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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  December 10, 2013 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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welcome to "world news." tonight most of this nation is covered in snow and slush. 88% of the country walking on snow. millions of americans trying to stay warm, 1,000 flights cancelled tonight. the dramatic rescue tonight, this car flipped in the snow, a family with four children trapped 48 hours in the freeze. how they survived. drivers seat, general motors hires the first woman ever to run a big auto company.
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how does she plan to change the cars you drive? and power tribute to nelson mandela, leaders from 100 countries, even adversaries shaking hands. ♪ and on "world news," the music of one man's dream will rock the world again tonight. and a good evening on this snowy december night and we are pretty much in it together because two-thirds of america is now blanketed by snow or sleet and freezing rain. and once again travel plans torpedoed from virginia to maine, more than 1,000 flights cancelled tonight. the map says it all, only six of the lower 48 states in the united states are now free of snow. abc's meteorologist ginger zee is out tracking it all for us.
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>> reporter: from today's sloppy mess along the east coast to the week long deep freeze for so many in the west -- >> it's really cold. >> reporter: almost every state in the nation asking where did autumn go? >> these two systems are meeting up over pittsburgh. >> the heavier snow across massachusetts. >> reporter: we're getting an arctic blast lasting for days, from virginia to southern new england up to a half foot of snow fell. the burst of beautiful winter transforming into a troubling commute. >> as you get closer to new jersey the roads got worse. >> reporter: more than 80 car accidents just in connecticut, hundreds of schools closed. in massachusetts the slick roads sending this plow through a pole and into a pond. at dulles international the
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parade of plows trying to clear over two inches. weather has been a big issue at the airports this week. more than 6,000 flights cancelled across the country since sunday. along with that below average temperature in california, dangerous winds. >> the trailer was off the ground. i have a co-driver with me and it's not worth our life. >> reporter: in chicago, fans survived the bears game in the coldest temperatures for this date in 18 years. our alex perez put the temperature to the test. >> reporter: we took one of our t-shirts, put it in water and hung it outside and within 15 minutes this is what we got, stiff as a board. >> reporter: d.c. shut down, many people staying home. lisa from alaska made her way in the snow. >> it's wetter than it is white. >> reporter: if you didn't have to drive, it was winter wonderful. the first of many snowmen and know dogs in what feels like an
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already long whip of winter. here we go. coast to coast, 32 itself would seem balmy. let's talk about how far from average we're going to see. the number on this graphic is going to be four below. that would be a high in minneapolis. the box next to the number is the departure from average. so it's 32 degrees away from what is average in minnesota. you see dallas right there and diane, in the east coast, 20s through the end of the week. i'm going to need a hat like this and so will you. >> thank you so much, ginger. from that brutal cold comes an amazing survival story, a family, four children in the car found alive two days after they vanished in the snow. temperatures at night were 20 below zero. how did all of them including a 3-year-old make it out.
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>> reporter: tonight a frigid 48-hour ordeal is over. after two adults and four children, the youngest just 3 years old found alive. >> everybody's prayers have been answered. >> reporter: 34-year-old james glananton and his girlfriend alg with their two kids and niece and nephew went to play in the snow and vanished. that kicked off a desperate search in the remote snowy mountains north of reno. 200 people looking on the ground and in the air as nighttime temperatures dropped to 20 below zero. >> we've got to find them. those tiny kids can't be out there. none of them can be in the cold like this. >> reporter: today after honing in on a cell phone signal, a member of the search party spotted the family's deep through binoculars. >> they're in amazing condition. >> reporter: a member of the
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search crew says that while driving their jeep went up an embankment and flipped over. they burned the spare tire to stay warm. they had food and water and said at night they could hear rescuers blowing whistles and helicopters in the distance and knew a lot of people were looking for them despite the extreme cold doctors say anyone had forecast by trostbite. all six are expected to spend the night at home. next tonight on "world news," we want to take you overseas into the giant arena where 100 of the most powerful leaders on the globe were gathering in the pouring rain with thousands of people celebrating the singular life of nelson mandela. we have team coverage tonight. abc's byron pitts and we begin with abc's chief foreign correspondent terry moran in
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pretoria. >> reporter: die >> reporter: what a day, diane. a day of stirring songs and drenching rains, of soaring tributes and simple gratitude. >> reporter: they made history in johannesburg today. >> long live nelson mandela. >> reporter: all those world leaders, 91 of them. the largest gathering ever for a memorial service like this. paying tribute to one of their own. the great statesman, nelson mandela again. >> we will never see the likes of nelson mandela again. >> reporter: but we really belonged to them. ordinary south africans, his people. and they poured into fnb by the thousands, ignoring the cold soaking rain to say fair well to their leader to the man they call madiba. they seized the moment cheering
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and dancing and at times taking over the ceremony. >> please tone down your singing. >> reporter: across the country south africa stopped to watch and listen. president obama who received a raucous welcome from the crowd spoke about mandela's closeness to his people. >> his struggle was your struggle. his triumph was your triumph. >> reporter: four u.s. presidents attended this grand memorial service. that's never happened before overseas and they seemed to get into the festive spirit of the event. president obama joining the british and danish prime ministers in a selfie white president bush posed with bono of u 2. this may be the most controversial picture, president obama shaking hands with cuban president castro. moments later a sharp jab at repressive rulers like castro. >> there are too many leaders that claim solidarity but do not
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tolerate it from their own people. >> reporter: this was a family day, too. the entire mandela family here in mourning and celebration. on it went and no one seemed to want to leave to let go. >> we just have three more speakers -- >> reporter: archbishop desmond tutu, a friend of mandela tried to bring it to a close. >> i am not going to give you a blessing until all of you stand for the man. >> reporter: they did mostly and then carried with them the brightness of the celebration, the gift he gave them, freedom. the body of nelson mandela is going to lie in state for three days just over there in the government buildings. but today their mourning turned into dancing as the bible says and that unforgettable feeling inside the stadium can only be described as an outpouring of love. that's quite a legacy for any man to leave. my colleague byron pitts was with those amazing crowds all
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day. >> reporter: they came by foot by train, many arriving well before sunrise. this woman arrived six hours early. >> i can't feel the rain. it's an emotion i've never felt before, it's so nice. >> reporter: the rain, nor my questions stopped her from dancing. >> we're so happy because he made south africa to be a rainbow nation as you can see black people and white people are sitting together. >> reporter: today, people were undaunted by the weather. the harder it rained, the harder they celebrated. africans believe if it rains on the day of a person's funeral, it's a sign that person lived a blessed life. amid the singing and celebrating people made clear to us, nelson mandela wasn't perfect, and major problems still exist. but when mandela became president in 1994, anything became possible.
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>> we say long live the spirit of mandela. >> reporter: one man told us, mandela spent 27 years in prison. a little rain won't stop us from celebrating his life. and diane, he added, celebrating it loudly. >> tens of thousands strong. thank you so much byron pitts and also terry moran. back here at home there is hope tonight that another round of paralyzing gridlock in washington could be averted. congressman paul ryan, senator patty murray announced a bipartisan agreement, no new taxing, more cuts to the debt and if this deal is approved it could save another government showdown and shutdown in january. also today a pioneering day for american business. for the first time one of the top auto makers in america put a woman in the driver's seat of the company as ceo. abc's chief business reporter rebecca jarvis tells us about cars and what is changing in america. >> reporter: in "mad men," the old boys of advertising courted
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the old boys of the auto industry. >> whatever you fellas want. >> reporter: today it's what mary barra wants. >> i would like to introduce you to your new ceo. >> reporter: barry is the first woman ever to run one of detroit's big three. a homegrown talent who started at gm in 1980, inspecting pontiac grand prixs coming off the assembly line. her father, a 39-year-old gm veteran was making car fenders and hoods. >> you stood outside the dealerships looking for the new vehicles. that's kind of how i was raised. >> reporter: she's become a force at gm, overseeing global product innovation, with a focus on fuel efficiency and hybrids. barra will be one of just 21 women running fortune 500 companies, joining hewlett packard's meg whitman, pepsico's indra nooyi and yahoo's marisa mayer. firms with more women at the top earn 50% higher profits than those without. and a woman at gm could have other benefits. after all, it is women who make
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80% of the car purchase decisions. barra's original dream car? this red vintage chevy camaro. she wanted a firebird but settled for a chevy chevette. today she drives a cadillac cts and on the weekends a corvette. >> i like cars that go fast. >> reporter: now after her slow and steady climb, it's full speed ahead. rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. right here on "world news," the court case hitting celebrity chef nigella lawson against her former employees reignites. and all those photos you're taking, are they making your memory worse. hear about a new study when we're back in two minutes. ♪ ♪
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inside a courtroom, the subject a million dollar spending spree. for the british this story is a different kind of upstairs downstairs. >> reporter: two long term employees accused of stealing from their super wealthy employers, almost a modern version of downton abbey. it's playing out in london exposing the secrets of nigella lawson. she has over 6 million cook books in print worldwide and is a tv star, including on abc's the taste. her culinary empire started when her first husband lay dying and she created a book about the foods that consoled her. >> there is something extraordinary about eggs, sugar, flower and butter becoming a cake. >> elizabetta grillo became her children's caretaker.
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sister frank chess ska joined the household just before nigella married charles saatchi. six months ago a scandal erupted when photos surfaced showing saatchi with his hand on nigella lawson's throat. then nigella was forced back into the spotlight to give evidence into the trial of those two former assistants. the sisters have pleaded not guilty to using their credit cards to go on a million dollar spending spree. their defense that lawson gave them the green light to spend lavishly in return for their silence about her drug use. nigella made explosive admissions saying she had used cocaine a total of 7 times and quote, smoked the odd joint but insisted she doesn't have a drug problem. she said she was not proud of taking drugs but that i would rather be honest and ashamed,
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and finally tonight, at the memorial for nelson mandela today the music was everywhere as it has been through his struggle and through his triumph in prison. tonight abc's dan harris shows us how that music spread his message with the persistent rhythm of change. >> reporter: during his decades behind bars, nelson mandela's message was carried across the world by music. peter gabriel's cry for a south african freedom fighter. ♪ >> reporter: paul simon bringing south african music to america.
6:58 pm
♪ >> reporter: but one extraordinary song was a game changer. ♪ time to accept our responsibility, yeah ♪ >> reporter: in the 80's when many american's hadn't even heard of apartheid, a galaxy of stars came together to declare they would not perform at sun city, a ritzy whites only resxort in south africa. ♪ got to say i, i, ain't going to play sun city ♪ >> reporter: bono, dylan, run dmcen and bruce springsteen. suddenly mtv was plastered with images of apartheid oppression. all organized springsteen's guitar player, steven van zandt. >> congressmen and senator's children were coming up saying we just saw this video on mtv. what's this south africa thing all about?
6:59 pm
>> we want freedom in south africa! >> reporter: the apex of this musical movement came in 1988, in a concert in england to celebrate mandela's 70th birthday while he was still in prison. it was seen by 600 million people in 67 countries, but it was banned in south africa. ♪ i, i ain't going to play sun city ♪ >> reporter: nelson mandela once said music could "ignite the political resolve of those who might otherwise be indifferent." he was right. dan harris, abc news, new york. >> and we thank you for watching tonight. we're always here at abc' "nightline" later and i'll see you right back here again tomorrow night. look, every day we're using more and more energy.
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