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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  December 5, 2013 2:35am-4:01am EST

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this is expected to last until next week. here's abc's brandi hitt. >> the bitter blast of cold air and heavy snow has led to dozens of accidents from utah to colorado and nevada. >> oh, snap. >> reporter: even this news crew became the news with their own spinout. >> oh, oh. we're going to hit. we're going to hit! >> reporter: the icy polar express is leaving behind a wintry white mess and bone-chilling temperatures. with several states dropping 30 to 50 degrees in just 24 hours. more than two feet of snow has already fallen in duluth, minnesota. >> i'm hoping, hopefully, it will taper off. >> reporter: in california, zoo animals have been brought indoors. >> we added extra hay so they stay nice and cozy. >> reporter: as skiers rush outside to be in the thick of it. >> everyone is hustling i'm sure up there. >> reporter: drivers are forced to put on tire a chains as the snow piles up in the sierra,
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nevada mountains. while california farmers down below are relying on massive fans to save their citrus crops. >> what you are doing is blowing warmer air down on the trees. >> reporter: this is expected to be one of the coldest air masses since the '90s with record-breaking temperatures expected in the coming days. john and diana? >> wow. thank you. some areas of the south bracing for power outages because of freezing rain. >> our coverage continues now at accu-weather with jim dickey has the latest. good morning, jim. >> good morning, john and diana. a brutally cold air mass has set up shock in the northern plains and rockies filtering to the south and east. the early morning temperatures. these aren't windchills but raw temperatures. minneapolis 7, minus eight in denver. montana and wyoming, below zero across the entirety. again, quite cold. the cold air mass filters to the south and east. as it does we expect more in the way of ice and snow.
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three inches of snow from oklahoma city to st. louis. snow begins tonight and lasts through friday and also looking for significant ice including little rock, dallas especially the morning commute on friday will be dangerous. also widespread power outages. back to you. accu-weather also saying it has never ever gotten this cold in central valley parts of california where so much citrus is growing and it's going to dip below zero again in fresno and las vegas. have you ever heard of las vegas getting that cold? >> that is horrible. not so cold that it will potentially kill the fruit, the crop this year. the last time it was cold in the '90s, not even this cold it was killing citrus trees themselves. the tree dies, not just the fruit on the tree. that's how crazy cold it is. >> it goes deep. my goodness. here's a look at the rest of the thursday forecast. freezing rain and sleet in parts of northern new england. scattered showers from northern virginia to the southern
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appalachians. mix of rain and snow for new mexico and the southeast arizona. >> 40s and 50s in the desert southwest. 70s in atlanta and new orleans. very mild 60 here in new york. the nation's three largest cities are taking action on so-called e-cigarette cigarettes. >> they are considering banning the nicotine inhalers from indoor spaces like cigarettes. chicago is considering a similar ban and l.a. city council has unanimously approved to regulating them in the same manner as tobacco products which means they cannot be sold to minors. a couple celebrating the birth of identical triplet girls. wh is unusual is the trio was conceived without fertility treatments. the doctor estimates the odds of that happening between a million to 200 million to one. the parents are stunned but say they are tld thrilled with their ready-made family. >> it's everything at once. i think you can get lost staring
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in their face and in the moments, but it's overwhelming to think about everything to come. >> little bugs in a rug right there. abby, written and laurel were born weighing three to four pounds each for a total of 11 pounds. guess that makes one baby. the girls are doing well and should be home in a few weeks. >> and now mom and dad have a lot of work cut out for them. >> i guess you get identical dwins this the triplets and one is fraternal but identical triplets will be rare. >> so cool growing up. >> very cool. >> look at how adorable they are. so sweet. >> really are cute. >> just as unique as the new family is a record price for a piece of american art work. >> it is a norman rock well with. it is called saying grace for obvious reasons and sold for $46 million. the buyer has not been identify
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yet. >> keep going back to that andy warhol a few weeks ago, the car crash. i love silkscreen ones. they are terrific but that thing went for like over $100 million. i prefer the rock well for 46 there. >> absolutely. a car crash over a family praying. i will take the family praying. we are talking millions here. we can't afford either one but we will take that one. >> print version. coming up, the throw back in to throwback thursday, as in remembering the end of prohibition, 80 years ago today. and celebrity chef shocking revelation about drugs, money and divorce. saving the dogs that face an uncertain future. a photographer's humane work. you are watching "world news now" snaes ♪ that's my dog
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an embarrassing confession has been made across this pond in a high-profile courtroom drama. >> british tv chef any gnigella lawson. >> we are used to watching her cooking up a storm. >> this is delicious.
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>> but nigella traded her kitchen for a courtroom. confidently striding in to face down allegations she was a habitual drug user them celebrity chef's two assistants are the ones who are on trial for allegedly using her credit cards to go on spending sprees. but their defense that lawson gave them the green light to spend lavishly in return for their silence about her extreme drug use forced lawson in to the spotlight. on the stand she admitted to using cocaine a handful of times and said she smoked the "odd joint" that she admitted she asked her assistants to roll for her but said i have never been a drug addict or habit chufl user. she has been front page tabloid fodder since the summer when photos surfaced showing her husband with his hand on her throat. that image was soon followed by a divorce. the revelations of drug use have
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been central to nigella lawson's public battle with her former husband and it's not over yet. abc news, london. >> wow. this is a juicy one. lawson admitted to smoking marijuana as her troubled marriage to the 70-year-old saachi collapsed and taking cocaine before the death of her husband in 2001. >> she admits this is the way she escaped from her problems but she also says no drug was as toxic and destructive as her husband. >> she will be back on the stand -- >> her ex-husband sgland she will be back on the stand today. it's unfortunate the way trials work. this is a woman who was a victim and now -- your past comes out. you almost can't win. >> you go from the victim to the accused and you are still the one that is sitting on the side of the victim. coming up, it wasn't drugs, but booze that is making
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headlines eight decades ago. 80 years ago today. >> celebrating the end of prohibition. toasting 1933 in our throwback thursday. it is coming up next.
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it is time for throw back thursday and we are looking back to december 5th, 1933. >> we were in the grips of the great depression, duke ellington was rocking the radio and the drinks were finally flowing legally. once again. >> a pregnant lady like yourself shouldn't be drinking.
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>> probably not. that's why i am drinking apple juice. >> i am drinking motts. >> oh, jewels. 80 years ago today, the 13-year ban on alcohol ended. the movement to pass the hotly debated 18th amendment that banned alcohol was led bay rural protestant who saw it as a victory for public health and morals. >> during the run the law was widely ignored most famously by kennedy, father of late john f. kennedy who amassed a fortune in bootlegging. >> he made even more after the 21st amendment was repealed with his exclusive distribution rights of scottish whiskey. >> one of the unsfwended consequence was the black market it created and organized crime syndicates led by people like al ka sgloen put that man in jail. what does he think he is doing? what i hope i'm doing and here's where your english paper has a
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point, i'm responding to the will of the people. people are going to drink. you know that. i know that. we all know that. all i do is act on that. >> great movie. >> another classic film that dealt with prohibition, some like it hot. marilyn monroe was caught red handed with the forbidden fruit. >> terribly sorry. >> you won't tell anybody, will you? >> tell what? >> if they catch me once more they are going to kick me out. >>. kennedy wasn't the only one amassing a fortune during the ban. an industry was built on the ban. dramatized in the great gattcy by. >> you can't repeat the past. >> >> can't repeat the past? >> no. >> of course you can. >> all right. prohibition fun facts. speakeasies got their name from
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bartenders telling them to speakeasy so they wouldn't hear you upstairs. >> makes more sense. 18th amendment is the only constitutional amendment by the way that has been repealed in the history of the united states. kind of makes sense. >> fantastic fact. listen to this. scotch was the first legal whiskey to arrive in the united states. it was distributed by joseph kennedy exclusively. new york city south street seaport docks the moment it was repealed. i guess the ships were in new york harbor. >> i have a feeling there was with a line of people just waiting to pick up theirs. to honor the repeal of the 21st amendment, many prohibition celebrations kicked off at 9:00 p.m. tonight. that happens to be the 21st hour of the day. of course we ask you out there to drink as responsibly as you can. >> i'm ready for my shot. >> shot of apple juice. >> shot of apple juice. >> as long as the sound is still happening i'm okay. >> to you and you and everybody
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else. speakeasy. >> cheers. cheers. you disgust me.
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for animal lovers they are among the most heart breaking stories. dogs in shelters waiting for a home. >> at least one woman is trying to write a happy ending for as many as she can. >> she is finding homes for unwanted dogs using only her camera and the power of social media. here's steve osunsami. >> hard to believe but these are the dogs that no one wants. at the animal shelter outside of
2:56 am
raleigh. >> i wanted to specifically focus on the ones that had been there the longest because they are not going to have much time left. >> reporter: photographer shannon johnsstone says she is rescuing them one at a time with the click of her camera. carston, snickers, dominant, she has found all of them homes. how many dogs have you helped? >> he was number 67. >> reporter: it is time to ride to the land fill where the magic happens. she posts her photos on-line where thousands of families come to fall in love with dogs that play and fly. >> i will post pictures on facebook, a lot of times at night and i will wake up in the middle of their night like did they get a home yet? >> reporter: they were watching and they adopted him the next day. >> if we had go gone to the shelter i would have never looked at him.
2:57 am
because he is big. who would know he is such a sweet heart. thanks to shannon. >> reporter: she says here's the key. taking pictures that show the joy of the real dog, instead of the frustration that frightens families when they visit the shelters. they screen each dog for behavior and socialability but sometimes it takes convincing. >> everyone finds themselves having hard times and these dogs are fallen on hard times. >> reporter: herald's new family saw shannon's pictures and rushed to bring him home giving his story this wonderful ending. steve osunsami, abc news. >> love that story. >> if anything is inspiring you to even take a look. maybe you will find a dog that you have been trying to find. >> so true. >> they look pathetic in the cages and sometimes they look scary and you get them out there and realize, wow. >> go to her facebook page. it is
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dogs. go adopt a dog. >> good idea. and they are not boring like cats. >> exactly. ♪ music body language can n tell you all sorts of things. like someone is having a stroke. knowow the suddesigns. learn f.a.s.t. face drooping arm weakness speech difficulty time to call 911 and get them to a hospital immediately. learn the body langue and spot a stroke f.s.t.
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this morning on "world news now," a stolen truck in mexico carrying potentially deadly radioactive material. >> you could get a lethal dose in a few minutes from being exposed to this source. >> the fear on both sides of the border as police went on a frantic search. deep freeze. potentially record-breaking cold and this morning's below zero temperatures. danger to people, crops and animals as the storm moves east. too tired. the new york traing train engineer who dozed off at the controls and the condition called highway hypnosis. >> people that often tell you they have been hypnotized by the
3:01 am
high are in fact very sleepy. >> the has hards of sleep deprivation put to the test. it is thursday, december 5th. >> announcer: from abc news this is "world news now" with john muller and diana perez. >> good thursday morning, everybody. >> we made it this far. always feels nice. >> friday eve we like to say. >> past hump day which means we are closer to the week. i have been talking about the weekend more. >> i'm particularly tired and for no reason. >> yesterday you forgot the coffee. so there's that reason. >> my car is double parked. a stolen truck carrying extremely dangerous radioactive waste recovered near mexico city. >> this morning the theft is raising concerns about the danger of transporting such
3:02 am
toxic material. experts say a thimble full could be lethal. brandi hitt has the details. >> reporter: after days of scrambling, a truck hauling a medical can device with cobalt 60, a radioactive material used in the treatment of cancer patients was found abandoned and empty in an agricultural area north of mexico city. a half mile away, authorities located 40 grams of the shipment and cordoned off the area. the device, stored inside of the truck was stolen, on the way in tijuana to a radioactive storage facility not far from the mexican capital. on monday, at 2:00 a.m., two armed men confronted the drivers. the gunman then took off with the truck and its hazardous cargo. authorities don't know who they are or if they knew what they stole. the radioactive material poses no risk as long as its container is not structure fractured or otherwise tampered. >> you could get a lethal dose
3:03 am
in a few minutes by being exposed to this source. >> reporter: thefts like this long worried officials because the material could be used to make a dirty bomb. >> this is material that could be used, if used properly, to be used in a dangerous dirty bomb. they need to know how to handle the material without giving themselves incapacitating doses of radiation. >> the thieve most likely wanted the vehicle for the moveable platform and crane and may have not known the radioactive material was on board. >> thank you. mexico has a poor track record of handling this kind of radioactive hazardous waste. >> but also you are not supposed to steal trucks no whitewater matt matter what is in them. there are experts that say if they were exposed they are either die org dead. >> the hospitals will be looking for anyone coming in with a
3:04 am
strange radiation poisoning sickness. thousands of college students were on lockdown two hours after a deadly shooting near their campus. around sic p.m., wingate university ordered everyone to lock their doors and turn off their lights. no students or staff were involved. a school shooting forced a lockdown near orlando. a 15-year-old student was shot yesterday outside of orange high school in wint wither garden. a 17-year-old is under arrest. witnesses say the boys were fighting when one pulled out a gun. the injure student is in stable condition with several gunshot wounds. despite the long legal battle to keep them private, connecticut state officials reluctantly released the recordings from the sandy hook school massacre. abc decide not to air the audio from the calls but they tell a story of calm and courage in the middle of utter horror. >> reporter: the 911 calls capture the panic of teachers and school personnel grappling with an unimaginable horror.
3:05 am
in the recording, you can hear dispatchers calmly reassuring callers that help is on the way. one says try to apply pressure we have people coming. another tells the custodian, i want you to take cover. a frantic teacher says to an operator, the door's not locked yet. i have to lock the door. connecticut state attorneys fought against making the calls public out of sensitivity to the victims' families like nicole hockly whose son dylan was one of the children murdered. >> what parent would want that? it is not in anyone's interest or the way i want dylan to be remembered. >> reporter: the judge ruled it served the public good saying the delaying of the release of recordings fuels speculation about and under mine confidence in our law enforcement. the release of the calls is a week after state attorney's report revealed chilling lick purrs of the damage done to the
3:06 am
elementary school and the arsenal of weapons used in the massacre. in addition to the young children, six educators were killed when adam lanza went on his deadly rampage. newtown school superintendent is warning parents to limit their media exposure. he says these calls could be an emotional trigger. the anniversary of the shooting is december 14th. john, diana? >> thank you. a 14-year-old boy in massachusetts is pleading not guilty to murdering his math teacher. phillip chism is accused in the october death of 24-year-old colleen ritzer. he had pleaded not guilty in a lower court but had to do so again yesterday because his case had been moved to massachusetts superior court. chism is being held without bail. a man charged with killing a tsa agent in los angeles international airport last month is facing justice. the courtroom sketch shows the bandages on his neck.
3:07 am
three people were wounded. he faces the death penalty if convicted. new court documents show toronto mayor ford may have tried to buy a video that appears to show him smoking crack. the documents suggest that ford may have offered suspected drug dealing gang members $5,000 and a car in exchange for the video. in one conversation a gang member is heard saying they rejected the offer and plan to ask for $150,000. the latest bombshell from documents leaked by edward snowden. the national security administration reportedly tracks the location up to 5 billion cell phones overseas including those belonging to americans. the "washington post" reports the nsa is unintentionally gathering that information, including the name of the person called. the nsa has said it does not gather data on american cell phones inside the u.s. european regulators have levied major fines against eight financial firms including two giant banks.
3:08 am
citigroup and jpmorgan chase are among the bank fined $2 billion for rigging interest rates. it was shocking to find so many banks that should have been competing against each other colluding instead. the brutal snowstorm that shut down schools tapering off this morning but more unbarely cold air moving in. people in northern minnesota are racing to dig out from two feet of snow before the plunging temperatures turn everything in to ice. the slick roads are blamed for hundreds of accidents. people in montana braving the coldest temperatures in years with the entire state dipping below zero this morning. ranchers there are doing all they can to keep livestock warm with. making sure they have enough hay to deal with cold. deep freeze is stalling wine shipments. they are holding off on deliveries heading east. they say frigid weather can pop the corks and ruin the wine. so some may not get their wine
3:09 am
by christmas. freezing rain and the possibility of power outages in texas and arkansas. >> jim dickey is tracking the storm. >> extreme cold, dangerous cold. that is expected once again across much of the country. many spots below zero this morning. bismarck, minus nine. minus five in pierre. the cold air filters to the south and east. as it does we expect more ice and snow. snow breaks out here tonight. three to six inches from oklahoma city to st. louis in to the ohio valley. also, significant ice. this will be a big-time issue. many spots don't have salt trucks to treat the roadways. roadways will be icy in many locations. look for downed trees and power lines. widespread power outages. back to you. >> jim, thank you. they don't get much, if any snow in the middle of louisiana. if you want to bald snowman
3:10 am
there it will take something special. >> that's where 700 students and staff at cherokee elementary in alexandria come in. they got information yesterday, obviously as you see in the shape of a snowman. >> pretty cool. complete with hats and buttons. it was put together for use on the school's christmas card. cool and cold project for the kids. well done. >> the average high in december in alexandria, louisiana is 60. the average low is 40. >> sounds good to me. >> zero chance of snow all around. >> critique that. shouldn't they wear with white ski hats. or white baseball hats so the top isn't the dirty snowman. ever make a snowman and it gets. >> realistic. >> i'm telling you white baseball hat and that would have been -- >> looking beautiful. remember the scene from the movie a history story? we will see it reenacted. and the bad dog at the white house getting in trouble at the
3:11 am
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a deadly train derailment is shining light on the potential takers of sleep deprivation. we are hearing more about fatigue, zoning out and micro sleep. what's it mean for the rest of us behind the wheel? here's abc's ron claiborne. >> reporter: the investigation in to this week's deadly train derailment is focusing on the train's engineer. sources telling abc news, rockefeller admitted to dozing off right before the crash at 82 miles an hour. his lawyer says rockefeller felt well rested earlier that morning and he had succumb to highway hypnosis, a trance-like state associated with the boredom of distance driving. >> people tell you that they have been hypnotized by the highway are in fact sleepy. >> reporter: m fatigue is a factor in many accidents. the air disaster outside of
3:16 am
buffalo in 2009 blamed on pilot fatigue. on the roads, experts estimate as many as 250,000 drivers nod off every day. look at this woman, caught on tape seemingly fast asleep. many victims of something called micro-sleep. episodes of sleep as a few seconds. your eyes could be open but your brain is asgleep mike re-sleep is a brief transition. it can last up to maybe 20 to 30 seconds. >> tuesday night. >> reporter: i found out firsthand when investigating the effect of sleep deprivation on driving. staying awake 30 hours and wired up behind the wheel on a test track. i thought i had done okay but my brain scan showed off i had dozed off 22 times without realizing it. those jagged lines signaling sleep. >> you had dozens of times where your eyes began to roll around in their sockets. >> ron claiborne, abc news, new york. >> really scary stuff.
3:17 am
>> it honestly happens to a lot of people all the time. >> absolutely. >> you don't even realize. >> you mentioned you have driven home and feel your eyes getting heavy. it might be happening for all you know. >> it is 5:00 in the morning. it's dark outside. i'm driving home and there is no one around me and i'm going to get in traffic and it just happens. >> you are literally asleep with your eyes open. >> and you don't realize it until you start to swerve or hear someone honk or you snap out of it and realize you have gone 20 yards and you don't know where you started. >> needless to all of us when that happens pull over. >> go to a gas station, get coffee, fresh air, water. no matter how macho you think you are everyone needs eight to nine hours a day or night however you can get. this i can go on five to seven hours is not true. >> i don't know how we are doing it. we need to take advice. we won't be on the air tomorrow.
3:18 am
we are taking the night off. >> that's what we need. someone who is clear rested, bright eyed and bushy tail them newest member of the obama family showing too much puppy love in the white house. and next half hour, don't forget about the morning glass of orange juice. how about taking a shower with it? it is the latest health trend. the vitamin c shower. you are watching "world news now."
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♪ >> classic. love that song. >> even in the bark fashion. >> yep. >> what do you get when you mix jingle bell holiday spirit with a bouncing new puppy. >> at the white house it wasn't canine carolling but it head added to the festivities. and of course anything involving a puppy makes it our favorite story of the day. here's maib mary bruce. >> reporter: someone maybe a little too excited for the holidays. sonny, the newest member of the obama family joined the first lady and children for holiday cheer. bounding with excitement, her first christmas at the white house. she got too rambunctious for this toddler. with a hand from mrs. obama and a kiss from sonny, the tiny tot
3:21 am
was just fine. the first lady welcomed military families to the white house to unveil this year's decorations and thank them for their sacrifices. >> no matter what challenges you all face, during the holidays or any other time during the year, you all just dig a little deeper. >> reporter: the white house is fully÷orated for the holidays and ready to welcome the 70,000 visitors expected this season. the numbers are impressive. it took 83 volunteers from all 50 states to deck these halls. there are 24 christmas trees, 450 books, a 300-pound gingerbread white house with and 1,000 yards of satin ribbon used to make replicas of the famous pups. >> they are mechanical. this is a new step. we are stepping up in the world. the bo and sonny honoring. >> president and the first family will turn the switch on the massive 31 foot tall national tree on the ellipse on friday. >> thank you. so i think it is fitting
3:22 am
they named her sonny because of her rambunctious. >> she is sunny. >> she like bo, who's her older brother, i guess in a way, not by birth but portuguese border dogs in case you are wondering. >> and they are so cute. thankfully, there's zzzquil. it's not for colds, it's not for pain, it's just for sleep. ♪ because sleep is a beautiful thing™. ♪ zzzquil. the non-habit forming sleep-aid from the makers of nyquil®. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i looked at my options. then i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80%
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mix time the movie the christmas story where the triple double dare and the guy's tongue stuck to the ice pole. i triple dog dare you. >> that's it. >> an imp ror group that made a fierl video and they went to a new york city subway with actors and recreated the scene with normal riders who witnessed it. it is fantastic. look. >> i double dare you to stick your tongue on that pole. >> stick my tongue on the pole? that's dumb.
3:26 am
>> it really works! >> intense moments there, but rest assured it was all good. it is prosthetic tongue in the kid's mouth and they picked the number one train because the poles actually are magnetic. so that the tongue, using a magnet stuck to the pole which made it real ooisic. the kids bail on him. pretty cool, right? >> i love how some people know what is going on. >> they had a real new york city fireman play the role of the rescuer there. good stuff, right? >> that is so great. >> oh! >> nice. >> little tongue. ends good. >> the applause comes next if. that's great. here's video of super fan. this is somebody who was two rows away from this person who was jammin' it. >> working it. >> yeah. this was the san diego chargers game. he kind of broke out in this dance after the first and third
3:27 am
quarter but most essential especially came out and did their thing. the person that captured this video made the man an internet viral sensation. he has no -- what is he, number 61 has no idea what is going on. >> that's the harlem shake clearly. clearly the harlem shake. >> we need to put music to that. harlem shake would be perfect. >> looks a little random. >> yes. >> we see a lot of amagz shots on the mix. usually involve basketballs or ping-pong balls and they guess better. >> i can do that. a couple of guys submitted that to espn. trick shot your way nba competition. their names are harry right of wellington, new zealand. they won. it gets better and better. keeps rolling >> off the wall. in to the cup. nothing but cup. >> the one after this is amazing. like some crazy one from four
3:28 am
stories up. not this one. work with me. not that that isn't amazing. this is crazy. any way they
3:29 am
3:30 am
now," icy danger. the arctic ast this morning on "world news now," icy danger. the arctic blast plunging a huge part of the country in to a deep freeze. snow, freezing rain and blustery conditions. radioactive scare. the truck carrying highly dangerous material stolen in mexico. the fears about a dirty bomb on both sides of this border and the frantic search. marine mystery. the whales washing up on the shores of the everglades. why trying to save these creatures before it is too late. pictures of beyonce that reveal a side of her we don't see too often. it is a superstar family vacation in "the skinny" on this thursday, december 5th.
3:31 am
>> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now" with john muller and diana perez. >> good morning. on this thursday. >> beyonce is opening up as a star. we are seeing more of her. she puts them on her tumblr account. all the time. >> yes, she does. that one cool. not all glammed up, down to earth and still looks great. >> a lot of people like that about her. every time you see people post something on instagram they look beautiful she is always posting pictures of herself. i don't know if i like her more or less. she is like i don't have makeup on and i'm beautiful. >> and i still look better than you. >> plain jane and still amazing. we begin with the extreme cold snap making half of the country feel like a frozen tundra. temperatures are plunging. from the west to the great lakes and well to the south. the entire state of montana is dipping below zero at some point this morning and that's without factoring in the windchill.
3:32 am
abc's ginger zee is braving it all for us. >> reporter: the brutal storm is sending us careening in to winter. roads littered with pinouts in salt lake. sliding in sioux city, iowa. even our minneapolis truck skidding. then the inevitable. the storm inspiring strong words in colorado springs. >> i hate this. >> reporter: but this whole deal is not just the snow but the bight, record-eaking cold. terrorizing citrus crops in southern california. >> we have protection and crews ready. we have water, wind machines. >> reporter: watch this time lapse of a thermometer in denver plunging from 54 to 10 in 14 hours. when it is this cold, veteran postal carrier, has a strategy. >> layers, proper shoes and water. >> yes, drink plenty of water. >> reporter: another warning, frostbite. it can set in quick and can be deadly. in bismarck, where the windchill
3:33 am
will drop to 40 below, you can get frostbite if exposed within ten minutes. while some are built for this kind of weather, the single digit temperatures and snow shutting down the denver zoo. most of the animals inside with new toys. >> got different toys to play. >> even tv. >> yes. >> doing what so many of us are doing across this nation, hibernating. the storm is about to get ugly in the south. let me show you where and why. it is ice. from dallas to little rock could pick up a half to three-quarters of an inch. and a strip north of there could go from two to five inches. and the cold, vegas in the 40s. places like fargo, sub zero and dallas close to 80 flipping to below freezing by the end of the week and the start of the weekend. ginger zee, abc news, denver, colorado. here's a look at the rest of the thursday weather. heavy rain from southeast texas to the tennessee valley.
3:34 am
scattered showers from virginia to georgia. freezing rain for northern new england and morning frost in southern california. climb only to the 50s in los angeles to phoenix, up to 60 in the northeast and a toasty 80 in miami today. another major headline this morning, the recovery of the stolen truck carrying dangerous radioactive material near mexico city. mexican troops are standing goornd the recovered truck around the clock until experts can safely dispose of the hazardous cobalt 60. if properly sealed it poses no risk but the shipment had been removed from its container. >> this is material that could be used, if used properly in a dangerous dirty bomb. they need to know how to handle the material without giving themselves incapacitating doses of radiation. >> a government physicist says whomever removed that material is at a high risk of dying, saying the normal survival rate is one to two days if there's exposure. the search for silicon
3:35 am
valley executive and his family is entering the fourth day and there's no sign of their missing plane. software executive dale smith was flying the private plane from oregon to montana when it vanished in idaho on sunday. he radioed about engine trouble and asked for directions but never made it. he was on board with his son, daughter in law and his fiance. desperate rescue operation is underway in in the florida pfr glades. ten whales are dead and dozens remain stranded. wildlife officials will be out at first light hoping to coax the whales to the open water. more from our station in miami. >> reporter: a sad and sickening sight. at least 53 short-fin pilot whales wound up in dangerously shallow waters in the everglades national park. >> their prognosis isn't good. it is difficult rehabilitate these mammals. >> reporter: the lead biologist says ten whales have already died. some beached themselves on the shore.
3:36 am
others had to be euthanized. the fate of the rest depends on mother nature. >> once they have been stranded and resting on themselves with their full weight on themselves they do a lot of internal damage. >> reporter: we hit the water to get a closer peek at these stranded whales. but we were kept back as rescuers carried out the long, delicate process of trying to herd the pilot whales in to much safer deep water. that's 20 miles away from where the group swims now. a complicated idea that did not work despite a day-long effort. >> can these whales be saved? >> the longer this goes on, the less likely it is. we hope some can be saved. >> they will have to swim on their own. we won't be able to herd them out that far. >> reporter: what is happening here is not that uncommon. in fact, experts say this type of species, pilot whales, they usually flock together. they swim in large masses.
3:37 am
when one beaches itself, the rest usually follow. i can tell you the team of two dozen biologists will be back here first thing this morning. reporting from florida everglades national park, abc news. >> if that isn't ghoulish enough the sharks are feeding on their carcasses according to the witnesses. >> oh, my gosh. so sad. these marine biologists out there are trying to take samples of the whales, both deceased and alive, to see if there's any disease causing them to do this. this happens off the cape of massachusetts every once in a while with sharks or dolphins. or with seals and there's no way to know what is going on with them until you can test the dead ones. sad. >> hopefully some will make it. >> yes. moving on to what was supposed to be the nba's season first regular game played in mexico since '97. notice i said supposed to be because it was postponed after smoke filled the arena. the spurs and timber wolves were warming up for the game. a generator malfunctioned
3:38 am
creating smoke. the game will be made up in minnesota later this year. wow. >> too bad. >> all get margaritas. we learned today the fate of florida state university quarterback jamis winston. his attorney maintained his client has done nothing illegal. the state attorney will announce what is next in the case at 2:00 p.m. today. winston is a leading heisman trophy candidate. and the seminoles are college's number one team. pittsburgh steelers coach mike tomlin said he won't appeal a $100,000 fine. that's the penalty for interfering with a kickoff return in the steelers thanksgiving night loss to the ravens. tomlin apologized calling it embarrassing and inexcusable. there it is. the league will consider docking a draft pick but a decision will not be made until next year. >> i saw the photos of this. first time i have seen the video. what are you thinking? he played football.
3:39 am
>> i don't think he was. >> i think -- remember when the jets did something sort of similar, but he was like a trainer. he's a player. he knows better than that. >> there's a lot of conspiracy theories but if you look he take one step on before he jumps off. what were you going to do. >> no good. >> uncool. here we go. the holiday season. new york city just got brighter thanks to the giant christmas tree in rockefeller plaza. >> it was lit last night. a tradition that has taken place ever year since 1933. the 76-foot norway spruce features 45,000 lights and 9 1/2 foot wide star on top. >> man, oh, man. the tree is 75 years old, grown in connecticut and moved to new york last month. it will be on display until january 7th. looks gorgeous, doesn't it? >> absolutely. when it is taken down the lumber will be cut in to -- it will be cut in to lumber for habitat for humanity.
3:40 am
check that out. >> that's a good thing. i feel better about that. >> it has been a tradition for my family to get out there and do it at least once. >> ice skating and hot chocolate sounds like a plan. a private side of beyonce made public. and something extra in the las vegas shower. it is not what you think. it might be wholesome and good for you right off the strip. you are watching "world news now." ♪ thinking everything was all right ♪ ♪ i stepped out the tub and put my feet on the floor ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by mucinex dm max strenght. you disgust me.
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♪ there's a lot of splishing and splashing going on in hotel room showers in las vegas, but these new ones are no ordinary showers. >> the mgm grand expanding the number of r ♪ there's a lot of splishing and splashing going on in hotel room showers in las vegas, but these new ones are no ordinary showers. >> the mgm grand expanding the nuer of rooms that allow you to splish and splash in vitamin c infused water. abc's nick watt checks it out. ♪ >> reporter: here in sin city, you are apt to marry a stranger, lose it all on red and now take a shower infused with vitamin c. ♪ hallelujah >> i'm serious, a vitamin c shower. i'm having one right now. it is counter acting the chlorine in the water.
3:45 am
>> chlorine is an oxidant and is known to damage the hair and skin and having vitamin c in the water counteracts that. >> reporter: not to ward off a winter sniffle or a dose of pirate scurvy. >> we started a year ago with 42 rooms here at the mgm grand and at the end of the month we will expand it to 171. >> reporter: vitamin c in the shower is too much. >> never too much. >> reporter: and the trend is spreading. apparently leonardo dicaprio bought an apartment that has a vitamin c shower head as standard. you can buy one yourself for 20 or 30 bucks. vitashower, the manufacturer, told us the vitamin c showers fully neutralize harmful chlorine. but what does a dermatologist think? >> i don't think that taking a shower that is infused with vitamin c does any harm. i doubt it has any real benefits directly to the skin. >> reporter: did it make me feel better? i don't know. i feel great but maybe that's
3:46 am
just because i'm in vegas. nick watt, abc news, on the strip. >> way to go, nick watt. >> apparently reducing the water's chlorine content vitamin c filters are said to leave the hair and skin feeling better. my question is -- oh, my lord. >> nicely done. forget that chat. let's look at diana. diana, cover up. you should be ashamed of yourself. you are on national television. >> these are not the bodies -- just my face on someone else's body. >> she posed for that before the show. we took it from ten angles and that's the best one. that's the true story. >> that's the furthest thing from the truth. actually, the crew came to my house. >> one of my favorites in a long time. >> you see my nail polish isn't black. i don't know -- i have nowhere to go with this. nothing. vitamin c infused showers, i do it every day, i do it here actually. >> we will save you now. what we beyonce is trying to avoid over the holiday season.
3:47 am
and why snooki is comparing herself to miley cyrus. it is coming up in "the skinny." >> announcer: "world news now"
3:48 am
♪ skinny so skinny >> all right. so, we have the latest in the new movie that's coming out in a couple of years. "batman versus superman." >> no brainer, superman.
3:49 am
>> you think? >> he has all the powers. batman wears a belt and pulls it out and superman can do anything. >> ben affleck is playing batman and we know who will be wonder woman, opposite of batman and superman. an israeli actress named gal gadot and she is absolutely stunning. >> she's pretty. >> absolutely stunning. she rose to fame by being gisele on the fourth, fifth and sixth installations on the "fast and furious." she took her facebook page to talk about how excited she is. writing i can't express how happy and exciting i am to be part of this project. she is 28 years old and will she will play diana prince with super speed and agility. she can't fly. not exactly like superman or batman who needs the cape. it is coming out in 2015. here's some cool things everybody needs to know. she can kick butt and knows how
3:50 am
to use a gun she was part of the israeli army. she likes motorcycles, that's pretty cool. a mom, a 2-year-old at home and friends with the recently passed away in that horrible accident paul walker from the "fast and furious." >> a beauty but she will have her work cut out for her trying to keep up with linda carter in that outfit. i'm telling you what. wait and see. >> i don't know. she has the good. >> this is a woman that can keep up with linda carter. beyonce. did i just say that. >> oh, yeah. >> her tumblr page has been busy. she has been posing bikini shots. she's been posing -- just chilling out. being real. >> cute. >> i wonder what beach that is. that is gorgeous. >> globe trotting and documenting her adventures just about every step of the way. i think that is jay-z's 44th birthday. pictures of blue ivy. >> miss blue carter. >> check it out. beyonce's official tumblr page getting a workout these days. >> looking good as ever.
3:51 am
>> snooki is just like everybody and her mama. everybody has something to say about miley cyrus. now snooki had advice for miss miley cyrus, as well. she says, you know what, she is me three years ago. she's a party girl. she likes to have fun. we'd be best friends if i knew her. she's crazy and likes to go out a lot but she said that is basically me three years ago. there is home video of snooki from "the jersey shore" losing it on a day she was completed wasted and got arrested. and this is her now. >> much better. >> the new snooki is actually elegant. there one problem with that. as much as they are similar, miley has talent. like she can sing and dance. she is a reality person. >> drunk. >> slightly different. >> i think miley is 21 years old and needs to find herself. quick one. chelsea handler got a new do, got a bob cut like her bff
3:52 am
jennifer aniston. >> she does look like jennifer aniston. >> she says she is done with hair. i'm sure that is much easier to take care of. >> i didn't realize they were bffs. >> apparently and now they have the same hair cut. . >> apparently and now they have the same hair cut. r bank accoun, and stole her hard-earned money. unfortunately, millions of americans just like you learn all it may take is a little misplaced information to wreak havoc on your life. this is identity theft. and no one helps stop it better than lifelock. lifelock offers the most comprehensive identity theft protection available. if mary had lifelock's bank account alerts, she may have been notified before it was too late. lifelock's credit notification service is on the job 24/7. as soon as they detect a threat to your identity within their network, they will alert you, protecting you before the damage is done.
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♪ >> not quite santa but close. >> we'll take ♪ >> not quite santa but close. >> we'll take him. >> all right. operation santa is now in full swing with thousand of santa's helpers deployed at post offices coast to coast. >> they are answering letters from and helping holiday dreams come true. >> reporter: the letters come in by the thousands. heart felt an sometimes heart breaking. they are addressed to santa claus and often they are written by children in need. >> need school supplies, backpacks, shoes and clothing and food. >> reporter: claire works for
3:56 am
the postal service here in los angeles. for the past three years she's been the local coordinator for operation santa, a national program that gives people the opportunity to answer some of these letters with gifts or other donations. >> it's amazing to know there are so many people out there that are willing to help children in need, families in need. >> reporter: at the postal service's district office in south l.a., volunteers sorted through the thousands of letters that have come in to post offices all over l.a. meanwhile, a volunteer santa read excerpts from some of the letters addressed to the north pole. >> my dad lost his job a few days ago. i don't know if you know it but my 6-year-old brother has autism. >> operation santa works because the postal service acts as a middleman between the children who are writing santa and volunteers who are willing to help. >> when they adopt a letter, they have their identification. they fill out a form and go and buy a gift or gift card or gift certificate and they come back
3:57 am
and mail that card or package and pay the postage and the postal service takes that letter, card or package and applies the address. >> richard mayer is a spokesman for the postal service and said that it started in 1912. it has evolved but the mission is the same. >> maybe they want to answer a letter and send a toy to a child. >> great program, right. >> you know how news programs every year when it snows, we go crazy and say it is snowing. we need to remind people about the program because i knew it existed and didn't know how it worked. >> what are you going to get for christmas, diana? naughty or nice? i'm thinking naughty right there. >> just look at my face. i'm a grown woman sitting on santa claus. >> you are taking a beating this half hour. i love it. i love it!
3:58 am
>> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades. news now,"
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making news in america this morning -- negative numbers. much of the nation waking up to dangerous cold today. who's in for the bitter blast? and how low will it go? hack attack. millions of passwords for facebook, twitter and other sites stolen. a an attack that's still happening. a pro basketball game canceled. an arena evacuated after a frightening fire. and a popular scene from a christmas movie played out in a whole, new place. od


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