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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  December 12, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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to avoid a government shutdown. the debate is underway. >> we showed you that live picture on what has been a significant challenge. members going along with party leadership. stands at this very moment. >> the house is expected to debate for the next 30 minutes to avoid the impact of the government shutdown. the compromise comes at a time when bipartisanship isn't a premium in the capital. >> we have broken through the partisanship and gridlock. federal spending is set around a trillion dollars, and negates unpopular spending cuts that would have hit the defense department hard. >> this agreement does not solve all of the budget problems. it helps us address our readiness. >> some do not like the plan
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because it does not extend unemployment benefits. >> it is interesting to note that this is so unconscionable at the level of a moral. >> some have been blasting john boehner for backing the budget. he insists the plan takes giant steps in creating a smaller federal government. >> it is not everything i wanted. when groups criticize an agreement they have never seen, you begin to wonder how credible those actions are. >> at a time when washington is buried in dysfunction, some see it as the only option. >> it is the best compromise you can get in a divided government. it is nowhere close to what republicans would like to have. has tohis passes, it head to the democratically controlled senate. president obama says he supports
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the budget and his present form. >> while it appears the compromise has been reached on the budget, another piece of legislation appears to be falling by the wayside. immigration activist protested inside of 200 house public in office today beginning with eric cantor. john boehner has not allowed immigration overhaul to come to the floor despite being passed by the senate. >> student with serious illnesses will have an extra month to sign up for health insurance under federal health the program was scheduled to end january 1 because insurance companies could no longer deny coverage. health and human services secretary says the extension was
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necessary because of the troubled rollout. >> while we tried to break through another day with you mom and her going above freezing, that is prompting people to stay inside. doug hill joins us now on how cold it could get tonight. widee teens will be a spread tomorrow. 31 down the river at reagan national. 25 and gaithersburg. it is getting cold in a hurry. here is what we are thinking tomorrow. , 22 in downtown washington. maybe a spot down to 10-12 degrees. sunshine tomorrow, and then we get to saturday. we will watch a storm pick up moisture from the pacific ocean and the golf moving northward. we are going to be in the end
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changing.leet rain more details coming up and a couple of minutes. >> the death of an endangered horses increasing scrutiny at the national zoo at a time when a new report raises questions about the safety of animals in the care of the zoo. more kreuz is live with about what is being done about this. newsre on -- more welcome for the zoo. it is making some changes. the national zoo says the four- month-old cold on the left in this photo died yesterday. >> based on the initial report that he has a broken neck, it is obvious he ran into the fence. it was an accident. >> this death comes as an
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internal task force released results of its probe into multiple animal deaths and escapes over the past year in the zoo. the investigation triggered by concerns of a volunteer who e- mailed the director. the report found the animal care and organization, accountability, and communications are severely lacking in the area. >> it is difficult. this kind of discussion allows us to get to the root of any problems we might have. >> recommendations included fixing animal enclosures, making sure incompatible animals do not mix, and restoring a biologist position. management has ordered money .ight >> it became very expensive. >> more to come tomorrow. they will release the report on
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monthebra tech last against a veteran zookeeper. that man was seriously hurt. a rare gazelle died when it ran -- >> thankwhile you. a former senate aide at the center of a child pornography is charged with possession and distribution of child pornography. he was chief of staff to lamar alexander. the senator says he fired him after he raided his home. he wore main in custody until his hearing on monday. >> jury deliberations resume in the trial of an arlington county serifs deputy charged with murder. liberated vered -- they say he was motivated by
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anger and killed dawkins deliberately. >> the company in the center of a controversy has settled its tax dispute with the commonwealth. they will pay $900,000 to cover taxes and fines. the company ceo became the center of scandal in the virginia governor's race, giving gifts and loans to bob mcdonnell and his family. gifts orreturned the donated the funds to charity. , a plane crash kills a woman with a prominent role in the debate over president obama's birth certificate. >> why police were not happy about the timing of the efforts to bring toys to children. >> a problem on the
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>> abc 7 news at 6:00 on your side. lastsa maybe now -- mission to the international space station until it finds out what is wrong with a cooling unit. the rue is not in danger.
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they powered down noncritical systems until it is fixed. >> it is an important aspect of the station. it is not just the temperature of the astronauts, it is so the .nstruments do not overheat >> nasa believes a valve replaced most likely failed and caused the shutdown. they said the problem could be fixed with a software upgrade or a spacewalk. failure that killed loretto sunday. people did survive the crash, including the pilot. president obama authorized her to release his long firm birth certificate. i'll call was a factor in a crash involving a car and amtrak train. the collision happened around
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6:00 in virginia. police said the driver went around the railroad crossing and was hit. the train did not derail and no one were injured. >> and emotional day at the national cathedral as hundreds honor victims of gun violence. through thewith you hard times. you are not alone. >> anthony spoke about the day someone trot -- on his sister outside of their home. he is one of several people who spoke about gun violence at the ceremony. it comes to days before the anniversary of the newtown shooting. 26 people inside a year ago this saturday. next, -- the story is coming .
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>> the old expression, what do you by the man who has everything? if you are joe biden, the answer is nothing. not dopresident obama do a gift exchange at christmas. he added it is hard to shop for the man in the oval office. they exchanged presents for birthdays. >> some of these sees finest had a chance to do holiday shopping with new friends. >> it was part of the shop with a cop program. it provided a much-needed relief for some of these sees finest.
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to say it was crawling with cops would be correct. >> it is all of my favorite toys here. >> i could take everything i want. >> shop with a cop, needy kids were paired up with cops to buy whatever the kids wanted thanks to the police foundation and walmart. today toave us $10,000 have a shopping spree for all of these kids. >> given the stories associated with police recently, they say they are glad to be associated with this. the chief agrees. >> this is good news. >> she was shopping with kaiya.
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the kids came in all sizes, including some teenagers. people.try to stop i know them. >> we met tyler, who got his remote truck for christmas. in previous years, cops did this at target. walmart wanted in. they will be back at target next week with more needy kids. sam ford, abc 7 news. >> on capitol hill, the house has just approved a bipartisan budget bill, it into verse the risk of a showdown. inwill avert the showdown
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january. if it passes there will avert the showdown. president obama says he will sign the bill if it reaches his desk. some progress up there. >> finally, maybe. >> i wish we had a computer model agreement on what is going to happen on saturday. there are questions about the mix of sleet and snow. let's get started on the thursday. little -- day, the very chilly out there. following quickly after sunset. we are continuing to fall. the coldest night in many decembers around our area. 31 at reagan national right now. 20 nine degrees -- 29 degrees. 35 ate able to get to
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reagan national. in any case, it was called. 48 is our average high. the general range is going to be 50-25. a few isolated spots outside of the district, maybe as low as 13 degrees. that is how cold and dry it is across the eastern part of the country. these are air temperatures. 17 in chicago. 18 in syracuse. 21 and pittsburgh. cold air sending across the area. the center of high will move out nearrow and will warm up 40. it will be temperature -- it will be temporary. the within a close look at that for you. a nice day, death only not as cold as today. saturday, low pressure to our west and to our ease. they will combine to bring cold
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air in and moisture comes over top of this. that is all for the time we have the mix. snow and rain changing to rain. as we get into the areas north and west of the city, the possibility of snow continuing. already, winter weather advisory stretching out from missouri to ohio. we will remind you of those conditions. .nly an inch or two of snow everybody else, little or none at all. here is our forecast, sunny and bright, but chilly. the wintry mix changing to rain. holding on to wintry weather north and west, clearing and breezy, milder on sunday and pleasant for early next week. >> now, the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers.
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>> there is a football game this weekend. >> it is amazing. that is all we are talking about. no one is talking about the falcons. the main topic is rg iii and mike shanahan. the skins are a touchdown underdog. it has made a dramatic change for kirk cousins, taking over the wraps with the team. he is getting all the attention. he understands the opportunity he has. >> it is a great opportunity to say what i am capable of. i'm only as good as the guys around me. these guys will do everything they have to help me. this is about the redskins and doing the best i can >> i got a ,nique perspective on the skins
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he says the offensive line problems, half of the sex could be about reading the defense and adjusting protection. -- hen pickup blitzes does not pickup blitzes. the cousin does that, he should be fine. let's go to college basketball. one of these teams will remain .nbeaten until the new year this is the first acc game. straight of lost two in the midst of programs. , maryland is not takeover the ball.
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they are turning over one every five possessions. go get them. getting big air. he uses dixon for the booze. hammer high, slamdunk. that is the play of the day. the maryland football game is getting ready to play marshall. this year the game is being played in annapolis. navy marine corps stadium is smaller. ill be all kinds of festivities. it can really be fun and should be a traffic ballgame. >> it is an honor to be able to be here and play because of what the naval academy represents. to be here around what this stands for, it is an honor and privilege for us. >> the texas rangers major league baseball team selected seattle seahawks quarterback russell wilson today.
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he is a very talented second baseman, a great character guy. i do not think he is leaving the seahawks. they may be in the super bowl.
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>> cold tonight and clear. mix changing to rain
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saturday. a lot more details tonight at 11:00. >> world is coming up next. >> join us after
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