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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  December 10, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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energy to get back home, plan the snow, while she and dad can sip hot chocolate. it for us at 5:00. >> the news continues at 6:00. >> live, this is abc 7 news at 6:00. captioned by the national captioning institute mass thatg up after a will turn bitterly cold. >> the road crews are working to clear and treat roads. we will have a storm watch of team coverage. doug hill will join us with what is on the way. we believe -- begin with stephen tschida.
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>> this is what we are talking about. we are in a shopping center. cold, and theyis have no electricity. they have not had it for a couple of days now. work to restore power hampered by a blast of winter. a cold electricity, house and a shivering dog. >> it is cold. >> the shopping center remained close. customers left in frustration. unfortunately, the power outage is affecting them and now it is close. white.esh coat of a lot of people who stayed home spent time toiling anyway. all. is not fluffy at >> he gave his snow blower a
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workout. >> it just takes a little bit of vice to keep you from getting in and out. >> most drive ways were good. >> getting through is easy. we are bundling up and wearing coats in the house. people anxious to get the electricity back on. his electricity would be restored between 5:00 and 11:00. between 5:00 [indiscernible]
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>> thank you. of course we are free from the threat of more snow. it is about to get cold. >> the a's has prompted schools to announce a two-hour delay tomorrow. doug hill continues with more on the deep freeze. >> that is a legitimate concern for late tonight. started here with a time lapse in fairfax. as you watch the snow, look at the tree on the left-hand side. watch how the branches,. hopefully they were not damage. the cold temperatures are making headlines. snow in3-4 inches of the area of purple. temperatures above freezing while the snow was falling. that is why the accumulation is so minimal. we are in the 30s now.
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night,o through the temperatures drop into the teens. 13 in frederick. even teens in southeastern suburbs. .t is going to be very cold a lot more coming up and a couple of minutes for you. >> of the a snow came north and .est of the district power outages and slick roads prompted businesses to close. schools closed today. these kids were happy about that. the adult spent the afternoon cleaning up. snow watch coverage of the day continues ahead. sam ford shows is how people dealt with the weather and the closed down government. >> on the other side of the world, many of the most powerful people in the world gathered to pay tribute to a man many considered a personal hero.
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a ceremony was held today in south africa to honor the memory of nelson mandela who died at the age of 95 years old. leon harris was inside the stadium during the ceremony. he is there with the story. aboutust had to tell you the incredible electricity that was in the stadium today at the memorial service. tens of thousands of people jumping and dancing, singing routines that seem to be perfectly choreographed. they did this for hours before the dignitaries even came out to take the stage. it was special. tens of thousands of people singing and dancing in unison. >> it is a day to celebrate mandela.
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>> you want the day to never end? women symbolize why he matters so much. they come from here. a place that represents a promise unfulfilled. those who succeeded with the ending of apartheid, and those who would appear to have been left behind. they will tell you otherwise. ?re you happy here >> i am very happy. >> [inaudible] theresident obama reminded crowd that the nation remains. >> we see a man who earned his
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place in history through and persistence and faith. possible nothat is just in the pages of history books, but in our own lives as well. >> things wind down here. dramatic displays continue in pretoria. his body will be taken there and lie in state for three days. we are being told the public is being ousted come out and participate by lining the streets to watch as his body is taken in and out of the national capital building each day before he is sent to his final resting place. reporting live, leon harris, abc 7 news. >> the focus of the day was on nelson mandela. many were talking about a brief encounter in the stands were
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president obama shook hands with growl castro. it is the first time an american and cuban leader have come face- to-face since president bill clinton shook hands with fidel castro in 2000. sign of athis is a thaw in the bitter relationship that dates back to the cold war. >> breaking news from capitol hill. a deal has been reached in the battle over the budget. the plan being resented will restore $65 billion in defense cuts scheduled to kick in next year. it would do that through added fees such as taxes on airline tickets, and requiring workers to contribute more to their retirement funds. they began talking after the shutdown ended in october. coming up, a snow day inside of the district.
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the unusual mix ahead. to apromise on tributes girl who dedicated her life to the search for a cure to cancer. >> the punishment that awaits a woman who admits a subaru...
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...are the hands that do good things for the whole community: the environment, seniors, kids, and animals. that's why we created the share the love event. by the end of this year, the total donated by subu could reach 35 million dollars. you get a great deal on a new subaru. we'll donate 250 dollars to a choice of charities that benefit your community. it feels good to be a helping hand.
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>> a texas woman put a guilty to withng a letter laced
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verizon to president obama. she admitted sending letters to michael bloomberg and the offices of gun control organization located in northwest d.c. she was arrested in june after she tried to frame her ex- husband for the crime. she faces a maximum of 18 years .n prison >> eric cantor has promised a vote this week on legislation named for a leesburg girl. she made a big mark with her fight against cancer. the kids first research act would push $126 million in unused federal election funds towards pediatric cancer research. it is named for this little girl, gabriella miller, an activist for cancer patients up
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until her death in october. the legislation has strong bipartisan support. >> general motors has made history by naming a woman as its new ceo. she'll be the first woman to read -- lead a major automaker when she takes over next month. she started as an intern is now the head of product development. another first, the kennedy center made history by naming its first female president. she will become president in september. she will succeed michael kaiser after 13 years in the post. she's a present of the chicago symphony orchestra a sexy asian. next, for many ndc, and expected day
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>> morning snow close schools across our area. allow storms'impact people a lot of free time as sam ford shows us. they use that time in different ways. fell so heavily the dome was just a shadow. >> i am from minnesota. -- this whole concept of closing down is silly. >> workers enjoyed it.
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home depot was a busy place. rock salt and christmas decoration were popular items. we solve this trio walking a tree home. >> we got the cat to the vet, and now a christmas tree. >> finally, an unexpected day off means a trip to sliding hill. kidslace was teeming with taking advantage of the slopes. >> it was faster than i thought it would be. one told us the formula. was popular with robbers. off, most employees were not street crews. more than 200 trucks between -- as temperatures
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dropped further. >> it is going to re-freeze. temperatures have been the coldest they have been for a while. , the same thing. let's get started. more snow out west. 5-6 inches of snow was piling up. everything will freeze solidly. right now, down to 37 at reagan national. a lot chillier at this hour. 33 reported at dulles. and 34, the high and low today. this is just an interesting number.
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that would have been 3.5 inches of snow. while it was following, it was above freezing. temperatures to drop. farther north, it was colder. you saw the accumulation. temperatures 15-20 degrees in the morning. temperatures in the 20s and teens. duluth, four below zero. wait until you see the , coming across the canadian border. it on thursday. looking at the satellite images, the disturbances. we have one moving out of the high plains. that is going to swing off to the east. that is like the leading-edge of
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bringing the next arctic mass in. it is coming. that will be the leading edge of this airmass. lots of sunshine tomorrow. 45. we'll be lucky to hit place,d air will be in not much of a warm-up. it will warm up just a bit as you see any moment. and average wake-up temperature of 20. then you will see the very bitter cold nighttime temperatures warming. temperatures can be in the upper 30s to about 40. we do not know the precipitation. >> now, the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local oyota dealers. -- here we area
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pre-coaching,. >> we have seen this movie before too often. since dan snyder purchased the redskins in 1999, he has gone through seven head coaches during his ownership. he hasn't spoken about mike shanahan this year. it is somewhat of an indictment. his probable fiery is the most talked about topic in the media. perception is reality. is all this coming from, and why all this talk? >> that is what happens. they can't talk about the playoffs. we can't talk about our draft choice. we don't have a first one draft choice. we are going to talk about something. that occurs after a winning season. i am sure something like this has happened in different markets across the country when you have those expectations.
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lex let me take you back to chicago. minus nine degrees. water bottles freezing. this game has are catch of the week. the leaping catch between two defenders. watch this. he makeshe grab. 20 4-14. chicago beats up dallas. the catch of the week. it is time to rock the red. capitals are playing much better hog-tie -- much better hockey. since they are losing four in a row, they have now run four of their last five games and are looking for their 15th win they are in second place in the metro division. they are nine points behind pittsburgh. defenders have scored five of the last 10 goals. on, giddyup.
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tonight is the night to rock the red. decks --ry of the docs, that could be the goal of the year. he controls the puck and puts three keyhole. his 19th goal of the year. none better than that. the wizards are below 500 and while they are banged up, they have had their chance to win the last several days. they may come back to haunt them. they led by 10 last night. they came up empty. garrett temple got blocked. with eight seconds left, he shoots and misses the mark. they had one more try with four seconds to go. he loses the hand and doesn't get the shot off. denver, 75-74. finally, despite rumors to the contrary, mike brown says that
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he is not stepping down in austin. all the talk shows said that he was going to step down. he said i'm recruiting in florida. why would i kill myself if i'm stepping forward?
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>> expecting cold temperatures? >> some in the teens and 20s. we will talk more about that
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tonight at 11:00. >> abc world news coming up next. >> have a good evening.
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