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tv   ABC 7 News at 630  ABC  December 8, 2013 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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steve, we will keep a close eye on this because things are changing with the temperatures. another batch of freezing rain is on the way later on tonight. let's take a look at these temperatures. reaganbelow freezing at
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national airport. it is 30 degrees. 27, gaithersburg. , 27.ester 25, martinsburg. it is drying out very nicely. a few showers over at the bay moving off towards the north then east. we are going to look for the potential for periods of heavier rain. it is across western north carolina into southwestern virginia. period.the quiet temperatures are still below freezing, but look how everything is changing. there will be freezing rain across our area later on tonight.
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see af you may even quarter of an inch, but those totals, the highest totals around north and west of the d.c. metro. this is our newly updated timeline. around 1:00 tonight, freezing rain may become heavy at times. during the early morning hours, freezing rain may accumulate up to a quarter of an inch before a changeover to rain. that is when temperatures will make it above freezing. that is not until 8:00 tomorrow morning. doug hill will join me in a few minutes to talk about what to expect for the rest of tomorrow and the next seven days. if you like it cold, you will be very happy. kendis gibson does not like it cold. it is hard to look at the
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seven day. let's take a look at dulles airport. a lot of canceled flights. with you toheck in see what is going on. our flights looking? >> -- how are flights looking? seen thist think i've many flights canceled for one particular carrier. united has canceled 80% of their evening flights. we are hearing warnings from the folks here at the airport authority that many of the evening flights coming out of dulles and reagan national will be canceled. ones that are not canceled will be delayed.
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there are delays all over the country. if you cut that map in half, the eastern half of the map, it airport have excessive delays. -- philadelphia, chicago, philadelphia, their average delay is nearly five hours. that causes a huge cascade of problems. most of the folks understand this. they do not want to go out and these icy conditions. a lot of the pilots are understandably requesting that their wings get deiced. that will delete -- that will lead to a delay. passengers understand the delays because they see these herbal
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conditions for themselves. of delays at dulles, hundreds of cancellations. the situation is not much better at reagan. >> the snowball effect, no pun intended. we are going to be coming back in just a second. we want to take a look at white marsh, maryland.
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>> we are back in two now with our continuing coverage of the storm. -- back now with our continuing coverage of the storm. it went from snow to the ice.
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>> looked outside and you are thinking, it is over, but no. the threat of freezing rain is what we are looking at now. almost like a fine mist that is falling right now. we have the weather trifecta in the leesburg area. i want to show you what kind of snow accumulation we did get. this is some fresh powder. guesstimate about two inches in leesburg. this is also a problem that people will be dealing with. all of this material, that will be freezing tonight. that will be the big challenge for drivers.
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about --talk >> let's go to the redskins. >> take a look. this was in the first quarter. this shows how bad things were on the field. the defender for the kansas city chiefs fell down. the pass was high and that is the way things went for the redskins as well. this.t quite a day.
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74 yards for a touchdown. , the redskins did not show up in the first half. untouched. 95 yards the redskins lose 45-10. mike shanahan puts this loss on his shoulders. >> [indiscernible] >> all we can do is keep working. i'm not going to tell you that it is something easy to do. i understand the fans frustrations.
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the ravens and vikings, all of the action was at the end of the game. end.un at the there we go. 10 seconds left. joe flacco, touchdown. room.t have much the ravens win 29-26. washington.orge a bit of separation, just before the buzzer. george washington beats maryland , 77-75.
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george mason also in action. 66.on loses 81- >> a great night last night. >> let's take another look outside. a live look at fedex field.
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>> pictures from arlington
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outside our studio. when i was making my way into work, it was rain. over.oes not mean it is >> when do we expect to get the next round of precipitation? >> probably 10:00. if the rain gets heavier, it will bring warmer air from up above. way. two is coming our .ome current temperatures those are the areas that will warm up sooner. the dew point is 31 so the air is saturated. areas away from water, not so lucky. 29 in arlington. 26 in leesburg.
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these temperatures show the story. everyone else is below freezing. 27 in gaithersburg. we have a little freezing missed out there. this is all rain. we will not see snow, just rain and it will freeze. because of that, the weather service has extended the area of the winter storm warning until 10:00 tomorrow. this includes washington, arlington, alexandria, prince george's county. the concern with brown to would be ice accumulation, especially -- with round 2 would be ice
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accumulation, especially on elevated structures. it will specially be north and west of the district. there is a chance there could be more than a quarter of an inch. >> a lot going on later on tonight. potential for the icing across the area. would best likelihood north and west of the d.c. metro area. down to trees and power lines, it dangerous driving conditions. eventually, everything will change on over to all rain by monday morning. timeline.r detailed 2:00 in the morning, temperatures will still be below freezing. below freezing at 4:00. there is that change over to all rain by early tomorrow morning. temperatures will eventually
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rebound into the lower 40's by late afternoon. a chilly day on tuesday. temperatures around 36 degrees. we finally clear things out by wednesday and thursday. look at those nighttime lows, only in the teens. these are temperatures inside the beltway. we will keep you updated throughout the evening hours. >> let's get up to fedex field. we were worried about what it would be like havingwill getting out of the stadium. >> a sad day at fedex field. kevin, you have been there all day long. describe what it looks like behind you now.
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>> i got out here at 11:00 this morning. eye cannot see any type of precipitation for the first time. you can see some very fine precipitation coming down if you zoom in with the cameras. if there is one silver line into today's loss, so many fans left early on today. or they chose not to come to today. lesskept the traffic flow than a normal game day sunday. andsnowfall was coming down it was so intense you could barely see the fa├žade of fedex field. seeing is icee and it has formed on tree branches.
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ice. totally coated with those could crack and fall on power lines and that is where we get so many outages. this is a piece of ice that formed on the umbrella today. it kept the umbrella up to about 10 pounds. we had a lot of frustrated fans here today. we talked to one woman who got locked out of her car. they just wanted to forget today ever happened. doubt to warm up as well. let's head out to arlington right now. how are conditions on the key bridge? >> not too bad. it has been/for a better part of
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the day. slush for a better part of the day. you can see traffic coming over the bridge at a decent clip. it is good that the drivers are taking caution. pavement.t the salt and sand trucks have done job. if we go back to the , this is a great look of what you will find. even though you have treatment, it may not be glazed over eyes, but that is a slip road. something of note, for the first time that i've been out this afternoon, we are not too far
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from reagan national, i heard a jet overhead. it had to have taken off. i do not know if it was a public or a personal jet. your biggest sign of when there might be some worry when the real icing may occur, check out your got her -- got her -- gu tter above your house. that is a big concern. we are all on watch and we will start early tomorrow morning. in the meantime, stay safe. reporting live in arlington. >> thank you so much.
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we just checked and there was a 40 minute delay. operations trying to get back to normal. we will take a look outside.
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>> let's get a last look of the situation outside. >> it now includes the district, alexandria, arlington, all of prince george's county, anne arundel county, montgomery, fairfax. this is into early tomorrow morning. rainfall will come
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to an end by 11:00 tonight. periods of freezing may become heavy at times. temperatures around 31, 32 degrees. we could see ice accumulations up to quarter of an inch. rain will stick around during the daytime hours as are temperatures eventually rebound. by wednesday and thursday, we are back into the low to mid nerdy's. low to midhose -- 30's. >> we will
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