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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  December 6, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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>> kris van cleave continues our news from reagan national airport. >> roughly 22 hundred five kevin cantinol. two thirds of them in and out of dallas. a lot of flights from reagan to dallas. we're seeing a number of cancellations and delays. remember the worst of the stuff still headed our way. delays and cancellations at reagan national. but misery across the southwest and midwest as a deadly storm has knocked out power to hundreds of thousands and made driving dangerous. from oklahoma city even with the plows out they were slick enough to flip this suv into a ditch to fayette note, arkansas, where they were slipping and sliding. more than one inch of ice accumulated as they predict this could be the worst ice storms cents 2009. some are already calling it ice
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friday and it's made a big mess in texas. >> we just started going sideways. >> we jackknifed and i don't know how i'm going to get out of here. knowct the travelers here that. many sleeping at dfw as this canceled like nationally making getting back to dallas from d.c. pretty challenging. 11:00 thand to go at 3:00. they rescheduled me to go out at 4:00 but i got here at a found out it was actually 4:00 tomorrow. under winter storm warnings and advisory. in montana it felt that a bone chilling -40 degrees and even california are seeing plunging temperatures and these exotic animals especially the rhinos are running for their indoor heated shelters in santa rosa.
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>> they especially do not like the rain. >> they are smart enough to get out of the weather. if you are flying today, tomorrow, sunday check with your airline. allowinghem are changes without a fee but be patient. wait times can be over an hour if you call him. it's going to get worse before it gets better. kris van cleave, abc 7. likes a critical 48 hours ahead. count on us to keep you ahead of the storm. we are constantly updating the forecast and you can access it 24 hours a day on our website,, our facebook page, or using the storm watch weather wrap -- app. >> allegations of police officers exploiting young girls in the district. tonight, police chief cathy lanier speaks out about the
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matter publicly for the first time since we broke the story earlier this week. jennifer donelan is outside federal court. what did the chief say? in covering crime, i have a number of police officers that have spoken to in they have discussed the trail, sadness, and anger at the relegation's in these latest two cases. today, their chief stood up in spoke out on their behalf. >> protecting strangers is what the 99.9% of my force does every day. tall reaffirming the public as the investigation into two of her police officers continues to unfold. one officer has been charged with taking naked photos of a 15-year-old girl while he was on duty. the other raucous or, a 20 four- year veteran, under investigation for possibly
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pimping young girls out of his apartment while off duty. residents are too nervous to talk about the case. >> today, the chief judge at u.s. district court ruled that officer washington would be released to house arrest with electronic monitoring while his case proceeds in chief lanier he had takenhours, naked pictures of her daughter as part of procedure. he was arrested. the other officer was accused of housing a missing 16-year-old girl in his apartment and taking naked pictures of her wearing only high heels and setting up a sex tape for her with another man is not in arrested. limited duty on with no contact with the public due to an injury on the chief said that investigation is ongoing. as evidence proves the allegations are true, she vowed to take action.
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walking ino problem and arresting people. when we have the evidence to do so. >> let's get back to the latest of a federal courthouse. the judge today releasing officer washington, accused of producing child porn, to house arrest for the weekend and will come back to court on monday where he has to put up the deed of his house and he will be placed on house arrest not allowed to leave except for court. they said they were surprised that the judge allowed them to go home. jennifer donelan, abc 7 news. >> d.c. police department seeing its popularity with the public way in. grades released today shows the department only have a c plus score, they lowest of any agency and a far cry from the a minus they received as recently as april. they are compiled by resident and visitor websites.
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>> meanwhile, d.c. police searching for a man who exposed himself to parents and students on the way to school. it happened about 8:30 a.m. and northwest. investigators are working with a limited description of the suspect and anyone with information is asked called d.c. police. >> the world is paying tribute to a man who broke down barriers to united nation. tonight, we are learning a state funeral will be held december 15 for nelson mandela who died last night at the age of 95 setting off a global day of mourning while celebrating his life. mast outsidet half of the african embassy at the base of the recently dedicated statute to nelson mandela, flowers and attribute has grown in the last 24 hours since his death. he was a great man. >> inside the embassy, a steady stream of visitors.
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was born twoe years after mandela was freed. >> he was an inspiration. >> steps away from the condolence book is south african ambassador to the u.s. summing up what this passing has meant. >> this has been a tornadic 24 hours for south africans and for people across the world. >> his impact on the world was on display at the museum. newspapers all with him on the cover. in south africa, crowds gathered to celebrate the first black president by singing and dancing. his body was moved earlier today from johannesburg to pretoria where he will lie in state. as the 10 days of mourning
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began, the tributes continue to pour in. >> back here in the states, the embassy announcing there will be a service of remembrance for nelson mandela at the national cathedral next wednesday morning. our coverage of the passing of mandela continues ahead on abc 7 news at 5:00. we will look at his unique connection to the area. runner may have emerged in a multimillion dollar battle to build a casino in prince george's county. three operators are pushing inir unique plans to build the area all around fort washington but in the end only one will be chosen. brad bell is in annapolis with what's on the table. >> a state commission has to make that they decision. where does this casino go? they have had a lot of numbers thrown at them from the contenders but today, they heard from their own consultants. the idea was to get to the
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bottom here. have all made promises. the parks casino said they will have 100 million dollars to improve indian head highway. goodsay that they would be neighbors and donate all of their profits to the county. >> we believe it will bring the greatest economic impact to the state. >> mgm promises to be the biggest, best, and most lucrative casino for maryland in prince george's county. >> mgm national harbor is the best company with the best proposal. >> now it's up to the seven committee toon decide who's telling the truth and who gets a casino. today, they heard frothe fact checkers, a consultant hired to run the numbers and what they by almost every measure, the mgm proposal has an edge. it will employ more people, handle traffic better, generate more money. total revenue projections shows
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million, that $551 mgm in $617 million and the lead. >> we are excited as we get closer to the conclusion. >> the others are not about to give up. they will deliver the rejections. >> i was happy to hear the consultants say that it's an art and not a science. i think it's totally illogical. >> the commission will announce its final decision coming up there he soon, december 20. a number of people have been following this all along said today that they were star and that this decision was anything other than mgm. brad bell, abc 7 news. foroming up, a warning anyone who spent time at one of
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the nation's largest military installations and their children after a warning from the cdc. >> heating up in the high-stakes battle to become the new home of the fbi. a retailers taking notice of trend, spending big bucks on toys even though they don't have children. >> sam ford will have some of the recollections
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>> a massive memorial growing outside the home of former south african president nelson mandela. people gathering as the news spread that the 95-year-old man considered the father of the country had asked away. the death of mandela has prompted memorials around the globe. >> it's also stirring memories of his visits to washington and d.c. bureau chief sam ford is outside of the south african embassy tonight with their stories. weather,e the rain and there has been a string of people with flowers to pay their .espects to nelson mandela
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he came to d.c. several times, the first time right after he was out of prison. d.c. mayor vincent gray was among those who signed the condolences book at the embassy today. he came to d.c. in 1990, it was a big deal. people had come from across the country to be arrested for protesting apartheid in front of the embassy and now nelson by thenwas here vetted president george bush where he addressed a joint meeting of congress and they saw him at the d.c. convention center. >> i remember waiting with bated breath. collection was pictured in the raised withost fist others. >> he came in the room and it was electric. people were screaming their heads off. euphoric crowds, tears. >> your company mandela along
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with harry belafonte and others on an eight city tour which he may just after his release. >> she talksike? to him about his 27 years in prison. >> for the first 18 years of sentence, he would only get one letter every six months, a visitor for 30 minutes. how did you keep your spirits up? he never lost confidence. he always had faith. it was never a dark moment for him. i found it stunning. >> he came here for one reason, to say thank you. for all the people who had been arrested in front of the south african embassy and protested on his behalf around the country. sam ford, abc 7 news.
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>> our coverage of a life and death of nelson mandela continues ahead coming up at 6:00. former hear for the ambassadors and we will hear about the tribute of the life. he details his conversation with the future president including the signal the two developed to know that they were being spied on. >>5, 4, 3, 2, 1! [applause] >> how about that? that was just moments ago when the first family lit the national christmas tree. not letting the weather stop them. everyone looks like they are having a good time despite the .onditions they are doing what they do
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every single year to make the nation's capital a little prettier for the holidays. >> what a cold down the rainy night. >> it has been so different. when i was mc of the program it was like 70 degrees. we have areas where it was sleet and freezing cold. let's get started. so much to share with you and i will drop some additives and see what i can do. here's the radar. , the algorithm to show where the heaviest rains are. moving to the northeast. steadier, heavier rain but nothing but rain because these will be well above freezing all night long.
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we were in the upper 60's. slowly falling. 33 in gaithersburg. ,t reagan national airport staying above freezing for the rain willtime in the come to an end. sunshine tomorrow. the temperature contrast we've shown you all week long between the very warm and very cold, the contrast was there, they're and there, now it's here. this is crazy. numberson 37 and the tumble and they continue to tumble below zero. these widespread winter storm warnings, advisories, wind chill advisories stretching all the way down to texas are pouring in. because they are coming here,
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this rainy day is going to eventually turn into an icy day on sunday. plenty of rain, ice, and then there's this first part of the system. come out tomorrow ,nd it will be breezy, chile and temperatures will tank into the 30's. through the day, brightening up especially in the afternoon clearing out and then sunday morning, here is the snow. grain are the rain. northwest are the frozen rain. we think the biggest issues driving lies and impact wise will be in north and west and could last before surface
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temperatures finally get above .reezing the entire area well in advance has been put on a winter storm .atch a large part of the area could face one heck of a mess trying to drive. the slowest start about mid running -- midmorning. at nightthe rain later and then saying some cold rain here on monday. the cold front coming on tuesday with maybe a few snowflakes returning colder again. >> thank you very much. we know you will be watching it. >> listen up, one direction fan. -- dianatulations to florez of germantown, maryland.
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you will see them next summer when the weather is a lot warmer and we have more tickets to giveaway for you. the next keyword is a british. go to and we will announce the final winner monday and then we have the grand prize winner tuesday. all of that right here on abc 7 news at 5:00. coming up, politics and healthcare colitis again. this time, problems with the theite are infiltrating maryland governor. >> this centers on a massive military installation. >> are you someone who likes to spoil your niece or nephew
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>> we are getting closer and closer to christmas. yearere's one group this in particular getting extra attention and they are not parents. natasha barrett is here to explain. >> this is the first time some stores are marketing to aunts. a new term, pank. stores like best buy are targeting a certain group of big spenders this holiday season.
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the aunts so much so there's a new term -- pank. professional aunt, no kids. powerave spending dropping $9 billion on their nieces and nephews per year. some spend $300, others $500 per child. >> that's a brand-new word for me. like she did not want kids of her own but she adores her three-year-old niece and one- year-old nephew. cracks have much do you spoil your niece and nephew? >> i'm ridiculous. they have to have organic clothes. >> author melanie point of the term and wrote a book. she has six nieces and nephews.
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>> i thought it would be married with kids and it has not ended for me and for many american women who wanted that. women who trend of want to exercise their maternal muscle on the children and their life. beyond toys. they also contribute to their nieces and nephews education and take them on trips, even if it can be on the verge. >> i'm a bit worried i'm turning my knees into a clothes horse. >> of the problem and i'm fully responsible. no word if any on cold word is coming out just yet and i guess punk?ould be [laughter] >> i will tell you how much i spent because my husband could
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be watching for my two nephews and my niece but they will get hooked up as christmas. >> you are not spoiling them? , a police officer's brave move to save a teddy bear. watch as he's returns the prized toy to the grateful owner. >> we will soon know where the fbi will build its new headquarters sparking a battle between neighbors. >> taking
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 5 on your side. >> operations are underway for possible winter weather. >> to our west, millions are hunkered down to whether that might be the worst ice storm in years. >> good afternoon. when the storm hit last night, you could see that there's already ice coating all of the trees, it was very slippery to walk around and the kind of hurt walking through the sleet and temperatures have been dropping all afternoon so people here are bracing for a very tough weekend >> fun for kids but not so much for drivers as ice,
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sleet, and snow covers most of our oklahoma, arkansas, tennessee, texas. he -- very and rainy. >> a turn to ice on trees and roads. tires that't have can handle it so everyone is slipping around. verye accumulated ice is a heavy and it leads to power outages. hundreds of thousands of customers were without power as of friday morning. georgia power employees left for arkansas to help them restore power. in memphis, electricity is a top concern. >> hopefully since we are downtown it won't be that bad. >> it is blamed for at least one death. a woman was killed when a tree fell on a camper. nasty conditions will continue
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through sunday. -- to give youea an idea, colder today in dallas band in anchorage, alaska, by .bout 10 degrees it's headed your way around noon on sunday and i'm flying back there tomorrow morning. looking forward to getting hit again. >> good luck with your flight. perhaps a preview of what's ahead. meanwhile, a cold rainy night not tampering the spirits of the national christmas tree lighting. they flipped the switch a few moments ago to light it up in this is a live look at the celebration underway right now in the driver or coming up from -- right now and a live report coming up from hatzel vela. >> 15th and 17th or closed north
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of constitution. as we look at this area, we can see what it's like all over town. this is the inner loop coming tysons corner. not as bad as you might expect with traffic, and toward us on the north side of my camry -- montgomery village. all traffic lanes are open. lots of red out there that doesn't decay delays inside the beltway. the beltway essentially between this long-ter and standing crash has cleared on route 5 a.m. quite slow beginning in for jin you at the interchange on the outer. this is how it looks. place the troubled rollout of the health care plan is now
5:35 pm
factoring into the governor's race in maryland. the federal website has ironed out many of the kinks but many are still having trouble with the states website. brad bell takes a look. of manyis typical uninsured americans. she works hard as a home health aide which he also lives in fear. going don't know what's to happen the next minute. collection was excited for the opportunity to get affordable coverage when the maryland health connection website launched. she was excited until she tried it. >> you could not do anything. >> marilyn's website is a glitchy, full of bugs. 's website is glitchy. there have been 170 million dollars spent to created and even a fraction of the number predicted have been able to sign up. >> the first reports that there
5:36 pm
is a problem did not make it to until probably sometime in december -- september. after taking credit, lieutenant governor anthony brown is now taking some of the blame for its failure. touring the silver spring coke plant as he runs for governor, the only questions he got were about his role in the healthcare mess. after declining to address the subject for several days, now he says he's involved in the repairs. >> my responsibility and focuses on fixing and getting it right. >> she says signing up should be easy. >> it's a shame. >> this is becoming an issue in the campaign for governor. doug gansler running against brown says the lieutenant should absolutely be held accountable for the failures of the health exchange. in prince george's county, brad
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bell, abc 7 news. cdc confirming a link between tainted tap water at a base in north carolina and an increased risk of serious birth defects and childhood cancers. they surveyed parents that had thousands of babies born at camp lejeune. -- contaminated wells were closed in 1985. millions to, worth the winner. the high-stakes push to become a home of the fbi. buycks a man's black friday dream turns into a nightmare when he oh words his tv to find out it's busted. >> imagine paying double for that gallon of milk cap the grocery store. it could happen if congress does not take
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>> and will likely be march when they pick the side of the new fbi headquarters but the deadline to submit a bid is just 11 days away. >> political heavyweights in virginia are making a big push.
5:41 pm
jeff goldberg has the story. >> attested at ninth and pennsylvania for nearly 40 years the outdatedtgrown and undersized headquarters. >> this is just the absolute perfect fit. >> they're making the case to be the bureau's new home. fairfax believes this site is ideal close to frank failed -- springfield franconia metro and already close to buildings owned by the general service administration. site to ignorerd and it is the front runner for a reason. it makes the most sense. >> prince george's county says it's proposed site is even better. it's right next to the metro, off the beltway, and a large number of prince george's
5:42 pm
residents working for the a he i would keep them closer to home. andt is the last frontier it's a place to be when it comes to development. of the are getting a lot attention but the bidding theess remains open until 17th and they are strongly encouraging the district of columbia to offer a proposal. reports they are out of the running without having anything big enough. -- no wonder the fbi >> more jobs for maryland means more money. most wanted on both sides of the river. berg, abc 7 news. >> and officers during rescue of a toy yard ? >>
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cliques it was an unbelievable black friday deal that had
5:46 pm
people lining up. >> one southern maryland man got it home and he found his doorbuster was ousted. getting that replaced required some holiday help from kris van cleave. was lookingeal i for. >> the should have been the great ticket to a christmas. he braved subfreezing temperatures outside of this target last week to make sure he to get of the 28 people inchler doorbuster, a 50 tv for 230 dollars. >> i was frozen. >> he gave the thumbs-up and then opened the box. excited anding so then i saw the big crack in it. this sucks.
5:47 pm
>> nothing of similar size was available. >> can we send it back and get a new one? she cap saying it's impossible. we cannot get it ever again. >> he called us. they responded immediately. the company vice president is telling me the news. not only is he getting a replacement tv but an upgraded model. >> i'm happy. i cannot wait to watch the super bowl. target refers to handle their customers directly but he hopes to have his new one by christmas. call or e-mail us. the information is on your screen. kris van cleave, abc 7 news. >> he should invite you to watch the super bowl with him on his tv. has finally been
5:48 pm
able to thank her hero face to face. a police officer who rescued her teddy bear. he noticed cars were swerving and they were avoiding a teddy bear in the road so he stopped and he found the bear his family down the road and they were moving. they lost it after packing it on a trailer. is the best bear i've ever had. >> we know the importance of teddy bears. they save the world. on that day, the teddy bear needed saving. >> the eight-year-old says the bear his name is chocolate and on wednesday she thanked him by giving him and chocolate a bearhug. >> i'm glad they were swerving to miss that bear. national wildlife officials say 24 whales appear to be swimming
5:49 pm
in deeper water off of the coast. it's an encouraging sign. they have been tracking the pot of wales ends learning more than 40 were stranded on everglades national park. at least 10 have died since the stranding. >> coming up in prime time, getting a look at a product that promises to go from zero to dinner and two minutes. boneless baby back ribs to the sharks. on all new episode of "shark tank" at 9:00. 20/20 taking a look at the life of nelson mandela. and we will be back here with abc 7 news at 11. as to what's happening right now, cold air and rain is not enough to put off the celebration. >> babyface? >> it is. a president obama will be speaking to the crowd in just a few moments and we will have a live report from all of the
5:50 pm
action in just a little bit. >> and babyface is bundled up because of the little cold outside. like cold and wet. weather on the mall but the heaviest is just to the north and west. lots of ground cover. 44 in arlington. there is of rain and doppler yellow theke heavier. that is shifting north and west of metro. we could get some steadier, heavier rain. we have been dropping the numbers all day and this will remain above freezing. missable and nasty, yes. we would just get by this evening and tomorrow we will clear out a little bit. your storm watch sunday and monday morning for most of the bay area except southern maryland. everyone can accept the possibility of snow, sleet, freezing rain. clearing things out during the day tomorrow. the rain will enter.
5:51 pm
by the evening, look at temperatures by late tomorrow night into sunday morning. the numbers are changing here only remaining in the 20's. here's the deal. snow in the blue area by 10 a clock. backce and freezing rain to the southwest. as we get through the day on sunday, watch what happens. temperatures arrive in a long duration of ice to the west, where the biggest issues are going to be, eventually rain and eventually getting out. starting as snow, changing to sleet, then freezing rain, then rain after sunset. lots more coming up in a couple minutes. >> here's something we have not veryable to say too much often is that the wizards are doing all right. seeing something we have notee sin an awful long time. smiling faces. they will be the number three seed in the east.
5:52 pm
the eastern conference is justble but those are small fact. there's reasons to be optimistic, they have won seven of the last nine. wizards are the hottest professional team in sports in our town right now. town and coming to they are thinking big. >> i really do believe we can .in with this team there's not too many people who believe. i may sound crazy but i really do believe. nobody says they want to win and lose 50 plus games. >> crazy. cup is proving america is finally a world power. they have a coach they want, the players they want. all that was left was to cd drawer and today, team usa found
5:53 pm
out which group they will start off him. the group of death -- germany, what of the best teams in the world, portugal, the best layer in the world, ghana and the u.s. they start june 17th against ghana in brazil. , he throws then ball, intercepted, midcourt, she kind of stumbles forward and able to get it off. she takes a couple of goebbels and throws it in. central michigan reading the buzzer and eight and 94-91.
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>> 3, 2, 1! thehe first family got
5:57 pm
party started during the switch to light up the national christmas tree right there. the crowd is gearing up to hear from the president. is there tonight taking it all and despite the rain and cold. >> the rain is what the problem is. people are still out here the sounds here on this stage in the tram the background 50,000 lives, 300 ornaments, everyone enjoying christmas season. >> cold, wet. >> soggy but happy to be here.
5:58 pm
>> just not conducive to that christmas spirit. >> you cannot forget the president, the first lady lady, and 20,000 ticket holders are a tradition that dates back to an calvin coolidge was president in 1923. >> dry, toasty warm, with people i enjoy. >> 300 ornaments and 50,000 lights, no rain is going to dim the holiday spirit tonight. the president's going to be here. i'm here. theyelse more could possibly need? >> for some that's not enough. for some, rain can be a holiday grinch.
5:59 pm
>> still to come, we are waiting former riot carry and the president of the united states of the united states is going to address once more. i wish you were here. >> hatzel vela, abc 7 news. >> that will do it for abc seven news at 5:00. we start with storm watch. >> live from the abc 7 broadcast center, this is abc 7 news at 6:00 on your side. captioned by the national captioning institute >> had to do with the rain today and tonight. hill meteorologist doug with the latest on storm watch tonight. >> the good news tonight is it's a miserable out but it's just rain. sunday, not so lucky. a winter storm watch from .unday, monday
6:00 pm
this model does not mean it does not have to work out this way but it could the close. sunshine, cold temperatures shaded in blue by midmorning, that is snow. afternoon, that area of cold indicating sleet and freezing and could be widespread southbound east above freezing. they can make driving conditions in many areas from hazardous to downright dangerous. we have a lot more on this on my blog on the view jail later, on the storm and what to expect. more coming up.


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