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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  December 11, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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distance) evening, mr. mayor. (grunts) (grunts) (grunts) are you okay? yeah. oh, my god. peggy?!
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>> terrifying moments at america the abc 7 broadcast center, this is breaking news.
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>> breaking news tonight from the american university campus. reports of a gunman on campus sent it into lockdown for hours. a short time ago, d.c. police gave the all clear as we learn the supposedly him and was an off-duty police officer. tom rao c was on the campus and he joins us live with more. >> here's how it all started tonight. american a person on university who sees a guy with his girlfriend. reportedly gets concerned, calls police. our cameras are there and how is the video -- here is the video and once they spoke to him it turned out he was an off-duty metro police officer. according to police, there was no crime end of the end of the day, no suspect. that being said, students were very concerned. there are limits to studying for
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finals. a lot of students and buildings all over were being told they could not the of. they had to stay inside. we spoke to one student to a stock off-campus very concerned while all this was going on. >> a lot of students are studying for finals week 24 hours seven days a week. a lot were stuck in the library and i'm very nervous right now. herou could hear her in voice how concerning this was while it was going on. the campus was locked down until sometime before 10:00 tonight. to in all, one and a half two hours. i asked why the big response. when you hear the words "gun" and "campus," it raises alerts. they would rather put too much effort instead of not enough. it turns out this was actually a metro police officer off-duty allowed to have the holster in the gun on him.
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i've tonight in northwest, tom roussey, abc 7 news. >> another night of the deep freeze. no relief on the way and tomorrow is expected to be the coldest december day we've had in years. abc 7 chief meteorologist doug hill lets us know what to expect. >> at no extra charge, gusting wind thrown into driving the windchill even lower. an upperrel and marlboro, 26. bethesda 27. frederick 24. even annapolis 28. morning temperatures, 18 in hagerstown, 19 frederick and 26 in the nation's capital. theic air arriving in morning so we will see breeze with that. the coldest day is definitely tomorrow and already watching another weather system with circulation already off the coast of san diego that could have a profound effect on our weather this weekend.
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adc police officer arrested and another may have taken his own life. both accused of crimes against juveniles. tonight, we speak to people who say there are concerns about the department and a fellow investigation. roz plater joins us live from d.c. police headquarters. buycks two of the officers found on the wrong side of the law. the d.c. police chief says she's proud of the other officers who worked tirelessly to bring those charges. still tonight, there are those who question the investigation. for more than one week now, d.c. police have been investigating two of their own involving officers accused of inappropriate conduct with juveniles. some residents are skeptical about the out of him. >> i don't trust them to investigate themselves. who watches the watchers? marce body of officer washington was pulled out of the water. he was just released in home
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detention after being charged of making child porn. the veteran officer made his first court appearance. underageith camping girls. police began their investigation a week ago after getting a tip an underage girl was in his home. many we spoke to were divided over whether the current scandal has made them lose faith in the department. >> it's never just one person. it's the people who cover. branch dismiss a whole that protects and it's kind of silly. >> you have to wonder where the supervisors were. >> a longtime activist is calling on the public safety committee to have outsiders take a look. >> i think we not necessarily should trust the internal investigations. in >> as to the washington case, this is not necessarily an open and shut case. his death is still being
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investigated. as to officer barnhill, he remains behind bars and he is back in court on friday. for now, roz plater, abc 7 news. developing news out of the office of u.s. senator lamar alexander. this evening, he announced his chief of staff is no longer on the payroll. he was arrested at his home in southeast washington today accused of dealing in child pornography. they walked out with computers as well as bags and boxes of evidence. they say they are stunned. >> he was a quiet guy. he was a good guy, a good neighbor. >> i've never seen children by here. >> he is been his chief of staff for two years. the republican senator from tennessee released a statement saying he is stunned, surprised,
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disappointed. under the thousands in south africa painter view to the man who ended up, nelson mandela. former president now lies in state. leon harris poked people in pretoria who waited hours in line to pay their respects. >> today was the first day that nelson mandela's body was driven through the streets of pretoria for people to say goodbye. they lined the streets this morning and they will tomorrow and friday when they get there chances to pay final respects. the links that people went through to say those goodbyes were achingly remarkable. a serene, stately atmosphere as dignitaries passed by his casket to pay their final respects. however, the scene outside was decidedly chaotic for those waiting behind the vips. they were standing in the sun and a miles long line. >> it's been a very long day, actually.
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>> here's the thing. all of these voices, not one complaint. and this was only part of the ordeal just to get to this point. they had to drive to a staging area, go through security checks, and then boarded buses that been brought them to the shadow of the capital where the viewing occurs and found themselves in another line for yet another tedious bus ride. up there finally driven winding path in groups of 2000 at a time but the payoff was well worth it, they claim. for the first time in most of their lives, they could see the man who they said made their lives worth living. >> i love it so much. i love it. >> emotional closure will come for south africans when nelson mandela is finally laid to rest in his hometown village in the eastern cape.
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harris, abc 7 news. >> you can see all of the stories from leon and scott this .eek just checked our website, 11, the smithsonian announces the death of a rare and endangered horse died at the conservation biology institute in virginia. it was found next to a fence. the smithsonian said it suffered a traumatic fracture of the neck. this comes as an internal report reveals serious problems at the national zoo. resources are stretched thin with the budget cuts and reports suggest the problems may have contributed to recent animal deaths and escapes. and now to the latest drama in what has become a nightmare season for the washington redskins.
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hours ago, mike shanahan benched robert griffin for the rest of the season. sports director tim brant joins us with what this means for the team as they try to go forward. >> i think mike shanahan took control of this ballclub. and a very animated, emotional, outspoken meeting he made it known this is his ballclub until dan snyder tells him otherwise. inactive for the final three meetings out the reason is to keep the franchise quarterback healthy to prepare in the off-season to get ready to play next year. kirk cousins will start against atlanta and even he said that this is his ballclub but griffin seemed down and only agreed begrudgingly. end of the day, the coaches decision is what we go with and that's what it's always been. to do that. >> i know he won't understand. he won't. at the end, i'm hoping maybe in
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a year or two he will. >> mike shanahan giving his reasons why rg3 will not play anymore this year. more on the redskins later and sports. >> quite a big story today. accusations of domestic violence against george zimmerman. why he won't be charged. coming up next, why federal officials fear
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>> this is abc 7 news at 11:00 on your side. captioned by the national captioning institute >> george zimmerman will not be charged in the domestic spewed with his girlfriend. he was arrested following a heated fight. table with a shotgun and pointed the weapon at her. he denies the claim and, in an
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affidavit signed this week, she said police misinterpreted her. big changes may be on the way for the food you've been eating for years. fda wants congress to reduce the amount of antibiotics given to animals. they are concerned about serious health effects for humans. jay korff joins us live with this consumer alert. >> this federal agency is making the move because consuming in excess of antibiotics could create a public health crisis. at the organic butcher shop in mclean, virginia, the owner decided years ago the pass he would take in the business of selling local meats and seafood. pre-k's all of the meat is antibiotic and hormone free. they are thrilled that the fda has now called on pharmaceutical
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certains to reregulate biotics of the drug cannot be used to fatten up livestock. the fda hopes of the decision will decrease the number of antibiotic resistant diseases in humans. the cdc announced that drug- resistant infections kill more than 23,000 people per year in the u.s. >> it's scary to think that we could potentially become immune to antibiotics that are so necessary to keep many of us healthy. >> this is not without it's the track others. some argue that they keep cattle and pigs healthy and unsanitary conditions and this could force farmers to improve animal welfare practices that could raise the cost of meat. this organic butcher is more than willing to pay a little extra for peace of mind. >> if we are eating nonorganic , you'reh an antibiotic contributing to a problem. place the fda is not mandating this change.
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they're asking pharmaceutical companies to voluntarily change their drugs. one drugmaker has already signed on. live, jay korff, abc 7 news. >> a bill to increase funding for pediatric cancer research has passed the u.s. house. act iss first research named after a 10-year-old leesburg girl. she passed away in october. the bill, with bipartisan support, now heads to the senate. night to lookcold forward to. mountainedge of rocky air coming in. check this out. just west of the metro area, some snow flurry on shower rack of any moving from west to east on the southern tip of washington county. pleasant valley across the river, the county line. if you see a flurry out your window, watching that area now
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and don't be surprised. the cold air will follow suit very quickly. speaking of snow, the little bits we have had officially, this is almost half as much as we had all last winter and even the winter before but of course the granddaddy of them all, 2009 and 2010, 56 inches in excess of 70 inches in many suburban locations. we will see what the rest of the winter brings. 25 the morning low. 38 and 24 are the averages. some of our weatherbug stations are reporting temperatures around 22-23 said take your pick. 33 at reagan national, 28 in quantico. temperatures across the mid- atlantic, the cold air seeping into new england. look at this arctic air mass. caribou, maine, six above. 11 below in winnipeg, manitoba. nine in detroit.
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you will feel it with a bit of a breeze as this comes through before sunrise. a breezy, very cold day with temperature struggling to the 20's. satellite radar, indications of some lake effect moisture coming in on the leading-edge of this very, very cold there. sunny, breezy, and cold tomorrow. warming up slightly on friday. the weekend is already looking well south and west of this huge plume of moisture under the pacific. if you look at the water vapor theery to me you can see southern california circulation. it's going to happen. will start to make a move to the act and these two will together and form an area of low pressure to move quickly through saturday and saturday night. what kind of precipitation mail it the? rain and wintry mix? in't have my glasses so cannot tell you. probably rain and mix starting
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as a mixture in the area. itwill quickly get rid of sunday to clear out. another opportunity for saturday to keep in touch. the timeline tomorrow man temperature trend only in the 20s to about 30 but it will feel much colder because of the gusting wind. in next seven days before we go ahead to the mix, 50% probability and near 40. a bit colder next week and as we officially wrap up on him here, it really is winter time. just a wild pattern here. >> we are keeping you employed. >> thank you. >> here we go. who's all and now? a newion patients hitting phase. rg3 trying to recharge his batteries mental
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>> and now the trio to sports desk brought to you by her local toyota dealers. >> shinny him making a major move to make rg3 a mac this. it's when he should have done against seattle last season in the playoffs and it's what the skins should have done at the start of the season but today as we head into three meaning this games he took control of his ballclub during the right thing and denied any devious reasons for the move. reasonomeone says the why you are cut is you're trying to get fired and you have a year left on your contract, i'm not going to collect dan snyder and ask his opinion. >> here he was at full tilt passionately defending his decision to shut him down. >> at the end of the day, it does not matter who's at fault. >> he's doing it to protect him taking too many hits and risking
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injury. >> can you believe the reasoning? >> at this point, i just have to leave it up to code like it always is. we are concerned about how this affects roberts psyche and he really struggled a lot. game onu goes down next the fourth play and we talked about that, how will his psyche be? >> he mentioned the idea to dan snyder a week ago. >> i said we were not going to go that direction unless you fully supported it. >> he admitted what happened haunts himttle still today. >> after it happens it's too late, just like the seattle game at halftime. i could've pinched myself in the rear and. >> is it your expectation that you will be back? >> i cannot say that. i don't know. maybe we will just hit it off and i get a 12 or 15 year contract. well, maybe three.
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whatever it is. you will find out what's the best way to go. >> what a day at redskins park with a very animated mike shanahan. the hottest team in washington is gw. three guys in double figures and he hit another big three. remember how he hid the three against maryland? gw beats boston university 70-60 in the colonials are now nine and one. the nationals acquiring blevins from oakland for the minor league player of the year, outfielder billy burns. there you go. course, they, of redskins. >> and it's only wednesday. >> bring on atlanta. students had af >> bring on atlanta. students had af sweet celebratio
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elementary school in prince george's county tonight. the panorama elementary posted its seventh annual gingerbread house making event. christmas music played as children worked on their creations. parents and teachers helped out to make sure that they did not eat the hard work before it was completed. eat the hard work before it was completed. it looksard to say no to the o
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so i can make the most of my new life. and focus on all that's ahead. with every suntrust checking account, it's easy to avoid fees and go mobile. suntrust. how can we help you shshine today? >> it's going to be a three blanket night. >> take a look at the live doppler seven radar. if you showers but the big trend is going to be these temperatures tanking. and the windchill only in the 20's near 30. the wind chill will feel like we're in the teens all day. jackie and eileen will get a started at "good morning washington." either way. rain, or in next.
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