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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  December 5, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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at one point a candlelight vigil was held outside 24 hours straight in south africa. , spendings released the last several months being tended to around-the-clock, as many as to to doctors -- as 20 to doctors trying to take care of the icon. unfortunately, the last couple days his family made a clear things were not going well, then today the news. of the countless people who , president obama talked about the inspirations that were set into motion and fulfilled on so many levels by nelson mandela, and how that inspiration needs to carry on well beyond today. here's the president. >> nelson mandela lived for that ideal and made it real. he achieved more than could be expected of any man. today he has gone home. we have lost one of the most influential, courageous, and profoundly good human beings
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that any of us will ever share time with on this earth. he no longer belongs to us. he belongs to the ages. >> that last line there from president obama, he belongs to the ages, reminiscent of another famous quote, which was after president lincoln was declared dead, standing coming forward who reportedly said, "now he belongs to the ages." just one more sign of the significance of the passing of nelson mandela. nowhere perhaps more felt, though, then in his native south africa. president jacob zuma was the one to break the news this afternoon. let's listen in. freedom andled for healing. he had the respect of the world. his humility, his compassion, and his humanity gained him
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their love. reverencealso word that will unlikely be ever paralleled. come because quote i think this sums it up very well, sums up the legacy of nelson mandela, from the former south african president himself. he said, "if i had my time over, i would do it the same again. so would any man who called himself a man." >> scott thuman, thank you very much. as the world mourns the loss of nelson mandela, a look back at the profound impact he has had on history. karen travers reports. >> born in 1918, nelson mandela was the son of a tribal chief. as a young man coming faced daily humiliation of living under apartheid come a system of government enforced racial
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division that led to the oppression of the majority black south africans. mandela made the fight for his country in people's liberation his calls. in 1964, he paid the price with his own freedom, sentenced to life in prison. i have the idea of a democratic and free society. it is an ideal for which i am prepared to die. mandela in chains, south africans found a new rally cry, free mandela synonymous with the demands for a free south africa. after nearly than eight ok'd, as dubya dick clark finally -- after nearly three decades, delcerq freed him. he was embraced by his people and the world. he became a nobel peace prize recipient and was elected president in the country's first free elections. the post apartheid years were unemployment and aids
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plagued the country. the 91-year-old mandela, who at fault for years to host the world cup, appeared on the pitch. in his later years, he battled illness, in and out of the hospital. he virtually moved to his home village to be closer to his family. waned,luence never hosting a number of visitors, including first lady michelle obama. it also mandela became a living symbol of freedom -- nelson mandela became a living symbol of freedom and the strength of south africa and freedom beyond. has already begun at the south african embassy. hassle fella has more. >> at the south african embassy, a real-life reminder of this man's life and legacy. in front of the embassy, the nine foot statue made of bronze, designed by a south african
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sculptor, modeled after images of mandela back in 1990. the closed fist, almost signaling victory. he was jailed 27 years three decades ago, at the very spot where dozens of protesters, americans included, who were arrested because they were protecting against apartheid in south africa. we talked with this 12-year-old girl who came with her father to pay tribune to this man. we asked why anybody this young should care about his legacy. she said, because he fought for many people. >> i want to pray for his family, his him, and all the people suffering for his loss. and i would like to say thank you for him and everything he did for us. >> is very obvious through the night we will be seeing the same sort of reactions from people all over the world. by,ave seen folks stop taking pictures of this relatively new statue.
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of embassy is also under construction. abc 7 news will continue to gather reaction over the loss of nelson mandela. stay with us for continuing coverage had on a special one- hour edition of "world news" starting at 6:30, and nonstop coverage online at >> the other big story we're following tonight, the weather, millions across the midwest awoke to temperatures below freezing. in many cases below zero. that brought with it feet of snow in minnesota and the threat of dangerous ice storms stretching from dallas all the way to cincinnati. here, though, we had temperatures close to 70 degrees, but big changes are coming. doe hill has what to expect. >> -- doug hill has what to expect. instill 60 degrees here arlington. things are changing.
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first, the temperatures are cooler tomorrow with the cold front, still the mid-60s across the region. the temperatures falling overnight. skies,ly wind and cloudy the low of 46-55. the cold front approaches, but behind the rain we have all kinds of stuff breaking out, ice and no, states of emergency a number of states. and more watches, warnings, and advisories than i can count. areof the areas in purple just the ice storm warnings, the pink areas are winter storm warning. i bet by sunday we will have our own set of warnings and advisories. more details in a few minutes. into a, an investigation missing girl may have uncovered a prostitution ring right inside of a district police officer's home. of a district police officer's home. >>
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officers under investigation, suspected of running a prostitution ring. >> officers went to his home searching for a missing 16-year- old girl. is outside of the officer's home in southeast with the details. roz? documents, weurt discovered when investigators came here tuesday night, that police officer answer the door himself. he smelled the strong odor of
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marijuana and found more marijuana on the inside. here is some video we captured upon the search going on last night. inside the apartment, investigators found two young women, one who was 18, the other the 16-year-old missing girl. they had been searching for her. she told investigators she had been there several times and had met six other females. he told -- she said they had worked as prostitutes for the officers. he took voters of her nude wearing sparkly high heels. he told her her nickname would be juicy and he had a sex tape of her with an older man full stop the date would give her $80 and she could keep 60 of it. vesta gators confiscated from the apartment a large mirror the young women told us had the names of the other females who had engaged in prostitution. one neighbor told us the accusation, if true, are simply heartbreaking. >> to me, that could have been my child. no matter what happens, that affects her life.
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that is supposed to be somebody that you trust. told them theoman officer is advertising their services on a site called back online. this is still an ongoing investigation, no formal charges filed on the case so far. live in southeast, roz plater, abc 7 news. >> that is the second investigation involving metropolitan police officer and a young girl this week. today, officer marc washington faced a judge in charges he coerced a 16-year-old girl into letting him take naked pictures of her with his cell phone. en return home after being missing. he told the girl the pictures were part of police procedure. cathy lanier is reacting to both cases. department is very concerned about the recent
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allegations of egregious conduct by two officers. the misguided actions of a few in no way reflect on the professionalism, dedication, and integrity of our department." next, after a day where temperatures reached nearly 70, doug hill is tracking the potential of the winter weather coming up. sports, the in latest on florida state quarterback winston. and brian a rack boat talks about the end of his contract. paul hewitt suspends a player for what he calls an excusable >> family, friends, and students
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are mourning the loss of a teacher in libya. he was jogging near the u.s. consulate in benghazi when he was shot, the same building where chris stephens and three other americans were killed by terrorists last year. the state department said that smith was a chemistry teacher at the international school. he was scheduled to return home next week. itshen the fbi moves out of
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headquarters on pennsylvania avenue, it will likely move out of the district as well. reportshington post" that site locations effectively eliminates the district from contention. city leaders want the fbi to hoovere from the j edgar building to poplar point. the administration said the fbi headquarters must be within two and half miles of the beltway, two miles of a metro stop, and have at least 50 acres. poplar point meets the first two criteria, but not the third. >> get ready for change? with is coming in batches, the first being the cold front tomorrow with the rain following. it will be cold saturday, and sunday, ice and snow. the temperatures right now, they walk in the park compared with most of the country right now. still in the 60s, 64 manassas, 63 in the nation's capital. will the scoreboard, it briefly reached 69 at reagan national,
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going into the books as washington's official high, 49 degrees the morning low. high 12 yearsd ago today when we hit 75, not that far away today. now the temperatures falling. pittsburgh 59, detroit 37. charleston 62, indianapolis 28. the news gets colder more to the north and west, lots of single numbers and below zero. that is spreading south, then east. the cold air dropping to the surface is encountering the influence of store--- storm- developed as a quotation, and that is why we have this enormous contrast in temperatures. that is where we have the most active precipitation. this will be with us a while, moving south and east, catching up with us saturday in the form of temperatures, sunday with the next surge of moisture. 77 right now in jackson, mississippi. to the northwest of the state,
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already in the 30s. a lot of changes that are going to be widespread. warnings, ice storm warnings, winter weather advisory's, and state i state, parts of arkansas, oklahoma, into kentucky and west tennessee under states of emergency because the ice is that big of a problem. not only to drive on, but accumulating ice entries on power lines, enough to cause power outages. dark purple, these are all ice storm warnings, or thing pushing to the east. tomorrow is just rain for us, in the 50s, dropping into the 40s, but all rain. that clears out saturday, turning colder. the next surge of moisture comes to town when we have the cold --peratures stop this age when we have the colder temperatures. the stage is set for colder weather. snow in many areas, changing to sleet and freezing rain on sunday, perhaps a long duration of that.
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air willy, enough warm boost everybody above freezing, with rain coming in monday. clear skies. after that, right back into the ice box with somewhat colder temperatures. and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> what is the latest on winston? >> heisman trophy candidate and florida state quarterback winston will not be charged with sexual assault. the state attorney said this afternoon no charges will be filed against anybody in the case. late this afternoon, after hearing the decision, winston's heorney said of his client, is absolutely innocent. he also said everyone in this case was treated fairly, although tim jansen left open the possibility of a civil suit against the accuser agassi said people will always look at winston differently now because of the case. >> there will be people who always think of mr. winston and think of this allegation, and
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you cannot stop people from believing what they want to difficult, butis our society says you are innocent until proven guilty. he has not even been charged. >> winston is still the favorite to win the heisman. the redskins, the chiefs are favored by touchdown thaat fedex field on sunday. brian orakpo is in the final year of his contract, and he is point some of his best year of football. believe me he will be turning it loose on sunday, not just for the victory but to showcase his talents. he says he does that every sunday, which he does, but have to believe that he is thinking about his future, our if? -- aren;t you? >> this is the last year of my deal. i will play football. i'm playing football. it is what it is. >> the maryland terrapins got a rude welcome to the big ten 10
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conference, ohio state embarrassing them. where i should say maryland embarrassed themselves, still struggling, not showing much emotion. quinton ross hit the threes, but the story was sam thompson. the highflying junior was flying over the maryland players, the highflying showstopper, big-time performer! sam thompson. maryland has a lot of work to do defensively. george mason loss to south florida. paul hewitt suspended a player for stopping on a south fuller player during the game. he said it is inexcusable and not what we expect from a student athlete. all hewitt did not specify the light of the suspension, but he will not play against oklahoma sunday. suarez, of the day, scoring four goals, including that 40 yard bomb. he also had an assist. what a performance. one other college maskable know,
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georgetown plays high point tonight at the verizon center, game time at 7:00.
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>> former south african president nelson mandela dead at the age of 95. these are live pictures from south africa, the republic with
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their outpouring of grief. famous apollo theater in harlem is paying tribute. they change their marquee to remember the man. he changed our world. >> president obama said he cannot imagine his own life without the example of nelson mandela. nelson mandela, dead at the age of 95. >> a final look at the weather forecast? 4:30,ly tomorrow morning, will have the latest updates on the weekend weather changes. it will be rainy in the morning, rain and falling temperatures, clearing, cold, breezy, low 40s into the upper 30s saturday afternoon, cloudy and cold sunday. looks like we'll have snow in some areas, changing into a mixture of sleet and freezing rain, enough to cause hazardous driving. we warm up on monday. or at 11:00. you won't take my life.
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this is "world news." tonight nelson mandela, his struggle and strength healed a nation and changed a world. >> i come here before you not as a prophet but as a humble servant. >> from a tiny prison cell, he rallied millions against racism and injustice. his long walk to freedom a beacon of hope for generations. >> nothing will stop our date with destiny. >> tonight, the world mourns the passing of an icon.


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