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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  December 6, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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. this model does not mean it does not have to work out this way but it could the close. sunshine, cold temperatures shaded in blue by midmorning, that is snow. afternoon, that area of cold indicating sleet and freezing and could be widespread southbound east above freezing. they can make driving conditions in many areas from hazardous to downright dangerous. we have a lot more on this on my blog on the view jail later, on the storm and what to expect. more coming up.
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>> this winter he blasted sweeping the country leaving thousands of people without power, stranded at airports. snow and ice in taxes causing a rooms to collapse leading to dozens of accidents. residents in montana worried farmers innches california have already lost crops because of the deep freeze. the dca storma -- already preparing. on sunday morning, the city plans to deploy more than 200 snowplows. track thisted as we winter storm. we will post updates to our social media pages and be sure watchnload our weather application. doug has another check coming up in just a few minutes. sayouth africa preparing to
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farewell to nelson mandela. the white house announcing that president obama and michelle obama will travel there next week to attend the memorial. >> on sunday, they will mark a national day of prayer and reflection. his memorial service will be held tuesday in johannesburg. tonight, we are hearing from the former u.s. ambassador south africa. south special memories of africa. >> kimberly suiters is live at the embassy with more. >> all day, people have been braving the elements to the tributes here to the statue of nelson mandela at the embassy. for them, the losses doubly painful. great leaders. >> the only u.s. ambassador to
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present his credentials to nelson mandela. >> to hear him say in his own sod of humor that it seemed slow now. he was in for 27 years and they grew up knowing who he was without ever having seen him and until this day in 1990. >> that was the first day that most south africans knew what he looked like. >> they are hearing from friends and family still in south africa that everyone is in mourning for the man who saved their country from chaos. it was the rugby field, the world cup in 1995, the change the world for good. what followed just gives me
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goosebumps still thinking about it today. superlative is now no different in that. >> a man like mandela comes around once in a century if they come around at all. now?what happens they have expressed concerns that the country they love so much could dissolve back into a division into civil unrest. when we spoke to the ambassador stillhe said he is helping to build leaders in every province in south africa and he is optimistic about the country that mandela united. kimberly suiters, abc 7 news. continuingh us for coverage of the world remembers nelson mandela.
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abc world news will have much more coming up at 6:30 p.m. >> a scandal in the d.c. police takingent accused of advantage of young girls. spoke chief cathy lanier today saying you can trust the police. >> one of the officers in federal court today on the other has not yet been charged. thehe police chief face music she asked for patience to let the court system take its course. it's the question they have been asking -- why has a police officer not been charged yet there they found a missing girl in his southeast apartment, drugs, condoms, and evidence he may have been running an under age prostitution ring. trying toctively
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determine if there was anything criminal in nature that we can file charges. if they are not filed, there are still administrative issues to deal with. >> two offices this week have been accused of misconduct and officer mark washington was takingd and convicted of pictures of a 15-year-old girl. he could be released on home detention. she does not believe the cases are connected. >> the second officer is on light duty because that's what he's been on the past year after an injury.
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roz plater, abc 7 news. >> changes in the state's mental health care system. , a topll before congress obama administration official explains what action is needed now. >> as we go to break how much a look at the national tree lighting ceremon a subaru...
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>> we are talking about the farm bill land of congress cannot agree quick lee, get ready to pay a lot more at the grocery store. >> secretary of agriculture tom vill sack says they need to know about it. giving a very real warning. cliques you're going to go to the grocery store to get the gallon of milk and you will not be able to find it. >> the farm bill expired october 1 day of the secretary tom vill sack warning failure to renew could trigger something called permanent law established to
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help struggling farmers. >> milk, butter, cheese, basic commodities, eventually drains at highly inflated rices. if i'm paying twice the market price, you can do the math. >> the senate would like to see only about $4 billion in cuts in the house once $40 billion. nonetheless, there are strong bipartisan desire to strike a deal. >> it's a worry because a working farm bill full of incentives also means a cleaner chesapeake bay, less pollution and run off. no bill, fewer crops, fewer crop aon's hired. again, the threat of double prices at the grocery store.
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>> give me a letter grade on how they are handling the farm bill. cliques we have a great system for me and other items but this is an opportunity here. if they get a farm bill past, they pass. if they fail, it's that simple. >> he says we would all fail. some good news and some progress here as they merge those two versions of the farm bill. john boehner insists that his house will break one week from today for the holidays. secretary vill sack says we cannot do much to further until they have to implement that dangerous by back row graham. cliques ahead at 6:00, a new option for commuters in the d.c. area. >> doug is keeping an eye or on the weather headed our way out
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and what to expect this weekend. sports, another free- agent signing for the national day of the wizards look for another win at home. is it possible that they are one of the best teams in
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>> promising changes in the department of health and behavioral services said they would issue new rules on the changes would guarantee hospital beds are available to people who may pose a danger to themselves or others. he stabbed his father last month before committing suicide. he was released from custody one day earlier because of a lack of hospital space. weekendnews for commuters. starting tomorrow, mark trains will offer weekend service. the same as the week day service taking weekly and monthly passes. nine roundtrips on saturday, six on sunday. cliques the rain could not stop tonight's lighting of the national christmas tree. cliques the first family hit the
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switch a short while ago. cliques that happened just a few minutes ago. jane lynch hosted the event including performances by aretha franklin and pariah carey. cliques every year seems to be dramatically different weatherwise. sometimes it's warm. sometimes no. cliques not comfortable but it was exciting. better tonight than sunday. cliques let's get into it here. snow, sleet, freezing rain in many areas. nothing but rain or just rain. temperatures are a little chilly and stay above. zooming into the metro area, rain moving southwest and northeast and the heavier flow areas northwest of washington, martinsburg and hagerstown, steadier rain in the metro area. nearng near this morning the 60s early this morning.
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50 and 35 are the averages. the 0.39 inches of rain in the gauge so far. the cap these temperatures. still not 73. 20 of warm air. this is the same temperature contrast we've been highlighting every day this week. slowlyd there has been moving in our direction. the reason it's taking so long is because this is pushing to the south instead of the east. it's coming and it's going to get colder. the rain will clear out as we head to the overnight and early morning hours.
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active winter storm warnings and peak. some advisories for ice just to the west again. this will move out. a close look at the winter storm and mostludes everyone of the action is going to tentatively be in the d.c. metro area, north, and west. i think we're going to clear out and temperatures quickly into the 20s and we are set up on sunday. it looks like snow will develop first by midmorning. we could have a long duration of and we will be here taking care of you on sunday.
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here we go again with an icy day, no threat. a passing slurry or just simply chilly weather on wednesday, thursday, friday. cliques and now the toyota sports desk. brought to you by your local toyota dealers. move past thet ball asked our with basketball. >> good idea. >> 500 is a position of power. right now, they have the third best record behind indiana and miami. washington has a good chance to go to 10-9. time describes many
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wins as they can again some of the weaker teams on the schedule. >> highlights coming up. the nationals getting more and more interesting. they bring in a new outfielder reportedly signing mcloud and he will not have to travel far. he's expected to move into the fourth outfielder spot. worth $10 million for two years and that is just pocket change for robinson cano. yankees signing a 10 year $240 million contract to play for the seattle mariners. that will be the third-largest contract in major-league
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history. hats off to you. it's going to be a cold, wet, and ugly sunday afternoon as told us withjust winter storm slated to move in for the redskins game of the kansas city chiefs and the weather is just one of the things we will have to worry inut as one of the top teams the afc come to town. shanahan not just concern with the weather but the opponent. is having to navigate a lot in his locker room mostly over his relationship with his starting quarterback. >> no one is very happy including us. if you focus on that, you're not focusing on the job and the chances of you being successful. hype may have been revived after this performance. watch this against cincinnati. was the ball into the end zone and into the hands. number 19 louisville beating cincinnati 31-24 in overtime.
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play of the night, let's check out of the rangers goalie. he's able to get that elbow out there, redirected over and. rangers winning three to one and finally, the houston texans have fired the head coach after his teams lost last night to jacksonville and team usa soccer will start the world cup play next summer in the group of death with germany, portugal, and ghana. cliques
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cliques a busy weekend weatherwise. cliques we will be here to take care of you. we will keep you up-to-date. this is the median precipitation, rain mostly. a cold rain clearing out some tomorrow and sunshine for a while, breezy. turning much colder tomorrow snow, sleet,day, freezing rain. 34 at best in a high for many areas and that's why the weather area is under a winter storm watch until monday morning. i will have important updates on the computer guidance tonight at 11:00. news is comingld
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up next. cliques we will see you back up next. cliques we will see you back
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welcome to world news tonight, in the frozen zone, a massive ice storm in the heart of the country. drivers out of control, winter weather from new mexico to maine. hundreds of thousands without power, temperatures drop. celebration of the life of nelson mandela, leaders around the world going to south africa to bid him farewell. made in america. clothes made in america again. and tonight, you can trace your jeans to the farmer who grew the cotton. make it a merry christmas for american jobs.


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