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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  December 3, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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last two campaigns ended a year ago, the president is back on the trail and away. stumping not for votes at four enrollees. >> i need some help in spreading the word. i need you to spread the word about the law, its benefits, its protections, about how folks can sign up. tell your friends, tell your family. >> it is the first in a now daily push between today and december 23 to get as many as possible to sign up. that is the deadline if you want coverage beginning january 1. through social media, surrogates and mr. obama will say the website has improved. they hope million general, especially young and healthy customers in just a matter of months. >> we're not going to walk away. if i have to fight another three years to make sure this law works that is what i will do. >> opponents argued very little thus thene as planned, need for an appeal. >> they tried to hide what they
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knew about the website. one has to ask what else are they hiding? >> the white house taking hits for the president's renewed push asking is all of this really necessary, especially if it is still a controversy land flood law -- and flawed law. >> the supreme court upheld it and one million people showed up yesterday. sell itoes he have to if it is so great? >> what is next in this push? the white house would not say. someone joking that they did not want to ruin the surprise. ofh sides through a lot stabs at each other for not making bigger strides in other major areas. a budget bill and farm bill and defense and there is a lot to be worked on. we will monitor it all for you. >> thank you. the university of notre dame is joining groups challenging the affordable care act. specifically the mandate that health insurance cover
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contraceptives for staff and students. the university said the mandate interviewers -- interferes with freedom upper arroyo -- of religion. >> congressman joe kennedy iii is joining a group demanding immigration reform through fasting. kennedy is one of six activists who will replace the current members of fast for families. the group has spent the last 22 days on them all consuming nothing but water and fruit juice. toy said they are too weak continue. >> concerns over voting equipment used in last month election in virginia. at a meeting in richmond, the state board of elections said equipment was outdated. said it charles judd more uniform process would make counting ballots more efficient. less than 24 hours after announcing his reelection campaign, d.c. mayor vincent
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gray's lashing out. this comes as the investigation into his 2010 campaign remains under federal investigation. sam ford is at the wilson building with more. is so upset. >> when the mayor announced yesterday he said it took him so long because he was waiting to see what the u.s. attorney was going to do. with that investigation going on and no end in sight, gray jumped into the race but today, he seemed on the defensive as reporters peppered him with questions about the scandal involved -- evil thing around his 2010 campaign. on the first day he announced for reelection he held a conference touting his accomplishments and arguing he deserves another term. >> i want to talk about the future of the district of columbia. i am a native washingtonian. i have given virtually my life to the city. >> rate who yesterday picked up his petitions to make the run, joins six other declared candidates. at least one council member,
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tommy wells. >> there is an illegal campaign that helped the mayor get elected. we know the fallout is still going on. >> gray, who has not been charged, bristled on being at -- cooperating with federal authorities. >> i have said what i am going to say about this. 20 10 is getting ready to be four years ago. good, a positive man. >> we found more opposition today. >> it was filled with scandal and implications of scandal. >> it would be amusing if he ran and got elected and went to jail. is i think he is a crook and he is under investigation. >> the mayor who frequently banters with reporters, seemed to just want to get out of there. his security blocked reporters from getting on the elevator with him. of voters, thewn attitude of opponents like
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wells, gray can expect more days like this. the question, can he take it? >> thanks. d.c.t 6:00 p.m., the council has given parliamentary approval to raising the cities minimum-wage. the vote was unanimous. if approved on second reading and signed, the minimum wage would jump to $11.50 an hour. the current minimum wage is $8.25 an hour. montgomery and prince george's counties raised their minimum wage to $11.50 an hour last month. >> vice president joe biden is calling for calm in the airspace dispute between china, japan, and other u.s. allies. the vice president met today with the china -- the japanese prime minister. the vice president will discuss the issue during a meeting with in beijingsident
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tomorrow. >> that newspaper editor who broke the edward snowden story about nsa classified document says he has just scratched the surface of the scandal. said he hasdger published one percent of the documents received by the paper. he also accused british authorities of trying to intimidate the newspaper. >> coming up on abc seven news at 6 p.m. a teacher accused of sexually thusing a child wit special needs. the family says they refuse to remain silent. >> and unusual vehicle is making its home in northern virginia. it is bringing jobs within. friday started a black for all inside an area mall is caught on tape. over the next seven days, temperatures will go way up and then they will head way down.
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>> police are looking for the woman who started this fight at the annapolis mall on black friday. a woman in the white -- in the sweatshirt claimed a teenager had poked her in the eye inside victoriously. -- victoria's secret. she woman punched the teenager several times.
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-- the woman punched the teenager several times. cts in the murder of a man and a guest nation. paynearshall and dominick are charged. they said the shootings stemmed from a drug-related robbery. >> a family is pleading for help tonight to find out if a teacher accused of sexually abusing their son was -- with special needs had abused other children. police say yee tak sharon kui fled to hong kong before she could be arrested. she was accused of sexually abusing a 15-year-old who has autism inside the family home while his parents were at church. the father of that teenager took the initial step of coming forward and publicly identifying himself. he said it is for one reason only. >> first and foremost, our concern is for our son. and our family but also, our concern is for other potential victims that we believe there
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may be. teacher at the frost school at wheaton. the school said they have fired ms. kui. concert starts at 7:00 p.m. and the performance is open contractors and their families. this comes several months after the shooting at the navy yard left 12 people dead. isser arafat's widow challenging a report by french scientists who said the palestinian leader was not poisoned. she cites another report by scientists in switzerland who withst he was poisoned radioactive polonium. he died in a french military hospital in 2004. >> next.
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could culpeper, virginia become the next detroit? we will take you inside the high-tech vehicle maker that is about to begin production coming up. >> soon it will begin to feel like winter. chief meteorologist doug hill has look at the forecast. >> the terrapins hit the road for the big ten challenge but they are not happy about it. wait until you hear about the wizards. the caps hope to keep streaking against carolina. abc 7 news
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>> a bankruptcy judge said this clears the way for the city to find a way to shed $18 billion in debt. unions, pension funds, retirees have been fighting a bankruptcy declaration because it means the city will reduce pension payouts. that the cityed must be prepared to defend any deep reductions. >> production begins on a new
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high-end performance vehicle. the product of two local entrepreneurs. thesey are not building cars in detroit. they are in culpeper, virginia and bringing the jobs with them. kris van cleave introduces us to the invader. , is it a-- is it a car motorcycle? it is kind of both. >> it drives like a motorcycle. it the difference is in the experience. call it an autocycle or just call it fast. anh a top speed of 150 miles hour. and soon, made in virginia. >> a lot of people are not interested in taking the risk of riding a motorcycle. and so this is like a blend between those two. >> sandy hall spent four years developing the vehicle and plant to manufacture it in detroit. he and his business partner
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turned this empty culpeper warehouse into a factory for their $50,000 innovators. the invader is sitting on assembly line starting in december. production begins. it will start slowly and ramp up to about 4000 invaders a year and employ 300 people. chip coleman is a mayor. >> we have so many people leaving culpeper and driving north for jobs. the more jobs we can create in culpeper would be tremendous. >> a kind of slowed down -- it kind of slowed down and there were not too many opportunities out there. i looked up and [inaudible] a terry holloway is technician. >> it is something to be out of. coming from the local area of culpeper. >> opal pried fueling what people hope becomes a revving economy andheir hometown. >> what about arriving that on a
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thursday?- daylight dachshund daylight thursday? thursday?ike time lapse.he but onw will be pleasant the cloudy side through the region tomorrow afternoon. lily perr sent in by en. a gorgeous pictures shared on our facebook page. we are in the 40's now with on unset. the winds light out of the
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southeast. that will be the mechanism to warm us up even more in the next couple of days. this is 56 and 41. 51 and 36 the averages just a year ago today. the record high as 71 at reagan national airport, not quite there today. chilly in the northeast but mild to the south and carolina center the mid-south. far enough west and did west, it is beyond cold. that airmass will chill and deepen and move eastward and sooner or later, we will have to deal with very cold temperatures again but not right yet. we will see the mild temperatures tomorrow and then a push of warm air ahead of the cold front wishing us into the middle 60's on thursday. and dragging in the cold front slowly moving across. after we get through friday, a lot of questions. remember -- this will move eastward. a large part of the country will be very cold for early december but how fast he gets to our part of the country remains to be seen. a warm front coming in tomorrow and temperatures in the 60's on
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thursday and friday, the front will sharpen and move through with rain and falling temperatures. as we get saturday, clearing out and it looks like a storm will come up from the deep south. cold air over here at here. -- overhead here. that is how we get the wintry mix. sleep, and freezing rain before change into old- fashioned rain. my favorite kind of rain. and 51 at midday. 60's on thursday and maybe some lady showers. falling temperatures. clearing saturday and colder and a chance of that mix on sunday. this is only tuesday so we have some time to work out the details of the forecast. toyota sportse desk. brought to you by your toyota dealers. ?> the answer is >> should we skip football and move right on. >> let's go to hockey.
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they are at home against the carolina hurricanes. team that continues to scratch and claw. near the bottom in regulation wins but here they are still second in the metro division. they won the game against the islanders at overtime. they beat montréal friday and tonight they play the kings. there will be no surprises. >> we talked about the situations and they have some very dynamic layers. we have to be aware of. with a back-to-back game and a day off, sometimes it is hard to get the energy going again. >> the maryland basketball team is getting ready to leave to play ohio state. they play the 6-0 buckeyes in the big ten acc challenge. maryland is seven and two coming off their championship. played last year on
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the road. why do they have to be on the road again? what is the deal with going to columbus? >> [inaudible] it is funny because i was sent recording and and he says who are you planning to homeenge and we have a game. he says you're going on the road and you do not know it and 10 minutes later the phone rang and said i was going on the road. it is good for us. >> our college basketball play of the night. time running out. napier takes a desperation shot. getting it to go with no time left on the clock. conn beats florida 65-64. the wizards have won seven of their last nine games and they are 1-0. they are 500 for the first time in john wall's career.
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have got to be thrilled. >> we are starting to show what this team is made of. our goal is to make the playoffs. today we are situated third in the east. we're playing really good. who knows what can happen this year? we are on schedule and i am happy with the progress we're making. the game-can hit winner and became the oldest player in the history of the nba game -- 20-20- 20 game. the oldest player in the nba to do that. how old is he, 37 years old. that is old. in case you missed it, the nats finalized a trade for doug pfister. he is excited to come to washington. h, my. let's go a subaru...
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>> time to get the gloves out. >> a cloudy night tonight and a mild day. then some cold weather we will talk about with possible details what we could expect at 11. >> abc world news is next. >> have a good night. captioned by the national captioning institute
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welcome to "world news." tonight, deep freeze, a kind of cold not seen in decades. biting winds and snow, temperatures expected to drop 15 degrees in 24 hours. zoned out, did the engineer fall asleep as the train barrelled 82 miles per hour towards disaster. made in america christmas, how we could create jobs together. david muir getting a kick start from the rockettes. >> made in america! whoo! go


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