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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  December 8, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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>> the d.c. area turning into a winter wonderland today. take a look at the snowfall in white marsh, maryland. there it is. parts of baltimore and outside of baltimore, six inches of snow. >> more than many people expected in those parts. here is a live look outside. the monday morning commutes could be miserable thomas certainly a big concern. for now, you see roads in shady grove right now, people are moving. they are wet. it is not over yet. >> no, it isn't. let's talk to the man who knows something about whether. doug hill. aboutm concerned tonight
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the next batch of precipitation in the form of rain moving in later tonight. temperatures are 32 degrees or colder, it is called freezing rain. if they are 33 degrees or warmer, it is rain. the problem will be, no freezing rain. because of that potential, the national weather service has extended this to include alexandria, prince georges counties. there is a more minor advisory. in the meantime, we do have patches of freezing rain on doppler radar. slightly warmer temperatures in the mid sure in delaware. it is plain rain. it is above freezing. this is coming tonight. after about 10:00 tonight through the overnight, the next big push of rain comes in and in those areas where iis below freezing, there will be an icy mess on top of the snow and sleet we have had. weatherbug temperatures, 27 in
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winchester now. hagerstown, 25 degrees. it will take a lot to get them up. the ice is going to be a real issue. right now, we have updated the preliminary look at the ice chances. 65% for most of the area. ice -- 1/10 inch of ice accumulation. there is a slight chance of over a quarter of an inch of ice accumulation. power lines coated, elevated structures, bridges, overpasses all become hazardous. we will go from hazardous to downright dangerous as far as conditions overnight. temperatures will hold in the next batch of rain coming later tonight. we will have an extended look at the weather and what to expect in a few minutes. >> let's get to that newest of
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school closings. a lot of parents out there wondering about tomorrow. fairfax county schools announced closures for tomorrow. loudoun county schools, shenandoah county, and pepper county schools. >> that will grow as the night goes on. us on the is joining phone right now. are they seeing any impact from the snowfall we had earlier? they had the freezing rain. are you with us? >> i am and we are seeing some impact, but by and large, it has been somewhat of a non-event thu s far for us. there is a second wave coming through. we are keenly aware and we are watching it closely. if we -- if it is going to have an impact, it will probably take place between 9 p.m. this evening and tomorrow morning. are asking all of our customers to do what we are
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doing. has been somewhat of a non- event for most of us so far, but we need to keep our eye on it and watch things as they develop. >> what is your plan? you are watching the weather reports and what is happening outdoors. what plan do you have in place? >> we have been watching the storm ever since its inception. ingot everything in place terms of our field personnel at the offices where we expect the impact to be, all of our materials and support, everything that we need in order to be able to come out of the gate in full force should there be an effort. we are ready. nature has her way of throwing us a curveball. every storm since hurricane isabel, each one of them is different, but we think we are
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ready. time will tell. >> right now it is a non-event for you all, but what sort of power outages are you seeing so far? any at all? >> yes, we have. we have had some outages. 159ur area, we have customers out right now, mainly in the springfield area. we have an outage over there. overall, through the entire system, 3200 customers. 2700 of those are in richmond. just under 2.5 million customers. that springfield area, is one neighborhood, one area, and why? >> i don't know. i will have to get that information for you. >> it is good to visit with you. i remember our days at hampton roads. good to talk with you again.
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and you are still getting left out, by the way. thanks for the good information and we will get back with you as the night progresses. >> we will stay on it. >> the spokesperson for dominion virginia power. >> they had tens of thousands of people who were out across several days. when he says it is a non-event ith 159 people out of power, is critical for those people, but it is, relatively speaking, not that big of a deal. let's kind of move on down the road. redskins. it was not a good day. no, it wasn't. you can see them putting the tarp down on the field before this afternoon's redskins game against the chiefs and you probably heard by now they lost. probablyam right now has something over their heads after today's miserable loss. the big thing that many were
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concerned about, you have a game there. it was not a blackout game, but you had thousands of people who were in the stands and you have the weather situation that was really critical. let's find out from kevin lewis, who was there throughout the day here yet he can tell us whether or not fans were able to get out smoothly. kevin? we will get to that in the second. i want to show you this umbrella we had over our news camera protecting it from the elements all day. we wanted to show you the icicles. what we were not expecting was the sheer weight. this is 10 pounds. all the water that normally flows off as accumulated. this just breaks off. it is kind of knots -- nuts. . will show you one more thing this was a snowball we made earlier in the day. it was nice and fun to play with. now it is pure ice. take a listen to this. [knocking] it is like a rock.
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the conditions have turned it from snow this morning to a wintry mix that have really made for roadway conditions being dangerous. take a look here at the road. it is back to normal after what was a very disheartening loss today at fedex field. we were talking with some fans who left in the first quarter. take a listen. and it is snowing and the redskins are not looking very good in there. we are locked out of the car. >> in the grand scheme of things, are you happy you came out or do you wish you had stayed on the couch with a blanket? >> i'm still happy i came out. i am a season ticket holder. the poor woman there are is locked out of her car. she called her mom to pick her up. the effects of the redskins game are going to trickle into monday morning. she has to call her dealership and get a tow truck to take her call there or call triple-a to
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get back in her vehicle. we talked to another fan who could not find his car with his daughter. they had had enough and stayed through the fourth quarter. a lot of fans clearly disappointed. thecherry on the top was weather conditions out here today. obviously, we are not built like the bears fans are the viking fans. it is not in our dna to deal with this every game day sunday, but the redskins since -- fans did today. a dagger into the heart. i am kevin lewis. abc 7 news. >> you had a close above the lamppost showing precipitation. what is the deal now? is it freezing rain? what is the situation? >> i don't know if the camera is picking it up right now. it is the finest little grits of rain. it is not hail or snow. it is a very fine rain, which is making the roadways more wet. the big question, will there be a lot of black ice tonight?
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>> your little snowman, your parting gift -- bring that guy back out. >> we were playing all around with him. my photographer made this nice little guy. the hat. he has a new channel eights little jacket here because someone had tweeted me and said he looked a little cold. we gave him a nice jacket and tried to do the eyes. now he is just frozen over. we will leave him here. if you want to take the news channel snowman, he will be here on this power outlet box. >> a for effort. kevin, thanks so much. in a row.loss a lot of people speculating it might be the end of the road for mike shanahan. that might have been in january. so many stories coming out of tonight. >> it kind of feels this way. 3-10.
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nothing coming out of redskins right now. a lot coming out of fedex field early. none of it was good. we will have to wait and see what happens next at the park following one of the most embarrassing losses in recent memory. there have been, as you know, a lot of embarrassing losses in recent years. after this performance today, anything is possible. the field conditions were horrible. robert griffin iii. the defender slips and falls. incomplete. that is the way things went. it was really slick out there. no excuse for how the team played. especially the special teams. they were horrible. mccluster going 74 yards for a touchdown. -10.redskins lose 45 expressingfin iii
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his frustration on things on and off the field here. >> i am frustrated, trying to old everything back, but some things are allowed to happen. we can cut a lot of the stuff out and it is not being cut out. i don't know what else i can do about that. i come to work every day, i work with those guys every day. yeah. it is very unfortunate. that is all i can say about it at this time and that is all i will say. >> he said he did not play well today and he has got to play better. the team has to play better. mike shanahan was also talking after the game. in his press conference, he addressed reports about his relationship with dan snyder. those reports say he had clued out his office before the playoff loss to seattle last january. he was going to leave. withs extremely upset snyder over the way he ran the
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franchise. here is mike shanahan. talking about my relationship with dan snyder. this is not the right time or place to talk about something that happened a year ago. we don't know what direction it will go. he pulled the bull by the horns. he was not asked any questions. he walked right up to the podium. >> i want to talk about football. that was this rest conference. we have not heard anything. it will be interesting. >> all right. let's talk about the situation now. leesburg. , we know it is rough
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getting out there. what is the situation like now? >> hi, guys. how are you doing? the good news is the precipitation has stopped in the area. and he thing that is outside is encased in ice. it might've been the's folks coming out right now. check out this car. it is encased in ice. out this guysak windshield wiper here. it is cold and winter is back. from a slushy toll road -- i think it is terrible. worried about getting home. >> the winter weather is back. >> the main roads are not too bad. are more than 2000 salt trucks and plows battling this
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store. >> it had the whole dome going over it. like 15 minutes. through snow, sleet, and freezing rain. at the outlet, all the wintry rituals are back. the duck walk we all do on slippery surfaces. >> i don't particularly like it. i am ok driving in it. considering how i am coming down now, i need to get out of it soon. >> some say the nasty weather prompted them to blow up the skins game in favor of a little holiday shopping. >> i think it is crazy. >> we have gotten that weather trifecta, the snow, the sleet, and the rain. you can see there is stuff on the ground here. not a whole lot, but some. the bad news again, all of this will be freezing tonight. live in leesburg, richard reeve,
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abc 7 news. >> thanks so much for that report. now we will head out to the road. let's see what the situation is right now. >> it is still very slick out there. a lot of pavement temperatures from the administration and v- dot are registering below freezing. we see some of the freezing drizzle in the background. a lot of the precipitation intensity is waning and it is moving east. we are still in its wake, left with slick pavements. a highway crews are going to take advantage of it and put some chemicals down. hopefully get ahead of the next wave of weather. there is no reason to be out there unless you absolutely have to be on the road. you see some of the roads overlooking the interstate highway. again, very slick. particular, we are paying attention to the bridges and overpasses. those are always susceptible to
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freezing over before the intersections and roadway surfaces. as far as accidents go, we have been logging those all day long. the most recent incidents, the crash continues to tie up the right side of the roadway. a delay now. kenilworth avenue southbound. the accident should be on the shoulder. acrossre the only spots the board. a lot of folks are now hunkering down and staying away from the roadways. that is good because it gives cruise the time to get the salt and sand down and hopefully get us up and running by some point tomorrow. that is the latest from the traffic center. back to you. >> thanks a much. >> our coverage continues. as we head to break, here are some photos that were taken in northwest d.c.
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>> you are watching abc 7 news side.0 on your >> keeping a close eye on the situation outside. >> the temperatures are really critical in the situation. hill mentioned it could rain for 20 years. mark, that is where you have the big problems. we really upgraded the winter storm warning. doug hill is here for us right now and he will give us details on that. >> an hour and a half ago, the national weather service expanded the area of the winter storm warning to include the district, alexandria, the incorporated cities, and issa to include anne arundel -- and east to include anne arundel county. we will make the magic jump from
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30 to up to 33 sooner. that is our concern, especially knowing the next batch of rain on the radar is probably spreading rain. reagan national, 31. 28 at washington dulles. 32 degrees in annapolis. it is still very cold and we are watching closely the rain and freezing rain moving east of the metro area. there is a break, but not that much of a break. just a matter of a few hours as we look to the south and west. all of that is cleared out. southwest of roanoke, bristol. to be sleet or snow. it will be all rain in our area. it becomes critical, the temperatures. remaining below freezing. it will be quite a bit of our area. inch of ice0 of an accumulation will happen. exposed surfaces could see a little but more than that. up to a quarter inch.
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there could be very severe consequences impact-winds from the ice. north and west of the city. trees and power lines coming down certainly a possibility. dangerous driving conditions. it will change to rein in the overnight hours towards tomorrow morning. there is no way to give you the moment that it will collect from 30 to up to 33 degrees. >> not only are we dealing with the snow, but the ice, now we have to deal with the snow total. the snow is now over with. totals are quite impressive. look at this. charlestown, west virginia, over six inches of snow. four inches in leesburg. potomac, three inches. over and inch and a half in reston. inr eight and a half inches westminster. five inches of snow fell earlier today in personal bill -- pe
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urcellville. area,f the d.c. metro this now includes the district, arlington, and alexandria. the weather advisory for extreme southern maryland. look at the temperatures. it will not get warmer anytime soon. lots of cold air to the north of us, to the west of us. it is even cold to the south. 35 degrees. at 34 degrees. this is our brand-new, updated timeline. it shows temperatures around the 11:00 hour. it might become heavy at times, the rain. 6:00 in the morning, temperatures around 31, 32 degrees. freezing rain. could see accumulation up to a quarter of an inch. trees, power lines, and really cold services, if your car is left outside -- and eventual changeover to all rain by 8:00 tomorrow morning. we are hoping the temperatures will make it to around 33
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degrees. temperatures tomorrow am a by afternoon, lower-40's. and moves air arrives into thursday and friday. temperatures stay in the 30's. look at the nighttime lows, they will only be in the teams. we will keep you updated throughout the evening. >> bring out the long underwear. that and then some. in arlington, they got about two inches, less than two inches of snow. makes for a beautiful picture. take a look at this photo we saw earlier today. >> that is a frame of bowl -- frameable one. of our was sent to one producers. beautiful as the snow was coming down out there. >> one of the days to admire it from the window and not hit the road. our main concern is the freezing rain, the threat of freezing rain as night falls right now over the d.c. area. , theing of freezing rain
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threat of it, just across the country, we have been seeing a lot of snow in different places. >> many states have been impacted. the d.c. region is not the only area dealing with the weather. >> let's look at conditions at other parts of the country. >> in plano, texas, a storm left sheets of ice that flew off the roof of this building and crashed to earth like falling angels. >> holy freaking mole. the polar express is barreling its way eastward. it made for near whiteout conditions. it was an unwelcome intruder at the eagles game. the foul weather did not spoil the whole for these eagles fans. they dressed the part. the storm has left behind a trail of casualties. in milwaukee, at least 30 vehicles were caught in this chain reaction crash. one person died in another accident.
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>> i was going five miles an hour. >> ice contributed to many accidents. just passed two multi-car collisions. probably six or eight cars, both of them, within half a mile. >> treacherous roads got the better of many drivers. dangerous conditions are expected to continue. >> driving is treacherous. slow down and give people plenty of room. don't follow too close. >> professionals are struggling to make roads safe. >> the ice has snow on top of it and you can't see the underlying layers. be careful and get things cleared off. >> at dallas airport, only three of seven runways are operating. almost half the scheduled flights were scandal -- canceled sunday. that means thousands of unhappy campers. >> i'm starting to begin to be frustrated. >> this frustrated traveler shared his experience.
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showing one of the 4000 cots and blankets the airport has provided. one happy result of the storm, a perfect picture post card view of the white house. news, new york. >> there you have it. a look across the country. our meteorologist is hanging out. what is it look like out there? >> it is a little slushy right now. is across they it entire metro. we have been talking about a in the precipitation. find result is coming down. key bridge behind me here. that is the big deal. the overpasses freeze first and in the case of these situations, you have a breeze and you have evaporation oh cooling. -- if that operation -- evaporational
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cooling. it is a wet road. it is not a glaze. they are going up. you don't even see brake lights. here is something i have seen in previous ice storms i have covered around the country. take a look at the turn sign as you turn onto the g-dub parkway. here is your sign. if that starts to glaze up and uc icicles coming down, the sidewalk, the road, especially the first step outside your porch will be icy as well. if that sign is clear. that is why we have had just slush and standing water around the area. we have gotten lucky so far. i can tell you, we upgraded the warnings for washington metro. nastier as weet go into the overnight hours tomorrow. top of that in the weather center. i am meteorologistdevon lucie.
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>> our entire team is here and they will be here throughout the night to take a look at the situation. >> for sure. here is a live look outside. 495. american legion bridge.
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