of her injuries. she said she was not injured and he allegedly said it was part of procedure. will he said washington put -- took close-up pictures of the teen's breasts. >> he should be prosecuted fully -- to the full extent of the law. >> he asked her to pull down her pants and he could photograph her tattoos for identification purposes. he took close-up images of her vaginal area. there to protect a lot. >> the teen told her mother what happened so the mother called 911. naked photos of her 15-year-old daughter when he responded earlier. butofficer saw the messages -- and started deleting the pictures but they were recovered. victims outbe other
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there. they are asking families to call police if a field their child might have been victimized. theave a response from chief. she's had to learn of an allegation of this kind against a person who is sworn to protect our children is both shocking and disturbing. we're fortunate that someone came forward to alert us and his behavior to ensure that we prevent future victims. >> thank you. the white house says health care is and they're taking in the case to the public. the residents new pr plan. >> you could call this a pr leads her campaign. either way what we saw was the first ever new push to get people to enroll now that the website is better, not necessarily great, but in better working order. the president as you see here he plans tot and
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along with surrogates and through social media trying to ramp up the number of people who will sign up and they need a lot of young, healthy participants to keep those average cost down to -- to keep them down. anytime you have a new product like this it will be some and there- problems are more bumps along the way. >> and when they do we will fix those, too.' but what we also know is after the first month, despite all the problems of the rollout, half a million people across the country are poised to gain health care coverage through darketplaces and medicai beginning on january 1. some for the first time. it is not just a broken website. this bill was fundamentally flawed. people to loose the doctor of their choice, causing them to lose their health plan, and if that is not enough, they are having to pay much higher prices at the same
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time. tose republicans are going continue to listen to our constituents and listen to the american people and try to focus on protecting them. lex you heard from speakers john boehner. they will making sure not back down from their respective fights. the white house is not saying what other events we act each day. joking that there is no plan to ruin the surprise. reporters are going to you joe -- toe to toe about this. >> thank you. we will see you at six. why there could be a shortage of lace at the arlington national cemetery this christmas to honor fallen members of the military. >> video of an amazing rescue after attempt will -- eight gboat capsizes.u >> video of a woman who robbed a local business while pushing a baby in a stroller. friday brawl at the
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mall caught on camera. police want to know if you recognize the >> a black friday mall brawl
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caught on cell phone camera at the annapolis mall. >> police are looking for the two women who instigated the fight. >> what led to the fight. >> is happened that 12:30 a.m. as you said -- this happened at 12:30 a.m. as you said. this was at annapolis mall. the place was jammed with shoppers. this woman took offense at being bumped or brushed up against by a 17-year-old girl. watch the video closely. you can see the woman in the white shirt land punch after punch on a 17-year-old girl as the alleged victim falls to the ground. the woman in the bright green hoodie and black headband joins in. all the participants are screaming at each other. shoppers appear stunned. outside the mall today, shoppers
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are reacting to the video with discussed. of lack friday has taken over people and brought the worst out. >> the fight happened as black friday was kicking off. it was 12:30 a.m. the store was crowded. claimed she had somehow -- the woman claimed she had been poked in the eye by the girl. not the spirit of the holidays. it is uncalled for. >> police and hence the video and created these still them -- images. they're hoping someone can identify them. >> we are trying to get to the autumn. who the aggressor was in trying to identify the parties involved . >> the 17-year-old claims to be that or denver is it suffered no safe -- claims to be battered and bruised but did not suffer permanent injury.
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>> taking her turn and it is making people crazy. while police have her diversion -- her version of events from the 17-year-old, she went home and got with her family and they called police within half an hour of the incident happening. as you heard, the police want to talk to those two other women and see if they have some way they can explain away what you just saw captured on camera. >> thank you. let's turn to something a little more uplifting. in just a few minutes, the capitol christmas tree will be lit. the ceremony is underway to see speaker john boehner is delivering the remarks. this is an 88 foot ingleman spruce. filedee was decorated by -- 5000 homemade ornaments. they were all made i children.
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-- by children. this year's theme, sharing washington's good nature. >. w>> we will go back to capitl hill when it is lit. could take the top eight feet and get it in the family room. right, let's get started. we will be on this roller coaster. the temperatures will come way down and by sunday, wintry mix. i will wait till 6:00 p.m. when peterson starts talking about the dreaded winter. here we go. bug is one of our weather cameras. it could be the earth and space light -- lab. and clouds back-and- forth. more clouds rolled in and i will be the story. more clouds and a thing else around the area.
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temperatures on the plus side here. 51. that is the current rating in rockville. the winds are calm at the moment. the winds are called indiana where they topped out at 55. that's correct to capitol hill live for the lighting of the national christmas tree. -- the capitol christmas tree. ♪ tannenbaum," go ahead and sing along. now back to these numbers. upper 40's to the low 50's. we will drop into the upper 30's to about 40. helploud cover and wins keep temperatures mild. is increasing the warm air
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. the slow buthe relentless march of a cold front across the country. the get these numbers. single number temperatures right now. with the big surge of mild air ahead of the front and the gates open and the cold air comes in behind. temperatures are spread would train the upper 70's and the single numbers. here is what we expect to have. kind of cloudy as the warm front comes in. we get into the day on thursday. we may have some sunshine at times ahead of this cold front. we are getting this warm sector. we will pop into the mid-60's. maybe a few afternoon showers and on friday that is when the cold front will move across. we likely to see some rain. the warm front and putting us in the cold -- warm sector. this cold front will turn and sharpen up a lot. there will be a huge temperature gradient between texas and texas canada and the northern plains. cold air will sleep -- sweep
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eastward on friday. we get -- one more note here. 30 in the morning. 51 at midday. theill more -- warm up into mid 50's and mid-60's on thursday. falling temperatures through the 50's with rain. some morning showers turning colder. on sunday we have a mix. it will be out of the low 40's in most areas. the storm passes and it will be a classic set up for wintry mix of sleet and freezing rain. still several days before that happens but it is something to keep in the back of your mind as you make your sunday plans. >> we are not getting anything as bad as the midwest. >> now with this one. >> nice weather. thank you. >> it is time to announce the first winner of our wonder action ticket giveaway. >> this is no surprise. we got hundreds of entries. congratulations go to amy kirkpatrick of falls church.
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getting tickets to see one direction. babd s tonight keyword, nd. we will announce the next winner tomorrow. >> we will take you inside one of the first walmart's to open up and explain why the store holds the hopes and dreams for some. >> another delay for the highly anticipated silver line.
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>> every christmas thousands of reeds are laid at arlington cemetery to honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. >> this year there is a shortage of these rates to carry out the tradition. greta kreuz -- greta kreuz explains. >> volunteers place simple reeves on thousands of graves. circles of thanks for those who pay deals with price create >> each one of these is a memory. >> there is a story. down.ations are was 100 35,000 but right now sponsorships are somewhat down for arlington. -- 135 thousand but right now sponsorships are somewhat down.
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donors may be giving locally instead. it has left arlington 35,000 short. with the trucks leaving next week, time is running out. >> we need the missing as possible this week to -- help is by sponsoring a wreath. >> a simple click on the website. their families are gone now and for them these rates might be the only visitors and the only thank you they get. >> we're here to on or those who make that ultimate sacrifice to allow us to be free. we do not want to forget them. thisose is being those -- hallowed place seemed to agree. >> it is a simple way to remember them for what they have done for us. >> everyone should try to pitch in and help. >> the wreathlaying is december 14. >> it will be green and red. it will be beautiful. coming up at 5:00 p.m.,
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something new in high-tech coming to your dinner table. at some popular chain restaurants. >> an amazing rescue at sea. you have got to see this. how a man survived today's gboatwater after his tu capsized. the video is coming up. a big national retailer brings an economic boost to a subaru...
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...are the hanands that do good things for the whole community: the environment, seniors, kids, and animals. that's why we created the share the love event. by the end of this year, the total donated by subaru could reach 35 million dollars. you get a great deal on a new subaru. we'll donate 250 dollars to a choice of charities that benefit your community. it feels good to be a helping hand.
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 5:00 p.m. on your side. >> the first two walmarts in the district are set to open tomorrow. >> we are giving you a sneak peek of the stores and what they mean to the community. suzanne kennedy is live from the georgia avenue store to explain how this could change lives and at least two weeks. workers spent the entire day and they are still working into the night putting the finishing touches on this 100 thousand square-foot store. it offers shopping options to an area that does not have a lot of retail and jobs to those looking for one. just in time for the busiest shopping season of the year. walmart is opening its first two stores and washington, d.c. -- they will open
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tomorrow. >> we have our christmas cookies out here right here. >> these big-box stores will offer everything from produce to clothing to electronics. in neighborhoods where retail options are scarce. >> i am so glad that i do not have to go way across town or downtown to go and get something that i really need. >> each of the stores will employ 300 people. wal-mart has been criticized for not paying a living wage but these two workers are happy to have a job. >> i am making more money than i was making at lunch on sobers. it is a good opportunity. they want to advance you. paycheck.bout a [inaudible] open a totalans to of six doors and employee 1800 workers. the retailer says it pays either at or above its competitors' wages and offer something more.
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[indiscernible] store is slightly smaller at 73,000 square feet. both of them open at some point between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. abc 7 news.edy, >> thank you. time now for a look at today's other top stories. if emery county police say a teacher accused of sexy assaulting a 15-year-old student with autism has fled to hong kong to avoid prosecution. investigators say 25-year-old yee tak sharon kui and the boy engaged in sex at his silver spring home last month while his parents were at church. kui taught at the frost school in wheaton. >> a miss in arlington after a series of water main breaks. the latest happened overnight.
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crews are laming old infrastructure and changing temperatures. >> a d.c. police officer charged with production of child photography after detectives say he took naked pictures of a 15- year-old girl. officer mark washington, a seven-year veteran of the force, appeared in court today. washington put -- took the pictures while conducting an investigation into a missing persons report, officials said. should -- police are concerned there might be other victims. alan gross's supporters gathered. while helpingsted hring access to cuba's jewis community. >> funeral services were held for the pastor killed in a
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church fire in ocean city. he died last month after a fire broke out at st. paul's i the cvs gopal church. investigators determined the fire started when john sterner doused himself in gasoline and lit his clothes on fire and ran into the church. sterner died at the scene. his death was caused -- ruled a suicide. one suspect in custody following a police chase in montgomery county. chase started after police received a call about suspicious activity. a vehicle refused to stop at police and the suspect got out of his vehicle at royal dominion drive and try to run away. he has not been identified at this time but he faces charges for stolen tags and possible felony theft for stealing copper. >> a montgomery county business owner said she is thinking of closing some of her stores after three women attacked her using a baby. take a look at this. it happened in september at a
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beauty supply shop in gaithersburg. the woman tried to steal more hair weaveslars in and wigs and they attacked the owner using that stroller with the baby inside. you can see the infant fallout, hitting his head. i guess that she was [inaudible] kicks the attendant and hits her with her shoe. it is a very troubling incident. was sentenced to five years in prison for assault, robbery, and child abuse. >> let's hear something that the roads are a lot more calm. therenty of volume out but no incidents along the way. not too exciting and that is how we like it. plenty of volume out there right now on 95 southbound.
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there had been a truck broken down near dale city. otherwise some volume delays in fairfax and prince william counties. not too bad. traffic on 270 is slow headed northbound this evening if you're headed up from every village and off and on through hartsburg past 121. the beltway, plenty of volume in bolster actions -- in both directions. washington the parkway and traffic on 66 quite heavy headed west on the beltway toward route 50. let's take a look at some camera shots. on 395 headed south, quite slow for the pentagon. three much normal -- free much normal volume. from i-95quite slow pastorate one and most of the way through greenbelt. that is the way it looks. back to you. >> thanks for the update. coming up, a noise ordinance
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could change -- could mean big changes for holiday parties in one local county. >> what's that? >> he is alive. >> still alive after two days. trapped underwater. the amazing rescue video is next . >> is in a car or motorcycle? it is racing into
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>> turning now to new developments on the derailed train in new york city. the engineer caught himself falling asleep before the derailment. investigators with the ntsb think human error is likely to blame for the wreck. william rockefeller, junior claimed he was operating the train at normal speeds and tried to apply the brakes but they failed. preliminary data revealed the train was going 82 miles an hour around the curve zone for 30 miles an hour. the brakes were applied just five seconds before the train flew off the tracks. trackwas no equipment or problem. this is a very serious situation. the operator has [inaudible]
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also to viability questions. >> several investigators saying rockefeller zoned out or was in a daze moments before the derailment. four people died in the accident and more than 60 others were injured. remember the man who survived underwater for almost three days after his tugboats sank off the coast of nigeria question mark that was back in may. >> incredible footage of his rescue has surfaced. here is a close look at his amazing to rubble story. capsizedhis time boat due to heavy ocean swells, teams thought all 12 men aboard had drowned. as a diver reached out to i hand in the murky water, i never expected it to squeeze back. >> what is that? ok. >> you found one. >> he is alive. >> the diver told his team. >> he said it was one of the most terrifying moments underwater. survived create 100
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feet underwater for two and a half days. >> what is your name? >> he was in the toilet when the boat capsized. as it sank you manage to find a small air pocket and he stayed here in the pitch black, surviving only on coca cola. rex you must not panic. you must listen to me, all right? oxygenrescuer gave him combined with helium. which explains their voices. >> he was exceptionally calm. >> in the middle of the rescue there was a moment of dark humor. >> what is your rank? >> the cook. >> yes, sir. >> are you alright question mark >> he surfaced and now six months later, you can bet he and his rescuers will never forget. >> he is alive, he is alive.
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>> this amazing moment 100 feet below the ocean surface. iscan you believe that, it incredible. he spent two days in a decompression chamber and returned home in good health. recovered 10 other bodies and one crew member's body was never found. amazing. >> 100 feet. >> the next time you sit down to eat at applebee's, you will notice something very different. >> we will tell you why
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>> the original passengers had passengers -- timeline had but it willolling be delayed again. crews continued work on the project. just as news of the delays spread to many who long had waited for its opening. >> it cannot trust them [inaudible] >> the airport authority announced of the lay -- a delay in the project.
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drives for two hours. >> i would not have to worry about gas. it would cut an hour off. transfery, critical was delayed until november. last night the executive director of the project said additional tests were needed on an automatic train control system. that will set things back several more weeks. >> i would rather have them delay it as long as everything works out as opposed to getting it started before it is actually ready and then there are consultations. >> the first phase will result with four rail stops in tysons and one in weston. to take busesd and trains for the daily commute from bc. suppose safety is important after seeing what happened in new york and all that stuff. estimate has them
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starting service by march of next year. each month could cost metro between $2 million and $3 million in revenue. >> thank you. this year, cyber-monday picked up the slack from black friday. it was the biggest online shopping day in history. that is the word from ibm. sales jumped more than 20% from last year. most of the growth came from mobile devices which accounted for 17% of the sales. like friday sales fell 13% from last year. analysts say it is partly because stores open on things giving. eating at applebee's is about to chainhigh-tech twist. the next year will have tablet computers at every table. customers can use them to order appetizers or desserts. you will need a server to order your main dish.
5:49 pm
chili's and ihop have similar plans. to ignoree way everyone else. good first date. up if you saw a woman trying to trick her boyfriend into marrying her with --ake tenancy test? pregnancy test question mark >> it has a positive sign on it, $25. go ahead and check it out. >> she is so captivated she barely looks down. >> the boyfriend is coming in. >> how are you? >> good. >> i have big news. >> an all new "what would you abc 7 newswed by a at 11:00 p.m. >> kind of strange to see -- say
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mild in december. >> you can see that as much as you want. 51 right now. outside the studios might let's get started and look at what is happening. a beautiful image. look at this. the scaffolding coming down on the washington monument. it turned into a pleasant day with lots of sunshine and those mild temperatures. if the at reagan national. 48 in frederick. in winchester, 43 degrees. here is the cold air. let's go looking for the source region. a surprising canada. a little cold for this time of year but early for such a big outbreak of cold air in the continental u.s. but it is headed south. those numbers impressive. look how widespread it is almost from alaska to the atlantic ocean. it is a big chunk of cold air. i wonder if we are getting the preview of what this winter may be like? in the short term are getting a push of warm air and a warm front and cold air will come in as we head to the weekend. enjoy up as an evening and kind of cloudy and mild.
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in the mid-50's morrow and in the mid-60's by thursday. colder with a cold front friday. clearing saturday and chilly and a wintry mix possible on sunday. the earliest sunset of the year for the next 10 or 11 days, a lot more about the time and sunset and climatological data at our website. that is the latest. back to you. >> thank you. >> this has been the week of coaches behaving badly. talking about mike tomlin. >> we're waiting on that. it is coming down any minute. the head coach is offering an apology, perhaps preemptive strike. [inaudible]s embarrassing and inexcusable and it was. he will probably be suspended for this. jacoby jones was headed on the sidelines for a touchdown but he changed direction.
5:52 pm
culpa.mea he said he cannot be in that space and takes full responsibility and he apologizes. >> embarrassing, inexcusable, illegal, a blunder. i usedany of the things to describe it. i take full responsibility for my actions on that play. i think my biggest error on thursday night is not realizing that that play jeopardized the integrity of the game from a perception standpoint. >> mike tomlin. this is tuesday, the normal day off for the redskins. josh wilson and his wife headed to the stadium to celebrate the achievement of kids and this time it is personal. josh wilson attended mt. calvary middle school. his school has won the trip to fedex to be honored. potomac landing elementary school where she went also won the honor and that is the school she attended so both of them
5:53 pm
were out there to salute those kids. >> not too long ago i just hope that when they grow up somebody returns the favor for the kids. >> to give back to the students and encourage them to lead and let them know how we feel. it is a true pleasure. >> remember the fans who sent registry gifts to rg iii? an invitation to peyton manning. he responded and signed the rsvp -- check the rig i truly regretfully declined and signed number 18, peyton manning. how many people will do that now? be invited to everybody's wetting.
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-- wedding. >> coming up next. >> they will have to keep it down at your holiday party and one lo a subaru...
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...are the hds that do good things for the whole community: the environment, seniors, kids, and animals. that's why we created the share the love event. by the end of this year, the total donated by subaru could reach 35 million dollars. you get a great deal on a new subaru. we'll donate 250 dollars to a choice of charities that benefit your community. it feels good to be a helping hand.
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>> it looks like fairfax county police are about to become aggressive when it comes to enforcing the noise ordinance. >> local citizens are sounding off on a new noise ordinance plan. the fairfax county board of supervisors appears to be moving quickly to passes measure to get it on the books before revelers crank up the volume at those holiday parties. jackpot makes his presence known but real soon, dog owners across fairfax county may be on the muzzles.for muscles -- >> complaints about noisy dogs
5:58 pm
and leaf blowers did not leave -- lead to citations. >> the police are not enforcing the current ordinance. >> the board of supervisors is expected to get tougher. jackpot'sorries about future. >> it is kind of stupid. it is like putting a leash and a cat. >> residents say something has to be done about noise. >> intermittently the dogs would bark from 15 minutes to hours. sounds such as horns honking a criminal violation. -- loud youhard can't hear it through closed- door or a window. >> if you hear in your house that is [inaudible] ok. >> the board is expected to vote tonight. if it passes, violation would be
5:59 pm
a class three misdemeanor, likely resulting in a ticket and a fine. ok, thank you. that is it for abc 7 news at :00 p.m. the news rate -- continues right now at 6 p.m. at 6:00 onabc 7 news your side. >> president obama's new campaign this time, campaigning for obama care. >> the first matter of business is touting the improved version the timely version of those ads on calendars. -- advent calendars. it will be a new push every day between now and the first sign up deadline to highlight different benefits of the plan. the critics are asking why. last two campaigns
6:00 pm
ended a year ago, the president is back on the trail and away. stumping not for votes at four enrollees. >> i need some help in spreading the word. i need you to spread the word about the law, its benefits, its protections, about how folks can sign up. tell your friends, tell your family. >> it is the first in a now daily push between today and december 23 to get as many as possible to sign up. that is the deadline if you want coverage beginning january 1. through social media, surrogates and mr. obama will say the website has improved. they hope million general, especially young and healthy customers in just a matter of months. >> we're not going to walk away. if i have to fight another three years to make sure this law works that is what i will do. >> opponents argued very little thus thene as planned, need for an appeal. >> they tried to hide what


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