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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  December 12, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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once how low will you choose go tonight? temperatures just above freezing today. >> let's turn to doug hill. he is live in the weather center. >> a couple of areas got above freezing. 30 degrees on the button outside of the weather center. let's give a look outside. we will stay clear and cold. windsor diminishing. that is going to allow temperatures to drop. calm or very light. with an arctic air mass in places that are forcing cold overnight numbers. one of the warmer spots. temperatures drop in the city.
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cct is when we are going investors -- to see temperatures drop. sunshine tomorrow. i wintry mix back in the forecast for saturday. those details n/a the minutes. >> people did their best to keep warm while confronting the blast. out howtschida found some are coping. >> it is cold out here. they are bundled up doing their best to deal with the cold weather. those who had to work outside felt it. a blast like this can stress some furnaces. >> it is cold. i come prepared.
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>> even though they were covered up as much as possible, people made quick trips hoping to get back inside fast. >> it is cold. it is hard to talk. >> this cold that proves too much for some heating systems. >> i was busy today. they keep me busy. >> they are the most demand thing. you have a lot of calls for help today. needing heat. waye awoke this morning to bomb furnace. he hopes repairs are quick and his heat is back on inside soon. he knows it is going to get colder outside. >> we will try to get it done for today. it is something minor.
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>> unfortunately, it was something major. they will not be back in business at least until sometime tomorrow. we can expect a lot colder weather as we go through this evening. >> not a night you want to be without tea. -- without heat. omar alexander has fire chief firstff has made his appearance in court today. he was walked out in handcuffs. >> we are across from the united ol.tes capital -- capit
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handcuffed and escorted out of his home, he is now formally charged with producing and distributing child orthography. the former chief of staff for senator lamar alexander will sit behind bars until his next court date on monday. that was a battering ram neighbors heard yesterday as agents raided his home. as that happens, prosecutors alleged he tried to hide critical evidence. him leaningvealed outside looking right and left. and then pasting outside of the window. a portable hard drive on which they found hundreds of videos depicting underage boys engaging in sexually explicit conduct.
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in court, prosecutors argued that he needed to be held because he was a flight risk and a danger the community because the crimes involve violence against children. senator alexander said he was stunned and has taken lockhart off the payroll. he was well-known and well-liked on the hill. what led authorities to him in the first place? began withigation inspectors in the postal service and authorities in canada on a movie website. he purchased a number of videos featuring nude boys. reporting live, jennifer donelan. >> thanks. several arrests during an fbi raid, abc news was there as
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agents went inside the home. the right is part of a crackdown on drugs. >> police release details about a deadly crash on a waltman parkway in prince george's county. passengers died on the scene. a male passenger is in critical condition. both drivers suffered minor injuries. truckrn the driver of the had an outstanding warrant for probation violations of homicide. custody. >> the jury spent the day deliberating in the crack prater cited -- craig patterson murder trial. live with the latest. verdict in the case today.
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the jury wrapped up. deliberations will start again tomorrow morning at 9:00. they deliberated for four hours after a morning filled with impassioned closing arguments. the prosecution claims craig patterson deliberately killed julian dawkins, motivated by anger. pattersoner, saying felt disrespected by a man twice his size and half his age. porter conceded he may have been drunk and aggressive, but that does not mean he deserved to die. today, highlighting the fact that patterson did not call 911 in between the argument and shooting. the crux of the matter is the break in action. none of this would have happened if he had just pushed three buttons on his phone. the defense argued the
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prosecutors's evidence is fraught with problems, saying .itnesses were lying biased witnesses not trial -- not telling the truth. thomas says patterson went home to get handcuffs and returned to arrest dawkins, shooting in self-defense. she says his call to 911 after the shooting and the remorse afterwords negates malice and premeditation. the jury is considering for different verdicts. first-degree murder, second, manslaughter, or not guilty. the prosecution says malice existed, the defense said it did not. live in alexandria, jeff goldberg.
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>> howard county police arrested a man in connection with a sexual abuse case that dates back to 1997. he is facing 14 counts of sexual offenses. police were contacted by the family of the victim who is now 23 years old. 200stigation revealed a incidents of sexual abuse. detectives believe there may have been other victims. >> we're following developments of the house voting on a budget deal. ryane live there with paul , one of the architects of the plan. to avoide continuing another shut down for at least two years. it would not raise taxes and a laminate defense spending cuts known as the sequester. extend unemployment
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benefits. some are against the deal. reaction to his critics. >> it is unlikely anything will be done on immigration reform as long as people are upset. >> those who have -- these tents are coming down. they say the fight continues. we saw it on capitol hill. not afraid to get loud and eric cantor's office. the majority leader something has to be done. the office of more than 200 republican house members were targeted in the same manner.
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>> we will fight until justice is delivered. >> advocates say they will continue and rallies will not go away. part of the strategy is to organize latinos and get them to register to vote. they are not sure immigration reform will happen in 2014. he says house republicans do not want to pass a comprehensive bill. democrats do not want a piece mail approach. protesters continue what they call a fight they are not willing to give up yet. activate.
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justice is on our side. >> pro-immigration groups are asking the president to stop deportations. live on the national mall, abc 7 news. >> the search is on for a man who police say tried to assault an 11-year-old girl. coming up, the girl sister explained to the man is. >> woman attacked after leaving a metro station. short on reeves to leah arlington national cemetery. mindat was going on in the of an interpreter at nelson mandela's memorial?
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>> tomorrow will be the third day in which nelson mandela's body lies in state. 14,000 people paid their respects yesterday. he will be buried sunday in his childhood village. the family which interpreter who faked sign language is talking. schizophreniahas
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and a history and violence. >> he was first undergo a routine mental health check for his schizophrenia on the day he stood on stage for hours at the nelson mandela memorial. authorities are trying to determine whether he was vetted for the position that put them at arms length in front of the most powerful people of the world. he signed during the memorial. schizophrenia,om .hich is controllable >> he says he has been hospitalized before for his mental illness.
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he says he did not panic because there were policemen around him. he says he stands behind his word. >> washington, a city are shocked the interpreter was able to get so close to so many important dignitaries. >> it is a scary thing. >> security should have been better. it wasn't.
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>> officials say they have tried to track down the company that provided the interpreter. the owner has seemingly disappeared. >> suzanne kennedy, thank you. reeves -- nonprofit reported a shortage of 35,000 revis because of fewer decorations this year. donations have been pouring in. >> some people are going to be remembered at arlington on saturday. we have had people come by and put a wreath on them. >> people are taking donations tonight online. volunteers are laying the reeves.
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that will be rain or shine. >> lots of pressure now. we almost never have a wintry mix. then we get cursed with it. >> sunday, kind of a mess. do not think we have any big worries here. club,my navy country despite the fact that we have we didn't see much melting out there at all. temperatures never got above freezing. it did at reagan national. temperatures will be quick to fall. the air is very dry.
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we have potential in some spots to get the lower teens. this will be the coldest night we have had in a long time. even five years ago to me is a long time. this is where we located in washington. covered on thew ground. a fairly light snow cover. brightly.p very let's talk about the numbers. even places like -- they are only going to get lower tonight. we will turn the corner a bit briefly for one day.
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the numbers cold to the north. zero.gree below you see this race coloring, that is the edge of another arctic air mass stretching out across canada. 21 in pittsburgh. the cold there will be over head tonight, on the back side of it. all attention to the south. we showed you this last night. travel in the high-speed jet winds across the country's scooping up moisture along the way. we have that to the northeast. through tomorrow, high-pressure in charge. sunshine on the west side. low pressure up to the west of the appellations. this is goingn of to wedge down cold air.
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are -- thepeterson wintry mix. this is the snowfall predicted. no snow southeast. we will keep an eye on it for you as things develop. 40 degrees for a hide. back into the 20s tomorrow night. 80% chance of the mix to rein in the metro area. maybe some snow for the day to the north and west. the key are these temperatures now. 27 at 5:00 in the afternoon. >> i would let them wear shorts to school today. >> it is worse for the teenagers that where the mall year. we are giving away for more
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tickets to see "ice". we will be giving away for more tickets tomorrow. and you win tickets. the "scandal" fall finale tonight. the truth is revealed and everyone struggles to face the consequences of their actions. it is all new tonight at 10:00. up, golden globe nominations are in. arch campbell will be here with who was recognized. >> why a drunk driver who killed four people won't not have any prison time. on the fbi's most wanted l
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\ fbince number one on the most wanted list, he is now pleading guilty to child pornography-- child charges. >> he had been on the lam for half a decade.
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goodrities trumpeted his news of his captured. predator and he has been on the run for five years. we assume there are other victims. >> he admitted the charges against him are true and that while working as a teacher, he hid cameras in the boys bathroom to take nude pictures of children. working as ay counselor he took pictures and fondled a little boy. he even corrected the prosecutor and told the judge that the victim was nine years old not 10 years old as of been reported. after the hearing, his lawyer would not comment. momentearly was a big for them. he a been a fugitive since 2008
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when he ran after coworkers found his pictures of children on a school memory card. he would continue to exploit children and at the time of his capture, it was revealed his computer contained even more pornography. he'll be sentenced in march under federal guidelines. he faces a maximum of 100 years behind bars. it is unlikely the -- brad bell, abc seven news. up, women looking over their shoulders after three violet attracts -- three violet attacks.
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 5:00. looking for a man who tried to abuse and 11-year- old girl. >> who police are looking for. says sherl's family was attacked in their home. they saw who did it. happened, they caught
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that man. >> this woman is the victim's sister. this man is the one they say attacked the girl. they say the attack happened in the victim's home in alexandria. family members walked in and the man ran out of the building. >> she's terrified. >> they are shocked about what happened. we show the picture to several people in the neighborhood. says he knows the man. know why he did it. i do not know why that is in his mind. >> that is a man they want off the street.
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>> if he is willing to attack a little fun-year-old girl, -- an 11-year-old girl, he needs to be in the police department. >> reporting live, horace holmes in alexandria. >> here are the top stories. the chief of staff of the senator lamar alexander is behind bars following charges of distributing child pornography. and federal agents raided his home yesterday he tried to hide a portable hard drive. the drive contained videos of underage boys engaging in sexually explicit conduct. >> jury deliberations resume for a sheriff deputy charged with murder. prosecutors say he was motivated by anger and deliberately killed dawkins. >> the cold weather is keeping heating companies very busy.
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they spent the day repairing broken furnaces. >> tonight, a look at the national crackdown on private theft companies. what we can expect coming up at 6:30. >> the major crackdown tonight. so many travel by bus for holidays. we will tell you about violations that force private companies to shut down. real answers team is back. moneyot of people spend on bottled water. should we? really, $500 a year summer spending on bottled water. does it taste better? do they know the difference? it is our challenge coming up tonight. >> a thank you. tonight.ries and more
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>> a very merry christmas for one powerball winner. he came forward today to claim his winnings. from el66-year-old man salvador who bought the ticket on december 4. regular lottery player. he will pay off his house and take care of his wife and daughters. a check on the traffic situation. >> a lot of volume out there tonight. on the inner loop heading toward greenbelt, heavy and slow. there are plenty of volumes out there. the inner loop is quite slow. bothic both ways, coming ways is quite heavy tonight. we had problems on i-95 in virginia.
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the latest was the crash on the southbound side. that is being cleared. delays remain into frederick county. volume delays and also into falls church. delays with the lanes open. back to you. seven is on your side with a health alert. exercise and aerobics might how women beat breast cancer. exercise can you use the aching joints and muscle pains. it is the test of a exercise program for women on estrogen walking pills. >> johns hopkins university is teaming up with mad immune to fund research programs.
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it could lead to new treatments for complex diseases and ailments such as multiple sclerosis. alexandrial event in clause visiting the hospital. they distribute toys for sick children. many remain hospitalized through the christmas holiday. >> police hope to surveillance and alito will catch at least one thief. what the golden globes mean to you and the box office. i am arch campbell with entertainment, coming up. >> police officers say children on a shopping spree
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>> golden globe nominations were announced today.
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>> it is turning into such an interesting year. for happy a three-way contest for awards season between 12 years a slave, gravity, and american hustle. american hustle comes of david o russell, using most of the same "argo" style and story. critics have voted "till all the years a slave" as the movie of the year. >> you told the sheriff you were walking to nebraska. >> nebraska received five nominations. gravity made do with four nominations.
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captain phillips, including a best actor nod for tom hanks. the second chapter of "the hobbit" opens. in the thompson receives a golden globes nomination. these come during one of the best movie years in memory. four-star ratings for 12 years a slave, gravity, nebraska, saving mr. banks, and feel me now -- surpriseoday was the snub of the butler. stuff.ub a lot of netflix house of
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cards. is aig take away is it great year for movies and television. >> i think it is going to be that, those three movies. anyone one of them is fine with me. >> we are glad to hear that. next, convicted and a drunk driving crash that killed four people, this teenager will not spend any time in jail. >> three women attacked, and
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>> a stunning story. peopleger killed four and seriously injured two others. >> he was sentenced to 10 years ovation. -- probation. his blood alcohol level was three times the legal limit. in court, he suffered from
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ffluence -- the victim's family say they are devastated. this was one time i asked the there was justice. .> he is headed to rehab >> a developing story, a six- year-old boy has no longer has sexual harassment on his permanent record. we're hearing from the girl's mother for the first time. she says the school did the right thing. >> a thief try to still holiday cheer. this video shows the individual swiping packages from a home in
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hanover. this happened on ridgewood road. the man might have escaped in an acura. >> the montgomery county metro station may be the link of three attacks, women having their purses stolen while walking home in rockville. kevin lewis joins us. >> each case, the woman stepped off the metro, walks through this parking lot to her home. the big question, are all of the crimes connected? thursday, on the corner, a mugger knocks a woman to the ground, snatching her purse. an airily similar crime two nights later.
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a 23 old punch in the face. .er purse stolen >> i am very disappointed. it is a great neighborhood. was the scene of robbery number three. a man pushing woman to the ground and dragged her until her purse snapped free. he didn't hear a thing. >> i walked to a gas station. you have to think twice before you walk out of your house. detectives are now checking cameras. to see if the women were followed. -- >> people are so bold now.
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>> in that attack, paramedics had to take the woman to the hospital for head injuries. she is expected to be ok. we have patrols in the neighborhood, but have yet to put anyone behind bars. . am kevin lewis >> keeping a night on capitol hill. a budget compromise will avoid a government shutdown. nook concerns over animal safety at the national zoo. what the zoo says it is doing to ensure the safety of its animals. the problemsst on on the international space station. also new, our chief meteorologist doug hill with more talk on cold weather. >> and the wintry mix. let's get into it and talk about the skies outside. a beautifulr,
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afternoon. .he winds are very still the air is calm. we are going to maximize this. as far as what we are looking at now, 32 at reagan national. 33 at quantico. temperatures.e of high pressure overhead. we will recover nicely as it moves out of the way. our attention turns to what is developing here on saturday. mostly sunny skies. there may get to saturday. there you see the mix changeover. most areas will be rain next to the west. computer model suggests only an inch or two.
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a cold wind tomorrow. then there is the chance of the mixed rain or snow. it looks good into early next week. that is the latest. back to you. >> i got to spend today inside with amazing athletes. the students doing the nutcracker tomorrow. likes it took me a long time to learn how to stand on my toes like that. i haven't even talked about the atlanta falcons yet. this is the misery loves company game. atlanta is three in 10 like the redskins. the falcons are playing young guys on defense which brings us back to the defense. after they were embarrassed, they come with extra giddyup and play hard. they say it is business as usual
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even with the drama. they are getting ready for cousins and atlanta. >> we have to make a place for him. >> he has proved his abilities last year. play.ys know he can the fortune of having two good quarterbacks. 43did you see where number got a presidential pet talk this week after he missed field goals , which knocked them out of the ational picture, he received note from president george w. bush that said life has its setbacks, i wish you all the best. a great note, incredible keepsake. video, making this a
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behind the back. keep denying on that as he runs out the door. he didn't know what anyone was screaming about. the shot of the day as he runs out of the door and heads home. >> new
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>> a follow-up to a story we brought you last month. >> a new complaint about surprise charges. kris van cleave has the latest. >> this is the guy. >> after we reported a complaint against the wind to our business tweeted as saying the same thing happened to her.
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>> that is exactly what happened to us. she paid $807 by check for a group of 10 to visit wineries, a packages arrived as all- inclusive. after the wind to her, she got another bill. >> if you charges for the wind which was all-inclusive, then charge under someone else's name to big a limo, where did they go? >> i didn't anticipate having to pay for the to her bus on top of that. >> the ag sued him and his company, alleging questionable business practices. he settled in may paying $5,200. >> they are getting drunk.
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it is usually then they want to start complaining. >> he told us the additional fees are clearly stated. at no point does it say transportation is charged separately. show me where. time.vel report, his website changes warding does a transport is billed separately. we have more online. >> way to go, chris. >> the news continues on abc seven news at 6:00. is abc seven news at 6:00, on your side. >> we are tracking the developing story on capitol hill. a vote expected soon on a deal
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to avoid a government shutdown. the debate is underway. >> we showed you that live picture on what has been a significant challenge. members going along with party leadership. stands at this very moment. >> the house is expected to debate for the next 30 minutes to avoid the impact of the government shutdown. the compromise comes at a time when bipartisanship isn't a premium in the capital. >> we have broken through the partisanship and gridlock. federal spending is set around a trillion dollars, and negates unpopular spending cuts that would have hit the defense department hard. >> this agreement does not solve all of the budget problems. it helps us address our readiness. >> some n


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